ODL – Chapter 102 – The Beginning of the Festival

After splitting from Hiyorin, who was heading to the live venue in Makuhari1, we got off at the nearest station to the university. As I walked along the long road by the university with Mafuyu-chan, the topic of our conversation was Hiyorin.

“Hiyori-san was kind of cool earlier.” (Mafuyu)

“I know right? It reminded me once again that she was a popular voice actress.” (Souma)

Even though we usually live together, it’s easy to forget that Hiyorin isn’t a person someone can just casually talk to. Well, even now, I still have difficulties talking to her because I’m still nervous.

“Today’s live concert is at the Makuhari Messe, right? That’s amazing…  Compared to her, I’m nervous for just a beauty pageant.” (Mafuyu)

“No no, I think you’re amazing too, Mafuyu-chan. Performing in front of a large audience, I couldn’t possibly do that.” (Souma)

There is indeed a significant difference in the number of viewers between Hiyorin’s live concert and Mafuyu-chan’s beauty pageant. But even the beauty contest venue can accommodate a thousand people. Just the thought of a thousand pairs of eyes focusing on me… I felt like I might lose it a little.

Noticing my unease, Mafuyu-chan subtly smirked.

…Did I say something strange?

“Hehe… Souma-kun, make sure to come and watch the beauty pageant, okay?” (Mafuyu)

In response to Mafuyu-chan’s repeated reminder, I naturally replied, “Of course,” for the umpteenth time. Every time I do, she narrows her eyes with joy. It warms my heart as if she’s relying on me.

Above our heads, the trees planted around the university campus sway and rustle in the wind. Amidst that, voices can be heard from the surroundings.

“Hey, wait… is that real?” (Student)

“Whoa, seriously? She’s participating in the beauty pageant?” (Student)

“Wow… Mafuyu-chan is seriously cute… that face is just unfair.” (Student)

“The beauty pageant outfit is a maid costume, right? I can’t wait to see it.” (Student)

“Better go early to snag some good seats, right? I want to take some photos.” (Student)

“Yeah, good idea. Actually, there’s a guy in the same seminar as us who has a camera, so I’ll hit him up.” (Student)

The conversation between a group of guys can be heard.

───Conversations like these have really increased lately. Without a doubt, it’s because of the beauty pageant. At first, I was conscious of it, but lately, I’ve been trying not to pay too much attention to it since it’s everywhere. Mafuyu-chan seems completely used to it, maintaining her usual calm demeanor.

As the guys moved closer, perhaps to secure seats for the beauty pageant, they subtly glanced at Mafuyu-chan before picking up the pace. Two neatly arranged brown heads swayed gently, like sea anemones. Then, from a bit farther away, I could faintly hear their conversation again.

“No, seriously… why is she dating him and not me?” (Student)

“I heard they’ve known each other for a while. Apparently, Mafuyu-chan confessed first.” (Student)

“Well, I don’t know anything about her boyfriend, but with so many choices, why go for someone like him?” (Student)

“Hey, cut it out. They can hear you, you know. ………… But yeah, I think the same.” (Student)

“Right? Seriously, it’s one of the seven wonders of our university. Well, I bet it won’t last once the beauty pageant is over.” (Student)

“Oh, yeah, definitely. The winner of last year’s beauty pageant… Mari-san, was it? I forgot her name, but as soon as she won, she changed boyfriend.” (Student)

“Yeah, that was brutal. Changing so blatantly like that? I couldn’t believe it. I heard she got confessed to by like thirty guys.” (Student)

“Wow. Well, most of the winners in our beauty pageants end up becoming news presenter. If you can date a future news presenter, I guess it’s worth it.” (Student)

That’s all I could hear. Although I can see them continuing to talk excitedly in the distance, the content of their conversation doesn’t reach my ears.

“………… Seven wonders.” (Souma)

Was it really so strange that Mafuyu-chan and I were dating? Well, I guess I would be shocked too if we were actually dating.

“………… Annoying.” (Mafuyu)

“Eh?” (Souma)

With a deep, resolute voice, I looked to my side—Mafuyu-chan was glaring at the backs of the duo from earlier with eyes as cold as a killer’s.

“Hey, Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

“………… Let’s go.” (Mafuyu)

She firmly grabbed my hand, forcibly intertwining our fingers. I was pulled forward by Mafuyu-chan. She briskly increased her pace, and the backs of the duo approached rapidly.

“Mafuyu-chan!? Hey! Stop!” (Souma)

Ignoring my protest, Mafuyu-chan didn’t slow down at all. The backs of the duo were right in front of us—then, we passed them.

“…Seriously?” (Duo)

I felt like I heard those words coming from behind.

…In the end, Mafuyu-chan didn’t let go of my hand until we passed through the gate of the university.

Fu~un, that felt good.” (Mafuyu)

Beside me, Mafuyu-chan said that with a serious expression, while I knelt down, resting my hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath.

“That was surprising… Wh-what was that all about, Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

My mind still hadn’t caught up with the sudden turn of events. For now, I understood that Mafuyu-chan’s jogging routine was definitely paying off.

After catching my breath and straightening up, Mafuyu-chan placed her hands on her hips, looking somewhat dissatisfied. Her slender eyebrows were slightly raised.

“………… It annoyed me. They were talking bad about Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

“Hmm… Ah, so you got angry for my sake?” (Souma)

“No, for my own sake. Anyone would feel upset if their boyfriend was talked about like that.” (Mafuyu)

………… But we’re not an actual couple?

“Well… I can’t say I completely disagree with what they were saying. It’s not like I think I’m handsome or anything. If someone asked if I matched with the incredibly cute Mafuyu-chan in terms of looks, I’d probably say…” (Souma)

Absolutely not. Of course, looks aren’t everything, but…


Since there was no response, I looked at Mafuyu-chan suspiciously. She had her mouth slightly open and seemed frozen. There was a faint hint of embarrassment on her face, resembling the expression of a certain famous RPG slime.

“Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

“………… Hah, I was just getting happily swallowed up by thoughts of being with you… Anyway, Souma-kun, you don’t need to worry about such things. Just be confident as my boyfriend. I want you to watch the beauty pageant from the front row.” (Mafuyu)

“…Okay, I’ll do that then.” (Souma)

I naturally said so.

If I’m acting all weak, it’ll just cause trouble for Mafuyu-chan. It’s likely to get worse after the beauty pageant. Those guys who were holding back because she has a boyfriend might start getting closer to Mafuyu-chan after the beauty pageant. The only one who can protect her from that is me, her boyfriend.

