CFD – Chapter 21 – Saturday Morning

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“Good morning. I’m a bit late today.” (Yotsuka)

Good morning, King.

Immediately, a comment pops up.

“Why were you late?” (Rinnea)

I had just summoned her in front of the dungeon today, started the camera for the live stream, and then began streaming.

As I mentioned earlier, the live stream started later than usual today.

“I was out a little longer yesterday, so I went to bed late. It’s dangerous to delve into the dungeon while sleep-deprived, so I slept later than usual. That’s why.” (Yotsuka)

“………… Out late on Friday night… Mating?!” (Rinnea)

“What are you saying?!” (Yotsuka)

Spirits are knowledgeable about human culture to the extent that they can come up with such associations.



Even though you’re in high school!

Well, it’s common at that age, I guess.

Do you have a girlfriend?

Wasn’t Yotsuka-kun walking with a woman in front of the station yesterday?

Even though you’re just a high school student, doing things on a Friday night with your girlfriend, while I’m…

I want a lover too.

I’m relieved to see that you’re properly experiencing youth as a student.

“I just ended up taking more time than I expected when I went out after school.” (Yotsuka)

A comment mentioning that they witnessed me caused a momentary jolt, but fortunately, no further comments referring to it appeared afterwards.

Was I truly seen? Or was it just a coincidence that someone wrote it as a joke and happened to hit the mark?

I have a five-digit number of subscribers. With this number, it would not be surprising to have some eyewitnesses. However, it’s still hard to believe that someone who knows me well would randomly encounter me. It’s a line that makes it difficult to judge.

Should I openly talk about being out with Azami? I have a feeling that it could elicit extreme reactions, so it might be better to keep silent about it.

Rinnea leans in towards my neck and takes a sniff, tickling me a bit.

How was it, Rinnea-chan?

The scent of a woman!!

Thieving cat!

Don’t take our Yotsuka away from us.

In response to the comments, Rinnea wears a suggestive smile and gives a thumbs-up. What does that mean?

On another note, how does a fairy’s sense of smell work?

Did Rinnea really understand something just from that?


They definitely had s*x!

“Please stop with the suggestive gestures.” (Yotsuka)

“Can I check it more clearly?” (Rinnea)

“What are you even trying to smell?!” (Yotsuka)

Please continue, Rinnea-chan, LOL!

Yotsuka-kun, let’s exchange positions.

I gently separate Rinnea from me. It’s quite a commotion over a slight delay in starting the live stream. The stares of other adventurers passing by and entering the dungeon are uncomfortable.

“Instead of messing around, let’s enter the dungeon soon.” (Yotsuka)

“Roger that!” (Rinnea)

“Alright then… Oh, before that, I have one announcement. Tomorrow, I will be joining Azami’s live stream as a guest. We will be exploring the lower layers of the dungeon while introducing some of the spirits. I will be showing some spirits that I have not shown on stream before, including one I recently formed a contract with. So if you are interested, please come and watch.” (Yotsuka)

New spirits!

You still had other spirits in your possession?

Nice of you to show them for free.

Congratulations on your achievement!

Congratulations on the successful contract!

How many spirits do you have as a high school student?

That’s amazing. Here I am still struggling with my fifth one.

I’ll work hard to be able to summon Tyr quickly too.

Messages congratulating me flowed in the comments.

“I hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship where I can exchange information with other summoners. If any of you have the ability to summon unknown or rare spirits, feel free to share your knowledge through comments, or even by streaming it yourself or posting it on social media.” (Yotsuka)

Impossible LOL

Well, if only I could summon such amazing spirits…

If you want to interact with people like Yotsuka-kun mentioned, it might be better to upload spirit explanation videos with English subtitles or send out a Shouter in English. That way, you can reach a broader audience.

“Ah, content for an international audience, huh? Being a summoner is a relatively rare job, after all. That idea is pretty good.” (Yotsuka)

While I am not particularly skilled in English, when it comes to written text, I can rely on the power of automatic translation.

“With that settled, let’s continue our exploration today. Thank you for your support.” (Yotsuka)

After saying that, I put my smartphone back in my pocket.
As I advanced beyond the upper and middle layers, reaching the lower layers, I encountered a monster that shouldn’t be present in the lower levels—a Dullahan (Headless Horseman) from the deep depths.

