WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 3 – Is It Okay to Be Supported By My Oshi?

So, the next day…

I started an impromptu livestream earlier than usual.

Because it was unscheduled, the viewer count was lower than usual. But since notifications go out to subscribers, quite a few people still tuned in.

While streaming the lobby screen of LoF, I said into the microphone.

“So, starting from now, I’m gonna do some solo ranked matches.” (Kei)

Immediately, comments started pouring in response to my words.

Comment: [What’s up with this lol?]

Comment: [Okay sure, but why lmao]

Comment: [Solo sounds good!]

Comment: [Doing something funny out of the blue?]

Comment: [Solo ranked now? Aren’t you in Grandmaster?]

Comment: [This is gonna be fun. I can’t wait lol.]

Oh, nice comments, everyone. That’s the kind of reaction I was hoping for.

“It’s all good, I’m doing it because it seems impossible at first glance. Anyway, I usually carry in solo queue, so I’ll appreciate your support.”

While casually responding to the comments, as promised, I queued up for solo ranked matches.

Regular ranked matches typically involve squads of three, but the game still counts you as part of a squad if you’re the only one inside. This is part of the official system.

Of course, the opponents are usually in a team of three, so it’s overwhelmingly disadvantageous for me. There are no bonuses to points either, so to put it plainly, there are only downsides. And my current rank is Grandmaster, the highest rank. In other words, it’s like willingly jumping into a zero-benefit ultra-super hard mode.

Now, why would I do such a thing? Well, it’s pretty obvious.

It’s just because I want to do it.

“Well then, here I go!” (Kei)

With a smile, I descend from the dropship.

The sense of constriction that has lingered ever since I got more popular seemed to have vanished as if it were a lie.

In this challenging endeavor, in commentating on it, and in the reactions from the comments section, there is nothing but pure enjoyment.

Gathering weapons in the initial landing spot, I managed to take down both teams that surrounded me.

Encountering another team in the next location, I ambushed them and managed to deal with them somehow.

The constant tense feeling of being in a pinch, the joy of expressing it in words, the bustling comments section—To love gaming, to love streaming, and moreover, to be able to support my oshi—you can’t get any better than this, can you?

As the match progressed, I faced numerous challenges but managed to survive until the end. Only two teams remained. In other words, there was only one enemy squad left.

Now, I have to face these formidable opponents head-on. The situation looks pretty bleak.

…But sorry, my dear enemies, this time I’m winning. It’s not about logic anymore. I’m completely fired up, and all I can see is victory!

I leap out from the shadows and throw myself into the final battle.

Grenades exploding, gunfire running, smoke billowing, and missiles raining down from the sky.

In the midst of this hellish battlefield, standing tall at the end is, of course, me.

“Yessssssssss!” (Kei)

The victory roar echoes, and the comment section scrolls like a storm in response.

While the stream erupted with excitement over my solo champion achievement in the Grandmaster tier, my mind wasn’t there. At that moment, there was only one thing on my mind.

─Was Yuki watching this stream?

The nervousness before the live performance never seemed to fade away completely.

Because I love singing so much, I can feel the weight of each song gradually increasing.

Everyone tells me not to worry, and I know they’re right, but the anxiety still lingers. I suppose it’s just unavoidable.

Sitting alone in the dressing room, I hug my knees and let out a small sigh. But it’s okay. I have something precious that can make me forget this anxiety. Whenever I see it, courage always wells up inside me.

I take out my phone and try to watch Kei-kun’s archive as usual.

“Huh? W-Why is he streaming at this hour?” (Nozomi)

However, after seeing the ongoing stream notification, I had to find out what was happening so I opened the stream. I was surprised to see that Kei-kun was doing a live stream. He’s never streamed at this time before… And as I watched, I was even more surprised to see that he was playing solo-ranked matches.

“(Yessssssssss!)” (Kei)

“Yessssss~!” (Nozomi)

Kei-kun’s victorious cry echoed through the screen, and our voices synchronized. Overwhelmed with joy, tears welled up in my eyes, and I found myself repeatedly calling out Kei-kun’s name.

“(Phew, managed to pull off a win… Ah, that last moment? Piece of cake. I had it under control. Well, almost died with ease. I don’t think I’ll be doing solo for a while. You guys talk about it so casually, but man, it’s exhausting as hell!)” (Kei)

After the victory, Kei-kun engaged in such banter with the comments. I wanted to chime in, but I couldn’t break our agreement not to chat in the regular comments. I briefly considered sending a message in our group chat, but right now, I just wanted to hear Kei-kun’s voice a little longer.

“(Huh? Why did I suddenly do solo ranked? Well…)” (Kei)

Amidst this, Kei-kun was attempting to answer a question from the comments.

“Well, there wasn’t any special reason, really. I just felt like it. That’s all.” (Nozomi)

Upon hearing those words, my heart raced with excitement. Kei-kun truly is amazing. He always finds a way to encourage me. I savored his words and resolved to face the upcoming live performance with determination.

However, Kei-kun’s response didn’t end there.

“(…Doing what you love with all your heart is a precious thing in itself. So, please… Take comfort in that and do your best…)” (Kei)

“Huh!?” (Nozomi)

At the continuation of his words, I couldn’t help but cry out.

It didn’t sound like a reply to the comments. It felt more like a direct message to someone─

“Oh…” (Nozomi)

And then it hit me. It might be presumptuous. It might be my imagination. But I was certain I wasn’t mistaken.

This was a message meant for me.

“Kei-kun…! Sniff…” (Nozomi)

I felt so happy. I was overwhelmed with happiness, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Why does Kei-kun always manage to give me so much strength?

If he keeps doing things like this, I’ll just keep falling more and more in love with him. I’ll become even more dependent on Kei-kun… Kei-kun…! I love you…! I love you so much…!

