LSP – Chapter 26 – I’ll give up Onii-chan

In the end, it was decided that I would transfer the levels to Akari. It might be weird for Shari to have two consecutive level transfers. But since I was the one who ended up lowering Shari’s level, I also feel a bit awkward. I will spoil Shari a little next time.

I bring Akari into the barn. I had Shari stay outside and wait for the process to finish. It’s too embarrassing to have someone else watch us do this!

“Onii-chan!” (Akari)

As soon as we reached the area where the hay was piled up, I was suddenly pushed down by the tall Akari. While rolling onto my back and looking up, Akari leaned over me with an irresistible expression. She firmly held me down with her legs. Wait, isn’t she more like an orc than an elf?

In the dimly lit barn, I am lying on my back on the hay. And on top of me is a young girl straddling my waist, her hands on either side of my head. In front of my eyes is the girl’s pale face, and green eyes. She has a well-shaped nose, and her lips are slightly parted, revealing a glimpse of her tongue. She is as beautiful as ever.

“Onii-chan…” (Akari)

Akari’s breath brushes against my face.

“Hurry up…” (Akari)

Akari’s face approaches mine, and her green eyes continue to focus on my eyes as she closes the distance.

I opened my lips slightly. Her beautiful face moved ever so slightly counterclockwise, maintaining eye contact as we got closer. Our breaths mingled. Akari’s lips meet mine. One second, two seconds, three seconds…

(Level Connection!)


Akari sees the confusion in my eyes and plunges her hand into the hay and embraces me. Her soft body envelops mine, and I can feel her weight pressing against me. I also feel the elasticity and weight of her chest. Her legs are entangled with mine.

When I open my mouth, Akari enters. Her tongue explores the inside of my mouth. Her slippery tongue coils around mine, repeatedly licking and taking it in. She continues to ravish my mouth. I offer no resistance. Her gentle tongue licks the inside of my gums, meticulously savoring every moment. One more time.

(Level Connection!)

No good.

Akari releases her mouth. Her green eyes look at me. I convey confusion through my eyes. Tears well up and flow from Akari’s eyes.

Akari separates herself from the upper half of her body and slaps my cheek.

Akari quickly left the barn.

(Why did she slap me?)

In her place, Shari enters.

“Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Shari comes up to me and embraces me while I lie down on the hay. Her face gazes at me, framed by her thin blond hair. It’s an innocent, childlike face. The maturity of the black choker around her neck creates an imbalance. I was a little nervous.

(Ah, I see. So this is the charm of a loli character.)

Wait, no that’s not the point.

“What’s wrong?” (Finn)

“You made the onee-chan cry, didn’t you?” (Shari)

“Me? I made her cry?” (Finn)

“She was crying.” (Shari)

Even if you say that…

“You need to make up.” (Shari)

Huh? Is it my fault?

“Onee-chan.” (Shari)

“Hmph.” (Akari)

Akari was in the backyard just outside the barn. When she saw my face, she avoided making eye contact.

“Go make up with Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“Um, I’m sorry.” (Finn)

Apologize for the time being.

“What for?” (Akari)

Yes, I know.

“Is it because I didn’t choose Akari?” (Finn)

I decided to go straight to the correct answer.

“Onii-chan, you didn’t choose me?” (Akari)

“No, it’s not like that.” (Finn)

I stumble over my words. It seems like that wasn’t the right answer. Let’s change the direction.

“Is Akari angry at someone?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is it a male?” (Finn)

“No.” (Akari)

“Is it Shari?” (Finn)

“No, it’s not her.” (Akari)

Um, what should I do? Hug her and give her a kiss?

“I thought this time I could finally reach Level 5. When I thought that, I felt so happy and overwhelmed with emotions. I started reminiscing about all the effort I have put in so far, and I got carried away… It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?” (Akari)

Akari looks at both of us.

“Fine. Just kiss or do whatever you need to do and level up already. I’m done with this.” (Akari)

“Akari…” (Finn)

“Onee-chan…” (Shari)

“I’m an elf, you see. I’ll be gradually increasing my level over hundreds of years. So…” (Akari)

Akari smiled. She was beautiful. Beautiful enough to evoke a sense of sadness.

“I’ll give Onii-chan to Shari.” (Akari)

Am I even something that can be transferred?


In front of Akari’s gaze, I reach out my hand to Shari. Her small body fits into my arms.

“Shari” (Finn)

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

Shari slowly lifts her face, closing her eyes. I bring my face closer to Shari’s. I can feel our breaths intertwining. Gently, our lips meet.

(Level Connection!) 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 seconds.

I slowly release my lips from Shari’s. I look into Shari’s eyes. Shari gazes back at me.

Then, I look at Akari’s face beside us.

Tears were flowing from Akari’s eyes, yet she continued to smile.

How beautiful she is… Not!

“I couldn’t transfer it” (Finn)

“Why?” (Akari)

“I don’t know.” (Finn)

“Impossible?” (Akari)

“Don’t use that kind of word, imouto-san.” (Finn)

“Well, but…” (Akari)

Akari smiles sweetly.

“So, that means I have a chance too!” (Akari)

“Onee-chan.” (Shari)

“Yes, Shari-chan.” (Akari)

Akari is in a good mood.

“Thank you for giving me onii-chan.” (Shari)

“That doesn’t count.” (Akari)

“But what about my own will?” (Finn)

“Well, but why didn’t it work out this time?” (Akari)

“Onee-chan, you must have tricked it.” (Shari)

“Maybe it’s due to some environmental difference.” (Finn)

“Yes, if that’s the case.” (Akari) 

Akari ponders for a moment and then speaks up.

“We need to conduct some experiments to validate it!” (Akari)

Image of Akari

“As soon as we reached the area where the hay was piled up, I was suddenly pushed down by the tall Akari.”
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LOL you thought the mystery of the level transfer was over but alas that is not the case. I don’t even know what is happening with the level transfer anymore. Maybe it is picky about when to activate.


  1. None

LSP – Chapter 25 – Gold coins

Regarding the treasure of the trolls, the money was divided equally among the four people to avoid any disputes. This seems to be a custom to resolve conflicts. Shari received a small gem as a bonus and seems happier about it than the money. Meanwhile, Akari took the mysterious wooden stick.

It is difficult to directly compare the value of gold coins in this world with modern times. The prices of goods are too different. Labor costs are low, while industrial products are expensive. Metals are expensive, while wood is cheap. The weight of a gold coin is about 10g, which is equivalent to the weight of two 10-yen coins. However, the purity of the gold is relatively low.

Since my spear was broken, and I had some money, I decided to place an order. It seems that Wen-san will help me choose one. He’s a nice person.

I asked Shari about her mace and she seems content with the current one. Well, it’s a blunt weapon, so it’s not something that easily breaks anyway.

“We’re holding a sibling conference!” (Shari)

According to Shari’s explanation, she mentioned that her blessing activated and her level has decreased. I don’t remember it, but I can’t deny that her level has actually decreased. Come to think of it, at that time, I didn’t find it strange, but when I trace back my memory, it’s odd that Shari’s level isn’t 5.

“It’s my fault that your level decreased, I’m sorry.” (Finn)

“Don’t worry about it!” (Shari)

Well, I just thought about something. What if every time I reach level 3, I level up Shari to level 5, and when her blessing activates and her level decreases, I level her up again back to level 5. Wouldn’t that create a perpetual motion of blessings?1 Well, I don’t really want to die every time, though.

Akari looks at me with upturned eyes.

“Next is my turn, right, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

It may be her turn in terms of order, but…

I look into Shari’s eyes.

Shari looks back at me and smiles quietly.

Because humans are more than just levels.2” (Shari)

“See, even Shari says so!” (Akari)

“Weren’t you the one who said not to get too caught up in the levels?” (Finn)

[Wen PoV]

Wen was gazing at the gold coins in his hand. Most of them were coins that circulated within the kingdom, likely acquired from unfortunate travelers passing through the forest or disillusioned adventurers. Some of the coins were from much older eras, suggesting they had been sleeping in that cave for years or perhaps obtained by trolls from other creatures.

The problem was that among those coins, there were three gold coins from the ancient Rhone empire, which had once held sway over this land in the distant past. These coins were not in circulation anymore, as they were of high purity and would likely be melted down. When distributing the reward, Wen casually placed them into his own hand.

(Should I report this…?)

I have been tasked by Captain Kemp, the eldest son of the Baron’s household and my superior, to find the location of the goblin nest. The overall purpose of this mission is to search for the treasures of ancient Rhone. These coins would serve as crucial clues, and at the very least, it would improve Kemp’s impression of me.

I ponder the situation. Catherine’s face comes to mind, along with a young Finn and his sister.

(I need to find the goblin nest quickly.)

Indeed, my main task is to search for the goblin nest and not specifically to search for the treasures of Rhone.

“Onii-chan, congratulations on leveling up!” (Shari)

“Onii-chan, let’s have a bureiko3 today!” (Akari)

“Do we have to do this every time?” (Finn)

“It feels like déjà vu, doesn’t it?” (Finn)

Well, I guess this would normally be celebrated.

“Doesn’t this feel similar to attending a friend’s remarriage wedding?” (Finn)

“And to top it off, the bride and groom are the same people.” (Akari)

“Do we still have to give a gift for that?” (Shari)

“Speaking of which, what about your blessings?” (Akari)


“Something like ‘Stamina Boost,’ I guess?” (Finn)

“Why is that?” (Akari)

“Lately, I have been feeling my physical limits.” (Finn)

“That sounds like something a middle-aged person would say.” (Akari)

Come to think of it…

“Shari, what’s that?” (Finn)

“This is from the other day.” (Shari)

Shari had a choker wrapped around her neck. A thin black fabric encircled her neck in a straight line. A 2cm teardrop-shaped blue gemstone was handing from a discreet golden clasp in the center.

“Eh, that’s nice!” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Shari)

Shari looked happy, and I couldn’t help but smile too.

“Yeah, chokers are really nice.” (Finn)

“They’re a staple for the ‘Loli’ character, right?” (Akari)

“There’s something subtly enticing about them.” (Finn)

Come to think of it, what was it that I wanted to bring up?

It’s nighttime. The family sleeps side by side. Tonight, I’m facing towards Akari as we sleep. It’s cold, so we are all snuggled together. I can also feel Shari’s chest pressing against my back. It’s strange how even though she has a childlike figure, I can feel a soft presence when she leans against me.

