WYSM – Vol 1 Epilogue

“Alright, eat as much as you want today. It’s all on me.” (Keitaro)

It was the day after Yuki returned from her legendary live performance.

It was a holiday, and I was at the sweets café where Serika usually frequents, along with the usual three.

“…You’ll get fat if you eat that much. Do you like chubby girls, onii-chan?” (Sana)

“Huh? Is that so!? S-Sorry, then! I’ll have a large serving of cake with extra whipped cream!” (Serika)

Serika reacts to Sana’s words. That’s not even an order you usually make. Is this place a ramen shop or something?

“No, it’s just that you girls keep throwing around crazy amounts of money, so I’m trying to repay you somehow! When I offered to pay you back in cash, you said you wouldn’t accept it so I didn’t know how to do it…!” (Keitaro)

I said bitterly, pressing my temples.

Yes, today’s gathering was all about refunding that hefty Superchat I received the other day.

Of course, there’s no way I can easily accept such a large amount of money from them.  Especially, Sana, she’s my little sister, and I can’t just let such extravagant spending slide as her older brother. So naturally, I thought about returning it, but these guys just won’t budge…

“I’ve said multiple times already, that there’s no reason for a refund since it’s a fair evaluation for our oshi.” (Serika)

“…It’s natural to support your oshi with money.” (Sana)

“Alright, Sana, we’ll put off re-educating your sense of money for now… But if you’re serious about it, then I’m determined to refund it, no matter what…!” (Keitaro)

This all-you-can-eat sweets buffet is just the beginning. After this, I’ll be getting them various gifts. I’ll definitely return the full amount…!

“Ehehe, ehehehe…” (Nozomi)

As I passionately obsessed over things that didn’t make much sense, I heard a playful laughter. When I turned around, there was Yuki, enjoying her parfait, with a face so happy it could melt at any moment.

…Well, even with a bit of cream smeared on her cheek, she looked incredibly cute. But she’s been like this since we met, and honestly, it’s been a bit difficult to talk to her like this…

“You’ve been acting like that for a while now, did something happen?” (Serika)

Serika asked the obvious question and Yuki giggled in response.

“Well, it’s thanks to Kei-kun during my live performance.” (Nozomi)

“Huh? What about Ketaro?” (Serika)

“…Onii-chan?” (Sana)

I stiffened at Yuki’s words. S-Surely, she wouldn’t bring up that topic, right? I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing…

But seemingly oblivious to my concerns, Yuki happily recounted my words during the livestream and how they had encouraged her. She looked so blissful.

“W-What!? I did feel something was off there, but…!” (Serika)

“…Sending a private message to just one person, you’re not fit to be a streamer. Favoritism…!” (Sana)

“N-No, there were reasons for that…!” (Keitaro)

But my excuses were not accepted, and both Serika and Sana continued to accuse me of favoritism. …Argh, I can’t argue back this time because it’s true…!

“…Kei-kun, Kei-kun.” (Nozomi)

As I was being cornered by the two of them, Yuki whispered in a cheerful voice, seemingly oblivious to the situation.

“Kei-kun’s message reached me loud and clear. I was so happy… I’ve never felt as blessed as I did when you supported me back then…” (Nozomi)

As if reminiscing about that moment, Yuki’s voice was filled with bliss.

“I want to be a source of strength for Kei-kun too. I want him to feel and know the same thing I felt. So…” (Nozomi)

──Can I continue to support Kei-kun?

Upon hearing those words, I couldn’t help but turn to Yuki.

She had the most radiant smile I had ever seen, and it was so precious──

“…Thank you.” (Keitaro)

Before I knew it, those words had slipped from my lips in response.

“Ah, come on! What are you two whispering about?! ” (Serika)

“…Unfair, unfair, unfair, unfair!” (Sana)

Without even a moment to bask in that afterglow, Serika and Sana started getting more heated up.

“Ah, s-sorry! I just felt even more inclined to support Kei-kun than before, so I…!” (Nozomi)

Apologizing while inadvertently adding fuel to the fire, Yuki… Oh well, the situation is getting out of hand.

As expected, the three of them began arguing about ‘who supports Kei the most’ just like always. Once it gets to this point, there’s no stopping them.

Fortunately, to onlookers, it probably just looked like girls having a lively chat, but given that the topic is about me, it feels like being pinned under a spotlight.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel grateful for being supported by everyone.

Yuki, my oshi idol who loves my live commentary streams to the point of being obsessive, and who serves as a pillar of support for me.

Mariel-sama, aka Serika, my oshi VTuber, who appreciates my commentary despite being my childhood friend.

Sana, my little sister, who supports my streaming activities as a brother while I support her cosplay activities, forming a family bond of mutual support.

I never knew there were so many different ways to support someone until now.

As I watch the three of them argue animatedly, I wonder if I’ll continue to discover new aspects of what it means to support someone in the future.

TL Notes:

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Alright, and that’s the end of the volume. Congratulations to like the few of you who read this till the end. Like I said before, I’m not planning on translating vol 2 of this. 

Honestly, this was the hardest to translate and edit by far. I had to cut out some of the cringe stuff which I’m sure you’d be surprised about because the end result was still pretty cringy. Well, I can’t just cut out everything so I left some in.

Anyways, I’m still thinking about what I have to pick up next, so stay tuned. It’s probably going to be the LN I mentioned before. Or maybe a different WN depending on if I can find one that interests me.


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 3 – Is It Okay to Be Supported By My Oshi?

So, the next day…

I started an impromptu livestream earlier than usual.

Because it was unscheduled, the viewer count was lower than usual. But since notifications go out to subscribers, quite a few people still tuned in.

While streaming the lobby screen of LoF, I said into the microphone.

“So, starting from now, I’m gonna do some solo ranked matches.” (Kei)

Immediately, comments started pouring in response to my words.

Comment: [What’s up with this lol?]

Comment: [Okay sure, but why lmao]

Comment: [Solo sounds good!]

Comment: [Doing something funny out of the blue?]

Comment: [Solo ranked now? Aren’t you in Grandmaster?]

Comment: [This is gonna be fun. I can’t wait lol.]

Oh, nice comments, everyone. That’s the kind of reaction I was hoping for.

“It’s all good, I’m doing it because it seems impossible at first glance. Anyway, I usually carry in solo queue, so I’ll appreciate your support.”

While casually responding to the comments, as promised, I queued up for solo ranked matches.

Regular ranked matches typically involve squads of three, but the game still counts you as part of a squad if you’re the only one inside. This is part of the official system.

Of course, the opponents are usually in a team of three, so it’s overwhelmingly disadvantageous for me. There are no bonuses to points either, so to put it plainly, there are only downsides. And my current rank is Grandmaster, the highest rank. In other words, it’s like willingly jumping into a zero-benefit ultra-super hard mode.

Now, why would I do such a thing? Well, it’s pretty obvious.

It’s just because I want to do it.

“Well then, here I go!” (Kei)

With a smile, I descend from the dropship.

The sense of constriction that has lingered ever since I got more popular seemed to have vanished as if it were a lie.

In this challenging endeavor, in commentating on it, and in the reactions from the comments section, there is nothing but pure enjoyment.

Gathering weapons in the initial landing spot, I managed to take down both teams that surrounded me.

Encountering another team in the next location, I ambushed them and managed to deal with them somehow.

The constant tense feeling of being in a pinch, the joy of expressing it in words, the bustling comments section—To love gaming, to love streaming, and moreover, to be able to support my oshi—you can’t get any better than this, can you?

As the match progressed, I faced numerous challenges but managed to survive until the end. Only two teams remained. In other words, there was only one enemy squad left.

Now, I have to face these formidable opponents head-on. The situation looks pretty bleak.

…But sorry, my dear enemies, this time I’m winning. It’s not about logic anymore. I’m completely fired up, and all I can see is victory!

I leap out from the shadows and throw myself into the final battle.

Grenades exploding, gunfire running, smoke billowing, and missiles raining down from the sky.

In the midst of this hellish battlefield, standing tall at the end is, of course, me.

“Yessssssssss!” (Kei)

The victory roar echoes, and the comment section scrolls like a storm in response.

While the stream erupted with excitement over my solo champion achievement in the Grandmaster tier, my mind wasn’t there. At that moment, there was only one thing on my mind.

─Was Yuki watching this stream?

The nervousness before the live performance never seemed to fade away completely.

Because I love singing so much, I can feel the weight of each song gradually increasing.

Everyone tells me not to worry, and I know they’re right, but the anxiety still lingers. I suppose it’s just unavoidable.

Sitting alone in the dressing room, I hug my knees and let out a small sigh. But it’s okay. I have something precious that can make me forget this anxiety. Whenever I see it, courage always wells up inside me.

I take out my phone and try to watch Kei-kun’s archive as usual.

“Huh? W-Why is he streaming at this hour?” (Nozomi)

However, after seeing the ongoing stream notification, I had to find out what was happening so I opened the stream. I was surprised to see that Kei-kun was doing a live stream. He’s never streamed at this time before… And as I watched, I was even more surprised to see that he was playing solo-ranked matches.

“(Yessssssssss!)” (Kei)

“Yessssss~!” (Nozomi)

Kei-kun’s victorious cry echoed through the screen, and our voices synchronized. Overwhelmed with joy, tears welled up in my eyes, and I found myself repeatedly calling out Kei-kun’s name.

“(Phew, managed to pull off a win… Ah, that last moment? Piece of cake. I had it under control. Well, almost died with ease. I don’t think I’ll be doing solo for a while. You guys talk about it so casually, but man, it’s exhausting as hell!)” (Kei)

After the victory, Kei-kun engaged in such banter with the comments. I wanted to chime in, but I couldn’t break our agreement not to chat in the regular comments. I briefly considered sending a message in our group chat, but right now, I just wanted to hear Kei-kun’s voice a little longer.

“(Huh? Why did I suddenly do solo ranked? Well…)” (Kei)

Amidst this, Kei-kun was attempting to answer a question from the comments.

“Well, there wasn’t any special reason, really. I just felt like it. That’s all.” (Nozomi)

Upon hearing those words, my heart raced with excitement. Kei-kun truly is amazing. He always finds a way to encourage me. I savored his words and resolved to face the upcoming live performance with determination.

However, Kei-kun’s response didn’t end there.

“(…Doing what you love with all your heart is a precious thing in itself. So, please… Take comfort in that and do your best…)” (Kei)

“Huh!?” (Nozomi)

At the continuation of his words, I couldn’t help but cry out.

It didn’t sound like a reply to the comments. It felt more like a direct message to someone─

“Oh…” (Nozomi)

And then it hit me. It might be presumptuous. It might be my imagination. But I was certain I wasn’t mistaken.

This was a message meant for me.

“Kei-kun…! Sniff…” (Nozomi)

I felt so happy. I was overwhelmed with happiness, and tears welled up in my eyes.

Why does Kei-kun always manage to give me so much strength?

If he keeps doing things like this, I’ll just keep falling more and more in love with him. I’ll become even more dependent on Kei-kun… Kei-kun…! I love you…! I love you so much…!

As I shed tears of joy, Kei-kun was being teased in the comments, with questions like “Who were you talking to just now?” But he quickly changed the subject, saying, “It doesn’t matter who it was! Anyway–“

Even in that moment, Kei-kun’s actions were adorable. I couldn’t help but laugh through my tears.

“Hey Nozomi~ it’s almost time– …Wait, what’s wrong!?” (Karin)

At that moment, Karin-chan entered the dressing room and was startled to see me crying.

“W-What’s wrong!? Are you hurt or sick or something!?” (Karin)

“Oh, s-sorry, I’m okay…” (Nozomi)

I hastily wiped away my tears and stood up. Although Karin-chan was worried, I showed her a reassuring smile. There was no need to worry. Because right now, I felt like I was filled with energy from head to toe!

“Come on, Karin-chan, let’s go! Let’s make today the best stage ever!” (Nozomi)

“O-Okay, Nozomi, you’re quite fired up today…! That’s great and all, but you were crying a moment ago, so I’m seriously wondering if something happened. It doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing though.” (Karin)

Seeing me full of energy, Karin-chan tilted her head in confusion.

Something happened? Yeah, something amazing did. 

“I was cheered on by my oshi. That’s why I feel like nothing can stop me now right now. So, let’s go, Karin-chan!” (Nozomi)

“Huh? Uh, wait, Nozomi…” (Karin)

With the courage I received from Kei-kun hidden in my heart, I left the dressing room and headed towards the stage.

As I waited for the event to start, carrying the courage Kei-kun had given me, a certain thought crossed my mind.

It was about fate. The incident that became the catalyst for Kei-kun to support me.

Kei-kun had mentioned that he regained his confidence after listening to the first song I ever wrote, “BELIEVE”, but I couldn’t believe it when I heard that.

Because it was right after that song was released that I started feeling anxious about singing for the first time.

I began to wonder if things were okay as they were, and my anxiety kept growing…

It was at that time that I came across Kei-kun’s livestream, received courage, and found comfort…

But never did I imagine that behind the words that saved me, my song was also supporting Kei-kun. We were supporting each other without even realizing it…

Whether it’s fate or coincidence, I don’t know. I think it doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that I feel even closer to Kei-kun now than ever before.

I gently close my eyes. Placing my hand on my chest, I feel as if Kei-kun is there. My heart flutters sweetly, and I’m enveloped in happiness.

It’s said that idols sing for everyone’s sake.

I’ve always believed that and sang my songs with that in mind.


Just for today, please forgive me.

For this one song, let me sing with my feelings poured out to the one who supports me.

Today’s first song — ”BELIEVE”.

“I lost, huh? The opponent was strong.” (Kei)

I said with a completely deflated voice during the casual chat time at the end of that night’s regular livestream.

Honestly, everything—my mind, body, and even the stream itself—felt sluggish. The gameplay earlier was sluggish too, and I ended up dying and finishing second. Ah, I’m exhausted.

“Well, it can’t be helped. I guess I used up all my energy in that solo ranked match earlier.” (Kei)

I casually responded to comments like “Good effort”, “You died so hilariously at the end”, and “Well, it’s understandable you’re tired” with the same sluggishness.

Sorry, but I’m just not feeling it today. I’m not lying when I say I’m tired, but more than that, there’s something bothering me, and I can’t focus on the stream.

And of course, what’s bothering me is Yuki.

Did that message I sent earlier really reach her? Did I manage to encourage Yuki properly? That’s all I’ve been thinking about, and the result was me feeling like a noob who got sniped in the head and jumped off a cliff.

I check the time. It should be about the end of her live performance soon–or so I thought.

“Huh?” (Kei)

Suddenly, something unfamiliar pops up in the comments, catching me off guard for a moment.

But then I quickly realize it was a Superchat, which was I just enabled yesterday.

Oh, it seems someone threw their first Superchat. Thinking that, I check the name and the amount, and my body stiffens.

Superchat (50,000 yen): Wankoromochi──

W-What…!? Y-Yuki!? And… fifty thousand yen!? Wait, isn’t that the limit!?

There were no accompanying message in the Superchat. She must have followed my advice not to write too much in the comments section, but regardless, this amount is…!

As I’m still taken aback by the large sum, another Superchat is thrown. And this time, two almost simultaneously.

…Wait, isn’t this Serika’s alternate account!? And isn’t this one Sana’s!? And both are sending the maximum amount, what are they thinking!?

The comments section is buzzing with excitement over the back-to-back expensive Superchats, but I’m speechless at the sudden turn of events. Why would they suddenly…?

Anyway, I’m still in the middle of the stream. I’ll have to process this shock later. Amidst all the confusing developments, one thing is clear:

The message reached Yuki.

…Thank goodness. It seems I managed to be of help to Yuki in some way.

I exhale deeply and sink into my gaming chair.

Feeling both relieved and drained, my mind feels empty. Yet strangely, there’s also a refreshing sensation.

However, after a while, I start to feel strangely embarrassed about what I’ve done.

What will I do the next time I see Yuki at school? If she smiles at me like usual while I’m feeling like this, I’ll definitely reach my limit. To prevent that from happening, I need to calm down now.

I begin to seriously consider what I should say to Yuki when we meet.

But before that, I remember something important that I need to address.

That is—

“…Even if you’re supporting me, could you please go a little easier on me?” (Kei)

Muttering such thoughts, I seriously ponder whether I should just turn off the Superchat after all.

Illustration of Yuki

For this one song, let me sing with my feelings poured out to the one who supports me.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I feel like this series dragged on for a bit too long, so I’m just gonna quickly finish it. The next one is gonna be the last chapter, it should be up either at the same time or at least the same day.

Also, I got Sparkle, but she ate up all my jades so now I’m a broke boy.


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 2 – Is It Okay to Be Supported By My Oshi?

After swiftly registering at the reception, we entered a private room. There, I could finally catch my breath. My tense body relaxed, and I let out a big sigh.

“Um… why are we suddenly here?” (Nozomi)

Yuki, who had been quietly following me until then, finally asked the question. …She’s really an angel for just letting it go like that for so long. Actually, considering the situation, I feel like I’ve done something really messed up…

“Ah, well… Actually—” (Keitaro)

As I was about to explain the situation, I stopped myself at the last moment.

I didn’t want to burden Yuki with unnecessary worries. Especially since she’s already dealing with the upcoming regional live starting tomorrow, I couldn’t afford to add to her mental stress by telling her that a reporter had been lurking around looking for her.

“Um… well, actually, I just remembered that it’s not a good time to go to my house right now. You see, um… my dad is bedridden!” (Keitaro)

“Really!? Is your dad feeling unwell!? Shouldn’t we go visit him—” (Nozomi)

“Nah, it’s not like that! He just drank too much. My old man’s really something, always causing trouble with his drinking. Hahaha!” (Keitaro)

So, I decided to sacrifice my dad for this. Anyway, I couldn’t possibly bring Yuki home while there’s a photographer lurking around.

…Even though my dad doesn’t drink or smoke. It’s all for the sake of my idol, I’m sorry…

“I just remembered it out of the blue, so I thought we could hang out here instead. …Um, sorry for the sudden change of plans.” (Keitaro)

It was a lame excuse, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When I explained it like that, Yuki accepted it without question, but I still felt really bad about it.

