WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 1 Part 3 – My Classmate Is an Idol, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

Fuah… I’m sleepy…” (Keitaro)

Early the next morning.

I was still in the classroom, where no one had arrived yet, sitting alone at my desk and yawning.

This is the first time I’ve come to school this early, so it’s kind of refreshing in a way.

I couldn’t get much sleep last night, and even being at home made me feel uneasy. So, I thought, why not just go to school?

“Ah, it feels like a completely different world from yesterday…” (Keitaro)

I muttered while looking out of the window absentmindedly, feeling sleepy but refreshed.

After finally accepting the reality that I was buzzed about by Yuki since yesterday, I naturally thought about various things.

The first thing that crossed my mind was, of course, a feeling of joy.

The fact that the idol I’ve been supporting for so long not only watched my livestream but also passionately supported me… Is there any other reaction I can make?

No, it wasn’t something that could be easily expressed with words. I was too overwhelmingly happy; before I knew it, I found myself dancing strangely in my room. It was the first time I experienced reaching such a level of happiness that my memories started to blur. Yeah.

Well, while I was indulging in this ultimate happiness, I was soon (quite literally) slapped back to reality by my sister who came in, saying, “You’re noisy.”

Even though I received Sana’s icy gaze, I was still in a daze, and you can imagine how happy I was. Seeing me unable to contain my smile even while apologizing, Sana looked down on me with a face that seemed to genuinely find me repulsive. But well, considering that the person who started this was my oshi, it couldn’t be helped.

However, after a while, as I gradually regained my composure, a completely different question came to my mind.

—What should I do from now on?

Firstly, there was the issue of what to do with my future streams.

In the end, my view counts continued to rise, and what was in single digits before skyrocketed to six digits after the buzz.

At the same time, the number of subscribers exceeded a hundred thousand in just one day… This feels like some sort of isekai moment.

Although I have concerns about whether I can continue streaming as usual in this situation, well, yeah, I’ll somehow manage. But the problem lies in another area.

The second issue—of course, was about Yuki.

Normally, when getting buzzed by a celebrity, one wouldn’t worry about the relationship with that celebrity because there is usually no direct involvement.

But in my case with Yuki, it’s different.

Yuki is my classmate, and she doesn’t know that Kei is me.

Should I reveal to Yuki that I am Kei? Both of us are fans of each other, after all.

However, the answer to that question came quickly. Of course, it’s a resounding NO.

No, not just with Yuki, it’s just not a good idea to reveal my channel to anyone.

Originally, I hadn’t told anyone other than my family that I have a game commentary YouTube channel.

Well, being a loner at school, there wasn’t anyone to share that kind of information with… but that’s beside the point!

First, it’s about my belief in maintaining a certain distance from my oshi.

My oshi idol is like a being from another dimension. I believe in keeping an appropriate distance, but if it becomes known that I am Kei, the distance with Yuki would undoubtedly narrow.

Hmm? But if you’re a fan of Yuki, wouldn’t that be a good thing? Isn’t it a good opportunity?

Some people might think that way, but for those folks, I’d like to say, take a seat for a moment. You don’t understand a thing.

Sure, even I have thoughts like wanting to talk to Yuki face-to-face, wanting her to direct that smile only at me—honestly, I’ve had those fantasies before. It’s unavoidable, isn’t it? I’m only human.

But, you see, it’s different. The relationship between a fan and their oshi idol isn’t like that.

Moreover, trying to get closer to Yuki using the buzz—That, in my opinion, is far from the image of a “true fan”. In a word, impure. As someone who supports Yuki purely as a fan, the presence of such impurity is already a deal-breaker for me.

And there’s another issue—actually, this one is more significant in reality. I’m worried that if Yuki finds out that Kei’s true identity is me, she might be disillusioned.

Think about it. If your beloved game commentator turned out to be the unsociable loner from your class…?

…I know, it sounds ridiculous when I say it myself, but this kind of gap is not cool.

The charm of a gap usually turns a negative impression into a positive one. However, when the positive turns into a negative, it’s precisely disillusionment. In other words, disappointment.

