CBCF – Chapter 84 – Leisure Journey

“I feel like I heard Dateyama’s voice just now.” (Ouka)

“Dateyama-kun, isn’t he your kouhai? Could it be that he’s here?” (Asuka)

“Probably. I think I heard him say ‘like’ out loud, so he’s probably with that girl.” (Ouka)

“In that case, it would be bad to disturb them.” (Asuka)

“Yeah. They’re probably on a date, so let’s not interrupt them. But man, he’s something else. To be able to say something like that out loud in a place like this.” (Ouka)

“Is Ouka the type who can’t say ‘like’ in front of others?” (Asuka)

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done it.” (Ouka)

“Alright, wanna give it a try?” (Asuka)

“Give what a try?” (Ouka)

“Ouka, I like you.” (Asuka)

“Me too. I like you, Asuka.” (Ouka)

“That wasn’t that bad.” (Asuka)

“Yeah, it’s surprisingly easy. Even I’m surprised.” (Ouka)

“Maybe it’s because we’re childhood friends. It’s a given that we both like each other.” (Asuka)

“Well, there’s no reason to dislike Asuka now, is there?” (Ouka)

“Thinking about it, Dateyama-kun really is amazing. Saying it out loud for everyone to hear would be its own challenge.” (Asuka)

“I know right? I should learn from that too.” (Ouka)

“…Speaking of which, they’re on a date, right?” (Asuka)

“Hmm? Yeah, definitely.” (Ouka)

“Then, I wonder if ours can be considered a date too?” (Asuka)

“I wonder? Since it’s normal for us to hang out, I’ve never really thought of it as a date.” (Ouka)

“Yeah, that’s true… it’s just our usual thing…” (Asuka)

“We’ve talked about it before, but we’ve never really went on a proper date, have we?” (Ouka)

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Asuka)

“Well then, how about we have our first date together sometime?” (Ouka)

“Seriously?” (Asuka)

“Yeah, seriously. Since we’ve shared so many first experiences together, it’d be nice if our first date was with each other.” (Ouka)

“That sounds great! It’ll be fun.” (Asuka)

“We can come out with a more detailed plan later.” (Ouka)

“Yeah! I’m looking forward to our first date.” (Asuka)

“The problem is… What do people usually do on their first date…? We’re pretty much always going out together…” (Ouka)

“Indeed, that’s a tough question.” (Asuka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Nooo, stop teasing us and just get married already. Those magic words better come out again during the date.


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