“Then it can’t be helped, right? This is actually my first time in a net cafe.” (Nozomi)

Yuki, who was looking around the private room with curiosity, suddenly seemed to notice something. Her face turned red for some reason, and she started sending glances my way.

“What’s wrong?” (Keitaro)

“Um… it’s just that, being in a net cafe together after school feels kind of like a date…!” (Nozomi)

And with that sudden bombshell statement, I felt like my blood vessels were about to burst from my head.

A-A-A date!? I mean, sure, now that she mentions it, the situation does kind of give off that vibe, but…! Th-there’s no way Yuki and I could be, um, having a date! I mean, that’s just not possible, right!?

“Oh! S-sorry! I just blurted out what I was thinking…! I mean, there’s no way I could go on a date with Kei-kun, right…!?” (Nozomi)

“N-No, it’s the opposite!” (Keitaro)

Wh-what are you saying!? Clearly, the order is supposed to be reversed! It’s me who’s supposed to be incapable of going on a date with Yuki! I mean, first of all, this isn’t even a date, okay!?

We both turned bright red and looked down in embarrassment. The atmosphere around us felt incredibly awkward and, well, my head felt like it was going to boil.

“R-right! I-I have something I want to give you, Kei-kun… Here, take this.” (Nozomi)

In the midst of that, Yuki spoke up with a bright voice, as if she were trying to change the subject, and handed me a paper bag from her bag. Though her face was still a little red, it’s best not to dwell on it too much.

“Um, what’s this?” (Keitaro)

The paper bag she handed me was light, and it made a faint rustling sound. When I asked about its contents, Yuki just chuckled shyly and said, “Open it and see.”

“Are these… cookies?” (Keitaro)

Inside were rounded cookies emitting a delightful aroma. Upon closer look, I noticed they were chocolate chip cookies, with bits of chocolate sprinkled around.

“F-Feel free to eat it.” (Nozomi)

“Y-yeah, thank you. But, why did you give me this?” (Keitaro)

“Well, I actually planned to give it to you when I visited your house… I thought it might cheer you up a bit… ehehe.” (Nozomi)

Huh? S-so, this is… for me…?

Yuki went out of her way to give me cookies to cheer me up…?

…W-W-Wait a minute! Why does my heart feel all fluttery!?

Is it okay to be this happy!? Am I unknowingly cashing out all my luck!?  Or worse, am I going to drown in debt from the amount of happiness I’m receiving!? And on top of that, these are from my oshi—

“I-I see, why chocolate chip cookies, though?” (Keitaro)

“Because, well, it’s Kei-kun’s favorite— …Huh!? M-Maybe I was wrong!? I’m so sorry…!” (Nozomi)

“N-No, you’re right, it is my favorite! But how did you know?” (Keitaro)

“Of course, I would know. You mentioned it yourself during your stream, didn’t you? There is no way I would forget something from your stream!” (Nozomi)

“Y-You remember everything? Really…?” (Keitaro)

“Of course! By the way, you mentioned liking chocolate chip cookies during the 12th LoF livestream, around 1 hour, 38 minutes, and 23 seconds in. It was right when you were waiting for the border to close, and at that moment, the damage you dealt was—” (Nozomi)

“Too much detail! Even the damage count!?” (Keitaro)

Yuki proudly retorts to my rebuttal, but seriously, that’s way too detailed…!

…But come to think of it, I do vaguely remember saying that. I always try to avoid silence during my streams. As someone who calls themselves a commentator, I decided from the start to keep the commentary going, even if there are zero viewers.

But well, of course, there aren’t always endless topics to talk about. There’s nothing to commentate during waiting times like when the border is closing. So, at such times, I talk about irrelevant things just to keep the conversation going, and I do vaguely remember mentioning my favorite snack.

…And Yuki remembered even such a casual remark.

Not only did she remember, but she also went out of her way to do something so heartwarming…!

“…Thank you for this.” (Keitaro)

I take a cookie from the bag and try it. The crisp texture and the sweet taste of the dough and chocolate spread throughout my mouth. It’s so delicious it makes me want to cry.

“…How is it? Does it suit your taste, Kei-kun…?” (Nozomi)

“It’s really delicious. Seriously, it’s amazing.” (Keitaro)

“I’m glad…! I made it in a hurry, but I’m glad it turned out well.” (Nozomi)

…Huh!? T-This was homemade by Yuki!?

Eating your favorite snack made by your oshi is like a dream come true!

The delicious chocolate chip cookie was the epitome of perfection, and I savored each bite, engraving it into my memory as much as possible. At the same time, a question that has been on my mind for a long time floats to the surface.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to ask. Perhaps now is the opportunity.

“…Um, Yuki, why do you support me so much?” (Nozomi)

It’s quite a silly question. You don’t really need a reason to support your oshi. Just because you ‘like’ them is good enough.

“Huh? Well, of course, it’s because I like you… Ah!? N-No, not in a weird way! I-I’m not thinking of such things!” (Nozomi)

No, I’m the one feeling awkward here, you know? …Anyway, Yuki’s answer was as straightforward as it could be. It’s a question that doesn’t even need to be asked.

Certainly, that’s true. It’s a matter that can be summed up in just one word. …But, while the reason might be that simple, the catalyst behind it is not. Something must have happened for her to start supporting me.

I felt the same way. There was a catalyst for why I started supporting Yuki. So, there should be one for her too. Asking about it was definitely crossing some boundaries, but I couldn’t help but ask. After all, this homemade chocolate chip cookie was so delicious that it temporarily blew away any reservations I had.

“Sorry, but… I wanted to know what made you start supporting me.” (Keitaro)

“How it started?” (Nozomi)

“Yeah. I have a reason why I started supporting you, so, I wondered if you had something similar… Oh, of course, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” (Keitaro)

“H-How Kei-kun started supporting me!? I-I want to know!” (Nozomi)

“Oh, it’s nothing much, really…” (Keitaro)

“Still, I want to know! I’ll tell you mine, so is it okay if I ask about yours too?” (Nozomi)

When I nodded, Yuki cheered softly and then sat down in her chair.

Come to think of it, I realized I had been standing the whole time, so I took a seat as well.

“My catalyst was… um, it’s a little embarrassing to say. But, I first learned about Kei-kun when I was feeling down.” (Nozomi)

“Feeling down… Is that something you’re okay with sharing? Of course, I won’t tell anyone.” (Keitaro)

“Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s just that when I first learned about you, I was starting to feel anxious about my idol activities.” (Nozomi)

“Huh?” (Keitaro)

Yuki started speaking in a casual tone, but right from the start, I was surprised.

…Yuki feeling anxious about her idol activities? I’ve never heard such a thing before.

The genius diva feeling anxious…?

“Hey, what’s wrong, Kei-kun?” (Nozomi)

“…N-nothing. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up such a heavy topic…” (Keitaro)

“Oh, it’s not like that! It’s not as heavy as it sounds, really! It’s just that I started feeling a bit overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being an idol.” (Nozomi)

“That’s a really heavy topic, though!?” (Keitaro)

Yuki was smiling, but her words were undeniably heavy.

Yet, she didn’t seem to feel that way herself, continuing in a genuinely light tone.

“I really, really love singing. It’ll sound weird coming from me, but I feel like I was born to sing. Another thing I happen to love is dancing.” (Nozomi)

In a quiet tone, with a hint of her usual coolness returning, Yuki looked up at the sky as if recalling the past.

“When I was asked if I wanted to become an idol and I expressed my desire to sing, the producer said they could make it happen for me, so I trusted them and joined [Angel]. True to their word, I’ve been given ample opportunities to sing, and I’ve genuinely felt grateful for becoming an idol. I owe a lot to the producer.” (Nozomi)

As if reminiscing about that time, Yuki’s expression softened into a faint smile.

“At first, I was just thrilled to sing and have everyone listen to me, so I threw myself into idol activities without thinking about the details. It was incredibly fulfilling. …Of course, I still feel that way now.” (Nozomi)

“…But?” (Keitaro)

“But things changed. Not because of how others reacted, but because of myself.” (Nozomi)

For the first time, Yuki’s expression clouded slightly.

“The activities were going smoothly, and [Angel] was gaining popularity. …But one day, I started to notice the increasing popularity and was becoming gradually uneasy.” (Nozomi)

“Uneasy…” (Keitaro)

“Before live performances and such, I started feeling more and more nervous. It wasn’t the kind of nervousness I felt at the beginning, like ‘Can I do well?’… It was more like… How can I put it… I started wondering if things were really okay the way they were.” (Nozomi)

The moment I heard those words, my body reacted with a twitch.

“That’s… what do you mean by that…?” (Keitaro)

“Well, I can’t explain it well myself. But even though I started this because I loved it, I started wondering if it’s okay to have so many fans supporting me. I mean, I’m just doing what I love. But to receive so much praise and admiration for my singing, it makes me happy, but I started questioning if it’s okay.” (Nozomi)

“But you know,” Yuki continued, a gentle smile returning to her face. 

“That’s when I discovered you, Kei-kun. Watching your streams made that nervousness and unease disappear… And before I knew it, I like you. That was the beginning of me becoming your fan.” (Nozomi)

Yuki finished speaking with a bashful smile.

However, I was unusually unable to admire that cuteness because of what Yuki just said…

“…It’s the same thing I’m feeling right now…” (Keitaro)

“Huh, what do you mean?” (Nozomi)

When Yuki heard the whisper that slipped out unintentionally, she leaned forward eagerly. I hurriedly shut my mouth, but it was too late. Yuki looked straight at me, her gaze unwavering.

“Kei-kun, there’s something bothering you, isn’t there? Is that why you seemed down recently?” (Nozomi)

“It’s not really a big deal…” (Keitaro)

“It might not be a big deal… but there’s still something bothering you, right? If so, I want to know. Just like how you’ve helped me, I want to be there for you, too.” (Nozomi)

I tried to deflect, but I couldn’t help but fall silent at her words.

Yuki was serious. Her genuine desire to help me came through loud and clear, and it shook me to the core. This was typical of her. She had a way of effortlessly breaking through people’s defenses. At this point, I couldn’t resist anymore. Was this the weakness of being a fan?

“…Don’t expect too much.”  (Keitaro)

I found myself saying this before I even realized it.

Knowing that Yuki had similar worries certainly played a part, but honestly, I was just genuinely happy about Yuki’s feelings. In front of such an angel, a human can’t help but confess the truth.

So I spoke. But to be honest, it wasn’t some earth-shattering dilemma.

I was a small-time game streamer with single-digit subscribers, and suddenly I went viral, gaining popularity. I started feeling a vague anxiety about whether I could continue to live up to that popularity… That’s all.

However, there is also the situation of becoming popular through the support of a certain popular idol, VTuber, and cosplayer, who I also happen to be a fan of. It adds weight to even the smallest concerns. Now, even minor worries feel heavier when you feel like you have to meet the expectations of your oshis.

…Of course, I wouldn’t say that part in front of her, though.

“Well, anyway, compared to Yuki, my worries are completely insignificant in scale and seriousness, and it’s really not something to worry about.” (Keitaro)

I said it as Yuki was persistent, but as I heard myself saying it, I couldn’t help but feel astonished at how small it really was. I felt truly sorry for making Yuki worry over something like this.


“That’s not true!” (Nozomi)

Yuki denied my thoughts with such force that I couldn’t help but fall silent, cut off mid-sentence by her overwhelming conviction.

“That’s not true! That’s a really serious concern! …Because, it means that your style of streaming might change in the future, right?” (Nozomi)

“Huh? Oh, yeah, well, that might happen, I guess? Depending on the number of subscribers.” (Keitaro)

“That’s not okay!” (Nozomi)

With tears welling up in her eyes, Yuki stared at me firmly and declared.

“That’s not okay! Changing your style means Kei-kun’s stream wouldn’t be Kei-kun’s stream anymore, right? Kei-kun, you’re precious just the way you are! There’s no need to change!” (Nozomi)

“W-Well, I mean…” (Keitaro)

“Moreover, Kei-kun shouldn’t worry about such things! Kei-kun is always smiling happily, full of confidence, encouraging others and that’s enough…! So worrying about something like that, that’s not like my Kei-kun!” (Nozomi)

“What’s with this imaginary Kei-kun!?” (Keitaro)

Facing Yuki’s sudden and extreme statement, I couldn’t help but genuinely retort.

…But really, can you blame me? What she’s saying is just too ridiculous!

Yet, despite my objections, Yuki kept insisting, repeating her point like a stubborn child. I couldn’t help but feel shocked in various ways, realizing that my oshi idol had such a troublesome side.

“Well, even if you say that, there are still people who wouldn’t think the same way…”  (Keitaro)

“Those people don’t even like Kei-kun’s commentary to begin with!” (Nozomi)

Though I timidly attempted to argue back, Yuki firmly asserted her position.

“…I love Kei-kun’s commentary, I really do. Not just the commentary itself, but everything about it—the stories, the voice, just the whole style of the stream…! Kei-kun’s channel has given me so much of my strength. The words you said during the streams, they’ve really saved me from the bottom of my heart.” (Nozomi)

“…My words?” (Keitaro)

I had heard about how my commentary had supported Yuki before, but hearing that my words had saved her was news to me, so I instinctively asked for more details. In response, Yuki exclaimed, “I’ll show you the proof!” and started operating her PC, pulling up my archives.

“The words I’m talking about are from Kei-kun’s LoF live stream, around the forty-ninth minute and twelve seconds mark—” (Nozomi)

“But seriously, remembering that level of detail is just too much!” (Keitaro)

“Look, right here!” (Nozomi)

After locating the specific moment, Yuki clicked play. Suddenly, the lively tone of my voice filled the room.

“(—…So, that’s what I think. Doing what you love in your own way, that alone is something precious.)” (Keitaro)

…Oh, this is…!

I remembered. I vividly remember this moment. I definitely said those words. And it was something I truly believed.

The reason I came to feel that way was because of something that happened at that time.

“(So I’ll continue with game commentary as it is. After all, I love doing it. I’ll do what I like the way I like, so please continue to support me.)” (Keitaro)

“This!” (Nozomi)

Yuki stopped the playback there and pointed at the monitor with excitement.

“Did you hear that?! Those were Kei-kun’s words just now! They really encouraged me! ‘Do what you love in your own way’—I realized that singing is that for me, and it really helped me get back on my feet!” (Nozomi)

“No way…” (Keitaro)

I muttered in astonishment at Yuki’s words.

…What the heck? Can something like this even happen? Is it a coincidence? Fate? Either way, it feels like a divine pank. Because—

“…Hey, earlier, we talked about what prompted us to become fans of each other, right? I don’t think I mentioned my trigger for becoming a fan of you yet.” (Keitaro)

“Oh, right! I haven’t heard it yet! I want to know!” (Nozomi)

“It’s simple. The catalyst was one song. The song was called ‘BELIEVE’, the first song Yuki ever wrote lyrics for.” (Keitaro)

“…Huh?” (Nozomi)

As Yuki’s eyes widened in surprise, I continued.

“It was around the time when I had just started doing game commentary, but things weren’t going well. Despite my efforts, my views and subscriber count weren’t increasing at all. It was mentally tough, and I was starting to think about giving up. That’s when I came across ‘BELIEVE’ and listening to it… gave me the necessary strength.” (Keitaro)

I still vividly remember the emotions from that time. It was the first time I had ever experienced my body trembling from listening to music.

“That song, you know, it’s all about believing in hope for the future, right? Well, those lyrics really resonated with me at that time. They made me feel like I couldn’t give up like I had to keep doing commentary. That’s what sparked me to start supporting you, Yuki.” (Keitaro)

“….N-No way. That’s…!” (Nozomi)

It felt like a lie, yet it was the truth. Even I couldn’t believe it.

“And the live stream right after listening to that song? Well, that’s the one you just played. My voice sounded unusually lively that day for that reason. Yuki said earlier that my words gave her courage, but those words were like what I received from you, Yuki.” (Keitaro)

It’s really beyond just a twist of fate. It’s like a tangled web of connections. It’s kind of funny in a way.

I played that part once more. My voice sounded genuinely excited, and coupled with my attempts at sounding cool, I couldn’t help but feel like I was overdoing it a bit.

…But I really was alive back then, wasn’t I?

Remembering how I felt at that time, I felt a sudden warmth spreading through me, as if something had just settled comfortably in my stomach.

The anxiety that had been in my heart had disappeared without me realizing it. I felt strangely relieved, realizing that despite saying it wasn’t a big deal, I had actually been quite bothered by it. And to think that the answer to my worries was in my archive… It’s just ridiculous, I couldn’t help but laugh.

…It’s thanks to Yuki that I found this. Once again, she saved me. I guess I have no choice but to support her even more than before.

“But seriously, it’s amazing how you can remember such tiny details. Just how much do you support Kei?” (Keitaro)

I muttered to myself as I looked through the archive.

Even I, the one who uploaded it, don’t remember something like that.

“…Eh? Well, it’s only natural. After all, I remember everything. My feelings for supporting Kei-kun are just that strong.” (Nozomi)

Yuki, who had been absent-minded until then, seemed to snap back to reality with those words. She puffed out her chest a bit proudly.

“I see, that’s quite an honor. But when it comes to supporting someone, my feelings to support Yuki are quite unbeatable.” (Keitaro)

I couldn’t help but make such a competitive remark, having just decided to support her even more than before. Then, Yuki, showing an unusually determined expression, retorted,

“Sorry, but when it comes to being a ‘fan’, I won’t lose to anyone. No matter how much Kei-kun supports me, my feelings for supporting him are definitely stronger.” (Nozomi)

She seemed to get a bit worked up for some reason as she countered like that.

…Hey, hey, if we’re going down this route, even if it’s Yuki, I can’t just stay quiet and accept your statement. I won’t stand for anyone underestimating my support for Yuki, you know?

“That’s something I can’t just let slide. Sorry, but I’d like you to reconsider the notion that I’m losing when it comes to supporting my oshi.” (Keitaro)

“Oh, so you’re challenging my Kei-kun passion, huh?” (Nozomi)

Sparks flew between Yuki and me as we exchanged banter.

