YLG – Side Story 1 Part 1- The First Outing Date. To the Lake Together

This chapter happens sometime after chapter 7. If you don’t remember, chapter 7 is when Ana is sick with mana overload or something and MC helps cure her. During that time, he made a promise to go to the lake with Ana.

The reason that Ana is getting a fever so often is due to the flow of mana within her body, or rather, her magical pulse being unstable.

I want to stabilize her magical pulse, but as someone with little medical knowledge, fundamental treatment is beyond my capabilities.

However, there exist health devices that can be used to stabilize magical pulses that even I can make.

In my past life, there was a product called [Pipuē Rekibāru]1.

The principle behind the magic flow adjustment for this is simple, and anyone with knowledge equivalent to an elementary school student from my past life can make it.

The effect is only to comfort the mind, but it’s better than nothing.

Since it works by wearing for long periods of time, it’s better to turn it into an accessory that can be worn for a long time.

So, I decided to make it in the form of a ring.

The only problem with this is that I don’t know Ana’s finger size.

In the end, I asked Bridgette-san, who is Ana’s exclusive servant, for help.

When I went to Bridgette-san’s private break room and got Ana’s ring size…

“So, how do you plan to give her the ring?” (Bridgette)

Bridgette-san asked me such a question.

“How…? I’m thinking of giving it to her the first time we meet after the ring is done.” (Zhino)

Even though it only has a minor effect, it’s still a health device.

It’s better to give it sooner rather than later.

Bridgette-san let out a deep sigh.

“Zhinorius-sama, you really don’t understand anything. Seriously! You don’t understand anything at all.” (Bridgette)

Bridgette-san says as she shakes her head vigorously.

Her ice-blue eyes looked at me as if I was an incompetent man.

Perhaps because we’ve been getting closer recently, she seems to have stopped being reserved with her comments.

“Are you sure you want to do it this way? This will be the first time the young lady receives a ring from a man. I’ve been serving by her side since she was young, and I know everything about her. So, I can confidently say that this is her first! Zhinorius-sama, surely you don’t intend to make such an important occasion happen at the entrance of the mansion, right?” (Bridgette)


The phrase “I know everything” about Ana triggers a sense of rivalry within me.

She probably wants to assert that she knows Ana better than I do.

It’s clear she’s trying to take the upper hand.

Certainly, considering the time spent with Ana, Bridgette-san has an advantage.

But even then!

I don’t intend to lose in terms of my feelings for Ana!

…No, that doesn’t matter right now.

What’s important is Ana’s memory.

As frustrating as it is, Bridgette-san is right.

If this is going to be an important memory for Ana, I must do my best to make it a memorable and precious memory.

As I think about it, I realize something.

Could it be?!

Am I not giving a ring to a woman!?

Until now, I’ve only been thinking about suppressing Ana’s symptoms.

It was just a gesture of giving her a health device.

But this magical tool is ring-shaped.

A ring for a woman?

From me?

Eighty-two years in my past life, and sixteen years in this life.

Adding them together, I’ve lived for about a century.

Even having lived for that long, I’ve never once given a ring to a woman.

The longer the period of not doing something that you’ve never done before, the higher the hurdle becomes when you finally attempt it.

I can feel my face getting hot all of a sudden.

My mind feels like it’s boiling, making it hard to think straight.

“Zhinorius-sama, surely you’re not backing down from this now, are you?” (Bridgette)

Bridgette-san says with eyes that look at me like I’m trash.

“W-Well…” (Zhino)

I’m tongue-tied after being hit so directly.

I was just thinking about whether I could really overcome such a hurdle.

“Zhinorius-sama, you’re inexperienced when it comes to women. I understand that it’s embarrassing to give a woman a ring for the first time. However, if you can overcome that embarrassment, the young lady will surely be delighted. Zhinorius-sama, don’t you want to see the young lady’s smile?” (Bridgette)

Her smile, you say?

Of course, I want to see it!

But, can I really give a ring to such a wonderful woman?

I want to do my best to make Ana’s smile.

However, no matter how hard I try, there are limits to what a human can do.

“Be prepared. You’re a man, aren’t you? Don’t be so pathetic!” (Bridgette)

“U-Uh, yes…” (Zhino)

Under pressure, I ended up promising to give her the ring.

It can’t be helped.

The hurdle is high, but I have to try my best.

“By the way, Zhinorius-sama. You had promised to go to the lake with the young lady, hadn’t you?” (Bridgette)

“Yes.” (Zhino)

“How about giving it to her by the picturesque lakeside?” (Bridgette)

“I see. The lake, huh.” (Zhino)

Considering my lack of expertise in dealing with women, it would be wiser to follow Bridgette-san’s suggestion as a woman herself rather than relying on my own judgment.


I’ll give her the ring at the lake.

It will be an important memory for Ana, so failure is absolutely not an option.

I’ll need to scout the area at least five times before the actual event.

I can’t let Ana trip or get stung by bees.

I need to clear away any potential tripping hazards and remove any beehives.

When should I go for the reconnaissance?

I must also avoid encountering group tourists.

I need to check the reservation status of all the inns in the royal capital…

I start assembling the future plans in my head.

“And also, Zhinorius-sama. When you give the ring to the young lady, please make sure to convey your feelings clearly.” (Bridgette)

“W-What!?” (Zhino)

“That surprised reaction… Were you planning to just silently hand it over?” (Bridgette)

“Well, um…” (Zhino)

I hadn’t even thought about how to give it to her.

But knowing my personality, silently handing it over seems like something I would do.

“Are you sure about that, Zhinorius-sama? A thoughtful young nobleman like yourself should also dedicate a love song when giving a ring.” (Bridgette)

“A song…!?” (Zhino)

Haa… You really don’t know anything at all, do you? Yes, a song. You compare the young lady to the sun or a rose and improvise a song expressing your feelings. Of course, it mustn’t feel like a recycled song. You incorporate the current season, the scenery, the young lady’s dress, and so on into the lyrics. And you sing with all your emotions. As a noble, presenting a ring requires elegance, and adding passion to that is what makes it a song.” (Bridgette)

…Th-This is too much, isn’t it!?

Amidst the extreme nervousness, is it really possible to come up with an improvised love song incorporating the scenery and the dress of the moment? 

Even if I could come up with one, it would be impossible to sing it without messing up the rhythm and pitch under pressure.

“Ah… That expression. Perhaps it’s just not possible after all. Well, only those skilled in handling women, even among the noblemen, can do such things. It seems like it might be too much for you, Zhinorius-sama.” (Bridgette)

Of course.

It’s only natural.

A beginner can’t suddenly mimic an expert.

It’s like entrusting national governance to a five-year-old.

“Then, let’s just convey words of love normally. You can do that, right?” (Bridgette)

I try to imagine that scenario.

…No good.

I don’t think I can do it at all.

“…Could it be that you can’t do that either? Why can’t you do it? Didn’t you propose to the young lady during the engagement?” (Bridgette)

At that time, I overlapped Ana too much with my past self.

