CBCF – Chapter 80 – Lunchtime

“Well, we really went and did it. Is this really what you wanted?” (Ouka)

“Yep, this is exactly what I wanted!” (Asuka)

“We went from cup noodles to frankfurters, corn dogs, takoyaki, and even pizza, fried chicken, and donuts…” (Ouka)

“Ah, don’t forget ice cream! Though, I haven’t bought it yet ’cause it’ll melt!” (Asuka)

“This table feels like a festival.” (Ouka)

“It is a festival! And isn’t it great that even with all this food, the prices are reasonable!” (Asuka)

“Although there was a fancy restaurant-like place earlier, is this really okay?” (Ouka)

“The place where you can go in wearing swimsuits? It felt too fancy and I was worried about getting stiff shoulders.” (Asuka)

“Well, it’s definitely more comfortable like this. Also, what’s on our table is pretty exciting in its own way.” (Ouka)

“And there were quite a few sexy onee-san in swimsuits near that area. It would be troublesome if Ouka couldn’t stand up properly again.” (Asuka)

“W-What do you mean?” (Ouka)

“Well, I guess in a way, something was definitely standing up at that time.” (Asuka)

“S-Stop it.” (Ouka)

“Well, anyways, let’s go eat the cup noodles! The standard flavor is mine!” (Asuka)

“I’ll go with seafood. It’s a pretty comforting taste.” (Ouka)

“Ouka~ Help me blow it.” (Asuka)

“You can do that yourself. Ah… these cup noodles are strangely delicious.” (Ouka)

“They are indeed tasty. Oh, let’s have some takoyaki too. Ouka, say ‘ahh.'” (Asuka)

“Yeah, thanks. My hands are full… Ah, it’s hot!!” (Ouka)

“Oh, sorry, let me cool it down. *Fuu… Fuu…*” (Asuka)

“I thought I was gonna burn my tongue…” (Ouka)

“Are you okay now? Here, have a cola. I only drank about half of it but it should help cool you down a bit.” (Asuka)

“Thanks. Ahh~ Takoyaki and cola are pretty good together… But, we bought quite a lot, didn’t we? Can we really finish all of it?” (Ouka)

“Well, let’s do our best. It would be a waste to leave any. We have to work together to accomplish our mission! Come on, Ouka, feed me that big frankfurter♡” (Asuka)

“…Why did you choose that?” (Ouka)

Mouu, Ouka, what weird thoughts are you having? Ecchi… wait, stop, don’t try to forcefully put it in my mouth without saying anything, it’s scary, it’s really scary.” (Asuka)

“Here, Asuka, it’s a delicious frankfurter.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I think this might be the first time that the author messed up the speaking dialogue. You know how it always alternates between Ouka and Asuka talking? 

The “But, we bought quite a lot, didn’t we? Can we really finish all of it?” line is actually a separate line, meaning that Asuka said that.

And of course, Asuka couldn’t have said that because the line right after that is obviously spoken by her.


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