While enjoying Yuki’s rare defiant expression, I had no intention of backing down.

“I remember every single detail of Kei’s streams and social media posts. Think you can match up to that?” (Nozomi)

“I check out every show and video you appear in, and of course, I’ve memorized all your songs.” (Keitaro)

“Heh, that’s nothing compared to the amount of information I’ve gathered.” (Nozomi)

“And I’ve been buying up your merchandise like crazy. I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more money on you than any other high schooler out there!” (Keitaro)

“Hey, that’s not fair! Every time I try to send you money, you refuse to accept it!” (Nozomi)

“Well, I’m buying official merchandise, so it’s different. I’m not just handing over cash.” (Keitaro)

“Ugh…! That’s still unfair! Kei-kun, you should release your own merchandise too!” (Nozomi)

“Merchandise? I’m just a gaming YouTuber, you know!?” (Keitaro)

“There are lots of possibilities. A photo book of Kei-kun, a Kei-kun plushie… Oh, I’m confident I’d buy an infinite amount if those existed! For storage, for display, for spreading the word, for bathing, for curry…” (Nozomi)

“What’s with the curry one!?” (Keitaro)

“It’s for eating curry! I’d have a dedicated one just in case curry stains it!” (Nozomi)

“That’s too specific!” (Keitaro)

“——Anyway, that’s how much I support Kei!” (Nozomi)

“——That’s why I support Yuki even more!” (Keitaro)

And so, we continued our noisy argument about who supports whom more.

For a while, the room was filled with bickering, but eventually, it all came to a sudden stop.

“…Haha, what are we even doing?” (Keitaro)

“Hehe, you’re right.” (Nozomi)

Before long, we both started laughing without any particular reason.

“Haah… I never thought I’d exchange words like this with Kei-kun. Hehe…” (Nozomi)

After a good laugh, Yuki smiled happily and said so. I felt the same way. Having this kind of friendly argument with Yuki made me momentarily forget that she was my idol. That was a close one…

“Shall we head out soon?” (Keitaro)

Since it was time, we decided to leave the internet cafe.

As we were about to part ways outside the shop, I was suddenly called out from behind. When I turned around, to my surprise, it was the man with the camera strap from earlier. I felt like I was going to shout out loud. Could he be from a weekly magazine!? Was he… waiting for us!?

“Excuse me, I’d like to ask you something. Do you happen to know if there used to be a small shrine around here?” (Man)

“Huh? A shrine?” (Keitaro)

However, the man asked me with a friendly smile, not even glancing at Yuki.

“Yes, you see, I’m collecting local historical materials around this area.” (Man)

With that explanation, I could only respond with a bewildered apology, saying that I didn’t know.

“Hey, Kei-kun, what’s wrong? Was there something wrong with that man earlier?” (Nozomi)

After the man left, Yuki asked me such a question while I was gazing at his retreating figure.

I explained that I had mistakenly thought the man was a reporter interested in Yuki, but Yuki responded with:

“People like that don’t dress so obviously.” (Nozomi)

She said it with a chuckle after realizing that I was overthinking things.

“Yeah… you’re right. It was just a misunderstanding.” (Keitaro)

I laughed too. It was a laughter that felt like releasing pent-up tension from within.

…Yeah, it was just a misunderstanding. Everything was just my own assumptions.

Because my channel became popular, I thought I had to adjust my live commentaries accordingly, or I had to make better streams to meet the expectations of my fans, but all of that was just my assumption. As proof, no one actually told me to do any of those things.

In fact, it was quite the opposite. Yuki had said it herself. There’s no need to change.

Yeah, I just needed to be myself and continue doing what I love – game commentary.

“Hahaha” (Keitaro)

“Huh, what’s so funny? Did something happen?” (Nozomi)

Yuki tilted her head in confusion as I burst into laughter out of the blue.

Truly, Yuki was an angel of sorts. She guided even the lost sheep, like me, without me even realizing it. And she was adorable doing it.

Come to think of it, this was the second time Yuki had come to my rescue. How could I ever repay my angelic friend, who had helped me in so many ways?

“I have a question. Can you tell me what time the local live starts from tomorrow?” (Keitaro)

“Oh, sure… But why do you ask?” (Nozomi)

“Well, you know… Oh, and one more question. Has the anxiety you had before your live concerts completely disappeared now?” (Keitaro)

“Um… Well, I still get a little nervous, I guess. But, when that happens, I watch your videos, so I’ll be fine! Your streams are my source of energy!” (Nozomi)

Yuki answers, squeezing her fist tightly.

While that response itself is very appreciated, what caught my attention was the first part.

“But seriously, why are you asking me that?” (Nozomi)

As I was thinking about various things, Yuki asked me again.

…Well, isn’t it obvious?

“Because I’m a fan of yours, Yuki. I want to do what I can to help you.” (Keitaro)

I replied with just that, and then I engraved the live event start time she told me to my memory.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Honestly, my brain kinda melted when reading this. The word ‘support’ was used so many times that my brain got confused. Well, at least MC finally told Yuki about his problem.

If some things don’t make sense, it’s because I don’t understand them either.

Alright, 1 more part and epilogue left before I’m finally done with this LN.

Also, Sparkle is being released today or at least in Asia it is. Good luck to everyone for their pulls. My friend told me getting Sparkle was a waste, and yes I don’t really need her, but I want her xd


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 1 – Is It Okay to Be Supported By My Oshi?

“(Ah, Kei-kun? Today’s stream was amazing as always!)” (Nozomi)

“(Yeah. I’m sure Ketaro’s fanbase have grown even more after this.)”  (Serika)

“(…Sana wants to attract more Onii-chan believers.)” (Sana)

One night, we were having a voice chat in our messaging group.

Previously, our interactions were all through text, but recently, Sana had also joined the group. Perhaps because of that, we transitioned to voice chatting and that became the norm.

“(You know, I’ve been thinking for a while now, but Kei-kun’s streams are just too precious. Despite that, there’s no way to express gratitude for that preciousness. So, I have a suggestion. Kei-kun should enable superchat1 and allow people to donate!)” (Nozomi)

“(Heh~ Yukina Nozomi, you’re onto something. I completely agree with that. Ketaro’s streams deserve more appreciation.)” (Serika)

“(…Agreed. Superchat is a good idea.)” (Sana)

“Hey, hey, hey, hold on a second…” (Keitaro)

The main topic of our voice chat session today was the stream that I had just ended a moment ago.

Despite just starting the voice chat, the conversation was already moving ahead without me.

“(So, Kei-kun, can you set up superchats?)” (Nozomi)

“(You’re already monetized, right? Make sure it’s set up by the next stream.)” (Serika)

“Nono, I can’t just accept money from everyone…” (Keitaro)

“(…It’s normal for fans to donate to their oshi. If onii-chan hesitates, then Sana will go to onii-chan’s room right now and set it up.)” (Sana)

Sana said something outrageous, and Yuki and Serika praised her for it.

In the end, despite my reluctance, I was somewhat forcibly made to set up superchat.

But still, these three are always supporting me, and the more they push me like this, the stronger my desire becomes to do even better. It’s not exactly peer pressure, but more of a feeling that I need to meet their expectations even more.

“(…Kei-kun, are you okay?)” (Nozomi)

“Huh?” (Keitaro)

While I was lost in thought, Yuki suddenly asked me that.

“What do you mean.” (Keitaro)

“(I-I mean, you seemed a bit down…)” (Nozomi)

“Oh, no, it’s nothing. Probably just your imagination.” (Keitaro)

I answered like that. Maybe she sensed that I was a bit uneasy, but it wasn’t anything to be really worried about.

“(Is something bothering you? Did you not get an SSR in a gacha or something?)” (Serika)

“Like that would happen. Oh, but if I don’t get a rare skin in LoF, it’s a different story.” (Keitaro)

“…Come to think of it, onii-chan, you seem a bit off lately.” (Sana)

“…Really?” (Keitaro)

I hadn’t realized it, but was I really starting to lose my composure?

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I didn’t get an SSR from a gacha game.” (Keitaro)

“(You just said it wasn’t that! If it’s because of an adult-themed mobile game, I won’t go easy on you!)” (Serika)

“Don’t just assume things! That’s not it at all!” (Keitaro)

“(…It’s okay. The mobile games onii-chan plays are rated for ages 15 and up.)” (Sana)

“You promised not to say that, Sana-san!” (Keitaro)

I feel like I’m taking unnecessary damage, but it was kind of a relief that the conversation veered off track.

After that, the topic continued to change, and a debate erupted about gacha games.

“(……)” (Nozomi)

Amidst the conversation, Yuki alone remained silent, tilting her head slightly, and there seemed to be a shadow of unease on her face.


The next day, at school.

I noticed something unusual. Yuki seemed off.

At first glance, she appeared to be chatting with friends as usual, but upon closer look, I could tell her mind was elsewhere. Oh, look, even now her friend is asking, “Yuki, are you listening?”

And her expression seemed somewhat tense. It’s not just that she seems tense, but also somewhat gloomy…?

It seems like the others haven’t noticed. Maybe Yuki is being careful not to attract anyone’s attention. As a dedicated Yuki fan, I can pick up on these things perfectly… Well, I don’t really know the exact cause, though.

Hmm, it’s bothering me. No, it’s worrying me. I wonder if something happened.

Speaking of strange, she’s been making a lot of eye contact with me lately. Despite being in the middle of conversations with her friends, she keeps throwing glances over here. Because of that, even though I’m a pro at averting my gaze at the last moment to avoid being noticed, I keep making eye contact with her. …Man, saying that out loud, I sound really creepy. I’ll try not to look at Yuki for a while…

Despite trying not to worry about it, Yuki’s behavior remained unchanged, and she continued acting like this throughout the day.

After school, I finally decided to ask Yuki if something was wrong. Normally, I try to avoid initiating conversations due to wanting to maintain a certain distance, but I can’t keep silent any longer.

…Come to think of it, Yuki usually initiates contact with me quite actively, but today she hasn’t done that at all. Now that I think about it, that’s also quite unusual. Could it be that she stopped being my fan…? While harboring such slightly negative thoughts, I waited for the moment when there were no people around Yuki and called out to her as she was leaving.

“Um… Yuki?” (Keitaro)

“Ah, K-Kei-kun? What is it?” (Nozomi)

Yup, something’s wrong. She seems suspicious… or maybe uneasy.

After pondering for a moment, I decided to ask straightforwardly.

“It seemed like something was off with you today. Did something happen?” (Keitaro)

“…Ah, so you noticed?” (Nozomi)

Yuki responded with a somewhat sheepish smile to my question. From her reaction, it didn’t seem like her troubles were too serious, which relieved me for the time being.

But still, something was indeed bothering her, so I cautiously asked about it.

Yuki fidgeted for a while but eventually spoke up.

“Well, you see, I was worried because it seemed like Kei-kun wasn’t feeling well during the voice chat yesterday… Kei-kun said it was nothing, but I couldn’t stop worrying, so I’ve been agonizing over whether to ask directly.” (Keitaro)

“Uh…? So, does that mean you’ve been worrying about me this whole time?” (Nozomi)

As I said that, Yuki nodded bashfully. …So, she’s an angel after all!

“Well, with how you were acting today, I was worried about you too.” (Keitaro)

“Huh, so does that mean Kei-kun was worried about me worrying about him?” (Nozomi)

Realizing this, we were both initially dumbfounded, but soon we both burst out laughing. What are we even doing?

“…Can we talk while we walk?” (Nozomi)

After we finished laughing, Yuki suggested this, so we left the classroom.

As we walked slowly down the hallway, I patiently waited for Yuki to speak.

“…Starting tomorrow, I have a live performance in a different region for a few days. That’s why I won’t be able to come to school, and I won’t be able to see you either.” (Nozomi)

After a while, Yuki began speaking as if talking to herself.

I was already aware of her regional live performances. I keep track of all of Yuki’s publicly announced schedules after all. It’s just what a dedicated fan does, but unfortunately, as a high school student, I can’t attend all of her live performances. Being a high school student is inconvenient both financially and position-wise. Of course, being a working adult is probably even tougher.

“Is that also the reason why you seemed off today?” (Keitaro)

“Yeah, but I think the main reason is you, Kei-kun. Even though you say you’re okay, you just didn’t seem like your usual self… Remember when we all went to the game café together recently, and you uploaded that video? There were some weird comments on it, and I thought maybe you were affected by it.” (Nozomi)

I felt happy that she noticed even such small details. At the same time, I wondered if the pressure of doing better in my streams was showing outwardly without me even realizing it.

“Don’t worry. Besides, maybe even feeling down is just in my head.” (Keitaro)

Anyway, I answered with a smile. I didn’t want to make Yuki worry unnecessarily.

“…Yeah.” (Nozomi)

However, Yuki’s response seemed somewhat lackluster.

Is she still worried about something…? As I pondered this, Yuki’s cheeks somehow flushed slightly, and she began to fidget as if she wanted to say something.

“Um, there’s something I want to ask you…!” (Nozomi)

With a sudden surge of determination, she opened her mouth and said that.

“What is it? Of course, if there’s anything I can do, just tell me. I’ll do my best even if it’s something I can’t do.” (Keitaro)

As I encouraged her, Yuki seemed to relax a bit but still fidgeted for a while before finally speaking. 

“Um…! C-Can I come over to your house from now on…!” (Nozomi)

“Huh?” (Keitaro)

However, upon hearing her request, I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

…Wait, what? If I heard correctly, Yuki just said she wanted to come to my house, right…?

Th-That’s, um, problematic. It’s problematic in so many ways.

Having a popular idol like her come to my house so casually, it’s like a scary super rare event of my life. My heart is pounding like crazy. 

As someone who values the distance between a fan and an idol, this is something I can’t just overlook. I’ve been kind of lenient about it until now, but crossing this line seems really dangerous. Not in a weird way, but it’s just too close for comfort.

“No, um, that’s…” (Keitaro)

So, I thought about refusing. It felt like tearing up a winning lottery ticket with my own hands. Yes, the internal struggle was that intense. But still, thinking about what’s best for my oshi, I felt that I had to refuse this.

“…No?” (Keitaro)

But that expression again. It’s the forsaken puppy eyes.

…Why does she have to make such a helpless, pitiful expression!? How does she naturally evoke this protective instinct in me!? Is she some kind of devil!? An angel and a devil combined!? Is Yuki actually a fallen angel!? …No, that’s Mariel-sama’s domain; Yuki is undoubtedly a genuine angel! In other words, angels can sometimes be devils too! A new theory is born!

“…Um, it’s okay. Sure, yes…” (Keitaro)

My mind was a mess, but before I knew it, I had agreed.

It couldn’t be helped. It really couldn’t. There was no way I could refuse Yuki’s request from the start.

It’s all because Yuki is just too adorable. It’s the fault of her being too cute. There’s no way someone like me can stand against an embodiment of the concept of cuteness.

“Really!? Thank you so much! I’m glad…!” (Nozomi)

Look at that radiant smile. There’s no way I can win. The desire to see my oshi happy is irreplaceable. However, it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned my principles. I still need to maintain a steel will to ensure I don’t cross certain lines.

…Well, the problem is that this line has been steadily lowering.

We left the school gate and headed towards my house. Yuki was in high spirits, talking happily about things like “I wonder what Kei-kun’s house is like”, “I need to remember the direction”, and “Oh, I have to make sure to greet your family properly” among other things.

By the way, both my parents are out for work, so there’s no need to worry about the last part. But at the same time, that situation could pose its own set of problems, so I could only hope that Sana is home today.

“…By the way, why my house? Is there a reason(Keitaro)

After walking for a while and regaining my composure, I asked this important question.

Even though Yuki is my oshi, she wouldn’t just come to my house without any reason…right?

“Huh? W-Well, um… it’s a secret for now. I’ll tell you when we get there.” (Nozomi)

Yuki replied while putting her index finger to her lips.

Well, setting aside the fact that she’s cute… What could she mean by “it’s a secret”?

I was curious, but I couldn’t dwell on it too much. In fact, there was another important matter to pay attention to in this situation, so I had to allocate my mental resources there.

The main concern was the eyes of those around us. After all, bringing an idol to my house required the utmost caution. It would be problematic if someone saw Yuki entering my house. If, by any chance, someone from school caught sight of it, rumors would undoubtedly spread. I couldn’t let Yuki get involved in any trouble like that, so I had to be constantly vigilant.

…Try not to stand out, try not to stand out, but still keep an eye on our surroundings…!

“Huh? What’s up, Kei-kun? You’re looking around so much. You’re standing out a lot, you know?” (Nozomi)

“…Ah, sorry about that.” (Keitaro)

Today’s lesson: Amateurs should avoid doing things they’re not used to.

…But what can I do!? Of course, I have to be cautious!

I scolded myself for my carelessness while trying to adjust my behavior to act normally.

But then, something suspicious caught my eye, and tension ran through my entire body.

“Huh? Kei-kun? What’s wrong, why did you stop?” (Keitaro)

Yuki still seemed unaware, but there was definitely a suspicious man ahead. He looked like a typical photographer with a large camera hanging from his neck, constantly scanning the area as if searching for something. He hadn’t noticed us yet, but…

“…Ah.” (Keitaro)

I involuntarily gasped as I remembered something.

There’s a journalist from a weekly magazine aiming for a scoop on Yuki. I heard rumors at school that he’s been lurking around this area recently.

I don’t remember where I heard it from. I don’t have acquaintances who would talk about such things, so I must have overheard someone talking about it by chance. But I remember the rumor itself vividly.

…This is bad! That guy over there must be the one! No ordinary person would dress like that! And I can already see his camera!

I panicked and looked around frantically. If Yuki and I were caught together in a photo, it wouldn’t be a laughing matter. Is there anywhere, anywhere at all, we could hide…!?

As I scanned the surroundings, a certain sign caught my eye.

…That’s a manga cafe! That’s our only option, we have to go in there!

