ROS – Chapter 42 – Fish

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In the workshop inside Sakuya’s truck, I was attempting to repair the Ninth technique. 

In fact, I had Sakuya prepare the materials needed to fix the Ninth technique, which were emeralds.

Just as I was thinking about quickly fixing it and showing it off during stream, Ookami Rika suddenly arrived.

“Huh, me?” (Sora)

“Yes, if I’m going to learn magic, I think Sora-san is the only option.” (Rika)

Although I was initially surprised, as her kouhai content creator, I’m happy that Ookami Rika relied on me to teach her magic.

“If possible, could you teach me how to handle magic…” (Rika)

“Well, you see, I don’t have any magic…” (Sora)

“Huh…?” (Rika)

Wait, why is Rika-san making that kind of face?

“But you used such amazing magic when you helped me before and you even used it during your streams!” (Sora)

“That wasn’t magic.” (Rika)

“Whaaat!?” (Sora)

There’s no need to react like that…

“Those are techniques.” (Sora)

“…Wait a minute. I’m having trouble grasping this.” (Rika)

It seems like Rika thought that the techniques I’ve been using were magic. She simply thought that I equated “magic” with “technique”.

Well, I’m an onmyoji, so it’s natural to think of it as just a term I use in my character setting.

“Ah, the one I used with Gravito at Tokyo Bia Dome was magic. So, I can use it.” (Sora)

“Huh? Uh, yeah? Wait, which is it!?” (Rika)

It might be a bit confusing, but with Val and Gravito as intermediaries, I can use magic. Of course, it’s not something that’s easy for a regular onmyoji, and it won’t work without a bond of trust with the shikigami.

Even Gravito, who always seems to be rude to me, actually trusts me to some extent. Thinking about it that way, he looks even cuter.

“Well, that means you can’t teach me magic, right…” (Rika)

Rika looked a bit disappointed.

She came all the way here to rely on me. Moreover, She has the necessary experience as a dungeon streamer.

I can’t back down now.

“Don’t worry, I think I can teach you.” (Sora)

Rika’s face brightened up instantly.

“Really!?” (Rika)

“Yeah! You can look forward to it!” (Sora)

After all, I was able to raise an Onmyoji who has his name written down in Japanese history. Not only that, but I’m proud of my talent for nurturing people.

Sakuya, who conducting maintenance on a drone, watched us with a sidelong glance.

Afterward, we moved to a riverbank, and I started teaching Rika magic.

However, after a while, Rika started giving me sidelong glances, just like Sakuya earlier.

“Um…” (Rika)

Rika, please stop. Please stop… Why are you making that face?

Isn’t that too cruel?

“Li-Like this! You have to tense up your whole body and go ‘bam!'” (Sora)

“…We’ve done that like thirty times already.” (Rika)

“Huh?” (Sora)

I mean, I could use magic like this when I was with Gravito.

Before I knew it, elementary school kids had gathered around, pointing fingers and saying, “Look, there’s a guy playing hero!”

“Sigh… Well, Sora-san, how about I try using a technique?” (Rika)

“Umm… Imagine your blood circulating throughout your entire body and go ‘bam’…” (Sora)

“Sora-san?” (Rika)

“But…! I swear I am good when it comes to nurturing people!” (Sora)

The child I raised was such a prodigy that he even made his mark in history!

…If someone were to ask me if Abe no Seimei grew up on his own, it would be pretty hard to convince them that I raised him, wouldn’t it?

Regardless of what others say, it’s true that I raised Abe no Seimei. I raised him, I tell you!

Rika, please don’t look at me with that “Is that true?” expression.

It’s bringing back memories of when I was all alone!

Memories I’ve never really been reminded of before start flooding back.

“(Wow, you speak like a crazy person!)”

“(Your brain must be the size of a bean!)”

And just as I’m feeling down, Rika cheers me up.

“I-I might have gone a bit too far! I was really happy that you taught me!” (Rika)

“Rika…” (Sora)

Hmmm, I thought I was good at teaching people about curse power and regular magic but maybe it’s because Seimei was exceptionally talented so he understood almost everything with a simple explanation.

When it comes to curses and magic, it’s much easier to teach if you can visualize it.

Seimei, in particular, had a keen eye for sensing magic, so maybe he understood by observing the magic emanating from my body.

Well, I’ll have to try a different approach.

“Come here, come here.” (Sora)

I beckoned her over by waving my hand.

“Yes?” (Rika)

I gently place my hand on hers and direct it towards the unobstructed river.

For a brief moment, Rika’s body flinches.

“First, focus your gaze ahead. Don’t worry about the details; I’ll handle the adjustments.” (Sora)

“Y-Yes…!” (Rika)

Even Ookami Rika, who has seen many adventurers and dungeon streamers, can’t distinguish between techniques and magic.

I can feel Rika’s heart beating very quickly.

Is this nervousness? No, she’s probably scared. It’s her first time using a technique after all. 

To reassure her, I squeeze her hand a little tighter.

“It’s okay. I’ll lend you some of my curse power. It’s not the same as magic, but I think the sensation is similar. Use that to grasp the feeling.” (Sora)

“I-I understand…!” (Rika)

Hmm, maybe a flashy technique would be better.

I borrowed Rika’s hand and we formed the seals together.

Then, I chant the technique.

“Sixth Technique… [Divine Thunder]!” (Sora)

A bolt of lightning shoots out, cutting through the riverbank.


The collided water soared high into the sky, making a loud noise.

“Nice, it worked!” (Sora)

“W…” (Rika)

I look at Rika’s reaction.

“Wow!?! Lightning just came out!?” (Rika)

Whoa, she seems a bit too surprised…

“It’s, it’s amazing, Sora-san! Why are you so calm? I’ve never done anything this amazing!” (Rika)

“U-Urh…” (Sora)

“You’ve been fighting with such incredible magic this whole time!?” (Rika)

“W-Well…” (Sora)

Ca-calm down…

“That was seriously amazing! Thank you, Sora-san!” (Rika)

“Well, if it’s something like this, it’s no big deal.” (Sora)


Something fell on my head.

“Huh? Oh, it’s a fish.” (Rika)

It seems that the Divine Thunder from earlier had caused some fish to fall from the sky.

“Wow! It’s fish! Today’s dinner!” (Sora)

Wait, didn’t Ao do something similar to this… Oh well!

Grilled fish is incredibly delicious…! That aroma when it’s cooking is irresistible!

I wonder if Sakuya will be happy too. Katsu-san is coming for the stream today, so let’s have him make something!

Rika mutters to herself from a slightly distant place.

“Sora-san, you were so cool, but you can suddenly become so cute… you’re amazing, after all.” (Rika)

TL Notes:

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I’m dropping this series. I think I reached my breaking point. I just can’t physically translate this anymore. I have absolutely no idea what the texts are saying and honestly, this is quite hard to edit to make sense.

You would also notice that Sora said he has no magic or something but it was brought up multiple times that Sora leaked some magic to his surroundings since he had too much and also the Zashiki Warashi mentioned that he had a ridiculous magic capacity. So I have no idea what’s up with that.

Now… It could have been that I translated it wrongly or it’s just inconsistencies in the story. Well, it’s probably the former. What I can tell you for sure is that I have no idea what is happening anymore. I’m just mad at myself for not understanding anything.

Anyways, sorry for ending this abruptly. FYI current raw stops at the next chapter.


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ROS – Chapter 41 – [side Ookami Rika]

In Poover’s office, Ookami Rika was having a conversation with her manager.

“Rika-san, don’t you think it’s weird that Sora-kun’s livestream always has something new happening each time?” (Manager)

“Well, it’s Sora-san we’re talking about… this is nothing new for him.” (Rika)

I felt that Sora’s livestreams had reached a point where anything could happen. 

After all, they often deviated from the norm, and even when collaborating with others, being around Sora always made her question her common sense.

This time’s stream was no exception.

When Akari-chan started the stream, a youkai suddenly appeared.

“Zashiki Warashi-chan… so cute.” (Rika)

And to top it off, a loli-type youkai… too cute!

Even my little brother was incredibly cute when he was young… Maybe I really like children, huh.

If she’s living at Akari-chan’s place, I’d like to visit.

We’ve exchanged contact information before, so I’ll contact her later.

While I was fiddling with my smartphone, the manager leaned in as if remembering something.

