CBCF – Chapter 64 – Resurrection

“The cold is gone!” (Ouka)

“Yay~!!” (Asuka)

“So, here are some sweets as a thank you for taking care of me.” (Ouka)

“Ehh~ You don’t have to do that. Ouka and I are friends.” (Asuka)

“Yet you’re happily accepting them with a smile. Well, they’re just from the convenience store though.” (Ouka)

“Convenience stores these days have a lot of delicious stuff, so I’m happy. Isn’t this one pretty good?” (Asuka)

“I think this was made in collaboration with another company or something.” (Ouka)

“Is that so? Anyways, let’s split it in half. Take it as a thank you for taking care of me, cause I haven’t bought you anything.” (Asuka)

“No, I only took care of you for one day. Asuka had a tougher time compared to me, right?” (Ouka)

“You got the cold because of me, so it’s fair, isn’t it?” (Asuka)

“Is that so…? It feels like you’ve done more for me, though.” (Ouka)

“It’s fine, it’s fine, just take half of it.” (Asuka)

“Alright, if you insist…” (Ouka)

Un Un. Oh, I’ll go make some tea. How about warm green tea?” (Asuka)

“Ah… then maybe I’ll go get some rice crackers or something. This is a good time for a snack.” (Ouka)

“No. I can’t keep eating sweets and salty snacks…” (Asuka)

“If you’re going to complain about that, how about not overeating and start exercising…” (Ouka)

“Yeah… you’re right… I’ll do my best.” (Asuka)

“Well, at least we can go out now. It was fun lazing around at home with Asuka, though.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, it was. But since you just recovered, don’t push yourself too much, okay?” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m finally done with all my project stuff! I’m finally free!

You know, ever since I translated this, I finally remembered how blissful it is to not need to translate long chapters. I’m definitely not gonna pick up another LN after I’m done with them.


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