Akari’s face, with her eyes closed, is illuminated by the moonlight above. Her ears are just a few centimeters away from me. An elf’s pointed ears. It’s a shape that humans don’t possess, yet it is beautiful.

As Akari sleeps, she moves her head slightly. Her elf ears brush against my face. I instinctively pull back and try to avoid them, but she moves even closer. Her ears touch my lips. I can’t move back any further because Shari is behind me.

I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked Akari’s ear, out of curiosity about how the pointed part felt. I wondered if there was cartilage4 there.

Just a light lick didn’t give me a clear sense of the texture. So, I pressed my tongue against it.

I still couldn’t quite grasp the texture, so I lightly took it into my mouth. Perhaps there was cartilage after all. I continued to lick it while holding it in my mouth.

To truly understand, I realized I needed to compare it with other parts.

I continued to lick the other parts of the ear, using my tongue to feel the shape of the ear.

I see, but I still couldn’t quite grasp it.

I wondered about the ear canal. So, I stuck my tongue inside and licked it.

“Ah!” (Akari)

Akari let out a sound.

Did I wake her up?

I observe for a while.

Akari’s head gradually returns to its original position.

In conclusion, even after licking, I still couldn’t grasp the sensation.


In the morning, both of Akari’s ears are red.

“Hey, Akari.” (Finn)

“What?” (Akari)

“Can I touch those ears of yours?” (Finn)

Akari’s face turns even redder as she answers.

“When you level up.” (Akari)

Image of Shari wearing a choker

“Shari had a choker wrapped around her neck.”
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Btw Rhone empire was mentioned all the way back in ch13. 

Bruh what is with those remarriage lines, it was so random and I have no idea which one of them is even talking. Also somehow, I expected a she is my sister so its safe joke somewhere at the end, but author didn’t use it for once.


  1. Don’t waste your brainpower if you don’t understand this. 
  2. Akari said something about this in ch 20
  3. In case you forgot what is a bureiko, it is an informal party where people put aside any rank/status differences.
  4. lmao good luck trying to understand this. Cartilage is a firm, flexible connective tissue found in various forms in the larynx and respiratory tract, in structures such as the external ear, and in the articulating surfaces of joints. It is more widespread in the infant skeleton, being replaced by bone during growth.

LSP – Chapter 24 – Rewind

Next to me, Akari stretched herself. 

From the wide-open sides, I catch a glimpse of something white and soft-looking thing inside her tunic.

“Alright.” (Akari)

It bounces back.

“Well then, shall we quickly get going?” (Akari)


“In that case, let’s divide into teams!” (Finn)

“I must protect Catherine-sama.” (Wen)

“Shari will protect Onii-chan!” (Shari)

“Wait a moment!” (Akari)

Akari grabs hold of me and whispers.

“Are you putting me in the same group as the uncle?” (Akari)

“But…” (Finn)

I’m at Level 2, Shari is at Level 5, and the other two are at Level 4.

“In terms of level balance, wouldn’t this be better?” (Finn)

“I don’t think so.” (Akari)

Akari gazes at my face. I always think to myself, but she has such a beautiful face.

“Everyone except Onii-chan is at the same level, right?” (Akari)

“Is that so?” (Finn)

I look at everyone’s levels. Indeed, everyone except me is at level 4.

“This time, choose me!” (Akari)

“This time?” (Finn)

Is she talking about last night’s conversation? Well, it’s bothersome to upset her again, so maybe I should just go along with it.

[Shari and Wen side]

“Catherine-sama is so beautiful.” (Wen)

Wen brings up a topic. He doesn’t really know Shari well. They only met briefly during the yakiniku, after all.

Shari nods.

“Onee-chan is beautiful, strong, knowledgeable about many things, tall, and has big breasts…” (Shari)

Wen senses that he has stepped on some kind of bothersome landmine.

“I’m just a nuisance to everyone, dull-witted, ignorant, always told to keep quiet, short, has a small chest, and even earlier, Onii-chan chose Onee-chan over me… I might as well be dead.” (Shari)

“Shari-san will become beautiful soon too.” (Wen)

“Is that so?” (Shari)

“After all, you are Catherine-sama’s sister.” (Wen)

“But Onee-chan is an elf.” (Shari)

“Right, that’s true.” (Wen)

Wen looks back.

“But…” (Wen)

Shari waits for the next words.

“What’s wrong with being of different races?!” (Wen)


“!” (Wen)

Wen turns his gaze towards the depths of the cave.

“It seems like a troll has arrived. Please hide over there.” (Wen)

“Understood?” (Shari)

Shari secretly casts <Attack Boost> on Wen.

“Grrrr!” (Troll)

A troll leaps out. Wen intercepts it, slashing his sword in a single motion.

The troll’s right arm swung down and gets severed. The arm flies and leaves a mark on the wall. The fingers of the fallen arm twitch and move on the floor.

(Today’s troll is kinda weak)

[Finn and Akari side]

“Set up torches around this area. And Onii-chan, wait here and get ready to charge with your spear when the troll comes.” (Akari)

Akari applies stealth to herself and heads off to scout the area. Without using <Presence Detection>, it’s difficult to detect her. The blessings they possess are basically cheat abilities unique to each of them.


A roar can be heard from deep within the cave. 


A sound echoes against the rocky walls.

In the depths, magic missiles sparkle. It’s Akari!

Light footsteps come running swiftly, followed by heavy footsteps.

Enraged by the magic missiles, the troll charges forward. Akari starts running. The troll may appear sluggish, but perhaps due to its massive size, it’s surprisingly fast.

The troll seems to be catching up to Akari. She readies her spear. There’s still some distance between them. Will she make it in time?

No, let’s go for it!

“<Teleport>” (Finn)

It is not actually teleportation, but rather high-speed movement.

The spear pierces through the troll, penetrating it. A large hole opens in the troll’s chest, and it topples forward due to its own momentum. I narrowly avoid being crushed by its massive body. The troll crashes heavily onto the ground. A spear is protruding from its back, with the tip facing upwards. It has completely pierced through.

“There’s another one coming!” (Akari)

I grab the spear and pull it out from the troll’s back. From the depths of the cave, heavy footsteps can be heard. Akari fired four magic missiles towards the approaching figure.

“Gwoooo!” (Troll)

The troll’s roar echoed through the cave. Within the flickering light of the torches, the colossal shape of the troll emerges. It raises an angered roar and charges towards us. Good. Keep going just like that. I ready my spear, aiming at its approaching, massive figure. This time, I won’t use <Teleport>.

I meet the charging troll head-on with my spear. I plant the butt of the spear on the ground and support it with my foot. Adjusting the angle, I prepare to intercept its assault. The troll lunges towards me.

The troll’s head impales itself on the spear. It slowly topples over and collapses.

“Oil!” (Akari)

Akari pours the prepared oil onto the troll. Finn also brings oil and pours it on the troll. Then, they press a blazing torch against it.

Within the flames, the troll’s arms move. It grabs the spear lodged in its body and hurls it away, trying to grasp something. Then it collapses. Bubbling amidst the flames, it gradually fades away.

“Wait, what about the previous one!” (Akari)

I quickly set the one that had its chest pierced on fire as well. The hole in its chest was already partially regenerating.


“That one earlier was what they call a ‘train1‘, right?” (Finn)

“Well, yeah.” (Akari)

“I was getting nervous, thinking it might catch up to us.” (Finn)

“There’s no way it could catch up to me, right, Onii-chan?” (Akari)

I wonder how it would have turned out. Whether she was truly running at her full speed or just putting on a show. If it were me, I probably would have been caught up due to a lack of stamina.

I pick up the spear. It’s a bit scorched, but I hope it’s still in good condition.

“How many trolls are left?” (Finn)

“Probably two.” (Akari)

I have one more use of <Teleport> remaining.

“We’ll manage somehow. We can take down one of them like before, and for the remaining one, we can pummel it together.” (Finn)

“Oh, by the way, I think I dropped my dagger while I was running earlier.” (Akari)

Seems like she was indeed in a hurry.

Come to think of it, when I was counting the remaining bottles of oil in my backpack earlier, I found a dagger2 I have never seen before. The sheath looks tarnished, but the blade is shining brightly and without a hint of rust.

“How about using this dagger?” (Finn)

[Shari and Wen side: Wen PoV]

“With this, it’s four down.” (Wen)

Wen sets the trolls on fire, and they disappear amidst the bubbling foam.

“Shari-san, your mace skills are quite impressive.” (Wen)

“It’s nothing special.” (Shari)

And… during the fight with the trolls, I noticed that when Shari touched me, my wounds started to heal.

“No, it’s nothing.” (Wen)

I choose to ignore it.

“Anyway, let’s go treasure hunting.” (Wen)

“Treasure hunting?” (Shari)

Shari’s eyes light up.

“The trolls might have been hoarding something.” (Wen)

Trolls have a tendency to hoard treasures. It’s a common trait among many faes. Although the treasures they hoard may not necessarily be valuable to humans.

In the depths of the cave, various items resembling trash are scattered around. Wen starts arranging them on the floor.

“Most of it seems to be garbage… but there are a few coins, some gold and several black coins that seem to be silver. And there’s also this… I wonder what it is.” (Wen)

There are dozens of gold coins, dozens of black coins that appear to be silver, and a gemstone about 2cm in length. The color is not clear under the torchlight. It has a small metal fixture attached to one end.


[Shari and Wen side: Shari PoV]

“Now that we have done some treasure hunting, shall we head back? Catherine-sama must be waiting.” (Wen)

“I hope Onee-chan is ok.” (Shari)

“Catherine-sama is stronger than me. Aren’t you worried about your Onii-san?” (Wen)

“Onii-chan will be fine.” (Shari)

(…As long as I’m alive, he will be fine…”)

[Finn and Akari side: Finn PoV]

Akari returns from her scouting.

“Looks like there are still two more trolls.” (Akari)

“If possible, I would like to lure them out separately.” (Akari)

“That would be ideal, but…” (Finn)

The trolls might be getting cautious by now.

“In that case, if it’s just one troll, we will defeat it like before. But if two come at once…” (Akari)

“If they come at once…” (Finn)

“We’ll have no choice but to focus on one of them.” (Akari)

“That’s true.” (Finn)

“The problem is their regenerative ability. We will have to burn the one we defeat immediately.” (Akari)

Well, there is no other choice.

“Ugh!” (Akari)

Akari comes running back. The torch and oil are prepared.

