HWTR – Chapter 16 – I Like Humans

Traveling with multiple parties usually involves either walking or transportation by carriage. Of course, there were exceptions, especially when facing urgent matters.

In such cases, it’s not the Adventurers Association, but the [Kingdom of Reinella], that sends out adventurers as clients. This gives them access to transportation via magic cast by the [Kingdom’s Magic Corps].

However, the kingdom is not involved in the recent incident concerning Dungeon X. Certainly, reports like “An anomaly has occurred in Dungeon X. It may be related to the resurrection of the demon lord from 120 years ago,” would have been submitted from the Adventurers Association to the kingdom. Nevertheless, it’s merely an anomaly that doesn’t exceed the realm of possibility. Furthermore, there is currently no crisis or damage. Therefore, the kingdom does not step forward, and thus, the [Kingdom’s Magic Corps] doesn’t have to help.

Thus, I found myself inside the carriage box.

There’s a technique to sit in a jostling box without hurting your butt or lower back. And I happen to be good at grasping such techniques that make me comfortable. So, I was planning to teach the people riding along with me, but everyone seemed to have already mastered it. Well, of course, they would.

About an hour had passed since departure.

There were a total of four carriages. Two for [Last Puzzle] and two for [Double Stardust]. The formation consisted of carriages from [Double Stardust] at the front and rear with [Last Puzzle] sandwiched in between. The arrangement was all under the direction of Hoodie-kun while Pupumuru-chan seemed to have no particular objections as she nodded along.

And as for which carriage I was intruding upon, well, naturally, it was at the rear. In other words, it was with [Double Stardust]. …Unfortunately, Hoodie-kun wasn’t here. He’s in the carriage at the front.

So, I was with two adventurers from [Double Stardust]. Both of them were friendly guys. They were about the same age as Hoodie-kun, which means they were both younger than me.

One of them had just stepped outside the carriage and settled onto the driver’s seat.

That left just me and the other adventurer. …He was the complete opposite of Hoodie-kun, with fiery red hair cascading down his shoulders like the last rays of the sun before sunset. His somewhat androgynous appearance was the polar opposite of Hoodie-kun’s youthful masculinity, which I found amusing.

According to the introductions, he seemed to be the vice leader. His name was Rodin-kun. Yeah. That’s a good name!

So, feeling somewhat awkward, I decided to strike up a conversation with him.

“You know, on days when I don’t have any plans, I like to leisurely go outside, lie down on a bench in a park or somewhere, and yawn while basking in the sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees.” (Saburo)

“…Eh. Ah. Is that so? …Yawning?” (Rodin)

“Yeah, yawning. I make big ones, like ‘fuwaaa,’ so big that tears come out.” (Saburo)

“By the way, is there a reason why it has to be a yawn?” (Rodin)

“Not really. I just like to relax, you know.” (Saburo)

“I see. Is that so.” (Rodin)

“Yeah, that’s right. But just as much as that, I like humans.” (Saburo)

“Aren’t you a human?” (Rodin)

“Yeah. I like humans.” (Saburo)

I spoke from the bottom of my heart. However, Rodin-kun tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand.

Well, it was a reaction I’m used to. Saying “I like humans” usually leads to this kind of response. Maybe it’s not that they can’t understand, but rather it’s a phrase that perplexes them. So what? I might think something like that in my mind.

The carriage jolted sharply.

Inside my backpack, the tools made a loud noise.

I glanced out of the carriage window for a moment.



It seemed like the carriage had entered the [Yoimai Forest] from the eastern plains of the kingdom. However, there was still a long way to go. It would probably be nighttime by the time we reached [Toto Dungeon]. That means we’ll have to camp somewhere along the way. Well, I suppose we can leave that decision to Hoodie-kun. He’s a capable leader and most likely a skilled hero too.

And then I returned my gaze to Rodin-kun.

“Well, you see, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t intend to get involved in trouble willingly. As you know, today I plan to stay in the back and just blend into the background… So, with that in mind, can I ask you something?” (Saburo)

“Y-Yes.” (Rodin)

“Why is Hoodie-kun so obsessed with being a leader?” (Saburo)

If he doesn’t know, it’s fine to leave it at that. I won’t ask any further.


I looked at Rodin-kun. I saw him blink quickly and shift his gaze as if he was unsettled. I saw his fingers tighten. I can see through his agitation. And Rodin-kun noticed it too. He noticed that I was analyzing him.

So, I won’t deceive him.

“…Well, you know, it’s not like I hate Hoodie-kun or anything.” (Saburo)

Just to make it clear. Of course, that’s the truth. As I mentioned earlier, I like humans. In the twenty-three years of my life, I’ve met and interacted with many people, but there are hardly any people I dislike. I don’t dislike Hoodie-kun either. If anything, I quite like him.

“But I’m just curious, you know? I don’t want problems to surface later on. So, if you can, I’d like you to tell me more about it… What do you think?” (Saburo)

After my somewhat pleading request, Rodin-kun paused for a moment and then nodded.

And he said.

“…Actually, the two of us are childhood friends… But, there used to be three of us. One of them… left adventuring because of an injury… And he feels responsible for that.” (Rodin)

TL Notes:

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Idk man, I feel like the possible resurrection of the demon lord is something to be on alert about. I mean, yeh sure, if you say that Hitler will be resurrected, people will think your crazy. But they live in a world of magic.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t a human or something since he’s the MC.


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HWTR – Chapter 15 – Departure

What would have been the ideal start to a day? Would it have been having hope as you emerged from the depths of sleep? Or perhaps it was the moment you enthusiastically declared, “Today will be a great day!” as you rose from bed.

My day began with rubbing my bleary eyes.

Haa… I exhaled heavily as faint sunlight seeped through the curtains. Maybe it would have been a better start if I had no plans at all. But today was the investigation of Dungeon X. Great.

I rose from the bed and pulled the curtains aside. Then I opened the window. …I liked the morning sun because it was clear and gave off a special feeling. I also liked the morning breeze for the same reason.

I yawned deeply, tears forming in my eyes. Slowly, I got up on my feet. And by late morning, I must have had my mind sharp as a tack.

I checked if there were any message birds waiting. Perhaps my companions had returned, or Mamiya-san had found any information regarding the “Devils”. Unfortunately, not a single message bird was awaiting me. Well, that was fine then.

I decided to have a light meal in the morning. I took out three fruits from the fridge, blended them with water in a mixer, and gulped them down. After a light nutrient intake, I changed my clothes and took a stroll around the neighborhood, making sure to soak up as much sunlight as possible to energize my brain.

Once back home, I took a quick shower and then indulged in a bit of laziness. This time was blissful. There was rarely a moment where I truly appreciated just lazing around like this. However, I didn’t just lie around playing games or watching videos or streams. I simply lazed around without taxing my brain.

It was crucial to conserve energy without exerting my brain too much. At least, it was important in my adventurous life. After all, there will definitely be moments when brainpower is needed. Though, I hoped they wouldn’t come today.

I checked the time and got up. After taking a second shower and tidying up my appearance, I had a proper meal. It was a balanced diet, considering nutrition. Vegetables, meat, and rice were included, along with dairy products like cheese and eggs. Finally, I topped it off with fruits and sweet treats for dessert. Perfect.

After brushing my teeth, I went up to my room on the second floor. I checked one last time if any message birds had flown in. Unfortunately, the result was disappointing. Well, at that point, I decided to give up. Giving up was something I was good at, after all.

I took out a disguise robe from the closet and put it on. As usual, the robe was enchanted with a spell to conceal my presence. After making sure everything was locked up, I left the house.

I headed towards the commercial district located to the east of the royal capital.

As I walked, I checked my condition. But there were no issues. My health was perfect. My brain might not have been fully awake yet, but it would start functioning smoothly soon.

As for emotions… There’s no fear. Just a faint sense of tension. Even if I’m a bit rotten, I’m still a hero. I’ve overcome countless crises. So, there’s no reason for me to be scared of the unknown at this point. It’s just troublesome at this point.

At the gathering place, a suspicious group clad in black robes had gathered.

I couldn’t help but think it was a bit too obvious, but I refrained from saying anything and instead counted the number of people. Yeah, it seemed like everyone was present, even though it was a few minutes before the meeting time. They’re all so serious. Alright.

