CBCF – Chapter 81 – Meal Break

“Ahh, I ate so much! I ate way too much. So full…” (Asuka)

“It’s a good thing you brought a mat. But lying down right after eating will turn you into a cow, you know?” (Ouka)

“Huh? Is that supposed to be sexual harassment? Moo☆” (Asuka)

“Cut it out, don’t touch your breasts.” (Ouka)

“Ah, want to try milking them?” (Asuka)

“I’m sorry, so just lie down quietly, okay? What will you do if some weirdo comes near you?” (Ouka)

“Ouka will protect me, right?” (Asuka)

“Of course.” (Ouka)

“Hehe, that makes me happy. Ahh, such bliss.” (Asuka)

“No, but seriously, you ate way too much… I’m surprised you even managed to finish it all.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, I’m so full from Ouka’s treat♡” (Asuka)

“Why did you have to rephrase it in such a suggestive way? Don’t strike a pose like you’re in a gravure shoot.” (Ouka)

“Well, Ouka treated me, after all. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I practically ate Ouka.” (Asuka)

“That’s definitely an exaggeration. It’s such an exaggeration that it’s shocking.” (Ouka)

“Ahh, I don’t feel like moving for a while. Look, even my belly’s sticking out.” (Asuka)

“Indeed, it’s bulging out a little.” (Ouka)

“Want to touch it?” (Asuka)

“Sure. Wow, it’s really curved. I mean, it’s impressive how much you managed to eat.” (Ouka)

“Are you implying it’s your child? Oh, it moved ♡” (Asuka)

“Why would it? There’s no one in there. Such a thing can’t happen. The movement is just the digestion process in your stomach. You really overate.” (Ouka)

“A tidal wave of retorts! Come on, just acknowledge it.” (Asuka)

“…Asuka-san’s really going all out with the dirty jokes today. I don’t think that’s very appropriate, you know?” (Ouka)

“Oh, come on, Ouka, stop with the formal language, don’t pull away, I’ll feel lonely…” (Asuka)

“…What would you do if you were really attacked like this?” (Ouka)

“?!” (Asuka)

“What would you do, Asuka?” (Ouka)

“O-O-O-O-O-O-Ouka…?! W-We’re outside…!!” (Asuka)

“Haha, just kidding. But seriously, teasing guys like that can be dangerous, so tone it down.” (Ouka)

“…Okay.” (Asuka)

“You’re being obedient and your face is all red. You really are weak when being attacked, huh?” (Ouka)

“…It’s because Ouka’s the one doing it…” (Asuka)

“Did you say something? Well, just take a rest for a bit. I’ll keep watch.” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

The author didn’t state what happened, so everything’s up to your imagination. I would think it was a kabedon, but Asuka is supposedly lying down sooo idk. Floor slam I guess… or something more bold xd


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Floor-be-don doesn’t come up that often lol