“Sometimes I need to show some boyfriend-like qualities too. Since there’s no particular event I want to attend, I’ll go and quickly secure my seat.” (Souma)

“…this feels like a dream.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan mumbled something softly. However, amidst the festival’s unique hustle and bustle, I couldn’t make out what she said. Although the opening ceremony was still some time away, the campus was already buzzing with excitement. There were people dressed in superhero costumes and others inexplicably walking around shirtless. The festive atmosphere had everyone in high spirits.

“What’s your schedule like, Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

“I’ve been invited to Arisa’s dancing event2 in the morning, and in the afternoon, it’s probably the beauty pageant. I think the participants are supposed to gather around noon.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan said while checking her smartphone.

“………… I really wanted to enjoy the festival with you.” (Mafuyu)

“Yeah. Well, there’s always next year.” (Souma)

This time next year… I wonder if I’ll be in the midst of job hunting. Probably busy with my graduation thesis too.

“Just next year isn’t enough… Even though I finally got to see onii-chan again.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan looked down. In the midst of this lively and enjoyable atmosphere, her gloomy aura stood out.


I firmly held onto Mafuyu-chan’s hand.

“Onii-chan…?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan looked up with a surprised expression.

“We still have time until the opening ceremony, right? Let’s hang out until then. I’m sure there’s plenty to enjoy at this time.” (Souma)

As we walked through the lively atmosphere, it naturally became fun — as evidence of that, she’s already smiling.

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  1. Makuhari is a district in Chiba, Japan. It is also home to Makuhari Messe, one of Japan’s largest convention centers. It hosts a variety of events, including trade shows, concerts, and business conferences
  2. Raw says something about circle performance, and it seems to be common in Japanese festivals… I think? I didn’t really know so I just put dancing event. And yeh anyone still remember Arisa from all the way back when Mafuyu was first introduced?

ODL – Chapter 101 – Morning of the Festival

About a week has passed, and finally, the day of the school festival and live concert has arrived. Hiyorin and Mafuyu-chan both wanted to have breakfast together, so today, both of them gathered at my place in the morning. I did invite Shizuka, but she either was asleep or didn’t even read the message. Maybe seven in the morning was too early for her.

“Ah, I wish I could see Mafuyu-chan in her maid outfit.” (Hiyori)

“If that’s the case, I’ll show you some pictures afterwards. I’m sure there will be plenty taken.” (Mafuyu)

“Great! I look forward to it.” (Hiyori)

“Don’t expect anything too fancy… Anyways, please show me some pictures from Hiyorin’s live concert.” (Mafuyu)

“Got it. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures.” (Hiyori)

In the living room, Mafuyu-chan and Hiyorin are happily chatting. Their relationship has grown closer since they started jogging together, and recently, I often see them talking during Souma-kai as well. Mafuyu-chan, who used to only either talk to me or argue with Shizuka, seems completely relaxed when talking to Hiyorin. Maybe I’m the only one who can’t communicate well with Hiyorin now…

“Sorry for the wait! Here we go, bacon, eggs, and miso soup!” (Souma)

“Wow, looks as delicious as ever!” (Hiyori)

“Smells good…” (Mafuyu)

As I bring the dishes to the table, both of them respond with joy.

Even these small reactions make me happy. Just hearing a single word like “delicious” can make the whole cooking process worth it.

“Well then, shall we eat?” (Souma)

Each of us scoops rice onto our plates, and once everyone is ready, we briefly put our hands together.

“Itadakimasu.” (All 3)

I slide my chopsticks into the fried egg, and a rich orange yolk gently overflows. I quickly place it on top of the rice to prevent the yolk from dripping and take a bite together with the rice.

…Mmm, delicious. Even I have to admit it’s a perfectly half-cooked1.

After eating together for several months, you start to learn not only each other’s likes and dislikes but even the smaller preferences. Fortunately, in Souma-kai, everyone seemed to prefer their fried eggs runny.

To be exact, Hiyorin wasn’t particularly picky, Mafuyu-chan leaned towards runny, and Shizuka was a firm advocate of runny eggs. It was convenient not to have to go through the trouble of making them individually to suit their different tastes.

As I marveled at my perfect runny egg skills, Hiyorin’s phone, placed on the table, received a message, and the screen lit up. I inadvertently caught a glimpse of the message.

“(Are you awake? You really need to wake up soon!)” (Reina)

“Geez, Reina2 is such a worrier.” (Hiyori)

With a slight grin, Hiyorin starts replying to the message.

“Reina…?” (Souma)

Could it be… Endou Reina, the voice actress in the same unit as Hiyorin in Zanimasu?

“Hiyorin-san, what was that just now…?” (Souma)

I know it’s not good to pry into a voice actress’s life, but I couldn’t hold back when I heard the name of one of my favorite voice actresses mentioned right in front of me. I’m a Hiyorin fan, but my devotion stems from my love for Zanimasu. As such, I support all the Zanimasu voice actresses.

“Oh, yeah. It’s Endou Reina-chan. That girl always sends me messages saying, ‘I bet you’re sleeping in because you drank too much again?’ every time there’s an event, even though, I’ve never actually overslept before.” (Mafuyu)

Despite the pouting, Hiyorin seemed happy.

They must have a really good relationship… It was almost enough to make me swoon at how precious it was. Just the thought that my favorite voice actresses were so close to each other is already precious, but witnessing it in person makes me feel like I could die from happiness.

“…By the way, it’s not close to the start of the concert yet, right? I’m pretty sure the concert starts at four.” (Souma)

From what I can gather from the previous message, it seemed like they needed to wake up soon. It’s only seven o’clock, but are they meeting up this early?

In response to my words, Hiyorin chuckles in self-mockery.

“Ahaha, yeah, it’s early, isn’t it? Actually, we have rehearsal starting in the morning. If we don’t get to the venue by 9 a.m., we’ll get scolded.” (Hiyori)

“Oh, I see. That sounds tough.” (Souma)

I didn’t know they had such a hectic schedule. Today is a single-day event, but I can’t imagine how tough it would be if it was the second day of a two-day event. They sing and dance with all their might the day before, come home late at night, and then wake up early the next day for another rehearsal. It’s not entirely wrong to call voice acting physically demanding.

“But the live concerts are so much fun. The staff behind the scenes work hard for us even before we get there. Not to mention, the number of fans who took their time off to come and see us. When you think about all that, any fatigue just disappears.” (Hiyori)

Captivated by her golden words, I instinctively shifted my gaze towards Hiyorin. Even though she held a rice bowl in one hand, her expression had subtly transformed from the usual “Hiyorin who loves alcohol” to the “Voice Actress Yasumi Hiyori”. Though her expression had only changed slightly, my heart pounded loudly.

My oshi who was usually out of reach was right in front of me.

“…Did I talk too much?” (Hiyori)

“N-no! I think it was really cool…!” (Souma)

My heart was full, and that was all I could say.