As a result, the pent-up frustrations and regrets from my past life exploded, and I lost all control over myself.

That’s why I could do it.

But it’s different now.

I can see Ana as a separate individual.

I understand in my heart that she’s a different person from me, so I won’t identify with her as much as I did before.

Above all, my feelings for Ana have grown too strong.

Ana is no longer just a cute woman to me.

For a century, I’ve been a worthless man who has never been intimate with a woman.

Even my engagement with Ana was just a result of a political marriage proposal that happened to come up.

You could say I got engaged by sheer luck.

I’ve never once managed to win a woman’s heart on my own.

The chances of Ana liking such a miserable man are low.

If I were to confess my love… Ana would surely…

She would probably smile awkwardly…


I absolutely don’t want to face such a dismal reality!

I still don’t want to wake up from this dream!

I don’t want to hear the answer!

“Then I’ll ask you the opposite. What kind of confession could even a coward like Zhinorius-sama manage?” (Bridgette)


Bridgette-san, you’ve really become less reserved lately.

If we were in a formal setting, Bridgette-san’s attitude would be considered rude.

But considering her position, it’s within the acceptable range in an informal setting.

A personal servant of a high-ranking noble holds significant power.

High-ranking nobles, as their masters, often consult their servants for opinions, so punishing their servants could incur the displeasure of those nobles.

This is especially true in Bridgette-san’s case.

If she were to be punished, Ana would be saddened, and if Ana were to cry, it would displease the Duke, who dotes on his daughter, as well as Ana’s stepmother.

The Duke is the Prime Minister of this country, while mother-in-law is the younger sister of His Majesty.

Even the heads of high-ranking noble families prefer to avoid conflicts with these two.

For me, Bridgette-san’s current straightforward approach is actually easier to deal with than her previously reserved demeanor.

Equality was something I was accustomed to in my past life. It’s easier to work without differences in status.

For a while, Bridgette-san continues her stern guidance.

“Are you alright with this? Every piece of advice I give, even if you don’t want to hear it, is for the sake of the young lady. I’m assisting Zhinorius-sama for the happiness of the young lady. So please, make sure not to disappoint her under any circumstances.” (Bridgette)

From Bridgette-san’s perspective, the idea of me and Ana getting closer might not be something she finds amusing.

Yet, despite that, she still helps for Ana’s sake. Her loyalty is truly genuine.

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  1. Sorry but I have no idea how to englishfy this, so I left it as it is.

YLG – Epilogue – A Premature Proposal

“You’re awake, aren’t you?” (?)

Seated on a chair placed by the bedside, an elderly woman smiled warmly as she spoke to the elderly man lying in bed.

The woman appeared about fifteen years younger than the man, and despite her age, she exuded elegance and beauty.

“How long have I been sleeping?” (Elderly man)

The elderly man asked the elderly woman with a hoarse voice.

“It has been about two days. I’m so glad you’re awake… Now, have some water.” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman was mustering a smile as if holding back tears, tending to the elderly man’s needs.

“…I was having a dream.” (Elderly man)

The old man muttered after finishing the drink.

“Well, what kind of dream was it?” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman asked the old man with a gentle gaze.

“It was a dream from the time we met, breaking off our engagement, and then getting engaged again and getting married.” (Elderly man)

“Well, that’s quite a long dream, isn’t it?” (Elderly women)

The elderly woman says that while wearing a warm smile.

“…Ana, thanks to you, I have had a happy life. Surrounded by our children and grandchildren, the Lantern Festival was fun. Even until this moment, as I approach the end of my life, I never felt lonely because you were always there by my side. Just seeing your smile was enough to make me happy. Thanks to you, I truly found happiness.” (Zhino)

“…I am also truly, truly happy to have shared my life with you.” (Ana)

“Ana… kiss me…” (Zhino)

“Ah, but I’m already an old lady.” (Ana)

“…It doesn’t matter what appearance you have… Ana, you’re cute.” (Zhino)

Gently, the elderly woman pressed her lips against the elderly man lying on his back in the bed.

“Ana… Let’s meet again in the next life… I am the ‘Grand Duke of Miracles’… I will surely make miracles happen… and find you once more… And then… once again… I want you to marry me.” (Zhino)

“Fufufu, such a premature proposal you have there. But I gladly accept that proposal.” (Ana)

The elderly woman holds the hand of the elderly man with moistening eyes.

The elderly man also held her hand firmly, directing a tender gaze towards the elderly woman.

Without exchanging words, the two of them continued to gaze into each other’s eyes.

Having spent a long time together, words were unnecessary for the two of them.

“…It’s about time for me to go to the other side…” (Zhino)

“Please wait for me there, just a little while longer. I will come to you soon.” (Ana)

“…Please stay here for a little while longer… Even to make miracles happen… there are various preparations to be made.” (Zhino)

“You know, I promise that even in the next life, I will find you without fail. The guiding principle of my heart is ‘never giving up on my own happiness.’ In the next life as well, I have no intention of giving up on my happiness.” (Ana)

“…Is that so? …If you also search for me, without a doubt, we will meet again…” (Zhino)

“Yes. If, by any chance, you don’t recognize me when we meet again, I will propose to you once more. So please, rest assured.” (Ana)

“…It’s alright… There’s no way I wouldn’t notice you…” (Zhino)

“Oh my.” (Ana)

The elderly woman laughs gently.

“…Ana… I love you…” (Zhino)

“I love you too… Truly, from the bottom of my heart… from the bottom of my heart, I love you…” (Ana)

“…………Goodnight… Zhino-sama.” (Ana) 

The elderly woman still holding the hand of the old man, let out a few tears.

Thus, the man known as the “Grand Duke of Miracles” passed away, having greatly developed the Duke of Sevenworth’s family and established the Grand Duchy of Sevensworth. 

His life, marked by the achievement of nation-building, was filled with tumultuous events.

Many loyal subjects admired him for his “miraculous” reforms in various fields such as domestic affairs, diplomacy, and the military. When he had his teeth extracted for treatment, the nobles were so devoted that they volunteered to have their healthy teeth extracted as well.

He had wielded tremendous influence domestically and internationally, but once he handed over the position of Grand Duke to his son, he secluded himself in a villa, completely cutting off all involvement with politics.

It is said that his life in the villa was remarkably peaceful as if his dramatic past had been nothing more than an illusion.

During his retirement years, he was said to have dedicated all of his remaining time to his wife, constantly by her side, as if cherishing every last moment together.

Postscript from Author:

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The release date is scheduled for December 10th.

Here is the official website.

Here are the differences between the web version and the book version:

**Web Version:**

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**Book Version:**

The book version stays true to the original story. It provides a deeper immersion in the world and allows for better emotional connection with the characters. Compared to the web version, there are more than double the number of episodes.

In the first volume, additional episodes focus on the development of Ana and Zhino’s growing attraction. Zhino goes beyond sweet words; he uses his wisdom, strength, and even puts his life on the line to do everything for Ana’s sake. Through Zhino’s deep love, Ana, who once lacked confidence and shut herself in her own shell, blossoms into an adorable and positive woman.

