CBCF – Side Story 28 – Age Gap Waterslide

“Shuusui-san! Let’s go again! Let’s slide together again!” (Kamizuru)

“Wow, you’re full of energy, Meiri-san. You must really like the waterslide.” (Boss)

“It’s fun because we can do it together! This time, I want to be in front!” (Kamizuru)

“So I’ll be behind? Being behind you makes me a bit nervous…” (Boss)

“Why’s that? Shuusui-san, are you not good with slides? Are you scared? That’s kind of cute.” (Kamizuru)

“No, it’s just that… being close to a woman in a swimsuit is a bit… stimulating for a middle-aged man like me.” (Boss)

“Shuusui-san, you’re surprisingly naughty, huh?” (Kamizuru)

“Sorry for being too direct, I don’t have anything else to say.” (Boss)

“Speaking of which, I haven’t asked you yet, but how do you like my swimsuit? I put quite a bit of effort into it… Does it suit me?” (Kamizuru)

“It suits you very well. It’s a type of swimsuit that I’m not familiar with, but it looks cool.” (Boss)

“It’s called a monokini1. I was going to wear a normal bikini but it was much more embarrassing than expected so my friends recommended me this instead.” (Kamizuru)

“I didn’t know there were swimsuits like that. Seeing your back made me a little nervous.” (Boss)

“It did!? That’s great!! I wish I had asked you about this earlier.” (Kamizuru)

“Well, if I give my impression too straightforwardly, it might come off as sexual harassment. So this is the best I can do.” (Boss)

“Sexual harassment only happens if the other person doesn’t like it, right? If it’s you, Shuusui-san, I don’t mind.” (Kamizuru)

“It’s an honor. Well, you look really beautiful in your swimsuit, Meiri-san. I think it really suits you.” (Boss)

“Hehehe, it’s embarrassing to hear but I’m happy! Anyways, let’s… Oh, it’s them.” (Kamizuru)

“What’s wrong, Meiri-san? Do you know them?” (Boss)

“They’re the high school bakcouple2 who always visits our store. Look over there.” (Kamizuru)

“Meiri-san, you shouldn’t call customers ‘stupid (baka)’ even if we’re outside of work.” (Boss)

“I’m sorry. But look, that high school girl is kind of erotic. Her chest is amazing… It’s bouncing a lot…” (Kamizuru)

“If that’s the case, I think it’s best if I don’t look.” (Boss)

“Why’s that?” (Kamizuru)

“Because it’s disrespectful to look at other women when I’m with you, Meiri-san.” (Boss)

“…Now I regret not wearing a bikini too.” (Kamizuru)

“No, no, you’re already lovely just the way you are, Meiri-san.” (Boss)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, he was so smooth towards the end.


  1. Honestly, I never heard of a monokini before, but I guess the easiest way to describe it would be a one-piece swimsuit with holes inside.
  2. You know what this is. It’s ‘baka’ + ‘couple’.
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