CBCF – Chapter 78 – Resting at the Pool

“That was fun… Let’s take a little break~” (Asuka)

“You’ll catch a cold if you stay like that, make sure to dry yourself properly.” (Ouka)

“Hehe, isn’t it charming for such a lovely woman to be dripping wet? How about it, Ouka, is it sexy?” (Asuka)

“Don’t pose like that, and don’t press your chest against me. Are you trying to seduce me or something?” (Ouka)

“Maybe I am? *Chuu*” (Asuka)

“Come on, enough of that. Here, put this on. You’ll catch a cold otherwise.” (Ouka)

“Yay~ Thanks! Is this your hoodie, Ouka?” (Asuka)

“I figured this might happen when we got out of the pool, so I brought it along for today.” (Ouka)

“…It smells like Ouka.” (Asuka)

“Nah, it’s just been washed, so it’s the usual scent that Asuka is familiar with.” (Ouka)

“You’re no fun. Atmosphere matters in these situations. I should have brought something for Ouka too.” (Asuka)

“But Asuka’s hoodie would be too small for me, wouldn’t it?” (Ouka)

“If it’s an oversized baggy one, Ouka can wear it too, right?” (Asuka)

“You mean that cute one?” (Ouka)

“Yeah, that cute one.” (Asuka)

“If Asuka wears it, it’s cute, but if I wear it, it’s creepy, isn’t it?” (Ouka)

“I think it’s cute, though?” (Asuka)

“Nevermind, just quietly put it on.” (Ouka)

“Okay~ Huh? Ouka, don’t you have a jacket?” (Asuka)

“Yeah, I only brought one because it would be too much to carry. But I have a towel.” (Ouka)

“What? But then Ouka will be cold.” (Asuka)

“It’s okay. The weather is nice today, and the sun is pretty strong, so it’s warm enough.” (Ouka)

Mouu, it’s no good to downplay yourself like that, you know?” (Asuka)

“Well, even Asuka was the one who first caught a cold the other day…” (Ouka)

“With that said… Ei~! ☆” (Asuka)

“Whoa! Don’t just suddenly cling to me like that!” (Ouka)

“This way, we’ll both be warm!” (Asuka)

“…” (Ouka)

“Huh? What’s wrong, Ouka? Why are you suddenly quiet?” (Asuka)

“Um, Asuka-san, you really shouldn’t do that in a bikini… this feeling…” (Ouka)

“…” (Asuka)

“…” (Ouka)

“Could it be that… Ouka’s Ouka is feeling lively again?” (Asuka)

“Thanks for whispering. If you understand, then back away.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yes, the raw actually did say Ouka’s Ouka. 

Anyways, there are 23 more chapters left and I’m sure you know by now, but the author doesn’t update this series anymore.


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