“According to Poover’s top management, there’s talk of inviting Akari-chan to join us.” (Manager)

“Huh, Akari-chan?” (Rika)

“Oh, you know her?” (Manager)

“Just a bit through Sora-san.” (Rika)

Currently, Poover is able to hold everything together, but the popularity of the new dungeon streaming agency “Onmyou” is so strong that it wouldn’t be surprising if they were overtaken at any moment.

The reason Poover is somehow able to stay competitive is that there are only two people in Sora-san’s agency who actually streams, Sora-san and Katsu-san.

Among the five youngest and strongest adventurers currently, Mikage Akari was one of them.

Her strength is formidable enough that she can delve into the deep layers of a dungeon by herself, and because she works alone, she’s earned the nickname “Shogun”.

“Oh, with Sora-san joining, there are now six candidates for the title of the strongest young adventurer.” (Rika)

Honestly, I’ve witnessed Sora-san’s achievements up close. So I can say with confidence that Sora-san is overwhelmingly strong.

What he can do is no longer within the realm of young talent.

Thanks to him, there’s a trend going on where young streamers like me, who have only recently managed to delve into the lower levels, are considered not that great. Well, it’s only natural to feel that way when compared to Sora-san… but the fact remains that Sora-san is amazing.

I need to learn from Sora-san’s greatness and work hard to catch up!

“Rika-san, you’ve seemed different lately.” (Manager)

“Well, I have to be brighter and more charming so that my viewers will continue to support me!” (Rika)

Throughout my time spent with him, I figured out some things.

It wasn’t just about special abilities or combat; that wasn’t all there was to Sora-san.

Sora-san’s greatness comes from him being genuine.

“Oh, by any chance, have you thought of changing your nickname to some sort of bean?” (Manager)

“Huh~ What are you talking about? Sora-san is Sora-san. There are many streamers who try to follow in his footsteps, but there’s no way we can replicate Sora-san’s style.” (Rika)

In reality, I watch other streamers every day, but many have started following Sora-san’s lead. It might be because of Ingenmame-san’s influence, but streamers like Nasutaro (Eggplant man) and Toumorokoshiman (Corn man) have emerged.

As for content, Nasutaro (Eggplant man) does streams where he splashes liquids like eggplant juice, and Toumorokoshiman (Corn man) does crazy things like conquering dungeons with popcorn.

Overall, it seems like Sora-san’s influence has caused some people to go insane in the dungeon streaming community… and they are the prime examples of it.

The manager sighed, saying, “I thought it was a good idea~” 

What’s good about that idea? Please go wash your face and come back with a better one.

“Well, Rika-san, do you have any ideas on what to do going forward?” (Manager)

“I am planning on learning magic. That’s right, magic!” (Rika)

“Magic? Isn’t that something you can’t use unless you have a talent for it?” (Manager)

“Actually, I have a bit of talent for it. It’s just that I’m not very good at learning it…” (Rika)

“Well, how about getting advice from streamers who use magic as their main content?” (Manager)

Upon hearing that suggestion, Rika’s face brightened.

“That’s a great idea!” (Rika)

TL Notes:

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She’s totally gonna use this as a chance to collaborate with Sora again.

Also bruh? Eggplant man and corn man? I am interested to know what it even means to conquer dungeons with popcorn.


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ROS – Chapter 40 – [side Heian Period – Youkai Meeting]

[During the Heian Period]

The sun had set, marking the time when youkais and monsters became active.

In a certain ancient temple, there was a vast amount of sinister magic hanging in the air.

Only the light of candles illuminated the interior of the temple.

Several dozen youkais trembled intensely, looking down and avoiding eye contact with them.

A man with a long nose and wings spoke in a deep voice.

“Abe no Seimei cannot be defeated anymore.” (?)

He picked up a bottle of sake and emptied the cup in one gulp.

The youkai who boldly gulped down the sake was named Asura Tengu.

He was the one who first proposed caution and suggested killing Abe no Seimei, who was just born into this world.

The youkais gathered here were not just ordinary youkai. 

They were Tengu, Kitsune, and Oni—known as the Three Great Youkai of Japan.

The kitsune opened her fan, concealing her mouth.

“How timid of you.” (Kitsune)

“Hahaha! Timid or not, I’m just stating the facts! Tenko1, what do you intend to do about Seimei?” (Asura Tengu)

“Well… I don’t really intend to fight.” (Kitsune)

“…If we don’t kill Abe no Seimei, we may perish ourselves.” (Asura Tengu)

Asuura Tengu had long feared that this would happen.

“Even so, having that crazy onmyoji by his side makes it impossible to do anything.” (Oni)

Asura Tengu fell silent.

Indeed, there were significant obstacles to reaching Abe no Seimei.

They had to defeat that crazy onmyoji first. If Seimei continued to grow under his hands, he would become unbeatable in every sense.

Each time Asura Tengu remembered this fact his drunkenness would get blown away.

“That’s right! That’s right! Why is there such a crazy onmyoji! Why did Seimei have to go to that onmyoji in particular!” (Asura Tengu)

“Perhaps it’s fate.” (Kitsune)

Tenko had just suggested that it was fate orchestrated by the gods to protect Seimei, but…

“What?! An onmyoji like him who knows no common sense!? Isn’t he an outcast among onmyojis? When I tried to extract information about Sora or whatever from that onmyoji I fought before, he warned me not to speak his name and said that getting involved would drive one mad!” (Asura Tengu)

An onmyoji who knew no common sense.

That was a common understanding of him among the youkais.

However, there were very few who actually knew much about Sora.

This was because all the youkai who had faced Sora had────disappeared.

Yet, the information that did surface was mostly about him being crazy.

“…At this rate, we’re doomed, Lady Kitsune.” (Oni)

“Even if you say that. I have no interest in onmyojis.” (Kitsune)

“You’re a selfish Kitsune, you know.” (Oni)

“Well, sometimes selfishness in women can be considered cute.” (Kitsune)

Asura Tengu let out a sigh.

There was no point in getting angry at Tenko, who always acted like this.

“…But if it’s my son, he might be able to reach that crazy onmyoji.” (Asura Tengu)

“Chitose Tengu…?” (Kitsune)

With sharp eyes, Asura Tengu smiled.

“My son is the strongest Tengu in this world, you know. Even if he’s a bit crazy.” (Asura Tengu)

“He possesses five feathers, doesn’t he?” (Oni)

“That’s right, that’s right! Kahahaha!” (Asura Tengu)

Proudly, Asura Tengu raised his five-feathered fan.

Later on, Asura Tengu’s proud son would be sealed by the grown-up Seimei.

The name of Chitose Tengu would be quickly forgotten even by the youkais.

[Present day]

Chitose Tengu was sealed a thousand years ago.

No matter how talented Abe no Seimei was, a thousand-year seal wouldn’t last forever.

It would decay, and develop cracks, and those would become openings for Chitose Tengu to exploit.

In the local folklore, there were mountains where Tengus were believed to exist. In one corner of those mountains, Chitose Tengu was there.

“Father’s feathered fan has woken up! Father’s feathered fan has woken up!! Kakkakka!” (Chitose)

TL Notes:

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Sorry if this was confusing. It looks like Chitose Tengu already broke out and was waiting for his father.

Firstly, Kitsune was actually referred to by either Lady Kitsune or Tenko. I am assuming Tengu called her Tenko while Oni called her Lady Kitsune because it’s kinda hard to tell who is talking.

Secondly, yeh Chitose sounds like a girl’s name because I think it is. Chitose can also be translated to Thousand-Year so maybe Thousand-Year Tengu would have been better? It’s just that the name was too long to put into the speaker brackets.

New series yay! This one is a laidback slice-of-life harem story. This one is called
I Got Fired from the Hero Party, So I Went Back to My Hometown, but All the Party Members Followed Me

And here is the first chapter.


  1. Tenko means celestial fox or something in Japanese. This is either her first name or nickname given by Asura Tengu.

ROS – Chapter 39 – Ninth Technique / Feathered Fan

The storehouse was more organized than I had expected. Aside from the damages, the worst part of it was the dust and dirt that had been left untouched for hundreds of years.

Some areas of the storehouse had been repaired, so it didn’t seem like everything was exactly as it used to be.

“Hey, aren’t you going to wear a mask? It’s so dusty.” (Zashiki)

“I don’t like masks…” (Sora)

“You really nothing like a modern person…” (Zashiki)

…Well, it’s hard to breathe while wearing them.