“Gwooo!” (Troll)

“Gwheee!” (Troll)

Two trolls come running after Akari.

“Over here!” (Finn)

I hold the torch and wave it, trying to divert the trolls’ attention.

The distance between Akari and me is less than 10 meters. I grip the spear with both hands. There are two trolls. Which one should I go for…

I aim for the troll closer to Akari.

“<Teleport>” (Finn)

In an instant, Finn teleports and slammed into the troll.


[Finn and Akari side: Akari PoV]

“Dogugasha!” (Troll)

Right behind Akari, a sharp crashing sound echoes. I quickly jump aside to avoid it, and there was a tumbling troll at the spot where I had been running. The spear lodged in its chest is broken and shattered. And I see Onii-chan, who was hit by the troll, being sent flying.

“Onii-chan!” (Akari)

Upon hearing Akari’s voice, the uninjured troll changes its direction.

The troll approaches. Akari takes a deep breath and prepares herself…

“<Magic Missile>!” (Akari)

She chants a low-level offensive spell. While not extremely powerful, it has a very short casting time and can be used frequently. Four arrows of light sparkle and hit the troll. Magic Missile never misses its target. The troll momentarily flinches, but then reaches out towards Akari.

“<Magic Missile>!” (Akari)

Four more magic arrows pierce into the troll. This is the final volley. Is it defeated?

The troll drops to its knees in front of Akari… but its wounds begin to heal.

A stone comes flying from the side and hits the troll. It’s not thrown with human-like speed. The impact creates a crushing sound where it hit. The troll gets angry and turns towards the direction the stone came from, diverting its attention away from Akari.

“<Stealth>!” (Akari)

Akari’s figure blends into the darkness of the cave and disappears.

The troll, having lost sight of Akari, headed towards the direction of Finn who threw the stone. Finn continues to throw stones, but he cannot inflict any serious injuries on the troll. The troll’s regenerative ability is strong.

As the troll closes in on Finn, it places both hands on the ground and raises its head to howl—a threatening gesture. Meanwhile, a hand extends from behind, unnoticed by the troll. In that hand is a dagger held in a reverse grip. The dagger pierces the troll’s throat, and the arm moves sideways, slashing through its throat. The troll collapses forward, crumpling to the ground.

From the troll’s back, Akari jumps down.


[Finn and Akari side: Finn PoV]

The two of them proceed to burn the two trolls. As they do so a sudden surge of energy fills his body. A level up! Wait, why now?

It seems that the trolls grant experience points not upon defeating them but rather when they are burned at the end. With their regenerative ability, the trolls can be defeated endlessly if not burned.

“Alright, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

“Hmm?” (Finn)

“It’s time for treasure hunting!” (Akari)

Akari diligently arranges the remaining items, creating a pile of debris.

“Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be anything.” (Akari)

Well, there are gold coins, aren’t there!

“Well, never mind. Let’s go. <Appraisal>!” (Akari)

Oh, she used her cheat.

From the pile of debris, a wooden stick is singled out. It’s like a consolation prize.


Finn: Level 3 (up!) (Human: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Level check, Level transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-hand combat, Teleportation, Mental Resistance, Stamina Enhancement (new!)

Shari: Level 4 (down!) (Human)

– Blessings: Healing (2x effective on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack boost, Mace, Rewind

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Appraisal, Elementary attack magic, Stealth, Cold resistance

Image of the trolls they encountered

“Looks like there are still two more trolls.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

So in case you haven’t caught on, they rewind back to before they cross the bridge. It seems like Finn doesn’t remember what happened before the rewind, and it isn’t clear if Shari remembers or not. But apparently, Shari’s level decreases every time it triggers, and items that you get before the rewind can be kept.

Also I only just noticed when Shari pointed it out, but Finn literally can’t die unless Shari dies first. Well with exceptions like old age, I guess.


  1. Nope no clue what it means, can’t find anything.
  2. The dagger is from a troll killed in the previous chapter, before the rewind.

LSP – Chapter 23 – The Cave

Next to me, Akari stretched herself. From the wide-open sides, I catch a glimpse of something white and soft-looking thing inside her tunic.

“Alright.” (Akari)

It bounces back with a *boing*.

“Well then, shall we quickly get going?” (Akari)

“Catherine-sama, the thing is…” (Wen)

The knight speaks with a troubled expression.

“You see, only two people can cross this bridge at a time.” (Wen)

“Sharie and I are light, so maybe we can manage somehow?” (Finn)

“I tried it before, and regardless of weight, if a third person gets on, it will topple over.” (Wen)

Well, is this another fae thing?

“In that case, let’s divide into teams!” (Finn)

“I must protect Catherine-sama.” (Wen)

“Shari will protect Onii-chan!” (Shari)

“Wait a moment!” (Akari)

Akari grabs hold of me and whispers

“Are you putting me in the same group as the uncle?” (Akari)

“But…” (Finn)

I’m at Level 2, Shari is at Level 5, and the other two are at Level 4.

“In terms of level balance, wouldn’t this be better?” (Finn)

“Eh?” (Akari)

I shout towards the knight.

“Please take care of Catherine-sama!” (Finn)

“Understood!” (Wen)

[Finn and Shari PoV]

I take Sharie’s hand and cross the suspension bridge which leads directly to the entrance of the cave. We cautiously enter the cave, staying alert.

The cave is dimly lit. Before proceeding further, both of us light torches and hold them in our left hands.

“It feels like an adventure, doesn’t it, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

“This conversation feels a bit déjà vu.” (Finn)

As I wait, there is no sign of the two of them coming. The suspension bridge is covered in a thick fog.

“I guess we have no choice but to move forward…” (Finn)

We walk through the cave for a while. Some parts are so narrow that they are less than 2 meters wide, while other areas are so wide that the light from our torches doesn’t reach the edges.

“Onii-chan, are you glad you picked Shari?” (Shari)

“Huh, why?” (Finn)

“Because you picked Akari before, right?” (Shari)

“Well, it wasn’t really a choice, it was just a coincidence…” (Finn)

“Hehe…” (Shari)

Shari seems to be in a good mood.

I suddenly sense a presence. It’s something big, a single entity. I grip my spear in my right hand.

A large shadow slowly emerges from the depths of the cave. It has a body height that may reach up to 3 meters, with slimy skin. Its arms are long, reaching the ground, resembling a gigantic, hairless, slimy chimpanzee-like creature. And protruding from its mouth are large fangs.

It’s a troll! So that is what they look like!

Shari has already cast <Protection> and <Attack Boost> before crossing the bridge.

“Uryahhh!” (Finn)

I thrust my spear into the troll’s body with force. The spear pierces through its torso. It does not have particularly hard skin. I twist the spear to widen the wound and then pull it out.

“Growl!” (Troll)

The troll lets out a roar and swings its arms. I duck down, avoiding its attack. As the troll’s arms pass overhead, there’s a sound of air being sliced.

I take a step back and reposition my spear.

“Phuuu…” (Troll)

I can hear the troll’s breath. The wound from where I pulled out the spear gradually begins to close.



Despite the two-on-one advantage, we are being pushed back by the troll. It’s clear that my level is not high enough. There have been several close calls, and Shari has stepped in to cover me, but we are mostly on the defensive. Neither of us is critically injured, but we are covered in cuts and bruises. Meanwhile, the troll’s wounds keep closing up. This is turning into a difficult battle.

Shari’s mace bashed into the troll’s lower shin. The troll’s movement halts. Even with its regenerative abilities, it would still feel pain. Sharie’s mace possesses the attack power to pulverize a goblin with a single strike.

I drop the torch to the ground and grip the spear with both hands. Taking aim at the motionless troll’s heart, I put my weight behind it and thrust with all my might. I twist the spear while it’s still inside.

The troll collapses to the ground as if it was crumbling.

(Did I do it?)

The troll’s arm slowly scrapes the ground. Its legs twitch and move. It’s regenerating.

(Of course not!)

Ah, that’s right. I remember the strategy I heard from Wen-san along the way.

“Trolls are weak against fire.” (Wen)

Or rather, they can’t regenerate burn wounds. It might be due to the thermal denaturation1 of proteins. I’m not sure if faes are made of proteins, though.

I take out the oil from my backpack, the one Akari told me to buy. It’s not the regular oil for lanterns. it’s a specially processed oil that is easier to ignite. It was quite expensive, but worth it.

I pour the oil onto the troll and press the torch against it to ignite the flames. The fire spreads, and the troll begins to burn.

The troll foams and disappears. Something remains in the charred aftermath.

(Remains of the burn? Or is it…?)

I touch it, but it’s not hot. It might not be charred remains, but a dropped item. It’s long and slender. I brush off the soot from its surface.

“It’s a dagger!” (Finn)

I brush off the soot from the blackened sheath. The blade shines without a single trace of rust. I put it in my backpack for now.

[Akari and Wen PoV]

Akari holds the dagger in her right hand as she walks through the cave. Wen follows closely behind, holding a torch in his left hand and remaining vigilant. He has a sword drawn in his right hand.

The flickering torchlight makes it difficult for the elf’s night vision to work effectively.

“Lanterns would be better than torches.” (Akari)

“Trolls won’t die unless they are burned.” (Wen)

Well, fair enough.

“I’m going to scout ahead a bit. Wait here for me.” (Akari)

Akari activates her <Stealth>, blending into the darkness of the cave.


“Without powerful magic, things are going to be tough.” (Akari)

According to Akari’s reconnaissance, there were four trolls.

“There were four of them.” (Akari)

“Hmm…” (Wen)

Wen ponders the situation. It would be much easier to defeat them if they could be separated and taken down individually. Fighting while surrounded would be challenging.

“Let’s lure them in, Catherine-sama.” (Wen)


Although we wanted to lure only one, two of them have come.

“One person, one troll.” (Akari)

Wen nods.

“Don’t take my share.” (Akari)

“Understood!” (Wen)

The troll approaches. It’s big. One of them heads towards Akari. She unleashes a series of Magic Missiles, followed by another barrage. She repeatedly stabs the troll with the dagger and aims to finish it off. She relentlessly gouges at its heart, trying to prevent it from regenerating. Still, it twitches and moves.

I take out the oil from my backpack and pour it on the troll. On the other hand, Wen has already started burning one of the trolls after dousing it in oil. We ignite the flames and let them burn.

“Two more to go.” (Akari)

[Finn and Shari PoV]

Further into the cave, we encounter another troll.