“Eh? Ah, Kei-kun!?” (Nozomi)

I grabbed Yuki’s hand and dashed into the shop. Yuki let out a surprised noise, but I couldn’t afford to pay attention to that right now. I was only thinking about hiding as quickly as possible.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yeh, right MC. You don’t want to make Yuki worried and yet you dodged the question, even though you know that the cause of the worries was you not telling her. Also, his determination to refuse the request lasted like 5 seconds bruh.

Well, the good/bad news is that we are nearing the end of the volume. After finishing all the parts of this chapter, only the epilogue is left.

I was thinking about what I’m going to translate after this… I’ll just say straight up that I don’t plan on translating vol 2 of this LN, cause… well, the writing is a pain to edit.

Honestly, I’m tired of translating so many long chapters so I have plans of cutting down to one LN and one WN series at a time. The problem is I have a LN I really want to translate. It’s called “The Vampire Princess Likes to Fawn After Kissing Every Night” or at least I think I translated the title correctly.

It’s from the same author who wrote “This Is the Memory Until the Girl Who Said ‘Please Be My Friend Forever’ Is No Longer My Friend” so it should be a decent read, right? Haizz, what do I do?


  1. Superchat is when you pay money to send a highlighted message on YouTube streams.

WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 4 – Is It Okay to Play Games with My Oshi?

“Is this… an arcade?” (Keitaro)

We arrived at a different floor of the same building, which turned out to be the game corner. It was quite spacious, with many game machines surrounding us.

“If it’s games you want, couldn’t we have just stayed at the café earlier? Unlike here, we have it all rented out for ourselves.” (Serika)

Serika’s observation was correct, but Yuki said that she could only do it here. Eventually, it seemed she found what she was looking for, as she headed towards a large machine for a dance game.

“This is it! I’ll be playing this, so Kei-kun, I want you to watch me.” (Nozomi)

“That’s fine, but… why?” (Keitaro)

“Sorry for the sudden request. I want to show a good side of myself to Kei-kun too… Besides, I’ve done this before, and I’m pretty good at dancing.” (Nozomi)

With that said, as Yuki stepped onto the platform, we decided to stand around and watch.

I was taken aback by the suddenness of it all, but deep down, I was quite excited to see Yuki’s dance live (albeit in a game). However, as she selected the song and the game began, the atmosphere around her changed.

Yuki energetically raised her hands and struck a pose.

Of course, such movements weren’t necessary as the game’s outcome was determined solely by tapping on the panel at her feet. Yet, in that moment, the arcade transformed into a pseudo-live stage.

The playful demeanor she had shown just moments ago disappeared somewhere, and in its place stood the cool and artistic idol, Yuki.

Yuki danced vividly to the rhythm of the music. I was quickly absorbed by her overwhelming performance and could only stare at her in awe.

Perhaps sensing the extraordinary presence, a crowd of onlookers quickly gathered around us.

“Wow…!” (Audience)

“That’s so cool…!” (Audience)

“Hey, is she a pro?” (Audience)

“Mom, that lady is amazing!” (Audience)

“She’s beautiful…” (Audience)

“She’s like a goddess…!” (Audience)

Amidst the shower of praise from everyone, Yuki proceeded to complete the song with flawless steps.

With an all-perfect high score, cheers and excitement echoed throughout the store.

“…So, what did you think? Did I live up to your expectations?” (Nozomi)

After finishing the game, Yuki asked without even breaking a sweat.

I overwhelmed with emotion, could only nod silently in response. Seeing that, Yuki smiled happily and said, “Hehe, I’m glad…” The combination of her emotions and cuteness almost overwhelmed me to the point where I felt like rolling around on the floor right there.

“Wow… that was amazing.” (Audience)

“Hey, doesn’t she look kinda like Yuki?” (Audience)

“Yuki as in the idol?” (Audience)

“Uhh, let’s change locations for now…!” (Keitaro)

But just as we were about to talk, we noticed the crowd discussing such things, and even though we were in disguise with hats and glasses, drawing attention was not a good idea. So, we decided to move to a quieter place.

“No, seriously, that was amazing…! Your dancing was beyond what you’d expect from a game…!” (Keitaro)

Taking a moment to catch my breath, I expressed my admiration once again. The fact that Yuki was a top idol had been directly hammered into me, right before my eyes.

“Ehehe, thank you… I worked hard so as not to embarrass myself in front of you, so I’m glad to hear that.” (Nozomi)

Yuki showed a satisfied smile. Despite effortlessly gathering such a crowd and displaying her innate idol power, she remained humble. It made me realize once again how amazing it was to have someone like her supporting me.

“Ketaro, come with me for a moment!” (Serika)

At that moment, Serika, who had been quiet all along, stepped forward with a somewhat dissatisfied expression.

“What’s up? I’m still basking in the afterglow–” (Keitaro)

“Just come here!” (Serika)

And so, I found myself being dragged around by Serika.

While wondering what was going on, we headed to the rhythm game corner, where Serika stood in front of a game machine.

“Y-You’re my oshi too, right? Then I have no choice but to show off my skills too!” (Serika)

“Well, it’s not like you have to…” (Keitaro)

“I can’t let Yuki Nozomi have all the spotlight! I won’t allow it!” (Serika)

It seemed like Serika was trying to compete with Yuki by showing off her skills. Well, regardless of whatever she’s doing right now, my devotion to Mariel-sama wouldn’t change. Besides, a rhythm game… wait a minute? When it comes to rhythm games…

“Just watch me…!” (Serika)

Serika started the game with overflowing enthusiasm. It was a game where you touch icons on the screen in rhythm with the music, but the quantity and speed were staggering. Even to the casual observer, the high difficulty level was apparent.

However, Serika effortlessly handled it with graceful hand movements. She kept hitting perfect after perfect notes without a single miss. As I watched in astonishment, something clicked in my mind.

…That’s right, when it comes to rhythm games, Mariel-sama once did a livestream endurance challenge attempting to achieve a perfect run of all songs, but she cleared it so quickly that it went viral.

With her cute voice, skilled gameplay, and entertaining commentary, combined with her outstanding sense of rhythm, the immensely popular VTuber, Daitenin Mariel, had it all. Seeing her real-life counterpart showcasing those skills in front of me, I could do nothing but admire her.

“Wow…” (Keitaro)

“I’m just getting started…! This isn’t even my final form1!” (Serika)

She’s starting to sound like Mariel-sama, but Serika herself doesn’t seem to notice it, as she remains focused on the game.

“This is it desu wa!” (Serika)

Once she finished playing, Serika turned around with plenty of confidence.

On the game screen visible from behind her, the words “All Perfect” were prominently displayed.

“Hehe, I’m quite confident in my sense of rhythm. I’ve studied various games, but this is the one I’m best at after all. What do you think, Ketaro? This is the true power of Daitenin Mariel desu wa.” (Serika)

“Uh, yeah, it was amazing. A masterpiece, but…” (Keitaro)

Perhaps it’s because of the excitement of achieving a perfect run, but Serika’s tone hadn’t returned to normal, leaving me unsure of how to react despite feeling delighted to have witnessed Mariel-sama’s play firsthand.

Could it be that she switches into Mariel-sama mode whenever she’s playing rhythm games? While pondering this, Serika smiled contentedly, took out her smartphone, and started taking pictures of the game screen.

As I wondered what she was up to, a notification popped up on my phone saying that Mariel-sama had just posted on her social media account. 

It was the same picture she had just taken a moment ago, and it was receiving an overwhelming number of replies. As expected of Mariel-sama…

“Hey, isn’t this the one Mariel-sama just posted?” (Audience)

“Seriously? Let’s give it a try!” (Audience)

“Come to think of it, didn’t we hear a voice that sounded like Mariel-sama’s earlier?” (Audience)

“Maybe it’s just our imagination?” (Audience)

Voices from behind made me stiffen in surprise.

W-Were they listening?! Did they already see the post?! Sensing danger, I quickly led everyone back to a less crowded area.

“Hehe, being an influencer sure is tough, huh?” (Serika)

Finally, Serika’s tone returned to normal.

I couldn’t help but think she should be more careful of the situation, but Serika remained in high spirits, unfazed by it all.

“……Muuu.” (Sana)

This time, Sana, who had been quiet all along, suddenly tugged at my clothes.

When I asked what was wrong, she looked up at me with a displeased expression. 

“Sana wants to impress Onii-chan too.” (Sana)

While sending occasional glances towards Yuki and Serika, she expressed her feelings as such.

“I’ve told you, even without doing something like that, I already know you’re an amazing cosplayer, and my feelings won’t change—” (Keitaro)

“…But Sana wants to show it too. It’s not fair.” (Sana)

Sana said while still gazing at the two. Despite that, I couldn’t help but think that she didn’t need to get so competitive. Nevertheless, Sana grabbed my hand and started walking.

“W-Where are we going?” (Keitaro)

“Sana wants to dance too. Let’s give it a try.” (Serika)

With those words, we headed to the dancing machine that Yuki had played earlier.

…Wait, is Sana actually good at dancing? I’ve never seen her dance before…

As I watched with a mixture of doubt and curiosity, Sana, unusually determined, climbed onto the platform. And when she started playing and dancing, I was amazed.

“……Mm, …Mmm!” (Serika)

…H-Her movements couldn’t be more uncoordinated!

Watching her desperately trying to follow the steps while alternating between the screen and her feet, it was obvious that she was struggling. Still, Sana’s earnest efforts reminded me of a determined child…

…What’s this feeling? Sana has always been cute, but right now, she’s cute in a completely different way!? It’s like she’s stirring up my desire to protect her…!

“Wow…!” (Audience)

“What’s that, it’s so cute…!” (Audience)

“Oh, isn’t that cute?” (Audience)

“Mom, that girl is trying so hard!” (Audience)

“What a beautiful girl!” (Audience)

Before I knew it, a crowd had gathered again, but this time, they were buzzing with a different kind of excitement, unlike Yuki.

Why do I suddenly feel the urge to brag about my sister?

“Ugh…” (Sana)

When Sana returned after finishing the game, her expression clearly showed dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, I felt strangely fulfilled. …No, I was satisfied.

“Ugh… that was bad…” (Sana)

“No, you did great. It just made me want to support you even more.” (Keitaro)

“…Sana’s not happy about it. It’s unfair without cosplay. Muu!” (Sana)

“That’s not true! Sana-chan, you were cute!” (Nozomi) 

“That was something… I recorded a video of it, but do you want to upload it?” (Serika)

Encouraged by Serika, Sana reluctantly uploaded the video of her dancing to her own social media account while wearing a dissatisfied expression. But in no time, the responses flooded in, all praising her cuteness.

…Yeah, as her brother, I’m totally satisfied. Even if she’s still feeling dissatisfied herself.

“Good work! I’m glad everyone was able to show Kei-kun their good side.” (Nozomi) 

Yuki said that while smiling and looking around at everyone.

To this, Serika replied, “Indeed,” and Sana, still somewhat dissatisfied, nodded in agreement.

While I didn’t need them to show me anything special to support them, I couldn’t deny that I felt even more inclined to support them after today. In that sense, I couldn’t help but feel like I fell right into Yuki’s plan.

Feeling a bit embarrassed by that, I changed the subject while looking at my phone.

“…But seriously, the response to Mariel-sama and Sana’s posts is amazing. Yuki might not be able to upload to social media, but if she did, it would surely attract the same amount of attention. Influencers sure are something, huh?” (Keitaro)

I said this with a sense of emotion. Being supported by such amazing people, it’s no wonder I still feel like this is all somewhat unreal.

“What are you talking about? You’re a hugely popular gaming commentator now.” (Nozomi)

“That’s all thanks to you guys. But before that, I hardly got any reactions.” (Keitaro)

Comparing my channel now and then is like comparing day and night. It’s not even close.

“I mean, back then, even just one comment would get me all excited.” (Keitaro)

“Ah, I’ve been checking Kei-kun’s social media and commenting on his streams and videos for a long time!” 

Yuki raised her hand while speaking. Her gesture was so cute, especially compared to her usual cool demeanor.

“Yeah, Wankoromochi-san’s comments always cheered me up. Thanks to them, I was motivated to keep doing commentaries.” (Keitaro)

“K-Kei-kun…! Ehehehe…” (Nozomi)

Yuki blushed and covered her cheeks with her hands. Well, I didn’t even know those comments were from Yuki back then.

“I-I’ve been checking out Ketaro’s streams all along too! I might not have left any comments… but! I remember every single detail of your videos perfectly!” (Serika)

Now it was Serika who chimed in. She crossed her arms as if trying to compete with Yuki but trying to one-up her like that wasn’t necessary.

“…Well, Sana’s the same. She’s been watching Onii-chan’s YouTube videos too.” (Sana)

“Huh, really?” (Keitaro)

Sana joined in, but I couldn’t help but ask back. That’s news to me? You were watching my streams all along?

“So that’s how it is! Even Sana-chan…! So basically, Kei-kun’s our oshi, which makes us ‘oshi buds’!” (Nozomi)

“…Well, I guess so, but was there even such a term?” (Serika)

Well, leaving aside Yuki’s habit of making up words, I get what she’s trying to say.

Fuwa, I’m so happy…! I’ve never met fellow Kei-kun fans before, and now that I’ve become friends with Serika-san, and even Sana-chan…! From now on, we can all have lots of talks about Kei-kun together!” (Nozomi)

I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by Yuki’s genuinely happy smile.

To think that I could see such an amazing smile and to think that she was doing it while talking about me…

I’m definitely in a position where I should be the one offering thanks. Maybe I should just buy more Yuki merchandise for now.

As I pondered such things, Yuki and the others started getting heated up talking about me, or rather, having an oshi talk, as they call it.

They were eagerly discussing things like what happened in that one stream, or in that particular video. It’s a bit uncomfortable hearing them talk about me like that, but it’s clear they really do support me.

…But when it comes to being an ‘oshi’, I’m not backing down either, you know? Just like how you’re supporting me, I’ll support you all even more from now on! However, I’ll have to think about the specifics later.

As I fueled this mysterious sense of rivalry, I suddenly noticed a tense atmosphere in the air. And the source of it… well, obviously, there were only the four of us here: me, Yuki, Serika, and Sana.

Wait, what’s going on? Where did the relaxed atmosphere we had just moments ago disappear to?

“I still think the best version of Kei-kun is the Kei-kun during his streams. Oh, but the Kei-kun at school is also pretty irresistible. The Kei-kun at school—” (Nozomi)

“Hmm? But aren’t you just scratching the surface with that? I think you really need to know the old Ketaro to appreciate the good points of the current Ketaro. Come to think of it, back when we were kids, these kinds of things—” (Serika)

“…You haven’t seen each other much in recent years, right? As a family member, Sana knows his gap the best. Onii-chan at home—” (Sana)

It seems like they’re discussing which kind of me they support the most, each talking about their own version, but… is it me or do they look like they’re subtly competing for something else? Maybe it’s just my imagination, but can we please stop this potential argument?

“Um… It’s really nice that you all support me, but, um, it’s a bit uncomfortable when you… you know, argue like this…” (Keitaro)

I timidly interject. Please don’t say something like “how pathetic”. Approaching a group of girls like this is seriously a courageous act, you know!? Especially for an introvert like me!

“Eh? What are you talking about, Kei-kun? We’re not arguing, are we?” (Nozomi)

“Yeah, what’s with you? We’re just chatting normally.” (Serika)

“…Please don’t misunderstand. We’re just having a friendly chat about our oshi.” (Sana)

…Well, they say that, but their smiles don’t quite reach their eyes. It’s like I can hear ominous background music playing…! In the end, I couldn’t find an opportunity to intervene, and the discussion (??) continued.

It’s still unsettling, but it doesn’t seem like anything bad is about to happen, so for now, it seems like all I can do is watch over.

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to pass the time by checking the reactions to the videos and posts I put up earlier until their talk was over.

Regarding the video on the solo boss win, most of the comments were positive, like “amazing” or “impressive,” which was nice to see, but there were also a few negative ones that caught my eye.

Some comments were dismissive from the start, saying it’s impossible to do solo, while others laughed it off, saying it’s not a big deal and that other players could also do it. There were even comments implying that they were better at the game, which made me amused, but then there were others accusing me of cheating.

“…Nono, it’s definitely not a cheat. You can tell if someone’s using cheats just by looking.” (Keitaro)

I couldn’t help but laugh at the low-level comments.

But then, at that moment, everyone who had been chatting lively just a moment ago suddenly stopped and turned their attention towards me all at once. It seemed they reacted to my muttering, but the intensity of it made me flinch. 

“…What did you just say, Kei-kun? Cheating…?” (Nozomi)

“N-No, I just saw a comment stating that earlier…” (Keitaro)

“What!?” (Serika)

Serika quickly takes out her phone to check. Yuki and Sana follow suit.

“Haaaaaa!? What is this comment!? There’s no way Ketaro would cheat! Who does this damn commenter think he is, accusing him of something like that?!” (Serika)

Serika gets infuriated as she reads the comment. …That’s not exactly the language one would expect from a young lady (ojou-sama)!?

“…This is terrible. There’s no way Kei-kun would cheat. It’s unforgivable to write something like this, even though it should be obvious just by watching…” (Nozomi)

Yuki suddenly returns to her usual cool demeanor and expresses her anger quietly. Her cold and quiet tone made her anger apparent and I couldn’t help but let out a gasp of fear.

“…Who are these losers? Insulting Onii-chan like that is the worst. They should just die.” (Sana)

Sana, in her usual energetic manner, expressed the most extreme sentiment. It’s reassuring that she’s angry on my behalf, but I wish she could be a bit gentler.

Well, each of them has their own way of expressing it, but it seems like everyone is outraged by this comment. And even though they were arguing just a moment ago, now they’re all united in roasting this commenter. What a contrast.

“We won’t let these haters win. Let’s keep promoting Kei-kun’s good points from now on!” (Nozomi)

“That’s right. There’s no point in trying to deal with haters, so let’s just ignore them and keep boosting Ketaro up!” (Serika)

“…Agreed. Haters have no right to speak. Everyone should become believers of onii-chan.” (Sana)

“As members of the Kei-kun’s oshi alliance, let’s join forces from now on. For starters, let’s share information about Kei-kun among ourselves. I’ll be in charge of gathering information about Kei-kun at school.” (Nozomi)

“Yeah, then I’ll provide information about Ketaro from when he was a kid.” (Serika)

“…Sana will give details about Onii-chan at home.” (Sana)

“Thank you, Sana-chan. Oh, and Sana-chan, we need to add you to our messaging group.” (Nozomi)

And before I knew it, a mysterious alliance had been formed. …What on earth just happened?