I aim to write a book version that fully explores the story of a protagonist who builds a nation for the sake of a single woman.

To achieve that, it is necessary for the book to sell well and have subsequent volumes. I kindly request your support by purchasing the book.

**Thank you.**

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YLG – Chapter 27 – Wedding ~Ana is Cute~

“Oh, I apologize for the wait, Zhino-sama.” (Ana)

Ana, who was dressed in her wedding attire, appeared before me.

Her face visibly showed nervousness.

The pure white dress follows a princess line, adorned with numerous diamonds that sparkle like stars in the night sky.

In the past, Ana used to wear dresses that covered her neck as she was conscious of her lumps. But now, with her illness cured and the lumps gone, she can confidently wear this dress.

Now that she no longer has to conceal her skin, Ana is boldly exposing her shoulders in a dress that extends down to her chest.

Her chest, with its porcelain-like, glossy white skin, is adorned with a necklace crafted from diamonds and pearls, exuding both elegance and allure.

Her shining silver hair was covered by a long veil that reached the floor, and the veil itself was decorated with numerous diamonds, creating a dazzling display.

As the Sevensworth family is a highly esteemed noble lineage eligible for coronation1, the tiara she is wearing on her head is the official one worn by Sevensworth heiresses during formal occasions.

It exudes a dazzling brilliance while carrying the weight of history, perfectly complementing her graceful demeanor.

When she was dressed with those accessories, her gentle and delicate appearance showcased a blend of innocence and allure, combining a delicate charm reminiscent of baby’s breath2 with the vibrant gorgeousness of a blooming peony3.


It was a beauty that could only be described as breathtaking.

“…Ana… You’re beautiful…” (Zhino)

Before I knew it, I had stood up from the sofa, and those words escaped from my mouth.

It has been quite a while since my heart stopped being moved when seeing a beautiful woman.

I, too, can objectively recognize when someone is considered beautiful. 

However, there is usually no sense of awe or excitement; I can only objectively discern the level of attractiveness of that woman.

The same applied to Ana.

Even when Ana’s face were covered in bumps, it wouldn’t bother me, but on the other hand, if the bumps were to disappear, I wouldn’t be moved by her beauty.

However, when I saw Ana dressed in a bridal gown, my heart was deeply moved.

Not only did I understand that she was beautiful, but her beauty also struck a chord within me.

It was as if a 2d woman suddenly transformed into a living, tangible presence, creating a profound shock within me.

That would be an appropriate way to describe it, I suppose.

In my past life, there were intricate paintings known as CG.

From my knowledge, I could tell that Ana possessed a beauty that seemed surreal, one that can only be found within those CG.

But I suddenly realized something.

The beautiful person in front of me would become my wife…

“Thank you very much. It’s the first time someone has said I’m beautiful. Zhino-sama is… also very charming.” (Ana)

Ana said that while blushing.

Indeed, that was true.

I have often called Ana “cute” based on her gestures, expressions, and actions, which revealed glimpses of her heart.

However, this is the first time I have called her “beautiful” based on her appearance.

To me, women were like paintings on a canvas, not sexual objects.

However, now Ana seems like a woman with warmth.

Recently, Ana’s presence in my life has changed greatly.

That’s why I felt she was beautiful when I saw her.

“The groom and the bride. You may enter.” (Priest)

Upon hearing those words from the priest, I escort Ana and we pass through the doors.

Today, the cathedral in the royal capital, which is significantly larger than my high school gymnasium from my past life, is filled with many people, given that it is the wedding of the Sevensworth family.

All their eyes turn towards us at once, and I can’t help but feel nervous.

Weddings in this world are simple.

The groom and the bride enter together, stand before the officiating church representative, make their vows, and the officiant bestows a blessing spell. At that moment, they share a kiss as a symbol of their commitment.

The venue is the cathedral in the royal capital, and the officiant is His Holiness the Pope.

Following the Pope’s inquiry, I replied, “I do.”

Ana also responded in the same manner.

Then, side by side, we signed the vows written on the document.

As the choir begins to sing, His Holiness the Pope chants the blessing spell.

Gradually, as the blessing spell nears its completion, light descends from the sky like snow, passing through the roof of the cathedral and filling the entire venue.

One of the qualifications to become the Pope is the ability to bestow the blessing spell throughout the royal capital.

The descending light is not limited to this cathedral alone; it is likely falling like snow throughout the entire capital city.

The sound of church bells can be heard.

They must have started ringing upon witnessing the light.

It is the signal for the commencement of the blessing.

Soon, Ana and I are enveloped in pillars of rainbow-colored light.

The pillar of light reach all the way up to the ceiling of the cathedral.

They must have also extended beyond the ceiling, rising high into the sky.

I face Ana, unable to stop my tears due to the overwhelming emotions.

Ana, too, gazes at me with tears streaming down her face.

Ana closes her eyes and looks upward.

I draw my face closer and kissed her.

The pillars of light change from rainbow colors to pure white, and even with closed eyes, we can feel the shift in light.

As the pillar of light surrounding us emits an exceptionally intense brightness, both the pillar of light and the blessing light vanish.

Taking it as a cue, I release my lips from Ana’s and embrace her tightly.

“Ana, I love you. I pledge to God that I will cherish you more than anyone or anything in my lifetime.” (Zhino)

“I also adore you. I pledge to God that I will continue adoring you for the rest of my life.” (Ana)

The vows spoken at this moment may be freely chosen.

Ana and I, while embracing each other, exchange the words we have each considered.

“Here, in the presence of God’s holy name, it is proclaimed by the witness, Pope Ormacherius IV, that a marriage has been established, and a couple has come into being.” (Priest)

Once again, the church bells ring. This time, a distinctive chime can be heard, signaling the establishment of our marriage.

As the attendees rise and applaud, a jubilant cheer can be heard. It was so jubilant that it causes the stained glass to tremble from outside the church. It must be the celebratory voices of the people, having learned of our marriage through the sound of the bells.

With this, Ana and I are now married.

In my past life, I never encountered a woman whom I could call my wife.

By the time I reached the end of my adolescence, I had given up on the idea of marriage.

In this current life, I am able to have such an incredible woman as my wife.

In my past life, I lived for 82 years, and in this life, I have lived for 21 years.

After living for over a century, I finally had the opportunity to meet a woman whom I can truly call my wife.

And not only that, but Ana is the most amazing woman in the world.

My heart was filled with overwhelming emotion and moved deeply.


After the wedding ceremony, Ana and I parade through the main street of the royal capital.

When members of the royal family get married, such parades are held.

Events like these loosen the purse strings of many citizens, so to speak, acting as a form of economic stimulus.4

Ana is also the granddaughter of the Queen Dowager and the niece of the King.

Although her position is relatively low, she still holds the right of succession to the throne, which is why the parade is being held.

“She is an impressive person. There are more people compared to our own weddings.” (Mother-in-law)

Before boarding the carriage prepared inside the gates of the cathedral, mother-in-law looks at the crowd and exclaims in surprise.