To be disappointed by Yuki after she learns my true identity… just thinking about it makes me want to die!

I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to belittle myself or anything. I have no shame in being an otaku, a loner, or an introvert. In fact, I take pride in it. I couldn’t care less about how others perceive me.

However, when it comes to Yuki, it’s a different story.

Even if Yuki doesn’t end up disappointed in me, there’s still the possibility that her reputation might suffer for supporting someone like me, an introvert. If that happens, as a fan, I might have to sincerely apologize and make amends.

As long as there’s even a slight chance of tarnishing Yuki’s reputation, I can’t bring myself to reveal that I am Kei. Besides, there’s really no need for it.

Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll keep my identity a secret from everyone, but I’ll continue to work hard at game commentary, knowing that Yuki is supporting me. That’s my decision.

Nothing much should change aside from the fact that I’ll need to cater to my rapidly growing channel.

To avoid embarrassing Yuki, I need to ensure that my the quality of my channel lives up to the support that Yuki gave me. 

While there may be uncertainties ahead, the stronger motivation is the desire to provide content that Yuki will continue to enjoy. I take out my smartphone and launch the mobile version of LoF.

As part of the content enhancement plan, I decided yesterday to gradually increase the number of videos on the mobile version of the game.

While the PC version is the mainstream for LoF, the recently released mobile version is gaining widespread popularity relatively quickly. I haven’t played much of the mobile version until now, but I decided to dive into it with this opportunity.

In the early morning, with no one around in the classroom, it’s the perfect environment for practice. Now, which map to choose… Mist Island, huh? Visibility is challenging here, so it’s better to focus on close-quarters weapons. However, I need to remember that some characters can excel in long-range combat.

As I start the match, I simulate the commentary in my mind, considering the differences in gameplay from the PC version.

While there are some differences in mechanics, the gameplay itself progresses smoothly.

“Hmm, my weapon and my teammates’ choices aren’t that great…” (Keitaro)

Unconsciously, the commentary that I had kept in my mind starts slipping out of my mouth.

However, deeply engrossed in the game, I don’t notice it and become even more immersed.

“In situations like this, it’s essential to actively find enemy units and steal their supplies—ah, there! The other side of the mist just flashed for a moment. Mist Island is said to rely on sound cues for strategy on some gaming sites, but in reality, the sound echoes aren’t much different from other maps. Instead, it’s the reflection of muzzle flashes in the mist that’s unique, so it’s crucial to use that to locate enemy positions—” (Keitaro)

“Huh, really?” (?)

At that moment, a voice suddenly comes from nearby, causing my body to jolt.

It might have been a surprise attack, but what struck me more was the familiarity of that voice. In a panic, I swiftly turned around.

“Yu-Yu-Yuki…!? No, Yukina-san!?” (Keitaro)

There, unexpectedly close, was the face of my oshi, and I was completely flustered.

W-Why is Yuki in the classroom at this hour…!?

“Ah, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you… I just got curious about what you were doing, so I…” (Yukina)

Seeing me almost drop my phone from shock, Yuki’s expression clouded with regret. However, I quickly shook my head vigorously.

“N-No, that’s not it! You’re not bothering me or anything! I was just a bit surprised!” (Keitaro)

“Really? That’s a relief.” (Yukina)

Relieved, Yuki flashed a smile, and I quickly averted my gaze.

Part of the reason was due to getting caught off guard by my oshi’s sudden appearance, but the truth was, her smile was so dazzling that I couldn’t look directly at her. Plus, she’s too close…!

“T-There was no one here, so I was killing time by playing a game…! That’s all…!” (Keitaro)

Without making eye contact with Yuki, I tried to end the conversation.

As someone who values the appropriate distance with their oshi, this situation was not ideal…!

“By the way, that’s LoF, right? Amamiya-kun also plays LoF, huh?” (Yukina)

However, Yuki continued the conversation, unaware of my thoughts.

That fact was surprising, but even more shocking was being addressed by my name.

