YLG – Chapter 26.3 – Ana becomes World-renowned; Her Name Goes Down In History

The applause that follows was thunderous.

Both Ana and I couldn’t stop crying or get up from our seats.

We decided to go to a café and share our thoughts on the play.

I realized that Ana sympathized with Zhinovu and ended up crying, while I empathized with Anashii and understood her feelings.

“But why did they choose such a title for the play?” (Zhino)

The play was called ‘The Goblin Lady’.

Needless to say, it’s an insulting term towards Ana.

Why would they choose a title that insulted the daughter of the Sevensworth family 

While producing the play with the support of the Sevenworth family, why would they choose a title that insults their own daughter?

Honor should also be important to Ana.

“Because I permitted it.” (Ana)

“Why did you give your permission?” (Zhino)

“The playwright1 mentioned that an unusual title would generate more popularity and impact.” (Ana)

Indeed, the impact is impressive.

In this country, criticism towards the nobility is allowed within the realm of art.

However, even so, blatant insults should be avoided.

Especially since the play is based on a true story.

Having the audacity to openly insult the daughter of the prominent duke family with that title takes a considerable amount of courage.

That alone should generate a significant amount of publicity.

“But what about Ana’s honor?” (Zhino)

“I don’t mind. If it can restore Zhino-sama’s honor, I will do anything!” (Ana)

Anna clenched her fist tightly and smiled calmly.

It was a gentle smile that made me sad.

I couldn’t stand it.

I couldn’t hold back my uncontrollable love for Ana.

I impulsively hugged her and kissed her on her forehead

“Just when I looked away for a moment! Get a hold of yourself!” (Bridgette)

Bridgette, who was discussing with the guards a short distance away, hurriedly returned and pulled me away.

She scolded me severely, emphasizing what would happen if such a scene became a scandal for Ana in public.

Ana turned bright red under the curious gazes of the people around us.

We hastily left the shop as if escaping from the situation.

“Um, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back when I saw you smile.” (Zhino)

“Um, no, it’s okay.” (Ana)

In this country, while there is a custom of kissing the back of the hand, it is not customary to kiss someone’s face in public.

Not only nobles but even commoners refrain from such actions.

Ana must have felt extremely embarrassed.

I’m sorry.


The Sevensworth family has been providing financial support to the theater company producing the play “The Goblin Lady”.

The amount of subsidy is substantial, ensuring profitability for the company even without an audience.

As a result, “The Goblin Lady” has been performed not only nationally but also internationally,  which makes the show widely popular.

The amount of funding may indeed be staggering, but for the Sevensworth family, it might be a mere inadequate amount.

Until now, in this country, it has been the norm for men to propose to women, and there has not been a tradition of women proposing to men.

However, due to the influence of “The Goblin Lady,” women have started proposing to men.

This is largely attributed to the fact that “The Goblin Lady” is based on a true story, with Ana being publicly acknowledged as the inspiration.

The precedent of a woman proposing to a man, especially when that woman is from a duke family, has played a significant role in this cultural shift.

Due to the high status associated with such a proposal, criticizing it as “inappropriate” becomes difficult, and among the commoners, women proposing has become a societal phenomenon, eventually becoming the norm.

It is not just the commoners who have witnessed the emergence of women making proposals.

In the aristocratic society where arranged marriages are prevalent, there are a few nobles who actively seek their own marriage partners within the social circles.

Among these noble women, there have been instances where they propose to men, similar to their commoner counterparts. This has sparked discussions and become a topic of interest within the social circles.

The influence did not stop there.

Until now, it has been accepted that the role of noble ladies is to marry the partner chosen by their families, even if they may not necessarily be aligned with their own desires.

Within such societal norms, the protagonist of “The Goblin Lady” defied the arranged marriage set by her family, risked disinheritance, and pursued her love against all odds, going as far as proposing to the man she loved. 

The strength of her determination and the fearless way she defied common sense had a significant impact on noble ladies, and many of them began to admire the protagonist of “The Goblin Lady” in other words, Ana.

Ana started to receive invitations to tea parties from the many women who admired her.

While many people imagined a strong and spirited woman exuding confidence based on the representation in the play, in reality, the actual Ana was gentle, warm-hearted, and possessed a delicate beauty just like her mother-in-law.

They were all captivated by this contrast and became devoted followers of Ana.

As Ana and I attended the evening gathering, we found ourselves surrounded by numerous noblewomen, and they began bombarding us with questions.

