YLG – Chapter 26.2 – Ana becomes World-renowned; Her Name Goes Down In History

Don’t read this chapter if you never read the other chapters of this novel before. This chapter literally spoils everything lol.

There are private viewing rooms for the nobility in this theater, but today I deliberately chose to sit in a regular fixed seat.

However, our escorts and attendants sat around us as if surrounding us, so the people sitting nearby were all familiar faces.

The title of the play is “The Goblin Lady.”

Of course, the protagonist is modeled after Ana.


The story begins with the school days of Anashii, the female protagonist.

A masked girl1 with a face covered in numerous bumps is subjected to bullying due to her appearance.

During those times, there was always a boy who came to her rescue.

That boy’s name was Zhinovu.

Anashii develops feelings of love for Zhinovu, who is always there for her and occasionally plays with her when they are alone together.

However, Anashii had no intention of confessing her feelings to Zhinovu.

Zhinovu is a beautiful young man and is also popular among the girls.

On the other hand, Anashii is referred to as the “Goblin Lady”, an ugly girl.

Feeling completely mismatched with Zhinovu, Anashii had given up any hope of becoming his beloved.

Eventually, Anashii’s father brings her an offer for a marriage proposal.

However, the proposal never goes smoothly.

As soon as the potential partner sees Anashii’s face, he insults her and rejects the proposal.

Amidst all this, there was someone who proposed a marriage to Anashii.

It was Zhinovu.

Anashii was overjoyed.

However, her father did not approve of the marriage proposal with Zhinovu.

It was because their social status did not match.

“Bring a dowry2 that satisfies me if you want to marry Anashii.” (Anashii’s father)

Zhinovu tells Anashii to wait, assuring her that he will definitely bring the dowry, and then he departs.

Zhinovu proceeded to establish a trading company and worked tirelessly, earning a large sum of money.

Then, he proposed the engagement to Anashii’s father, presenting the money he had earned as the dowry.

Reluctantly, Anashii’s father accepted the engagement between Anashii and Zhinovu.

Even after their engagement, Anashii continued to be insulted and bullied as the “Goblin Lady.”

During such times, Zhinovu heard a rumor that the formula for a medicine that could cure Anashii’s illness could be found in a dungeon of an unexcavated ruin.

Zhinovu informs Anashii that he will be away for a while due to his responsibilities at the trading company, and he sets out alone to explore the unexcavated ruin.

Despite getting injured along the way, Zhinovu finally manages to obtain the formula for the medicine.

Anashii becomes worried when she sees Zhinovu returning with multiple injuries.

“Sorry. I just tripped.” (Zhinovu)

That’s what Zhinovu said, trying to brush it off.

From then on, Zhinovu tirelessly gathers the ingredients for the medicine.

Sometimes battling against orcs, sometimes against ogres, Zhinovu collects the materials, despite getting wounded.

And finally, he succeeds in making the medicine.

Zhinovu brings the medicine and goes to Anashii’s house, but he overhears Anashii’s father muttering to himself.

“Such a shame. If Anashii wasn’t ill, we could have arranged a marriage with the prince.” (Anashii’s father)

“What do you mean?” (Zhinovu)

Having unintentionally eavesdropped, Zhinovu asks Anashii’s father directly.

“It’s exactly as I said. We were close to finalizing the marriage proposal, but it was rejected due to her illness.” (Anashii’s father)

“What happens if Anashii’s illness is cured?” (Zhinovu)

“Of course, the engagement between you and Anashii will be broken off, and she will be engaged to the prince. Your status is incomparable to that of the prince. Anashii would undoubtedly be happier as a member of the royal family. She would live a life of luxury until the end and everyone would bow down to her. It’s only natural to consider Anashii’s happiness. Love, on the other hand, is an uncertain thing that eventually fades away. In the long run, being part of the royal family is better.

Yes, that’s right. Would you be willing to break off the engagement yourself at that time? If the engagement is broken off due to your infidelity, Anashii’s honor won’t be tarnished. Considering Anashii’s happiness, it should be something you can do, right?”

Zhinovu is shocked by Anashii’s father’s words.

“Anashii’s happiness…” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu mutters to himself, standing alone on the stage.