Then, Akari brought some boxes in front of me.

I decided to take a look inside. After all, it’s easier to livestream from here instead of going deeper.

『Sora is quite fearless, huh?』

『The atmosphere there gives me an unpleasant feeling…』

“The Mikage clan’s storehouse is actually not that scary. It is filled with proper barrier techniques and seals, so it’s quite safe. The things that make me a little scared are places like the shrine at midnight.” (Sora)

『Ikr. Shrines at midnight are spooky.』

『I went to one for a test of courage a long time ago, and it was super scary lol.』

『I’m more scared of temples.』

Temples are often places of worship, so there’s usually no need to be too scared of them. 

On the other hand, the most unsettling places are often neglected and abandoned shrines that haven’t been taken care of in a while.

『What’s the scariest place Sora has ever been to in the past?』

Well, if I were to think about the scariest place I’ve been to in the past would be…

Honestly, there have been quite a few, so it’s hard to pick the scariest one.

“Hmm~ I’ve generally had some unsettling experiences with places related to ancient deities.” (Sora)

『By ‘ancient deities,’ do you mean gods?』


『This discussion has suddenly escalated a lot lol.』

While occasionally answering comments, I continued to inspect the cursed items inside the box.

It seems there aren’t as many dangerous items as I had thought.

This one is a Shimenawa1… and this one is a Noh mask2

The Shimenawa has the power to automatically restrain targets and bind them.

And the Noh mask has the power to trigger the emotions of a person wearing a mask to explode.

I continue rummaging through the various items.

“Hmm, what’s this? The Tale of Genji3?” (Sora)

It’s a book with a blue cover.



『Comments are getting wild lol.』

『It’s just an old book.』

『Nonono! This is more than that!』

“Akari, is there something special about this?” (Sora)

“Well… I don’t know either.” (Akari)

It’s a blue cover book4!

According to the comments, it seems to be quite a treasure.

Oh~ so this is what a treasure looks like.

Alright, what’s next?

From there, more magic and cursed items and first editions of famous people’s works started to appear. They all seemed to have historical value, and the comments from experts in the field were overflowing.

Well, since it belongs to the Mikage clan, it’s not really any of my concern.

“I guess this is it… Although, there is one thing left that I can’t bring out since it’s big.” (Akari)

“Shall we take a look at that, then?” (Sora)

『I’m getting tired of commenting…』

『This is a different kind of shock compared to a battle, lol.』

『Why are they so unfazed…』

『Ignorance is truly frightening…』

While guided by Akari, I entered the deepest part of the storehouse.

There, something was covered with cloth on what looked like a sword rack.

I had a familiar feeling about its shape.

I had thought that all the tools I had used in the past had disappeared.

Recreating them from scratch would be nearly impossible.

I instinctively reached out my hand.

“Sora?” (Akari)

The Seventh Technique… is one which utilizes fire.

It was something I had developed with reference to the power of Sumeragi, who I had befriended after saving the Mikage clan from their cure.

The Sixth Technique was also created in a similar way. Actually, all subsequent techniques were inspired by my shikigamis.

Seimei, you’ve been preserving this for me huh?

When I removed the cloth, there was a bracelet there.

“Nostalgic…” (Sora)

I know what this is.

I have used this before.

“────It’s the tool for the Ninth Technique.” (Sora)

Without hesitation, I put it on my wrist and reveled in the long-forgotten sensation.

However, I noticed something strange.

“…Hmph!” (Sora)

Even when I channeled my magic to it, there was no response.

“Huh?” (Sora)

I tapped the bracelet.

『What are you doing lmao』

『Using the TV repair method of hitting it? 😂』


“This is broken…” (Sora)

How unfortunate…

“Sora, is this also one of those cursed items?” (Akari)

“Well, it’s not a cursed item, but it’s similar. It’s a pretty handy device.” (Sora)

I suppose when over a thousand years have passed, it’s inevitable.

“But, I wonder if it can be fixed…” (Sora)

『It looks like some kind of tool.』

『Sora got new equipment!』

『Using old tools, that’s kind of like you.』

“Ahaha… but it’s broken, so I’ll have to fix it first.” (Sora)

It would be great if I had the right materials in the modern world, but repairing magic tools can be quite challenging due to their delicacy.

Akari tilted her head in curiosity.

“How are you going to fix something so old?” (Akari)

“Well, you see, the core of the ring is still intact, so I just need some emerald.” (Sora)

“Emerald… what’s that?” (Akari)

『It’s emerald.』

『Emerald is emerald.』

I wonder if Sakuya could prepare it for me. 

Back then, emeralds were incredibly expensive.

They weren’t something you could easily come by, so creating magic items using them were a challenge.

…Well, I think I’ve finished searching the storage for the most part. 

There were a few things where the seals were starting to weaken, but I’ve resealed them, and there didn’t seem to be any problematic cursed items.

I wonder if the Zashiki Warashi was knowingly protecting the bracelet all this time.

I thought there might be more useful pieces of equipment, but… all I found was the Ninth Technique. The other techniques might be stored separately.

But I’m glad I found the Ninth Technique at least.

This technique is the one that can save people the most.

Well, I’ll have to fix it first before I can use it.

Ao, Gravito, and the Zashiki Warashi were exploring the storage together.

Whenever Ao reached out his hand, Gravito, who was perched on his head, would smack his hand away.


“Hey, Ao, don’t touch things randomly. We don’t know what it might do.” (Gravito)

“Gravito, you’re so strict.” (Ao)

“…These guys are scary.” (Zashiki)

The battle between Ao and Gravito continued, leaving the Zashiki Warashi stunned by their antics.

“Hmm? Gravito, what’s that?” (Ao)

Ao spotted a fan made of five feathers on a shelf above.

“What thing are you talking about?” (Gravito)

“That fan-like thing over there.” (Ao)

Gravito also seemed unsure and tilted his head.

The Zashiki Warashi provided an explanation.

“That’s a feathered fan that was used by Asura Tengu back in the Heian period.” (Zashiki)

It was a weapon used by a youkai.

In fact, it was once wielded by one of Japan’s Three Great Youkai during the time when Sora was alive.

Sora had never defeated the Asura Tengu. In fact, the three greatest youkai in Japan had been running away from Sora.

And now, after over a thousand years, someone with immense magic entered the storehouse.

Sora and Ao.

These two had acquired the ability to control their magic. However, they couldn’t completely suppress the high capacity of magic that naturally leaked out.

The few leaking magic filled the air inside the storehouse.

And with nowhere else to go, it was being absorbed by the feathered fan once used by the Asura Tengu.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I smell an incoming fight with Asura Tengu in the future. I wonder if his the youkai who gave Sora trouble because of the rules or whatnot.

The biggest headache of translating this series is differentiating between magic (呪力) and curse (魔力). ChatGPT keeps returning 呪力 as curse and now I’m starting to doubt myself if I got it wrong all along.

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  1. I could have mistranslated this and it’s not actually Shimenawa. Shimenawa are lengths of hemp rope used for ritual purification in the Shinto religion. They are believed to act as a ward against evil spirits.
  2. Noh masks are used in plays to signify the characters’ gender, age, and social ranking, and by wearing masks the actors may portray youngsters, old men, female, or nonhuman (divine or demonic) characters.
  3. The Tales of Genji is a classic work of Japanese literature written in the early 11th century by the noblewoman, poet, and lady-in-waiting Murasaki Shikibu. It is considered to be the world’s first novel… wow.
  4. I don’t really know what this means tbh.

ROS – Chapter 38 – It Has Opened

While I wanted to explain everything to Akari, just for today, I decided to prioritize the streaming, which is what I’m here for.

According to the Zashiki Warashi, there are tools that Abe no Seimei instructed her to protect, and items that were once used by a certain great youkai in the storeroom.

If someone with ill intentions were to break into the storehouse and steal those items, it’s unclear what kind of negative impact it could have on the world.

To prevent that from happening, the Zashiki Warashi has been protecting them for the past hundreds of years.

“Please wait. Mr.onmyoji may have lost a significant amount of power but I still won’t open the storeroom. If someone who isn’t from the Mikage clan were to enter, who knows what kind of side effects would happen to their body…” (Zashiki)

I gently stroke the worried Zashiki Warashi’s head.