I raised my hand to the two leaders of the black-robed group. First was the leader of the magic party [Last Puzzle], Pupumuru-chan, with her short pink hair swaying in the wind. She’s a B-rank hero.

Next was Hoodie-kun, the leader of the well-rounded party [Double Stardust] with his short, spiked blue hair like the dawn sky. He’s also a B-rank hero.

The two of them were in positions as if they were deliberately avoiding each other, not engaging in any conversation. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the two joint parties were also not conversing with each other. Since you’re a joint party, you should at least talk to each other… is what I thought, but I kept it to myself. I knew that my words could cause trouble.

So, I made an effort to cheerfully speak up.

“Good morning! …No, maybe ‘good afternoon’ is more appropriate? Even though it’s still before the designated time, everyone’s so punctual and impressive! Unlike the [First Family], where being late is practically the norm. I’m really impressed.” (Saburo)

“Oh, uh, good afternoon kamodesu1! …Um, so, when should we head off, Saburo-san? Everyone seems to be ready for departure, at least.” (Pupumuru)

Despite Pupumuru-chan’s hesitant inquiry, it wasn’t me who answered. It was Hoodie-kun, who had likely been strategizing with [Double Stardust] until then, who turned around and spoke.

“Five minutes from now. Don’t make me repeat myself. I’m the leader. If you have questions, ask me.” (Hoodie)

“…I don’t understand why you’re acting so high and mighty.” (Pupumuru)

“Because I’m the leader.” (Hoodie)

Hoodie-kun replied with a snort. 

“…Is that how it is?” (Pupumuru)

Pupumuru-chan’s murmured question seemed to dissolve into thin air. And I couldn’t answer. Because it depends on the party.

I’ve traveled through various countries in the course of my adventures. And I’ve encountered all sorts of parties. Among them were many one-man parties where the leader was absolute. There were also parties where the leader truly behaved like a king, and they were incredibly skilled. So, I don’t know. What is right and what is wrong?

If it’s working out well, then that’s fine.

“Saburo-san.” (Hoodie)

His face was already tense. It was the face of a warrior before heading into battle. Quite an appropriate demeanor for what’s to come. I nodded in response, and Hoodie-kun continued.

“As we discussed yesterday, I’d like to ask you a favor. I want you to follow behind. Basically, don’t interfere. Of course, you’ll follow my instructions…” (Hoodie)

“Yeah, that’s fine, that’s fine. I’m just a third-party. I’ll adapt to the movements accordingly. I’ll follow your orders too.” (Saburo)

“Sorry. I appreciate it. …Well then, three minutes left before we depart. Make sure you’re ready!” (Hoodie)

Only the members of [Double Stardust] reacted to Hoodie-kun’s voice. Neither Pupumuru-chan nor the members of [Last Puzzle] responded. However, they seemed to have the intention to follow the instructions given. Each of them proceeded with their preparations for departure.

As for my belongings, I only had my usual survival pouch and a backpack. Inside were various tools useful for survival. …Survival. They weren’t tools for fighting but tools for staying alive.

I waited for the departure time leisurely while gazing at the blue sky.

Soon, Hoodie-kun’s energetic voice resounded.

“――From here, we’re heading to the [Toto Dungeon] in the [Yoimai Forest] for investigation. Our first objective is to identify the cause of the abnormality known as ‘high-density mana eruption.’ …Our second objective is for everyone to return safely. Let’s go.” (Hoodie)

TL Notes:

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I’m pretty sure MC’s goal is to just survive until [First Family] arrives and let them carry the mission. I can only imagine the number of things that will go wrong in this mission.


  1. So I never mentioned this before, but Pupumuru ends most of her sentences with “kamodesu”, which means ‘maybe’ or ‘perhaps’. I don’t really know how to add it in without sounding weird so I just left it as it is.

HWTR – Chapter 14 – Preparation for Tomorrow

The resurrection of the Demon Lord. The ferocious group of demons involved in that resurrection—are beings known as Devils.

After leaving behind quite an unexpected parting gift, Laruway-chan left.

I wish she could tell me a bit more about them. But I doubt Laruway-chan knows much about them either. If she did know in detail, she would surely tell me. So, does that mean there’s very little information about this group of demons?

…I pondered. What was it like 120 years ago when the Demon Lord was resurrected? Back in those days when the war between humans and demons was fierce, were there such things as Devils…?

I ascended from the basement to the second floor and once again whispered words into the message bird.

The recipient, this time, was Mamiya-san.

—(Please investigate whether there were beings called Devils 120 years ago.)

Outside, darkness has fallen. Illuminating the street in front of houses are magical lamps installed by the kingdom. They emit a faint bluish-white light, illuminating the night with a color reminiscent of high-density mana. And then there are the moon and stars hanging in the sky.

Placing the fist-sized message bird on my palm, I sent it off to the Adventurer’s Association. Mamiya-san should still be there. Such a diligent and serious person wouldn’t just think, “I’ve formed an investigation team, so it’s okay,” and return home.

Now then.

I basked in the summer night breeze for a while. It just felt like the right thing to do. And then, my thoughts naturally drifted to my companions. What’s Spica doing? Where’s Shirayuki? Will Dragon come back soon? Razuri, you should hurry back too. Why am I even involved in this situation? I don’t have the strength to handle such situations alone…

…Ah. It’s probably all because of the title of hero. Especially the title of S-rank hero. Ah, I want to retire! I really want to retire! I want to retire right now! But I’ve been assigned to the investigation team. I have to do my job properly. Even if it means just “following behind two parties.”

I sighed and then closed the window.

Oh well.

There’s no point in thinking about things that can’t be helped. Besides, one of my skills is not thinking. It’s quite a handy skill to have. People are creatures who tend to overthink things, but I don’t. I’ll just rest for tomorrow without overthinking.

I boiled water with mana and took a bath for about an hour. I like taking baths. And I also like playing with rubber duck toys while soaking in the tub. Sometimes I play with floating mana toys too. After all that, I got out of the bath. Next, I went to eat dinner.

I used a mana bike to get there. I thought about using levitation magic, but considering that it was nighttime, I decided against it. Plus, it consumes quite a bit of mana.

I pedaled the mana bike, and as mana was supplied to it, the pedals became lighter. Eventually, I arrived at a small tavern in an area about ten minutes away.

The customers right now mostly consist of elderly people. Being a local establishment, the customers are all familiar faces. Moreover, it wasn’t particularly crowded tonight, so I didn’t feel any odd stares upon entering. Even if someone noticed me, they wouldn’t approach me. Yeah, it’s a cozy place, just the way I like it.

I had a casual meal of salad, fried food, and white rice, accompanied by a pint of ale. As usual, my appetite increased with alcohol, so I ordered more snacks—a seafood platter and miso soup. I devoured everything voraciously, then left the restaurant for home.

Outside my room’s window, the message bird was huddling, looking cold. It’s getting chilly tonight. A sign that autumn is approaching.

When I played the message, Mamiya-san’s voice came through.

—(I’ll look into it, but I won’t make it in time before your departure. Please note that I can only prepare it upon your return.)

Thank you.

I let those words drift into the night sky. It’s already late at night, and expressing gratitude doesn’t require sending a message bird. I could simply convey it in person when I meet them. So, I brought the chilly message bird into the room, providing it some warmth while I sat on the bed.

Considering I need to clear my head by noon, waking up around nine should be fine. Assuming I need eight hours of sleep, I have about three hours left. Both oversleeping and sleep deprivation can affect my condition negatively. Managing sleep time is one of the habits adventurers must develop as second nature.

With that in mind, I decided to pass the time for about three hours. Fortunately, I’ve never had trouble finding ways to occupy myself. I enjoy watching videos and live streams.

I activated the display on the ceiling.

I spent about an hour watching animal-related and food-related videos on ManaTube. Then, I flicked my finger to open Manatch and watched streams from my favorite streamers. …One of those streamers was playing a game from [Jipangu Empire], an Eastern island nation that is also known as the gaming powerhouse. It was an FPS game… Wait, is this the game Laruway-chan mentioned?

I watched the streamer play for a while. It’s amusing to see the comments scrolling on the edge of the screen.

