CBCF – Side Story 22 – The Hananoki Couple

“Hey, honey? How do you think we can get Asuka and Ouka-kun together?” (Asuka’s mom)

“Huh? Those two still aren’t dating yet? I was sure they were already dating.” (Asuka’s dad)

“They’re not dating.” (Asuka’s mom)

“But Asuka is always hanging out at Ouka-kun’s house, even today?” (Asuka’s dad)

“I think she’s probably going to stay overnight again. She even brought her pajamas with her.” (Asuka’s mom)

“…Why aren’t they dating? There haven’t been any misunderstandings or anything, right?” (Asuka’s dad)

“No misunderstandings. But maybe it’ll be better if there is one…” (Asuka’s mom)

“Don’t force it!! I won’t oppose them dating, but a mom shouldn’t meddle so much!!” (Asuka’s dad)

“I want to at least set them up. Do you have any good ideas?” (Asuka’s mom)

“Hmm… If it’s not working out now, maybe we can try to create a different atmosphere than usual?” (Asuka’s dad)

“A different atmosphere?” (Asuka’s mom)

“Yeah, they are childhood friends, right? If that dynamic is what’s keeping them from getting together… we need to change that atmosphere first.” (Asuka’s dad)

“I see, the atmosphere… changing the atmosphere…” (Asuka’s mom)

“Well, I’m not worried. Knowing those two, they’ll naturally come together eventually. So us adults shouldn’t meddle unnecessarily…” (Asuka’s dad)

“If we’re changing the atmosphere, maybe a maid outfit would do the trick?” (Asuka’s mom)

“Mitori?” (Asuka’s dad)

“Dress Asuka in a maid outfit, and Ouka-kun in a butler outfit… That’s a good idea, a love story between a maid and a butler…” (Asuka’s mom)

“Hey, Mitori-san?” (Asuka’s dad)

“But you know, since I can’t imagine Ouka-kun making aggressive moves, I’ll slip a letter to him, telling him that Asuka’s maid outfit is super sexy, so…” (Asuka’s mom)

“Stop it.” (Asuka’s dad)

“Ow!! What are you doing?” (Asuka’s mom)

“Because you’re about to go out of control and do something ridiculous…” (Asuka’s dad)

“Hmm…” (Asuka’s mom)

“Considering Ouka-kun’s personality, the maid outfit should be more elegant than flashy. A long skirt is probably the best.” (Asuka’s dad)

“Honey!! I’m glad you understand!! Then I’ll go prepare the costumes!!” (Asuka’s mom)

“But Mitori… she’s fast… She’s already gone… Ahh… It’s probably going to fail again…” (Asuka’s dad)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So I thought that Asuka’s mom was talking to Ouka’s mom, but part of the conversation didn’t make sense… until I read the title of the chapter again. Hananoki is Asuka’s family name.

Also, I somehow failed to notice the ‘Anata’ that was being used referred to ‘honey’ instead of ‘you’. If you’re familiar with Japanese terms, you probably understand what I’m talking about.


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