WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 4 – My Classmate Is an Idol, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

“Ah, they’re back!” (Student)

“Seriously, Yuki, you’re with Amamiya?” (Student)

“Huh? What’s going on?” (Student)

Upon returning to the classroom, I felt the gaze of my classmates converging on us.

But that wasn’t surprising. After all, Yuki had been dragging me along, and the two of us had disappeared together. It was bound to become a topic of gossip.

As expected, the story had already spread, and with many students already at school, despite being somewhat mentally prepared, it felt incredibly uncomfortable.

“Hey, hey, where were you guys going? What’s the relationship between Yuki and Amamiya?” (Girl)

In the midst of this, one of the girls who always hung out with Yuki stepped forward and asked the question directly to us.

It seemed like she had already been designated as the spokesperson for the question. Our class sure was prepared.

“…Kei-kun, Kei-kun.” (Yukina)

While pondering such things, I suddenly heard a whisper in my ear.

Yuki was whispering to me, and the ticklish sensation made my brain momentarily feel like it was melting. D-Dangerous.

“…Kei-kun, I’ll keep the fact that you’re ‘Kei’ a secret, okay?” (Yukina)

However, upon hearing those words that followed, I was taken aback.

…Yuki, are you really looking out for me? What an angel…

“S-She’s whispering!?” (Student)

“I-I’m so jealous…!” (Student)

“What kind of relationship is this!?” (Student)

Naturally, the entire classroom became restless as they witnessed Yuki’s actions.

Some voices echoed the misunderstanding I had predicted, saying things like, “Could those two be dating…?” or “Yuki’s boyfriend!?” and so on.

…Well, it’s to be expected. In that case, there’s only one action for me to take.

“N-No, everyone, it’s not like that. Please listen!” (Keitaro)

I raised my voice to address everyone. It was the first time I had garnered so much attention, so my voice trembled slightly, but now was not the time to be concerned about that.

“Yukina-san and I aren’t like that! Actually, I’m a YouTuber named Kei!” (Keitaro)

“Eh, Kei-kun!?” (Yukina)

Upon my coming out, Yuki turned around with a surprised expression.

But without paying much attention to that, I continued, “So, please don’t misunderstand.”

“…Who’s Kei?” (Student)

“I don’t know?” (Student)

“He said something about being a YouTuber…” (Student)

Initially, my classmates’ reactions were dull. However, eventually—

“Oh, I know! Isn’t he the one Yuki mentioned in her livestream yesterday!?” (Student)

“I think heard about it too. The channel that Yuki was complimenting, right?” (Student)

“Ah, so that’s him.” (Student)

Such reactions started emerging, and gradually, the information began to spread.

“…Is it okay to tell everyone like this? What if it causes trouble for you, Kei-kun?” (Yukina)

Yuki looked at me anxiously, but I was more concerned about Yuki being misunderstood as having a boyfriend. If I have a choice to help Yuki, there’s no doubt about which is more important.

“Kei-kun, what if your face gets exposed? And um, what if there are stalkers!? If that happens, I’ll do my best to protect you!” (Yukina)

“What are you worrying about!?” (Keitaro)

I couldn’t help but retort to Yuki, who was breathing heavily.

…Does she realize she’s like a top idol? She should really hold back a little. Her airheadness is cute, but a bit too much to handle!

“Um, so does that mean that Yuki knew that Amamiya-kun is the YouTuber Kei, and you two went somewhere to talk about it?” (Girl)

When the representative girl summarized it that way, Yuki glanced at me briefly and then nodded.

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Yukina)

With that answer, the atmosphere in the classroom immediately relaxed.

…Phew, it looks like we managed to avoid any misunderstandings. That’s a relief.

“Actually, this morning, when I went to the classroom early, Kei-kun was playing LoF by himself. So, I peeked in and saw he was really good! I recognized his play, and when I listened closely, I noticed his voice matched Kei-kun’s! Moreover, the character and weapon he was using were exactly the same! That’s when I realized that Amamiya-kun is Kei-kun, and it surprised me! I never thought Kei-kun would be so close, so I’m happy…!” (Yukina)

However, in the next moment, as Yuki began to speak excitedly, the atmosphere became chaotic once again.

Since the truth was out, Yuki probably felt like she no longer needed to hold back anymore, and everything in her mind just burst out at once.

“H-Hey! We get it, we get it, so calm down a bit, Yuki!” (Girl)

Even though her friends were trying to calm her down, Yuki’s enthusiasm couldn’t be stopped.

Her demeanor was exactly like what I had seen on the rooftop earlier, like an otaku passionately talking about the greatness of their oshi and trying to spread the word. It was completely different from her usual cool and aloof appearance.

The impact seemed to be significant, and voices from the classroom were heard, mainly from the girls.

“Wow… I’ve never seen Yuki like that before.” (Student)

“She’s seriously into Amamiya-kun.” (Student)

“I’m kind of interested now too.” (Student)

“Yeah, I’m going to go check out the channel later.” (Student)

On the other hand, the boys had a completely different take.