TL notes:

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TLDR: I am dropping this series because of the bad developments from this chapter onwards. I am starting a new series with a similar setting to this one. You can find it at the bottom of the TN notes.

Ok so I have a good explanation for this decision. I kinda already hinted at this back in ch 12 but stuff really goes downhill from here and there were not much improvements since then. We are nearing the end of the first arc which is at ch 29. Let me summarise what happens for the rest of this arc.

Yotsuka ends up fighting Dullahan and the fight was going well until Forest together with Azami and Hikari arrives. They saw the fight and they decided to join in the fight despite Yotsuka telling them not to. Yotsuka actually dies from this because he was distracted but since he is the protagonist, he somehow gets resurrected as an undead a week later, he is still stuck in a dungeon and the final chapter of the arc just ends there. I don’t have a problem with this development so far.

I mean there are a lot of ideas to explore here, like how will his family and more importantly, Amane react to this? Or how will Azami and Mutsuo who was there during the incident feel about this? Or even more, how will this messed up world react to him turning into one of those monsters? Or how will Yotsuka cope with this new side of him? With all these ideas, the writer’s next move seems obvious isn’t it? The writer should leave this situation on a cliffhanger and introduce a new female protagonist just for the 2nd arc and show her grow as a new streamer! Huh? What’s that? That is a dumb idea that is unrelated to the synopsis or plot at hand? WELL TOO BAD, cause that’s what the writer did.

We have a new female protagonist called Rona for the 2nd arc which if it is similar to the first arc, should last around 30 chapters. Rona is a monster tamer who just started live streaming and we spent some chapters focused on that aspect. Rona does encounter Yotsuka later who became an undead and SHE TAMES HIM. Yes, I am not kidding, Yotsuka got tamed by this random new protagonist because Yotsuka is considered a monster now. Then she brings him to visit his family and stuff but Yotsuka can not speak properly and can’t summon any spirits because of unspecified reasons. So yeh RIP to the king. Btw did I mention that this is all going to be from Rona’s perspective? So basically new characters and no king Yotsuka or Rinnea. It’s just sad to try and translate this for 30 more chapters.

You can argue things like maybe this will be good later or whatever, but this is a poor reading experience to me. Introducing a new protagonist when we are left on a cliffhanger and being forced to read (and translate) from the perspective of a new character that no one cares about is just annoying (or at least to me).

This basically killed my motivation to translate this series. Back when I first picked this up, it was at 11 chapters so I didn’t know it was gonna turn out like this. If you are wondering why I decide to stop here instead of translating finish the arc, it is because I want to leave this on a happy ending. As I mentioned before, this arc ends with Yotsuka dying and getting revived as an undead while stuck in a dungeon so it’s technically a bad ending. Btw sorry for ending this series before Yotsuka even gets a Harem introduction lol.

Once again, I’m sorry for ending this series so abruptly. It was a fun and short ride with you guys.

Also, special sorrys to Delgadius who commented that this is quickly becoming their favourite novel 1 hour after I finished writing this chapter lol. The timing was unfortunate xd

I have picked up a series which has the same setting as this series for those interested. For those who care, there is a clearer view of the harem in this one and also forums chapters.
It’s called “The Reincarnated Onmyoji Who Became a Huge Hit After Saving a Dungeon Streamer, Accidentally Streams a Special Class Curse Item and Becomes a Legend” and here is the first chapter.

CFD – Chapter 20 – Date

“Ah, that is her, isn’t it?” (Amane)

The doorbell rings, and Amane reacts first. She leaves the living room before I even get up.

“Azami-senpai, are you going on a date with my brother?” (Amane)

“Yes, that’s right. Can you call him for me?” (Azami)

“Before that, I want to ask, is he your significant other or just a friend?” (Amane)

“Amane.” (Yotsuka)

I approached the entrance and overheard their conversation, deciding whether to call out from behind or discreetly eavesdrop to hear Azami’s answer. In the end, I hesitated to eavesdrop. I don’t want to do something like that.

“Hmph. You should have taken your time to come.” (Amane)

“Yotsuka-kun, sorry for keeping you waiting.” (Azami)

Azami didn’t answer Amane’s previous question and instead called out to me. She had tied her hair back, wore a hat, and had glasses on. She appeared quite different from before.

