CBCF – Side Story 25 – Age Gap Pool

“Boss, over here! Hurry up, hurry up!” (Kamizuru)

“You seem very lively today, Kamizuru-san. I’m coming.” (Boss)

“Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been to the pool. There sure are lots of different kinds of pools here, like wave pools and waterfall pools.” (Kamizuru)

“You seem to know a lot about this, Kamizuru-san.” (Boss)

“I thought you would be looking forward to this, so I did some research beforehand. Although, doing that only made me more excited.” (Kamizuru)

“I see. I was indeed looking forward to coming with you, Kamizuru-san.” (Boss)

“…Boss, can I ask you for a favor?” (Kamizuru)

“A favor? What is it?” (Boss)

“Could you please call me by my first name just for today? It’s Meiri… Is that okay?” (Kamizuru)

“Are you okay with being called by your first name by an old man like me?” (Boss)

“I don’t mind. I want you to call me by my first name.” (Kamizuru)

“Understood… Meiri-san. Is this okay?” (Boss)

“Hyaa… Hyitsh’fine.” (Kamizuru)

“Are you sure you’re okay with it…?” (Boss)

“I was just so surprised because I was too happy. Just for the rest of today, I want Boss to continue calling me by my first name, so please don’t change it.” (Kamizuru)

“I understand. But Kamizuru-san… I mean, Meiri-san, wouldn’t it be unfair if I’m the only one to call you by your first name?” (Boss)

“Eh?” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san, would you try calling me by my first name too?” (Boss)

“Calling you… by your… first name?” (Kamizuru)

“Well, we’re not at the shop today, so I thought maybe it’s okay once in a while.” (Boss)

“Calling Boss… by his… his name…” (Kamizuru)

“Oh, perhaps you didn’t know my name?” (Boss)

“I know!! It’s okay!! I’ll call you…” (Kamizuru)

“Yes, please do.” (Boss)

“Shu… Shuusui… san…” (Kamizuru)

“Yes. What is it, Meiri-san?” (Boss)

“Is Boss… I mean… Shuusui-san, excited about today?” (Kamizuru)

“Being invited by a wonderful woman like Meiri-san made me feel a bit young again. Ah, also, If at any point in time you don’t feel comfortable calling me by my first name, you can just go back to the usual.” (Boss)

“I definitely don’t mind that. Shuusui-san, let’s have fun today.” (Kamizuru)

“Thank you, Meiri-san. I’m looking forward to it.” (Boss)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I completely forgotten that these two were supposed to be going to the pool too. 

I was also debating if I should just put their first names in the bracket since it’s relevant, but it’s probably left as it is to not confuse you in future chapters.


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