CBCF – Chapter 73 – Forehead

“What hairstyle do you think suits a maid outfit? Twin tails, perhaps?” (Asuka)

“Twin tails… wouldn’t it be better for maids to tie it up?” (Ouka)

“You mean like bundling it up at the back to show the nape?” (Asuka)

“Forget about the nape. For maids, a hairstyle that doesn’t get in the way of work is more important than cuteness.” (Ouka)

“I see. So Ouka prefers the nape, huh…” (Asuka)

“No, in that case, I prefer the forehead.” (Ouka)

“Eh? But showing the forehead isn’t that cute, though…” (Asuka)

“It’s fine, isn’t it? A maid with her forehead exposed. It’s even better if she wears glasses.” (Ouka)

“Well, I do have fake glasses, so I could do that…” (Asuka)

“Just curious, but why do you have them?” (Ouka)

“Probably because Mom thought that Ouka would like them. Or was it Dad?” (Asuka)

“Why do your parents know my preferences? That’s kinda scary, you know?” (Ouka)

“It’s probably because of the connection between our families? Plus, the information could come from me.” (Asuka)

“Don’t just casually say things like that… it’s creepy…” (Ouka)

“Oh, speaking of forehead, since Ouka’s also wearing a butler outfit, why not go try to slick it back?” (Asuka)

“Slick it all back? Sure, but you got hair wax or something?” (Ouka)

“Don’t worry, I brought some.” (Asuka)

“Isn’t your preparation a bit too thorough?” (Ouka)

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Just try it.” (Asuka)

“Alright.” (Ouka)

“Exciting! Ouka’s slicked-back hair!” (Asuka)

“How does it look? Does it suit me?” (Ouka)

“It suits you! But Ouka… hasn’t your forehead gotten wider compared to before?” (Asuka)

“Wait, I’m still in high school, you know. I really didn’t want to hear those words.” (Ouka)

“Come on, just let me see. Your forehead. It’s, like, a bit wider…” (Asuka)

“It’s not wider, right? It’s not wider, right, Asuka?” (Ouka)

*Chuu*” (Asuka)

“Huh?” (Ouka)

“It’s not wider, but for some reason, when I saw it, I felt like giving your forehead a kiss. No regrets.” (Asuka)

“Asuka… You tricked meee!!” (Ouka)

“Haha, your face is all red! It’s fine, it’s just a kiss between childhood friends!” (Asuka)

“Wait, don’t run away! Sneak attacks are unfair! I’ll get you back!” (Ouka)

“Kyaa~! I’m being attacked☆” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Progress… what’s that? It’s just a kiss behind childhood friends. Nothing wrong here.


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