YLG – Chapter 27 – Wedding ~Ana is Cute~

“Oh, I apologize for the wait, Zhino-sama.” (Ana)

Ana, who was dressed in her wedding attire, appeared before me.

Her face visibly showed nervousness.

The pure white dress follows a princess line, adorned with numerous diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night sky.

In the past, Ana used to wear dresses that covered her neck as she was conscious of her lumps. But now, with her illness cured and the lumps gone, she can confidently wear this dress.

Now that she no longer has to conceal her skin, Ana is boldly exposing her shoulders in a dress that extends down to her chest.

Her chest, with its porcelain-like, glossy white skin, is adorned with a necklace crafted from diamonds and pearls, exuding both elegance and allure.

Her shining silver hair was covered by a long veil that reached the floor, and the veil itself was decorated with numerous diamonds, creating a dazzling display.

As the Sevensworth family is a highly esteemed noble lineage eligible for coronation1, the tiara she is wearing on her head is the official one worn by Sevensworth heiresses during formal occasions.

It exudes a dazzling brilliance while carrying the weight of history, perfectly complementing her graceful demeanor.

When she was dressed with those accessories, her gentle and delicate appearance showcased a blend of innocence and allure, combining a delicate charm reminiscent of baby’s breath2 with the vibrant gorgeousness of a blooming peony3.


It was a beauty that could only be described as breathtaking.

“…Ana… You’re beautiful…” (Zhino)

Before I knew it, I had stood up from the sofa, and those words escaped from my mouth.

It has been quite a while since my heart stopped being moved when seeing a beautiful woman.

I, too, can objectively recognize when someone is considered beautiful. 

However, there is usually no sense of awe or excitement; I can only objectively discern the level of attractiveness of that woman.

The same applied to Ana.

Even when Ana’s face were covered in bumps, it wouldn’t bother me, but on the other hand, if the bumps were to disappear, I wouldn’t be moved by her beauty.

However, when I saw Ana dressed in a bridal gown, my heart was deeply moved.

Not only did I understand that she was beautiful, but her beauty also struck a chord within me.

It was as if a 2d woman suddenly transformed into a living, tangible presence, creating a profound shock within me.

That would be an appropriate way to describe it, I suppose.

In my past life, there were intricate paintings known as CG.

From my knowledge, I could tell that Ana possessed a beauty that seemed surreal, one that can only be found within those CG.

But I suddenly realized something.

The beautiful person in front of me would become my wife…

“Thank you very much. It’s the first time someone has said I’m beautiful. Zhino-sama is… also very charming.” (Ana)

Ana said that while blushing.

Indeed, that was true.

I have often called Ana “cute” based on her gestures, expressions, and actions, which revealed glimpses of her heart.

However, this is the first time I have called her “beautiful” based on her appearance.

To me, women were like paintings on a canvas, not sexual objects.

However, now Ana seems like a woman with warmth.

Recently, Ana’s presence in my life has changed greatly.

That’s why I felt she was beautiful when I saw her.

“The groom and the bride. You may enter.” (Priest)

Upon hearing those words from the priest, I escort Ana and we pass through the doors.

Today, the cathedral in the royal capital, which is significantly larger than my high school gymnasium from my past life, is filled with many people, given that it is the wedding of the Sevensworth family.

All their eyes turn towards us at once, and I can’t help but feel nervous.

Weddings in this world are simple.

The groom and the bride enter together, stand before the officiating church representative, make their vows, and the officiant bestows a blessing spell. At that moment, they share a kiss as a symbol of their commitment.

The venue is the cathedral in the royal capital, and the officiant is His Holiness the Pope.

Following the Pope’s inquiry, I replied, “I do.”

Ana also responded in the same manner.

Then, side by side, we signed the vows written on the document.

As the choir begins to sing, His Holiness the Pope chants the blessing spell.

Gradually, as the blessing spell nears its completion, light descends from the sky like snow, passing through the roof of the cathedral and filling the entire venue.

One of the qualifications to become the Pope is the ability to bestow the blessing spell throughout the royal capital.

The descending light is not limited to this cathedral alone; it is likely falling like snow throughout the entire capital city.

The sound of church bells can be heard.

They must have started ringing upon witnessing the light.

It is the signal for the commencement of the blessing.

Soon, Ana and I are enveloped in pillars of rainbow-colored light.

The pillar of light reach all the way up to the ceiling of the cathedral.

They must have also extended beyond the ceiling, rising high into the sky.

I face Ana, unable to stop my tears due to the overwhelming emotions.

Ana, too, gazes at me with tears streaming down her face.

Ana closes her eyes and looks upward.

I draw my face closer and kissed her.

The pillars of light change from rainbow colors to pure white, and even with closed eyes, we can feel the shift in light.

As the pillar of light surrounding us emits an exceptionally intense brightness, both the pillar of light and the blessing light vanish.

Taking it as a cue, I release my lips from Ana’s and embrace her tightly.

“Ana, I love you. I pledge to God that I will cherish you more than anyone or anything in my lifetime.” (Zhino)

“I also adore you. I pledge to God that I will continue adoring you for the rest of my life.” (Ana)

The vows spoken at this moment may be freely chosen.

Ana and I, while embracing each other, exchange the words we have each considered.

“Here, in the presence of God’s holy name, it is proclaimed by the witness, Pope Ormacherius IV, that a marriage has been established, and a couple has come into being.” (Priest)

Once again, the church bells ring. This time, a distinctive chime can be heard, signaling the establishment of our marriage.

As the attendees rise and applaud, a jubilant cheer can be heard. It was so jubilant that it causes the stained glass to tremble from outside the church. It must be the celebratory voices of the people, having learned of our marriage through the sound of the bells.