It seems I’m still not very good at talking to Hiyorin.

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  1. I think this means the runny, liquid texture of the egg yolk is well done. 
  2. Reina appeared in ch 72, and she’s a voice actress in the same unit as Hiyorin in Zanimasu.

ODL – Chapter 100 – Keisuke’s Feelings

“Hey chief.” (Keisuke)

As if swapping places with Mafuyu-chan, Keisuke arrived at my table. He had a tray with curry on it. He really loves curry huh?

“Hey, how have you been?” (Souma)

It had been a while since I last saw Keisuke. We don’t usually keep in touch and don’t always run into each other during meals, so we occasionally have these periods where we don’t meet. Usually, it’s just because Keisuke is broke and doesn’t come to the cafeteria.

“Well, I’m doing alright. I’ve been sleep-deprived due to preparations for the school festival.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke sat down across from me and immediately started eating curry, speaking as he ate.

“Was someone sitting here? It feels warm.” (Keisuke)

“Mafuyu-chan was sitting here until earlier.”  (Souma)

“Whoa, really? … So Mafuyu-chan can be warm.” (Keisuke)

“What are you talking about?” (Souma)

“Well, she gives off an Ice Queen kind of vibe. Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have body heat or something.” (Keisuke)

“What do you think Mafuyu-chan is…” (Souma)

Do you think she’s a Yuki-onna1 or something?

“Well, let’s leave that aside. Mafuyu-chan is seriously popular these days. I bet she’s proud to have a boyfriend like you.” (Keisuke)

“No, she…” (Souma)

…Isn’t my girlfriend.

But I can’t say the real reason since I’m currently playing the role of her boyfriend. This is. Of course, so that Mafuyu-chan can lead a normal university life.

“Well… it’s kinda tiring to deal with the extra attention though.” (Souma)

“Haha, it can’t be helped right? I’d find it rather enjoyable, though. Having a cute girlfriend and getting jealous looks, isn’t that kinda amazing in its own way?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke said it like it was nothing. Although, if I were in his shoes, I might have said the same thing.

“Well, I’m probably having a much easier time compared to Mafuyu-chan so I can’t exactly make a fuss as her boyfriend.” (Souma)

“Exactly. And there’s a trip waiting for you, so hang in there.” (Keisuke)

“…A trip, huh.” (Souma)

The condition Mafuyu-chan presented for participating in the beauty pageant, “If I win, we’ll go on a trip together,” seems like it might become a reality in the not-so-distant future.

A trip with Mafuyu-chan… I wonder if I’ll really survive that. In various ways.

As I pondered, I suddenly spoke up.

“Hey, Keisuke.” (Souma)

“What’s up?” (Keisuke)

While stuffing his cheek with curry, Keisuke turned toward me.

“Everyone knows I’m Mafuyu-chan’s boyfriend, right?” (Souma)

“Yeah, I think most people know. I get asked about you quite a bit too.” (Keisuke)

“Seriously? Well, it’s fine for now… But do beauty pageants make girls popular even if they have a boyfriend?” (Souma)

To put it bluntly… People don’t often appreciate having their possessions taken by others. In the entertainment business, it’s an unspoken rule to keep relationships, especially ones with boyfriends or girlfriends, a secret.

“Well, normally, having a boyfriend would be seen as a negative. The other participants haven’t announced having boyfriends either. But… well, how do I say this…” (Keisuke)

“What is it? Go ahead and tell me.” (Souma)

“Is that so? Then I’ll say it… To be honest, Souma, it seems like you’re not really considered a threat.” (Keisuke)

“Not considered a threat? What do you mean?” (Souma)

Unexpected words came out, and my mind froze for a moment.

“So… a lot of people are thinking that if it’s you, they could easily snatch Mafuyu-chan away. I mean, you’re not exactly a super handsome kind or anything.” (Keisuke)

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m handsome at all.” (Souma)

As I answered, it all made sense.

In other words, because Mafuyu-chan and I don’t seem to match at all, it gives the impression that she’s available. It’s pathetic to say this about myself, but it does make sense. There’s really no denying that Mafuyu-chan and I are not well-matched at all.

“No, look, I definitely think you and Mafuyu-chan make a great couple. I know how much she’s into you. But those who don’t know that don’t see it that way. Instead… your presence is like adding a little spice?” (Keisuke)

“When did I become a spice?” (Souma)

“It’s human nature to desire what belongs to others. Right now, it’s like the calm before the storm; everyone is just watching. In my opinion, once the festival is over, there will be many trying to get closer to Mafuyu-chan. Especially those from other universities who probably don’t even know she has a boyfriend. There might be a lot of guys planning to approach her after the festival.” (Keisuke)

Be careful, Keisuke said with a serious face.

He said it while he had curry in the corner of his mouth, so there was no sense of tension at all. But if what Keisuke said was true, it would be quite a serious situation.

“Thanks, Keisuke. I’ll be careful.” (Souma)

“No problem. In the first place, I’m the one who suggested Mafuyu-chan try the beauty pageant. And besides… I genuinely think you and Mafuyu-chan make a great couple. So, don’t let some weirdo snatch her away, okay?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke laughed.

That smile of his felt a bit bittersweet.

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  1. Yuki-onna is like a spirit associated with snow.

ODL – Chapter 99 – Mafuyu’s Feelings

… Lately, whenever I walk around the university, there are times when I feel like I’m being watched by someone. It’s a burning and sticky gaze.

“Souma-kun, what’s wrong?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan, sitting across the table, looks at me with a puzzled expression while reaching for her chopsticks and Set B meal.

“…No, it’s nothing. By the way, how are the preparations for the beauty pageant?” (Souma)

I ask while slurping my ramen.

The university festival is just one week away. I thought the beauty pageant was simply about standing on stage and striking a pose, but it seems that it involves various other tasks as well. I heard that last year, there was even a section for showcasing special talents.

Although the beauty pageant participants have already been notified of what they will be doing this year, it’s kept a top-secret do I don’t know what Mafuyu-chan would be doing.

“It’s going well. Hey, Souma-kun… Promise me you’ll come watch the beauty pageant. I want you to be in a spot where I can find you from the stage.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan anxiously sways her eyes, locking her gaze with mine. I catch her gaze and return the look straight.

“I promise. I’ll definitely come watch. When you come out, I’ll wave my hands as much as I can.” (Souma)

“Yeah… please.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan seems reassured by my words, and she smiles faintly, shifting her gaze back to the Set B meal. I also return to slurping my ramen.

… During that time, I continued to feel that burning and sticky gaze, constantly directed at me.

From every direction.

The reason I’ve been receiving intense gazes from various guys is undoubtedly related to Mafuyu-chan participating in the beauty pageant.