“Shari, can you boost my attack?” (Finn)

Sharie nods.

“How about healing?” (Finn)

“I have about half left.” (Shari)

“Alright then…” (Finn)

While keeping my eyes on the troll, I speak to Shari.

“I’m counting on you to boost my attack. Let’s take down this one without any injuries.” (Finn)

I can feel the blessing from Shari flowing into me.


Since I can’t hold the spear with both hands, I can’t deal much damage. However, if I leave the torch on the ground, it will go out and we will be left in darkness.

Nevertheless, Shari and I sandwich the troll between us and take turns attacking. We dodge its attacks and parry when necessary. We proceed cautiously, aiming to avoid taking any damage…


I sense something in my awareness. Two more trolls are approaching from deeper inside the cave.

The distance between us and the troll we are facing is about 10m, and beyond that, just within reach of the light from Sharie’s torch in her left hand, two more figures emerge.

They are about 3m tall with long arms that reach the ground. Their texture feels slimy.

The two new trolls approach from behind Shari.

“<Teleport>!” (Finn)

I instantly teleport in front of Shari. Teleport allows for a brief moment of high-speed movement. While it can’t teleport through walls, it can be used to dodge enemies right in front of me.

I grab Shari’s hand. We need to escape.

The troll we were just fighting approaches from the front, and two more trolls close in from behind. We are completely surrounded.

“<Teleport>!” (Finn)

I grab Shari’s hand and slip past the troll approaching from the front. We continue running towards the exit. However, since my level is only 2, I can no longer use <Teleport> anymore.


The cave splits into two paths. Was this here before? Which way did I come from? When in doubt, choose the left path! I grab Sharie’s hand and run.

Suddenly, I sense something ahead. I come to a halt.

“<Presence Detection>!” (Finn)

It’s two trolls.

“Let’s go back!” (Finn)

I sense a presence behind us as well.

“Groooar!” (Troll)

It’s a troll. There are traces of blood on its body. It’s the one we were fighting earlier. Its wounds have already healed through regeneration.

“Grrrrl!” (Troll)

Trolls are approaching from the front as well. We’re surrounded!

I face the troll behind us and prepare my spear. The troll swings its long arms. I dodge and thrust my spear. It leaves a wound, but it quickly closes up.


There is a sound of impact from behind. And then, the sound of something soft hitting the rocks. I quickly glance over and see Shari being slammed against the wall. This is bad.

“Shari!” (Finn)

I rush over to her. Sharie’s head moves. She seems to be alive. She tries to face me and shout something.

“Shari! Heal yourself!” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, behind you!” (Shari)

The troll swings its arm, hitting me directly in the head. There’s a sharp impact, followed by the sensation of its teeth tearing into my arm. Then, I hear the sound of the troll biting into my head.

I hear Shari’s scream, but it quickly fades away…

Image of Akari that doesn’t fit anywhere lol

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TL notes:

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Well, I guess that’s it. Series over Finn is dead. 

Of course not, It’s rewind time! Well I mean we know Finn isn’t going to die or anything. They were so underprepared for this lol. 

Well btw, chapters where the illustrations are not coherent with the actual chapter itself is usually from Syosetu or Alpha Polis.


  1. Thermal denaturation = When the protein is heated, thermal motion and other factors break down the protein structure. I am not a biologist so I can’t really explain further.

LSP – Chapter 22 – Conditions

Read the last few part of TL Note afterwards. Need your input on something

It’s currently night. The five members of my family were sleeping huddled together because its cold. It’s cold. Specifically, there is Dad, Mom, Shari, me, and Akari, from left to right.

As for me, depending on the day, I sometimes sleep facing Shari and sometimes facing Akari. But today, I decided to sleep facing upward because I’m feeling a bit strange.

Shari is wearing the usual gray dress. Akari forcefully put it on and stretched it earlier, so it turned into sleepwear.

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

Shari, who is lying on my left, leaned her head toward me. I turn my head to face her.

“I can’t sleep.” (Shari)

With that, Shari turned her body and rest herself on the left side of my body. She places her left ear against my left chest.

“Onii-chan, I can hear the sound of your heartbeat.” (Shari)

I tried to stroke Shari’s hair with my right hand, but as I raised my elbow, it was suddenly grabbed. I was pulled gently, and my right arm ended up becoming Akari’s body pillow. I felt a soft, squishy sensation. It reminded me of the tightness around the chest when she wore that dress earlier. It was quite something, huh?

Akari didn’t move and seemed to have fallen asleep while hugging my right arm. Well, I will let her have my right arm. I close my eyes too.

“Onii-chan” (Shari)

As I was dozing off, I heard Shari’s voice. I opened my eyes. Shari was half sitting up, and her face was just 30cm in front of mine.

The dress Shari is wearing has become loose around the chest area because Akari stretched it. As Shari is looking downward, the neckline hangs and widens, creating a noticeable gap. It is right in front of my face. I can see Shari’s fair skin within that space, or rather, I can see the outline of her body from her chest to her abdomen. Well, to be precise, it’s quite dim, so I can only see a vague silhouette within her clothes.

(Probably safe)

“Are you awake?” (Shari)

“Yeah, I’m awake.” (Finn)

I speak softly, making sure not to wake up Akari who is beside us.

“It’s about my new blessing.” (Shari)

“Ah, right.” (Finn)

“To be honest, I don’t fully understand it.” (Shari)

“I see.” (Finn)

“It’s probably something related to you, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Mjd!1” (Finn)

I almost let out a voice and hastily suppress it.

“If Onii-chan is about to die…” (Shari)

“If I am about to die?” (Finn)

“Shari’s blessing will become a substitute.” (Shari)

“Mjd!” (Finn)

Wait, is there really such a specific blessing like that?

“Shari already said before…” (Shari)

Shari once again places her left ear against my chest and gently strokes from my chest to my side with the tips of her right fingers.

“Onii-chan, Shari will protect you.” (Shari)

(Nononono, wait a minute!)

My drowsiness completely disappeared.

What should I do? For now, I guess I should make sure not to die or something.

“And Shari also thought…” (Shari)

“There is more?” (Finn)

“It’s about Onii-chan’s blessing.” (Shari)

What’s this about? Well, I’m interested.

“When Onii-chan was at Level 2, Shari could level up from Level 0 to 3.” (Shari)

“That’s right.” (Finn)

“And when big brother was at Level 2, Mom could level up from Level 1 to 2.” (Shari)

“Yeah.” (Finn)

“When Onii-chan was at Level 2, nobody at Level 4 could level up to Level 5.” (Shari)

“That’s right.” (Finn)

“So when Onii-chan reached Level 3, Shari could level up from Level 4 to 5.” (Shari)

“Oh…” (Finn)

“So, that means Onii-chan can only at most level up someone who is one level higher than his own level, right?” (Shari)

“That’s it!” (Akari)

Akari suddenly stood up. She was awake, wasn’t she?

The next morning.

“Onii-chan, let’s level up quickly and reach Level 3.” (Akari)

Akari came to wake me up.

“Leveling up is meant to be achieved through effort, so it’s not supposed to be about hugging and kissing to level up, right?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you’re being childish.” (Akari)

Let’s go back to sleep.

“Good morning, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

Shari came over to me while I was still in bed. She crawled on all fours and brought her face close. The neckline of her gray dress dropped, creating not just a gap, but a wide opening at her chest. It’s already bright, so I can see her fair skin all the way to the depths…

(Because she’s my sister, it’s safe!)

“Good morning, Shari. Please, don’t wear that dress and bend forward in front of me.” (Finn)

Shari continues to cling to me.

“Onii-chan ♡” (Shari)

Shari is so cute.

“Instead of fooling around, let’s have breakfast and then work on leveling up!” (Akari)

I went alone to the village square. Ah, there he is.

“Good morning, Wen-san!” (Finn)

“Good morning, Fin-kun. Is your sister in good health?” (Wen)

“Well, my sister… she’s doing well.” (Finn)

“That’s good to hear!” (Wen)

Wen-san seems a bit sleepy. There are dark circles under his eyes.

“So, do you need something from me?” (Wen)

“Well, I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any goblins or monsters around.” (Finn)

“Hmm.” (Wen)

The knight looks at Fin. Is this child planning to go on a monster extermination? Isn’t it dangerous for such a young child? No, they were the ones who helped us recently. Especially this child’s sister, Catherine-sama. Her strength was etched into my memory. She fearlessly fought a large bugbear without even wearing armor, never backing down. And all she had in her hand was a dagger. Her graceful figure was truly divine.

“There aren’t any goblins, but… are you planning to go on a monster extermination mission?” (Wen)

“Yeah. Ak… my sister told me to ask.” (Finn)

“Is Lady Catherine going?” (Wen)

The knight speaks eagerly.

“If that’s the case, I must go as well, as her escort.” (Wen)

“Why did you bring him along? I just wanted the location.” (Akari)

“He followed me.” (Finn)

“I’m not good with strangers, especially older men.” (Akari)

“But he said he will fight with us.” (Finn)

“That means our share per person will be reduced, right!” (Akari)

“Why don’t we just not register them in the party?” (Finn)

“Can we do that?” (Akari)

“I’m not sure. I don’t even know if party registration is a thing.” (Finn)

“Hmm…” (Akari)

Akari turns to face the knight.

“Wen-dono, I appreciate your offer to fight with us, but this is my trial, so there’s no need for you to intervene.” (Akari)

“Understood, Catherine-sama.” (Finn)

The knight straightens their posture. The sword hits the chainmail, producing a metallic sound.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to take this knight into the forest for a bit.” (Akari)

“Make sure you’re back before dinner.” (Finn’s mother)

“Yes!” (Akari)

“These days, there are no goblins around.” (Finn)

“Isn’t that a good thing?” (Wen)

Wen-san, who is leading the way at the front, looks at me with a slightly troubled expression for a moment.

“Well, that’s true, but…” (Finn)

“Wen-dono, where are we heading?” (Akari)

Akari asked while dressed as if she’s going to the sea.

“We are heading towards the sea.” (Wen)

Akari is wearing a sleeveless tunic today, but the neckline goes up to her neck. However, the sides, or rather, the areas around her waistline, are wide open, giving it a Hollywood celebrity-like feel. Since she’s not wearing any underwear, you can see the soft, white sides from the side view, which is a bit awkward for me as I’m not sure where to look. Well, I’m just sneakily glancing from the side, but there’s this particular gap between the lower curve and the tunic. It becomes more noticeable when she walks.