“Oi, Amamiya!” (Student)

“Damn it, he’s getting so much attention from Yuki” (Student)

“Unfair! Who cares about being a content creator!” (Student)

“If it’s LoF, compete with me right now!” (Student)

Some of them approached with a dark aura, mixed with resentment.

“Well… I don’t really mind…” (Keitaro)

Honestly, it was a bit bothersome, but as someone who also understood the feelings of having Yuki as your oshi, I reluctantly accepted their challenge.

I launched LoF, set up a room, and started the match.

…It somehow turned into a 1v4 situation, but well, whatever…

And a few minutes later…

“…N-No way.” (Student)

“How did we lose in a 1v4…?” (Student)

“None of my shots hit!?” (Student)

“Is this what it takes to get Yuki’s attention…? Ugh.” (Student)

The four guys were lying on their desks with a phone in hand.

…They looked like they had fun.

“Wow, that was amazing. A perfect win.” (Student)

“That movement was something else?” (Student)

“You really are good.” (Student)

“…He looked kinda cool for a moment there.” (Student)

The surrounding students who had been watching also began sharing their impressions of the match.

…It seems like they’re impressed, but honestly, it’s more about these guys being too weak than me being particularly skilled. If they charge in without checking their line of sight, of course, I’ll shoot them.

“See? See? He’s good, right? It’s really Kei-kun, isn’t it? Ehehe!” (Yukina)

“Why is Yuki so proud?” (Student)

Despite her friends teasing her, Yuki proudly puffed out her chest.

“Well, there aren’t many people who can beat Kei-kun! After all, Kei-kun climbed from Bronze to Grandmaster in just seven hours, thirty-nine minutes, and fifty-seven seconds in the last season! Fufu~!” (Yukina)

“Why are you acting so proud!? And why do you know the exact time!” (Keitaro)

“Because I watched the live stream, and I’ve rewatched the archives many times!” (Yukina)

…Seriously, that’s pretty detailed. I didn’t even keep track of time that accurately. And down to the seconds…

As Yuki continued boasting about me as if she were talking about herself, I felt a strange sensation, something ticklish and awkward.

“Uh, um, Kei-kun…” (Yukina)

While contemplating such feelings, Yuki’s voice unexpectedly reached my ears again, causing me to jolt.

“W-What…!?” (Keitaro)

Feeling flustered by her faint breath and sweet scent, Yuki continued with a hint of hesitation.

“…Um, there’s actually something I want to ask you, is that okay?” (Yukina)

Blushing and fidgeting, her words carried an incredible charm, and I genuinely thought my brain might give out by the sheer cuteness of the act.

“…Actually, I recorded the match earlier. Can I keep it…?” (Yukina)

“Huh?” (Keitaro)

Suddenly hearing something unexpected, I couldn’t quite catch up with what was said, and my voice came out in a deflated manner. Yuki blushed even more and continued.

 “I want to keep all of Kei-kun’s achievements…! It’s no different than when I backed up all of your streams! If I don’t save this here, it’ll disappear…! Oh, and, of course, I’ll give you something as a thank you! I can even send you a video of me singing your favorite song…!” (Yukina)

“A-A video of Yuki singing a cover?!” (Keitaro)

What’s with this super rare offer!? I mean, as a fan, this is more than just a reward!

But seriously, I can’t just accept that! I really want to see it though…!

“Um, I know this might not be enough as a thank-you, but…! Is it okay…!?” (Yukina)

She pleaded desperately, seemingly not realizing that the negotiation was far too favorable for me, and honestly, I was left speechless.

…Isn’t she a bit too cute…?

At that moment, I felt a strong realization that I was being supported by Yuki.

Ever since yesterday’s events, I understood it in my head, but it just didn’t feel real.

But seeing Yuki like this now, I finally had to acknowledge from the bottom of my heart that I was being supported by my oshi. It’s real.

…Oh no, this is bad. My heart feels like it’s about to burst…!

“…Hey, is it no good? It’s a commemorative match after meeting Kei-kun in real life, and, um, you looked really cool…! A-And, I promise I won’t let it leak…!” (Yukina)

Staring at me in silence, Yuki, seeming to have misunderstood something, frantically pleaded with both hands fluttering. So precious…

“…Um, yeah, it’s fine.” (Keitaro)

“Really!? Thank you, Kei-kun!” (Yukina)

As I nodded, Yuki beamed with a radiant smile.

While gazing at that exquisite smile, I could only think of two things.

The first was that I would continue to support Yuki for the rest of my life, and the second…

My oshi is absolutely, unquestionably, undeniably, the most amazing and adorable girl ever!

…Oh, by the way, I politely declined the offer for Yuki’s cover.

[Yukina’s PoV]

“─And that’s what happened! Karin-chan, are you listening!?” (Yukina)

“…I’m listening, I’m listening, so calm down a bit, Nozomi…” (Karin)

That evening, I was chatting with Karin-chan at the agency.

Of course, the topic was meeting Kei-kun in real life today.

The excitement from that moment still burned in my chest, and it showed no signs of fading.

I was so happy that I couldn’t wait to share the story with my best friend.

