CBCF – Chapter 75 – Going to the Pool

“Pool! Leisure facility! Waterslides…Ah! Let’s go on the slide, Ouka!” (Asuka)

“Calm down, Asuka. The waterslide isn’t going to run away.” (Ouka)

“But it’s a waterslide! You slide down it! Oh, and look, there are ones where two people can ride on a float together.” (Asuka)

“You’re getting too excited. You could get into trouble if you wander off, so let’s stick together.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, you’re right. If I wander off, annoying guys might try to hit on me.” (Asuka)

“Well, this is a family-friendly place… I don’t think we’ll see much of those guys.” (Ouka)

“But still, Ouka… I already knew it, but your abs are really nice. Can I touch them?” (Asuka)

“Not here. Come on, let’s go.” (Ouka)

“Alright. Oh, let’s hold hands. Let’s walk hand in hand. And while we’re walking, I’ll touch Ouka’s abs.” (Asuka)

“Don’t say something like that out loud. Come on, I’ll let you touch them at home.” (Ouka)

“Okay~ I’ll remember that.” (Asuka)

“For now, let’s start with some warm-up exercises and go to a heated pool afterwards. It’s risky to go straight to the waterslide.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, you’re right. Oh, I also want to try the lazy river.” (Asuka)

“The lazy river sounds nice. I just want to drift along leisurely.” (Ouka)

“But Ouka, are you sure? You said you’d cover all the expenses today, but isn’t it okay to split the bill?” (Asuka)

“My dad gave me ten thousand yen when he heard I was going to the pool with Asuka. So, today it’s all on me.” (Ouka)

“For real?! That’s so generous of uncle! I’ll have to thank him properly… What would be a good gift?” (Asuka)

“Dad said he wanted us to play with mom when she gets back.” (Ouka)

“…Is that enough as a thank-you?” (Asuka)

“Who knows? Well, if that’s fine with you, then it’s okay, right?” (Ouka)

“Well, I’m okay with it… but when is Auntie coming back?” (Asuka)

“Probably around the day after tomorrow. She said she’s looking forward to seeing us.” (Ouka)

“Oh, nice! I’m looking forward to seeing Auntie again after so long!” (Asuka)

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

You know, I never rode a waterslide or any kind of water ride before in my life. Actually, maybe I did when I was a toddler but I don’t really remember it. I wonder if this is normal by shut-in standards?


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