I don’t think anything good will happen if I say something, so I decided to refrain from commenting on this matter, even though it’s related to me.

…But honestly, there’s no need to get worked up over such comments.

As someone from a generation that has been connected to the internet since birth, I know that comments like these are just part of the daily routine, and they don’t faze me that much.

Yes, if there’s anything that would unsettle me, it wouldn’t be comments like these.

I checked the comments section again. And as I scrolled through, my finger stopped at a particular comment.

Comment: [This guy’s been getting a lot of attention from celebrities lately, but isn’t he getting carried away?]

An empty, low-level comment akin to a thug’s baseless accusation.

Normally, there would be no need to pay it any mind. And as evidence, this comment had neither likes nor dislikes. In essence, it was just a mere complaint.

…However, comments like these hit me the hardest right now. It’s a fact that I only reached where I’m at because of Yuki, Mariel-sama, and Sana giving me exposure. That’s why I need to work even harder from now on—

“Hmm?” (Keitaro)

As I pondered these thoughts, I felt a gaze upon me and lifted my head to meet Yuki’s eyes.

But the gaze was quickly averted, and Yuki resumed the conversation as if nothing had happened.

It was just a momentary glance, but it seemed like there was some uncertainty in those eyes. Or was that just my imagination…?

Illustration of Yuki dancing

Yuki danced vividly to the rhythm of the music. I was quickly absorbed by her overwhelming performance and could only stare at her in awe.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I have no idea what dafuq happened at the end but ok.

Let’s be honest, Serika should have totally gotten exposed right then and there. She straight-up name-drops Mariel in her voice when playing. She didn’t even wait until she got home before posting it online.


  1. Ok so the actual translation is something along the lines of “The true power of Daitenin Mariel has yet to be revealed” but it is done in Mariel-sama’s desu wa tone. The word “desu wa” wasn’t actually used so idk how to translate it and I thought if that’s the case, I might as well throw in a joke.

WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 3 – Is It Okay to Play Games with My Oshi?

“Wait, before we start, um, just practicing all the time would be boring, right? So, how about we play a game together for once? Experiencing the real thing is much more beneficial than just practicing.” (Keitaro)

Unable to contain myself, I proposed that idea. By the way, it’s not like I’m just grasping at straws; experiencing real battles is indeed important. It’s through those experiences that practice becomes meaningful.

“That’s easy for you to say, but jumping straight into a real match seems reckless, doesn’t it? I mean, Yukina Nozomii might have experience, but imouto-san doesn’t, right? Plus, there are four of us so we can’t participate in ranked matches with that number.” (Serika)

LoF’s ranked matches require teams of three. So, Serika’s right; we can’t do ranked matches, but I already know that. Taking an inexperienced player like Sana into ranked matches is out of the question.

“That’s why we should play the campaign mode against CPUs. With that, the number of players is more flexible.” (Keitaro)

The reason LoF is considered a great game isn’t just because of its perfection in its genre; it’s also because of the various ways you can enjoy it. Apart from ranked matches, there are customizable matches with free rule settings and a campaign mode where you can battle against CPUs. And none of these modes are half-baked; they’re all well-made. With all these options, there is always something interesting to do.

“Oh, the campaign mode, huh? I’ve never tried that before.” (Yuki)

“Yeah, but I’ve heard LoF’s campaign mode is pretty interesting, right?” (Serika)

“Yup, the campaign mode is super well-fleshed out that there are even players who exclusively play the campaign mode. Videos of them are relatively popular too.” (Keitaro)

While I mostly focus on ranked matches, I’ve played the campaign mode a few times. It’s pretty well-designed such that even if you’re not good at PvP, you can still enjoy it. Let’s all give it a try (shameless advertisement).

With that settled, the four of us decided to play the campaign mode together.

While we progressed through the campaign, Serika and I supported Yuki, who isn’t good at FPS games, and Sana, who is a complete beginner. LoF had a progressive difficulty adjustment. At first, we were all having fun together, but gradually, the enemy became harder. Somehow, we managed to reach the final boss, but…

“Oh, s-sorry!” (Yuki)

“…Defeated. Ugh…” (Sana)

In the end, it was getting harder to support Yuki and Sana so they got eliminated not long after the fight started.

“Ah!? They can spawn behind us?! How cowardly…!” (Serika)

Next, we got caught in a surprise attack, and I wasn’t able to save Serika in time so she got eliminated.

What was supposed to be a four-man fight turned into a solo fight. No matter how you look at it, It’s a completely unfavorable position. However, I don’t intend to give up. For the sake of my comrades, and my pride as a gamer, I absolutely cannot afford to lose.

As the final boss fires multiple shots that fill the screen, I maneuver through them with quick precision and attack whenever I find an opening. If I don’t dodge and land my hits, there’s no way to win.

“…A-Amazing. You can move like that…?” (Serika)

“Wow…! Kei-kun, Kei-kun, Kei-kun…!” (Yuki)

“…Onii-chan, you’re so cool…!” (Sana)

Without realizing it, everyone had left their seats and gathered around me. They stared intently at my screen, holding their breath as they watched the outcome of the battle.

As I fully immersed myself in the game, the moment of reckoning arrived.

With a tremendous roar and explosion, the final boss crumbled away. Simultaneously, the words “Mission Complete” appeared on the screen, along with the score and time.

Haaa… I did it somehow…” (Keitaro)

Overwhelmed by the adrenaline of the game, I involuntarily stood up and took a deep breath.

As I was about to turn to look at everyone, I felt something soft on my arm.

“That was awesome! You’re really amazing, Kei-kun…!” (Yuki)

“W-What!? Yuki-san!?” (Keitaro)

I panicked as I saw Yuki clinging to my arm, her eyes glistening with tears.

Th-These two soft sensations… could it be!? Before I could even process the situation, I felt another sensation, this time on my other arm, and when I turned, Serika was looking at me with a bright red face.

“W-Why are you…?” (Keitaro)

“I-It can’t be helped, right?! It’s unfair if it’s just Yukina Nozomi, right…?! A-And besides, it’s only natural to get emotional when your oshi achieves something amazing!” (Serika)

For some reason, Serika said this with a hint of anger and then pulled me into a tight hug. And at the same time, I felt something pressing against my back!?

“…Onii-chan, that was amazing…! You were so cool…!” (Sana)

This time, it was Sana speaking, and her voice could be heard near my ear. She was unusually excited, so I could tell that she was genuinely happy about my victory.

Anyways, as I was being pulled from both sides and embraced from behind, and considering my half-standing posture, it was only a matter of time before I lost my balance…!

“Whoa, watch out…!?” (Keitaro)

Everyone fell on me, or rather, it felt like they were crushing me under their weight… As I entertained the thought that even in this position, girls are surprisingly soft, I wondered if this was some sort of divine punishment directed at me.

“K-Kei-kun, are you okay!?” (Yuki)

Fortunately, everyone quickly got off me, which was a relief.

As I stood up, I saw Yuki looking at me apologetically.

“I’m really sorry…! I got carried away…! What if I hurt you, Kei-kun!? I’ll cover all the medical expenses…!” (Yuki)

“No, it’s okay! Look, I’m perfectly fine, see!?” (Keitaro)

“Well, it wasn’t that big of a deal, right? Girls are as light as angel feathers, so it’s fine!” (Serika)

“You should at least show some remorse!” (Keitaro)

Seriously, you were pretty heavy! Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean everything about you is perfect!

Well, knowing that everyone was genuinely happy about the victory, I didn’t get mad. If anything, I felt happy about it. In the end, it was a victory we achieved through everyone’s efforts. That’s why I love coop games. It’s always so entertaining to see the drama unfold in each moment.

“Oh, right, now isn’t the time for this.” (Serika)

Lost in such thoughts, Serika suddenly spoke with a face that seemed to recall something.

“Ketaro, log in to YouTube right now and prepare to upload.” (Serika)

“Upload what? What do you mean?” (Keitaro)

“You know, the video of the game we just played. Especially the part where you soloed the final boss.” (Serika)

“Even if you suddenly say that, I didn’t record anything—” (Keitaro)

“Don’t worry. I took care of that already!” (Serika)

When did you do that!? I didn’t even notice at all!

“Oh, I recorded it too.” (Yuki)

“…Sana too.” (Sana)

“Huh!? Why am I the only one left out!?” (Keitaro)

“Obviously, we always record our oshi’s matches. Anyways, I have a video of just the last part, so let’s upload it right away! And then share it on social media! I’ll reply immediately!” (Serika)

…Even though it’s about me, it feels like I’m being left out of the loop.

But since Yuki and Sana were urging me to do it quickly, I reluctantly followed their instructions. By the way, we all agreed on the title “[God-tier Plays] Soloing the Boss in Campaign Mode” but there was some debate over whether to include the “[God-tier Plays]” part. In the end, the other three’s opinions won out, but seriously, putting that in the title feels like overrating myself. …Well, I am proud of the video itself though.

“…Yep, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube. I also posted on social media—wait, replies already!?” (Keitaro)

As soon as I posted on social media promoting the video, I received immediate replies from Yuki, Mariel-sama, and Sana’s accounts. It seems like they were all prepared with their phones. That was fast.

“Oh, they’re already responding.” (Serika)

“…That’s quite the momentum. The views are skyrocketing.” (Sana)

“Well, it’s Kei’s video, so it’s only natural.” (Yuki)

It felt somewhat strange seeing everyone so delightedly checking social media and YouTube as if it were about themselves. When I pointed this out, I received the response “It’s natural because it’s our oshi” from all three.

“It’s only natural to be happy when your oshi’s reputation improves.  And besides, seeing the game happen live right in front of us, it’s only natural to get excited.” (Serika)

Serika said this proudly for some reason, but well, I can understand that feeling.

“Um, Kei-kun, do you… want to see your oshi doing her best?” (Yuki)

Yuki timidly asked.

I replied “Of course”, but I tilted my head wondering why she was asking that.

“Well, Kei-kun supports us too, right? It makes me happy, but it also feels a bit underwhelming that I couldn’t show you at my best…” (Yuki)

“You mean your idol activities? If that’s the case, I always watch it on TV or in videos.” (Keitaro)

“No, I meant that I wanted you to see it up close like earlier. Watching you through a screen is cool, but seeing you play in person was really cool. I just thought it’d be nice if I could do the same for you…” (Yuki)

I’d rather you refrain from constantly calling me “cool” because it seriously makes me blush… But I see, I understand what you’re trying to say.

Certainly, I’d like to see my oshi in action up close. For Yuki, I can go to concerts and such, but to see it up close… well, that’s impossible.

“Oh, I know!” (Yuki)

At that moment, Yuki suddenly seemed to have an idea and grabbed my arm, starting to walk. When I asked what was going on, she just urged me to hurry up. With no other choice, I followed Yuki, while Serika and Sana followed behind us.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Oh shit is it an exclusive performance from Yuki? I think MC is gonna lose it if she starts singing right now. Also yes, Sana doesn’t have that many lines. I guess she’s the type that doesn’t talk much to strangers.

I hope it wasn’t too confusing at the end. The raw was pretty confusing but I think I got the main idea…?

I’m done with my project stuff and now it’s the holidays so I have more time to translate!


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 2 – Is It Okay to Play Games with My Oshi?

“…Get started with what?” (Sana)

Sana tilted her head in confusion, but come to think of it, I don’t think Serika and I mentioned the purpose of coming to the esports cafe today.

“Well, actually, Serika asked if I could teach her some gaming techniques I use in person.” (Keitaro)

“That’s right. So, I chose this place since we can openly play games here.” (Serika)

“…But now that I think about it, couldn’t we have just done that at your place or mine? Was it really necessary to reserve this entire place?” (Keitaro)

“Y-You’re being annoying. I wanted to show them my level of support—I mean! I thought you might be interested, so I chose this place! Was that a problem!?” (Serika)

“No, not at all. I’m very interested so I’m happy you brought me here.” (Keitaro)

I nodded in agreement with Serika, who was enthusiastically explaining while blushing. In times like these, it’s best to just go along with Serika’s excitement. Besides, it’s not every day I get to come to a place like this, so I’m genuinely glad.

“Alright then. Let’s get started. Teach me, Ketaro.” (Serika)

Serika looked satisfied with my response. She really hasn’t changed since we were kids.

“…What are these gaming techniques we talking about, though?” (Sana)

“Well, imouto-san, haven’t you seen that one play Ketaro pulled off during my stream?” (Serika)

“…Saw it. Sana knows onii-chan was amazing, but she didn’t really understand what was so amazing about it.” (Sana)

“That play was truly wonderful. Oh, but even though Kei-kun wiped out the enemies in an instant, I don’t really understand what he did specifically.” (Nozomi)

“Well, that’s how it is. Alright, Ketaro, why don’t you demonstrate once? I want to see it live too.” (Serika)

“Sure thing.” (Keitaro)

I sat down at the computer, booted up LoF, selected my character, and headed to the training ground. There, I picked up the 777 Magnum and stood in front of the training dummy targets.

…Doing this while being watched by my oshis makes me even more nervous than during the actual match last time. It feels like there’s even more pressure not to mess up this time.

I took a deep breath to calm myself and focused. Then, with quick movements of my fingers, three gunshots rang out in rapid succession, and all three dummy targets fell with their heads shattered.

“…Wow, onii-chan, that was amazing.” (Sana)

“Amazing, amazing! Kei-kun, you’re so cool!” (Nozomi) 

“Seeing it again, your skills are something else. It’s no wonder you can pull it off in real matches, Keitaro.” (Serika)

All three of them showered me with praise, which made me feel a bit embarrassed.

…But honestly, I’ve never been more glad that I practiced today!

“So was that the technique you mentioned? Shooting all their heads was impressive?” (Sana)

“Well, with practice, anyone can do that. What’s impressive is being able to rapid-fire the 777 Magnum and still land headshots.” (Serika)

“Oh, now that you mention it, yeah. I admire Kei-kun and use the 777 Magnum too, but it’s really difficult to handle. I can’t use it as well as you do.” (Nozomi)

“The thing is that the 777 Magnum has very specific performance characteristics. It packs a punch if you hit your target, but it only holds seven rounds, has a strong recoil, and most importantly, it has a long cooldown between shots. It usually takes almost a second to fire the next round.” (Keitaro)

“…But onii-chan, you were shooting so quickly.” (Sana)

“Yeah, that’s the interesting part. Honestly, I don’t even know how he did it, which is why I wanted Ketaro to teach us… So, Ketaro, what’s the secret?” (Serika)

At that moment, Seika turned her gaze towards me. Of course, I’ll gladly explain.

“Well, to put it simply, there’s a technique that allows you to shorten that firing interval. Oh, and just to be clear, this isn’t some kind of exploit or bug, okay?” (Keitaro)

I’ve made a personal commitment to never exploit bugs intentionally. Doing so not only shortens the lifespan of the game but also disrespects the integrity of the game itself. Exploiting bugs is on par with cheating and is something I vehemently oppose as a gamer.

“When I first discovered it, I made sure to ask the developers and received confirmation that it’s within the game’s specifications. And if you look hard enough, you’ll find this technique documented on the game’s official strategy wiki as well.” (Keitaro)

“Eh? Really?” (Nozomi)

“Yeah, and just so you know, I’m the one who added it to the wiki.” (Keitaro)

Sharing information about game mechanics is crucial. But judging by everyone’s reactions, it seems like it’s not widely known. …It’s a bit disappointing considering I took the time to document it.

“Wow, you even put it on the wiki? That’s amazing, Kei-kun!” (Nozomi)

“Well, it’s a normal thing to do. So, about the details… Essentially, it utilizes the fact that you can cancel the cooldown time for the next shot using a punch motion.” (Keitaro)

“Punch motion?” (Serika)

Seems like Seika isn’t quite getting it, so I’ll explain further.

“When you punch right after holding a weapon, you can do it instantly, right? Well, at that moment, the cooldown for the weapon’s firing interval resets. So, by canceling that punch motion and immediately re-equipping the weapon, you can shoot the next round right away.” (Keitaro)

“Huh, there was such a mechanic!?” (Serika)

It’s no wonder she’s surprised. I mean, you wouldn’t notice such a mechanic while playing normally, and even if you did, it wouldn’t necessarily mean much. Typically, at least.

“B-But… wouldn’t it take even longer to shoot if you have to fire, then punch, then fire again? Not to mention, I didn’t see anything like that happening when you were doing it.” (Serika)

“That’s because the cancel happens faster than the punching animation. By the way, the window for each cancellation is just one frame.” (Keitaro)

“O-One frame!?” (Nozomi)

“…What’s a ‘frame’?” (Sana)

“A frame refers to a unit of time. It’s one-sixtieth of a second, so one frame equals 1/60th of a second. In other words, Ketaro was doing it at an incredibly fast and precise speed.” (Serika)

“In other words, it goes like this: Shoot one round with the Magnum, perform a punch motion in one frame, cancel it in the next frame, and then quickly return to aiming the Magnum. Since the firing interval is reset during this sequence, you can shoot again immediately. As a result, you can fire in rapid succession. This technique only works with the Magnum, so we call it the ‘Magnum Cancel’—or ‘Mag-can’ for short.” (Keitaro)

When I first discovered this feature, I was thrilled, thinking, “Now I can fire the Magnum in rapid succession!” However, since the input has to be frame-perfect, it’s incredibly difficult to execute consistently. I’ve practiced it a lot myself, but I still can’t pull it off perfectly every time. Plus, this technique only works with the 777 Magnum, so it’s more of a novelty or show-off move. Honestly, why bother with this when you could just use a regular assault rifle?

…Well, that’s probably why no one knows about this technique. Even though I wrote about it on the wiki. Everyone, let’s use the Magnum more! Let’s stop treating it like a joke weapon.