Upon realizing that the story of “The Goblin Lady” was largely true, the women became incredibly excited, exclaiming words like, “How wonderful!” “How romantic!” “It’s a love story to be envious of!”

Of course, there were conservative women who frowned upon such changes brought by Ana.

However, such women were fewer in the younger age group and more prevalent among middle-aged and older individuals.

Nevertheless, in public settings, they all remained silent.

It seems that many individuals in the middle-aged and older age group are avid users of the Sevensworth family’s rejuvenating facial lotion.

If they were to criticize the Sevensworth family’s daughter and have their supply of facial lotion cut off, it would become a matter of life and death for them.

My two sisters-in-law of the Varvarie family were also greatly influenced by “The Goblin Lady”.

“As expected of elder brother-in-law desu wa2. I was deeply moved.” (Sister-in-law)

My sisters-in-law, with tears in their eyes, praised me after watching the play. Then, they pleaded for a tea party with Ana to be arranged.

When Ana was invited to the Varvarie family for a tea party, not only my sisters-in-law but also their friends were captivated and listened intently to Ana’s stories, with eyes sparkling with excitement.

Thus, the Sevensworth family’s plan to restore my tarnished reputation turned out to be a great success, and there was no one left to speak ill of the incident I caused at the graduation party.

On the contrary, my reputation skyrocketed, and I began to receive even more respect, especially from young women who showed their admiration for me.

It seems that the Crown Prince was displeased with the situation, as he didn’t bother to hide his ill-temper from the moment we exchanged greetings.

“So, you’re the fiancé of Miss Anastasia?” (Prince)

“Yes.” (Zhino)

When questioned by the Crown Prince, I responded in a straightforward manner without saying anything unnecessary.

“It appears that a man who is not even the eldest son of a poor viscount’s family has become engaged to the daughter of the Sevensworth family. Don’t you think it’s an unequal match?” (Prince)

Ah, I see.

I suppose I am an obstacle to him marrying Ana as his consort.

“I consider it an unexpected stroke of luck.” (Zhino)

I avoid saying it is unequal. That is because the words “Then break off the engagement” would follow.

“I believe that marriage should take into account differences in social status. Don’t you agree?” (Prince)

His Highness the Crown Prince continues to ask questions with a smirk on his face.

If it were something else, I might obediently comply and not refuse, but when it comes to targeting Ana, it’s a different story.

I am determined to fight back.

“Oh? Has Your Highness finally given up on marrying Miss Marriott? I wasn’t aware of this.” (Zhino)

“What do you mean?” (Prince)

The Crown Prince frowned in response to my question.

“Oh, is that not the case? Earlier, Your Highness mentioned that one should consider the difference in social status when it comes to marriage. I assumed that you had given up on marrying Miss Marriott due to the significant difference in status between the royal family and the baron’s family.” (Zhino)

It seems that despite aiming for a marriage with a social class difference himself, he has a double standard when it comes to denying marriages with others who have a social class difference. 

He probably didn’t consider the possibility of me going against him, which is why he did not pay attention to his own situation.

I can understand that perspective.

After all, the other party is a member of the royal family.

Normally, one would wait for the storm to pass without retaliating.

“Please don’t be disheartened, Miss Marriott. I believe that you will have another good encounter in the future.” (Zhino)

I address the Baron’s daughter who is standing next to the Crown Prince.

The honorifics to be used may vary depending on the person’s status.

Unlike women, who are generally allowed to be addressed with the honorific “sama” uniformly, the rules for addressing men require a bit more complexity and differentiation.

If we consider the common honorific used by male nobility towards unmarried women, it would be “Marriott-jou.”

However, if she is an unmarried woman in an engagement with a member of the royal family, it would change to “Marriott-sama.”

I addressed her as “Marriott-jou” just now, indicating that I do not recognize her as Crown Prince His Highness’s fiancée.

“Dee-sama, I am scared.” (Marriott)

Miss Marriott clings to Crown Prince His Highness with a frightened expression.

The Crown Prince hurriedly shows concern for Miss Marriott.

Using the term “Dee-sama” implies that it is an endearing nickname for Crown Prince Dietfriet. 

To address a man who is not even her fiancé with an endearing nickname in a public setting shows audacity on the part of Miss Marriott.

Above all, the level of physical intimacy is too intense.

She is clinging to His Highness’s arm, pressing her chest against it.

In terms of physical contact between men and women, it is only permissible to touch the palms of each other’s hands with one’s own palm.

Even in social settings, married couples limit themselves to such interactions.

Sometimes I lose control and find myself embracing Ana tightly, but it turns out to be a grave breach of etiquette.