“Onii-chan?” (Shari)

I was poked from behind with a mace.

“There is a cave located in a valley about two hours ahead. Catherine-sama.” 

The knight answers Akari without turning around.

“A dungeon?” (Akari)

“No, it’s not a dungeon.” (Finn)

Is there a specific definition for what qualifies as a dungeon?

“If it’s not a dungeon then…” (Akari)

Catherine smiles.

“Let’s get it done quickly!” (Akari)


“What’s inside?” (Finn)

“Trolls.” (Wen)

Trolls? In my mind, I envision gray creatures resembling norse goats.

Trolls are also a type of fae.2” (Akari)

I see, I still don’t understand.

“But aren’t there too many faes?” (Finn)

It’s because it’s winter.3” (Akari)

Akari said that with high persuasive power.

“Trolls are strong, aren’t they?” (Finn)

In light novels, trolls are usually portrayed as intermediate-level monsters. They often have the ability to regenerate, so even if you attack them, they can heal themselves.

“If we’re going by D&D standards, they can be formidable enemies. They might not be much different from the trolls in light novels.” (Akari)

“I hope we’ll be alright.” (Finn)

In this party, we have 1 Level 5, 2 Level 4s, and I’m the only one at Level 2. I hope I won’t be a burden.

“I will protect you, Onii-chan!” (Shari)

Well, that’s actually what worries me the most.


Two hours later, we arrived at the valley.

“Let’s take a short break.” (Finn)

It’s tough keeping up with everyone at Level 4. Not only Akari, who is an elf, but even Shari doesn’t seem out of breath. Come to think of it, she’s at Level 5.

“I see.” (Akari) 

Akari mutters as she gazes at the scenery of the valley.

“What is it?” (Finn)

“When you say trolls, you think of bridges, right?” (Akari)

“Is that so?” (Finn)

There is a suspension bridge in the valley.

Image of Shari in the morning

“Shari came over to me while I was still in bed. She crawled on all fours and brought her face close.”
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TL notes:

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Got no clue about the Fae stuff anymore lol. Maybe the author is setting up his own version as he goes. Either that or I am getting this fae stuff completely wrong. Oh right, there is one part talking about Finn leveling people up until 1 level higher than his own level. 

For those confused about the leveling restriction, Finn can level up someone who is one level higher than him to their next level. So lv 2 Finn can level up a lv 3 person to lv 4.

Btw I’m curious, is there anyone still enjoying reading this? Cause the only problem I have with this novel is that Finn is a boring protagonist who always acts the same way but it frustrates me a lot the way he acts sometimes.

This is basically my way of asking would you prefer me to drop this and pick up something else.


  1. This is straight from the raw, no idea what it is suppose to be.
  2. Honestly hard to find anything to explain this. I saw some talk about trolls eating faes and thus gaining their properties such as regeneration and some troll variants being fae-related.
  3. Also hard to find anything about this. Maybe she’s talking about the winter court? Some versions have 4 seasons courts, whereas others have only 2; summer and winter.

LSP – Chapter 21 – Do you know why I am angry?

[Wen PoV]

Wen abruptly jumped up. It was still the middle of the night. Once again, he had dreamt of the past.

“A dungeon…” (Wen)

Recalling those memories was painful, but they couldn’t be forgotten easily.

He recalled fragments of the memory. The darkness of the dungeon, the stone pavement, the approaching footsteps. Monsters attacking from all directions. A voice saying, “Let’s run!” And then, a woman. Brown hair, fair skin. Her eyes were green… but he just couldn’t remember her face. Whenever he tried to visualize the details in his mind, a different face would appear. Brown hair, fair skin, deep green eyes, and incredibly beautiful.

He shook his head, attempting to recall the face of his former lover. She was definitely supposed to look a bit gentler. Or perhaps he just wished she did. He believed she must resent him, for leaving her behind in the darkness of the dungeon.

“Catherine-sama…” (Wen)

Why did that elven girl ask him about the dungeon?

Could this be a punishment bestowed upon him by the heavens? At that time, only half of them managed to escape, but even so, half of them did escape. He should have been able to save his lover.

Wen couldn’t sleep anymore.

[Finn PoV]

“Come on, one more time!” (Akari)

I held her tight and kissed her.

“What am I missing!?” (Akari)

Maybe it’s the human factor?

In the barn, Akari and I were sitting on the hay, embracing and kissing each other repeatedly.

“It doesn’t seem to be going well.” (Finn)

Akari ponders.

“Let’s try recreating it step by step from the beginning!” (Akari)

Akari lies on her left side, and I place my right hand behind her head. I lift her up and we kiss. We part our lips momentarily, but then she eagerly presses herself against me, craving my lips. While our lips remain locked, I flip over and leaned over her. My tongue parts her lips and pushes against her upper and lower teeth. Our tongues entwine, and my saliva mixes with hers in her mouth. And then…

(Level Connection!… Did not work.)

“Isn’t kissing a 12-year-old girl something we should be concerned about?” (Akari)

Didn’t you tell me to just do it?1” (Finn)

“We need to make it as accurate as possible!” (Akari)

I see.

“Recall even the smallest details… What is different from that time?” (Akari)

I trace back my memories. The one thing that stands out clearly in my memory is…

“Could it be the clothing?” (Finn)


Facing each other, Akari wears a one-piece dress. Shari’s height is 135cm, while the slender Akari’s height is 160cm. The dress was highly elastic so it managed to fit somehow, but it clings to her body so tightly that it feels more like a restraint than a piece of clothing.

Akari lies on her back on the hay. Although there is fabric covering her body, practically nothing is hidden. In fact, the fabric only emphasizes the shape, leaving little to the imagination. The elasticity of the fabric forcefully pushes up her chest from below, creating a menacing bulge.

(Well, since she dressed herself, it’s safe.)

Meanwhile, beneath the bulge, the delicate details of her rib are visible through the fabric. The fabric tightens around her slender abdomen, but it also emphasizes the slight bulge of her stomach and the indentation of her belly button, adding a raw touch.

The elastic fabric clings tightly to her, following the small curves of the elf’s hips and lower abdomen. It constricts around her thighs and abruptly ends at about 20cm above the knees. From the edges of the fabric, her white thighs peek out, with a subtle hint of flesh despite their naturally slender shape.

(If it were the back of the thighs, there would likely be more fleshy)

I recall the lingering gaze I had on her from behind back then during the tour. No wait, that’s not the point.

Following the same series of actions, I lift her up and kiss her. Then our tongues entwine, and my saliva mixes with hers in her mouth.

(Level Connection!… Did not work.)

“Why is it not working!?” (Akari)

“Shari, congratulations on leveling up!” (Finn)

“Thank you, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“…………” (Akari)

“Let’s have a bureiko2 today!” (Shari)

“……” (Akari)

“Let’s hear a word from Shari, who just reached Level 5!” (Finn)

“Onii-chan is Shari’s, so…” (Shari)

“Well, what people of higher levels say is absolute, so there’s nothing we can do about it, right?” ‘


Akari stood up.

“Levels have meaning because you work hard to climb them. I won’t accept leveling up through hugging and kissing.” (Akari)

After saying that and left.

Even as night fell, Akari did not return. Sensing her presence, I found her inside the barn.

I went to fetch her.

“Everyone is worried about you, so please come back.” (Finn)

“Don’t come here.” (Akari)

A voice comes from the darkness. Ignoring it, I enter the barn.

“You’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?” (Akari)

“That’s not true.” (Finn)

“I’m just a mean-spirited elf, after all.” (Akari)

“I didn’t say anything like that.” (Finn)

“Just because I am a human or whatever. What a stupid thing.” (Akari)

“But, you are an elf.” (Finn)

A faint sound of a chuckle escapes, followed by being embraced from behind in the darkness. Feeling the touch of a chest against my back.

“Onii-chan…” (Akari)

“Akari…” (Finn)

“Do you know why I’m angry?” (Akari)


“Is it because you said we should level up to go to the dungeon, but I’m lowering my level?” (Finn)

“Don’t jump to conclusions from the beginning.” (Akari)

“Seriously?” (Finn)

“That’s not the case at all.” (Akari)


“Is it because I only leveled up Shari?” (Finn)

“I’m not that narrow-minded, you know.” (Akari)

“Is it because we did inappropriate things in the barn?” (Finn)

“I told you to do it, so it’s fine.” (Akari)

“Is it because I did something inappropriate with Shari?” (Finn)

“She’s just a child, so be gentle.” (Akari)

“Is it because I kept silent about my blessing?” (Finn)

“That’s no longer an issue.” (Akari)

“Is it because I didn’t take the opportunity even though you tempted me many times?” (Finn)

“You’re a coward.” (Akari)

“Is it because I always try to evade the questions when confronted?” (Finn)

“You do have that kind of tendency.” (Akari)

“I’m sorry for making you feel lonely.” (Finn)

“Did you say that to Shari as well?” (Akari)

I don’t have a clue. Am I misunderstanding something? Let’s change the question a bit.

“Is Akari angry at a person?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is that person a male?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is that person a family member?” (Finn)

“Yes.” (Akari)

“Is it me?” (Finn)

“Obviously, it’s you.” (Akari)


Akari whispers in my ear.

“I thought Onii-chan chose me back then. But it was Shari who was chosen.” (Akari)

(I didn’t choose either of you!)

I reach my hand behind and touch Akari’s head. She turns around, and I use both hands to position her head. Slowly, I pull her head closer while rising up on my tiptoes.

In the darkness, we kiss.

Akari releases her lips.

“Wrong answer.” (Akari)

In the darkness, Akari embraces me tightly. Her mouth hungrily seeks my lips. I gently extend my hand towards her waist, embracing her delicate figure. We stay like that for a while.

“I’m going home, Onii-chan.” (Akari)

Image of angry Akari

“You’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Finn really messing with Akari in this chapter. I swear that I thought he said maybe it’s the clothes just to see Akari in those clothes lol. And also maybe not a good idea to taunt someone and expect them to not get angry. Although, it doesn’t look like that is the real reason that she got angry.

You know, now that I think about it, the level transfer dialogues are not said by Finn and were probably the voice of the blessing itself. Also, the dialogue happened inside his mind and he did not really say it out loud lol, oops. 