By the way, I have a friend who is a streamer and video creator. She seems to be quite popular on ManaTube and Manatch. However, I’ve never watched any of her videos or streams… Well, I did once, but it was so embarrassing that I closed it immediately… Her character was just too different from what I expected.

As I pondered, I felt the onset of drowsiness. Without resisting the urge, I flicked my finger, shutting down everything—the display, the lights, everything. Instantly, darkness enveloped me, a darkness that could feel unsettling. Yet, I knew darkness wasn’t something to fear. I knew it was an ally. So, I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to a peaceful slumber.

Time to sleep.

And get ready for tomorrow.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What a chill chapter. 

One of my skills is also not thinking. Except that it’s on passively.

Star Rail just can’t stop releasing stupidly op characters. Archeron is so stupidly strong.


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HWTR – Chapter 13 – Because We’re Friends

The anomaly in Dungeon X. The connection to the war that occurred one hundred twenty years ago. When I finished explaining the possibility of this being a sign of the resurrection of the Demon Lord, Laruway-chan had a complicated expression.

That’s understandable.

It’s natural for her to have such an expression. After all, Laruway-chan doesn’t really have any particular stance towards the Demon Lord. She just so happens to be a member of the demon race.

And so, I left the basement to give Laruway-chan some breathing room. I went upstairs to the kitchen and poured some juice into a glass. Just ordinary fruit juice.

I returned to the basement with two glasses in hand.

Laruway-chan was sitting on the hard floor, looking settled. It seemed like something was peeking out from under her gothic-style skirt, but I didn’t pay it any mind.

I sat opposite Laruway-chan and offered her a glass. Then I spoke.

“Sorry. I should have brought down chairs or something.” (Saburo)

“Hmm? It’s fine. We can’t afford to arouse suspicion, right? This is just an unused storage room, after all. Isn’t that right?” (Laruway)

“Yeah. That’s the impression I was going for.” (Saburo)

“That’s fine then. I don’t want to cause trouble for Saburo.” (Laruway)

Laruway-chan held the glass with both hands and sipped the juice little by little. It was childish, but it suited Laruway-chan. And it was cute.

I also drank the juice, following Laruway-chan’s lead. …It was quite sour. Yet, it had a definite sweetness to it. The aftertaste was refreshing, and I liked it. That’s why I always made sure to have some in stock.

After drinking about half of it, Laruway-chan continued.

“I understand the situation. So, what about Saburo? What’s you’re position?” (Laruway)

“Unfortunately, I got assigned into the investigation team.” (Saburo)

“…I see. Heading towards Dungeon X then? Are you bringing your companions?” (Laruway)

“My party is absent. Instead, I am going with two other promising parties. To be honest, I don’t think my abilities are needed. From what I’ve observed, they seem quite capable. Their leaders are also heroes.” (Saburo)

“Hmm. Then why not take a break and play with me? What do you say, Saburo? I’ll teach you the fun of games. Hehe.” (Laruway)

“I already know about that, so it’s fine. …But if I could escape, I would. I’m not in a position to escape.” (Saburo)

“Ah. Come to think of it, Saburo was also a hero… Nevertheless, if it’s related to the resurrection of the Demon Lord, things will undoubtedly get dangerous.” (Laruway)

“Yeah, you’re right.” (Saburo)

“Ah, well. It can’t be helped. I’ll lend you a hand.” (Laruway)

Alright! I’ve been waiting for those words! I clapped my hands with a smile. 


The sound made Laruway-chan briefly widen her eyes in surprise.

But soon after, she narrowed her eyes, like an adult looking at a child.

“You’re still as easy to read as ever, Saburo.” (Laruway)

“Well, you know. Being straightforward is my strong suit.” (Saburo)

“By the way, how do you want to proceed? What’s the plan?” (Laruway)

“Hmm… I don’t know. For now, you can just move as you like.” (Saburo)

“As I like, huh? I like the sound of that.” (Laruway)

“By the way, are you sure about this?” (Saburo)

“Hm? Sure about what?” (Laruway)

“If this really is related to the resurrection of the Demon Lord, wouldn’t Laruway-chan’s actions be like going against her own kind?” (Saburo)

This fact is obvious without even needing to ask. What she’s doing would undoubtedly be an act of defiance to her own kind.

Is Laruway-chan really okay with that? Is she really fine?

I concentrated and observed Laruway-chan closely.

I observe that expression. I observe the gestures. I observe the movements of the eyes. I observe the faint movements of the body. There’s something to understand by observing this closely. Even if someone says “I’m okay” with words, there are times when they’re not really okay. And I have the keen eyes to see through their true feelings. So, I wonder how Laruway-chan will answer my question.

Laruway-chan smiled.

“This is one of the reasons why I was on the verge of death in that cave… But don’t worry, Saburo. I can’t go into detail because it would cause trouble, but the truth is, I don’t have any friends among the demon race to begin with.” (Laruway)

Her smile seemed fleeting.

I close my eyes for just two seconds.

…Yeah. There’s no mistake. There was no lie in Laruway-chan’s words. It was the truth. I understood that well. And I open my eyes.

“I see.” (Saburo)

“…Is that all? No words of comfort or encouragement?” (Laruway)

“Comfort? Heh. I don’t think you want that, Laruway-chan.” (Saburo)

“Well, yeah. I don’t like anything forced.” (Laruway)

“I know, I know. Because we’re friends. Above all, because we’re comrades.” (Saburo)

We gaze at each other and share a small laugh. We understand each other. We connect with each other. That’s all conveyed in our current conversation and laughter.

Then Laruway-chan finishes the juice in her glass. I followed suit and emptied my glass.

Laruway-chan licks her lips with her tongue and then continues.

“Well then, I should start preparing too. It’s about time for me to take my leave.” (Laruway)

“Yeah. Sorry for dragging you into something weird.” (Saburo)

“What? It’s too late for that. Saburo, you always get me involved in weird things. I’m used to it. Besides, it’s not a bad feeling to be relied upon by a friend.” (Laruway)

“Thank you. Well, once things settle down, let’s play some games. I’m also interested in that FPS.” (Saburo)

“Hmm. I won’t go easy on you, you know? Can you really keep up?” (Laruway)

“Unfortunately, games are my forte. Always have been. I don’t know why exactly, but maybe I just have a good sense for it. Master Kisaragi said it’s because my eyes are sharp, but I don’t really understand the logic behind it. Why would having good eyesight directly correlate with gaming skills?” (Saburo)

Laruway-chan stood up and returned to the red magic circle. I stood up as if seeing her off.

As she was leaving, she left some final words.

“Saburo. If this really is a precursor to the resurrection of the Demon Lord, then there must be another entity involved.” (Laruway)

“Another entity? Like who?” (Saburo)

“Those who are moving to resurrect the Demon Lord are ferocious. Be careful, Saburo.” (Laruway)

“…Well, I’ll just have to be careful.” (Saburo)

“They’re also known as Devils. If you ever encounter them—as a mere human, you’ll never be able to win. So, for the sake of your life, run.” (Laruway)

TL Notes:

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Oh man, I hope we don’t across any Devils or anything during the investigation.

In that last line, Laruway called them demons but used a different word. I just translated it as Devil otherwise it would get confusing.


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HWTR – Chapter 12 – Laruway Heming

Laruway-chan, or Laruway Heming, was considered a vampire by species. We met two years ago in [Kagayaki Cave], which belonged to no territory. At the time of the encounter, we were both in a pretty dire situation.

I had become separated from my companions and was lost inside the cave while Laruway-chan was also lost due to some “mysterious reason”. By the way, the details of this “mysterious reason” have not been revealed. It seems she has no intention of talking about it. So, there’s no reason to pursue it.

Now then.

At that time, I didn’t have the strength to survive being in [Kagayaki Cave] by myself (and perhaps even now…). Therefore, I needed companions or someone to help me.

On the other hand, Laruway-chan at that time was suffering from hunger. She also seemed quite injured and weakened, so she couldn’t get food herself.

By the way, initially, I thought she was dead. And out of pity for someone who seemed to have passed away out in the open, I thought I should at least cover her corpse with a coat. But as I approached, I realized she was alive. I can’t forget the faint sound of her breathing at that moment. And her gently rising and falling chest.