“Hmm, indeed. There are far more people than during my own wedding. There are even more people than during my wedding when I was the Crown Prince. Hmm…” (King)

Beside mother-in-law, His Majesty the King wears a slightly dissatisfied expression upon realizing that there is a larger crowd gathered compared to his own wedding.

“It’s because of the popularity of ‘The Goblin Lady.’ Not only the nearby towns but also tourists from neighboring countries have come in great numbers just to catch a glimpse.” (Royal Guard)

The royal guard accompanying His Majesty makes that statement.

It seems like they are trying to reassure the somewhat discontented King.

With the exception of places like government offices and academies, it is customary for commoners not to gaze directly at nobility when they encounter them.

It is customary to only direct one’s gaze towards the feet when in the presence of nobility.

The privilege of looking intently at a noble’s face is granted only when permission is given by the noble themselves.

When nobles go down to the streets, they usually dress as commoners, primarily to avoid the hassle and inconvenience associated with their noble status.

However, during parades, it is possible to see the faces of the nobility even without explicit permission.

As it is an event designed for show, they are exempted from such obligations.

For the fans of the play “The Goblin Lady”, this parade provides one of the rare opportunities to see the real Ana.

In the first place, a duke’s daughter does not typically walk around the city, so this parade is essentially the only chance for ordinary people to catch a glimpse of her.

The large crowd gathering is precisely due to such reasons.

As the parade begins, Ana and I ride in an open carriage, waving our hands to the crowds that fill the streets of the royal capital.

Truly an astounding number of people!

The buildings along the main avenue are packed with people, reaching up to the rooftops.

The windows of buildings taller than two stories are filled with faces of onlookers.

There are even many people hanging from ropes attached to rooftops and clinging to the walls.

“Wowww! The princess from ‘The Goblin Lady’ is beautiful!” (Young girl)

A young girl, being carried on her father’s shoulders, shouts with great excitement.

“They’re here! They’re here! That’s the person from ‘The Goblin Lady’! It’s amazing! Such a stunning beauty!” (Onlooker)

“Wow! The real Zhinovu is amazing! Such a gorgeous person!” (Onlooker)

“Wishing you happiness! We’re cheering for your love!” (Onlooker)

The citizens cheer us on enthusiastically, their voices filling the air.

Normally, commoners are not allowed to address nobility directly, but on this occasion, as part of the public event, they are free to express themselves.

We wave our hands in response to the cheers and greetings from the crowd.

As I gaze at Ana standing beside me, the countless diamonds embedded in her dress sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight.

Her lustrous silver hair gleams under the rays of the sun.

Ana’s smile, illuminated by the sunlight, is radiant as if she is truly shining.

What a beautiful woman.

“Ana, you look incredibly beautiful.” (Zhino)

I say this and impulsively plant a kiss on her cheek.

“““KYAAAAAAA””” (Onlookers)

Screams of joy erupt from the women. The sheer number of people makes it feel like an earth-shattering noise.

Being kissed in front of such a large crowd, Ana lowers her waving hand and blushes deeply, bowing her head in embarrassment.

Witnessing the adorable sight of Ana, the crowd erupts in another wave of thunderous applause and cheers that seem to shake the very air.

Upon hearing the applause and cheers, Ana’s embarrassment seems to overwhelm her, causing her to sway unsteadily.

I quickly wrap my arms around her shoulders, providing support. Seeing this, the crowd becomes even more thrilled, generating another thunderous roar of joy.

While holding Ana’s shoulders, I couldn’t help but think.

Ana is indeed beautiful.

Today, I truly felt that.

But, more than that,




Ana is adorable!

I want to continue protecting this lovely person for the rest of my life.

That’s what I thought.

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  1. Coronation = the ceremony of crowning a sovereign or a sovereign’s consort.
  2. Baby’s breath = Most commonly, this flower is a symbol of everlasting love—which is one reason why it’s a popular wedding flower. It has many tiny, fragrant white flowers.
  3. Peony = Flower which generally symbolises love, honor, happiness wealth, romance, and beauty. 
  4. Absolutely no idea what this means, but both ChatGPT and DeepL gave the same translation so itts probably correct.

YLG – Chapter 26.4 – Ana becomes World-renowned; Her Name Goes Down In History

As expected, the Duke of the Sevensworth family officially protested against the royal family.

Her Majesty the Queen went out of her way to visit the House of Sevensworth and bowed down her head, requesting the cancellation of the protest.

However, the Duke did not heed her request.

Currently, the Sevensworth family is in the midst of incorporating the influence of the church faction.

If we don’t protest now, the losses for the Sevensworth family will be too great.

The church and the aristocracy of the church faction also formally requested the royal family to respect religious ordinances.

The church and the aristocracy of the church faction may not have significant influence, but the added protest from the Sevensworth family proved to be fatal.

The Sevensworth family had been quietly observing the succession dispute between the Crown Prince and the First Prince, but by officially protesting against the Crown Prince, the surrounding parties perceived that the Sevensworth family had distanced itself from the Crown Prince.

If the Crown Prince clashes with the Sevensworth family, there will be no chance for him to succeed to the throne.

With that in mind, the nobles supporting the Crown Prince immediately distanced themselves from him and formed a faction supporting the Fourth Prince.

With the loss of his supporters, the Crown Prince was unable to maintain his position and was stripped of his title as the Crown Prince.

The position of Crown Prince became vacant, and His Highness the Crown Prince became the His Highness the Third Prince.

I felt sorry for Her Majesty the Queen.

In order to secure the position of Crown Prince for her own child, the Third Prince, and maintain that status, the Queen has been struggling alone all this time.

It is said that the Queen values practicality and is even willing to bow to lower-ranking nobles if necessary.

However, I believe that she had no choice but to lower herself before the lower-ranking nobles in order to protect the position of her own child.

While she may be perceived as someone lusting after power I don’t share that view.

She single-handedly built the faction supporting the Crown Prince and has managed to keep it together all this time.

It is unlikely that someone as capable as her would fail to realize that supporting the Crown Prince is a sinking ship.

In fact, after the Crown Prince abruptly broke off his engagement with the daughter of Duke Lillard, the Queen was still trying to support her son.

If her sole intention was to maintain power, she would have sought the support of another capable prince at an earlier stage.

I believe that what she possesses is not a thirst for power but rather a deep love for her son.

It can be truly disheartening when despite your desperate efforts to support your own child, they continue to hinder your progress, and in the case of the Third Prince, even criticize their own mother.

It is indeed a situation where your efforts may feel unrewarded.

When the Third Prince revealed the plan to make Ana his consort, the Queen’s complexion visibly changed.

That reaction might have been because she had already anticipated this development at that point and realized there was no way to recover from the situation.

She is indeed a highly capable person.

“As expected of Zhino-sama, to sympathize with Her Highness the Queen, who is often criticized for her lack of pride and her lust for power. You have a perspective that is understanding and accommodating.” (Ana)

When I told Ana about it, she responded with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Ever since Ana became close to the two younger sisters of the Varvarie family and frequently attended tea parties with them, it feels that she is starting to become like them.