With a subscriber count in the six digits, and attracting tens of thousands of viewers per live stream, it’s understandable that she would be conscious of her public image. Recalling her appearance when we met after returning from the dungeon, it occurred to me that she probably didn’t usually engage in such disguises. However, it’s only natural for her to be cautious when going out alone with me, a man.

I wonder what would happen if someone who recognizes her sees us during our outing and writes about it on the internet. It’s a bit scary to think about the potential reactions from her passionate fans.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Yotsuka)

“Take care and have fun. Azami-senpai, please take care of her brother as well.” (Amane)

“Ok, I will keep that in mind.” (Azami)

Saying that, Azami smiled.

The two of us headed to the station together and boarded the train, and moved to our destination.

Upon arriving and getting off the train, we left the station.

Walking side by side, I followed her lead and proceeded along the street in front of the station. Eventually, we stepped into a women’s clothing store that I had never been to before. It was only natural since I had never been on a proper date before, especially not one that seemed to fit the typical image of a date. After all, I’m not a woman.

“Which do you think is better?” (Azami)

I experience several scenes where she presents me with two outfits that seem to catch her eye and asks me to choose. Based on what I have heard, I had the impression that in such cases, the opposite of what I chose would be decided. However, Azami either chooses the one I picked or makes the decision to get both.

As implied by the mention of multiple instances of choosing outfits, it becomes clear that she did not just purchase one or two, but rather several pieces of clothing. As someone who only has a few outfits for going out, I can’t help but wonder why she needs so many. Is it due to gender differences, or is this her shopping style?

During the checkout, I flinched a bit at the total amount displayed, even though I was not even the one paying.

Fortunately, Azami was the type of shopper who made quick decisions. She had a decisive nature, and the process of deciding whether to buy a particular item of clothing or not was swift. If she could not make a decision, she would immediately seek my opinion, and since I did not spend much time pondering, the decision would be made promptly.

It’s possible that her ability to buy as much as she wants is due to having a generous budget at her disposal.

However, even though she made quick decisions for each individual item, going through a considerable number of them still takes some time in the end.

I think it was a relatively enjoyable time for me as well. It was refreshing, and it was quite interesting to think about which clothes would suit the cute girl in front of me. I even thought it might be nice to go shopping for clothes with Amane if I had a bit more disposable income. However, I probably would get rejected.

Next, we went shopping for jewelry.

Unlike when we were shopping for clothes, we only bought one item of jewelry. I thought perhaps budget constraints came into play, but as the shopping continued afterwards, that did not seem to be the case.

By the way, I was given the task of choosing this one item. Unlike with the clothes, I was not presented with two options but rather given the freedom to select one item from the store. It was quite challenging. Even though I was not the one paying, I could not help but feel a bit hesitant and more inclined to choose something relatively inexpensive. However, I reminded myself that we did not come to shop for the cheapest items, and I focused on finding something that would suit her the best.

In the end, I chose a pendant with an emerald.

I wonder if that was the right choice.

Azami bought the pendant and immediately put it on, so I don’t think it was a mistake.

On the contrary, when it came to selecting cosmetics, I mostly remained silent and simply took on the role of carrying the bags. Up until now, even though I did not know much about fashion, I could still voice my opinion based on my preferences. However, when it came to cosmetics, I honestly admitted that I had no intuitive understanding of them. In response, she occasionally explained things to me and made purchase decisions based solely on her own judgment.

As evening approached, it was decided that we would have dinner before heading back. I decided to follow Azami’s lead.

Upon entering the restaurant and realizing that reservations were required, I was momentarily taken aback. However, it seemed that Azami had made a reservation in advance, so we were able to secure a table.

This place looks expensive. As I took my seat and observed the clientele, I could not help but mutter that to myself inwardly.

“Thank you for coming along today. I had a great time with you.” (Azami)

“It was refreshing and fun to accompany a woman on her shopping trip.” (Yotsuka)

“Really? I also had more fun with you than usual, Yotsuka-kun. Do you normally go out with Amane-chan?” (Azami)

“We don’t go out together. But I thought it might be nice to invite her next time.” (Yotsuka)

“It’s nice to have a brother, isn’t it?” (Azami)

I wonder if it would have been different if I had a younger sister. I heard Azami mutter that to herself.