“I can’t believe you were doing something so amazing… Ahh~…! Kei-kun, you’re the best! I’ll keep using the Magnum from now on!” (Nozomi)

“Ah, no, if you’re a beginner, you should just stick with a submachine gun or shotgun…” (Keitaro)

I take back what I said earlier. The Magnum is definitely a joke weapon. If it’s too hard and you end up quitting the game because of it, I would rather you just use a strong weapon normally.

“To be able to pull off such a technique at a moment’s notice, that’s amazing! Since you got off three consecutive shots, it means that you had to execute four consecutive frame-perfect inputs while aiming for the head… Truly impressive. As expected of my childhood friend──… Oh, I mean, my oshi!” (Serika)

“Hmm, onii-chan is really amazing after all… Hehe.” (Sana)

Everyone’s praise is genuinely heartwarming, to be honest. It’s a stark contrast to before when I would make such plays during streams and hardly get any reaction. Well, hardly anyone was watching back then.

“Alright, now that I understand the principle, I’m going to master it right away! Ketaro, please teach me in detail about finger placement and everything.” (Serika)

“Huh, are you really going to try it? Even though it’s a technique that won’t be very useful in actual matches?” (Keitaro)

“I want to try it out for myself, so it’s fine! Come on, watch me!” (Serika)

Well, it would be nice if Mariel-sama ends up showcasing the technique during her stream, so I have no problem teaching her.

Sitting at the adjacent seat, Serika launches LoF and heads to the training ground.

She picks up the Magnum and aims at the target dummy, firing shots. However, unlike me,  all that echoes are the sounds of gunfire every second or the sound of her punching the air.

“Hmm… This is tough… How do you even start?” (Serika)

“First, focus on canceling with a punch right after firing.” (Keitaro)

“I know, but… Ugh! I just can’t seem to get it right!” (Serika)

“Well, it takes some practice. Try tapping the trigger right after a shot rather than focusing on the rhythm…” (Keitaro)

As I say this, I reach out to guide Serika’s hand from behind. But at that moment, Serika’s body jerks slightly.

“W-W-W-What are you doing!?” (Serika)

“I thought feeling it firsthand would help you understand… W-Why is your face all red!?” (Keitaro)

“I-It can’t be helped, can it!? If Ketaro…I mean my oshi teaches me in such a way, of course, I’d react like this!” (Serika)

I-If you put it that way, even I’d feel embarrassed! And hearing her mention ‘oshi’ suddenly makes me think of Mariel-sama… Wait, teaching Mariel-sama like this… Whoa, dangerous. Just the thought is dangerous…!

“S-Sorry about that. Then, I’ll just explain it out loud—” (Keitaro)

“N-No! I didn’t say to stop! I-I was just surprised, that’s all!” (Serika)

As I try to back away, Serika stops me and insists that I continue.

And so I had no choice but to maintain our position, but once you become conscious of it, it’s incredibly embarrassing. Maybe we could only maintain it because we’re childhood friends.

“Oh! Did I just do it? Did I do it!?” (Serika)

Eventually, Serika successfully performed the Mag-can. It was probably just a coincidence since it only happened once, but it still counts, so I nodded in agreement.

“Yay! I did it! I finally did it! Alright, I just need to master this feeling and show them what Kei taught me on stream…!” (Serika)

Filled with determination, Serika starts practicing alone. Watching her back, I suddenly feel nostalgic.

“…But you’ve really improved, haven’t you?” (Keitaro)

“Huh? What do you mean?” (Serika)

“I mean with games. You didn’t really enjoy playing games in the past, but now you’re suddenly into it. Just from watching Mariel-sama’s streams, I know you’re skilled.” (Keitaro)

“W-Well, that’s…” (Serika)

My words caused Serika to blush and avert her gaze.

“…I, I just wanted to be perfect for you… So, I practiced a lot…” (Serika)

“Huh? Perfect?” (Keitaro)

“N-No, I mean… you used to play games all the time, right? I realized, not long after, that I got interested in them because of that! It’s all your fault for having such a weird influence on me!” (Serika)

Despite her attempts to brush it off, Serika’s cheeks turned bright red, extending to her ears. …Was she embarrassed about getting hooked on gaming, considering how much she used to disdain it? It just means you’ve finally discovered the charm of gaming, albeit a little late. Yeah.

“Um, Kei-kun…?” (Nozomi)

Lost in thought, I turn around at the sound of a voice, only to find Yuki glancing over here with a bashful expression.

“If possible, um… I’d like Kei-kun to teach me LoF too…” (Nozomi)

“Huh? Me?” (Keitaro)

“Yeah… I started playing LoF because I admired Kei-kun, but I’m not getting very good at it. When I saw you teaching Serika-san, I thought it’d be nice to learn from you too… Is that okay?” (Nozomi)

…Hey, are there any fans who would turn down a request like that from their idol? Seriously, you need to realize that you’re my oshi. Of course, there’s no option but to say yes. Despite the issue of maintaining proper distance, I guess it’s a little late for that, especially when we’re in a place like this where we’re all together.

“…Onii-chan.” (Sana)

At that moment, my clothes are tugged on, and Sana speaks up too.

“…Sana wants to play games too. Onii-chan, can you teach her?” (Sana)

“You too? But you weren’t really interested in games before, were you?” (Keitaro)

I returned the question with a raised eyebrow. Until now, Sana hadn’t shown any interest in games, even at home. What brought about this sudden change?

“…San just felt like trying it. Besides, coming to a place like this and not doing anything feels weird.” (Sana)

Well, she’s got a point. …But, you know, it makes me happy. Otakus are happiest when others take an interest in what they love. If there are girls out there who want to win over an otaku guy, they should be aware of that. I don’t know if there are any girls like that, though.

“Alright, shall we all enter the same training room?” (Keitaro)

Yuki and Sana sat in the seats behind me, each launching LoF. Yuki logged in with her ID, while Sana created a new ID and logged in.

“Well then, Yuki, could you run through the course first?” (Keitaro)

To gauge Yuki’s proficiency before starting her instruction, I decided to have her run through the basic course in the training area.

“…Oops, missed a shot.” (Nozomi)

“Hmm, your basic movements are fine, but it seems like you had trouble with using the weapon…” (Keitaro)

Based on the results, it seemed that while her movements were good, she was struggling with handling the weapon. So, I suggested a change of weapon.

“Huh!? But I want to stick with this setup…” (Nozomi)

“You’re using the Magnum and Sniper Rifle combo, right? That’s my…” (Keitaro)

“Yeah, it’s the Kei-kun set!” (Nozomi)

That combination happens to be one I often use, but both weapons are single-shot and difficult to handle. By the way, the “Kei-kun set” isn’t a name I came up with; it’s just what she called it.

“Those two weapons are honestly not very versatile, so it’s better to avoid them at first.” (Keitaro)

“Ugh, but I want to be like Kei-kun…” (Nozomi)

“I appreciate that sentiment, but personally, I’d like you to use more user-friendly weapons and gradually become better. After all, if you can’t win, the game stops being fun, and if you end up disliking LoF because of that, I wouldn’t like it either.” (Keitaro)

“Eh, does that mean you’re worried about me…?” (Nozomi)

I nodded in agreement, and Yuki’s face broke into a relieved smile.

“Yes! I got it! I’ll stop using this set! I’ll use the weapons you recommend!” (Nozomi)

“That was quick!? Well, I appreciate it, but are you sure!?” (Keitaro)

“Because Kei-kun was thinking about me! Haa~ Having Kei-kun choose something that suits me, I don’t think there are many girls as happy as I am!” (Nozomi)

“We are talking about guns, though…” (Keitaro)

“Um, um, how can I repay this kindness? All I can think of is paying for it… H-How much is it!?” (Nozomi)

“No, that’s not necessary!? And what’s up with your habit of wanting to pay me…!?” (Keitaro)

“But, getting one-on-one guidance from Kei-kun can’t be free!… Ah, saying it out loud makes it even more precious…!” (Nozomi)

If anything, being able to give one-on-one guidance to Yuki would be far more precious!? Something like that is impossible no matter how much you pay for it!

…But, the fact that I’m doing something that would normally be impossible… no, I need to stop. I need to maintain my distance…!

“…Onii-chan, are you ready? I’m done.” (Sana)

At that moment, Sana, who had been doing the tutorial, called out to me, providing a perfect opportunity to try to cool down. Great timing, Sana.

“R-Right, you should have a basic understanding of the movements now. Um, let’s see, then why don’t you try shooting that dummy with any weapon?” (Keitaro)

“Sure…” (Sana)

As I suggested, Sana began to aim and shoot. Surprisingly, her accuracy was quite good, and she seemed to naturally correct the recoil of the gun barrel caused by firing.

…Could it be that Sana actually has some talent?

“Good job. Now, try shooting at that moving dummy over there.” (Keitaro)

However, this time, she hardly hit any shots at all, leaving me puzzled.

After observing various actions, such as shooting while running or moving using slides, it became apparent that Sana seemed to struggle with multitasking, like shooting while running or sliding.

“…Difficult.” (Sana)

Sana pouted, but it was impressive that she could hit the target accurately for the first time, even if it was only while standing still. When I mentioned that it was just a matter of practice and she could easily improve with time, Sana responded with a quiet “Yeah,” seeming somewhat pleased.

“That’s right, Sana-chan. Being able to control recoil like that is really impressive. Even though I’ve been playing for a while, my shots still tend to scatter.” (Nozomi)

Yuki, who had been listening nearby, also encouraged Sana. 

“There are some tricks in controlling recoil for each weapon. For example, with this weapon, you would do it like this.” (Nozomi)

I picked up Yuki’s mouse and demonstrated how I would control my recoil. When she saw the shots tightly grouped at the center of the target, Yuki cheered in excitement.

“Amazing! Can you teach me too? Can you guide me with your hands on top of mine?” (Nozomi)

“…Eh? With my hands?” (Keitaro)

“Just like you did with Serika-san earlier, lay your hands on top of mine, Kei-kun…” (Nozomi)

N-No way! T-That’s definitely not okay, right!? A-Asking me to lay my hands on Yuki’s hands, that’s just…! I mean, that’s just…!

“You did it with Serika-san earlier… but, I guess it’s not okay?” (Nozomi)

Please don’t look at me with those puppy dog eyes as if you’ve been abandoned! You’re already my oshi, so there’s no way I can refuse, right!?

In my head, I repeat “maintain distance, maintain distance, classmates, classmates” like a mantra while I place my hand on top of Yuki’s. …I-I need to finish this quick. Her hand is unbelievably soft and warm…!

Th-This is Yuki’s hand…! N-No, stop thinking like that! Damn it, I’m a gamer too. There’s no way I’ll let such distractions affect my recoil control!!

I forcibly suppressed my feelings and pulled the trigger, managing to hit the center of the target without any deviation. Undoubtedly, it was the most concentrated show I had ever done in my life.

Fwah…! K-Kei-kun’s hand is on top of mine…! I-I’ll never forget this feeling for as long as I live! Please allow me to repay you!” (Nozomi)

“N-No, what you shouldn’t forget is the feeling of recoil control, okay!? And you don’t need to pay me anything!” (Keitaro)

Seeing Yuki with a bright red face and looking dreamy, I couldn’t help but give her a full-force retort. Otherwise, I felt like I was about to hit my limit.

“…Mgmm, Onii-chan, Sana also wants to—” (Sana)

“Aaaahhhh!! W-W-What the heck are you doing?!” (Serika)

Just as Sana was about to finish her sentence, Serika’s voice cut in from behind, drowning out her voice. Weren’t you supposed to be practicing Mag-can?

“Um, I was just helping her with her recoil control.” (Keitaro)

“Mugugu, so that’s what it was…! I-If that’s the case, you should teach me too!” (Serika)

“Huh? You’re already more than capable, aren’t you? I mean, I never missed Mariel-sama’s streams, so I know how good you are at it. And you’re already in Platinum rank.” (Keitaro)

“Y-You’ve been watching all of them…? I mean, that’s not the point! …Ugh, I can’t believe I worked so hard to improve my skills, only for this to happen…!” (Serika)

“I have no idea what you’re talking about?!” (Keitaro)

“A-Anyways, make sure to watch me practice too! There’s still plenty of things you can teach me to climb from Platinum to Diamond, right?” (Serika)

“Ah, Kei-kun, Kei-kun, I want you to teach me more too. At least until I can reach Silver, I don’t want to let you down, Kei-kun.” (Nozomi)

“…Leaving your beginner imouto alone like that, you’re such a hopeless skirt-chaser onii-chan.” (Sana)

And then, all three of them insisted on practicing together, causing quite a commotion… But, um, Sana-san? Your comment there is completely unrelated, isn’t it? Especially the last part.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Seems like quite the chaos over there. Also, apparently, hitting a still target with a gun is impressive. I mean, if she’s using the H.U.G.E from TTT or something, then yeh, that’s pretty impressive. I know that was a shitty example, but I don’t really play fps games except for TF2.

CNY took more time off me than I thought so I didn’t really have time to translate. I would like to say I have time now, but I still need to submit my final report by this week before I can truly be free.


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 1 – Is It Okay to Play Games with My Oshi?

“Ohhh, so this is the rumored e-sports cafe that I’ve heard so much about…!” (Keitaro)

A sigh of admiration escaped naturally from my lips.

In front of me were rows of gaming PCs, and near the back, I could see something resembling a bar counter.  There were even special seats for spectators equipped with monitors and giant displays.

“Hehe, impressive, isn’t it? It’s the largest gaming facility in the country.” (Serika)

Indeed, it was a facility large enough to even host national tournaments. I nodded in agreement, acknowledging Serika’s proud smile.

On a certain holiday, I found myself at a newly opened e-sports cafe. The reason for my visit stems from an invitation from my childhood friend who was currently lounging next to me.

One night, I received a message from Serika asking if I wanted to go to a gaming cafe next time we were free and I couldn’t help but think, “What’s gotten into her all of a sudden?” But now that I’m here, I can safely say that it was the right decision.

“Wow, this is amazing… I’ve never been to a place like this before, but it’s way more impressive than I imagined. My gamer blood is boiling!” (Keitaro)

“Oh, it’s your first time?” (Serika)

“Heh, yeah. I’m more of a solo player, you know. I didn’t have any acquaintances who would drag me to places like this.” (Keitaro)

“…Don’t try to make being a loner sound cool.” (Serika)

As expected of Serika, being my childhood friend, she understands me all too well. And she’s merciless.

“But well, it worked out for the best, didn’t it? You should be grateful to me for creating this opportunity.” (Serika)

“Yeah, seriously, I’m grateful. Thank you, Serika.” (Keitaro)

“…Yay (yatta)! I helped Ketaro…!” (Serika)

Serika seemed to be doing some sort of strange victory pose, but putting that aside, I was absorbed in looking around the store. It would be exciting to see highlights of games on the big screen.

“Wow, it’s so big…! This is amazing, Kei-kun!” (Nozomi)

As I was pondering such thoughts, a voice came from behind, and when I turned around, Yuki was smiling and expressing her thoughts while looking around just like me.

Since Yuki had seen our exchange on messaging, she asked if she could join us, to which Serika readily agreed.

…I feel like the line that shouldn’t be crossed is getting lower and lower. Well, just for today, I have no choice but to reluctantly accept it as just classmates hanging out.

“Huh… is it me or does it seem like there’s no one else here?” (Nozomi)

At that moment, Yuki started to look around as if she had suddenly noticed something.

…Now that she mentioned it, I was so excited that I hadn’t noticed, but are there really no other people here besides us?

The store was eerily quiet, with not even a single customer or staff member in sight. What’s going on?

“Ah, well, of course. I reserved the whole place today.” (Serika)

“Reserved? You can do that? That’s amazing!” (Nozomi)

Yuki seemed impressed and surprised by Serika’s words, but I was surprised for a different reason.

“For you to reserve an entire facility like this… the scale of your actions is as messed up as ever…” (Keitaro)

“What are you talking about? This is nothing special.” (Serika)

“Huh? What do you mean by ‘nothing special’?” (Nozomi)

Upon hearing our conversation, Yuki tilted her head. Why is it that every little gesture of hers is so cute? Well, putting that aside, I hesitated for a moment before directing my gaze towards Serika, wondering if it was okay to say anything. When Serika noticed my gaze, she nodded slightly, giving me the okay.

“Actually, Serika is from a really prestigious family. Her parents are from the founding family of a major corporation—” (Keitaro)

As I mentioned the name of the company, which I’m sure everyone knows…

“Eh, that big company!?” (Nozomi)

Yuki looked surprised, as expected.

“Yeah, that’s right. So, since this facility belongs to our group, I could reserve it quite easily.” (Serika)

Serika’s straightforward and proud manner of speaking without hiding things like this is so typical of her. 

Well, I’ve known her for a long time so I know that she always states the facts as it is without any intention of sarcasm or stuff like that, but this tends to lead to misunderstanding with others not so familiar with her personality.

“Wow, that’s amazing, Serika-chan!” (Nozomi)

Fortunately, Yuki seemed genuinely impressed. She’s so honest. She’s truly an angel.

“Heh, well, it’s nothing much, really.” (Serika)

“Don’t get too carried away.” (Keitaro)

“I-I’m not getting carried away or anything! I don’t usually do stuff like this, you know. Today is special, really special! I went out of my way to reserve it just to invite you, my oshi!” (Serika)

Serika boasted with a smug expression. Honestly, I’m torn between thinking “she didn’t have to go that far” and “she went that far just for me?” It’s hard to know if I should just be happy about it or not. I understand the feeling of wanting to do something for your oshi, but her scale of doing things is just way too different.

“Heh, well, that just shows how much I support Ketaro.” (Serika)

Serika, for some reason, directed a triumphant glance at Yuki. I feel bad for feeling oddly satisfied by it, but…

“Yeah, but isn’t reserving the whole place going a bit overboard?” (Keitaro)

“W-What do you mean? It’s not going overboard at all. Besides, with top-level influencers gathering here, it’s only natural to reserve it, given the circumstances.” (Serika)

“Oh, yeah, I guess that makes sense…” (Keitaro)

Leaving aside Mariel-sama, whose real identity is supposed to be hidden, if a top idol like Yuki is coming, such considerations might indeed be necessary. It could cause a panic otherwise.