I had past confrontations with vampires before so I could quickly tell that she was of the same kind. Unfortunately, vampires are not known for their friendliness towards humans. After all, humans often serve as prey for vampires.

Nevertheless, I decided to offer her my blood.

Logically, I should have just abandoned her as one would normally do. After all, she belonged to the demon race that opposed humans. Moreover, I could tell that she was a strong and dangerous vampire. Once she recovered, who knows what she might do? Even past vampires I fought before were cunning and vile. If that vampire had been in Laruway-chan’s position, I would undoubtedly have been killed.

But still, my philosophy remains: “There are good and bad people in the world.”

So, I rescued the vampire girl—which I later found out her name was Laruway-chan—from [Kagayaki Cave]. Although she was initially wary of me, Laruway-chan gradually softened up as time passed. Together, we managed to escape from [Kagayaki Cave].

Well, all I did was provide Laruway-chan with blood. Essentially, all the fighting was left to her while I remained in the back as usual, providing support. Heh. Whether it’s humans or demons, it seems my role will always be the same.

And outside the cave— Laruway-chan and I made a contract.

The contents of the contract were straightforward.

“Saburo’s my best friend, so—it’s okay for us to always be able to meet each other, right? It’s a bit embarrassing to say this out loud…” (Laruway)

“There’s nothing embarrassing about it. We’re best friends, right? Being able to meet each other is important!” (Saburo)

“…I’m relieved to hear you say that. However, it’s inconvenient using this method since I can’t call you.” (Laruway)

“Don’t worry. If anything happens, I’ll consult with Laruway-chan right away.” (Saburo)

“…You can call me even if nothing happens.” (Laruway)

“Of course. It’s a deal.” (Saburo)

And then, we parted ways.

And then, we reunited.

—With her silver-haired princess cut and eyes as red as blood.

—Clad in a gothic black lolita outfit

In the basement of the house lies a transparent magic circle. When blood is dripped onto it, it turns into a vivid red magic circle. The existence of this magic circle is to fulfill the contract of “being able to meet each other anytime”. The only necessary cost is a single drop of my blood. And what spawned from it was a noble vampire from the demon clan.

It feels like the cost and result aren’t quite balanced, but I’ll take it as a friend discount. Thank you, Laruway-chan.

Slowly emerging from the magic circle drawn on the floor, Laruway-chan appears as if floating gently in the air like a soap bubble. Then, she lands on both feet. Laruway-chan looks around for a moment, her gaze scanning the surroundings. Then she spots me standing in front of her.

She clicks her tongue.

“…Baka Saburo. I was in the middle of something important, you know? Hah…” (Laruway)

“Eh? Um, I’m sorry but what was this ‘important’ thing that you were doing? Did you finally make a friend other than me, Laruway-chan?” (Saburo)

“I-I never said that!” (Laruway)

“Sorry, sorry. It seems like you didn’t make a friend after all.” (Saburo)

“Well, that’s true, but… Anyway, that’s not the point! You’re annoying today! I’m going home!” (Laruway)

“Wait, I’m sorrrryyy! I teasing you too much!” (Saburo)

“Hah.” (Laruway)

Tch. Laruway-chan clicks her tongue repeatedly to express her displeasure.

So, in order to regain Laruway-chan’s favor, I once again bit my finger and offered my blood to her… This had pretty much become a ritual to fix Laruway-chan’s mood. In other words, it’s the usual.

And so, without saying anything in particular, Laruway-chan latched onto my finger and started sucking on it, making light kissing sounds. When the blood flow was slow, she would lick the wound with her tongue. …The strange ticklish sensation sent shivers down my spine. However, to not make things weird at times like this, I would shut off the nerves in my brain.

After sucking on my finger for about three minutes…

Laruway-chan separated her soft lips. Her expression was oddly seductive and it made my heart race. I’m glad I’m someone who believes in platonic friendship between men and women! I couldn’t help but think. …But even if I were to mistake the atmosphere and attack her, there’s no way I could match Laruway-chan.

After she was done, the wound on my finger was gone. I wiped my finger with a handkerchief and then continued.

“So, um, sorry Laruway-chan. Were you in the middle of some work?” (Saburo)

“Hm? Oh, it’s not exactly work… but I was playing a game?” (Laruway)

“Ah, so it’s just a game?” (Saburo)

“What do you mean it’s just a game?! Hey! I was just about to wipe out the enemy team! Do you understand, Saburo? I was on the verge of becoming the MVP by blasting all the enemies with my Mana Gun!” (Laruway)

“And it’s an FPS, too…” (Saburo)

“What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with a vampire playing an FPS, huh? Say it!” (Laruway)

“Nothing’s wrong, there’s nothing wrong at all! It’s perfectly fine for a vampire to play games. Yeah. Even a vampire can play FPS games!” (Saburo)

“That’s right!” (Laruway)

“Right!” (Saburo)

If I anger her any further, it won’t just end with my finger. She’ll probably sink her teeth into my neck… It happened once before when I teased Laruway-chan too much, and she got angry. Then she forcefully pushed me down and bit my neck. It was truly hell.

The sensation inflicted on the victim is influenced by the emotions the vampire has towards the target.

For example, when sucking blood from an enemy one hates, the sensation inflicted upon them is nothing but excruciating pain, to the point where the victim may go into shock and die from it. It’s unimaginable torment.

But what if the vampire harbors affection for their target—?

“Uwah! Laruway-chan, stop! Stop it—! Seriously, stop! I’m sorry! Hey! This is really bad! I’m gonna die! I’m gonna diiieee!” (Saburo)

“Shut up! Take it like a man, baka.” (Laruway)

“Uwagghhhh!” (Saburo)

It became nothing short of unimaginable pleasure. Pleasure. Enough to make one foam at the mouth… I never want to experience that again. It was a different kind of hell. Worst of all, pleasure has addictive qualities. Ah, if I were to experience it again, I wonder if I could break free from it. There’s a real possibility of becoming addicted.


Now then.

Despite it not even being that long since I summoned her, I feel oddly exhausted. I chuckle wryly at that thought.

Seeing my wry smile, Laruway-chan changes her demeanor and speaks.

“So? Saburo. What’s wrong? Is something troubling you for you to look like that…? Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” (Laruway)

“I wonder if I can really not worry.” (Saburo)

“I still haven’t repaid you for saving me yet. I’ll help you out.” (Laruway)

With such reassuring words spoken from her smile, I nod and begin to explain the situation.

TL Notes:

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That’s an interesting take on the vampire-biting thing. I really wanted to see the bite happen lol. They already look like the best of friends.


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HWTR – Chapter 11 – About the Demon Girl

120 years ago, the war between demons and humans erupted due to the resurrection of the Demon Lord. As a result, the hostility between demons and humans became more apparent. Since then, the main task of adventurers has been dealing with demons. This could involve demon subjugation, escorting merchant caravans to protect them from demons, or investigating demon territory.

By the way, I am both a hero and an adventurer. So, do I still harbor hostile feelings towards demons? Well, not particularly. To be frank, I can’t just bring myself to kill demons just because they are demons! 

As someone who is skilled in observing humans, I can’t help but think that humans and demons aren’t all that different in nature. It’s more about the ratio of good and bad people. Just as there are good and bad humans, there might be a similar situation with demons. That’s my philosophy.

I understand that this is wrong as a human and as a hero. Therefore, I have no intention of openly expressing this philosophy. I won’t even tell my companions. I’ll just keep it in my heart.

Now then.

Truth be told, I befriended a certain demon about two years ago. The circumstances are complicated. Since it’s lengthy, I’ll give a brief summary. We met in a cave, or more specifically, [Kagayaki Cave] which was located at the far south of the [Kingdom of Reinella]. By the way, [Kagayaki Cave] doesn’t belong to any kingdom or territory. It’s a completely isolated cave.

There, I got separated from my companions and was stranded.

And the demon I would come to know was also on the brink of death.

It was a fateful coincidence. By the way, why she was on the brink of death is still a mystery to me, as she hasn’t told me yet, citing it as “inconvenient”. While I was stranded due to being separated from my companions, why was she in such a dire state? It piques my curiosity, but I don’t want to inconvenience her by probing further. So, I’ll leave it at that.