“─And then, Kei-kun quickly took down all four of them! I knew Kei-kun was strong, but seeing it in real life was so cool!” (Yukina)

“…Hey, Nozomi, you might not have noticed, but you’ve already told that story five times?” (Karin)

“Oh, it’s only the fifth time. Then, I need to tell it five more times!” (Yukina)

“Don’t casually respond like that! Even if it’s a joke, it’s genuinely scary!” (Karin)

As Karin-chan stepped back while saying this, I chuckled.

By the way, I didn’t mean it as a joke at all.

“Ah, Nozomi, I get that you’re happy to meet your oshi in real life, but aren’t you getting a bit too excited? I’ve never seen you like this before.” (Karin)

“But I was really happy, you know? Because it’s Kei-kun? I met the real Kei-kun! It’s so exciting that it feels like the world is about to end!” (Yukina)

“Hold back a little! …Honestly, I’m glad that you’re happy, Nozomi” (Karin)

Saying that, Karin-chan sighed and shrugged with a wry smile.

Despite everything, Karin-chan is a good girl for listening to my story.

“…So, how was it?” (Karin)

“How was what?” (Yukina)

“The real-life Kei-kun. What’s your oshi like in real life? You mentioned he’s your classmate, but…” (Karin)

“He was exactly the same as on his streams. Handsome, kind, and his real voice was just amazing! Oh, just remembering it makes my ears happy…” (Yukina)

“Can you not get lost in your thoughts in the middle of a conversation!?” (Karin)

Ignoring Karin-chan’s comment, I recalled the events at school.

A lucky encounter by reaching school early…

I never would have imagined that Kei-kun was my classmate. We had never talked before, so I had no idea. But the fact that such a thing happened feels beyond fate; it’s truly incredible.

I was so happy, so thrilled, desperately trying to convey my feelings…

Looking back, I realize I was quite a handful.

Dragging him to the rooftop forcibly, it wouldn’t have been surprising if he got angry.

Moreover, hearing a classmate suddenly say, “I’m your fan!”—that’s something bound to confuse anyone. Yet, Kei-kun accepted me, even with all the trouble I caused.

I remember Kei-kun’s slightly troubled yet infinitely gentle smile.

Just remembering that smile being directed to me fills my head with happiness.

Oh, come to think of it, when I heard that Kei-kun is also a fan of mine, I was so happy that I ended up crying too…

Honestly, looking back now, I have shown a really embarrassing side of myself. Still, Kei-kun gently accepted it, but, ugh~!

“…Haa~ So precious. My oshi is so precious it hurts…” (Yukina)

“Good grief, whatever. It’s about time you come back.” (Karin)

A clap on my ear brought me back to reality.

 “Fue?” (Yukina)

Then, with an exasperated expression, Karin-chan shook her head once again.

“You really like that Kei-kun, huh, Nozomi? Well, it’s fine, but the way you were acting earlier didn’t seem very idol-like.” (Karin)

While she said that with a teasing smile, I confidently responded.

“Being an idol or not doesn’t matter when it comes to supporting your oshi. I like what I like.”

Yes, there’s no need to consider your position when supporting someone.

I support them because I want to. That’s all that matters, in my opinion.

“…Being supported this much by a top idol, that Kei-kun must be happy. I kinda want to meet the real Kei-kun now. I’d like to see for myself what kind of guy Nozomi supports so passionately.” (Karin)

“Oh, Karin-chan, have you finally realized Kei-kun’s charm? Then, let’s watch Kei-kun’s archive together from now on! We can support Kei-kun together!” (Yukina)

“I-I said I just want to see him in real life…” (Karin)

While Karin-chan was saying something, I ignored her and started searching for Kei-kun’s saved livestream archives on my phone. 

As I was deciding which one to watch, my eyes were drawn to the most recent file.

It was the recording of the match with the boys from the class this morning.

A special archive that no one else except me has, the first video of the real Kei-kun…

…The moment I remembered that this video was special, my cheeks felt a sudden warmth.

At the same time, I felt a stronger desire to support Kei-kun deep within my heart. I’ve already been supporting him all this time, but now, I want to do so even more. An irresistible urge surged within me.

Haa~ Kei-kun, ehehe!” (Yukina)

“Seriously though… It’s fine if you want to support him, but we’re idols, so be careful about that kind of thing, okay? If it causes a controversy or something…” (Karin)

“Hey, look, Karin-chan! I recommend this video that was uploaded yesterday! I watched the live stream, and it was really interesting… Oh, and this archive here is also worth checking out!” (Yukina)

“I didn’t ask, though…” (Karin)

Despite Karin-chan sighing with a somewhat annoyed expression, I was determined to share my oshi’s good side, eagerly thrusting my smartphone towards her.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

LOL that was unexpected. I didn’t think that he would just come out and tell everyone.

Karin-chan planting that flag in her second last line. I’m surprised that their classmate didn’t make more of a buzz on this.

Btw, like my other series, I never read ahead so idk what’s gonna happen.


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Ortho maleq

Good God she’s not just a fan she’s fanatic as in suicide bomber level fanatic


This is interesting because idol fans can’t really complain about an idol that acts like them. Usually it’s all about idols not being allowed to engage in romance and etc. but in this case she’s just simping for her favourite YouTuber/Streamer, lol.