As I shed tears of joy, Kei-kun was being teased in the comments, with questions like “Who were you talking to just now?” But he quickly changed the subject, saying, “It doesn’t matter who it was! Anyway–“

Even in that moment, Kei-kun’s actions were adorable. I couldn’t help but laugh through my tears.

“Hey Nozomi~ it’s almost time– …Wait, what’s wrong!?” (Karin)

At that moment, Karin-chan entered the dressing room and was startled to see me crying.

“W-What’s wrong!? Are you hurt or sick or something!?” (Karin)

“Oh, s-sorry, I’m okay…” (Nozomi)

I hastily wiped away my tears and stood up. Although Karin-chan was worried, I showed her a reassuring smile. There was no need to worry. Because right now, I felt like I was filled with energy from head to toe!

“Come on, Karin-chan, let’s go! Let’s make today the best stage ever!” (Nozomi)

“O-Okay, Nozomi, you’re quite fired up today…! That’s great and all, but you were crying a moment ago, so I’m seriously wondering if something happened. It doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing though.” (Karin)

Seeing me full of energy, Karin-chan tilted her head in confusion.

Something happened? Yeah, something amazing did. 

“I was cheered on by my oshi. That’s why I feel like nothing can stop me now right now. So, let’s go, Karin-chan!” (Nozomi)

“Huh? Uh, wait, Nozomi…” (Karin)

With the courage I received from Kei-kun hidden in my heart, I left the dressing room and headed towards the stage.

As I waited for the event to start, carrying the courage Kei-kun had given me, a certain thought crossed my mind.

It was about fate. The incident that became the catalyst for Kei-kun to support me.

Kei-kun had mentioned that he regained his confidence after listening to the first song I ever wrote, “BELIEVE”, but I couldn’t believe it when I heard that.

Because it was right after that song was released that I started feeling anxious about singing for the first time.

I began to wonder if things were okay as they were, and my anxiety kept growing…

It was at that time that I came across Kei-kun’s livestream, received courage, and found comfort…

But never did I imagine that behind the words that saved me, my song was also supporting Kei-kun. We were supporting each other without even realizing it…

Whether it’s fate or coincidence, I don’t know. I think it doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that I feel even closer to Kei-kun now than ever before.

I gently close my eyes. Placing my hand on my chest, I feel as if Kei-kun is there. My heart flutters sweetly, and I’m enveloped in happiness.

It’s said that idols sing for everyone’s sake.

I’ve always believed that and sang my songs with that in mind.


Just for today, please forgive me.

For this one song, let me sing with my feelings poured out to the one who supports me.

Today’s first song — ”BELIEVE”.

“I lost, huh? The opponent was strong.” (Kei)

I said with a completely deflated voice during the casual chat time at the end of that night’s regular livestream.

Honestly, everything—my mind, body, and even the stream itself—felt sluggish. The gameplay earlier was sluggish too, and I ended up dying and finishing second. Ah, I’m exhausted.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I guess I used up all my energy in that solo ranked match earlier.” (Kei)

I casually responded to comments like “Good effort”, “You died so hilariously at the end”, and “Well, it’s understandable you’re tired” with the same sluggishness.

Sorry, but I’m just not feeling it today. I’m not lying when I say I’m tired, but more than that, there’s something bothering me, and I can’t focus on the stream.

And of course, what’s bothering me is Yuki.

Did that message I sent earlier really reach her? Did I manage to encourage Yuki properly? That’s all I’ve been thinking about, and the result was me feeling like a noob who got sniped in the head and jumped off a cliff.

I check the time. It should be about the end of her live performance soon–or so I thought.

“Huh?” (Kei)

Suddenly, something unfamiliar pops up in the comments, catching me off guard for a moment.

But then I quickly realize it was a Superchat, which was I just enabled yesterday.

Oh, it seems someone threw their first Superchat. Thinking that, I check the name and the amount, and my body stiffens.

Superchat (50,000 yen): Wankoromochi──

W-What…!? Y-Yuki!? And… fifty thousand yen!? Wait, isn’t that the limit!?

There were no accompanying message in the Superchat. She must have followed my advice not to write too much in the comments section, but regardless, this amount is…!

As I’m still taken aback by the large sum, another Superchat is thrown. And this time, two almost simultaneously.

…Wait, isn’t this Serika’s alternate account!? And isn’t this one Sana’s!? And both are sending the maximum amount, what are they thinking!?

The comments section is buzzing with excitement over the back-to-back expensive Superchats, but I’m speechless at the sudden turn of events. Why would they suddenly…?

Anyway, I’m still in the middle of the stream. I’ll have to process this shock later. Amidst all the confusing developments, one thing is clear:

The message reached Yuki.

…Thank goodness. It seems I managed to be of help to Yuki in some way.

I exhale deeply and sink into my gaming chair.

Feeling both relieved and drained, my mind feels empty. Yet strangely, there’s also a refreshing sensation.

However, after a while, I start to feel strangely embarrassed about what I’ve done.

What will I do the next time I see Yuki at school? If she smiles at me like usual while I’m feeling like this, I’ll definitely reach my limit. To prevent that from happening, I need to calm down now.

I begin to seriously consider what I should say to Yuki when we meet.

But before that, I remember something important that I need to address.

That is—

“…Even if you’re supporting me, could you please go a little easier on me?” (Kei)

Muttering such thoughts, I seriously ponder whether I should just turn off the Superchat after all.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I feel like this series dragged on for a bit too long, so I’m just gonna quickly finish it. The next one is gonna be the last chapter, it should be up either at the same time or at least the same day.

Also, I got Sparkle, but she ate up all my jades so now I’m a broke boy.


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The image at the end gave me oshi no ko feels I got frigging goosebumps