Now, regarding that demon—what she thinks about humans is still up for debate. We’ve become on quite good terms to the point of being friends now, but that’s because of the mutual assistance we provided to each other in the cave; it’s a special bond that developed under those circumstances. It’s not a typical relationship. In other words, who knows what would have happened if we ran into each other in perfect conditions.


As I ponder about such things, I find myself in my room. It’s a house located on the outskirts of the [Royal Capital, Miracle]. Although it’s considered a residential area, the houses aren’t densely packed so there’s plenty of space. It almost seems wasteful for a single person.

My room is on the second floor of this house. With the window open to let in fresh air, I’m teaching words to a message bird with white feathers.

(I’m heading to the [Toto Dungeon] in [Yoimai Forest] in the eastern region. You probably know it as Dungeon X. But it seems that an unusually high density of mana has erupted, something which was not supposed to happen. So, I’ve been assigned to the investigation team. I’ll be leaving the capital tomorrow at noon. If you see this message, please come and help me.)

…Come and help me. That last message was rather pathetic. I’m aware of that. But at the same time, it’s the undeniable truth. Lying to my companions isn’t something I can do, right? Without my companions, I’m just a weakling, a powerless man. If I were to face danger in the [Toto Dungeon], I honestly don’t have the confidence to return alive.

I prepared message birds for Spica, Razuri, Shirayuki, and Dragon. …By the way, I don’t know where they are, so it’s more like leaving a note. In other words, the message birds will go to their respective homes or the hotel rooms they’re staying in.

Now then.

Looking at the clock, it’s already close to 6 PM. Even though it’s summer and the days are long, it’s getting dark outside.

If you listen closely, you can hear the lively chirping of summer insects and the laughter of children. Then there’s the sound of flying magic from housewives returning from shopping. Additionally, there are those who prefer to save mana or aren’t proficient in magic, opting to ride the public carriages. The sound of their wheels echoes in the distance.

The food Dark-chan and I enjoyed at the tavern has already begun to digest. So, I went downstairs and had a light meal. I’m the type who prefers to eat little by little multiple times rather than gobbling everything down at once. With my stomach satisfied, the next place I head to is underground.

The basement of the house.

It’s a basement that Razuri and Dragon made for me rights after I bought the house. Razuri used her magic to create space underground, and I asked the strong Dragon to help with the heavy lifting. I admit, it might seem like I’m not treating them well, but it’s mutual. Razuri and the Dragon often make unreasonable demands for me too.

It’s a give-and-take relationship. That’s how we are.


“So? Why do you need such a basement?” (Razuri)

“Well, there are various reasons.” (Saburo)

“Various reasons? Hmm… Do you like abnormal play or something, Saburo?” (Razuri)

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but thanks. You can go home now.” (Saburo)

“If I were you, I’d want to hang out with me. What do you say?” (Razuri)

“Thanks. You can go home now.” (Saburo)


As I descend the dark stairs, I recall the conversation with Razuri. It feels nostalgic.

After that day, Razuri often teased me about “abnormal play”. It was seriously annoying. Just does she think I’m doing…? Well, I guess I can understand her suspicions to some extent. It’s certainly not something normal to build a basement like this for no apparent reason.

I reach the bottom of the stairs.

There, an iron door awaits me.

Feeling the atmosphere of the cold, hard door, I check the time. The sun hadn’t completely set yet. Nevertheless, it was approaching night. 

If she were to scold me for calling her out “when it’s not night yet”, I’d probably get angry in return. After all, I had accumulated a lot of pent-up frustration today. She’d surely forgive me for it.

With all that in mind, I opened the iron door.

The lighting was dim red.

There was nothing there.

Just gray walls and a gray floor, emitting the smell of gunpowder.

But what’s notable was the thing in the center of the room—A transparent magic circle. What is it for? Well, you’ll soon see.

I bit my left index finger and tore the tip of my finger with my front teeth. The sensation of pain has already flown somewhere else. I’m used to doing this by now. And naturally, what spreads in my mouth is the taste of iron. The bitterness of blood.

I drip the blood onto the center of the room.

—Instantly, the transparency dissolves.

A red-stained magic circle materializes.

I whisper towards the magic circle.

“Come forth, Laruway-chan.” (Saburo)

TL Notes:

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So in other words, the whole baby play thing started with him not clearing up the misunderstanding. I mean, there are definitely ways to do it without revealing that it’s for Laruway but I guess MC still doesn’t know what she meant by “plays”.


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HWTR – Chapter 10 – Strategy Meeting?

If I were to describe Lamp-chan’s appearance in a few words, “the ghost of a widow” would be appropriate. It’s not just because of her appearance, but also her presence. Lamp-chan’s presence is as faint as that of a ghost. It’s so faint, you could say it’s almost non-existent. For example, even if she’s sitting close enough for our legs to touch on the sofa, it’s common not to notice her.

Because of this, I didn’t even notice that I was being stalked for a while. That’s right. Even though Master Kisaragi had praised my eyesight before, I still failed to notice Lamp-chan stalking me for about three months.

In other words, Lamp-chan has a special talent. And it’s an innate talent. I’m jealous.

While thinking of such things, I take a seat at the table. Opposite me are Hoodie-kun, who seems strong-willed, and Pupumuru-chan, who seems timid. But even Hoodie-kun was surprised by the sudden appearance of food and drinks placed on the table. Un, un. If you don’t know Lamp-chan well, it is quite easy to miss the moment when she served the food and drinks. I get it.

On the other hand, Pupumuru-chan seemed to be getting used to it. People who are timid and cautious tend to have a high ability to adapt. Un un.

“The food and drinks are on the house, Saburo-san.” (Lamp-chan)

“Yeah. But it feels like it’s always on the house.” (Saburo)

“Don’t mind it!” (Lamp-chan)

I don’t understand why Lamp-chan seems so happy, clasping her hands together. But it’s good that she’s happy. Un un.

The atmosphere in the bar is dark. The area is quite dim and the surroundings of the bar probably also played a part. The location is too remote, after all. Outside the bar, there’s a strong scent of crime lingering. Also, I heard a story when this bar was built that the previous establishment closed down after the owner mysteriously disappeared. And today, it operates as if nothing happened.

Now then.

With food and drinks on the table, the preparations for the meeting were complete. The two remaining heroes, who still seemed a bit nervous, would get used to this environment soon.  So, I calmly took a sip of the drink Lamp-chan poured into my glass. Fruity. Not too alcoholic. After letting it settle in my stomach, I spoke up.

“Well, let’s start with a more detailed self-introduction, shall we? After all, we couldn’t get too in-depth into it when we were at the Adventurers’ Association due to all the chaos. Anyways, my name is Saburo. I’m twenty-three years old. Despite my appearance, I’m an S-class hero. I mainly play a support role within [First Family]. I’m not particularly strong in direct combat.” (Saburo)

“Is that so? Saburo-san… As I mentioned earlier, I’m Hoodie. I’m twenty years old. I’m a B-class hero. But I’m also in the process of applying for A-class. Whether I’ll pass or not, I don’t know… In [Double Stardust], I’m a frontliner. I believe a leader should always be at the forefront, leading and commanding everyone.” (Hoodie)

“Yeah. That’s a great mindset.” (Saburo)

“Um… I’m Pupumuru, I think. I’m twenty-two years old, and um, I might be a B-class hero… Um, in [Last Puzzle], I’m also at the rear, but, well, our party is mainly composed of magicians, so… yeah.” (Pupumuru)

“I see, I see. So basically, there’s no concept of frontlines or rearguards, right? That makes sense if everyone’s a magician.” (Saburo)

“Yes! That’s exactly it!” (Pupumuru)

Pupumuru-chan nodded, her pink hair swaying along with the movement. Beside her, Hoodie-kun, playing with his short blue hair, sniffed disdainfully, as if mocking magicians. No, not just magicians, but magician heroes.

I had suspected it from the start, but Hoodie-kun’s attitude wasn’t particularly pleasant. Initially, I thought he had that attitude towards everyone. However, reflecting on the events from earlier until now, it seemed like his negativity was directed more towards Pupumuru-chan.