With her participation in the beauty pageant, Mafuyu-chan’s already high popularity skyrocketed. This is due to the posters with the faces of the participants, including Mafuyu-chan, are plastered all over the campus. The information on the beauty pageant is also on the school website, making it a topic of discussion even in other universities. According to Kaisuke, browsing the beauty pageant website is natural for male university students… or so he says.

So, now Mafuyu-chan is undeniably the Madonna1 of the university.

And naturally, as the rumored boyfriend of Mafuyu-chan, my own popularity is also rising whether I like it or not.

“…Mafuyu-chan is amazing.” (Souma)

Unconsciously, those words slip out of my mouth.

“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” (Mafuyu)

“Oh no, I was just thinking that Mafuyu-chan is really working hard.” (Souma)

“…………? I don’t quite get it, but does that mean you’ll marry me?” (Mafuyu)

“Why would it lead to that? Don’t say strange things in public.” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan has been acting like this ever since she entered university. Because of this, there was no place where my heart could rest as people who saw our interaction started to spread rumors about us.

“Hehe, just kidding. I wanted to see your reaction.” (Mafuyu)

But unlike me, she wears a calm expression. Of course, it might just be a facade.

As if remembering, I continue to slurp my ramen. Of course, I can’t really taste it at all. The pressure of being watched is much stronger than I expected.

“I understand what you’re thinking, Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

“Eh?” (Souma)

When I raise my face from the bowl, Mafuyu-chan is looking at me from the corner of her eye, wearing a gentle expression. It’s a rare expression.

“It’s not like… I’m completely okay either, you know? Honestly, there was a time when I hated going to university.” (Mafuyu)

“…I see. That’s understandable… considering your circumstances.” (Souma)

It wouldn’t be strange at all if she developed neuroses2. Unlike Hiyorin, she isn’t a celebrity or anything. As such, it wasn’t easy dealing with all the extra attention.

“But you know, one day, it just stopped bothering me. Can you guess when?” (Mafuyu)

I shook my head. I had no idea.

“It was on the day… we reunited, Souma-kun. Because you’re with me, I’m okay now.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan smiles brightly. It’s a dazzling smile, almost like a sunflower, which is rare for her.

“Thank you for being with me. I’m more grateful than you think, Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan gets up from her seat. The Set B meal on her tray is already empty.

“Be sure to come watch the beauty pageant.” (Mafuyu)

Leaving those words behind, Mafuyu-chan walked away.

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  1. Madonna is basically a popular girl in school.
  2. I don’t really know how to explain this so think of it as anxiety disorder.

ODL – Chapter 98 – No Way

Hiyorin continued to build up her body for the live concert, while Mafuyu-chan did the same in preparation for the beauty pageant.

Judging from the previous live concerts, I know that Hiyorin will likely have a bellybutton-baring outfit this time too. On the other hand, Mafuyu-chan should be fine as she is, but I wonder why I felt that way. Maybe it’s due to her solid personality and determination to win.

In the end, Shizuka seemed to have given up on exercising, saying something stupid like “Now is not the right time.” She is the complete opposite of Mafuyu-chan, but I guess Shizuka is okay with how things are.

As for me, I continued living a healthy lifestyle with Hiyorin and Mafuyu-chan, cleaned Shizuka’s house once a week, and occasionally helped some acquaintances with preparations for the school festival… In other words, I was living my usual normal life.

Amidst all this, the rainy season ended, and summer was in full swing. Life became unbearable without air conditioning, and it was the perfect time for eating somen noodles. Thus, we are planning on making somen noodles an exception in our diet meals.

────I soon realized something important on one of those sweltering hot nights.

“The schedules… are overlapping…!?” (Souma)

With my smartphone in hand, I froze. It happened while I was on the sofa after the Souma-kai.

“…Seriously?” (Souma)

As I was entering next month’s schedule into my smartphone calendar, a shocking revelation came to light. The dates of the university festival and Zanimasu’s 3rd LIVE were completely overlapping. No matter how many times I checked the university’s website and Zanimasu’s official page, the same date was listed there.

“No way… Is this really happening?” (Souma)

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the sensation of my heart tightening. It wasn’t a joke; my hands were trembling. Just the thought of not being able to attend their oshi’s  live concert could drive a person crazy.

“Wait, calm down, me… I don’t need to stay at the university festival until the end. If I can just see the beauty pageant, that should be enough…” (Souma)

During one conversation with Mafuyu-chan, she emphasized with a freezing smile, saying, “If you don’t come and see it… you know, right?” I couldn’t bear to imagine what would happen if I didn’t go…

Moreover, even without such pressure, I wanted to see Mafuyu-chan in her maid outfit, and I believe she must have a reason for using such intimidation tactics against me.

This is purely my speculation, but I think Mafuyu-chan might be a bit anxious about participating in the beauty pageant. Not only is she already rumored to be the “Shootdown King of the Engineering Department”, but her unofficial fan club is large in size so she’s constantly pointed at wherever she goes. It must be exhausting for her, and she probably can’t find peace of mind while at university.

In such a situation, if she participates in the beauty pageant, it’s easy to imagine that many people will be specifically there for Mafuyu-chan. For someone like Mafuyu-chan, who doesn’t want to stand out, that would undoubtedly be quite stressful.

So, I can’t help but imagine that she might want at least someone close to her, like me, to be around. Of course, I could be overthinking things, and if she’s looking forward to the beauty pageant, that’s perfectly fine.

No matter what, I have to go watch the beauty pageant. However, I absolutely want to attend the live concert as well. I’ve been to all of Zanimasu’s concerts so far, and I intend to continue doing so. I’ve even managed to secure tickets by successfully passing the lottery.

“… The problem is figuring out what time the beauty pageant starts.” (Souma)

The concert starts at 4:00 PM. If I rush from the university to the concert venue, it’ll take about an hour, so the beauty pageant needs to start no later than early afternoon for me to make it to the concert.

I sent a message to Keisuke while praying. It was marked as read almost immediately, and a reply came back.

“(The beauty pageant starts at 2:00 PM! By the way, Mafuyu-chan is Entry Number 3, so she should come out third!)” (Keisuke)

“(2:00 PM, huh…)” (Souma)

Tension drained from my body as I saw the reply. I might not make it to the start of the concert, but I could at least participate join in the middle of it. If the beauty pageant had been scheduled for the evening, I might not have been able to make it.

“(Got it. Thanks.)” (Souma)

“(Sure. Looking forward to it.)” (Keisuke)

“(Yeah.)” (Souma)

I sent my reply, then tossed my phone onto the sofa and let out a sigh of relief. It was a close call, but for now, it seemed like everything would be fine. I could now enjoy the university festival and the live concert without any worries.