  1. In case you forgot, Akari said this last chapter: “Well, both of you are already adults, so why not just do it?”
  2. Bureiko is an informal party where people put aside any rank/status differences. I actually mistranslated this at ch 20, and replaced it with “all-you-can-eat” buffet lol. I will go change that.

LSP – Chapter 20 – Level 5

“Onii-chan, congratulations on leveling up!” (Shari)

My sisters celebrated my level up and threw a party for me.

“Onii-chan, today is a bureiko1 today!” (Akari)

There has never been a time when it wasn’t all-you-can-eat, right?

For now, I go around pouring drinks for my little sisters.

“Um, from now on, I hope for your continued guidance and encouragement.” (Finn)

“Anyways, we will guide you as your Level 4 senpais.” (Akari)

“Why are you acting so high and mighty?” (Finn)

“What people at higher levels say is absolute.” (Akari)

“Eh?” (Finn)

“When I look back at when I was Level 3, I feel like I was so young. But during these milestone moments, we should celebrate. Well, as an elf, I have a long lifespan, so I still have plenty of chances to level up. Becoming Level 4 was a recent achievement for me, and I can tell you from experience that it’s important to focus on solidifying the basics. By doing that, I believe that leveling up and other results will naturally follow.” (Akari)

“Akari, you’re working hard.” (Finn)

“Ehehe.” (Akari)

“By the way, Onii-chan, what is your new blessing?” (Shari)

“Um, mental resilience?” (Finn)

“What’s that?” (Shari)

“Well, it’s like being able to handle being spoken ill of? Something like that?” (Finn)

“Are you really okay?” (Akari)

“Probably.” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you’re gross.” (Shari)

“Should I just die?” (Finn)

“Thank you so much!” (Akari)

I could hear Akari’s loud voice from outside. I tried using my <Presence Detection>, but there was no one there.

“Akari, what’s going on?” (Finn)

“Oh, good morning, Onii-chan!” (Akari)

“Who were you greeting?” (Finn)

“I was expressing gratitude to the world!” (Akari)

The scenery of the countryside spreads outside. Did she always like the countryside?

“Akari-chan, you’re amazing.” (Finn)

“Hehe, I’m grateful to you too, Onii-chan!” (Akari)

I wonder if she attended some incredible seminar?

“I don’t think being human is just about levels!” (Akari)

What’s gotten into you all of a sudden? And by the way, aren’t you an elf, not a human?

“That’s right.” (Finn)

“I knew that.” (Akari)

“I see.” (Finn)

“I believe that living means we have to enhance our human qualities.” (Akari)

“Akari is really putting in effort!” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

Lately, I feel that Shari hasn’t been feeling well.

“What’s wrong, Shari?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan…” (Shari)

Shari huddled on the bed, looked at me with teary eyes. I gently stroked her head. Shari looked up at me from below, or rather, she seemed to be giving me a sharp gaze.

“Why didn’t Onii-chan choose Shari?” (Shari)

“Eh?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you chose Akari-oneechan, right!” (Shari)

“In the midst of the fog, Onii-chan said, ‘Hold my hand’.” (Shari)

“Yeah.” (Finn)

“Shari reached out her hand, but… Onii-chan didn’t hold it.” (Shari)

“Oh.” (Finn)

“And then, Onii-chan, you were with Akari-oneechan, right?” (Shari)

“Well, um…” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you chose Akari-oneechan, didn’t you?” (Shari)

Is that how it appears? Well, yeah, that’s what happened, but it was just a coincidence.

“No, no, I didn’t mean for that to happen…” (Finn)

“But it’s true that you held Akari-oneechan’s hand, right?” (Shari)

“Well… I guess so…” (Finn)

Shari stares at me with teary eyes. Ah, this is a tricky situation.

Onii-chan no bakaーーー2” (Shari)

Shari ran out of the room.

“You’re coming to me for advice on that?” (Akari)

“There’s no one else I can talk to about it.” (Finn)

“Isn’t it just a trivial argument?” (Akari)

“At least show some concern for your important little sister.” (Finn)

“Eh…” (Akari)

Akari looks at me with a slightly annoyed expression.

“Perhaps building virtue like this could also contribute to your human qualities?” (Akari)

“I guess there’s no helping it.” (Akari)

Akari places her hands on her hips and looks at me with a confident gaze. Her tunic is so loosely fitted that it’s about to slip off, revealing her cleavage.

“Well, both of you are already adults, so why not just do it?” (Akari)

“Isn’t that a problem in itself?” (Finn)

“In this world, you are considered adults, right?” (Akari)

“Shari is officially 12 years old, though.” (Finn)

“No one is going to file a complaint.” (Akari)

“But R18 is a bit too much.” (Finn)

Akari ponders for a moment.

“Well, at least give her a hug and a kiss then.” (Akari)

“Hug and kiss?” (Finn)

“You’re good at it, right? You always do it.” (Akari)

“That’s only because of the blessings… it’s not the same thing…” (Finn)

“Ugh, you’re so annoying!” (Akari)

Akari raises her voice.

“You’re an Onii-chan, so act responsibly!” (Akari)

The back of the house had a cowshed, half of which was converted into a barn with stacks of hay. I took Shari there.

Um, using the phrase “took her there” makes it sound somewhat suggestive.

“What is it, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

“Let’s start by talking.” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you always try to evade things!” (Shari)

Shari’s face pouts in frustration. She looks cute like that.

“Shari is angry, you know!” (Shari)


After expressing her anger for a while, Shari grew tired of being angry and flopped down on the hay.

“I’m really sorry.” (Finn)

“What for?” (Shari)

“I’m sorry for making you feel lonely, Shari.” (Finn)

Shari lightly closed her eyes and a small smile formed on her lips.

“As long as you understand, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

I sat down next to Shari.

Shari was wearing a light gray felt dress, lying on her back on the bed of hay. It wasn’t as revealing as the clothes Akari usually wore, but the dress clung closely to her skin, accentuating the curves of her body. Her body was slender, with a sleekness reminiscent of a cat. Although she didn’t possess the same excitement as Akari, she was undeniably cute in her own way. She truly looked like an angel. I couldn’t help but admire her, never getting tired of watching her.

The girl’s breathing caused her chest, pressed against the elastic felt, to rise and fall. You could see the slight swell of her breasts and the delicate peaks at their center, as they moved up and down slowly.

No, this might make me a little nervous!

In a panic, I quickly averted my gaze from her chest, only to notice her round, slightly protruding belly and toned thighs enveloped in the felt fabric. And in between, soft fabric clung to her lower abdomen, creating a certain shadowy effect, um, how should I put it…

I lay down next to Shari, on my back, trying to calm my racing thoughts.

(She’s my sister! There’s no reason to feel excited!)

“What’s wrong, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

Shari rolled over onto her side and rested her head on my left chest.

“I used to love listening to Onii-chan’s heartbeat like this.” (Shari)

(I’m not feeling excited!)

“There’s something I need to apologize to you for.” (Shari)

“You don’t have to apologize, Shari.” (Finn)

“Listen, please.” (Shari)

Shari starts speaking.

“I was with a fake version of you inside that castle.” (Shari)

I nod.

“Shari told the fake Onii-chan to leave and separate from Akari” (Shari)


“You said you understand, Onii-chan.” (Shari)


“Whenever there’s a situation like that, you always try to deceive me, so at that moment, I thought that maybe this Onii-chan was a fake.” (Shari)


“But you know, it made me happy that Onii-chan chose me. He said we would always be together.” (Shari) 

Shari’s palm traces along my chest.

“Even if you were a fake… I was happy… knowing that I have a place with you.” (Shari)

“You have a place with me, Shari. You can always be by my side.” (Finn)

“It’s okay, Onii-chan. This is Shari’s selfishness. Shari wants to monopolize Onii-chan. I like Akari onee-chan, but I can’t give Onii-chan to her. Shari is actually such a selfish child. I’m sorry, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

What should I say to Shari? Should I just say it’s normal? Or should I express the more complex emotions in my heart? I ponder over it, but my thoughts don’t turn into words. I stop thinking. Um, what should I do again?

I lift Shari up, supporting her head with the palm of my right hand. As I do so, Shari’s eyes slowly close. I gently place a tender kiss on her slightly open mouth, tilting my head slightly. Such a slender, small body. How much hardship has this child endured? How oblivious have I been?

I gaze into my sister’s face, parting our lips.

“I won’t let you go, Shari.” (Finn)

When Shari leaned in on me, pressed her lips against mine. Her tongue explored my lips and entered my mouth.

I flipped my body over and leaned over Shari. I passionately kissed Shari’s lips while tightly embracing her.

“Mmm…” (Shari)

A sound escaped from deep within Shari’s throat. Shari’s petite body was buried beneath me in the hay. My tongue pushed back against Shari’s tongue and made its way into Shari’s mouth, slowly parting her teeth. Our tongues intertwined, and my saliva mingled with Shari’s in her mouth. Shari welcomed me, a sensation welling up from deep within me.

Level connection!” (Finn)


A level circuit is formed between Shari and me.

Begin Level transfer!” (Finn)

Uh, um…

“I… I’m going to die after all!” (Akari)

“Onee-chan, don’t die!” (Shari)

“I don’t care about human strength or anything like that!” (Akari)


Finn: Level 2 (down!) (Human: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Level check, Level transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-hand combat, Teleportation, Mental Resistance

Shari: Level 5 (up!) (Human)

– Blessings: Healing (2x effective on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack boost, Mace, Rewind (new!)

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Appraisal, Elementary attack magic, Stealth, Cold resistance

Image of Shari depressed in the barn

“After expressing her anger for a while, Shari grew tired of being angry and flopped down on the hay.”
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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Bruh I just realized that mental resistance comes from the fact that his sisters called him gross. Not to mention he still takes damage from those words so the blessing does nothing for the cause lol.

That first Akari scene is so random that I thought I missed something. My guess is that the writer wanted to write an Akari scene, but forgot to finish it LOL.


  1. Bureiko is an informal party where people put aside any rank/status differences.
  2. “Onii-chan, you idiot!”

LSP – Chapter 19 – Catherine

[Akari PoV]

The two of us rummaged through the basement warehouse. Unfortunately, there were no captured nobles or beauties in the basement.

“Onii-chan, deep down, you don’t really want to go back to Japan, do you?” (Akari)

Akari asked while flipping through the junk.