Pupumuru-chan probably noticed it too.

…Why? Well, the answer was already pretty obvious.


…This could double as both a strength and a weakness. Rivalry isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wanting to surpass someone, wanting to do better than them, those competitive feelings often breed ambition, which is something I obviously lack.

As fellow B-rank heroes, it’s natural for competitive feelings to arise.

So, I decided to remain neutral. In fact, it’s not my place to meddle in the relationships of others. And even if problems arise between them, it’s not my responsibility. Of course, if issues occur during the investigation because of this, I’ll report to Mamiya-san and have the investigation team reorganized from scratch.

With these thoughts swirling in my mind, I continued.

“Now then. With introductions out of the way, let’s move on to the main topic.” (Saburo)

“…And what would that be? What exactly is this meeting for? I’m the leader, and you’re supporting me. Isn’t that enough? In both [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle], I’m the one in control.” (Hoodie)

“…Um. Could you, um, maybe refrain from using the term ‘control’?” (Pupumuru)

“Words are just words, right?” (Hoodie)

“No, they’re not. Depending on the choice of words, the effects of magic can change…” (Pupumuru)

“Huh? I wasn’t talking about magic. Don’t change the subject.” (Hoodie)

“I-I’m not changing the subject! I’m just asking you to reconsider your choice of words!” (Pupumuru)

“So, how does the choice of words affect the strategy?” (Hoodie)

“That’s because it’s like magic!” (Pupumuru)

“I’m telling you not to change the subject to magic!” (Hoodie)

Un un. Arguments can be a good thing. They say that adversity strengthens one’s resolve, after all. With those thoughts, I nibble on the dessert that Lamp-chan probably made. Sweet and delicious. Once I finish eating, I’ll step in to mediate.

But by the time I finish my dessert, both of them fall silent. Of course, it’s not because they’ve reconciled. Their personalities and opinions are just too different, and they’ve both given up on each other. Well, that’s one possible outcome.

And then I speak up.

“Well then. As you can see, this is my stance. I’m just here, like the air. I won’t get involved in your party at all. It’s been proven time and again that adventures go smoother that way.” (Saburo)

“…That’s fine. Saburo-san, just stay silent and follow behind. If I’m the leader, anything goes.” (Hoodie)

“…Following this person is irritating, but if that’s what’s decided, then I might as well follow.” (Pupumuru)

“Well, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re so desperate you’d even consider asking a slime for help, feel free to call on me. I’ll surely be more useful than a slime, right?” (Saburo)

“…” (Pupumuru)

“…” (Hoodie)

“Alright, shall we start filling in the details bit by bit?” (Saburo)

After that, I discussed the details of Dungeon X that Mamiya-san had mentioned. However, Hoodie-kun and Pupumuru-chan already know about it. It’s essentially a process of aligning our information.

Once that’s done, we move on to discussing preparations. When should we set out?

The conclusion we reached was “tomorrow at noon”. It works for me, no inconvenience there. By tomorrow noon, I should be able to get everything prepared.

It would be nice if the members of the [First Family] were back by then… but that might be too hopeful. They said they’d be back soon, but “soon” for them could mean a few days. That’s their idea of soon.

And as soon as the discussion was over, we parted ways.

“Now then.” (Saburo)

Before departure, there are many things I need to take care of. Let’s enter the phase of tackling them one by one.

First, I should contact the vampire girl I have a contract with.

TL Notes:

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Wow, this situation reminds me of my school group projects where I can’t be bothered dealing with useless teammates so I just do my own thing to avoid a low score and give them a bad rating during peer review evaluation.


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HWTR – Chapter 9 – The True Feelings of a Leader

Let’s take a closer look at myself here.

I was lazy. I’m a sloth. There are times when I fulfill my duty as a hero because it’s my job, especially in the past year or two.

I work hard because it’s my job. I work hard because it’s my role and that’s how it is.

But right now, my personality has nothing to do with my reluctance to be included in the Dungeon X investigation team. Mamiya-san might have thought I was being selfish. Those from [Last Puzzle] and [Double Stardust] might have thought I disliked getting dragged into trouble.

But that’s not it.

I believe that having a foreign third party inserted into a perfected party is definitely a disadvantage. This is from experience. …In other words, similar situations occurred many times within the [First Family]. Actually…

There was even a time when the Second Knight Commander of the [Terian Empire] joined [First Family] momentarily. But that’s a memory I don’t really want to remember. So, I choose not to reminisce.

Now then.

Just following me from behind was Pupumuru-chan and Hoodie-kun. After being convinced to participate, I decided to take them out of the Adventurers’ Association building for the time being. All three of us stand out too much in the [Royal Capital, Miracle], so we’re disguised in black robes.

You might think that it would make us look more suspicious, but the robes themselves are enchanted with concealment magic so it would be difficult for ordinary people to notice us.

“So, where are we headed?” (Hoodie)

In response to the voice murmured from behind, I turned around. It was Hoodie-kun who had spoken. Pupumuru-chan was standing a little behind him. The emotions seeping through their expressions seemed to be at opposite ends, as expected.

Hoodie-kun looked suspicious of me, while Pupumuru-chan seemed compliant.

…I am personally opposed to the idea of inserting myself into this investigation, but this joint party might run into issues during the investigation since the natures of their leaders are so different.

“It’s something like a hideout-like shop. Perfect for having secret discussions with the three of us.” (Saburo)

“Couldn’t we have just used the association’s room for that?” (Hoodie)

“At the association, Mamiya-san’s eyes are always on us. Plus, she’s got super sharp ears.” (Saburo)

“…Yeah, I kinda get that. So, this is something you can’t tell Mamiya-san?” (Hoodie)

“It’s not that I can’t tell her. I just want to talk about my stance without being interrupted because I know she’s definitely going to comment on everything I say.” (Saburo)

“What are you planning to talk about then?” (Hoodie)

“We’ll discuss it once we’re at the shop… By the way, Hoodie-kun.” (Saburo)

“What?” (Hoodie)

“Why are you so insistent on being the leader of the joint party?” (Saburo)

I asked out of curiosity. The reason I was curious was simple: our ways of thinking are completely different.

It’s been over five years since the [First Family] was formed, and we’ve formed joint parties a total of eight times. Shockingly, out of those eight times, I’ve never been the leader. I’ve always left everything to the other leaders in every joint party mission.

I looked at Hoodie-kun.

He tilted his head slightly, similar to Razuri’s gesture back in middle school. Razuri often tilted her head during magic class while looking at her classmates. Her expression spoke volumes, saying, “Huh? Why can’t you even perform such a simple spell?”

Indeed, Hoodie-kun’s expression was similar.

“The most competent person should take command as the leader. Isn’t that obvious?” (Hoodie)

“…I see, that makes sense.” (Saburo)

“Of course, Saburo-san. I acknowledge you. After all, you hold the record for the youngest and fastest person to pass the [Hero’s Trial].” (Hoodie)

“Well, you can’t always rely on records to tell the story.” (Saburo)

“Well, you’re also S-class so I know you’re amazing.” (Hoodie)

“I’m not amazing. It’s just that my comrades are.” (Saburo)

“But I would say that my strength lies in leadership. When I’m in charge, everyone can go beyond what they are capable of.” (Hoodie)

—In charge.

There was absolute confidence in those eyes. It wasn’t baseless confidence. It was the confidence of someone who truly believed in their abilities. In other words, it was confidence built through experience. I see. That explains why Hoodie-kun looks so arrogantly confident. He must be really talented. His future is promising, indeed. Well, he was chosen by Mamiya-san so that’s obvious.

However, for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of Pupumuru-chan’s expression clouding. Just for a moment. But since noticing these things is a specialty of mine, it couldn’t have been my imagination.

Nevertheless, I pretended not to notice and abruptly ended the conversation. We just kept walking. We passed through the main street of the [Royal Capital, Miracle], and left the crowds behind. We navigated through deserted alleyways and beyond them lay a place that could be called the kingdom’s underworld, permeated with the smell of violence.

And there’s the shop I often visit.

—A shop run by my former stalker.