TL Notes:

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My man lucked out this time. I could imagine the adrenaline he had when deciding between the two. He either risks his life by not attending the beauty pageant or not attend his oshi’s concert.

Also 4 more chapters before we catch up with the author.


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ODL – Chapter 97 – Mafuyu’s Request

“Eh, no.” (Mafuyu)

“Gaah!!” (Keisuke)

“No way… ” (Lackey)

“It’s over… (Lackey)

Keisuke and his lackeys collapse onto the table with a loud sound.

“Maid outfit…?” (Souma)

Amidst all that, I was curious about what Keisuke had said.

“Keisuke, is this year’s beauty pageant costume a maid outfit?” (Souma)

“Yeah… I don’t care anymore… Haa… I really wanted to see Mafuyu-chan in a maid outfit…” (Keisuke)

Keisuke’s voice was trembling slightly. Did he really want to see it that much?

“A maid outfit, huh… Unexpected, to say the least. I thought it would be something along the lines of a swimsuit.” (Souma)

“…Last year, it was like that… but due to various circumstances, this year’s outfit became something with less exposure…” (Keisuke)

“Various things, huh…” (Souma)

It seems like quite a dark and mysterious story.

“Ugh… I really wanted to see it…” (Keisuke)

“I-I… It hurts…” (Lackey)

“I’ve been looking forward to it…” (Lackey)

Keisuke finally broke down, crying while still lying on the table. The guys behind him were desperately wiping away tears too. Perhaps those guys behind were part of Mafuyu-chan’s fan club.

…Regardless of everything, Keisuke and I have been friends for three years now. I could even say he’s my closest friend here. Seeing him cry in public, regardless of the reasons, touched my heart in its own way.

“Mafuyu-chan, do you not like it that much? Even if it’s a costume with lesser exposure?” (Souma)

“I don’t like it. Beauty pageants just aren’t my thing.” (Mafuyu)

“Well… I guess that’s true…” (Souma)

She’s definitely not the type who enjoys standing out in public. It would probably be different if it were Shizuka or Hiyorin.

“I want to see Mafuyu-chan in a maid outfit too…” (Souma)

This was the honest truth. I genuinely thought Mafuyu-chan’s silky black hair would look incredibly fitting in a maid outfit.

Nevertheless, you can’t force the impossible. If she doesn’t like it then there’s nothing that can be done.

“Sorry, Keisuke. I’m sorry, but it’s just the way it is.” (Souma)

“No, no… I’m the one who’s sorry… ugh.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke stood up, wiping his eyes. The guys behind him also stumbled to their feet, preparing to leave the cafeteria.

“…Are there any prizes for the beauty pageant?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan stopped them as they were leaving.

“Huh, are you thinking of participating, Mafuyu-chan?” (Souma)

“I just thought it might be okay to hear about it. I still don’t know if I’ll participate or not.” (Mafuyu)

For some reason, Mafuyu-chan’s attitude suddenly shifted from “definitely not participating” to “I don’t know if I’ll participate”. Could it be that Keisuke’s tears had an effect…?

“Ah… even so, you’re more than welcome to participate!” (Keisuke)

Keisuke quickly returned to the table and placed a printout he had taken from his bag in front of Mafuyu-chan. It seemed to be the printout for the beauty pageant.

“The beauty pageant has some pretty luxurious prizes! First… the winner gets a travel voucher worth 100,000 yen and a luxurious trophy.” (Keisuke)

“100,000 yen? That’s impressive.” (Souma)

With 100,000 yen, you could go anywhere in Japan.

“A 100,000 yen travel voucher…” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan seemed surprised by the unexpected amount, her attention fixed on the printout.

“Well, I can’t imagine winning, though…” (Mafuyu)

“No, no! If it’s Mafuyu-chan, you’ll definitely win, no doubt! Don’t you guys think so too!?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke firmly denied Mafuyu-chan’s mumble. The guys behind him seemed to collectively agree that she would definitely win.

“Um… I’ve been wondering for a while, but who are the people behind you?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan gave a puzzled look towards Keisuke’s back.

“Oh, these guys are members of Mafuyu-chan’s unofficial fan club. Of course, they are only a small portion of them. Among all the unofficial fan clubs in the university, Mafuyu-chan’s fan club is already the largest.” (Keisuke)

“Fan club…” (Mafuyu)

Even Mafuyu-chan looked a bit uncomfortable. If someone told her that an unofficial fan club had formed behind her back, and it had a considerable number of people in it, such a reaction was expected. As someone who had never experienced anything like that, I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious.

“Since Mafuyu-chan seemed to dislike that kind of thing, everyone usually operated quietly without drawing attention… but just this time, we need a bit of help from Souma to do the convincing.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke lowered his eyes with a hint of apology. The fan club members behind him did the same. It seemed like a well-mannered fan club that didn’t do anything the person they admired would dislike.

“I guess Mafuyu-chan doesn’t know that she has a fan club?” (Souma)

“…Yes. I’m quite surprised, to be honest.” (Mafuyu)

Although Mafuyu-chan’s expression hardly changed, there was a subtle mix of surprise. It was a tiny change that only someone close, like me, would notice.

“Anyway, if Mafuyu-chan participates, I’m sure she’ll win! Could you please consider entering with a positive mindset…?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke pleaded, bowing to Mafuyu-chan.

Mafuyu-chan kept her gaze fixed on the printout. It seemed like she was interested in the travel voucher. I wonder if there’s somewhere she wants to go.

“….Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

“What?” (Souma)

Mafuyu-chan spoke to me while keeping her gaze lowered.

“Do you… want to see me in a maid outfit?” (Mafuyu)

Her tone was light as if she were asking about tonight’s dinner, devoid of much emotion. It felt like she was just asking out of curiosity.

“Well, um…” (Souma)

…Just as I was about to continue, I noticed Keisuke glaring at me with an intense expression. It was a look as if I had betrayed him or done something unforgivable.

Say you want to see it… I could hear those words radiating off of him

However, even without such prompts, my answer was already decided.

“I want to see it. Mafuyu-chan, I think you’d look amazing in a maid outfit. I even think that you can win.” (Souma)

“…I see.” (Mafuyu)

The response was still somewhat casual, but her cheeks had a faint blush. This side of Mafuyu-chan was rare, and it somehow made me feel a bit nervous.

“If you’re going to say that much… I guess I could consider participating.” (Mafuyu)

“Really!?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke widened his eyes and looked at Mafuyu-chan.

“Yes. But… there’s one condition.” (Mafuyu)

“A condition?” (Keisuke)

Keisuke tilted his head.

