The Beautiful Student Council President Togami-san is Still Hopelessly Clumsy Today and Can’t Be Left Alone

Vol 1 Illustration


Alias: Clumsy Student Council President (CSCP)


At the prestigious Reishuu High School, there’s no one who doesn’t know about the perfect beauty, Nadeshiko Togami. Despite being a freshman, she assumes the role of student council president. 

On the other hand, Gujou Takaki finds himself unwillingly forced into the student council to avoid repeating a year.

Thinking he can slack off if the capable Togami handles everything, Gujou soon realizes the shocking truth.

“P-Please help me, Gujou-san!”

Togami, who was perfect on the outside, turns out to be a hopelessly clumsy beauty!

Upon discovering Togami’s hidden side, Gujou decides to support her to ensure they can get by the term smoothly. 

Although she was initially hesitant, Togami gradually warms up to him through their activities together…

This is a student council romantic comedy featuring a clumsy beauty!

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