CBCF – Side Story 26 – Change of Heart

“Hey, Hishiki~! I got us some yakisoba and hot dogs for lunch~!” (Dateyama)

“…!!” (Hishiki)

“Huh? Hishiki, what’s up?” (Dateyama)

“Dateyama…” (Hishiki)

“What’s wrong, Hishiki?! You look down and pale! Are you cold? Should I get you a jacket?” (Dateyama)

“Uh… no, it’s not that. It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. Thanks for lunch.” (Hishiki)

“No, something’s definitely up, I saw… wait… huh? Isn’t that Toriyabe-senpai and Hananoki-senpai? …Hey, aren’t they hugging? They are as close as ever.” (Dateyama)

“Yeah, they seem really close…” (Hishiki)

“Hishiki… I get it, it must be tough for you to see Toriyabe-senpai like that. I might not be able to replace him, but…” (Dateyama)

“It’s not like that… it’s something else.” (Hishiki)

“Something else? What else could make you look so distressed?” (Dateyama)

“I… even when I see Toriyabe-senpai, I don’t feel anything.” (Hishiki)

“Huh?” (Dateyama)

“I used to like him so much, my heart would race just seeing him, I’d follow him around… But now, even when I see him with Hananoki-senpai… I don’t feel anything anymore.” (Hishiki)

“…You don’t feel anything?” (Dateyama)

“Yeah, nothing at all. But… when Dateyama ran up to me with a smile, my heart skipped a beat. Why? I was supposed to like Toriyabe-senpai… Why is this happening?” (Hishiki)

“Hishiki…” (Dateyama)

“I hate myself for thinking that. Saying I like senpai, but then easily switching to Dateyama, or even liking Dateyama… It’s disrespectful to both of them.” (Hishiki)

“Hishiki… don’t cry.” (Dateyama)

“Sorry, even though you came to hang out with me… Even though it’s supposed to be a fun date… I’m the worst.” (Hishiki)

“That’s not true. I like you, Hishiki. It’s all good. If anything, I’m happy.” (Dateyama)

“Is that… so?” (Hishiki)

“You’re thinking like that because you’re hungry!! Come on, let’s eat lunch!! Let’s go and have lots of fun today!!” (Dateyama)

“…Thanks, Dateyama.” (Hishiki)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, it finally happened. Everything’s going down in this pool huh? In other news, vol 2 of one of my LN series I’m working on is about to get released on 25th April. So I’m aiming to finish this before that date.


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