CBCF – Chapter 87 – Riding Together

“Wow, that’s one big inflatable ring!! I’ll ride in front this time!” (Asuka)

“Since this one spins, it doesn’t really matter if you’re in the front or the back, right?” (Ouka)

“We need to set the atmosphere for this kind of thing!! Come on, Ouka, hurry up and get on!” (Asuka)

“Okay, okay… Asuka… make sure you don’t fall off, okay?” (Ouka)

“Ouka… it’s better not to say things like that because it might jinx us, you know?” (Asuka)

“Is that so…? Anyways, make sure you hold onto the handles tight.” (Ouka)

“Right. And Ouka, make sure you don’t get thrown off!” (Asuka)

“Alright, let’s go!!” (Ouka)

“Yeh!! I’m ready!!” (Asuka)

“…Whoa?! The acceleration is already quite fast from the start!! Did the staff push us with all their might?!” (Ouka)

“Ahahaha!! This is amazing!! Wow, the momentum is incredible!! Scary!! But fun!!” (Asuka)

“Asuka, stop talking (shaben) so much or you’ll bite your tongue (shita)!! It’s dangerous!!” (Ouka)

“Huh?! You want to suck (shaburu) my bottom (shita)?!” (Asuka)

“You shouldn’t say that!! Why bring up dirty jokes at a time like this?! Are you an idiot?!” (Ouka)

“Ahahaha!! This is so much fun!! Feels great!! Ouka!! This is amazing!!” (Asuka)

“This person’s hopeless!! It’s like she’s drunk from excitement or something!!” (Ouka)

“We’re about to hit the water!! Ouka!! Make sure your pants don’t come off!!” (Asuka)

“Like hell, they’ll come off!! If anything, you’re the one who’s gonna end up exposing yourself…!!” (Ouka)

“Whag?!” (Asuka)

“Bfff?!” (Ouka)

“Thanks to the inflatable ring, that final splash was amazing!! This is so much fun!! Let’s go again, Ouka!!” (Asuka)

“Let’s take a short break. How obsessed with slides are you, Asuka…” (Ouka)

“Aww. Well then, let’s get off.” (Asuka)

“Whoa?! Asuka, don’t just suddenly get off!! The balance!!” (Ouka)

“Hahaha, Ouka, you’re wobbling!” (Asuka)

“Don’t laugh, help… I’m gonna fall!! …Gah?!” (Ouka)

“Eh?” (Asuka)

“Asuka, um, this wasn’t intentional… it was an accident, you know?” (Ouka)

“——” (Asuka)

“…Um, at least your bottom didn’t fully come off… right?” (Ouka)

“——~~~!!” (Asuka)

“Whoa?! Don’t hit me!! I’m sorry, don’t hit me!! I get it! Calm down!! Just calm down for a moment!!” (Ouka)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Wow, it’s a miracle that he somehow didn’t see it.

Once again, I don’t know anything about swimsuits and stuff so I don’t know what’s a supporter. If you know, you know, I guess.


  1. S means Sadist
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