“W-Why my name!?”

“Eh? Because we’re classmates…? Ah, but this is our first time talking, isn’t it?”

…W-Wait, she remembered my name!? That Yuki remembered my name even though we never talked!? What? Is she seriously an angel…!?

“Ah, Amamiya-kun, an enemy’s approaching.” (Yukina)

While I was still amazed by this shocking revelation, Yuki pointed at the phone screen and said so.

I snapped back to reality and focused on the game. I was still shaken, feeling anxious with Yuki beside me, but as a gamer, I couldn’t just abandon the game I was playing.

Fortunately, my teammates responded quickly, and the enemy’s movements were sluggish, so we easily dealt with the incoming attack. However, my real-life situation was still far from calm.

“S-So, um, Yuki…na…san, why are you at school at this early hour?” (Keitaro)

In an attempt to regain composure, I asked the question that had been on my mind.

Of course, I still avoided looking at Yuki. If I did, I would definitely get flustered again. Even now, there was a nice fragrance drifting in the air.

“Ah, right. Actually, I got so excited yesterday that I couldn’t sleep much. I woke up early in the morning and thought, ‘Why not go to school?’ Since I can’t come on workdays, I wanted to come to school whenever I had the chance.” (Yukina)

I see. As expected of Yuki, even her reasons are as pure as an angel. I find myself even more devoted.

“What about you, Amamiya-kun? Do you always come this early?” (Yukina)

“W-Well, I’m in a similar situation.” (Keitaro)

“Oh, I see. What a coincidence. Um, if it’s okay, can I continue watching you play LoF?” (Yukina)

I actually wanted her to keep some distance, but unable to say such a thing, I silently nodded.

Having my oshi next to me is an incredibly lucky event, but due to the circumstances, I can’t openly enjoy it, and that’s what makes it painful.

…No, what’s the use of being flustered? Since I’ve decided to keep the fact that I’m Kei a secret, I need to stick to that decision, especially in front of her.

Thinking this way, I forcibly switched my focus back to the game.

The match was already approaching its end, with the initial thirty squads reduced to just four.

The playing field had shrunk to its limits, and gunfire echoed from all directions. The end of the game was near. Due to the limited visibility caused by the mist, we would have to be prepared to engage in close-quarter combat at any time.

“…One squad on the right, two on the left.” (Keitaro)

Based on the gunfire around me, I quickly estimated the positions of nearby enemies and decided to launch a surprise attack on the squad to the right.

I silently approached them and used a grenade to fish them out before hitting them from another angle.

With the support of my teammates, the play worked, and the right squad was completely eliminated. Checking the remaining squads, there were only two left. it seemed like the two squads to the left had run into each other.

However, at that moment, the last enemy squad suddenly emerged from the mist. They probably heard the gunfire and intended to attack before we could regroup and recover.

In response, we engaged them. It became a chaotic three-on-three battle in the narrow area.

Gunshots and muzzle flashes scattered in the mist. But in the end, our squad stood victorious amidst the chaos. The screen displayed the word “Champion”, and we had secured victory barely.

Fuu… we managed to win.” (Keitaro)

I sighed deeply while muttering those words. Despite being thrown off by Yuki’s sudden appearance, once I focused on the game, I could play properly. I felt like praising my gamer spirit.

Now, we’ve successfully won the game, but the issue is the current situation. If Yuki were to say something like “You’re amazing!” in person, I might become too happy and reach my limit. No, I’m definitely going to. I’m confident about that.

Of course, there’s no way I would let her see me in that state, so I should find a way to escape from this situation before she says anything. It might not be graceful, but I should head to the bathroom or something before she has the chance.

While thinking about that, I turned to look at Yuki. Right before I opened my mouth, I ended up swallowing the words that I was going to say.

“…………Eh?” (Yukina)

The reason being, for some unknown reason, Yuki’s eyes were wide open and was staring at me in silence. …What beautiful eyes she has—now’s not the time for that! Why does she look surprised?

“…Could it be, Kei-kun…?” (Yukina)

“What!?” (Keitaro)

However, the next moment, I was the one surprised.