I have been bestowed with the title of Count.

I am no longer known as Zhinorius Varvarie, but instead, it is now Zhinorius Simon Varvarie.

While being a member of the Varvarie family, I have also inherited the title of Count Simon, hence the name.

I was granted the title of Count because the thesis1 I sent along with Ana’s medicine was highly praised.

The thesis I wrote explains the causes of Ana’s [Extreme Hypermagia Disease] and its treatment method, but simply stating that would not be comprehensible to people in this world.

In order to facilitate understanding of the thesis, I included additional explanations of magical concepts and theories necessary for comprehending it. Considering that magic is significantly lagging behind in this world, I made an effort to write in a way that people here can understand.

As a result, I proposed several new concepts and theories, which apparently sent shockwaves through the field of medical magic.

It seems that people in this world were completely unaware of magical illnesses such as “magical-related diseases,” including [Extreme Hypermagia Disease].

To them, I suddenly managed to explain the cause of [Extreme Hypermagia Disease], which is a type of magical-related disease and even established a treatment method for it.

Although this was not my main field of study, in my previous life, I did have a doctorate degree.

I am aware that constructing a new theory is a challenging task, even just crafting a hypothesis is tough. Therefore, I can understand why the magicians are amazed by it.

Naming conventions for new theories and such typically involve the first discoverer naming them after themselves. However, I decided to name everything based on Ana’s name.

For example, we have the [Rem-Le-Anastasia distribution], the [Anastasia-Sa-Un reaction], and the [Lyon-Anastasia method], etc.

In academic terms, [Rem-Le-Anastasia] would mean “Beloved Anastasia,” [Anastasia-Sa-Un] would mean “Anastasia, Be Well,” and [Lyon-Anastasia] would mean “Radiant Anastasia.”

Both Ana and the Duke and Duchess understood the meaning of these words as they have learned the academic language in their classes.

The Duke looks particularly satisfied

“That’s impressive. The naming is quite clever.” (Duke Sevensworth)

And with that, mother-in-law chuckled while saying:

“Well, those names are quite romantic.” (Mother-in-law)

“T-then, won’t Zhino-sama’s name be forgotten in history?” (Ana) 

Ana said while blushing red, perhaps embarrassed to have been shown the new terminology in front of her parents.

“Even if my name gets forgotten, my feelings will remain forever. Those who engage in healing magic will all come to learn about my love for Ana. Is there any problem with that?” (Zhino)

I responded with a smile.

It seemed quite embarrassing for it to be included in the textbooks, as her already red face grew even redder.

How adorable.

By the way, I was also granted a territory along with the noble title.

When the former crown prince called off the engagement, his close aides were also involved in the broken engagement.

As a punishment, a portion of their family’s territory was confiscated by the royal family and bestowed upon me.

Although it is not particularly prosperous, or rather, one could say it is a poverty-stricken region.

For a territory like this to be designated as a “confiscated land” for the purpose of punishment, Her Majesty the Queen must have made significant effort.

It is a territory that incurs losses just by its mere existence, and on top of that, it is an enclave2 as a direct domain of the royal family, making it a challenging place to manage.

Because of this, even though it is quite a large piece of land, it was generously granted to me.

If managed in a normal manner, the costs for maintaining the livelihood of the residents would be higher than the income generated from the territory.

As for me, I will inevitably have to allocate expenses towards the management of the land.

The reason this land was bestowed upon me is likely because it was intended to restrain the Sevensworth family.

I think they targeted me instead of the Duke and Duchess because I am an easier target.

Even though I will eventually join the Sevensworth family, I am still a member of the Varvarie family.

From the perspective of the Sevensworth family, it may be difficult for them to offer me protection as I am not yet officially part of the Sevensworth family.

Despite being in a position where it may be difficult for them to offer me protection, it is already determined that I will eventually join the Sevensworth family.

If they were to burden me with debts while I am not yet a member of the Sevensworth family, those debts would become the liabilities of the Sevensworth family in the future.

It was the faction of the third prince and the crown prince that orchestrated the bestowal of this land upon me. They are the nobles who sought to burden me with debts and hinder my progress.

However, eventually, they will find themselves frustrated and at a loss.

This is because I already have a plan for reforming the territory.

Although the land is vast but barren, there is a location where seven-colored ore can be mined.

Currently, the seven-colored ore is only recognized as a slightly unique and beautiful mineral. It is mainly used in locally produced inexpensive accessories.

However, this seven-colored ore is actually a raw material for mithril.

What a waste of useful resources.

Mithril is a first-rate material for constructing golems, and it can also be used to create high-quality weapons and armor.

In my previous life, I was a golem engineer.

I have a thorough understanding of the mixing ratios for various mithril alloys and their respective suitable applications.

Compared to developing medicines, this is like child’s play for me.

TL notes:

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For those who don’t remember the situation with the Princes and whatnot, read ch14.1 on Foxaholic. 

In summary, the king and the queen was unable to conceive for a long time, so a consort was taken and the first, third and fourth prince was born from that consort. Soon after the second prince’s birth, the Queen gave birth to a son making him the third prince. They decided to make the Queen’s son the crown prince. Because the crown prince was a shit person, there were dispute to overthrow him and while this is happening, the Sevensworth family took a neutral stand. This crown prince also broke off his engagement with Lillard who used to be his fiance before Marriott.

Ok I am sure I messed up somewhere in the translation for this one, but hopefully it makes sense.


  1. thesis = a long essay or dissertation involving personal research, written by a candidate for a university degree.
  2. enclave = a portion of territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct.

YLG – Chapter 26.3 – Ana becomes World-renowned; Her Name Goes Down In History

The applause that follows was thunderous.

Both Ana and I couldn’t stop crying or get up from our seats.

We decided to go to a café and share our thoughts on the play.

I realized that Ana sympathized with Zhinovu and ended up crying, while I empathized with Anashii and understood her feelings.

“But why did they choose such a title for the play?” (Zhino)

The play was called ‘The Goblin Lady’.

Needless to say, it’s an insulting term towards Ana.

Why would they choose a title that insulted the daughter of the Sevensworth family 

While producing the play with the support of the Sevenworth family, why would they choose a title that insults their own daughter?

Honor should also be important to Ana.

“Because I permitted it.” (Ana)

“Why did you give your permission?” (Zhino)

“The playwright1 mentioned that an unusual title would generate more popularity and impact.” (Ana)

Indeed, the impact is impressive.

In this country, criticism towards the nobility is allowed within the realm of art.

However, even so, blatant insults should be avoided.

Especially since the play is based on a true story.

Having the audacity to openly insult the daughter of the prominent duke family with that title takes a considerable amount of courage.

That alone should generate a significant amount of publicity.

“But what about Ana’s honor?” (Zhino)

“I don’t mind. If it can restore Zhino-sama’s honor, I will do anything!” (Ana)

Anna clenched her fist tightly and smiled calmly.

It was a gentle smile that made me sad.

I couldn’t stand it.

I couldn’t hold back my uncontrollable love for Ana.

