CBCF – Side Story 21 – Day Off Together

“Hey, boss, our next day off is on the usual date, isn’t it?” (Kamizuru)

“Yes, that’s right. What do you usually do on your days off, Kamizuru-san?” (Boss)

“Ah… Basically, I just laze around at home.” (Kamizuru)

“Don’t you want to go out and have fun?” (Boss)

“It’s just that my days off usually don’t match up with my friends. Some of them are freelancers like me, but they usually have part-time jobs.” (Kamizuru)

“I see. Do you ever go out alone?” (Boss)

“It’s too bothersome to go out alone. If someone is with me, then I’ll feel like going out…” (Kamizuru)

“I see, I understand.” (Boss)

“What do you do on your days off boss?” (Kamizuru)

“Me? Well… I usually read some books or think about what to do for future work.” (Boss)

“You’re still working even on your days off. That sounds tough.” (Kamizuru)

“I do take breaks occasionally. Basically, rest is rest, and work is work.” (Boss)

“Don’t you ever go out for fun?” (Kamizuru)

“As you get older, going out significantly decreases.” (Boss)

“Is that so? Do you go out if there’s a special occasion or opportunity?” (Kamizuru)

“Yeah, when I get invited by friends, I do go out. There are many places like hot springs where I can relax.” (Boss)

“Relaxing, huh? What about exercise…?” (Kamizuru)

“Since work tires me out, I don’t really go exercise. My friends are also in a similar position.” (Boss)

“…I see.” (Kamizuru)

“What’s wrong? You seem down… Did I say something strange?” (Boss)

“No… it’s just… since our next day off is together… I… I was thinking, maybe we could go to the pool together.” (Kamizuru)

“The pool?” (Boss)

“Um… I got a pair ticket from a friend… so I was wondering if… maybe we could go together…? I’ve been wanting to go to the pool for a while…” (Kamizuru)

“With me…?” (Boss)

“Um, if you’re busy or if you don’t want to, it’s okay. Just forget I mentioned it.” (Kamizuru)

“No… Well, yeah, it sounds nice to relax at the pool.” (Boss)

“!! Are you sure?!” (Kamizuru)

“If you’re okay with someone like me, I’d be happy to join you.” (Boss)

“I’m glad…!!” (Kamizuru)

“But, are you sure it’s okay with me? Kamizuru-san might have other plans…” (Boss)

“I don’t!! I want to go with you boss!!” (Kamizuru)

“I see…” (Boss)

“No backing out now that you’ve agreed. I’m looking forward to it!!” (Kamizuru)

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it too.” (Boss)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Been sitting on this for a while cause I wasn’t feeling it. But now that one of my LN series is done, I’ll try to drop a chapter every other day.


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