The scene changes, and both Anashii and Zhinovu stand together on the stage.

“Hey, Anashii. What do you think of the prince?” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu asks Anashii, with just the two of them on the stage.

“Eh? I think he is a wonderful person.” (Anashii)

“In that case, what if the prince were to propose to you?” (Zhinovu)

“Of course, I would consider it an honor.” (Anashii)

“…I see.” (Zhinovu)

After saying that, Zhinovu disappears from the stage.

“I had to speak positively about the prince to avoid being disrespectful, but was it a mistake? The truth is, I don’t want to marry the prince. The one I love is Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

Anashii stands alone on the stage, talking to herself.

“Anashii, I hereby break off our engagement. And I declare that I will be engaged to Kei here.” (Zhinovu) 

Zhinovu says amidst everyone dressed for the party.

“Do you no longer love me?” (Anashii)

“I guess it can’t be helped. I am the ‘Goblin Lady’ after all. Congratulations. I wish you happiness.” (Anashii)

With mixed emotions, Anashii returns home, unable to hold back her tears. When she arrives, she finds a gift from Zhinovu—a medication for Goblin Disease, her illness.

Upon taking the medication, her illness is immediately cured. The actress removes her ugly mask, revealing a beautiful face.

As Anashii undergoes the transformation into a beautiful woman, many men praise and admire her, but she cannot find joy in their compliments.

“The one I love is Zhinovu. I want to see Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

Anashii expresses this longing desire to meet him.

Amidst the numerous men kneeling around her, Anashii laments in such a manner.

“That’s right. Let’s go and thank him for the medication. If I can catch a glimpse of Zhinovu, it will give me the strength to keep going for a while.” (Anashii)

Anashii visits Zhinovu’s company to express her gratitude for the medication. There, she learns from Kei that the engagement cancellation was a charade, and Kei only cooperated in exchange for ownership rights to Zhinovu’s company.

Meanwhile, Anashii’s father has managed to arrange a meeting between the prince and Anashii.

The meeting between the prince and Anashii is about to begin.

“She is a beautiful person. I would be fortunate to have someone like you as my wife.” (Prince)

“Prince, I cannot marry you. There is already someone else I love.” (Anashii)

Anashii rushes out of the matchmaking session, leaving everyone behind.

She wanders through the streets. 

Eventually, she comes across a weary-looking Zhinovu sitting on the streets by himself, and she rushes to embrace him.

“Anashii? This is not right, we shouldn’t be doing this. You’re supposed to marry the prince and be happy.” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu refuses to marry Anashii and Anashii presses Zhinovu for reconciliation.

The argument between them continues for a while.

“I will never marry Anashii! It’s wrong to marry a vagrant3 like me!” (Zhinovu)

Anashii, who was shouted at, has a determined expression on her face.

“Please marry me.” (Anashii)

Anashii kneels down and proposes to Zhinovu.

“If you’re willing to go that far… I understand. I promise to cherish you forever.” (Zhinovu)

The two of them head towards Anashii’s father together.

“Anashii, what foolish thing have you done? I won’t allow a marriage with such a man.” (Anashii’s father)

Anashii’s father expresses his discontent.

“If you won’t approve, then I will leave this house. I will abandon the family name and live with Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

“Love doesn’t last even ten years. I am saying this for your sake.” (Anashii’s father)

“No. This love will last a lifetime. Goodbye, Father.” (Anashii)

“Wait! …I understand. I will approve of your marriage.” (Anashii’s father)

As Zhinovu and Anashii embrace each other and share a kiss, the curtains fall, marking the end of the scene.


TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

There is only 3 more chapters, the main story is so close to being finished so I’m gonna do it. I did try to ask the previous TL if he/she dropped this novel but got no reply so I’ll just post this. Btw I need to split this one into parts. This chapter itself is 14000~ish characters long lol. Well this chapter also acts as a refresher for those who forgot the plot.

There are also extra chapters, idk if I will do them yet tho.


  1. The actor put on the mask to cover her face with bumps for the play. In the play, Anashii is not considered to be wearing a mask.
  2. Dowry = an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.
  3. Vagrant = a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging.
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