…What!? Did she just call me “Kei-kun”?

“W-w-w-what!?” (Keitaro)

“Kei-kun… it’s you, right?” (Yukina)

…Why!? How!?

I was thrown into great confusion by this sudden turn of events. Meanwhile, Yuki was approaching me with a serious expression.

“W-w-w-what are you talking about? I-I have no idea what you’re saying!?” (Keitaro)

I desperately tried to play dumb. Despite having just resolved not to let my secret out, I was already at risk of being exposed. But, I couldn’t afford to give in. I need to get through this somehow!

“…Actually, I had a feeling from the start.” (Yukina)

But Yuki continued, staring at me intently.

“Amamiya-kun’s voice sounds just like Kei-kun’s. So, I got curious and approached you.” (Yukina)

“Is that so!? That’s an incredible coincidence, right!?” (Keitaro)

I tried to play it off while my heart was pounding.

However, Yuki continued calmly, shaking her head.

“The way you talk, the intonation1, and even the way you play are exactly the same as Kei-kun. The final winning strategy was also a classic Kei-kun move, using a diversion to flank the enemy from the side, right?” (Yukina)

“W-well, that’s a common strategy in LoF, you know!?” (Keitaro)

…She’s really observant! To remember the common tactics I use… she must be watching my streams so diligently. But wait, this isn’t the time to be happy about that!

“Not just that. Your choice of character, weapon, and especially that skin—It’s the one you always use, the limited edition model distributed during the first-anniversary event, right?” (Yukina)

“Huh? Oh…!” (Keitaro)

“Given to those who achieved 1000 kills during the event period, and Kei-kun did a stream trying to achieve it within fifty games, right? He said he managed to achieve it by defeating the opponent in the middle of a melee. By the way, the opponent was using the default skin, Snow Fox, and the weapon Kei-kun picked up during the melee was the RG105. I vividly remember because I watched it a lot of times.” (Yukina)

Yuki calmly presented her evidence, leaving me speechless with no way to refute it.

…The skin part is true, but why does she remember so many details, even the opponent and the weapon I used? I don’t even recall those myself!

“Hey, Amamiya-kun is Kei-kun, right? That’s it, isn’t it…?”

With a serious expression, Yuki approached, and I instinctively stepped back.

…What should I do? How do I handle this situation? And Yuki-san, why does she feel a bit scary? Her usual cool and beautiful demeanor now seems oddly intimidating!

Is it because she’s disappointed, thinking that Kei’s true identity is someone like me!? I need to get out of this somehow…!

“Oh, guess we’re not the first.” (Student)

“Hey, isn’t that Yuki!? …And, Amamiya?” (Student)

At that moment, two male classmates entered the classroom.

Seeing the unexpected pair of me and Yuki, they tilted their heads in confusion.

…Phew, maybe this is a relief? Since someone else came in, we can pretend nothing happened for now—

“Sorry. Come with me for a moment.” (Yukina)

But at that moment, Yuki grabbed my hand and rushed out of the classroom. Both the two boys and I were left with wide eyes at this sudden action.

Without looking back, Yuki continued to pull me through the corridor, ran up the stairs, and opened the door leading to the rooftop.

Haa… Haa… W-why are we…?” (Keitaro)

Out of breath, I found myself on the rooftop in no time. I gasped for air and expressed my natural confusion.

Yet, Yuki, without showing any signs of being out of breath, apologized briefly and then fixed her serious gaze on me again.

“I just needed to make sure. … Amamiya-kun, are you really Kei-kun?” (Yukina)

As Yuki leaned in, I instinctively stepped back, only to find myself against the rooftop’s wire fence with no escape.

Realizing that I was cornered, I was forced to make a decision.

I shouldn’t reveal that I’m Kei. However, her eyes conveyed that she wouldn’t back down until she got a satisfactory answer.

I considered trying to bluff my way through, but the atmosphere didn’t seem right for it. My instincts told me I couldn’t keep up the act any longer. If it came to this, I might as well confess.

