WYSM – Vol 1 Epilogue

“Alright, eat as much as you want today. It’s all on me.” (Keitaro)

It was the day after Yuki returned from her legendary live performance.

It was a holiday, and I was at the sweets café where Serika usually frequents, along with the usual three.

“…You’ll get fat if you eat that much. Do you like chubby girls, onii-chan?” (Sana)

“Huh? Is that so!? S-Sorry, then! I’ll have a large serving of cake with extra whipped cream!” (Serika)

Serika reacts to Sana’s words. That’s not even an order you usually make. Is this place a ramen shop or something?

“No, it’s just that you girls keep throwing around crazy amounts of money, so I’m trying to repay you somehow! When I offered to pay you back in cash, you said you wouldn’t accept it so I didn’t know how to do it…!” (Keitaro)

I said bitterly, pressing my temples.

Yes, today’s gathering was all about refunding that hefty Superchat I received the other day.

Of course, there’s no way I can easily accept such a large amount of money from them.  Especially, Sana, she’s my little sister, and I can’t just let such extravagant spending slide as her older brother. So naturally, I thought about returning it, but these guys just won’t budge…

“I’ve said multiple times already, that there’s no reason for a refund since it’s a fair evaluation for our oshi.” (Serika)

“…It’s natural to support your oshi with money.” (Sana)

“Alright, Sana, we’ll put off re-educating your sense of money for now… But if you’re serious about it, then I’m determined to refund it, no matter what…!” (Keitaro)

This all-you-can-eat sweets buffet is just the beginning. After this, I’ll be getting them various gifts. I’ll definitely return the full amount…!

“Ehehe, ehehehe…” (Nozomi)

As I passionately obsessed over things that didn’t make much sense, I heard a playful laughter. When I turned around, there was Yuki, enjoying her parfait, with a face so happy it could melt at any moment.

…Well, even with a bit of cream smeared on her cheek, she looked incredibly cute. But she’s been like this since we met, and honestly, it’s been a bit difficult to talk to her like this…

“You’ve been acting like that for a while now, did something happen?” (Serika)

Serika asked the obvious question and Yuki giggled in response.

“Well, it’s thanks to Kei-kun during my live performance.” (Nozomi)

“Huh? What about Ketaro?” (Serika)

“…Onii-chan?” (Sana)

I stiffened at Yuki’s words. S-Surely, she wouldn’t bring up that topic, right? I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing…

But seemingly oblivious to my concerns, Yuki happily recounted my words during the livestream and how they had encouraged her. She looked so blissful.

“W-What!? I did feel something was off there, but…!” (Serika)

“…Sending a private message to just one person, you’re not fit to be a streamer. Favoritism…!” (Sana)

“N-No, there were reasons for that…!” (Keitaro)

But my excuses were not accepted, and both Serika and Sana continued to accuse me of favoritism. …Argh, I can’t argue back this time because it’s true…!

“…Kei-kun, Kei-kun.” (Nozomi)

As I was being cornered by the two of them, Yuki whispered in a cheerful voice, seemingly oblivious to the situation.

“Kei-kun’s message reached me loud and clear. I was so happy… I’ve never felt as blessed as I did when you supported me back then…” (Nozomi)

As if reminiscing about that moment, Yuki’s voice was filled with bliss.

“I want to be a source of strength for Kei-kun too. I want him to feel and know the same thing I felt. So…” (Nozomi)

──Can I continue to support Kei-kun?

Upon hearing those words, I couldn’t help but turn to Yuki.

She had the most radiant smile I had ever seen, and it was so precious──

“…Thank you.” (Keitaro)

Before I knew it, those words had slipped from my lips in response.

“Ah, come on! What are you two whispering about?! ” (Serika)

“…Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair!” (Sana)

Without even a moment to bask in that afterglow, Serika and Sana started getting more heated up.

“Ah, s-sorry! I just felt even more inclined to support Kei-kun than before, so I…!” (Nozomi)

Apologizing while inadvertently adding fuel to the fire, Yuki… Oh well, the situation is getting out of hand.

As expected, the three of them began arguing about ‘who supports Kei the most’ just like always. Once it gets to this point, there’s no stopping them.

Fortunately, to onlookers, it probably just looked like girls having a lively chat, but given that the topic is about me, it feels like being pinned under a spotlight.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel grateful for being supported by everyone.

Yuki, my oshi idol who loves my live commentary streams to the point of being obsessive, and who serves as a pillar of support for me.

Mariel-sama, aka Serika, my oshi VTuber, who appreciates my commentary despite being my childhood friend.

Sana, my little sister, who supports my streaming activities as a brother while I support her cosplay activities, forming a family bond of mutual support.

I never knew there were so many different ways to support someone until now.

As I watch the three of them argue animatedly, I wonder if I’ll continue to discover new aspects of what it means to support someone in the future.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Alright, and that’s the end of the volume. Congratulations to like the few of you who read this till the end. Like I said before, I’m not planning on translating vol 2 of this. 

Honestly, this was the hardest to translate and edit by far. I had to cut out some of the cringe stuff which I’m sure you’d be surprised about because the end result was still pretty cringy. Well, I can’t just cut out everything so I left some in.

Anyways, I’m still thinking about what I have to pick up next, so stay tuned. It’s probably going to be the LN I mentioned before. Or maybe a different WN depending on if I can find one that interests me.


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Thanks for the tl.
Yeah was a fun read but I usually prefer romcoms that actually go somewhere. I think most people hate harem because of the lack of progress. Harem where the guy takes each girl seriously as lovers are rare. Either it’s a surface level relationship with no developments or it’s some trainwreck love triangle…

I already forgot which LN you planned to translate, I thought you were going for WNs, oof