“I did quite a lot of shopping today, but what do you think of it? Does it look too childish? Would it be off-putting for a high school girl to be so spendthrift1?” (Azami)

“I didn’t think of it that way. I did notice that you must be earning quite a bit though.” (Yotsuka)

“When I have built up stress or have upcoming events that make me nervous, I tend to indulge in shopping like this.” (Azami)

“Being a streamer can be tough, right?” (Yotsuka)

“Usually, it’s not like that at all. Everyone showers me with attention and there are many enjoyable things… but when I think about tomorrow’s plans, I get nervous. It’s a bit presumptuous2 of me, but today I wanted to lean on you, Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

“…Tomorrow, you’re going to explore the dungeon together with Forest, right? Are you guys really going to the lower layers?” (Yotsuka)

“That’s the plan. If everything goes well, we will make it to the lowest part of the middle level. I heard from Mutsuo-kun that he received approval from Yotsuka-kun, but is that true?” (Azami)

“Yes, it’s true. With his skills, I don’t think they will be wiped out right away even if we enter the lower layers.” (Yotsuka)

“That’s good to hear.” (Azami)

“Are you worried?” (Yotsuka)

“Just a little. Mutsuo-kun told me, ‘I’ll make sure to protect the rear guard,’ and I eventually agreed to it, but the lower layers are still scary for a first-timer. As an exploration streamer, it’s a territory I have to step into eventually.” (Azami)

If she keeps staying at the middle level, the viewers will get bored. This is the unique circumstance of being a streamer. If she was just an ordinary explorer, she could take as much time as she wants to conquer a dungeon. However, it’s not a viable long-term plan to keep the attention of the viewers.

“Since you can already make it to the lower levels of the middle layers by yourself, six people should be fine.” (Yotsuka)

“It’s reassuring to hear you say that.” (Azami)

“By the way,” Azami changes the topic.

“How was Mutsuo-kun in your opinion, Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“…He gives off a polite and well-mannered young man vibe?” (Yotsuka)

Since we didn’t really talk much, I only have a superficial impression of him.

“I think everyone says the same thing. And from my perspective too, he seems that way. He’s quite confident. He declares his intentions to do something and actually follows through with it every time.” (Azami)

“Oh, really? That’s pretty impressive.” (Yotsuka)

“What do you think of him as a partner?” (Azami)

The moment she asked that question, my body tensed up for a split second.

Before I could respond, the food was served, and we both started eating. I could not focus on the taste of the food. Could it be that there is something more between Azami and Mutsuo, just as the rumors suggest?

“Isn’t he already dating with two other girls?” (Yotsuka)

For now, I should provide a non-controversial reason to deny it.

“There’s also an opinion that being in a relationship already makes someone a safer choice. It’s said that having a stable relationship with one person shows that there are no hidden agendas, and if someone can maintain stability while being involved with two people, it means that both of his girlfriends are understanding and don’t get into conflicts. ” (Azami)

“……Yeah, that’s one way to look at it.” (Yotsuka)

That’s quite the perspective on relationships.

“Is Azami the type who doesn’t mind such things?” (Yotsuka)

“If it brings happiness, then why not? It seems lively and enjoyable in its own way, doesn’t it?” (Azami)

“That’s certainly true.” (Yotsuka)

It might be enjoyable, especially for men.

If that girl was a stranger without any personal connection, it would not evoke much of a reaction. However, considering that Azami, a girl I am somewhat conscious of, might be involved, my feelings become considerably complex.

“Bringing up such a topic, does it mean that you also have some interest in him, Azami-san?” (Yotsuka)

I decided to ask her frankly.

“No. I don’t.” (Azami)

“Then what was that conversation just now?” (Yotsuka)

“People often ask me about it, so I was curious about what Yotsuka-kun thinks about it too. Hehe… I’m glad you denied it.” (Azami)

After hearing her response, I leaned back against the chair.

For now, I felt relieved that she does not have any feelings for Mutsuo.

I wondered if she had sensed that I was conscious of her.

