CBCF – Chapter 74 – Butler

“Miss (Ojou-sama), your tea is ready. Please enjoy.” (Ouka)

“Thank you, Ouka. Which tea leaves did you use today?” (Asuka)

“It’s a domestically produced tea bag, ojou-sama.” (Ouka)

“The taste is consistent and comforting. I think some rice crackers would be nice with this tea.” (Asuka)

“Ojou-sama, I dare say rice crackers with black tea might be a mismatch.” (Ouka)

“Oh, don’t you know, Ouka? Black tea goes well with anything.” (Asuka)

“As expected of you, ojou-sama.” (Ouka)

“Hehe, should I laugh out loud like a young lady?” (Asuka)

“Perhaps it’s better to refrain, as it might cause choking.” (Ouka)

“I see. When I tried earlier, I ended up coughing quite a bit.” (Asuka)

“Asuka, how long do I have to keep talking like this?” (Ouka)

“You lost at rock-paper-scissors, didn’t you, Ouka? Right now, I’m ojou-sama Asuka-chan!” (Asuka)

“Even though you’re still wearing the maid outfit?” (Ouka)

“It’s part of the setting for an ojou-sama who likes maid outfits!” (Asuka)

“But, I don’t really get this whole butler-like way of speaking…” (Ouka)

“For now, just try speaking politely and complimenting me, isn’t that enough?” (Asuka)

“…As long as you don’t make weird comments.” (Ouka)

“Alright, let’s continue.” (Asuka)

“Okay… I mean, understood. Ojou-sama, what would you like me to do next?” (Ouka)

“Well, how about… giving me a shoulder massage?” (Asuka)

“A shoulder… massage?” (Ouka)

“With big breasts, my shoulders tend to get stiff. Ouka, will you massage them for me?” (Asuka)

“Um… well, that’s…” (Ouka)

“Oh, if you don’t like that, you can just directly massage my breasts, you know? Seriously, they get stiff too. It’s really annoying.” (Asuka)

“I’ll massage your shoulders!” (Ouka)

“That’s so lewd (Yarashiku).” (Asuka)

“Ha?” (Ouka)

“Oops, I mean, I look forward to it (Yoroshiku).” (Asuka)

“What kind of slip-up was that?!” (Ouka)

“Alright, come on, hurry up.” (Asuka)

“Yes, yes, I understand… Ojou-sama, it really is stiff.” (Ouka)

“Oh… It feels so good to be rubbed by Ouka…” (Asuka)

“Ojou-sama, please refrain from using phrases that could be misunderstood.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

They actually did end up doing a butler play in the end. Now, I need one with Asuka acting as the maid… although, I can see things going south for Ouka.


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