CBCF – Chapter 62 – Pajamas

“I hereby announce the holding of the second pajama fashion show!!” (Asuka)

“Yay…*clap clap*…but I thought we were supposed to be lazing around?” (Ouka)

“What are you talking about? Pajamas are essential for lazing around. So Ouka should join in too!! Come on, let’s do it right now!!” (Asuka)

“That’s kind of an old-fashioned thought, ain’t it?” (Ouka)

“Ah right, Ouka doesn’t have any spare pajamas left.” (Asuka)

“Eh? Is that so? Well, I was sweating quite a bit and changed clothes…” (Ouka)

“Yeah… which is why I brought some from my home. Here you go, Ouka’s pajamas.” (Asuka)

“Why are my pajamas at Asuka’s house… did I ask you to keep them before…? Were they for staying over?” (Ouka)

“Anyways, I’ll start changing too.” (Asuka)

“Don’t take them off right in front of me!!” (Ouka)

“It’s okay~ I’m wearing cute underwear. Look, they’re modest and cute, right?” (Asuka)

“Yeah, it’s cute… But seriously, aren’t you worried about catching a cold again?” (Ouka)

“Yup, which is why I’ve made the room warm.” (Asuka)

“You’re overly prepared. Do you really want to have a fashion show that badly?” (Ouka)

“First off, how about this one? What do you think?” (Asuka)

“Quite a simple pink one. I’ve seen it before and I think it’s very cute. It suits you.” (Ouka)

“Then, next is… this one.” (Asuka)

“A green tank top with shorts… Aren’t you showing a bit too much skin? You might catch a cold.” (Ouka)

“In that case, how about this one?” (Asuka)

“This one’s see-through… Why is the exposure gradually increasing? Your underwear is completely visible, you know…? Or is it meant to show off your underwear?” (Ouka)

“Yeah. Look, isn’t it cute?” (Asuka)

“Weren’t you embarrassed about this before…?” (Ouka)

“Yeah… that’s because before, my underwear wasn’t really that cute… so, it was quite embarrassing…” (Asuka)

“Think before you put it on…” (Ouka)

“So, I wanted to ask Ouka about something…” (Asuka)

“Hmm? What is it?” (Ouka)

“Would you wear this together with me?” (Asuka)

“As a guy, please spare me from that…” (Ouka)

“Ah, sorry, sorry. Not the see-through one. This one.” (Asuka)

“…A mascot pajama?” (Ouka)

“I’ll be a rabbit, and Ouka will be a wolf!” (Asuka)

“Well… it looks warm, and it seems better than the current cold ones, so I guess it’s fine.” (Ouka)

Un Un. It’s warm. …Alright, as planned.” (Asuka)

“Did you say something, Asuka?” (Ouka)

“I didn’t say anything~” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The childhood friend power is strong with this one. Apparently, she did all of that just so that she could get him to become a wolf.

I’m gonna rant a bit here because my lecturer just told me I was supposed to do a presentation… in 2 days. He had 6 months since the start of the project and he only decided to tell everyone 2 days before the actual presentation… It was stated in the rubrics, but what wasn’t stated was when the presentation was, or what we’re supposed to present. And yeh, I still wasn’t told what I was supposed to present. Why are my lecturers like this…


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Haven’t had a lecturer that bad. Yikes.