CBCF – Chapter 83 – Childhood Friend Wakes Up

“Hey, Asuka. Wake up. It’s been 30 minutes.” (Ouka)

“Mm… Huh? Where’s O-chan?” (Asuka)

“Still half asleep…? Come on, we’re going to the pool, right?” (Ouka)

“O-chan… hug…” (Asuka)

“Come on, Asuka, wake up. Seriously, a direct hug from the front is dangerous, so please stop.” (Ouka)

“Hug…” (Asuka)

“O-Oi, wake up, Asuka! Get it together.” (Ouka)

“It’s kinda hard…? Wait, huh, Ouka? Where did O-chan go?” (Asuka)

“You finally woke up.” (Ouka)

“Oh… Good morning, Ouka.” (Asuka)

“Good morning, Asuka. Are you fully awake now?” (Ouka)

“I just had a nostalgic dream… Yeah, I’m fully awake.” (Asuka)

“Well, dreams from our elementary school days sure are nostalgic, aren’t they?” (Ouka)

“You were so cute back then, Ouka… Wait, how did you know that it was a dream from back during our elementary school days…?” (Asuka)

“You said it in your sleep.” (Ouka)

“Oh, I see… In my sleep… Sleep talk?!” (Asuka)

“Whoa, that startled me.” (Ouka)

“Sleep talk… Sleep talk?! Did I say something weird?!” (Asuka)

“Ah… You were saying something about wanting to be massaged and tickled.” (Ouka)

“Really? Are you sure? I didn’t say anything else?” (Asuka)

“Oh, it’s just that. It was embarrassing hearing it though.” (Ouka)

“I see… That’s a relief…” (Asuka)

“Thinking about it now, we did some ridiculous things back then, didn’t we?” (Ouka)

“You can be proud, Ouka. My chest owes it all to you!” (Asuka)

“Don’t you dare say something like that at school. You’ll get killed by everyone, and if rumors twist and reach the teachers’ ears, we might get a lecture.” (Ouka)

“I won’t say it. I definitely won’t tell them that my breasts got big because Ouka used to touch them.” (Asuka)

“Don’t say it again.” (Ouka)

“And besides, if this gets out, other girls might start wanting Ouka to do the same thing to them, so be careful.” (Asuka)

“……” (Ouka)

“Ouka? Are you, by any chance, considering that right now?” (Asuka)

“I’m not! I’m not thinking that at all! Anyway, shall we go to the water slide soon?” (Ouka)

“Ah, you’re just dodging the question. If you ever want to touch, you can just tell me, okay?” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What do you mean it’s just that? At this point, I’m starting to wonder what’s the worst thing that can come out of her mouth.


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