“Don’t worry. Some of the seals might have started to weaken so it’ll be fine. On top of that, I will have to reseal them.” (Sora)

I smiled faintly while holding my wrist.

Surely, what Seimei left behind isn’t just a diary.

During the Heian period, I left behind many unresolved issues.

Seimei must have faced many hardships taking care of them in my place.

As I was thinking about this, Sakuya waved her hand and shouted.

“Sora~! We’re ready to go~!” (Sakuya)

“Yeah! You can start now!” (Sora)

There’s a reason why Seimei ordered Zashiki Warashi to protect the storeroom. I want to see what he left behind in there.

Well, it’ll have to be while streaming, though.

I want to teach everyone that onmyoji have sealing duties too, not just fighting.

“I’ll take care of the storehouse myself.” (Sora)

When the Zashiki Warashi heard this, her eyes widened.

“I told you it’s not safe. You can leave it to me.” (Zashiki)

“You sound like Seimei right now…” (Sora)

Well, I raised that boy, after all.

Thinking that, I recall some fond memories.

“(Didn’t I tell you not to leave your socks lying around like that?! I’m the one who always has to tidy up after you!!)” (Seimei)


“(Make sure you eat your vegetables, even the ones you don’t like! You can’t just eat meat all the time!)” (Seimei)


“(How long are you going to sleep?! It’s time for work!)” (Seimei)


…Yeah! That’s right, I raised Seimei!

“All right!” (Sora)

“What on earth were you thinking about…?” (Zashiki)

Well, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Let’s let bygones be bygones. Seimei would probably laugh and forgive me too.

Come on, let’s focus on the stream!

After all, I’m a popular streamer.

『He’s here~!』

『It’s Soramame’s stream!』

“Hello~. I’m Sora~.” (Sora)

I briefly explain to everyone the plan for today’s stream.

Sakuya’s technical skills are top-notch as she has taken thorough measures to prevent Akari’s identity from being exposed1.

Everything except the storehouse and us is blurred with mosaic. Furthermore, external sounds are also blocked.

“Today, we’re going to try exploring the old storehouse in Akari-san’s house.” (Sora)

『The Shogun!?』

『Has the lone wolf Shogun finally been won over by Sora?』

『What could possibly be in that old storeroom?』

『Shogun! Shogun! Shogun!』

『We’ve got some strangely enthusiastic kids here, lol.』

It seems like some of the Shogun fans have joined, and the viewership numbers are steadily rising.

Akari herself, appearing quite accustomed, shows the key.

“Well, it’s just a regular storeroom but there might be something rare sleeping inside. What does everyone here think will be inside?” (Akari)

『Gold coins.』

『Maybe Japanese swords.』

『Maybe some armor or something.』

Honestly, I was surprised by her attitude. I had always thought she wouldn’t be good in front of the camera, but she seemed quite comfortable with it.

As I watched with widened eyes, it seemed that Akari could sense what was going on in my mind, and she replied.

“Hmm? Ah, I occasionally get interviewed by adventurers and magazines, so I’m used to being in front of cameras.” (Akari)

“Wow~! That’s impressive for a high school student!” (Sora)

“You’re a high school student too, you know…” (Akari)

That’s right.

『They’re pretty impressive for high school students.』

『These guys don’t quite fit into the high school student category.』

『Both of them could easily be millionaires.』

『It’s pretty amazing when you consider that Sora doesn’t give off that celebrity vibe.』

As I reflect on what we’ve been doing, I sometimes forget that we’re high school students.

Just as I was casually thinking about the summer vacation approaching, Akari went and started opening the storehouse.

The worried Zashiki Warashi, who had been watching anxiously, furrowed her brow even more.

“Hey, are you really going to open it?” (Zashiki)

“Zashiki-chan, it’s fine. I appreciate you for protecting our home, but you’re being too scared.” (Akari)

“But Akari, even Seimei emphasized that ‘you must not open it’.” (Zashiki)

The role of the Zashiki Warashi is strictly to protect the storehouse. It shouldn’t involve opening or cleaning it.

She shouldn’t be bound by her rules…

There’s no doubt that cursed objects are sealed inside. But I wonder if there is something else inside…

Even then, if the storehouse was sealed nearly a thousand years ago, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the seals were starting to weaken.

I can’t overlook this.

『Who’s that girl?』

『A bob-haired girl…?』

『A cute girl who suddenly appeared.』

『Is that a loli!?』

“Wow, what’s going on!? The comments are flooding in…” (Zashiki)

“Um, this girl is a Zashiki Warashi. She lives together with the Mikage clan…” (Sora)

Then, a torrent of comments rolls in.

『Zashiki Warashi!?』

『So that means she’s a youkai!?』

『No way!!』

『Youkais really exist!?』

『Isn’t that a Kyonshi…?』

There are people saying the same thing as Ao!

I immediately mentally facepalm at their comments.

『That’s not a Kyonshi.』

『No, no, there’s no way she’s a Kyonshi.』

『No matter how you look at it, it’s clearly a Zashiki Warashi.』

And then Ao silently mutters.

“Kyonshi…” (Ao)

The drone’s microphone picks that up, and the comments start a debate.

『She’s a Zashiki Warashi!』

『No, she’s a Kyonshi!』

While Ao is engrossed in the comments, saying things like “Oh~! So this is human conflict…” I continued with what I was doing.

The Zashiki Warashi tugs at my sleeve.

“Hey, Sora, or whatever your name is. Even if you’re a real onmyoji, how many techniques can you use?” (Zashiki)

“Eh?” (Sora)

“I know, a true onmyoji can use multiple techniques. Seimei could use at least…” (Zashiki)

“He could use up to the Fourteenth Technique, right?” (Sora)

“…!!” (Zashiki)

That’s why he left his mark in history.

“I remember it well. Seimei was a genius, after all…” (Sora)

The 14th technique? Some might think that Sora can use it too.

However, it’s a bit different.

Seimei could handle the 14 techniques without any tools.

“Compared to Seimei, I’m just an ordinary person.” (Sora)

I declare with a clear expression.

Because, with my natural abilities, I can only use up to the 7th technique.

 Meanwhile, Seimei could use up to the 14th technique.

The difference is determined by the innate talent and capacity a person is born with.

Most people can only use up to the 5th technique, those with enough capacity can go up to the 7th technique.

And even for those with talent, the 9th technique is usually the limit.

Seimei, who exceeded that by a landslide, was truly remarkable.

Saying you can’t fight without tools is quite embarrassing.

What if they get destroyed in the middle of a battle? What if the tools stop working?

Tools carry such unhealthy risks.

There have been times when onmyojis couldn’t fight without their tools.

“…For an ordinary person, your magic capacity is quite ridiculous.” (Zashiki)

“Ahaha. I don’t really have a way to gauge my own magic capacity, so I don’t know how much I have~” (Sora)

I can only roughly feel it.

Seimei had much more, didn’t he? I’m pretty sure I was considered to be in the ordinary person category.

I vaguely remember a colleague saying something like, “So there are ordinary people like you!” …Wait did he? Hmm.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter!

“Who are you really…?” (Zashiki)

Akari’s voice reaches me.

“It’s open~” (Akari)

The storehouse opens, and a dusty smell fills the air.

『*Excited* (*waku waku*)!』

『This is gonna be interesting!』

『I’m looking forward to it!』

『I guess it doesn’t really matter if she’s a Zashiki Warashi or a Kyonshi!』

『Wahoo~ A storehouse~』

『I wonder what’s inside?』

『Probably something amazing right?.』

With a humming tune, I take a step forward.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I completely forgot that Ao and Gravito were still with them lol.

Right… Sora is considered an ordinary onmyoji… 

I’m just gonna call Zashiki Warashi, Zashiki from now on. It’s easier that way xd


  1. I don’t really know why this was brought up. I thought people already knew that she was from the Mikage clan, they just don’t know about the curse miasma and the family’s history. Not to mention, it is basically revealed that she is involved in the Mikage clan when they introduce Zashiki later in the chapter.

ROS – Chapter 37 – Zashiki Warashi (Part 2)

After Akari guided me to the storehouse, screams echoed through the mansion.

After we rushed to the location, we found Ao and he explained the situation as I carried the unconscious Gravito and Zashiki Warashi to the Japanese-style room.

I couldn’t hide my surprise at the fact that there were still youkais in Japan.