I impulsively hugged her and kissed her on her forehead

“Just when I looked away for a moment! Get a hold of yourself!” (Bridgette)

Bridgette, who was discussing with the guards a short distance away, hurriedly returned and pulled me away.

She scolded me severely, emphasizing what would happen if such a scene became a scandal for Ana in public.

Ana turned bright red under the curious gazes of the people around us.

We hastily left the shop as if escaping from the situation.

“Um, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold back when I saw you smile.” (Zhino)

“Um, no, it’s okay.” (Ana)

In this country, while there is a custom of kissing the back of the hand, it is not customary to kiss someone’s face in public.

Not only nobles but even commoners refrain from such actions.

Ana must have felt extremely embarrassed.

I’m sorry.


The Sevensworth family has been providing financial support to the theater company producing the play “The Goblin Lady”.

The amount of subsidy is substantial, ensuring profitability for the company even without an audience.

As a result, “The Goblin Lady” has been performed not only nationally but also internationally,  which makes the show widely popular.

The amount of funding may indeed be staggering, but for the Sevensworth family, it might be a mere inadequate amount.

Until now, in this country, it has been the norm for men to propose to women, and there has not been a tradition of women proposing to men.

However, due to the influence of “The Goblin Lady,” women have started proposing to men.

This is largely attributed to the fact that “The Goblin Lady” is based on a true story, with Ana being publicly acknowledged as the inspiration.

The precedent of a woman proposing to a man, especially when that woman is from a duke family, has played a significant role in this cultural shift.

Due to the high status associated with such a proposal, criticizing it as “inappropriate” becomes difficult, and among the commoners, women proposing has become a societal phenomenon, eventually becoming the norm.

It is not just the commoners who have witnessed the emergence of women making proposals.

In the aristocratic society where arranged marriages are prevalent, there are a few nobles who actively seek their own marriage partners within the social circles.

Among these noble women, there have been instances where they propose to men, similar to their commoner counterparts. This has sparked discussions and become a topic of interest within the social circles.

The influence did not stop there.

Until now, it has been accepted that the role of noble ladies is to marry the partner chosen by their families, even if they may not necessarily be aligned with their own desires.

Within such societal norms, the protagonist of “The Goblin Lady” defied the arranged marriage set by her family, risked disinheritance, and pursued her love against all odds, going as far as proposing to the man she loved. 

The strength of her determination and the fearless way she defied common sense had a significant impact on noble ladies, and many of them began to admire the protagonist of “The Goblin Lady” in other words, Ana.

Ana started to receive invitations to tea parties from the many women who admired her.

While many people imagined a strong and spirited woman exuding confidence based on the representation in the play, in reality, the actual Ana was gentle, warm-hearted, and possessed a delicate beauty just like her mother-in-law.

They were all captivated by this contrast and became devoted followers of Ana.

As Ana and I attended the evening gathering, we found ourselves surrounded by numerous noblewomen, and they began bombarding us with questions.

Upon realizing that the story of “The Goblin Lady” was largely true, the women became incredibly excited, exclaiming words like, “How wonderful!” “How romantic!” “It’s a love story to be envious of!”

Of course, there were conservative women who frowned upon such changes brought by Ana.

However, such women were fewer in the younger age group and more prevalent among middle-aged and older individuals.

Nevertheless, in public settings, they all remained silent.

It seems that many individuals in the middle-aged and older age group are avid users of the Sevensworth family’s rejuvenating facial lotion.

If they were to criticize the Sevensworth family’s daughter and have their supply of facial lotion cut off, it would become a matter of life and death for them.

My two sisters-in-law of the Varvarie family were also greatly influenced by “The Goblin Lady”.

“As expected of elder brother-in-law desu wa2. I was deeply moved.” (Sister-in-law)

My sisters-in-law, with tears in their eyes, praised me after watching the play. Then, they pleaded for a tea party with Ana to be arranged.

When Ana was invited to the Varvarie family for a tea party, not only my sisters-in-law but also their friends were captivated and listened intently to Ana’s stories, with eyes sparkling with excitement.

Thus, the Sevensworth family’s plan to restore my tarnished reputation turned out to be a great success, and there was no one left to speak ill of the incident I caused at the graduation party.

On the contrary, my reputation skyrocketed, and I began to receive even more respect, especially from young women who showed their admiration for me.

It seems that the Crown Prince was displeased with the situation, as he didn’t bother to hide his ill-temper from the moment we exchanged greetings.

“So, you’re the fiancé of Miss Anastasia?” (Prince)

“Yes.” (Zhino)

When questioned by the Crown Prince, I responded in a straightforward manner without saying anything unnecessary.

“It appears that a man who is not even the eldest son of a poor viscount’s family has become engaged to the daughter of the Sevensworth family. Don’t you think it’s an unequal match?” (Prince)

Ah, I see.

I suppose I am an obstacle to him marrying Ana as his consort.

“I consider it an unexpected stroke of luck.” (Zhino)

I avoid saying it is unequal. That is because the words “Then break off the engagement” would follow.

“I believe that marriage should take into account differences in social status. Don’t you agree?” (Prince)

His Highness the Crown Prince continues to ask questions with a smirk on his face.

If it were something else, I might obediently comply and not refuse, but when it comes to targeting Ana, it’s a different story.

I am determined to fight back.

“Oh? Has Your Highness finally given up on marrying Miss Marriott? I wasn’t aware of this.” (Zhino)

“What do you mean?” (Prince)

The Crown Prince frowned in response to my question.

“Oh, is that not the case? Earlier, Your Highness mentioned that one should consider the difference in social status when it comes to marriage. I assumed that you had given up on marrying Miss Marriott due to the significant difference in status between the royal family and the baron’s family.” (Zhino)

It seems that despite aiming for a marriage with a social class difference himself, he has a double standard when it comes to denying marriages with others who have a social class difference. 

He probably didn’t consider the possibility of me going against him, which is why he did not pay attention to his own situation.

I can understand that perspective.

After all, the other party is a member of the royal family.

Normally, one would wait for the storm to pass without retaliating.

“Please don’t be disheartened, Miss Marriott. I believe that you will have another good encounter in the future.” (Zhino)

I address the Baron’s daughter who is standing next to the Crown Prince.

The honorifics to be used may vary depending on the person’s status.

Unlike women, who are generally allowed to be addressed with the honorific “sama” uniformly, the rules for addressing men require a bit more complexity and differentiation.

If we consider the common honorific used by male nobility towards unmarried women, it would be “Marriott-jou.”

However, if she is an unmarried woman in an engagement with a member of the royal family, it would change to “Marriott-sama.”

I addressed her as “Marriott-jou” just now, indicating that I do not recognize her as Crown Prince His Highness’s fiancée.

“Dee-sama, I am scared.” (Marriott)

Miss Marriott clings to Crown Prince His Highness with a frightened expression.

The Crown Prince hurriedly shows concern for Miss Marriott.

Using the term “Dee-sama” implies that it is an endearing nickname for Crown Prince Dietfriet. 

