CBCF – Side Story 24 – Pool of Kouhais

“I’m at the pool!! With the person I like!!” (Dateyama)

“Dateyama, don’t say it so loudly, it’s embarrassing.” (Hishiki)

“But I’m happy that I could come here with Hishiki.” (Dateyama)

“Coming to the pool with a girl who has a child-like figure like me… I don’t see any reason to be so happy.” (Hishiki)

“No no no, your swimsuit looks really cute with lots of frills! It suits you. Did you choose it for my sake?” (Dateyama)

“…Well, yeah.” (Hishiki)

“Yeah, as I thought. There’s no way you’d actually… wait, huh? What did you say just now?” (Dateyama)

“I chose this swimsuit because I thought Dateyama might like it. Is that bad?” (Hishiki)

“…?” (Dateyama)

“Say something.” (Hishiki)

“Sorry, I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I almost ascended to heaven.” (Dateyama)

“Was the Dateyama with me a ghost until today?” (Hishiki)

“And now, I’ve come back to life.” (Dateyama)

“So you’ve been reincarnated. The new and improved Dateyama?” (Hishiki)

“No, wait, but for real? You chose that swimsuit for my sake? I’m so happy!” (Dateyama)

“Well, since we came here together, I thought it’d be rude not to pick a swimsuit that you’d be happy with.” (Hishiki)

“What a considerate wife…” (Dateyama)

“I’m not your wife. Well, I’m not even your girlfriend. We’re just friends hanging out together, so don’t misunderstand that part. Dateyama and I are just friends, okay!?” (Hishiki)

“You’re talking so fast!” (Dateyama)

“I-I mean, it’s not like I like Dateyama or anything!!” (Hishiki)

“Thank you for the textbook tsundere lines!” (Dateyama)

“Why are you so happy… I don’t get it.” (Hishiki)

“But, while you were choosing that swimsuit, you were thinking about me, right?” (Dateyama)

“…Well… I guess you could say that.” (Hishiki)

“All right, I’ll treat you today!! Anything you want!! So let’s hold hands, Hishiki!!” (Dateyama)

“Hey, calm down!! Don’t look so happy!! Don’t drag my hand!!” (Hishiki)

“I’m invincible today!!” (Dateyama)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

These two have so much more progress in one chapter than the main leads in like ten.


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