“You dare to meddle in the affairs of the royal family! It is disrespectful!” (Prince)

The Crown Prince angrily raises his voice, filled with indignation.

His loud voice attracts the attention of those around, causing their gazes to focus on us.

“I apologize for my rudeness.” (Zhino)

“I see. Then withdraw your engagement with Anastasia. If you do so, I will forgive you. Don’t worry, there’s no need to be concerned. If it’s Anastasia, I will elevate her to the position of a consort.” (Prince)

Since I apologized, Crown Prince His Highness takes advantage of that weakness and forcefully imposes his demands.

“I refuse.” (Zhino)

“What did you say?! Are you refusing to obey the orders of the royal family!?” (Prince)

“It is not a command from the royal family.” (Zhino)

“You! Do you understand what you’re saying?! Are you, from a mere viscount family, defying the royal family!?” (Prince)

“The order to break off the engagement is not the consensus of the royal family, is it? If it is not the intention of the royal family, then why would I be going against the royal family?” (Zhino)

“It is the command of the Crown Prince! Are you still going to defy it!?” (Prince)

“I will say it once again. I have no intention of breaking off the engagement with Ana.” (Zhino)

Unless His Majesty agrees as well, there is no need to follow the sole decision of the Crown Prince.

Furthermore, even if it were an order from the king, I have no intention of obeying it.

I will never let go of Ana again.

“You!!” (Prince)

“What’s the matter?” (?)

Due to the loud voice of the Crown Prince, the attention of those around has completely focused on us. The people who were previously engaged in conversation have stopped talking, and everyone is looking in our direction.

Perhaps to manage the situation, Her Majesty the Queen comes over to us and inquires about the situation.

“This is what happened, Mother. I have offered to take Miss Anastasia as a consort, but this individual rudely refused. I am just about to punish this insolent person.” (Prince)

He said everything out loud while everyone around fell silent and was watching.

Her Majesty the Queen’s face turns pale.

This country follows a monogamous system based on religious beliefs.

The acceptance of consorts is only permitted in exceptional circumstances when the king or crown prince fails to produce an heir. Entering into a marriage with the assumption of having a consort from the beginning would go against religious principles.

The Crown Prince has not even married the Crown Princess yet.

Even if there were plans to marry a consort, it would be necessary to keep those plans secret at this stage to avoid conflicts with the church and its influence.

If this were to be exposed now, nobles who are close to the church would likely intensify their opposition.

Even the Sevensworth family would officially protest to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the church’s influence and would need to demonstrate that they are unrelated to the plans of Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince is currently in the midst of a succession dispute with the First Prince.

If the Sevensworth family were to protest at this point, it will show the deteriorating relations with the most influential noble family in the country, and would likely be a severe blow, possibly even fatal to him.

It’s not only the Queen who looks pale right now, I am too.

I intentionally referred to her as “Marriott-jou” and deliberately chose words that would provoke the anger of the Crown Prince during our conversation.

While my intention was to provoke a reaction, I did not aim to escalate the situation this extend.

I only wished for the Crown Prince to raise his voice and perhaps grab me by the collar. That would have been sufficient.

I never expected someone to be so indiscreet and loudly reveal the plan for a consort in this setting.

“Anastasia-san, Zhinorius-san, I apologize for causing a disturbance. Dietfriet seems to be tired.” (Queen)

The Queen commanded the guards to take away the Crown Prince.

“Mother!?” (Prince)

The Crown Prince, surprised by his mother’s lack of support, was escorted out by the guards, who held onto his arms.

“I truly apologize. We will arrange another opportunity for a formal apology.” (Queen)

With a pale face, the Queen uttered those words and departed. 

Though one would expect her to want to cry out in anguish, she showed no such signs. She is truly a remarkable person.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I don’t recall if Zhino has 2 sisters-in-law, I did check that he has a biological sister. Also I’m not sure if the crown prince’s name was ever revealed so I just used whatever chatGPT gave me, hopefully it didn’t come out weird.

There will be one last part of this chapter.


  1. Playwright = person who writes the play.
  2. I honestly don’t know how to explain this, if you know then you know. Otherwise, it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence. I just left this here for those who know.
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mihai vulpe

correct term is step sister I believe, it is refering to the sisters from the adoptive family. I’m not an english native so forgive if it is not wrote entirely correct


No, it would be step sister if his father or mother got remarried and they became his sisters, he was adopted in their family while still having a biological family of his own for legal reasons, so the closest we have nowadays to that situation is going in a foster family