Zashiki Warashi huh… They have the appearance of children, and their abilities prevent me from seeing them.

“So, why can’t Sora and I see them, but Ao and Gravito can?” (Akari)

I actually have some theories for this.

“I think, and this is just a guess, but if it were Val, he wouldn’t be able to see them.” (Sora)

I tried to explain my theory to Akari and the others, in an easy-to-understand manner.

To summarise:

  • Ao has a child’s heart.
  • Gravito, on the other hand, has interacted with cursed power through the Fourth Technique in the past, and further transformed his body into that of a doll which significantly altered his nature as a monster, making his existence closer to that of a youkai.

The true abilities of youkai, are in a way, like enforcing their own rules.

The rules for being able to see Zashiki Warashi are:

  • Having a child’s heart.
  • Being a youkai yourself.

As long as one of these conditions isn’t met, you won’t be able to see them.

“Indeed… If what Sora says about the Zashiki Warashi’s rules is true, it makes sense.” (Akari)

I take out a paper doll from my pocket.

“Ao, please attach this to the head of the Zashiki Warashi.” (Sora)

“Okay.” (Ao)

Ao swiftly attached the paper and a new figure appeared.

“This is a Kyonshi1…” (Ao)

“No, it’s a Zashiki Warashi.” (Sora)

Wait, am I the one supposed to be the one doing the correction now? 

I see… So this is what Katsu-san has to deal with every time.

“Mmm…” (Zashiki Warashi)

The Zashiki Warashi woke up.

Our eyes met clearly, and she froze.

“Could it be that you can see me?” (Zashiki Warashi)

“We can see you.” (Sora)

“Yes, we can see you.” (Akari)

The Zashiki Warashi noticed the paper attached to her head.

“What?! Wait, what is this paper… It won’t come off… It won’t come off! Why won’t it come off?! Argh!” (Zashiki Warashi)

Akari whispered to me.

“Are you using magic to make it unremovable? That’s amazing.” (Akari)

“No, I just used super glue.” (Sora)

“You fiend.” (Akari)

I’m sorry for being a fiend.

But it’s impossible to make something unremovable using magic. In the past, we had to resort to using rice grains as makeshift glue to cover this but it still peels off quite easily.

Nowadays, tapes and superglue exist which are really convenient.

While we were talking, the Zashiki Warashi gave up trying to peel off the paper. I thought she might panic upon realizing that she was visible, but perhaps because of Ao and Gravito’s presence, she remained calm.

Despite her appearance, she seemed quite mature.

“Why can you see me?” (Zashiki Warashi)

“It’s a combination of the Third and Fourth Technique. It allows us to see the shape of your soul.” (Sora)

The youkai’s rules are primarily about making themselves invisible, but it doesn’t change the fact that they still exist. How to make them visible depends on the skill of the practitioner.

Unlike dealing with other monsters, fighting youkais involve understanding many of their rules.

That’s why I believed that Seimei, who had the ability to ignore the youkai’s rules, would become the strongest onmyouji.

Back in the Heian period, the rules possessed by a certain youkai who managed to deal quite a fatal wound on me were extremely troublesome. No… I don’t want to remember that scene again.

“An onmyoji, huh? It’s been hundreds of years since I havae met a real one.” (Zashiki Warashi)

“Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Zashiki Warashi too.” (Sora)

“…?” (Zashiki Warashi)

The Zashiki Warashi had an expression as if to say, “Do you know other Zashiki Warashi aside from me?”

The gaze I had been sensing ever since I entered the mansion seemed to belong to the Zashiki Warashi in front of me.

Even though I knew it wasn’t a malicious presence, I never expected that a youkai had taken up residence here.

“Are there no other youkai besides you in Japan anymore?” (Sora)

“I don’t know. I haven’t left this mansion before, so I haven’t seen any youkai from outside for hundreds of years.” (Zashiki Warashi)

“I see.” (Sora)

Hmm… There were certainly many youkai during the time I was alive. Although, I have no memory of a Zashiki Warashi being a part of the Mikage clan.

So, does that mean she came here after I passed away?

“Hey, could it be that the one who invited you to this mansion is a red-haired girl, someone like Akari?” (Sora)

“Wha──?! H-How did you know…? Well, it’s true that she looks exactly like Akari, but…” (Zashiki Warashi)

Ah… it’s her2, after all.

In that case, this girl in front of me should also know about Seimei too. I’d like to hear more details about him.

At that moment, Akari, looking displeased, propped her chin on her hand.

“Nee~ I have no idea what you’re talking about with all this youkai and someone who looks like me stuff.” (Akari)

As I pondered how to explain things in response to her, the sliding door opened with a noise.

It was Sakuya.

“Sora, the livestream preparations are ready.” (Sakuya)

TL Notes:

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Lmao the ultimate disrespect by supergluing the talisman to her face. Sora is truly a devil.

Looks like it’s gonna be live stream (Special Guest Appearance: Zashiki Warashi). This is gonna be fun.


  1. Kyonshi is a reanimated zombie corpse thing with a talisman stuck on their head. Think of it as something like the Kyonshi’s from Onmyoji Arena or Qiqi from genshin.
  2. If you don’t remember, she is the red haired girl from the Mikage clan who Sora saved in the past. She appeared in ch 29.

ROS – Chapter 36 – Zashiki Warashi (Part 1)

In the mansion of the Mikage family, a certain youkai had taken up residence.

That youkai had black hair in a bobbed hairstyle and a childlike appearance.

With round, sparkling eyes, it peeked at Sora from its hiding place.

“…Enemy… ally… or the storehouse?” (Youkai)

There was a certain pact that had been passed down since the Heian period to protect the storehouse.

The reason that the girl, who had been peeking at Sora from the corner of the hallway, became a Zashiki Warashi1 was due to a great famine that occurred in ancient times.

The cause of youkai coming into existence is not solely a result of nature; humans can also transform into youkai.

Hanako of the Toilet (Toire no Hanako-san)2  is a prime example of this. The story of a dead girl who gradually transformed into a youkai that inhabited the toilets.

This girl was similar in that regard; she transformed from the spirit of a child who had died of famine into a Zashiki Warashi.

“Who’s that?” (Zashiki Warashi)

However, this Zashiki Warashi… could only be seen by children.

(Oh, they took a turn towards the storehouse.)

*Shutatata* The Zashiki Warashi hurried to follow.

Then, she continued to observe Sora intently.

(Akari seems to be having fun.)

A vague sense of jealousy began to sprout in her heart.

(My friend…)

Akari had stopped seeing the Zashiki Warashi and had completely forgotten about her for the past six years.

Throughout all those years, the Zashiki Warashi continued to watch over the Mikage family living in this mansion.

Her duty was to “protect the storehouse”. However, as time passed, there was a change in the Zashiki Warashi’s role. It transformed from “protecting the storehouse” to “protecting the Mikage family”, or to be more specific, protecting Akari.

While she was observing, a voice could be heard from somewhere.

“…What are you doing?” (?)

“I’m observing. To protect the storehouse and Akari.” (Zashiki Warashi)

“Is there any food in the storehouse?” (?)

(…Wait, who am I talking to?)

Instinctively, the Zashiki Warashi turned around.

Supposedly, only children, other youkai, or humans like Abe no Seimei could see her.

“I’m Ao. Want some food?” (Ao)

“Don’t just help yourself to my food.” (Gravito)

On Ao’s head, there was a tanuki named Gravito.


Ao’s appearance was undoubtedly that of a human child.

However, that appearance… was identical to Sora’s.

The person who she had been observing just moments ago was now right behind them.

“Hy…” (Zashiki Warashi)

For the Zashiki Warashi, it had been six years since anyone had spoken to her.

Ao and Gravito’s voices overlapped.

““Hy?”” (Ao & Gravito)

“HYAAAAAHHHHHH!!” (Zashiki Warashi)

In front of them, the bobbed-haired girl let out a scream.

Of course, there was no one who wouldn’t be surprised by such a reaction from just being spoken to.

“UWAAAAAAH!!” (Ao & Gravito)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Short chapter but got a new side character!

Chances are that Akari grew old enough to not be considered a child so she wasn’t able to see her anymore. And I guess shikigami can see her too…?

If you ever want to get to know Japanese folklores, I guess the author’s got you covered. I have never heard of Zashiki Warashi before, although I have heard of Hanako-san.


