CBCF – Side Story 23 – The Toriyabe Couple

“(Hey, Kazu-san~ How are you two doing?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“By those two, you mean Ouka and Asuka-chan? They’re still as close as ever. Today, they were playing around dressed up in maid and butler outfits.” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Just playing around? Weren’t they physically affectionate while wearing those costumes?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Physically?” (Ouka’s dad)

“(You know, the deed. Were they all over each other?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“That’s not something a father should ask about. I wouldn’t want to witness such a scene as a father…” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Tsk… Did Mitori-san’s plan fail?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Wait, are you saying Asuka-chan’s mom approves of it?! What have you guys been secretly talking about?!” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Well, you know, we’ve been talking a lot about somehow getting those two together.)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Sakura, I get your concern, but… Aren’t they practically already together?” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Practically isn’t good enough!! We need to actually get them together!!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Where is all this urgency coming from…?” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Because there’s a chance that the childhood friend might lose out to some random heroine that pops in out of nowhere! If a transfer student or something shows up, it’ll be dangerous!!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Have you been playing old galge1 again just because you’re bored? Your hobbies have had a big influence on Asuka-chan, haven’t they…” (Ouka’s dad)

“(It’s not galge, it’s eroge. I’ve only taught Asuka-chan about galge though.)” (Ouka’s mom)

“I don’t play, so the difference isn’t clear to me…” (Ouka’s dad)

“(That’s okay. Anyway, Kazu-san, please cooperate too. I’ll be back for summer vacation!)” (Ouka’s mom)

“You’re coming back? That’s great, I can finally see Sakura again. I’ve missed you.” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Huh?)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Of course, having Ouka around helps, but not having my beloved wife by my side is quite lonely.” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Um, Kazu-san… right now, that’s a bit…)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Since we have the chance, how about the two of us go somewhere together? I gave the gym’s pair ticket to Ouka and Asuka-chan, so maybe we could go out for drinks together at night.” (Ouka’s dad)

“(Seriously, Kazu-san, please stop. It’s embarrassing even over the phone…)” (Ouka’s mom)

“While it’s nice that you think a lot about those two, I want you to pay attention to me too.” (Ouka’s dad)

“(…You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You’re teasing me… Alright, I understand. I’ll make sure to pay attention to you too, Kazu-san, so please cooperate with me.)” (Ouka’s mom)

“Of course, if it’s a request from my beloved wife, I’d be happy to.” (Ouka’s dad)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I mean, she’s not wrong. Nowadays, when readers see a childhood friend, they just pray that she’s the wingwoman instead of a heroine cause nobody believes that a childhood friend can win.

The only time I didn’t see a childhood friend lose is when you’re on the childhood friend route, the childhood friend is the central heroine, or all the heroines are childhood friends.


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