CBCF – Chapter 69 – Fatigue

“Hahh… I’m so tired~ I don’t think I can move anymore today~” (Asuka)

“Are you really that tired?” (Ouka)

“Mhmm… aren’t you tired too, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“Well, it was easier than my usual jogging. Plus, it’s been a while since I touched a pool, so it was fun.” (Ouka)

“Next time let’s go play at a regular pool. I want to go on a waterslide.” (Asuka)

“Ahh, a waterslide does sound nice.” (Ouka)

“Should I be in front with Ouka behind, or should Ouka be in front with me behind?” (Asuka)

“Does it make a difference?” (Ouka)

“It does~ Either Ouka hugs me and gropes my breasts from behind, or I hug Ouka and grope Ouka’s breasts instead.” (Asuka)

“You would fondle me?!” (Ouka)

“Well, Ouka has a nice body, so guhehehe.” (Asuka)

“That’s quite a lame reason. Also, stop laughing like that.” (Ouka)

“Your reaction is dull. Aren’t you happy?” (Asuka)

“What do you plan to do by getting me excited outside? That’s torture, seriously.” (Ouka)

“Oh… That’s a serious response…” (Asuka)

“I mean, if you try to touch someone’s breasts outside, you might end up reported for sexual harassment… It’s scary…” (Ouka)

“Nonono, we can just say that it was consensual!” (Asuka)

“…Still, you might be labeled as a pervert, Asuka.” (Ouka)

“Pervert?! Me, a pervert?!” (Asuka)

“I know. That’s why, during the water slide, no mischief is allowed. It’s dangerous.” (Ouka)

“Okay. Oh, but…” (Asuka)

“Hm?” (Ouka)

“If my bikini top comes off when we hit the water on the water slide, could you quickly cover up for me, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“Does that kind of stuff really happen?” (Ouka)

“It’s common in manga, so please.” (Asuka)

“Alright, alright…” (Ouka)

“Please cover it with both of your hands.” (Asuka)

“That’s the kind of thing that gets you labeled as a pervert!” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Of course you need to make an ecchi joke at ch 69. Nice.


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