CBCF – Chapter 65 – Pool

“Asuka, let’s go to the pool.” (Ouka)

“Eh? Night pool again? Did you like it that much, Ouka? There were certainly a lot of ladies in swimsuits…” (Asuka)

“No, it’s not that because of that.” (Ouka)

“The charm of adults was amazing, wasn’t it? Well then, I won’t lose either, I’ll bring out my treasured swimsuit…!!” (Asuka)

“It’s not that, listen to what I have to say.” (Ouka)

“It’s not?” (Asuka)

“It’s not.” (Ouka)

“So, why the pool? Did you suddenly want to see my swimsuit?” (Asuka)

“My fault for phrasing it poorly. To be exact, we’re going to the gym’s pool!” (Ouka)

“The gym’s pool?” (Asuka)

“My old man’s company has a corporate membership there. Minors are not allowed in the gym area, but we can use the pool.” (Ouka)

“But isn’t it expensive?” (Asuka)

“Don’t worry! I have a ticket, so it’s free!” (Ouka)

“Well, isn’t that a steal! Is it okay if I use it?” (Asuka)

“Of course! My dad got it for a date with my mom, but since it’s expiring soon, he gave it to me.” (Ouka)

“Uncle and Auntie are still lovey-dovey as ever, huh?” (Asuka)

“As his son, Dad’s displays of affection are hard to watch… I feel like I’m about to spew sugar.” (Ouka)

“It’s good that they get along… unlike my family…” (Asuka)

“No, what are you talking about? Asuka’s parents are lovey-dovey too, right? Why are you creating such a gloomy atmosphere?” (Ouka)

“…Yesterday, Mom and Dad were arguing about whose love is stronger…” (Asuka)

“They’re lovey-dovey after all.” (Ouka)

“Well… it was a really syrupy atmosphere…” (Asuka)

“They should consider the people around them a bit more.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, seriously. It’s great they get along, but they should be more considerate.” (Asuka)

“Yeah. So, what about the gym’s pool? Want to go?” (Ouka)

“Let’s go~! If it’s the gym, I should go for a more modest one-piece, right? Or maybe a competitive swimsuit? Which one does Ouka want?” (Asuka)

“…Competitive swimsuit.” (Ouka)

“Got it!” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!
I guess we found out where these 2 inherited their traits.

Also, I’m not really sure what a corporate membership is, but that’s what was given in the translation so yeh.


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