To address a man who is not even her fiancé with an endearing nickname in a public setting shows audacity on the part of Miss Marriott.

Above all, the level of physical intimacy is too intense.

She is clinging to His Highness’s arm, pressing her chest against it.

In terms of physical contact between men and women, it is only permissible to touch the palms of each other’s hands with one’s own palm.

Even in social settings, married couples limit themselves to such interactions.

Sometimes I lose control and find myself embracing Ana tightly, but it turns out to be a grave breach of etiquette.

“You dare to meddle in the affairs of the royal family! It is disrespectful!” (Prince)

The Crown Prince angrily raises his voice, filled with indignation.

His loud voice attracts the attention of those around, causing their gazes to focus on us.

“I apologize for my rudeness.” (Zhino)

“I see. Then withdraw your engagement with Anastasia. If you do so, I will forgive you. Don’t worry, there’s no need to be concerned. If it’s Anastasia, I will elevate her to the position of a consort.” (Prince)

Since I apologized, Crown Prince His Highness takes advantage of that weakness and forcefully imposes his demands.

“I refuse.” (Zhino)

“What did you say?! Are you refusing to obey the orders of the royal family!?” (Prince)

“It is not a command from the royal family.” (Zhino)

“You! Do you understand what you’re saying?! Are you, from a mere viscount family, defying the royal family!?” (Prince)

“The order to break off the engagement is not the consensus of the royal family, is it? If it is not the intention of the royal family, then why would I be going against the royal family?” (Zhino)

“It is the command of the Crown Prince! Are you still going to defy it!?” (Prince)

“I will say it once again. I have no intention of breaking off the engagement with Ana.” (Zhino)

Unless His Majesty agrees as well, there is no need to follow the sole decision of the Crown Prince.

Furthermore, even if it were an order from the king, I have no intention of obeying it.

I will never let go of Ana again.

“You!!” (Prince)

“What’s the matter?” (?)

Due to the loud voice of the Crown Prince, the attention of those around has completely focused on us. The people who were previously engaged in conversation have stopped talking, and everyone is looking in our direction.

Perhaps to manage the situation, Her Majesty the Queen comes over to us and inquires about the situation.

“This is what happened, Mother. I have offered to take Miss Anastasia as a consort, but this individual rudely refused. I am just about to punish this insolent person.” (Prince)

He said everything out loud while everyone around fell silent and was watching.

Her Majesty the Queen’s face turns pale.

This country follows a monogamous system based on religious beliefs.

The acceptance of consorts is only permitted in exceptional circumstances when the king or crown prince fails to produce an heir. Entering into a marriage with the assumption of having a consort from the beginning would go against religious principles.

The Crown Prince has not even married the Crown Princess yet.

Even if there were plans to marry a consort, it would be necessary to keep those plans secret at this stage to avoid conflicts with the church and its influence.

If this were to be exposed now, nobles who are close to the church would likely intensify their opposition.

Even the Sevensworth family would officially protest to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the church’s influence and would need to demonstrate that they are unrelated to the plans of Crown Prince.

The Crown Prince is currently in the midst of a succession dispute with the First Prince.

If the Sevensworth family were to protest at this point, it will show the deteriorating relations with the most influential noble family in the country, and would likely be a severe blow, possibly even fatal to him.

It’s not only the Queen who looks pale right now, I am too.

I intentionally referred to her as “Marriott-jou” and deliberately chose words that would provoke the anger of the Crown Prince during our conversation.

While my intention was to provoke a reaction, I did not aim to escalate the situation this extend.

I only wished for the Crown Prince to raise his voice and perhaps grab me by the collar. That would have been sufficient.

I never expected someone to be so indiscreet and loudly reveal the plan for a consort in this setting.

“Anastasia-san, Zhinorius-san, I apologize for causing a disturbance. Dietfriet seems to be tired.” (Queen)

The Queen commanded the guards to take away the Crown Prince.

“Mother!?” (Prince)

The Crown Prince, surprised by his mother’s lack of support, was escorted out by the guards, who held onto his arms.

“I truly apologize. We will arrange another opportunity for a formal apology.” (Queen)

With a pale face, the Queen uttered those words and departed. 

Though one would expect her to want to cry out in anguish, she showed no such signs. She is truly a remarkable person.

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I don’t recall if Zhino has 2 sisters-in-law, I did check that he has a biological sister. Also I’m not sure if the crown prince’s name was ever revealed so I just used whatever chatGPT gave me, hopefully it didn’t come out weird.

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  1. Playwright = person who writes the play.
  2. I honestly don’t know how to explain this, if you know then you know. Otherwise, it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence. I just left this here for those who know.

YLG – Chapter 26.2 – Ana becomes World-renowned; Her Name Goes Down In History

Don’t read this chapter if you never read the other chapters of this novel before. This chapter literally spoils everything lol.

There are private viewing rooms for the nobility in this theater, but today I deliberately chose to sit in a regular fixed seat.

However, our escorts and attendants sat around us as if surrounding us, so the people sitting nearby were all familiar faces.

The title of the play is “The Goblin Lady.”

Of course, the protagonist is modeled after Ana.


The story begins with the school days of Anashii, the female protagonist.

A masked girl1 with a face covered in numerous bumps is subjected to bullying due to her appearance.

During those times, there was always a boy who came to her rescue.

That boy’s name was Zhinovu.

Anashii develops feelings of love for Zhinovu, who is always there for her and occasionally plays with her when they are alone together.

However, Anashii had no intention of confessing her feelings to Zhinovu.

Zhinovu is a beautiful young man and is also popular among the girls.

On the other hand, Anashii is referred to as the “Goblin Lady”, an ugly girl.

Feeling completely mismatched with Zhinovu, Anashii had given up any hope of becoming his beloved.

Eventually, Anashii’s father brings her an offer for a marriage proposal.

However, the proposal never goes smoothly.

As soon as the potential partner sees Anashii’s face, he insults her and rejects the proposal.

Amidst all this, there was someone who proposed a marriage to Anashii.

It was Zhinovu.

Anashii was overjoyed.

However, her father did not approve of the marriage proposal with Zhinovu.

It was because their social status did not match.

“Bring a dowry2 that satisfies me if you want to marry Anashii.” (Anashii’s father)

Zhinovu tells Anashii to wait, assuring her that he will definitely bring the dowry, and then he departs.

Zhinovu proceeded to establish a trading company and worked tirelessly, earning a large sum of money.

Then, he proposed the engagement to Anashii’s father, presenting the money he had earned as the dowry.

Reluctantly, Anashii’s father accepted the engagement between Anashii and Zhinovu.

Even after their engagement, Anashii continued to be insulted and bullied as the “Goblin Lady.”

During such times, Zhinovu heard a rumor that the formula for a medicine that could cure Anashii’s illness could be found in a dungeon of an unexcavated ruin.

Zhinovu informs Anashii that he will be away for a while due to his responsibilities at the trading company, and he sets out alone to explore the unexcavated ruin.

Despite getting injured along the way, Zhinovu finally manages to obtain the formula for the medicine.