Damn it! This rooftop was supposed to be a place of dreams where confessions happen! Why is such a dire event happening here? Ugh!

“…Y-Yes, that’s right. I am Kei…” (Keitaro)

Finally, I confessed, in a voice barely louder than a mosquito’s.

Despite the brave atmosphere I tried to put up that seemed like I’d mentally prepared for this, the thought that Yuki might be disappointed made my heart wither. If she gave me a look of “Ugh…” or something like that, I might just collapse right here.

“…I-I thought so.” (Yukina)

Yuki lowered her head, listening to my response, and her shoulders trembled. … As expected, this reaction.

But it can’t be helped. Considering how much she had been hyping up her oshi YouTuber, finding out that he was just an unimpressive classmate would naturally result in—

“Whaaaat?! I-I actually met the real Kei-kun!! What should I do, what should I do, what should I doooooo!?” (Yukina)

“Uwah!?” (Keitaro)

I was startled by Yuki suddenly raising her voice, causing the wire mesh to shake.

Yuki’s face turned bright red and she covered her cheeks with both hands while continuing to shake her head vigorously.

“I-I never thought I’d meet Kei-kun in a place like this…! What do I do?! I’m sleep-deprived, and I didn’t style my hair properly…! Ahhh mouu, what should I do!?” (Yukina)

“……………………” (Keitaro)

Um… what on earth is happening here?

“U-Um, Yukina-san…?” (Keitaro)

“Hyaaaa!? Y-You called me Yukina just now!? Kei-kun called me by my real name…!? Ah, I feel so happy that I might die…! And it’s even your real voice! Kei-kun’s real voice is too precious…! Um, how much does it cost for you to address me by my name like that? I’ll definitely pay for it!” (Yukina)

“What are you talking about!?” (Keitaro)

…I couldn’t help but retort at the utter incomprehensibility! 

“S-Sorry! I, um, my head is a bit confused…! So, um, Yukinna-san, you know that I’m the YouTuber Kei, and you’re not disappointed or anything… right?” (Keitaro)

I cautiously asked the question that worried me the most.

Even though I said it cautiously, it turned out to be a quite straightforward question. But please understand that my head can’t keep up with this situation.

“Disappointed? Why would I be?” (Yukina)

“Well, you know, having your oshi YouTuber as a classmate…” (Keitaro)

“Kei-kun being my classmate is such a wonderful coincidence! I never thought I’d meet the real Kei-kun in a place like this…! I-is this fate!? Oh, thinking about it makes me so happy, whaa… What should I do!? Having the real Kei-kun in front of me is just too incredible…! Um, what should I do!?” (Yukina)

“Even if you ask me that!?” (Keitaro)

Yuki let out a strange ‘Fuwa~’ sound while squirming with a bright red face.

It’s hard to put it into words, but her excessively high tension was like the epitome of an otaku at their limit. As I watched from the side, I was struck by the phenomenon that the more excited the other person became, the more I, as an observer, could maintain my composure in return.

In a situation where it wouldn’t be strange for me to be overwhelmed, it felt like Yuki was getting excited on my behalf as well.

…What should I do? Seriously, what should I do!? Well, for now, it seems like she isn’t disappointed that I’m Kei…

As I watched Yuki happily frolicking2 around, I felt completely at a loss.

Wait a minute. Is it just me, or is Yuki’s character a bit different? The Yuki I know has a more artistic vibe, like a cool, high-class girl with an elegant aura…

But looking at Yuki blushing with a genuinely happy smile gave off a completely different impression from the usual idol-like Yuki. It’s like… she’s a normal, down-to-earth girl, and she’s incredibly cute!?

Even though I managed to keep my composure, I’m a huge fan of Yuki as well.

If she keeps showing such a cute side right in front of me, I might reach my limit too. This is getting dangerous.

“…Ah, I-I’m sorry! I got too excited by myself…!” (Yukina)

Yuki had been energetically caught up in her own excitement for a while, but eventually, she snapped back to reality and bowed her head, apologizing.