“If Mafuyu-chan is going to participate, I’ll do anything. Of course, the guys behind me too.” (Keisuke)

“No, Keisuke-san, you don’t need to do anything. I just have one request for Souma-kun.” (Mafuyu)

“Me?” (Souma)

I wonder what she’s going to request. I feel like there’s not much I can do for her related to the pageant.

“If there’s something I can do, I’ll help. I mean, I want to see Mafuyu-chan in a maid outfit too.” (Souma)

Since we weren’t at our apartment, she probably won’t say anything strange. Perhaps it’s a request related to dinner. If that’s the case, it’s a small favor.

…That’s what I thought, but.

“Good. So, if I win… will you go on a trip with me?” (Mafuyu)

While saying something outrageous, Mafuyu-chan smiled mysteriously.

Besides the frozen Keisuke, whose expression was a mix of surprise, gratitude, and envy, the members of Mafuyu-chan’s fan club looked at me with faces expressing a jumble of emotions.

Illustration of Mafuyu winning

“Good. So, if I win… will you go on a trip with me?”

TL Notes:

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Hold on a minute, the situation just escalated a lot. I didn’t expect their honeymoon to be this early. Does this mean that we are going to get a couple of chapters focused on the trip in the future? Yeah, I’m just gonna assume that she’s winning the pageant outright.


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ODL – Chapter 96 – Minase Mafuyu & The School Festival

“Please, Souma, listen to me!” (Keisuke)

In the university cafeteria, Keisuke started bowing deeply as soon as he saw me. Unable to comprehend the situation, I tilted my head.

“Huh, what? What do you mean?” (Souma)

Without explaining anything to me, something even more incomprehensible happened. Behind Keisuke, an unspecified number of guys started bowing. There were more than ten of them.

“Please!” (Guy)

“This is how it is!” (Guy)

“Wait, there are too many of you. Who are you guys anyways?” (Souma)

Keisuke and his newfound bowing group, took up a considerable amount of space in the cafeteria, so we were attracting a lot of attention. Soon, those gazes shifted to me, the one whom they were bowing down to. It was an incredibly uncomfortable situation.

“For now, please raise your head. It’s embarrassing to do this kind of stuff here. So, what do you guys want?” (Souma)

“Y-Yeah… we’re done.” (Keisuke)

“Got it.” (Guy)

“Roger.” (Guy)

When Kesuke, who seemed like the leader, spoke, the bowing group slowly got up. Led by Keisuke, they followed me to the usual table. Who are these guys again?

As we sat at the table, Keisuke put on a thin, salesman-like smile and began to speak. What’s with this guy? He gives me the creeps.

“What were you planning to eat, Souma?” (Keisuke)

“Huh? I hadn’t decided yet, maybe Set A.” (Souma)

“Got it. Hey, get a Set A for him.” (Keisuke)

“On it.” (Guy)

Keisuke gave instructions to the guys behind, and one of them rushed to the counter. Is he going to buy my Set A? It feels like Keisuke’s the boss and the guys are his lackeys, and that might very well not be too far from the truth.

“Keisuke, what’s going on today? I don’t need you to treat me. Also, who are those guys behind you? They seem like underclassmen or something.” (Souma)

Even though it’s hard to tell the age of university students, I could still sense that most of them were on the younger side.

Keisuke didn’t answer my question. He gazed down at the table with a complicated expression.

As I couldn’t grasp Keisuke’s intentions or the identity of this mysterious cult, an eerie chill slowly spread through my core.

“We’ve brought your Set A meal, Souma-Aniki1!” (Lackey)

The underclassman rushed over and respectfully placed the tray in front of me. Steam rose from the delicious-looking hamburger, and the enticing aroma of the sauce tickled my nose.

However, I had no appetite right now.

“Go ahead and eat, Souma.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke gestured to the tray with his hand. The large number of people standing behind him added to the pressure, creating a scene straight out of a drama or movie. Kesuke’s expression was deadly serious.

“Just eat, but… can you pass it to that kid from earlier for now?”

I placed 500 yen on the table, but Keisuke didn’t move.

“It’s fine, I’ll pay for it later. This Set A is our way of showing our appreciation.” (Keisuke)

“I don’t get it. I haven’t done anything for you.” (Souma)

“You haven’t… for now. But today, I came with a request for you. It’s an important one.” (Keisuke)

Saying that, Keisuke tightened his expression.

“…Then what about those guys behind you?” (Souma)

“…We all share the same goal.” (Keisuke)

Beyond the rising steam, Kesuke lowered his head vigorously.

“Please… I beg you, we want Mafuyu-chan to participate in the beauty pageant2!” (Keisuke)

“The beauty pageant…?” (Souma)

I was taken aback by his unexpected words.

“The most exciting event in the upcoming school festival is the beauty pageant. You’re aware of that, right?” (Keisuke)

“Well, I know it exists, at least…” (Souma)

However, I didn’t know it was the hottest event in our school festival. In fact, I couldn’t care less about who won the beauty pageant in the past two years. Even if I knew, it had nothing to do with me. Those kinds of things were for sparkly people, and I considered it a world apart from the life of an ordinary student like me.

“Our beauty pageant has a theme for costumes every year. The costume for this year was recently announced by the organizing committee.” (Keisuke)

With Kesuke’s words, his underlings erupted in cheers. Some struck victory poses, and there was a guy looking up at the sky like a soccer player after scoring a goal. What’s with this atmosphere?

…And who exactly are these people? I don’t think they are sparkling enough to be in the Beauty Pageant Organizing Committee, at least…

“So, what’s the costume? You want Mafuyu-chan to wear it?” (Souma)

“That’s right… Listen, Souma, don’t get too excited, okay? Hold onto your composure.” (Keisuke)

“Nah, just hearing about it won’t get me excited. What kind of costume is it?” (Souma)

Getting excited means… it’s probably something like a swimsuit, right? Even though Mafuyu-chan already dislikes revealing clothing, I can’t imagine her wearing a swimsuit.

“So… here’s the thing. This year’s costume is—” (Keisuke)

“—Souma-kun. What’s going on here?” (Mafuyu)

“!!!!???” (Lackeys)

I heard the sound of the earth trembling. It seemed to have come from Kesuke’s underlings losing their balance, and they all collapsed on the ground, looking up in shock at an unexpected figure as if it were a scene from a comedy skit.

“Mafuyu-chan. Perfect timing. It seems like all these guys are your fans.” (Souma)

“Me…?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan glanced at the men lying on the floor as if to confirm. However, it didn’t seem to click, and she quickly returned her gaze to me.

“I don’t recognize them. Maybe they mistook me for someone else.” (Mafuyu)

With that, Mafuyu-chan settled down next to me. In her hands, she held the same Set A meal as me. Today definitely feels like a Set A Meal kind of day.