In front of what appeared to be an abandoned house, there’s a lackluster signboard just before the door. Only three letters: BAR. Truly lacking in enthusiasm. And if you casually open the door, you’ll find an empty shop inside. Well, it is something of a hidden gem known only to a few. Occasionally, there are people there.

Behind the counter stands a woman whose long bangs cover her eyes, giving her a mysterious air. Her dark atmosphere matches her dark gray hair. I heard a small, frightened squeal from Pupumuru-chan behind me, but I quite liked this mysterious air.

My former stalker—Lamp-chan—smiles when she sees me. 

“Welcome, Saburo-san.” (Lamp-chan)

“Hello, Lamp-chan.” (Saburo)

“What can I do for you today?” (Lamp-chan)

“I wanted to rent out the shop for a bit. Is that alright?” (Saburo)

“Of course!” (Lamp-chan)

I obediently rely on Lamp-chan’s approval, and then I gesture towards a table in the corner of the shop for Hoodie-kun and Pupumuru-chan.

“Well then, shall we start our strategic meeting?” (Saburo)

TL Notes:

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Um, excuse me MC, I would like to know more about what happened between you and Lamp-chan. 

The author really just introduced a character, called her a stalker, and ended the chapter without any other context. Well, maybe the author will explain the next chapter, but the author seems to like to wait before telling the full story.

I’m not saying that it’s bad, but I hope the author doesn’t forget to tell the story.


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HWTR – Chapter 8 – The Three Heroes

[Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

I heard the names of the two parties before, and something clicked in my mind. Ah, they must be the famous new parties I heard about before. I couldn’t help but applaud them mentally.

For the past year, I’ve been traveling away from the kingdom with everyone from [First Family]. We’ve been to places like the [Terian Empire] and the [Republic of Zuminar], completing tasks requested of us and delving into local dungeons and dangerous zones for a bit of a challenge. We’ve even battled multiple unfamiliar monsters unique to each country.

So, we were unaware of recent events that happened in the [Kingdom of Reinella]. However, that doesn’t mean that we were completely oblivious. We received monthly updates on our country via message birds.

Since the sender is Mamiya-san, the message had a naturally formal tone. However, within one of those messages, the names of recently prominent parties were also mentioned.

Those party names were— [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

Ah, I see. This must be the expression of Mamiya-san’s expectations of them.


Now then. 

Amidst the somewhat awkward silence, I spoke up.

“Yeah. I understand. So, the plan is for these two parties and me to go on an investigation of Dungeon X, right? I see, I see.” (Saburo)

“Yes. It’s good that we’re on the same page. Saubro-san will be the leader. He’ll take command as the S-class hero.” (Mamiya)

“Yeah. I understand where Mamiya-san is coming from. But I’m against it.” (Saburo)

“…Huh?” (Mamiya)

“I don’t think I need to be the leader. They seem like quite the promising parties. And from what I can tell, everyone seems skilled. So, I think things would run smoother without me. By the way, I’m not saying this out of laziness or inconvenience; I’m quite serious.” (Saburo)

“…Eh?” (?)

The soft voice did not come from Mamiya-san. It came from a young girl sitting in a chair near Mamiya-san. …No. Upon closer look, she didn’t seem to be that young. Perhaps over twenty. But it was clear she was younger than me.

It was easy to mistake her for a young girl due to her youthful appearance. Not to mention, there was a very shrinking kind of presence about her. You could somehow grasp her character. Was she timid, or did she just have a strong sense of caution?

However—I observed not only the girl but the people around her. They are all likely to be in the same party. Then, I looked back at the girl.

“Ah, are you the leader? Based on the vibe, are you from [Last Puzzle]?” (Saburo)

“Ah, yes! That’s right. Um. I’m Pupumuru, the hero from [Last Puzzle]!” (Pupumuru)

“Pupumuru-chan, huh. A hero, huh. I see. Then, who’s the leader of [Double Stardust]?” (Saburo)

“It’s me. I’m Hoodie.” (Hoodie)

Just as I was about to search for him, a voice called out to me, and I turned around. There, a young, energetic boy is sitting in a chair with his legs crossed. He seemed to be younger than Pupumuru-chan, perhaps around twenty years old. Yeah. You can usually figure out most things when you look closely enough.

Now then. I gaze alternately at the two figures.

Pupumuru-chan, with her timid demeanor and pink hair reaching down to her shoulders, is the leader and hero of [Last Puzzle]. …A hero, huh? Hmm. Atmosphere-wise, I might have the upper hand, but in terms of actual strength? She’s probably stronger. She’s definitely a real hero.

And then there’s Hoodie-kun, with his assertive attitude and morning-sky short blue hair. He’s the leader of [Double Stardust] and probably a hero too. Just looking at him, you can sense his aura. Yeah. He’s undoubtedly strong!

I guess I really am unnecessary. I’d just get in the way.

“So, Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“Hm? Oh. Mamiya-san. Didn’t you hear what I said?” (Saburo)

“Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“There’s no point in pretending to be a broken recorder. There’s probably no place for me to intervene anyway. It’s better to go with the people who were originally together rather than forcibly adding an outsider.” (Saburo)

“Saburo-san, you’ll lead these two parties.” (Mamiya)

“Mamiya-san, this is a serious opinion as an adventurer.” (Saburo)

In fact, I’m also opposed to the idea of a joint party. Within [First Family], it’s unthinkable for us to team up with another party. …Because it would require us to hold back. On top of that, our party has a somewhat exclusive vibe. We’re not that tolerant towards others.

“…Well, I see where Saburo-san is coming from. I understand that Saburo-san might be underestimating himself. However, I’m still asking for your help. Please.” (Mamiya)

“I understand your request, but I don’t want to point out how bad of a move it is. ” (Saburo)

“I don’t think it’s a bad move. On the contrary, having Saburo-san lead is the best move we can make.” (Mamiya)

“Hmm… that’s debatable.” (Saburo)

“Do you understand why we’re doing this? We’re considering alternative options because [First Family] isn’t available right now.” (Mamiya)

“I get that, but… okay. Even if that’s the case, I’m still against being appointed as the leader. Right? You two wouldn’t be satisfied either, would you? It’s often more effective for everyone to come together and lead themselves, rather than having a third-party lead.” (Saburo)

I turned to Pupumuru-chan and Hoodie-kun almost interrogatively, I hoped that they agreed with my opinion. However, their reactions were polar opposites.

“Well, um, I prefer if you lead.” (Pupumuru)

“I’m against it. Even if we’re forming a joint party, I’ll be the leader.” (Hoodie)

Yeah, yeah. I nod in admiration at Hoodie-kun’s assertiveness. As for Pupumuru-chan, her opinion probably stems from a lack of self-confidence, much like myself. It’s easier to be led when you lack confidence in yourself.

Next, I turn not to the leaders but to the party members from [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].

However, I receive no response. They either awkwardly avoid eye contact or return a strained smile. I see. Perhaps they think it’s best to leave the decision to their leaders. Well, that’s fine too. Having absolute trust in the leader is a good condition for a strong party, after all.

I returned my gaze to Mamiya-san.

“As you can see, opinions are divided. And since opinions are divided, I can’t be in the position of leader.” (Saburo)

“No, that would be based on your judgment, Saburo-san. Even if opinions are divided, there’s no reason for you not to lead.” (Mamiya)

“I’m saying I shouldn’t be the leader, Mamiya-san.” (Saburo)

“…I understand.” (Mamiya)

“You understand?” (Saburo)

“Let’s refrain from using the term ‘leader’.” (Mamiya)

“…It’s not really an issue of terminology.” (Saburo)

“You don’t have to lead them. Just accompany them from behind. How about that?” (Mamiya) 

I asked with my expression if that would change anything, but Mamiya-san didn’t respond. Well, Hoodie-kun will probably have some complaints. Thinking this, I turned to him, only to find that he was strangely nodding.

“Ah. That’s fine then. If I’m the leader, I’ll allow you to come along.” (Hoodie)

…Is he serious? 

I’m pretty serious about it. I think it’s not good to introduce an outsider into a party that’s already established. But maybe everyone else thinks differently. Is my way of thinking just a product of being with [First Family]?