With this, Ana and I are now married.

In my past life, I never encountered a woman whom I could call my wife.

By the time I reached the end of my adolescence, I had given up on the idea of marriage.

In this current life, I am able to have such an incredible woman as my wife.

In my past life, I lived for 82 years, and in this life, I have lived for 21 years.

After living for over a century, I finally had the opportunity to meet a woman whom I can truly call my wife.

And not only that, but Ana is the most amazing woman in the world.

My heart was filled with overwhelming emotion and moved deeply.


After the wedding ceremony, Ana and I parade through the main street of the royal capital.

When members of the royal family get married, such parades are held.

Events like these loosen the purse strings of many citizens, so to speak, acting as a form of economic stimulus.4

Ana is also the granddaughter of the Queen Dowager and the niece of the King.

Although her position is relatively low, she still holds the right of succession to the throne, which is why the parade is being held.

“She is an impressive person. There are more people compared to our own weddings.” (Mother-in-law)

Before boarding the carriage prepared inside the gates of the cathedral, mother-in-law looks at the crowd and exclaims in surprise.

“Hmm, indeed. There are far more people than during my own wedding. There are even more people than during my wedding when I was the Crown Prince. Hmm…” (King)

Beside mother-in-law, His Majesty the King wears a slightly dissatisfied expression upon realizing that there is a larger crowd gathered compared to his own wedding.

“It’s because of the popularity of ‘The Goblin Lady.’ Not only the nearby towns but also tourists from neighboring countries have come in great numbers just to catch a glimpse.” (Royal Guard)

The royal guard accompanying His Majesty makes that statement.

It seems like they are trying to reassure the somewhat discontented King.

With the exception of places like government offices and academies, it is customary for commoners not to gaze directly at nobility when they encounter them.

It is customary to only direct one’s gaze towards the feet when in the presence of nobility.

The privilege of looking intently at a noble’s face is granted only when permission is given by the noble themselves.

When nobles go down to the streets, they usually dress as commoners, primarily to avoid the hassle and inconvenience associated with their noble status.

However, during parades, it is possible to see the faces of the nobility even without explicit permission.

As it is an event designed for show, they are exempted from such obligations.

For the fans of the play “The Goblin Lady”, this parade provides one of the rare opportunities to see the real Ana.

In the first place, a duke’s daughter does not typically walk around the city, so this parade is essentially the only chance for ordinary people to catch a glimpse of her.

The large crowd gathering is precisely due to such reasons.

As the parade begins, Ana and I ride in an open carriage, waving our hands to the crowds that fill the streets of the royal capital.

Truly an astounding number of people!

The buildings along the main avenue are packed with people, reaching up to the rooftops.

The windows of buildings taller than two stories are filled with faces of onlookers.

There are even many people hanging from ropes attached to rooftops and clinging to the walls.

“Wowww! The princess from ‘The Goblin Lady’ is beautiful!” (Young girl)

A young girl, being carried on her father’s shoulders, shouts with great excitement.

“They’re here! They’re here! That’s the person from ‘The Goblin Lady’! It’s amazing! Such a stunning beauty!” (Onlooker)

“Wow! The real Zhinovu is amazing! Such a gorgeous person!” (Onlooker)

“Wishing you happiness! We’re cheering for your love!” (Onlooker)

The citizens cheer us on enthusiastically, their voices filling the air.

Normally, commoners are not allowed to address nobility directly, but on this occasion, as part of the public event, they are free to express themselves.

We wave our hands in response to the cheers and greetings from the crowd.

As I gaze at Ana standing beside me, the countless diamonds embedded in her dress sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight.

Her lustrous silver hair gleams under the rays of the sun.

Ana’s smile, illuminated by the sunlight, is radiant as if she is truly shining.

What a beautiful woman.

“Ana, you look incredibly beautiful.” (Zhino)

I say this and impulsively plant a kiss on her cheek.

“““KYAAAAAAA””” (Onlookers)

Screams of joy erupt from the women. The sheer number of people makes it feel like an earth-shattering noise.

Being kissed in front of such a large crowd, Ana lowers her waving hand and blushes deeply, bowing her head in embarrassment.

Witnessing the adorable sight of Ana, the crowd erupts in another wave of thunderous applause and cheers that seem to shake the very air.

Upon hearing the applause and cheers, Ana’s embarrassment seems to overwhelm her, causing her to sway unsteadily.

I quickly wrap my arms around her shoulders, providing support. Seeing this, the crowd becomes even more thrilled, generating another thunderous roar of joy.

While holding Ana’s shoulders, I couldn’t help but think.

Ana is indeed beautiful.

Today, I truly felt that.

But, more than that,




Ana is adorable!

I want to continue protecting this lovely person for the rest of my life.

That’s what I thought.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I might have butchered the marriage ceremony as I don’t really know much about them. 

Next chapter will be the last for the main story. It will be up in like an hour or two.


  1. Coronation = the ceremony of crowning a sovereign or a sovereign’s consort.
  2. Baby’s breath = Most commonly, this flower is a symbol of everlasting love—which is one reason why it’s a popular wedding flower. It has many tiny, fragrant white flowers.
  3. Peony = Flower which generally symbolises love, honor, happiness wealth, romance, and beauty. 
  4. Absolutely no idea what this means, but both ChatGPT and DeepL gave the same translation so itts probably correct.
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An economic stimulus is when a big festival or a national event encourages people to spend the money they had spared. This money that wasn’t in the economy (money that is not spent does not count in GDP) is now circulating and it generates a growth in the country’s economy so that’s why this festival is called an economic stimulus.