“I’m really sorry…! I didn’t expect to meet Kei-kun in real life, so I got carried away…! B-But I’m a big fan of Kei-kun…!” (Yukina)

Yuki fumbled her words and her eyes were slightly teary.

She seemed desperate, mixing in gestures, but seeing her like that made me anxious.

“I’ve been watching your videos for a long time…! Ah, I even made sure to watch all your live streams! I comment all the time, and when I get a reply from Kei-kun, it would make me happy for the rest of the day…!” (Yukina)

“Comments… Wait, seriously?” (Keitaro)

“Ah, um, I’m ‘Wankoromochi’! D-Do you remember me…?” (Yukina)

“Wait, that was you, Yukina-san!?” (Keitaro)

Since ‘wankoromochi’ was the only one consistently commenting on my videos, there’s no way I could forget. However, I never expected that I had been interacting with Yuki all this time, so I was genuinely shocked.

Despite my bewildered reaction, Yuki showed a genuinely happy smile, saying, “You remembered…!”

“That’s right, I’m ‘wankoromochi’! I thought maybe it’s annoying to comment so much, but I just couldn’t resist…! During live streams, and of course, whenever a new video was uploaded, I always do my best to comment right away….!” (Yukina)

…Now that she mentioned it, I was always surprised by how quickly those comments appeared.

“Ah, w-was it bothersome after all? I was worried that commenting so frequently might be weird…! I-if you thought it was creepy or anything…” (Yukina)

“Huh?” (Keitaro)

“W-well, yeah…! I mean, I’m a bit creepy, aren’t I…?! Even now, meeting Kei-kun in real life makes me really excited…!” (Yukina)

“N-no, wait a minute.” (Keitaro)

“B-But still…! I’m a big fan of yours, and meeting you like this made me so happy…! It might be annoying, but I just want you to understand that feeling…!” (Yukina)

Suddenly, Yuki’s expression clouded with unease, but she desperately pleaded her case.

How much she supports Kei, and how genuine those feelings are.

What stood before me was not the top idol Yuki but a simple fangirl, and as a fan of Yuki myself, I was left speechless by the gap.

However, at the same time, I felt a strange sense of familiarity seeing her in that state.

Breaking down and losing composure in front of one’s oshi— wasn’t that no different from me?

“Um, Yukina-san.” (Keitaro)

“H-Hyaa!? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” (Yukina)

“No, no need to apologize! Um… I don’t find it bothersome at all. In fact, the opposite, I’m really happy right now too…” (Keitaro)

“Eh, even Kei-kun…?” (Yukina)

“That’s because, you see… I’ve also been a fan of Yuki all this time.” (Keitaro)

“Eeeeh!?” (Yukina)

…I said it. I didn’t plan to say it, but seeing Yuki so desperate, I couldn’t help myself.

“Fan!? M-Me!? W-Why would Kei-kun…!?” (Yukina)

“Isn’t that reaction a bit much!? I mean, you’re an idol, so it’s way more normal for me to be your fan than the other way around, isn’t it!?” (Keitaro)

“B-but, but, but! F-For Kei-kun to be like that…!” (Yukina)

As Yuki blushed and got flustered, I explained how Yuki became my oshi.

Finding out there was an idol at my school during my first year, doing some research, getting hooked, and being secretly delighted when we ended up in the same class this year…

…Talking about all that in front of the person herself is so embarrassing!

But considering that Yuki probably felt the same way earlier, I couldn’t help but say it. It just felt… unfair.

“N-No way…!” (Yukina)

As I finished talking, Yuki stared at me with wide eyes. Eventually, tears welled up in those eyes, streaming down her cheeks—tears!?

“Wait!? W-why are you crying…!? D-Did it make you feel uncomfortable!? But, um, I want you to know, I’m not a stalker or anything! S-So, um, I’m really really sorry!!” (Keitaro)

Realizing I made my oshi cry, I was in utter panic.

Overwhelmed by a sense of guilt, I found myself bowing my head profusely, almost in a kneeling position, to apologize.