I turned my gaze back to Mamiya-san. She was looking at me from above with a somewhat intimidating air. …Ah, I know that look. It’s Mamiya-san’s gaze when she is determined to not back down.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I honestly don’t know what MC is talking about cause there are 2 parties so obviously someone has to lead. Both parties probably don’t have experience working with each other so his point is kinda invalid…? Unless he expects each party to explore individually.

I gave up trying to understand the logic halfway through cause it was eating up my brain too much.


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HWTR – Chapter 7 – The Impromptu Party

“If it’s you, you can fulfill the role of a hero even in parties other than [First Family].” (Mamiya)

Huh. What on earth is this glasses-wearing beauty saying? Hmm? A party other than [First Family]? What is she talking about?

While I was confused, Mamiya-san got up from the sofa opposite me. If I don’t speak up here, I’ll be left behind—that’s what my intuition told me. So, I hurriedly speak.

“Um, Mamiya-san. I can’t quite grasp what you’re saying. What exactly do you mean by that?” (Saburo)

“I’m saying that I trust Saburo-san above all else. I believe that you, no matter the situation, can act as a hero.” (Mamiya)

“No, no, that’s an exaggeration. I can only be a hero because I’m part of [First Family].” (Saburo)

“There’s no time for debate. Excuse me.” (Mamiya)

My words are casually brushed aside. All I can do is foolishly freeze up.

In the meantime, Mamiya-san swiftly leaves the room, leaving me all alone. I don’t even have the composure to finish the remaining tea.

…What? What’s going on? What did I just get dragged into? What’s going to happen? What does Mamiya-san intend to do with me? The role of a hero? In parties other than the 【First Family】? Does that mean…?

I feel like I already know the answer. But I don’t even want to face the reality of it. So, as if escaping from reality, I pull the binder left on the desk closer to me. And I start reading through the documents it contains.

Inside were documents that Mamiya-san probably discovered by touring the libraries throughout the kingdom. Specifically, they detailed what happened in a dungeon at the northern end of [Roland Continent] 120 years ago.

However, all the information was exactly what we had just discussed. The contents state nothing more than “The exploration team of Dungeon X went missing, and a month later, a war with the demon race broke out, and it originated from a village on [Roland Continent].”

What could be the connection between the war and Dungeon X? It’s possible there is one. But it could also be just a coincidence.

“Now then. What should I do?” (Saburo)

I mutter to myself, perhaps because I’ve always had a habit of talking to myself. Or perhaps it’s because I’m burdened with tension and anxiety.

It would be reassuring to have my companions at times like this, and having my friends around would bring me peace of mind. In other words, it means that [First Family] is the best party for me. After all, they are both my companions and friends.

The most surprising thing I found when I started my journey as an adventurer was how flexible parties can be. In other words, it seems quite rare and unusual for a party to stay together with exactly the same members for five years, like us. Generally, it’s natural for one or two members to change within a year.

Why does that happen? Well, it’s probably because of the differences in growth rates among individuals. After a year, those who have improved in strength will part ways with those who haven’t. The ones who have improved will be scouted by other parties, while the ones who haven’t will be let go.

Considering this, it’s surprising that everyone in [First Family] (except me) has grown equally. And it’s even more surprising that they’ve all reached Class A within the past five years.

By the way, there’s a reason why I’m S-rank. It’s one of the benefits or rather the uniqueness of being a “hero”. It’s also part of a tradition that has been in place since 120 years ago.

“I want to run away, but I can’t, huh.” (Saburo)

120 years ago, there was a war with the demon race, and the entity behind that war was a being called the Demon King. The adventurers who sealed away this formidable opponent were called “heroes”, which is how the profession of being a hero came about.

Isn’t it somewhat presumptuous1 for an ordinary person like me to call myself a hero? Even I feel embarrassed about it. Yeah. I can’t help but feel sorry for my past self that I ended up like this. As I was pondering about this…

—There’s a knock on the door.

Since I’ve heard the sound once before, I know whose knock it is. And I understand the general flow of what’s to come. So, I remain motionless on the sofa, turning into stone without reacting.

But reality always walks in from the other side. Even without a response, the door opens. And as expected, it’s Pencil-san. Her red-haired dog ears were twitching. I wonder what emotions lie behind those movements. I feel like asking, but I refrain from saying unnecessary things.

“I don’t need a refill of tea.” (Saburo)

“Huh? Oh, um, it’s not about the tea refill, it’s just, um, I want to take you downstairs.” (Pencil)

“I don’t want to.” (Saburo)

“Huh!?” (Pencil)

“Seems like you don’t know, Pencil-san. I’m actually quite lazy. When I don’t want to move, I don’t. That’s my creed. And right now, I don’t want to move. So I won’t go downstairs. I won’t work as a hero. It’s a shame.” (Saburo)

“But, um, Mamiya-san passed on a message… Um, if Saburo-sama doesn’t come, she’ll contact the vice president off-duty.” (Pencil)

“I guess there’s no helping it. Shall we move then?” (Saburo)

The vice president of the Adventurer’s Association. I recall his irritatingly handsome face and his refreshing smile. Then I remember his relentless chatter that’s enough to make anyone annoyed. 

Haa. But what’s the point of being off duty if you’re just going to get called back? That guy… No.

Knowing Mamiya-san, she probably didn’t actually intend to call him back because she knew it would be troublesome.

I give up and get off the soda. Then, like a playback in reverse when I was escorted into the room, I was led by Pencil-san back to the first floor of the Adventurer’s Association.

—Accepting adventure requests. Handing over rewards. Dining hall. Tavern. And a multipurpose space for recruiting parties.

Looking around again, the Adventurer’s Association is spacious and bustling with people. It seems chaotic and lively, as usual. Although many eyes turn towards me as I descend from the second floor, no one continues to stare for too long.

“—Oh, Saburo was here? Well, that’s a relief.” (Adventurer)

“So, I guess it’s true that heroes rush to places where they are needed.” (Adventurer)

“I might not be a hero, but I need to step up my game too. I can’t fall behind.” (Adventurer)

“I wonder what’s the difficulty level of the [Trial of the Hero] now.” (Adventurer)

“The guy who attempted it a month ago apparently came back as a corpse.” (Adventurer)

“Guess it’s not something to dream about, huh? Ordinary folks should stay ordinary.” (Adventurer)

“Anyways, where should we go for our next adventure?” (Adventurer)

As the surrounding conversations flow into me, I follow Pencil-san’s towards the multipurpose space at the edge of the association.

Mamiya-san was standing at the back of the multipurpose space.

And near her, there were about eight people gathered.

I cast my gaze over them. …Young and old, men and women. There are even beastkins among them. Are they all adventurers? They seem to be quite skilled. If I observe them a bit more carefully, I might be able to gauge their exact abilities. But if I look too intently, Mamiya-san might scold me for being intimidating.

In fact, there have been times in the past when I’ve frightened or even made people cry by looking at them too closely. Since then, I’ve resolved not to stare excessively at others.

“Ah, Saburo-san, you’re here. Allow me to introduce you. These are the members of the adventurer parties, [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle].” (Mamiya)

“…Hold on a second. What exactly is going on here?” (Saburo)

“Hmm? You understand, don’t you, Saburo-san? Since [First Family] isn’t here, we have no choice but to form an investigation team from other parties.” (Mamiya)

“I get that part. But I don’t understand why you’re introducing me to them.” (Saburo)

“You’re lying again, Saburo-san. You haven’t changed since the old days.” (Mamiya)

Mamiya-san’s teasing tone had a strange allure to it. And while I felt my heart skip a beat for a moment, Mamiya-san continued without care.

“You’ll be the leader of the investigation team, Saburo-san. And you’ll lead both [Double Stardust] and [Last Puzzle] parties. Rest assured. I can vouch for their abilities.” (Mamiya)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Are we just gonna ignore that she assembled the team in like 5 mins? In the short time that MC was thinking, she already got the substitutes ready.

Here’s something random. [Last Puzzle] in Japanese raw is [虹色の定理(ラスト・パズル)] with the bracket being the furigana (characters above the word to define pronunciation). Without the furigana, it would be read as [Rainbow Theorem], which I think is a way cooler team name than [Last Puzzle]. A bit disappointed that they weren’t called [Rainbow Theorem].


  1. Presumptuous means failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.
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