“Why?” (Finn)

“Well, because you seem happy now.” (Akari)

“Weren’t you happy in your past life?” (Finn)

“I wonder .” (Akari)

“You should decide your own happiness.” (Finn)

“Then, Onii-chan are you happy with Akari?” (Akari)

“I am happy. What about Akari?” (Finn)


“I found it!” (Akari)

Akari picks up something. It looks like a key.

“What’s that?” (Finn)

“Well, maybe it’s a flag?” (Akari)

“Huh?” (Finn)

“Then shall we go collect Onii-chan’s happiness?” (Akari)

[Shari PoV]

“I’ve prepared the meal.” (?)

That surprised me!

As I turned around, a butler-like person entered the dining room from the door, followed by a group of servant-like individuals. To be precise, they weren’t human. They had slender and beautiful bodies, with long ears. They were elves!

And following the servants, there was a young woman dressed in a tunic. She was slender with a well-endowed chest. Her skin was fair, her hair was brown, and her eyes were a deep green. She had a beautiful face.

“I am Catherine.” (Catherine)

“Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)


Catherine took her seat while the servants, prepared chairs for Finn and Shari and invited them to sit down.

“Actually, I am the princess of the elves.” (Catherine)


“I am supposed to return to the Elven Forest.” (Catherine)


“I have prepared a feast for today. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.” (Catherine)


“Shari, I will be leaving, but please take care of Onii-chan.” (Catherine)

Of course.

“Now then, let’s have a meal and talk.” (Catherine)

On the table, there were large pieces of meat, colorful vegetables, and juicy fruits.

“Please, help yourself,” Catherine offered.

There was a nicely grilled chicken leg. What kind of bird is it? The aroma of herbs was enticing. Without hesitation, Onii-chan dove in and started devouring it with his hands.

“It’s delicious!” (Finn)

Shari decided to give it a try as well. She reached out her hand…

“Wait a moment!” (?)

The door swung open with a bang.

My Onii-chan and Akari onee-chan entered the room!

“All the mysteries have been solved!” (Akari)

“Not quite, but it feels like that.” (Finn)

There were two Onii-chan and two Akari onee-chan.

“We’re inside a dream!” (Akari)

The Akari who just entered exclaimed.

“Don’t be fooled. We are the real ones!” (Catherine)

“You’re the suspicious ones. Reveal your true identities!” (Akari)

“The real ones are over here.” (Catherine)

“Let’s settle this with a contest to see who’s real!” (Akari)

Both my Onii-chans, as well as Akari and her double, started fighting with weapons in hand.

They were evenly matched, and no one seemed to gain an advantage. This feeling, definitely seemed like a dream.

“Shari, support me!” (idk anymore)

Even if asked to do so, in the midst of the chaotic battle, it was difficult to determine who the real ones were.

Shari turned towards the fighting Akari and her doubles.

“Where have you been all this time?” (Shari)

“We were looking for Shari!” (Akari & Catherine)

Both Akaris answered at the same time.

“You just want to flirt with Onii-chan, you perverted elf!” (Shari)

One of the Akaris seemed slightly more upset.

“Onii-chan belongs to Shari, so you should go back to the forest, you honey-trapping elf!” (Shari)

“What did you say?! You insignificant loli little sister!” (Akari)

“I’m not insignificant at all! Shari has been his sister for much longer!” (Shari)

“I have been his sister since our past lives!” (Akari)

I cast an enhancement spell on myself and deliver a powerful punch to the one who has been silent all this time.

“Guvoa!” (Monster)

A bloodied bugbear rolls across the floor. I proceed to crush it with my mace.

I see.

Shari and Akari stand side by side, facing the battling versions of my big brother.

In unison, they both shout at the top of their lungs.

“Onii-chan, you’re gross!” (Akari & Shari)

Akari launches a Magic Missile at the one which didn’t flinch, while Shari delivers a powerful strike with her mace. The slain bugbear’s lifeless body rolls on the ground.

The three siblings turn their attention towards the butler and the servants, readying their weapons. Shari casts an enhancement spell on both of them. Akari’s voice resonates through the stone chamber.

“Both of you, it’s time to level up!” (Akari)

“I wonder what would happen if we ate that meal?” (Finn)

“Maybe it’s like Chihiro’s parents from Spirited Away1?”(Akari)

As the bugbears were completely wiped out, the surroundings transformed into a semi-forest-like abandoned castle. The corpses of the fallen bugbears turned into black smoke and dissipated. The meal on the table turned out to be mud and leaves. 

“This must be the Bugbear Shaman’s doing.” (Akari)

“They are smaller than the ones we encountered last time.” (Shari)

“The original bugbears are actually a kind of goblin and considered to be faes, so this smaller version is more authentic. The larger bugbear we encountered before was derived from a branch of the D&D-like world.” (Akari)

“Catherine did her best.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

“Was Onii-chan with Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)

“Yeah, well…” (Finn)

“Did you know that Onii-chan was the real one?” (Shari)

“I have <Appraisal>, after all.” (Akari)

Truly a cheat skill befitting a reincarnated individual.

“Speaking of which, how did you manage to enter Shari’s dream?” (Shari)

“Well, about that…” (Akari)

Akari takes out a key.

“This is the key that allows us to enter other people’s dreams.” (Akari)

Ah, the infamous flag.

“I heard from a fae that it can be found here.” (Akari)

“Is it the 30cm one we saw last time?” (Finn)

“No, a different person.” (Akari)

It seems that Akari has quite good social skills.

“Akari has a lot of friends, huh?” (Finn)

“Just superficial ones, though.” (Akari)

Oh, it suddenly got gloomy. Maybe I said something wrong? Let’s change the topic.

“There are various types of faes, right?” (Finn)

“That’s right. Well, Bugbears and Goblins are also considered faes.” (Akari)

“By the way, have we seen anything other than faes?” (Shari)

Well, we can continue talking while we head home. 

“Wait a minute! Onii-chan, your level has increased!” (Akari)

“Congratulations, Onii-chan!” (Shari)

“I’m not jealous or anything!” (Akari)


Finn: Level 3 (up!) (Human: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Level check, Level transfer, Presence Detection, Spear, Throwing, Hand-to-hand combat, Teleportation, Mental Resistance (new)

Shari: Level 4 (Human)

– Blessings: Healing (2x effective on Finn), Protection (2x effect duration on Finn), Attack boost, Mace 

Akari: Level 4 (Elf: Reincarnated)

– Blessings: Appraisal, Elementary attack magic, Stealth, Cold resistance

Image of Akari which doesn’t fit anywhere lol

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TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Btw fun fact, apparently elves in DnD do not need to sleep and can just meditate and enter a “trance” state. So they are unaffected by dream effects. I know we saw Akari sleeping but technically she can choose not to.

From now on, I’m just gonna post the illustrations even if they don’t fit. I’m sure you want to see them anyways.


  1. None

LSP – Chapter 18 – Fog

[Akari PoV]

Akari walks through the forest late at night. To an elf like her, the forest was like her own backyard. Coupled together with an elf’s night vision, it is not different than walking during the day.

She had arrived at her brother’s favorite spot. In a wide open space bathed in the gentle moonlight, there were white lights were flickering. There it was!

Akari quietly entered the area, being careful not to show any hostility. The lights continued to twinkle as she approached. They were butterfly wings made of light, but their bodies were not insect-like(Shari) instead, they had a human form. The sparkling lights spread like glittering scales and then vanished.

“An Elf?” (Fairy)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Akari)

The fairies here had bodies about 10 centimeters long with butterfly wings. Akari spoke to the fairy.

“Ne~ne~1, do you know what are Bugbears?” (Akari)

Bugbears are considered a type of goblin, but they don’t live together with goblins. They are believed to gather and inhabit specific locations.

Akari had been at Level 4 for quite some time, and defeating hundreds of goblins wouldn’t increase her level anymore. However, Bugbears were magical creatures equivalent to a Level 3. If she defeated enough of them, there was a chance her level would increase.

[Finn PoV]

“Both of you, let’s go level up!” (Akari)

Lately, Akari had been in high spirits. It seemed that she was genuinely delighted that Shari’s level hadn’t increased. For now, it was good that her mood had improved.

“Come to think of it, the Elder Elf was higher than Level 4, so even without relying on Onii-chan, I can probably still level up.” (Akari)

The Elder Elf, in terms of Japanese comparison, would have been alive since the Kamakura period2 or even earlier.

“By the way, haven’t goblins been scarce lately?” (Finn)

Goblins are not enough.

Akari smiles when she heard that.

“We’re going to hunt Bugbears!” (Akari)

Her smile was irresistible, leaving no room for objections. Beauty certainly has its advantages.

The three siblings ventured into the forest together. This time, they were carrying brand-new backpacks with them. The moment to put them to use had finally arrived.

“This is starting to feel like a real adventure, doesn’t it, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

“Yeah, it really feels like it. Preparation is also important after all.” (Finn)

“It should be around here soon…” (Akari)

Akari muttered to herself.

Before they knew it, the forest had become shrouded in a fog.

“A fog has appeared.” (Akari)

“<Presence Detection>!” (Finn)

There was no reaction. No signs of any forest creatures either.

“Doesn’t this feel a bit cliché?” (Akari)

The fog grew denser, and their visibility shrank to less than a meter in no time.

I tightly gripped my spear in my right hand.

“We might get separated! Hold hands!” (Finn)

I reached out my left hand.

I could feel my sister’s right hand grasping it, so I held onto it firmly.

[Shari PoV]

When the fog cleared, there was a castle in front of us. It was a typical medieval European mountain castle, although Shari had no knowledge of such things.

“Was there always a castle like this around here?” (Finn)

Onii-chan makes a suspicious face when he sees the rugged stone structure. Shari tightly gripped the mace in her right hand and scanned the surroundings.

“Onii-chan, over there!” (Shari)

Shari pointed with her left hand. There was a moat covered in grass, and a drawbridge was lowered.

“Looks like we can enter.” (Finn)

Together with Onii-chan, we crossed the drawbridge and passed through the castle gate.

As we entered the castle, we found ourselves in a hall. It was empty and desolate, yet torches burned on the walls. The castle was not particularly large, and a staircase ran along the walls, ascending upwards. At the back of the hall, we could see a staircase leading to the basement.

“What should we do?” (Finn)

“Onii-chan, you decide.” (Shari)

“In that case, let’s go upstairs.” (Finn)

[Akari PoV]

When the mist cleared, there stood a castle before them. It was a small medieval castle, reminiscent of those found in the countryside of Europe. To the left, there was an overgrown moat with a wooden drawbridge, and beyond it, the castle gate stood open.