But still, Serika is one of the few people who could reserve the whole place for such a reason.

“Oh, definitely. There is an idol, a VTuber… and also the new hottest game streamer here.” (Nozomi)

“…? Wait, are you talking about me?” (Keitaro)

“Of course she is. If there were customers here and they found out you were that Kei, it would cause a huge panic.” (Serika)

“How much are you overestimating me!? There’s no way that would happen!” (Keitaro)

“No, Serika-san is right. It would probably cause a riot with people clamoring for Kei-kun’s autograph. As expected of Serika-san, she foresaw that!” (Nozomi)

“Heh, exactly. You understand it all too well, Yukina Nozomi!” (Serika)

…Wait, why are they mysteriously bonding over this? If anyone were to cause a riot when discovered, it would be them, not me. Why are they lifting me up like this while ignoring themselves? Their exaggerated praise of me is starting to scare me.

After all the excitement, Serika then continues with, “And also…”

“Influencers aren’t the only ones here, you know. There’s also a certain popular cosplayer.” (Serika)

Serika directed her gaze towards behind me. Perhaps in response to her words, I felt a tight grip on my clothes from behind.

When I turned around, I saw Sana peeking cautiously from behind me, as if trying to hide her presence. Actually, Sana had also come here with us today.

When Serika and Yuki expressed their desire to meet her, I hesitantly asked if she wanted to come along, and surprisingly, she agreed. She’s generally an indoorsy type and wasn’t really interested in games or anything like that, but I’m glad that she came.

However, it’s not good for her to keep hiding behind me like this. Sana is naturally shy, but it’s the first time I’ve seen her so cautious. Could it be that she’s feeling overwhelmed by Serika and Yuki’s strong personalities? I can understand that feeling.

“Come on, it’s about time you came out and said hello.” (Keitaro)

Leaving that aside, I lightly pushed Sana’s back to encourage her. At first, she seemed hesitant, but eventually, she stepped forward and looked directly at Serika.

“…Amamiya Sana. Onii-chan imouto desu.” (Sana)

“Saionji Serika. Ketaro’s childhood friend.” (Serika)

After this brief and concise exchange, for some reason, they continued to stare silently at each other without saying a word. A moment of silence passed, and there was a tense atmosphere in the air.

…What’s with this atmosphere?

But eventually, they both opened their mouths simultaneously and spoke.

“…Cute.” (Serika & Sana)

And just as their voices harmonized beautifully, for some reason, this time both of them turned their sharp gazes towards me. Caught off guard, I instinctively took a step back.

“Hey Ketaro, I didn’t expect imouto-san to be this cute!” (Serika)

“…Onii-chan, you’ve never mentioned that your childhood friend is this beautiful.” (Sana)

“W-Wait, how is this my fault!?” (Keitaro)

“Concealment of information.” (Serika)

“Failure to report.” (Sana)

“This makes no sense!” (Keitaro)

“Besides, how is it possible that I’ve never heard that you had an imouto until recently? What’s the meaning of this?” (Serika)

“…Sana didn’t hear anything about onii-chan having a childhood friend either. And a girl, no less.” (Sana)

“Well, it can’t be helped! We haven’t seen each other in years!” (Keitaro)

Haa, looks like we’re both having a hard time. Let’s get along from now on.” (Serika)

“…Likewise.” (Sana)

Somehow they’ve ended up getting along… which is fine and all, but what was up with that whole exchange?

As I was feeling bewildered, I heard a soft, dreamy voice, “Fuwaa…” and when I turned around, Yuki was sending warm glances towards Sana.

“Kei-kun’s imouto-sanis so cute… I thought she was cute when I saw her cosplay photos, but seeing her in person, she’s even cuter… that’s amazing…” (Nozomi)

“…T-Thank you.” (Sana)

Sana mumbled in confusion in response to Yuki’s constant praise.

Seems like she’s feeling embarrassed being called cute repeatedly, as her face turned red and she fidgeted nervously.

“I’m Yukina Nozomi. I’m Kei-kun’s classmate. Nice to meet you, Sana-chan.” (Nozomi)

“…N-Nice to meet you too.” (Sana)

Seemingly overwhelmed by Yuki’s straightforward demeanor, Sana turned towards me as if seeking refuge.

“…She’s different from what Sana expected. She’s still incredibly beautiful, but the image I had from seeing her on TV or in videos was more, like, cool and charismatic…” (Sana)

“Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I was also taken aback at first.” (Keitaro)

“Ah, I’m sorry. I just can’t help but get excited when I’m with Kei-kun. I try to be mindful of it, but… But seeing Kei-kun like this just gets me so pumped up. Ahh~ seeing Kei-kun acting like an older brother for the first time…! His slightly blunt demeanor is rare and cool…! Precious…!” (Nozomi)

Both Sana and I were at a loss for words at Yuki’s sudden outburst.

“Kei-kun must be such a reliable older brother… ‘If you have any problems, just tell me. Onii-chan will solve it for you,’ kind of vibe, right…? Ah~ it’s too much…!” (Nozomi)

“That’s not true.” (Both)

Once again, both Sana and I chimed in to retort against Yuki’s wild imagination.

I mean, it’s nice to be admired by your oshi, but being overly idealized can be troublesome. It seems like Sana is also taken aback by this part of her.

“…She’s strong. Sana senses an unpredictable aura around her…” (Sana)

“What kind of impression is that supposed to be?” (Keitaro)

Sana looked at Yuki with a cautious expression as she squirmed. Mysterious.

“Alright, now that introductions are over, let’s get started.” (Serika)

At that moment, Serika clapped her hands together and announced it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I’m sorry that it’s a bit shorter than usual. I was supposed to translate this yesterday, but Star Rail 2.0 came out so… yeh. I still haven’t finished the new story and CNY is coming up so I’m pretty busy this week.

Well, after next week, I’ll be more free. Just gotta write one last school report before finally being done with everything.


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 3 – My Younger Sister Is a Cosplayer, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

“Is this the place where you can show your true self…?” (Keitaro)

And so, the place we arrived at was a rental studio—a facility specifically designed for shooting authentic cosplay photos.

The current room has a gothic atmosphere with a white theme, featuring luxurious sofas and an arch-like structure covered with flowers. As someone who is here for the first time, I find myself constantly looking around in fascination.

“This is the most standard room. There are also rooms with various other themes.” (Sana)

On the other hand, Sana seems accustomed to it. She handled the reservations and interactions at the reception relatively smoothly, so she must has been here before.

Sana instructed me to wait while she left the room with her bag in hand, presumably to change. However, she suddenly turned around and asked in a somewhat formal tone.

“…If Sana cosplay seriously, will you support her?” (Sana)

“…? I don’t get it, but I’ll support Sana in whatever she wants to do.” (Keitaro)

Not fully grasping the intent behind the question, I tilt my head slightly. Well, if it’s about supporting her, I’ve been doing that for a while now.

Upon hearing my answer, Sana seemed relieved and quickly left the room. After watching her leave, I once again take a look around the room.

“…Sana is quite a dedicated cosplayer, huh?” (Keitaro)

Cliché and belated words slipped from my lips. …Well, I already knew, but being brought to a place like this made me think about it again.

When I first heard that cosplay was her hobby, I was surprised. But when she showed off her outfit for the first time, I was even more astonished because she looked incredibly cute.

Not only that, but the quality was beyond that of an amateur, so I asked if she was a famous cosplayer. Sana quietly shook her head and mentioned that she used to be on social media a bit, but not anymore.

Her demeanor seemed to suggest there was more to the story, but I didn’t press further. She didn’t seem to want to talk about it, and I could tell that something must have happened in the past. Instead, I just told her that I would be cheering her on. That is how I really feel. When your little sister shows you her cosplay, it’s only natural to want to support her.

While I thought it was a shame that she quit social media, I did have a bit of a desire to boast about my cute sister, but I didn’t tell her about that. Of course, if she ever decides to do it again, I’ll support her decision in whatever way I can.

In summary, for me, Sana is not just my precious stepsister but also an oshi-like cosplayer whom I have been supporting for a while now.

“A serious cosplay, huh? I wonder what it’s going to be like.” (Keitaro)

As I think about Sana, I eagerly wait for her return. After all, she’s going to go all out, right? How can I not be excited?

While I’m lost in my thoughts, I hear the sound of the door opening, and I quickly turn around.

“Welcome back. that took quite some time──” (Keitaro)

However, I immediately fall silent and freeze. The reason being—

“…Eh, who are you?” (Keitaro)

Because there, standing before me, is a random magical girl!

No, no, logically speaking, I know that it’s Sana. However, my brain can’t seem to accept that! Because her hairstyle, eye color, and, well, her face are different!

“What are you talking about? You seriously don’t know?” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s Sana, right? But… what’s going on…?” (Keitaro)

“It’s been a while since Sana has done serious cosplay.” (Sana)

She says it so casually, but the attention to detail is overwhelming. She looks like a completely different person.

“Is cosplay supposed to change someone this much?” (Keitaro)

“Wig for the hair, colored contacts for the eyes. Makeup and tape can alter the face and contours. Sana don’t usually go to this extent but… Onii-chan, do you recognize this character?” (Sana)

Upon hearing that, I blankly stare at Sana’s transformed appearance once again.

A pink fluffy costume with butterfly-like wings on the back. In her hands, she holds a stick with leaves attached, resembling a branch. Overall, her appearance is reminiscent of a fairy. This is…!

“It’s Lil from [Fairy Princess]!” (Keitaro)

[Fairy Princess] is a magical girl anime that gained popularity a few years ago and still holds a strong fan base despite having ended long ago. Lil is the protagonist of the series, this cosplay is a dead-on match. I used to watch it back then, and this genuinely looks like Lil herself!

“That’s amazing. No, it’s seriously incredible. I’m somehow moved…” (Keitaro)

I gaze at Sana, filled with admiration. While her previous cosplays at home were impressive, this is on a whole different level. Sana, at her best, is truly extraordinary. I don’t know why, but I feel so happy.

“Sana’s glad. Lil was the character that inspired Sana to start cosplaying, so being praised by Onii-chan for it makes her happy…” (Sana)

“Oh, really? I didn’t know that.” (Keitaro)

Looks likr the character holds a special place in her heart, and that’s reflected in the quality of this cosplay. But seriously, how can one handle such overwhelming cuteness? I feel like shouting right now. I want to proudly boast about her, that’s how cute she is.

“Well then, let’s start the photo shoot.” (Sana)

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s a crime not to capture something like this in a photo.” (Keitaro)

I definitely want to take countless pictures and preserve this incredibly cute version of Sana for future generations.

“Onii-chan, here’s the camera.” (Sana)

However, as I was pondering about that, Sana unexpectedly handed me the camera.

…Huh? Why me?

“Onii-chan, you take the pictures.” (Sana)

“Eh? M-Me? Don’t you usually take selfies?” (Keitaro)

She always took selfies when cosplaying at home, so why entrust me with the camera now?

“…Just do it. Today, it’s Onii-chan’s turn to take the pictures.” (Sana)

Not the most explanatory answer. Nevertheless, Sana has forcefully designated me as the photographer for today.

Despite being somewhat reluctant, I raise the camera. Even through the lens, Sana looks dangerously cute, creating a genuine illusion that Lil is right there. I don’t know if I can properly capture her charm in the photos, but damn it, I’ve got to try!

With determination, I start photographing Sana in various poses.

Even though I was an amateur at photography, I was fueled by the single-minded desire to capture Sana’s cuteness.

After a while of being completely absorbed in photography, I gradually became more accustomed to it, gaining a bit of composure.

“By the way, why did you suddenly decide to go all out in cosplay today? I mean, I’m thrilled to see this, but what’s the occasion?” (Keitaro)

Sana’s newfound enthusiasm was delightful, but I was still curious about the reason behind it. If I could understand the catalyst, perhaps there would be more opportunities to do this with Sana.

“Mmm…” (Sana)

However, Sana hesitated for a moment in response to my question.

“…Sana felt like she needed to do it… or something like that.” (Sana)

The explanation was still somewhat cryptic, but I refrained from pressing further.

Because at that moment, Sana’s smile was so precious that I was completely absorbed in capturing it through the lens.

We continued the photo shoot until the rental time was up, and during that time, I reaffirmed my commitment to wholeheartedly support this incredibly adorable sister of mine in whatever she pursued.

The day concluded with my satisfaction at witnessing Sana’s all-out cosplaying. However, the events did not end there. 

Later that evening, while I was streaming as usual, something unexpected happened. 

I noticed the viewer count rapidly increasing by several thousand, and the comment section was getting rowdier than usual. While wondering if Yuki or Mariel-sama had done something again, I checked the comments and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Comment: [I came from Sana’s tweet!]

Comment: [Is it true that your Sana’s onii-chan?!]

Comment: [Came from Sana!]

Comment: [First Yuki and Mariel-sama, and now Sana? Who are you?]

Comment: [I’m envious of Sana’s onii-chan!]

The comments were flooded with mentions of Sana’s name. Certainly, this was unmistakably my sister’s name, but why is it all over the comment section like this!?

Unable to comprehend what was happening, my confusion grew when my smartphone suddenly rang.

Upon checking, I received a message from Yuki and Serika, and its content left me even more astonished.

Yuki: [Kei-kun, I had no idea your sister was such a famous person! Her photos are so cute, I’d love to meet her!]

Serika: [I never heard that your step-sister was such a stunning beauty!? And a popular cosplayer too! What’s the meaning of this!?]

Both of them seemed to be talking about Sana, but I still had no clue about what was happening.

Serika’s message included a URL, leading to a social media profile under the username ‘Sana’. There, alongside familiar photos of a magical girl, was a link to my streaming channel, accompanied by a message: “Onii-chan’s live streaming today. Everyone, please so support him.”

No, wait, these are the photos I took during the day! Moreover, Sana was supposed to have taken a hiatus from social media! Why is she promoting my livestream!?

Numerous question marks popped up in my mind, but soon my attention shifted to the follower count on that account, and any coherent thought vanished.

“F-Followers… T-Thirty thousand…!?” (Keitaro)

One, ten, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand… without a doubt, it’s thirty thousand people…!?

What on earth is happening!? Come to think of it, Yuki and Serika mentioned that she was popular. There’s no way such a massive following could accumulate overnight. She must have achieved these numbers in the past.

“G-Give me a moment!” (Keitaro)

Unable to keep up with the sudden turn of events, I paused the stream and desperately made my way to Sana’s room next door.

“S-Sana! W-what’s going on!?” (Keitaro)

“…Noisy. What is it? …Ah, that.” (Sana)

Sana, emerging from her room, showed a nonchalant reaction upon seeing my smartphone screen.

“Sana decided to resume her activity on social media.” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s not about that! Of course, that itself is a good thing! B-But the number of followers…!” (Keitaro)

“…? It’s the same as before. It increased a bit even during the hiatus.” (Sana)

“…C-Could it be, Sana-san, are you secretly an incredibly famous cosplayer or something?” (Keitaro)

“Why are you using polite language? Just search it on the internet.” (Sana)

. I proceeded to search on my phone as instructed, and it immediately appeared—charismatic cosplayer, national treasure-level cuteness, reactions from overseas… All compiled on various websites.

“Why didn’t you say anything!?” (Keitaro)

“Because you didn’t ask.” (Sana)

“Ugh!” (Keitaro)

…Not knowing something so easily discoverable for half a year!

Although I felt devastated, I somehow managed to accept that Sana was a popular cosplayer. Well, thinking about it, it does make sense. My sister is that cute, after all.

Seeing me in this state, Sana asked with a slightly worried expression.

“…Could it be that onii-chan didn’t want Sana to resume her activities?” (Sana)

“…Of course not. If that’s what you want to do, I’ll definitely support you.” (Keitaro)

“…Fuu, that’s a relief.” (Sana)

“But, you know, I have a question… It might seem sudden, but why go as far as promoting my livestream? I don’t get that part.” (Keitaro)

Yes, that’s the real issue. I was surprised and somewhat understanding about her resuming her social media activities. However, I genuinely can’t comprehend this part.

“Is it not okay for Sana to support onii-chan?” (Sana)

“N-No, it’s not that it’s not okay, but… if you’re going to do that, did you really have to reveal that we’re siblings to everyone?” (Keitaro)

When I mentioned that, Sana pouted slightly and, for some reason, turned her cheek away with a slightly flushed face.

“…Even Sana can make onii-chan go viral.” (Sana)

She mumbled something, but her voice was too soft to hear clearly.

“A-Anyway, since Sana decided to resume her cosplay activities, onii-chan should just continue to support her. Sana will also support onii-chan’s live streams in her own way.” (Sana)

“Y-yeah, of course, I’ll support you. But for me…” (Keitaro)

“That’s a deal then. You’re currently livestreaming, right? It’s not good to leave your viewers unattended for too long. Hurry back.” (Sana)

Saying so, Sana closed the door, leaving me still bewildered.

Left alone, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction and glanced at my smartphone once again.

The revival of Sana’s social media account was genuinely a reason to be happy, but seeing my name trending again and becoming the subject of continuous buzz each day somehow numbed my senses.

“Now even my imouto…” (Keitaro)

Even when I put it into words, the reality didn’t quite sink in, and for a while, I found myself standing there, unable to do much.

[Sana’s PoV]

Sana started cosplaying because she wanted to become her favorite character.

Though her photos gained widespread attention on social media, and she was even referred to as a popular cosplayer, it didn’t last long. The reason was… something she didn’t want to dwell on.

Sana’s new onii-chan, who came from mom’s remarriage, would always compliment Sana’s cosplay. When she mentioned that she stopped doing serious cosplay, he didn’t ask further. Understanding that he was being considerate made her heart warm. She thought he was a good person.

—”Loving what you do is precious in itself. I do game commentary because I enjoy it. Well, the view counts never really go up though.”

Saying this, onii-chan’s warm laughter made her feel comfortable, and before she realized it, she started to like him. For the first time, she understood what it was like to love someone.

However, expressing those feelings was something she couldn’t do.

