CBCF – Side Story 20 – A Man Taking Supplementary Lessons

“Ah… I see… so this is how it should have been solved. Hishiki, you’re good at teaching.” (Dateyama)

“No, why am I even teaching Dateyama? I mean, I’ll teach you, but…” (Hishiki)

“Because the teacher said so. Although, I told him I feel like I would understand if Hishiki taught me.” (Dateyama)

“You’re just complicating things…” (Hishiki)

“Well, you could have refused from the start. You came to school today for your activities as a library committee member, right? You must be busy.” (Dateyama)

“How did you even know I’m on the library committee?” (Hishiki)

“I know everything about the person I like.” (Dateyama)

“Isn’t Dateyama way more stalker-ish than me?” (Hishiki)

“No, you see, I heard it from my friends in the library committee.” (Dateyama)

“Well, whatever. I like books, so it’s not like it’s a bother.” (Hishiki)

“By the way, I wanted to ask you something…” (Dateyama)

“What? You should at least think about the question for a bit before asking me…” (Hishiki)

“Why would you specifically assign your library committee duties during my supplementary classes?” (Dateyama)

“Huh?” (Hishiki)

“The library committee duties operate like shifts for part-time jobs, right? And, Hishiki’s preferred days just happen to coincide with my supplementary days.” (Dateyama)

“…It’s just a coincidence.” (Hishiki)

“Is it really just a coincidence that they keep overlapping?” (Dateyama)

“It’s purely coincidental. In this world, there are stories of chance encounters at every turn.” (Hishiki)

“Really? So you’re saying that you were hoping to see me?” (Dateyama)

“Don’t get so complacent!! There’s no way that’s true!!” (Hishiki)

“I see…” (Dateyama)

“… … …” (Hishiki)

“… … …” (Dateyama)

“Why are you looking so down… I mean… I guess there might have been a chance we’d run into each other.” (Hishiki)

“!! I see!!” (Dateyama)

“It’s just chance, purely by chance! Don’t be so happy about it!” (Hishiki)

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