  1. Zashiki Warashi is said to be yokai that live in parlors or storage rooms, and that perform pranks, and that people who see one would be visited with good fortune. 
  2. This is a Japanese urban legend about the spirit of a young girl named Hanako-san who haunts school toilets. There are many different variants of the story being told, but it usually involves a girl getting killed in a school toilet and ended up turning into this spirit thing.

ROS – Chapter 35 – The Mikage Clan’s Storehouse

Today, we arrived at the Mikage clan’s mansion which is located somewhere in Tokyo, and exchanged greetings with some of the people here before the start of the livestream.

Outside the mansion, there were a few trucks parked, and Sakuya and Val were going in and out of them preparing for the livestream. I wanted to help, but according to Sakuya, “Val is more useful.”

I thought it was a harsh way to put it, but it was the truth, so I couldn’t deny it.

Hah~ For some reason that made me feel a bit depressed.

Right now, I am with Gravito — the tanuki who was perched on my head, Ao — my doppelganger, as well as Mikage Akari — the person who lives in this mansion.

It seems like this mansion has been around for a long time, as there were various signs of renovations and repairs everywhere.

—It’s a nice house! I feel somewhat satisfied.

“Old houses are so comforting, aren’t they?” (Sora)

Even though I asked with a beaming smile, I could hear a sigh from the side.

Akari shrugged her shoulders discontentedly.

“Normally, people would hate such an old mansion.” (Akari)

“That’s not true at all. Look at Ao, his having a fun—” (Sora)

In the garden within the mansion, Ao was poking the surface of the pond with her finger.

…Koi, come (koi)… Don’t come (konai)… Hehe.1” (Ao)

What is he doing…

“Gravito, look after Ao for me.” (Sora)

Gravito, who was lounging on top of my head, turned half an eye toward me.

“I refuse.” (Gravito)

“Gravito, you’ve been refusing everything I ask lately.” (Sora)

“Your requests never lead to anything good. You should have just asked Katsu or someone else. He understands how to handle Ao more than me.” (Gravito)

“Katsu-san has another livestream to attend.” (Sora)

Gravito reluctantly raised his finger as he spoke.

“…Bring me a can of Skipjack Tuna (katsuo).” (Gravito)

“Okay, I’ll ask Sakuya for it.” (Sora)

Gravito really liked making deals, and if you didn’t offer something, he wouldn’t grant your request. In fact, I had made a similar request before and was requested a can of Skipjack Tuna as compensation.

Sakuya told me once that — “I accidentally gave him cat food by mistake. Is he angry? Can a tanuki even eat cat food?”

“Bring me the same one as before. It was really delicious…” (Gravito)

Yeah, let’s not tell him he was eating cat food all along. 

What matters is that he likes it.

“Ao, behave yourself when with Gravito.” (Sora)

“…Behave.” (Ao)

“If you get hungry, tell Gravito.” (Sora)

“…Tell Gravito.” (Ao)

And with that, I picked up Gravito.

“…When hungry, Gravito… Gravito… Tanuki, eat Gravito.” (Ao)

“What!? Wait a second! The context has changed!”  (Gravito)

“Meal, Tanuki stew.” (Ao)

And with that, I entrusted Ao to Gravito.

“Your friends are really a bunch of oddballs, you know?” (Akari)

“You think so? I think they’re all lively and good kids.” (Sora)

Akari was currently guiding us through the mansion. Apparently the warehouse was located in the back of the mansion.

As we walked down the hallway, I couldn’t help but admire the ceiling and the earthen walls.

Suddenly, I noticed a gaze and turned around.

“Hmm?” (Sora)

“What is it, Sora? Is this house so unusual to you?” (Akari)

“No… it’s not like that…” (Sora)

Since this mansion is located in a prime area of Tokyo, the property must be quite expensive. While it may be valuable in terms of money, it’s just a larger traditional Japanese house at its core.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about it.

“Akari, where are your parents?” (Sora)

“They’re in a separate room because having them around would be disruptive to the stream. It’s best that you don’t meet them. If my parents met you, it would be a big problem.” (Akari)

A big problem…?

“No, I can’t do that. I need to greet them properly.” (Sora)

“No, it’s fine! *mumble* Anyways, we’re going to get married… *mumble*.” (Akari)

I wasn’t sure what she was muttering, but I would have to greet her parents later. After all, I was going to stream the storehouse of the prestigious Mikage clan, which had a long and distinguished history.

Anyways, that means that those gazes weren’t from Akari’s parents.

“Akari, you don’t have any siblings, right?” (Sora)

“No, I’m an only child. Why do you ask?” (Akari)

“I see… got it.” (Sora)

So, the gaze I felt didn’t seem to come from Akari’s family at all.

In other words, there was something or someone else in this mansion.

It was something that even Akari hadn’t noticed.

An existence that not even the Mikage clan, who lives in this mansion, could notice…

I focused my gaze, contemplating deeply…

…Well, never mind! It doesn’t seem like a bad presence. If anything, it feels like I’m the one being cautious for no reason.

“The Mikage clan’s storeroom, huh? I’m looking forward to it!” (Sora)

“Don’t get your hopes up too much. Papa hardly ever goes in there. Maybe they threw some stuff away during earlier generations.” (Akari)

“Hahaha… well, if that’s the case, it can’t be helped.” (Sora)

I highly doubt that would be the case for the Mikage clan…

Everything they kept in storage was something they couldn’t simply discard.

Even if they wanted to dispose of them, these were items they wouldn’t know how to dispose of.

In the Heian period, or even in modern times, people referred to them as…

Cursed objects.

Author’s Notes:

It’s been a while.

I will be posting daily for at least a week starting from today.

TL Notes:

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Man it’s been sooo long!! Honestly, I kinda missed translating this series. Looks like we will be getting a week’s worth of chapter yay. Anyways, I just upgraded by websites 2 days ago so that was convenient timing. I will be posting this series once every 2 days. 

I’m planning on revising the earlier chapters since I know full well I sucked at the magic portion. But then there are over 30 chapters to go through ;-;


  1. I am not really sure what is happening here, so it got lost ins translation. But I know that koi is a fish, and koi (来い) can also mean come in japanese. Ao also said something about konai (来ない) which is don’t come.

ROS – Chapter 34 – side【Kamisaki Sakuya】Sora’s juice

I knew Ueno Sora before he became a popular streamer.

When I entered this high school, Sora was sitting in the seat in front of me.

I didn’t have any friends, and although I could have made some if I tried, I chose to be alone. Sora once told me directly, “Sakuya has this ‘don’t talk to me’ aura.”

Yes Sora, I know that. But, even if you know this, you wouldn’t normally tell it to their face, right?

Perhaps it’s because of my appearance, or maybe it’s because of my personality… No, it’s probably both.

Even if I can’t make friends, it doesn’t really bother me in my school life.

This is a small act of resistance against my father. It’s my way of showing reluctance… But, in the end, it’s all meaningless.

It’s a childish act, and in the end, nothing changes. I am just a tool for the company.

But Sora changed that for me, and that’s why I am who I am today.

And yet, I have been suppressing the feelings that have slowly started to bud inside me.

I felt like I shouldn’t acknowledge them. I felt like it was a feeling I’m not ready to face yet.

One day, while I was thinking about this, Mikage Akari came to visit me in the truck 

“You want him to stream the storehouse owned by the Mikage family?” (Sakuya)

“Ehh yeah. You know Sora loves historical stuff, right? Our mansion has a long history, so we must have some incredible treasures.” (Akari)

“But there’s no benefit for you.” (Sakuya)

“Oh, there is… You see, it’s an old building, like a storage house, and I was thinking of renovating it! In exchange, please help me clean it up!” (Akari)

“……Suspicious.” (Sakuya)

“It’s not suspicious at all!” (Akari)

In present-day Japan, there are numerous individuals targeting Sora.

Not just in Japan, but globally too. Sora is the current most trending topic, and his popularity continues to rise without any signs of slowing down.

As a content creator, it’s only natural that people will crave any kind of interaction with him, no matter how small.

Fortunately, the encounters with Ookami Rika, Sakakibara Katsu, and the Ingen lady were reasonable… well, except for the Ingen lady, the rest are down-to-earth individuals.

It does seem unlikely that Akari is trying to capitalize on Sora’s popularity. After all, she is already well-known as a promising young adventurer and has a considerable amount of fans of her own.