“N-no…! It’s not like that…!” (Yukina)

Yuki wiped her eyes vigorously, trying to squeeze out her words.

“I-it’s not like that…! I’m happy…!” (Yukina)

“…Huh?” (Keitaro)

“B-because, I never thought that my oshi was also a fan of me…! I can’t believe it…! I’m so, so happy…!” (Yukina)

As Yuki continued speaking, I hurriedly offered her a handkerchief. She took it, wiped away her tears, and though her eyes were still red, a radiant smile adorned her face.

*Sniff*… We’re both each other’s fans, aren’t we…!” (Yukina)

“Uh, I wonder if there’s another term for that…?” (Keitaro)

I couldn’t help but retort, but Yuki didn’t seem bothered at all. Clutching the handkerchief tightly, she had completely shaken off the tears from earlier and was now showing a bright happy smile.

…T-This is bad. She’s too cute…!

I quickly averted my gaze and took a small deep breath, trying to regain my composure.

I accidentally revealed that I’m Kei, and on top of that, I unintentionally mentioned that I’m a fan of Yuki. It couldn’t be helped this time, but from now on, I needed to be more careful.

While I’m genuinely happy that Yuki’s a fan of mine, precisely because of that, I want to avoid causing any trouble for her. As ‘duo fans’, I really need to set clear boundaries.

“Ehehehe… Kei-kun’s handkerchief…!” (Yukina)

While I was caught up in my thoughts, Yuki basked in a fluffy atmosphere of happiness.

…Damn it, she’s really cute. My oshi is too cute, it’s painful…!

“Um, …Kei-kun?” (Yukina)

“W-What is it?” (Keitaro)

“I’m really happy to have met Kei-kun like this. I’ve liked Kei-kun for a while now, but meeting the real Kei-kun in person makes me like you even more. Thinking that I can be with Kei-kun not only during streams but also at school makes me incredibly happy…” (Yukina)

“Huh? T-that’s…” (Keitaro)

Hearing Yuki’s words, I involuntarily tensed up.

…But being together at school would cause problems, wouldn’t it?

However, Yuki, oblivious to my internal turmoil, continued.

“So, can I continue to support Kei-kun from now on…?” (Yukina)

Her gaze was somewhat shy, looking up with a mixture of anxiety and expectation. With that expression, making such a request to your fan…

“…Y-Yes, of course, please continue to support me…” (Keitaro)

There was no other answer I could give.

There is indeed a belief in maintaining an appropriate distance from your oshi within me.


“….Yes!” (Yukina)

However, I couldn’t bring myself to tarnish this wonderful smile.

“Thank you, Kei-kun! Really, thank you…!” (Yukina)

Seeing Yuki, overcome with emotion and tears welling up again, I couldn’t help but think once more:

…My favorite is truly the cutest.

“Oh, right! A photo…! Can we take a picture together to commemorate this!?” (Yukina)

“…Huh? But I thought you might find that troublesome, Yukina-san…” (Keitaro)

“? Did I say something like that?” (Yukina)

As Yuki tilted her head in confusion, I couldn’t help but find even her innocent side cute too.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The moment he whipped out the game at school, he’s fate was immediately obvious. Also, it sounds like his using his main account lol.

My god, my brain for this chapter… If the switch from oshi to fan hurts your brain, I’m sorry, but it hurts mine just as much. I probably translated something wrongly that led to this.


  1. Intonation means the rise and fall of the voice in speaking.
  2. Frolicking means play or move about in a cheerful and lively way.
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Thanks for the chapter!

Yeah definitely written with a perfect scenario in mind. Getting 100k and more views in a single night is impossible.

Well, I didn’t expect that they would meet this soon. MC need to have a good chara dev asap, I can’t wait to see how will he meet the cosplayer


Manhunt LOL you got me there

Yeah. What made me thought that way is because Keitaro was a nobody. Well, depending on how popular Yuki is, getting beyond hundreds could be easy. Wait…

…Views. So that’s what I missed *facepalm* I thought subscribers lmaooo