Anashii becomes worried when she sees Zhinovu returning with multiple injuries.

“Sorry. I just tripped.” (Zhinovu)

That’s what Zhinovu said, trying to brush it off.

From then on, Zhinovu tirelessly gathers the ingredients for the medicine.

Sometimes battling against orcs, sometimes against ogres, Zhinovu collects the materials, despite getting wounded.

And finally, he succeeds in making the medicine.

Zhinovu brings the medicine and goes to Anashii’s house, but he overhears Anashii’s father muttering to himself.

“Such a shame. If Anashii wasn’t ill, we could have arranged a marriage with the prince.” (Anashii’s father)

“What do you mean?” (Zhinovu)

Having unintentionally eavesdropped, Zhinovu asks Anashii’s father directly.

“It’s exactly as I said. We were close to finalizing the marriage proposal, but it was rejected due to her illness.” (Anashii’s father)

“What happens if Anashii’s illness is cured?” (Zhinovu)

“Of course, the engagement between you and Anashii will be broken off, and she will be engaged to the prince. Your status is incomparable to that of the prince. Anashii would undoubtedly be happier as a member of the royal family. She would live a life of luxury until the end and everyone would bow down to her. It’s only natural to consider Anashii’s happiness. Love, on the other hand, is an uncertain thing that eventually fades away. In the long run, being part of the royal family is better.

Yes, that’s right. Would you be willing to break off the engagement yourself at that time? If the engagement is broken off due to your infidelity, Anashii’s honor won’t be tarnished. Considering Anashii’s happiness, it should be something you can do, right?”

Zhinovu is shocked by Anashii’s father’s words.

“Anashii’s happiness…” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu mutters to himself, standing alone on the stage.

The scene changes, and both Anashii and Zhinovu stand together on the stage.

“Hey, Anashii. What do you think of the prince?” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu asks Anashii, with just the two of them on the stage.

“Eh? I think he is a wonderful person.” (Anashii)

“In that case, what if the prince were to propose to you?” (Zhinovu)

“Of course, I would consider it an honor.” (Anashii)

“…I see.” (Zhinovu)

After saying that, Zhinovu disappears from the stage.

“I had to speak positively about the prince to avoid being disrespectful, but was it a mistake? The truth is, I don’t want to marry the prince. The one I love is Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

Anashii stands alone on the stage, talking to herself.

“Anashii, I hereby break off our engagement. And I declare that I will be engaged to Kei here.” (Zhinovu) 

Zhinovu says amidst everyone dressed for the party.

“Do you no longer love me?” (Anashii)

“I guess it can’t be helped. I am the ‘Goblin Lady’ after all. Congratulations. I wish you happiness.” (Anashii)

With mixed emotions, Anashii returns home, unable to hold back her tears. When she arrives, she finds a gift from Zhinovu—a medication for Goblin Disease, her illness.

Upon taking the medication, her illness is immediately cured. The actress removes her ugly mask, revealing a beautiful face.

As Anashii undergoes the transformation into a beautiful woman, many men praise and admire her, but she cannot find joy in their compliments.

“The one I love is Zhinovu. I want to see Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

Anashii expresses this longing desire to meet him.

Amidst the numerous men kneeling around her, Anashii laments in such a manner.

“That’s right. Let’s go and thank him for the medication. If I can catch a glimpse of Zhinovu, it will give me the strength to keep going for a while.” (Anashii)

Anashii visits Zhinovu’s company to express her gratitude for the medication. There, she learns from Kei that the engagement cancellation was a charade, and Kei only cooperated in exchange for ownership rights to Zhinovu’s company.

Meanwhile, Anashii’s father has managed to arrange a meeting between the prince and Anashii.

The meeting between the prince and Anashii is about to begin.

“She is a beautiful person. I would be fortunate to have someone like you as my wife.” (Prince)

“Prince, I cannot marry you. There is already someone else I love.” (Anashii)

Anashii rushes out of the matchmaking session, leaving everyone behind.

She wanders through the streets. 

Eventually, she comes across a weary-looking Zhinovu sitting on the streets by himself, and she rushes to embrace him.

“Anashii? This is not right, we shouldn’t be doing this. You’re supposed to marry the prince and be happy.” (Zhinovu)

Zhinovu refuses to marry Anashii and Anashii presses Zhinovu for reconciliation.

The argument between them continues for a while.

“I will never marry Anashii! It’s wrong to marry a vagrant3 like me!” (Zhinovu)

Anashii, who was shouted at, has a determined expression on her face.

“Please marry me.” (Anashii)

Anashii kneels down and proposes to Zhinovu.

“If you’re willing to go that far… I understand. I promise to cherish you forever.” (Zhinovu)

The two of them head towards Anashii’s father together.

“Anashii, what foolish thing have you done? I won’t allow a marriage with such a man.” (Anashii’s father)

Anashii’s father expresses his discontent.

“If you won’t approve, then I will leave this house. I will abandon the family name and live with Zhinovu.” (Anashii)

“Love doesn’t last even ten years. I am saying this for your sake.” (Anashii’s father)

“No. This love will last a lifetime. Goodbye, Father.” (Anashii)

“Wait! …I understand. I will approve of your marriage.” (Anashii’s father)

As Zhinovu and Anashii embrace each other and share a kiss, the curtains fall, marking the end of the scene.


TL notes:

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There is only 3 more chapters, the main story is so close to being finished so I’m gonna do it. I did try to ask the previous TL if he/she dropped this novel but got no reply so I’ll just post this. Btw I need to split this one into parts. This chapter itself is 14000~ish characters long lol. Well this chapter also acts as a refresher for those who forgot the plot.

There are also extra chapters, idk if I will do them yet tho.


  1. The actor put on the mask to cover her face with bumps for the play. In the play, Anashii is not considered to be wearing a mask.
  2. Dowry = an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage.
  3. Vagrant = a person without a settled home or regular work who wanders from place to place and lives by begging.

I Married the Famous, Hideous “Young Lady Goblin” and She Was Absolutely Adorable

Source: ゴブリン令嬢と転生貴族が幸せになるまで  婚約者の彼女のための前世知識の上手な使い方
Alias: Young Lady Goblin(YLG)


I was the fourth son of the destitute viscount, and an unexpected letter came from the duke to me. It was a letter of betrothal, and my partner was a hideous woman nicknamed “Young Lady Goblin”. Their efforts of finding a groom had been futile, so I was finally chosen. Our status didn’t allow me to refuse.
However, the young lady herself planned to break our engagement. She was truly apologetic that I was dragged to become the fiancé of such an unsightly woman as her.

………I couldn’t settle with that. I was a Kimomen in my previous life, treated as vermin by all women – the complete opposite of an Ikemen. The painful feeling of discrimination against my appearance had been part of my life back then. Hey, people, it’s the inside that counts, doesn’t it?

She laughed it off, saying she had already given up. I wanted to see her genuinely smile. With that thought, I forcefully proceeded with the arrangements of our marriage. That’s when I discovered how adorable this person was. It didn’t take too long for me to become head over heels for her.

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