CBCF – Side Story 19 – Shopping

“How did I end up going to the supermarket together with Dateyama…?” (Hishiki)

“Well, it just happened that we were heading back together.” (Dateyama)

“I was only out because my mom asked me to pick up a few things…” (Hishiki)

“But when I offered to carry the bag you accepted it…?” (Dateyama)

“Why did I accept it…” (Hishiki)

“What’s up with you, Hishiki? Do you not want to be with me?” (Dateyama)

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but…” (Hishiki)

“…Are you getting embarrassed, Hishiki? Even though we’re already dating?” (Dateyama)

“I’m not embarrassed. And we’re not dating. I’m just… uh… the type who manipulates men.” (Hishiki)

“Impossible. I can’t imagine Hishiki as a loli villain.” (Dateyama)

“Don’t call me loli.” (Hishiki)

“Anyways, what are you buying today?” (Dateyama)

“Mom asked me to get some chicken and eggs.” (Hishiki)

“Having oyakodon (rice bowl with chicken & egg) today?” (Dateyama)

“Yeah. She’s working today, so she asked me to get them in her stead.” (Hishiki)

“I see. An errand from your mother-in-law, huh…” (Dateyama)

“Did I just say something weird now?” (Hishiki)

“It’s nothing, it’s just your imagination.” (Dateyama)

“Um… for the chicken…” (Hishiki)

“Hishiki, the eggs are one pack per person, but since I’m here, you can get two packs. What do you want?” (Dateyama)

“Oh, then please get two packs.” (Hishiki)

“Don’t you think we sound like a married couple just now? It’s kind of embarrassing but feels great.” (Dateyama)

“We’re not married! We’re not even dating yet!!” (Hishiki)

“Tch. Oh, look, Toriyabe-senpai and Hananoki-senpai are shopping together.” (Dateyama)

“Oh, you’re right. They seem close… I’m jealous. Wait, are they coming this way…?” (Hishiki)

“Maybe they’re also after the chicken? Oh, Toriyabe-senpai noticed us. Hey!! Long time no see!!” (Dateyama)

“Wait!! Dateyama, wait!! I’m not mentally prepared for this yet… don’t progress the conversation!! Uh… let me hide behind you!!” (Hishiki)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

They’re not dating yet she says. All the side couples are gonna get together before our main couple even makes any progress.


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