Perhaps she genuinely needs help with the cleaning…?

Or it’s possible that she doesn’t have many friends herself.

“…I see. I’ll ask Sora’s opinion later.” (Sakuya)

“Hey, can you stop looking at me with those kind eyes? You’re definitely misunderstanding something.” (Akari)

“I can understand the feeling of not having friends too.” (Sakuya)

“Don’t compare yourself to me…” (Akari)

Then, there was a knock on the door.

“Sakuya-san~ I brought you some souvenirs while I was out… Oh?” (Rika)

Akari looked surprised.

“Ah, Ookami Rika!?” (Akari)

“Um, you’re Mikage Akari, right?” (Rika)

“You’re the famous high school girl streamer!” (Akari)

“You’re a high school girl too, you know.” (Rika)

Oh, come to think of it, I am a high school girl too.

Living surrounded by monitors and energy drinks, I wonder if that can truly be called the life of a typical high school girl. It’s uncertain.

I wonder if a life surrounded by monitors and energy drinks can be called the life of a typical high school girl.

“If you would like, Akari-san, please have some of this too. It’s a soybean juice that’s been trending lately.” (Rika)

“Soybeans? Why?” (Akari)

“Thanks to Sora’s influence, there is a soybean trend going on right now. Every store is rushing to offer it, a rather shameless idea, though.” (Rika)

“So, it’s not ‘Sora-mame’ juice, huh?” (Akari)

“That thing is not meant for human consumption.” (Sakuya)

“Ahaha… Sakuya-san, you’re as blunt as ever.” (Rika)

“Of course. Being sweet is reserved for Sora only.” (Sakuya)

I can smell a refreshing citrus scent coming from Ookami Rika.

In comparison, I give off the chemical smell of coffee and energy drinks. I don’t think it’s all that bad though.

As for Mikage Akari… I wonder what her scent is like. It smells kind of sweet, like chocolate.

“Well, what exactly is a high school girl? To be popular, do I need to drink tapioca1 and act all giggly?” (Sakuya)

“Sakuya-san, that’s going too far with stereotypes~” (Rika)

“Is it? Well, I’m a high school girl too, in a way. I thought maybe I should follow the trends… So, I made this.” (Sakuya)

As the trend of soy-related products continues, I have been receiving more and more business proposals related to them.

However, all of them have mundane ideas, and they just want me to promote their products, which are quite underwhelming. So, I have been rejecting them one after another.

If there is nothing I like, then I will create something myself.

I decided to show what I made to Rika and Akari.

“I call this the ‘Sora Juice’.” (Sakuya)

“What’s up with that terrible name which instantly kills any desire to drink.” (Rika)

The product I created comes in a plastic bottle filled with juice inside that inflates like a balloon.

“Sora’s face is printed on it! It’s so cute…! I might actually want to buy it…” (Rika)

Akari, on the other hand, seemed slightly taken aback.

The actual drink inside the bottle is, technically, a collaboration with another company, but since we developed the packaging, we have negotiated the profits to be divided in a mutually beneficial manner.

Moreover, it was good that the collaborating company turned out to be a huge fan of Sora. Thanks to that, they provided their full support without us back too much.

I continued talking with pride.

“It’s interesting, right? But that’s not all I’ve got!” (Sakuya)

As I drank the juice inside the bottle with a straw, Sora’s picture gradually began to shrink.

“I-It’s shrinking…! Sora-san’s picture! It’s like his nutrients are getting sucked…!” (Rika)

“If you suck hard enough, it’ll make a sound.” (Sakuya)

“Really!?” (Rika)

As I sucked with even more force, a sound came from the bottle.

“Uwaa~” (Sora)

It was the usual unmotivated voice of Sora.

In reality, this was achieved by adjusting the shape of the straw and the bottle to produce a sound that resembled Sora’s voice. It doesn’t cost much, but it’s quite an impressive creation.

“Why do you have such talent and yet create something like this… It’s such a waste…” (Akari)

“Akari-san! What are you talking about?!” (Rika)

“That’s right, there is nothing wrong with having as many amusing toys related to Sora as possible.” (Sakuya)

“R-Right…” (Akari)

With that, Rika also started drinking with excitement.

If we release this product, it could easily surpass the other soybean juices that are currently being sold.

Fufufu, perhaps I am a genius when it comes to Sora.

“So, have you gotten Sora’s approval for this?” (Akari)

“No, not yet. I don’t know how he’ll react.” (Sakuya)

I have a feeling Sora might just say ‘Okay!’ though.

“Well then, why don’t you try testing Ao’s reaction first? If it doesn’t seem good, you can improve it and show it to Sora later.” (Akari)

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Let’s do that.” (Sakuya)

With that plan in mind, I brought Ao, who had just finished a food review on Katsu-san’s stream, to try the Sora Juice.

Ao was enthusiastically sucking on the straw of the Sora Juice.

“So, how is it…?” (Sakuya)

“Delicious!” (Ao)

“No, not that. I mean…” (Sakuya)

“….? Delicious~!” (Ao)

Ao probably thought I didn’t hear him so he said it a bit louder.

“…Hey, did we make a mistake in choosing this person to try it?” (Rika)

“Maybe I should have asked Katsu-san about it.” (Sakuya)

“Stop blaming me!” (Ao)

After discussing and showing it to Katsu-san, he commented, “It’s quite the mysterious drink, huh…”.

Well, I suppose that’s the kind of feedback we can expect.

In any case, after confirming with Sora and getting his approval, we decided to release it officially.

It will be available for a short period as an experiment, but I’m sure people will enjoy it.

[Reaction from the Internet to the Official Release of “Sora Juice”]

『Too mysterious.』

『Unbelievable, an official way to bully Sora!』

『I can’t believe this is the official product…』

『This trend is getting crazier.』

『Seems like the silver-haired girl came up with this… Is she also obsessed with the Heian period?』

『The ‘Uwaa~’ sound when drinking Sora Juice is nuts!』

『A product that brings the ‘I love it so much, I wish I could eat it’ feeling to reality.』

『This product is here to put an end to the mediocre soybean juice trend.』

『The official product is way too insane LOLLLL』

『I am blown away by this idea.』

『This could generate a massive amount of TikToks2.』

『This is crazy.』

『Thank goodness for the official product.』

『It’s funny how they advertised it as ‘Let’s all drink Sora Juice together’ LOL』

『Under what circumstances would you drink this?』

『If people start drinking this on the train, and I hear the ‘Uwaa~’ sound, I’ll burst out laughing LOL』

『The man who brought smiles to Japan with just a juice.』

『I will be sucking on Sora today too.』

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

[Insert ecchi joke here]

LMAO this chapter is just bruhh. Sakuya is showing off her big brain this chapter. She knows exactly what the fans want lol. I wonder how much of this is her own desire, did she just subconsciously make this product?

With this, we have actually caught up with the author. Seems like he is just going to randomly drop chapters so yeh.


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  2. Raw didn’t actually say this, it just said videos. But you know, I just had to bring it up.

ROS – Chapter 33 – Repairing the Technique / The Mikage Clan

Today, instead of a dungeon exploration stream, it was a casual talk stream.

While I did consider delving into a dungeon, I thought it would be better to take care of some other tasks first.

I decided to set up a casual talk stream today to share what I am doing with my viewers.

This time, I’m using a part of Sakuya’s truck as a workshop for the stream.

*Whoosh* A small flame emerges from my hand.

“Hmm… This is going to be tough.” (Sora)

『Looks like magic.』

『It resembles the flames of the Seventh Technique.』

『What are you going to do with it?』

『Ao is just staring at it absentmindedly lol』

“During the fight with Ao, the Seventh Technique got temporarily broken… or so I thought, but since then the technique has been completely messed up.”

A while ago, during the battle with Ao inside the dungeon, I temporarily disabled the Seventh Technique. However, afterwards, I forcibly used the Seventh Technique and ended up completely breaking it.

“I guess I really went overboard with how recklessly I used it…” (Sora)

Maybe I should be thankful I still have an arm.

『What happens if the technique breaks?』

『Does that mean you can’t use it anymore?』

“This stream is about fixing it~” (Sora)


『Huh, can you really fix it?』

『Is it like repairing a machine or something?』

『For real?』

Ao, who was listening, was also surprised.