“Looks suspicious, but we can enter.” (Akari)

Akari pointed with her free hand, while still holding her brother’s in the other.

“Well, I guess we have no choice but to go.” (Finn)

We entered the hall of the castle.

“What should we do now?” (Finn)

Akari pondered for a moment.

“We should go to the basement.” (Akari)

“Why?” (Finn)

“Because in situations like this, you have to explore everything and trigger all the flags.” (Akari)

[Shari PoV]

On the second floor was the dining area. Sunlight streamed in through the small windows, which seemed out of place compared to the size of the room.

A candlestick was on the table, and the candles burned silently. There was a fireplace on the wall.

Though there was no presence of people, there were signs that someone had been there. Shiny plates were neatly arranged on the tablecloth.

“Onii-chan, are you going to leave?” (Shari)

“Leave? Where to?” (Finn)

“Um, back to Japan?” (Shari)

“Don’t be silly, Shari.” (Finn)

Finn hugged her sister.

“I won’t go anywhere without you.” (Finn)

“It’s fine now, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“What do you mean?” (Finn)

“Shari has been abandoned by her parents and has always had a weak body. She always used to think that she might die before becoming an adult.” (Shari)

“But you have gotten better now.” (Finn)

“Shari has always felt like this wasn’t where she truly belongs.” (Shari)

Shari avoided eye contact as she said that.

“But Shari is glad she could meet you, Onii-chan. Just being able to have this has been enough to make her happy.” (Shari)

“And I’m happy just being with you, Shari.” (Finn)

“So, Onii-chan, you won’t go anywhere?” (Shari)

“I won’t.” (Finn)

“Shari will always be Onii-chan’s little sister.” (Shari)

“Of course.” (Finn)

“We will leave Akari onee-chan.” (Shari)

“Okay.” (Finn).

“We will always be together, Onii-chan.” (Shari)

“We will always be together, Shari.” (Finn)

Image of Akari talking with the Fairy

“Ne~ne~, do you know what are Bugbears?”
~ Link to source

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I have no idea what is happening but I think I translated it correctly. Is Shari gonna notice something is off about Finn?

Sorry bout the lack of chapters. From next week onwards, I will release one chapter of either ROS or LSP, it’s random and will mostly depend on chapter length and such. If I got time I might release both.

Fun fact: I had to photoshop the illustration cause the fairy’s body was missing from the original image lol. I have no idea if it was intentional but it looks better with a body.


  1. Ne~ne~ is basically “hey~ hey~”
  2. Kamakura period is around 1185–1333.

LSP – Chapter 17 – Adults

It’s already the end of the year. Thinking back, a lot has happened this year.

“Finally, Finn has become an adult.” (Finn’s mother)

A feast is arranged on the table.

I will turn 14 during the New Year. In this country, I will be treated as an adult. Specifically, this means that I will become obligated to pay the head tax. Additionally, I will be eligible to get married.

“So, when are you going to marry your girlfriend?” (Finn’s mother)

“Eh?” (Finn)

“It’s not fair to keep calling her your girlfriend forever. You should properly embrace her as a family member.” (Finn’s mother)

Well, she’s actually my younger sister. She is already family to me.

“That’s it!” (Akari)

Akari, who had been looking downcast since earlier, lifted her head. She is looking at me with a face that seems to suggest she came up with something unnecessary.

The morning after New Year’s Day, I take a stroll through the quiet village, guided by Akari. There are no people around, so Akari lowered her hood, allowing her well-defined face to bask in the morning light.

“Remember when we were talking about how it might be necessary to be family for that thing?” (Akari)

“What thing?” (Finn)

“The thing where you receive levels!” (Akari)

She seems eager to talk about this. The current theory is that the condition for one to receive levels is that they are family.

“Yeah, we did.” (Finn)

“I was thinking, if we get married, we will be family!” (Akari)

“I think the term ‘family’ typically refers to blood-related relatives, don’t you think?” (Finn)

“Well, Shari-chan isn’t your real sister either, right?” (Akari)

Shari is your cousin’s child, so, um, I think that would be a fifth-degree relationship.

The conversation seems to have taken a strange turn.

“Our parents still call you ‘girlfriend’. Shouldn’t we mention your name soon?” (Finn)

“Is that more important than the current topic?” (Akari)

“Everything about Akari is important to me.” (Finn)

“Really?” (Akari)

“Well, you see, Akari is doing her best. I always keep an eye on her.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

This younger sister sure has a strong desire for approval.

“I wonder if we should change how to address you since you’re using your Japanese name right now.” (Finn)

“What do you mean?” (Akari)

“The conversation we were just having.” (Finn)

“Oh, yeah. Maybe so.” (Akari)

Sorry, I was just going with the flow.

“Then, I’ll come up with an easier-to-call name.” (Akari)

“A name easier than ‘Akari’?” (Finn)

“Yes, taking inspiration from ‘Akari’… How about ‘Catherine’?” (Akari)

“That’s getting longer, isn’t it?” (Finn)

“Is it not good?” (Akari)

Akari’s expression darkens. Uh-oh, her need for approval is kicking in.

“‘Catherine’ is great! It’s cute, you know. ‘Catherine’.” (Finn)

“You think so?” (Akari)

“Catherine is always making an effort. I’m always watching Catherine.” (Finn)

“Hehe.” (Akari)

“Oh, so your name is Catherine. What a wonderful name!” (Wen)

Ah, it’s the Knights of Yakiniku!

“Wen-san. Happy New Year!” (Finn)

I greeted Wen in a childish manner.

The knight approaches Akari and kneels down.

“My loyalty belongs to my lord. But my life belongs to you, Catherine!” (Wen)

[Akari PoV]

『Hmm, I’m not really good with older guys and such.』

Especially those athletic types, I’m not good with them.

I glanced at my troubled brother. His eyes were wandering.

What was this person’s name again? Wen-san, I think? I use “Appraisal” on the knight in front of me.

『There’s a Level 4 here too!』

I am shocked. Somehow, the level 4 category is quite inflated.

An idea struck me. If his level rises here, it would refute both the upper limit theory and the family theory. If it doesn’t rise, then the family theory becomes more plausible. Experimentation is crucial in everything.

Akari extended her right hand. Wen remained on his knees and took her hand.

“I have a favor to ask.” (Akari)

“If it’s a request from Catherine-sama, anything.” (Wen)

“Well then…” (Akari)

“Yes?” (Wen)

“I want you to exchange New Year’s greetings with my little brother. In the elven style.” (Akari)

“How should we go about doing that?” (Wen)


[Finn PoV]

“Onii-chan!” (Akari)

Akari whispered in my ear.

“Try raising this person’s level.” (Akari)

“Why?” (Finn)

“Well, it’s like a greeting in Western countries.” (Akari)

“Wait, more importantly, did you just call me your brother in front of everyone?” (Finn)

“I’m waiting, so hurry up.” (Akari)

“Ehhh.” (Finn)


I stood before Wen, who remained on his knees. I placed both palms on his face. His beard feels quite thick. Let’s give it a try. I leaned closer to his face.


“Level connection… not established!” (Finn)

I looked at Akari and conveyed through eye contact that it didn’t work.

“Thank you, Wen-dono.” (Akari)

Saying that, Akari… I mean Catherine smiled. That smile was radiant and could melt any ice. It touched Wen’s heart. She truly was a goddess.

“Oh, right.” (Akari)

“I wonder if there’s a dungeon nearby?” (Akari)

“You might have forgotten, big brother, but the original plan was to level up in order to go to a dungeon, remember?” (Akari)

“The original plan?” (Finn)

“Well, whatever.” (Akari)

Catherine? Akari? She turned around and looked at me.

“Let’s try it with Shari-chan. If Shari-chan becomes level 5, then we should get married!” (Akari)

“That’s why, I want you to give it a little smooch and see.” (Akari)

“Shouldn’t we set the mood first, Akari onee-chan?” (Shari)

“Well, you’re still a child, so doing it like this is fine, right?” (Akari)

“Shari is already an adult, too!” (Shari)

“Say that after you pay your head tax!” (Akari)

“By the way, Akari, do you pay taxes?” (Finn)

“Elves are exempt from taxes.” (Akari)


Facing Shari in the backyard, I feel a bit embarrassed when trying to be formal. These things require momentum.

“Hurry up!” (Akari)

“But even if you watch me so closely like that…” (Finn)

“But Shari is also staring intensely?” (Akari)

“Kokekokokoko” (Chicken)

Forget it.

“Shari!” (Finn)

I embrace my little sister. In my arms, she looks up at me. She closes her eyes and tilts her head slightly. Her lips jut out a bit, forming a half-open smile.

“Erotic” (Akari)

I ignored Akari who said some unnecessary things and gently bring my lips together with Shari’s.

Level connection!” (Finn)

Shari’s level didn’t increase. Akari does a small triumphant pose.

“By the way, I wonder if there is really any family relationship between us?” (Finn)

“That’s right.” (Akari)

In reality, Shari is distantly separated by five degrees of kinship. Maybe it’s too far to be considered family.

“If we live together, does that make us family?” (Shari)

“Isn’t the definition too loose? In that case, I also live with you too, right?” (Akari)

Akari is my little sister, we live together, so it feels like we can consider ourselves family.

“That’s true. I wonder if anything would change just because we got married?” ‘

“The difference when married… Well then, Onii-chan, how about we try it?” (Akari)

“Marriage?” (Finn)

“Not that, um, you know…” (Akari)

Akari’s face turns red.

“Uh, well…” (Finn)

My face also turns red.

“Hey, you Honey Trap Elf, don’t set the mood!” (Shari)

“Children should stay quiet.” (Akari)

“And why do you look so happy, Onii-chan?” (Shari)

Oh no, this conversation is taking a dangerous turn. We can’t go any further.

By the way, I wonder where Shari learns those kinds of words.

“In any case, this disproves the family theory.” (Finn)

“Well, I guess so. If we think about it normally, there is also the possibility that Onii-chan’s blessing doesn’t work anymore.” (Akari)

I had been avoiding considering that possibility.

“Maybe.” (Finn)

“Or perhaps it’s just that we can only reach Level 4.” (Shari)

“That seems more likely.” (Finn)

“Should we try leveling up someone else?” (Akari)

“Well, going back to Level 1 here wouldn’t be ideal, so let’s observe the situation for now.” (Finn)

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