“Keisuke, why don’t you just ask the person herself while you’re at it? It would be faster than going through me.” (Keisuke)

Keisuke had a nervously shifting gaze as he looked at Mafuyu-chan. There seemed to be a sense of awkwardness after gossiping about someone and having them unexpectedly show up.

“Well… if I could, I’d do that… but it seems impossible, so I thought maybe you…” (Keisuke)

“Even if I agree, I don’t think it’ll make a difference. Mafuyu-chan never does things she doesn’t like.” (Souma)

“Wait, what are you talking about?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan, unable to follow the conversation, gave me a suspicious look.

“Well, Keisuke and those guys behind him seemed to have a request for Mafuyu-chan.” (Souma)

“A request…?” (Mafuyu)

Mafuyu-chan turned her gaze to the men behind her again, wearing a slightly displeased expression. That’s quite a harsh look.

“For now, I won’t say anything. In the end, it’s up to her. You should talk to her directly.” (Souma)

“Ugh… is there no other choice…?” (Keisuke)

Kesuke’s face flushed with despair. Well, thinking logically, it’s hard to imagine Mafuyu-chan participating in something like a beauty pageant. There seems to be a specific costume too.

Keisuke took a deep breath and, with a determined gaze, looked directly at Mafuyu-chan.

“Minase Mafuyu-san… please, wear a maid outfit for the beauty pageant!” (Keisuke)

TL Notes:

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Here it comes, the maid illustration in the LN. Man, I wonder if she’s gonna participate in the beauty pageant. Or she could just somehow find a way to wear it and not participate.


  1. Aniki means brother.
  2. A beauty pageant is a competition that traditionally focuses on judging and ranking the physical attributes of contestants

ODL – Chapter 95 – An Adult’s Worries

[Hiyorin’s PoV]

“Haahhhhhhh…” (Hiyori)

After Souma-kun went back… I started rolling around on my yoga mat. I wanted to disappear into a hole, but since there wasn’t one, this was the only option.

“I… said something weird again.” (Hiyori)

A strong sense of regret overwhelmed me knowing that I had made Souma-kun worried because of how conscious I was about my age. On top of that, I had forced him into doing various things because of it, creating an awkward atmosphere.

“Uuuu… I’m trying not to worry too much about it, but…” (Hiyori)

In Souma-kai… I’m the only one in my late twenties. Not to mention, I was about to turn thirty soon.

In contrast, Souma-kun and Shizuka-chan are in their early twenties, and even Mafuyu-chan is still a teenager.

There were a lot of times when I was worried about being left out of their youthful atmosphere.

“When it comes to Souma-kun… something weird always happens.” (Hiyori)

It’s true.

This doesn’t happen with Shizuka-chan or Mafuyu-chan.

…When I’m talking with Souma-kun, there’s a part of me that becomes timid.

Of course, part of the reason was because I didn’t want to disappoint Souma-kun, who was my fan, but… I feel like there’s more to it.

“…I wonder what Souma-kun thinks of me… maybe he doesn’t consider me as a romantic interest…” (Hiyori)

Ultimately, that’s what I’m afraid of.

I don’t want Souma-kun to think of me as an old lady, so I keep emphasizing it.

A part of me also did it in the hopes that he would deny it and say that it was not true. It made me feel relieved whenever I heard that from him.

Even though I already knew what he thought about my age, I couldn’t help but continue.

“…Hmm, what did I just say…?” (Hiyori)

It feels like I blurted out something outrageous.

Did I say… romantic interest?

“Uwaaa…” (Hiyori)

My body suddenly feels hot. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I continued rolling around on the mat. After rolling for a while, I found myself lying on the cold, hard floor of my living room.

“… Even though, I used to think of him as a cute younger brother…” (Hiyori)

He might have gone beyond just being cute…

TL Notes:

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This is probably the shortest chapter I ever translated.
I thought that she already liked him during that one chapter before but I guess the thought still hasn’t caught up to her, or at least until now. 

Also, I managed to get the Hydro Archon, it took all of my wishes lol. And yes I did lose 50/50 and got c2 Mona.


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ODL – Chapter 94 – A Scene at Night

“Uh, I want to touch… Hiyori-san’s legs…” (Souma)

“Ahahaha… I-I see…” (Hiyori)

At my words, Hiyorin’s face grew even redder. But I was confident that I was blushing as much as her. Furthermore, my heart was beating the loudest it had ever been. It felt like it could burst out of my mouth at any moment.

“In that case… could you come over in front of me?” (Hiyori)

“O-Okay.” (Souma)

As if under a spell, my body obediently followed Hiyorin’s instructions. Although I should have avoided this situation, I found myself facing Hiyorin on the yoga mat.

“Um… what should I do?” (Souma)

Sweat was pouring out of my body… or so I would say, but in reality, there was no sign of that whatsoever. On the contrary, my body felt unusually cold. Faced with the bare legs of my oshi, my body was struggling to respond.

“Um… I’ll be lying on my back, so Souma-kun, I want you to hold my legs. Do you understand…?” (Hiyori)

With those words, Hiyorin lay on her back and lifted one leg while bending her knee. The adorable sole of her foot was now facing me. I never dreamt that I would be looking at the soles of my oshi.

“I want you to put the sp;e of my feet against your stomach… Is that okay…?” (Hiyori)

“Um… like this…?” (Souma)

I got on my knees, cautiously leaned forward, and pressed Hiyorin’s sole against my abdomen

The moment my oshi’s sole touched my stomach, a tremendous jolt surged through my entire body.

“Oh…!” (Souma)

It felt as though all the blood in my body was rushing to that spot. The abnormal feeling that a part of my body and the sole of her foot was making contact as if I were being stepped on by my oshi, threatened to open a door that should never be opened.

“This… feels really, um, embarrassing, maybe.” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin seemed to be extremely embarrassed about entrusting me with one of her legs as she covered her mouth with her palm while talking.

Being stepped on by my oshi who was blushing… Not bad, not bad at all.

“Um… do I just put my weight on it?” (Souma)

“Oh, um,  yes. Go ahead…?” (Hiyori)

With Hiyori’s permission, I continued while supporting her leg with my abdomen. However, my knees were already bent, so I couldn’t really move forward and was pushed back in place. This should be the right way, probably.

“How is it?” (Souma)

“Ah, um… yeah. It feels good… maybe.” (Hiyori)

Both of us must have been aware of the strange atmosphere that had developed, and we diligently continued to stretch in an awkward manner.

I had a feeling we shared a common understanding that if the gears barely holding together were to shift even slightly, things would get weird. It made Hiyorin seem like a longtime friend of mine.

