YLG – Epilogue – A Premature Proposal

“You’re awake, aren’t you?” (?)

Seated on a chair placed by the bedside, an elderly woman smiled warmly as she spoke to the elderly man lying in bed.

The woman appeared about fifteen years younger than the man, and despite her age, she exuded elegance and beauty.

“How long have I been sleeping?” (Elderly man)

The elderly man asked the elderly woman with a hoarse voice.

“It has been about two days. I’m so glad you’re awake… Now, have some water.” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman was mustering a smile as if holding back tears, tending to the elderly man’s needs.

“…I was having a dream.” (Elderly man)

The old man muttered after finishing the drink.

“Well, what kind of dream was it?” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman asked the old man with a gentle gaze.

“It was a dream from the time we met, breaking off our engagement, and then getting engaged again and getting married.” (Elderly man)

“Well, that’s quite a long dream, isn’t it?” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman says that while wearing a warm smile.

“…Ana, thanks to you, I have had a happy life. Surrounded by our children and grandchildren, the Lantern Festival was fun. Even until this moment, as I approach the end of my life, I never felt lonely because you were always there by my side. Just seeing your smile was enough to make me happy. Thanks to you, I truly found happiness.” (Zhino)

“…I am also truly, truly happy to have shared my life with you.” (Ana)

“Ana… kiss me…” (Zhino)

“Ah, but I’m already an old lady.” (Ana)

“…It doesn’t matter what appearance you have… Ana, you’re cute.” (Zhino)

Gently, the elderly woman pressed her lips against the elderly man lying on his back in the bed.

“Ana… Let’s meet again in the next life… I am the ‘Grand Duke of Miracles’… I will surely make miracles happen… and find you once more… And then… once again… I want you to marry me.” (Zhino)

“Fufufu, such a premature proposal you have there. But I gladly accept that proposal.” (Ana)

The elderly woman holds the hand of the elderly man with moistening eyes.

The elderly man also held her hand firmly, directing a tender gaze towards the elderly woman.

Without exchanging words, the two of them continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

Having spent a long time together, words were unnecessary for the two of them.

“…It’s about time for me to go to the other side…” (Zhino)

“Please wait for me there, just a little while longer. I will come to you soon.” (Ana)

“…Please stay here for a little while longer… Even to make miracles happen… there are various preparations to be made.” (Zhino)

“You know, I promise that even in the next life, I will find you without fail. The guiding principle of my heart is ‘never giving up on my own happiness.’ In the next life as well, I have no intention of giving up on my happiness.” (Ana)

“…Is that so? …If you also search for me, without a doubt, we will meet again…” (Zhino)

“Yes. If, by any chance, you don’t recognize me when we meet again, I will propose to you once more. So please, rest assured.” (Ana)

“…It’s alright… There’s no way I wouldn’t notice you…” (Zhino)

“Oh my.” (Ana)

The elderly woman laughs gently.

“…Ana… I love you…” (Zhino)

“I love you too… Truly, from the bottom of my heart… from the bottom of my heart, I love you…” (Ana)

“…………Goodnight… Zhino-sama.” (Ana) 

The elderly woman still holding the hand of the old man, let out a few tears.

Thus, the man known as the “Grand Duke of Miracles” passed away, having greatly developed the Duke of Sevenworth’s family and established the Grand Duchy of Sevensworth. 

His life, marked by the achievement of nation-building, was filled with tumultuous events.

Many loyal subjects admired him for his “miraculous” reforms in various fields such as domestic affairs, diplomacy, and the military. When he had his teeth extracted for treatment, the nobles were so devoted that they volunteered to have their healthy teeth extracted as well.

He had wielded tremendous influence domestically and internationally, but once he handed over the position of Grand Duke to his son, he secluded himself in a villa, completely cutting off all involvement with politics.

It is said that his life in the villa was remarkably peaceful as if his dramatic past had been nothing more than an illusion.

During his retirement years, he was said to have dedicated all of his remaining time to his wife, constantly by her side, as if cherishing every last moment together.

Postscript from Author:

I am pleased to announce that this story will be published as a book by Kadokawa BOOKS. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has supported me. Thank you very much.

The release date is scheduled for December 10th.

Here is the official website.

Here are the differences between the web version and the book version:

**Web Version:**

The story is condensed to a length that can be read quickly, comparable to the book. More than half of the episodes from the original story have been omitted.

**Book Version:**

The book version stays true to the original story. It provides a deeper immersion in the world and allows for better emotional connection with the characters. Compared to the web version, there are more than double the number of episodes.

In the first volume, additional episodes focus on the development of Ana and Zhino’s growing attraction. Zhino goes beyond sweet words; he uses his wisdom, strength, and even puts his life on the line to do everything for Ana’s sake. Through Zhino’s deep love, Ana, who once lacked confidence and shut herself in her own shell, blossoms into an adorable and positive woman.

I aim to write a book version that fully explores the story of a protagonist who builds a nation for the sake of a single woman.

To achieve that, it is necessary for the book to sell well and have subsequent volumes. I kindly request your support by purchasing the book.

**Thank you.**

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

So yeh, that is the end of the main story. I don’t think I will do the extra chapters since I don’t really have the time. Well… If I do have the time I will maybe work on them. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the story.

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Piere Tamaka

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