“I had no idea it broke.” (Ao) 

“Ahaha, it’s true. Come here, Ao. I’ll teach you.” (Sora)

Like me, Ao can use many techniques. It seems that he inherited some knowledge, but not everything, so there are still many things he doesn’t know.

I’ll teach Ao what I can, and for common sense and stuff, I’ll leave it to Katsu-san.

『Oh, there are more Soras now.』

『They are so cute lol.』

“Repairing techniques is not something every Onmyouji can do.” (Sora)

I’ll make sure to convey this to the viewers in an easy-to-understand manner this time.

“Originally, most people could only use up to the Fifth Technique. If you can use that much, it’s already enough.” (Sora)

The basic techniques are very straightforward, or at least I believe it is. 

From there, many people would create their own derivations for the Sixth and Seventh Techniques.


『That’s interesting.』

『So, it’s about developing your own style, huh?』

“Exactly. And if someone wants the same technique as another person, they can beg to be taught or create it together.” (Sora)

I proceed to remove the broken Seventh Technique.

“Fourth Technique… <Curse of the Floating World>” (Sora)

Blue strings of characters emerge from my arm and hover in front of me.

“Wow…!” (Ao)

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” (Sora)

The colors of the techniques vary from person to person.

As I mentioned before, there are also Onmyouji who specialize in medical techniques.

People with such abilities have red-colored techniques. Onmyojis skilled in curses and hexes has purple-colored techniques. 

Those who are proficient in multiple areas have complex colors.

And the most common color is blue.

“I want to do it too.” (Ao)

“Huh? Sure, but…” (Sora)

I also proceed to extract the Seventh Technique from Ao, just as I did with myself.

“Ao, do you want your own technique?” (Sora)

“…! Is that okay?” (Ao)

“Of course.” (Sora)

『Ao is so cute lol』

『Sora is being a great onii-chan LOL』

『I really like this kind of content.』

『It feels like I’m watching sibling love.』

『It’s heartwarming.』

For me, I was going to modify the technique anyways. 

It’s doesn’t take that much effort to help Ao, and it’s important for him to be able to have his own technique.

“I want something like… A time-slowing ability.” (Ao)

“Huh… why?” (Sora)

“So I can watch more TV.” (Ao)

Ah, I see.

“Well, it’s not impossible…” (Sora)

『Huh, you can do it…?』

『Sora, are you serious?』

『Is this a joke…?』

“I can do it.” (Sora)

Ao claps excitedly.

“Sora, you’re amazing.” (Ao)

“Ahaha… Well, for now, let’s fix the technique.” (Sora)

I’m familiar with repairing techniques. I have already broken them many times in the past… though this is the first time in a situation like this.

I extract the technique using the Fourth Technique and adjust the floating characters.

If necessary, I can rewrite and reconstruct them as well.

For this case, I extracted the broken characters and inserted new ones.

Using my magic, I carve out the characters and repair the technique.

Using my other hand, I also modify Ao’s technique.

“Swap these characters here and here…” (Sora)

『Fast lol』

『His moving his eyes a lot lmao』

『Wow! It looks cool!』

『I have absolutely no idea what is happening lol』

『The way he quickly does it is like how a hacker would LOL』

Within a few minutes, the technique is completely repaired.

“Here you go, Ao.” (Sora)

I return the floating technique to Ao.

“Thank you, Sora.” (Ao)

With just those words, Ao dashes outside with a “Yay~”.

It seems like he is eager to try out the new technique.

“He’s kinda cute… hmmm” (Sora)

Unintentionally, I find myself reminiscing about Seimei when he was young.

『You’re just as cute!』

『Sora, you’re like an onii-chan, it suits you well.』

“Alright, I also want to check if my technique is working properly, so I’ll head outside!” (Sora)

Just like Ao, I dashed outside with a “Yay~”.


『These siblings are something else.』

『This onii-chan is kind of hopeless.』

『There’s nothing but idiots lol』

『They are probably just being themselves lol』

『Sora and Ao are quite similar, aren’t they? LOL』

Afterwards, we went outside and Ao was satisfied with the new time-slowing technique.

“Now I can watch lots of movies.” (Ao)

『This can’t end well.』 

『I have a feeling things will get messy, haha.』

『It’s kind of scary the way he absorbs everything.』

The viewers seem both amused and concerned about the newfound ability. It’s all in good fun, and we enjoy the interactions with our audience.

I confirm that the memorable technique which was inspired by Sumeragi, has also been fixed.

“Seventh Technique… <Flaming Flower>” (Sora)

*Whoosh* The flames spread out like flowers.

Yep, it’s fixed.

『Come to think of it, you mentioned needing equipments for techniques beyond the Seventh.』

『Now that you mention it, I’m curious.』

“Well, I don’t have them right now. I do believe someone else might have my equipment though…” (Sora)


『What does that mean?』

Mikage Akari was watching Sora’s live stream from her room.

The main branch of the Mikage clan is currently engaged in modern-day exorcism and dealing with evil spirits.

The main house is a traditional Japanese-style home surrounded by a fence and is situated in a relatively prominent location in Tokyo.

The main house is quite spacious, as such they employed servants.

“Akari~! Akari~!” (Akari’s Mom)

“Ugh, Mom, you’re so noisy! What is it!?” (Akari)

“Your father and I saw it! You collaborated with that Onmyoji, right!?” (Akari’s Mom)

“It wasn’t a collaboration, it was a joint battle.” (Akari)

After the fight, Mikage Akari returned back to her home.

After a month of running away, she decided to come back home after talking with Sora.

Sora had told her, “It’s better to go back home. Your parents are worried”, and she reluctantly returned.

After receiving a mild scolding, she was told to stay at home for a while.

(Why do I have to listen to them when they tell me to? It’s so frustrating…)

*Grrrr* Akari grumbled in frustration.

“Are you going to marry that person? Hey, when are you getting married? He’s such a strong and cool Onmyoji, so Akari must be satisfied, right?” (Akari’s Mom)

“Tsk! We are not like that yet…! Now, get out!” (Akari)

The sound of approaching footsteps was heard, and Akari’s father arrived.

“Honey! The red rice is cooked and ready!” (Akari’s Dad)

“Oh my! Akari, would you like to have some too?” (Akari’s Mom)

Akari, who had lost her energy to be angry, lets out a sigh and relaxes her shoulders.

“Sigh… Are Onmyoujis really that important?” (Akari)

Akari’s parents wear a troubled expression.

It’s as if they are saying “Of course!”.

“The Onmyouji was the one who lifted the curse of short life from us. We have to repay that kindness…” (Akari’s Dad)

“We have many books related to that in our family’s storehouse so it’s true!” (Akari’s Mom)

“I see… We have a lot of ancient texts in the storehouse, don’t we?” (Akari)

Akari averts her gaze, not caring too much about the details.

(Whether it’s an Onmyoji or not, if it’s someone like Sora…)

“There are many incredible treasures in the storehouse~ Some are said to have been passed down from Abe no Seimei himself! I heard they were told, ‘These belong to my benefactor, so protect them dearly!’” (Akari’s Mom)

“What’s that? Are you really keeping such an ancient promise? Wait… the storehouse…” (Akari)

(Ever since the celebration party with Onmyou, I haven’t seen Sora… Actually, I don’t have any reason to meet him.)

But, Akari contemplates.

(If I have a request for him to stream something related to Onmyoji… Wouldn’t that be a sufficient reason?)

“U-Um, Mom… You often see shows on TV where they explore old storerooms and search for treasure right?” (Akari)

“Huh? Oh yes, that’s true.” (Akari’s Mom)

“Could we do something similar, but with our onmyoji-related storehouse?” (Akari)

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Hmm… We are not like that YET she says. 

Well, with this chapter, we have caught up with the author and now we are waiting for him to continue the series. I kinda want to see more Akari but too bad I guess, gotta wait. Who knows, maybe the author is working on a light novel version of this series, i mean I wouldn’t be surprise if there will be one.

EDIT: You gotta be kidding me, the author decided to resume posting today… You know what screw it, I already finished the first few chapters of the new series, I’m gonna release it. Releases for this are gonna depend on my time and how often the author of ROS gonna post. Here you go, the first chapter of this new series:

My Online ‘Oshi’ and Real Life ‘Oshi’ Moved In Next Door ~I Thought That My Dream Life Was Beginning, But It’s Different from What I Expected~


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