Sana wasn’t straightforward, and she was shy. Above all, she was afraid that verbalizing those feelings would make their sibling relationship awkward. 

She couldn’t bear the thought of losing this happy life. So, even while watching onii-chan’s streams, she didn’t leave any comments or tell him that she was watching. She only wished they could stay as siblings forever, and that’s all she ever thought about.

However, the situation has changed. She couldn’t keep doing things like that anymore.

The popular idol onii-chan supported turned out to be a fan of his and made him go viral.

The popular VTuber he supported was also the same.

Moreover, these two individuals were classmates and childhood friends, having real-life connections with onii-chan.

Sana couldn’t understand. Why did things turn out like this? She knew that onii-chan was kind, warm, and cool, and it made sense for people to like him once they got to know him. But still, it shouldn’t be on this level.

It was frightening. The thought that onii-chan was about to be taken away made her so scared that she couldn’t bear it.

So, she tried various approaches to grab his attention, but it all failed. The domestic sister strategy, which she came up with, was confusing even to her, and attempting to reenact scenes with cosplay also didn’t work.

However, through these attempts, she realized something. She understood that the opponent she was trying to compete with was an overwhelmingly powerful rival, and there was no way something like this would achieve anything.

Sana could feel their genuine feelings whenever they talked about onii-chan.

If that’s the case, there was no way that she could compete unless she does something just as extreme.

So, Sana went to the studio, did went all-out with her cosplay for the first time in a while..

She then revived her social media account and clearly indicated her support for onii-chan. This was a declaration of her determination. Sana wanted the whole world to know that onii-chan was hers.

Fuu… I managed to create some buzz properly.” (Sana)

She sighed with relief as she checked her smartphone screen. For now, the plan was a success.

However, Sana understands that the real battle lies ahead. The opponents were influencers of the highest class, both an idol and a VTuber, and they were onii-chan’s oshis. Formidable opponents.

“But… I won’t lose.” (Sana)

Sana dives onto the bed. There, she notices the shirt she had onii-chan (somewhat forcibly) given her this morning. She pulls it towards her, embracing it tightly.

Bringing her nose close, she inhaled the scent, a mixture of detergent and onii-chan’s fragrance made her head feel blissfully fuzzy.

“Hah…” (Sana)

A faint voice escapes her lips. That’s how happy she felt. She loved that scent.

While holding the shirt even tighter, she thought to herself:

—Onii-chan belongs to Sana. Sana won’t give him to anyone else. She’s not going to lose because…

“…Onii-chan is Sana’s first oshi!” (Sana)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I like how her mentality at first was to just throw whatever idea she had at a wall and hope that it sticks. She didn’t even know what the whole domestic sister thing was all about lol.

That should be all for the introductions, now what’s going to happen…? 

I just took a quick peek and the next chapter is so long.


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WYSM – Vol 1 Chapter 3 Part 2 – My Younger Sister Is a Cosplayer, but Is It Okay to Support Her?

Haa… it’s warm…” (Keitaro)

Under the warm shower, I let out a relieved sigh. After getting drenched from the bucket, I followed Sana’s suggestion and came to the bathroom to take a shower.

At first, I insisted it was fine, but Sana wouldn’t let it go, warning me that I might catch a cold. Considering it’s still chilly despite being spring, it was probably the right call in the end.

Meanwhile, Sana is cleaning up the mess from earlier. Fortunately, the water from the bucket didn’t reach the laundry, so we just needed to clean the floor. 

Sana kept apologizing for her carelessness, but sincr I was the one who placed a bucket filled with water in such a high place, I was also partly at fault. It was a dumb incident which could have been easily avoided.

“Nh…” (Keitaro)

As I take a shower, I let out a deflated sigh. However, it doesn’t mean my mind is completely blank. In fact, I’ve been using this to think about Sana again.

—Sana is acting strange.

Ever since this morning, she’s been behaving strangely—getting up energetically, preparing breakfast, insisting on doing the household chores herself, and telling me to take a break. These are all actions that are completely out of character for the usual Sana. As her family, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

She mentioned something about being a domestic sister, but that’s just a cover-up. There must be a reason behind her actions. Don’t underestimate me. In reality, there’s no such thing as a dense protagonist from a light novel. After showing such an unusual behavior, one can’t just go, “I wonder if something happened?” and leave it at that—no one behaves like that.1

Now, as for the cause of why Sana has become like this…

“…………Yeah, I have no idea.” (Keitaro)

I don’t have any clues. Nothing comes to mind. Why is that?

…I guess it can’t be helped, right? I’m not a dense protagonist, but I’m also not a flawless protagonist who knows everything… Well, in the first place, I’m not even a protagonist. Thinking as if I were the protagonist of a light novel is a common thing for otaku, though.

Setting aside such foolish thoughts, let’s focus on Sana. Based on my six months of experience as her older brother, I suspect that Sana might want me to do something for her. So, she’s trying to appeal to me with household chores and such. I think this assumption is probably correct, but… I don’t know what that “something” is.

If she wants me to do something, I wish she would just tell me straightforwardly. But whether it’s due to shyness or modesty, Sana doesn’t often express such things. Well, she may throw around harsh words, but I think that part of her is quite cute, so I’m fine with it.

“Well, I guess I have to ask directly after all.” (Keitaro)

Having reached that conclusion, I suddenly noticed a sound coming from the direction of the changing room. Looking over, I saw a silhouette on the semi-transparent glass of the door, and there was a gentle knocking sound.

“…Onii-chan, can you hear me?” (Sana)

“Yeah, I can hear you! What’s up?” (Keitaro)

In response to Sana’s voice, I raised my voice such that she could hear me. After mentioning that she finished cleaning up and apologizing for earlier, she hesitantly said that she had a favor to ask.

“A favor? What is it?” (Keitaro)

“…Can you, um, see Sana’s cosplay?” (Sana)


That’s right, cosplay! Sana wanted me to see her cosplay!

On the night of the incident with Yuki, she wanted me to watch her cosplay, but I had to decline. However, with everything that happened afterwards, such as Yuki finding out my identity, Mariel-sama’s buzz, and meeting Serika again, I completely forgot about it and ended up not fulfilling that promise.

Ah, I see. I finally understand now. Actually, it’s entirely my fault for forgetting.

Realizing that Sana had gone through such a roundabout way to get me to remember, I couldn’t help but find my sister adorable. I should have caught on sooner.

Sana enjoys cosplay as a hobby, but she only does it at home and doesn’t participate in events outside. She mentioned that I was the only one she showed her cosplays to. In that sense, I need to properly indulge her whenever I can. I’m looking forward to it.

“Ah, of course it’s fine!” (Keitaro)

I naturally replied with an enthusiastic agreement. Once I’m done showering, it’s time for Sana’s new cosplay debut. Now that it’s settled, let’s get it over with.

Thinking that, I reached for the body soap, but…

“E-Excuse me (ojamashimasu)…” (Sana)

For some reason, the sound of the bathroom door opening reached my ears, and I reflexively turned around. To my surprise, Sana entered the bathroom, and what was even more shocking was her appearance.

She was wearing something like a sailor uniform on top and a school swimsuit on the bottom!? Wait, is this…!?

“……T-This is the new outfit.” (Sana)

In response to my silence, Sana, while her face was turning bright red, uttered those words.

I hadn’t expected her to showcase a new cosplay outfit here of all places! And the outfit itself… it’s, um, quite different from what she usually wears, isn’t it… Isn’t it more sensitive than usual!?

“…H-How is it? Does it match?” (Sana)

“Huh? M-Match?” (Keitaro)

“Onii-chan, you should know more about this outfit than Sana does.” (Sana)

At first, a bunch of question marks filled my mind, but I quickly realized.

“W-Wait, is this a cosplay of Kirara from ‘Marine Heart’!?” (Keitaro)

Upon hearing my words, Sana nodded. 

Marine Heart was a popular mobile game featuring sailor-themed cute girls, and Kirara was one of the characters in the game. Although I secretly played the game myself, I never expected her to cosplay as a character from it. Or rather…

“…Why did you choose to cosplay as a character from Marine Heart?” (Keitaro)

“W-Well, um… Sana saw you playing it, and…” (Sana)

She saw me!? I thought I was playing it in secret, especially because the game had some sensitive elements.

“It was pretty obvious.” (Sana)

“Can’t you refrain from reading my mind!?” (Keitaro)

“Onii-chan, that’s because you’re easy to understand. You always had a big grin on your face when playing.” (Sana)

Oh, seriously…? Someone please kill me.

“I-It’s not an erotic game, so I don’t see any problem with playing it! I’m not going to apologize!” (Keitaro)

“…You’re quick to brush it off. And no one asked for an apology.” (Sana)  

“Anyways, why did you decide to cosplay as Kirara?” (Keitaro)

“Eh? W-Well, um… because she’s, you know, cute…” (Sana)

For some reason, Sana averted her gaze while looking embarrassed. Indeed, characters from Marine Heart typically wore cute sailor-themed outfits, and I had heard they were quite popular in the cosplay community. 

I calmed down and took a closer look at Sana’s appearance.

No matter how you see it, she’s really cute. Seriously. Sana was already a beauty, but somehow, she seemed even more lovely in the outfit. Not to mention, the quality of her cosplay is top-notch, and the fact that she perfectly recreated Kirara’s costume is amazing.

I was surprised when she suddenly showed up in the bathroom, but putting that aside, I couldn’t help but be impressed by Sana’s talent. Man, my little sister is such an amazing cosplayer, I can’t help but want to show off to everyone.

“Yeah, I think it’s amazing. It suits you well, and you totally look like Kirara.” (Keitaro)

As I nodded in approval, Sana smiled happily. While she isn’t particularly expressive of her thoughts, I loved seeing this particular smile that she only shows when cosplaying.

…Well, that’s all well and good, but we’re in the bathroom, so I’m only wearing a towel on my lower body…! Adding to the awkwardness is the fact that my stepsister is in a sailor swimsuit cosplay. I would really appreciate it if she could leave soon…

“…Thank you. Now, Sana will wash your back, so turn around.” (Sana)

“What!?” (Keitaro)

However, instead of leaving, Sana started saying something even more outrageous.

“L-Like I said, Sana is going to wash onii-chan’s back just like in that scene.” (Sana)

“T-That scene? Well, Kirara does have such event scenes but isn’t that a bit too much…?!” (Keitaro)

“…Was that scene really that inappropriate?” (Sana)

“No, it’s not like that! While there may be some slightly suggestive elements, that scene is a crucial moment where Kirara truly opens her heart to the captain for the first time! People who don’t understand that often dismiss Marine Heart as an ‘eroge lol,’ but it’s actually a heartfelt game!” (Keitaro)

“…So, there’s no problem. Now, turn around.” (Sana)

“Huh!? Wh-what a clever leading question…!” (Keitaro)

Dismissed with a cold response, I had no choice but to turn my back to Sana.

…The issue isn’t the scene itself, but rather the fact that we’re trying to recreate it. Yet, I can’t help but feel a strange pressure from Sana, and for some reason, I find myself silently complying with her wishes.

“…I-Is this how I do it? What do you think?” (Sana)

“Well, I don’t really know considering it’s my first time having my back washed…” (Keitaro)

I give Sana a vague answer. While I can feel her earnestly washing my back with the sponge, given the circumstances, I don’t have the composure to offer any coherent feedback.

…Calm down. It’s just an older brother having his younger sister wash his back. But wait, she only became my stepsister just six months ago, right? Ugh, these distracting thoughts…!

“…Um, I get that we’re trying to recreate the scene, but we haven’t done anything like this before. Why the sudden change?” (Keitaro)

In order to maintain my composure, I throw out such a question.

While I’ve watched Sana cosplay many times before, I was merely observing, nothing more. So why now?

“…T-That’s, um, because… Sana thought it would be nice to recreate it since it’s a game onii-chan plays…” (Sana)

Wait, does that mean that this wasn’t something she specifically wanted to do, but rather something she did for my sake?

…Strange. From barging into the bathroom to cosplaying characters from games I play, and now reenacting scenes, her actions are out of character. There must be a deeper reason behind it after all, right?

Oh, by the way, if you’re asking whether I’m happy or not, I’d say I’m really happy, especially because she’s doing it for me! But, that’s beside the point right now!

“Hey, Sana, why are you doing this agai—” (Keitaro)

I turn to ask Sana, but I’m left speechless when I see her.

“…I-I’ll do my best… Because Sana is the domestic type of sister…!” (Sana)

“Hey, Sana!?” (Keitaro)

Sana’s face is bright red, and she’s swaying her head, her eyes seemingly on the verge of rolling back.

…Is she feeling dizzy!? No, it’s not that hot in here! Maybe she’s reached her limit of embarrassment, but if that’s the case, then why did she even start doing this in the first place?!

“Hey, are you okay!? Pull yourself together!” (Keitaro)

I shake Sana’s shoulders while calling out to her. However, perhaps due to the shaking, the towel wrapped around her waist suddenly falls off.

“Ah…” (Both)

We both let out a surprised gasp, our gazes inadvertently dropping downwards and then quickly snapping back up in unison.

Kyuu *faints*

“Sanaaaaaaaa!?” (Keitaro)

And then, Sana collapses—wait, why is this happening!? How did it end up like this!?

I’m left bewildered as I hold up Sana’s limp body. I have no idea how we ended up in this situation. But one thing’s for sure…

…Aren’t lucky moments like this supposed to end the other way around?


“…So, why did you do that?” (Keitaro)

I ask as I dry my wet hair with a towel.

After that incident, Sana quickly regained consciousness, and we both changed clothes before ending up here, facing each other in the living room. 

“If you have any worries or concerns, feel free to tell me. If it’s something I can help with, I’ll do my best.” (Keitaro)

I wanted to know the reason for all of this, so I asked in a concerned way.

…No matter how you look at it, what happened earlier was definitely over-the-top. It was quite cute though.

“…………” (Sana)

However, Sana only shows a troubled expression without giving an answer. …Hmm, this seems to be quite a deep-rooted issue. As her brother, I must do everything I can to support her.

“Everyone has their own worries. Feel free to talk to me about anything.” (Keitaro)

“What do you mean by ‘everyone has their own worries’?” (Sana)

“Why are you giving me that look?” (Keitaro)

“…Haa, fine. Maybe it’s better to clarify things.” (Sana)

Sana sighs and then looks straight at me, before opening her mouth to speak.

“Onii-chan, how do you feel about being buzzed about?” (Sana)

“Huh? Buzzed about? You mean the incident with Yuki and Mariel-sama?” (Keitaro)

“Yeah, the idol and VTuber.” (Sana)

“Why are we suddenly talking about that? We were discussing your concerns…” (Keitaro)

“Just answer.” (Sana)

Sana cuts off my words sharply. Her eyes seem oddly intense… 

“Well, it was definitely surprising. They’re both super famous, so getting talked about by them out of the blue is bound to be confusing.” (Keitaro)

“…Only surprise and confusion? Could it be you didn’t like it?” (Sana)

“Oh, there’s nothing like that. I was surprised, but I’m genuinely happy. After all, they’re both my oshis. Being acknowledged by my oshis is something to be happy about, right?” (Keitaro)

“…Yeah, you’re right.” (Sana)

To my response, Sana lowered her head for a moment, pondering something before asking another question.

“Onii-chan, you met them in real life, right? How was it?” (Sana)

“How was what?” (Keitaro)

“I mean, how were they as people? I heard that the idol was your classmate and the VTuber was your childhood friend…” (Sana)

Sana’s expression seems a bit displeased only when she mentions the parts about being classmates and childhood friends. Anyways, it seems that she’s interested in knowing more about them.

“It’s difficult to describe how it was… Meeting them in real life made me realize that things are totally different from seeing them through a screen. Maybe it feels that way because both of them passionately support me so it feels like our roles are reversed. For example, Yuki usually gives off a cool vibe, but when we met, she was incredibly high-energy.” (Keitaro)

“…Really?” (Sana)

“Yeah, just so you know, I’m not exaggerating!” (Keitaro)

“No one is doubting you. Besides, after watching the videos that led to the buzz, it’s clear that both of them genuinely support you.” (Sana)

Hmm, so Sana watched the videos of those two as well. It’s surprising considering she didn’t seem interested at first.

“…So onii-chan, does being supported by those two makes you want to give it your all?” (Sana)

“Well, of course.” (Keitaro)

I nodded. To be precise, I feel like I have to give it my all. After being publicly supported by my oshis, I need to make sure that I become a streamer worthy of their support so that I don’t let them down.

“…I see. So, Sana has no choice…” (Sana)

As I responded, Sana muttered softly to herself, seeming lost in thought.

…Wait, what are we talking about? This was supposed to be Sana’s consultation, but somehow the conversation has taken a completely different direction. I tilt my head in confusion, and eventually, Sana lifts her head.

“Onii-chan, Sana has a favor to ask.” (Sana)

“Oh, I see. You can tell me anything. I’ll do whatever I can to help. Oh but spare me if it’s about wanting me to stop supporting my oshis because I’m creepy or something.” (Keitaro)

“…Sana won’t say that. Oni-chan will die if she does.” (Sana)

Wow, sister dearest, you know your brother really well. I was sweating a bit, thinking the conversation might head in that direction after talking about Yuki and Mariel-sama, but thankfully it didn’t.

Well, I’m a little concerned about the slightly stern look she’s giving me, though.

“…The favor is for you to come with Sana to a certain place.” (Sana)

“A certain place? Now? I’m okay with it, but where are we going?” (Keitaro)

I naturally ask the question, and Sana, with a gaze filled with determination, responds in an unusually clear tone.

“A place where Sana can show her true self.” (Sana)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Just so you know, I don’t think it was ever mentioned how Sana knows that Yuki is MC’s classmate and Serika is MC’s childhood friend. Did MC tell her about it off-screen or did she find out via other ways…? Either that or he did mention it and I forgot.

Anyways, looking forward to number 3.

Also, I changed the background color. This is the color of one of the themes I had listed. Let me know if it’s better or worse.


  1. The irony here. And here I thought that our MC was gonna forget about her behavior in the last chapter.
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