CBCF – Chapter 77 – Lazy Pool

“The lazy pool is nice, isn’t it? It’s so… relaxing…” (Asuka)

“I’m just glad we were able to rent a floaty.” (Ouka)

“You didn’t rent one, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“I’m fine without one. I have other things I want to do.” (Ouka)

“Is that so?” (Asuka)

“You’ve always liked those sleeping-type floaties, haven’t you?” (Ouka)

“Well, because it’s more relaxing than the others.” (Asuka)

“Urya!” (Ouka)

“Hiyaaa~!” (Asuka)

“Rotating Asuka. It’s been a while since we’ve done this.” (Ouka)

“Oh right… Ouka, you used to like spinning me around when I slept on the floaties, didn’t you?” (Asuka)

“It’s more fun to spin around than to ride.” (Ouka)

“Come on, Ouka, let’s have fun together. You should try this too.” (Asuka)

“I enjoy spinning Asuka around like this, so I’m good.” (Ouka)

“Is that so… You don’t want to ride on top of me, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“You want me to ride on top of you?!” (Ouka)

“I’m rea~dy♡” (Asuka)

“I feel like sinking. This is way too embarrassing.” (Ouka)

“You coward.” (Asuka)

“Asuka… For saying such a thing, take this!” (Ouka)

“Hiyaaa~! I’m gonna get dizzy!” (Asuka)

“The evil has been purged…” (Ouka)

“Evil? You mean your mischievous, busty, cute childhood friend? Oh wait, that’s me!” (Asuka)

“I never said anything like that.” (Ouka)

“Hmm. What would you do if I dropped off the floatie from that? Well, Asuka-chan does have two sturdy floaties attached to her.” (Asuka)

“I won’t make such a mistake! Do you know how many times I used to do this?” (Ouka)

“That’s true. Even though I’ve told Ouka I didn’t like it, he never stopped, and I ended up feeling it every time…” (Asuka)

“Hey, cut it out, we’re outside.” (Ouka)

“But, now that I think about it, Ouka has never dropped me once.” (Asuka)

“Huh?” (Ouka)

“Sometimes, I kinda feel like I want to drop Ouka though.” (Asuka)

“Uwah, that’s a wicked grin… Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t ride floaties after all.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So as I mentioned, I have never ridden on one of these floaty thingys before, but I hope the two sturdy floaties are not what I think they are.

I know I translated this as Lazy River last time, but only because I couldn’t find any result for Lazy Pool. I think this is just lazy river but in a pool area.


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