After going through several stretches, Hiyorin brought out a resistance band1 from somewhere. Perhaps she got it from Shizuka.

“I actually planned to do resistance band exercises next… but I’m feeling tired today. Can you help me out another time?” (Hiyori)

“…Yeah, that sounds good. I’d appreciate that more. Just call me anytime.” (Souma)

Even though I would be troubled if she actually called me, I ended up saying that again.

…Why am I so weak to Hiyorin?

TL Notes:

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I think MC just opened the door he said he wouldn’t open. It’s only been a couple of lines, his determination really didn’t last that long.

I got back into Genshin yesterday cause I heard Hydro Archon was coming out. I just so happen to have enough to get one five-star. Now gotta pray to not lose 50/50.


  1. A resistance band is an elastic band used primarily for strength training. Just think of it as a big rubber band.

ODL – Chapter 93 – Will You Do Anything For Me?

“I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you sooner, but I wasn’t allowed to.” (Hiyori)

“No, no. I think that’s normal. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to seeing you on stage again!” (Souma)

After finishing the live broadcast, I sat around the table with Hiyorin, who had just returned home. Still basking in the afterglow of the announcement, my excitement soared. Live performances are so fun and amazing.

“Hehe, I’ll work hard in my lessons to live up to your expectations, Souma-kun.” (Hiyori)

Saying that, Hiyorin smiled at me like an angel. Hiyorin shone so brightly that I couldn’t help but think that I was born to support her. That’s how radiant she was.

“Oh, I’ll also do my best in cooking! If there’s anything else you want from me, please let me know!” (Souma)

In the past, I could only participate in live performances, and the most I could do was contribute to sales by buying their merchandise. 

But now, it’s different. 

The current me is supporting a part of Hiyorin’s life. I can directly support Zanimasu and my oshi at the same time.

I want to do anything I can. That’s how I feel.

“Anything… Really?” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin held a glass of beer in both hands, hiding her mouth as she asked. There was only one answer from me, of course.

“Of course! Please tell me anything!” (Souma)

“Hehe… Thank you. Well then, may I ask for something right away…?” (Souma)

Saying that, Hiyori smiled mysteriously. I had a really bad feeling about why.

“Souma-kun, you can push a little harder, you know?” (Hiyori)

“Y-Yes…!” (Souma)

What I see in front of me is Hiyorin’s shining white neck. The reason I can see the nape of Hiyorin is because her long hair is currently tied up with a hairband into a ponytail. Speaking of ponytails, it is written in the Manyoshu and Shin Kokin Wakashū1 that ponytails are a medicine that cures all diseases.

For now, what I want to say is that I was feeling a level of excitement and emotion as if all diseases had been completely cured.

“Souma-kun? Can you push a little harder?” (Hiyori)

“Is… this… okay?” (Souma)

It was already difficult enough to maintain composure, and I was plunging into further difficulties. After finishing our meal, Hiyorin invited me to her house, and she suddenly started laying out a yoga mat in the living room. She then sat on it and asked me to help with the stretches. And that brings us to now.

“Yeah, that’s it. I’m quite flexible, you know? My chest even touches the floor like this.” (Hiyori)

“Huh, chest!? Y-Yes, I think you’re flexible!” (Souma)

Her chest was undoubtedly soft, especially since it was Hiyorin. I feel like I’ve had her twin hills pressed against me countless times when she was drunk. I can’t forget that sensation, even if I try.

“Just keep pressing like that.” (Hiyori)

“U-Understood.” (Souma)

Before I knew it, Hiyorin had spread her legs and pressed her chest and stomach onto the mat. Wow, she’s incredibly flexible. Women are said to be more flexible than men, but this is on another level. Although, I’m sure Shizuka is less flexible than me. 


I pushed Hiyori’s back as she instructed, feeling the sensation of her bra beneath the thin sportswear and the heartbeat resonating from even further below, all of them directly affecting my mind. Each of these sensations was trying to disrupt my thoughts, and my head had been feeling strange since a while ago. Why did I say that I would agree to anything?

“Thank you, I’m okay now.” (Hiyori)

Even with just those few words from Hiyorin, my body involuntarily reacted. Every organ in my body, including my five senses, became incredibly sensitive. And all of them perceived Hiyori with an incredible intensity.

When I release my hands, Hiyorin’s upper body springs back up like a spring. If we had stayed like this for a few more minutes, I might have fallen in love with Hiyorin. Well, I feel like I have already fallen for her though.

“Next… could you help me with the thigh stretch? I want you to hold my leg.” (Hiyori)

“Leg?” (Souma)

“Oh, maybe… you don’t like it?” (Hiyori)

Hiyorin made a dejected expression, looking down.

“Well, I guess… you wouldn’t want to touch an old lady’s legs like mine…” (Hiyori)

“No, no, no, no! Hiyorin-san, please wait! I never said anything like that! In fact, during live performances, I was quite drawn in by your legs!” (Souma)

“Eh, ah… I see…?”  (Hiyori)

Seeing Hiyorin blush brightly, I realized my own slip of the tongue.

“Well, that’s embarrassing in its own way… Ahaha…” (Hiyori)

“Uh, ahaha…” (Souma)

Unable to do anything, I let out a forced laugh. Someone, please kill me. If there’s a hole, bury me in it.

“Uh… um… what should we do…?” (Hiyori)

Hiyori was sitting cross-legged, hugging both her legs protectively, and only her gaze was directed at me.

“Um… Souma-kun, do you… want to touch… my legs?” (Hiyori)

“…Uh…” (Souma)

I felt like a frog being stared down by a snake — no, this was more of a succubus seducing someone. Pierced by the succubus’s gaze, my body was completely paralyzed. My head began to calculate a response while slightly overheating.

…Of course, I should say no. To say I want to touch her legs would make me seem like a pervert who views my oshi in that kind of manner, and that goes against my intentions.

I don’t want to touch Hiyorin’s legs at all. Well, I do want to, but if I were to actually touch them, I might lose control. I’m a healthy college student, after all.

“…Um…” (Souma)

But… I can’t predict what will happen if I refuse. Hiyorin always seemed to be conscious of the age gap between her and the other members of the Souma-kai, and even now, she was belittling herself as an old lady. From my perspective, she’s nothing but an attractive older sister, but Hiyorin has an unusually low self-esteem and seems to lack confidence in herself.

If I were to say something like, “I don’t want to touch them,” Hiyori might sink into the depths of despair.

—Causing my oshi to be sad is something that must never happen.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

And so the true meaning of the leak was revealed, not that it was hard to guess. I thought there would have been more live concerts that happened but looks like it was only 2.


  1. These are 2 of the 3 most influential poetry in Japanese literal history. As for the ponytail thing, idk about that.
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