CBCF – Chapter 70 – Hairstyle

“Huh? Asuka, did you change your hairstyle?” (Ouka)

“Hehehe, today I decided to go with a ponytail!! Today, I’m the strongest!! I’m invincible!!” (Asuka)

“It’s cute but quite unusual. You haven’t done it since the incident where you twisted your neck with a ponytail back then.” (Ouka)

“Oh… that thing…” (Asuka)

“Back in those days, Asuka was…” (Ouka)

“Was I cute? Was I a beauty even back then?” (Asuka)

“You were a total tomboy… more like a leader of the pack…” (Ouka)

“What?! How dare you?! I’m a girl, you know?!” (Asuka)

“I mean, you did beat up all the guys who made fun of ponytails, both mentally and physically.” (Ouka)

“Well, you know, it’s annoying when they pull on your ponytail while saying it’s not cute. I still remember how much my neck hurts from that.” (Asuka)

“Yeah, that’s not how you treat girls. I thought that was uncalled for.” (Ouka)

“Right, but back then, Ouka always stood up for me.” (Asuka)

“I remember I got punched trying to protect you. Honestly, it was quite scary when you went and beat the crap out of the other guys afterwards.” (Ouka)

“It’s one thing to make fun of me, but why did they hit Ouka?! There’s no way I can forgive them!” (Asuka)

“I don’t know, but seeing Asuka going crazy and taking down five guys was… a bit traumatizing.” (Ouka)

“Well, nowadays, it’s impossible, right? There’s just too much of a difference in physique between girls and boys.” (Asuka)

“And remember how the parents of the guy I beat up came and apologized profusely after hearing what happened…? It was pathetic, getting beaten up and then getting scolded by their parents on top of that.” (Ouka)

“Even back then, Ouka, you stood up for me. I really rely on Ouka too much.” (Asuka)

“Even though I was the one saved back then?” (Ouka)

“Speaking of which, Ouka, do you like my ponytail? You always say it’s cute, but you never say if you actually like it or not.” (Asuka)

“…Do I have to say it?” (Ouka)

“Girls want to be complimented, you know?” (Asuka)

“…I like it. I like Asuka’s ponytail too.” (Ouka)

“Yay!” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

It’s kinda amazing that she managed to 5v1. This girl definitely has so innate talent.


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