CBCF – Chapter 72 – Maid Uniforms

“Ouka, do you like maid uniforms?” (Asuka)

“That’s kind of random, Asuka.” (Ouka)

“Well, Mom was saying that if I’m going to do housework at Ouka’s house, it would be nice if I were to wear a maid uniform.” (Asuka)

“…I wonder what’s she thinking.” (Ouka)

“She gave me this maid uniform earlier.” (Asuka)

“…Oh, I thought it would be some kind of extremely short mini-skirt maid uniform, but it’s rather ordinary. It’s dark navy, with few frills on the white apron.” (Ouka)

“Would you have preferred a mini-skirt, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“No, I actually prefer this kind of maid uniform. It’s dangerous to wear a mini-skirt when cooking.” (Ouka)

“Then how about switching to a mini-skirt after cooking? Actually, I’ve received a few other outfits.” (Asuka)

“Why would it come to that? It’s fine to just keep wearing it as it is.” (Ouka)

“Aw, to think you’d prefer staying in this… Ouka, you have quite the quirky taste.” (Asuka)

“Isn’t your intention changing?” (Ouka)

“Anyway, I’ll try wearing the maid uniform now. Here, this one’s for you, Ouka.” (Asuka)

“…Huh? Am I supposed to wear the maid uniform? No way!” (Ouka)

“No, no, it’s not a maid uniform, it’s a butler uniform… a tailcoat? Anyway, it’s the kind of outfit butlers wear.” (Asuka)

“Why?” (Ouka)

“Because it’s for you.” (Asuka)

“You know that’s not what I mean!” (Ouka)

“Well, Mom said you should wear it too. She said maids and butlers make a good pair.” (Asuka)

“What do you mean ‘pair’… Huh? There’s some paper stuck in the clothes…” (Ouka)

“Mom said that it’s for you.” (Asuka)

“Um… let’s see… ‘I request a sadistic butler scenario.’ What is she saying?!” (Ouka)

“Then that means I’m the one on top right?! Come on, Ouka!! Hurry up and put on the butler uniform!” (Asuka)

“There’s no way I’m wearing that after being told something like that!! Wait, are you already wearing it?!” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!
I’m not really sure about the second last line. She’s either really happy about being the sadistic one or really happy about being the victim.


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