“Hey, Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

“Hmm?” (Yotsuka)

“Can I invite you out again, like today?” (Azami)

“You mean for shopping?” (Yotsuka)

“Besides that, I thought it would be nice to go somewhere together.” (Azami)

“…Sure.” (Yotsuka)

“Really? You don’t mind?” (Azami)

“Not at all.” (Yotsuka)

Upon hearing my response, Azami expressed relived and joy on her face.

I recalled what Amane had mentioned before. If you are not interested, you would not ask them out, right?

Should I take the initiative and push forward?

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Azami just got out of a life-and-death situation, so I think she can take a bit more time to recover. If she is worried, she could have just asked Yotsuka to come too, but I guess that would also involve telling the others about it which is a huge pain that would lead to nothing changing.

Tmr’s chapter is also gonna be late cause I got a test xd


  1. Spendthift = a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.
  2. Presumptuous = (of a person or their behaviour) failing to observe the limits of what is permitted or appropriate.

CFD – Chapter 19 – Evaluation from Amane

“Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

On the way home after school on Friday, I heard Azami’s voice from behind. When I turned around, she was standing there.

“Do you have time after this?” (Azami)

“I don’t have any particular plans.” (Yotsuka)

Although I usually train at the riverbank as part of my daily routine, it’s not a fixed plan that I can’t change. Since Azami specifically asked, she must have something important to discuss. That takes priority.

Azami walked up next to me, and we naturally started walking home together.

“I am actually planning to go shopping later, and since I ran into Yotsuka-kun, I thought it might be nice to go out together for a change. Plus, I have something I want to discuss. It might end up inconveniencing you, though.” (Azami)

“…Sure, that sounds good. Let’s go.” (Yotsuka)

Isn’t this a date? Why all of a sudden? I was taken aback by the suddenness of it all, but I did not want to show my confusion or embarrassment. I hid my unease and nodded in agreement.

“I’m glad. Thank you. Is there anywhere else you want to go, Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“Well, not really…” (Yotsuka)

“In that case, I’ll go home first and change, then I’ll come to pick you up, alright?” (Azami)

“Should I come to pick you up instead?” (Yotsuka)

“No, it’ll probably take me longer to get ready, so I think I might end up making you wait.” (Azami)

Azami shook her head in response to my suggestion.

Compared to me, who simply changed out of my school uniform into one of my few casual outfits and stuffed my wallet and phone into my pockets, it was indeed likely that she would take more time. I’m not well-versed in the process of getting ready as a woman, after all.

“Where are we specifically going?” (Yotsuka)

“It’s going to be a bit of a trip, but I was thinking of going around the area of ―― to look at clothes, cosmetics, and such. Is that okay?” (Azami)

“It’s okay… but if we go now, we might end up coming back pretty late, right?” (Yotsuka)

“I think so. So if it seems too hard, you can refuse.” (Azami)

“I guess it might be a bit hard. I’ll just let Amane know first.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. I’ll treat you to dinner then.” (Azami)

“Thank you… I’ll at least carry the bags for you.” (Yotsuka)

“Thank you.” (Azami)

For a moment, I wanted to refuse her treat to dinner, but I remembered the number of donations on her live stream yesterday and kept quiet. She is definitely making more money than me. Treating me to a meal wouldn’t be a big deal for her, and it would be more troublesome to insist on paying.

“Does Amane-chan take care of dinner at Yotsuka-kun’s house?” (Azami)

“Right now, yeah. When my dad was alive, my mom handled the cooking. After my dad passed away and until Amane entered high school, I took care of it.” (Yotsuka)

“So, Yotsuka-kun can cook too?” (Azami)

“I’m not that skilled, though. As soon as the entrance exams were over, Amane wanted to replace me.” (Yotsuka)

“Is Amane-chan good at cooking?” (Azami)

“She’s pretty good, I think.” (Yotsuka)

“That’s nice. Having a cute little sister who’s good at cooking.” (Azami)

“If only our tastes in food matched as well, then everything would be perfect.” (Yotsuka)

“They don’t match?” (Azami)

“Amane’s cooking is on the healthier side.” (Yotsuka)

“Ah, I see.” (Azami)

I have made requests for a bit more meat and oil in the dishes before, but they were rejected because it was said that it would make me gain weight. So, I have resigned myself to a vegetable-heavy diet. Now I realize that I should have understood the power dynamics involved in being in charge of cooking and firmly held onto that authority. The decision of what to cook lies with the one in charge of the kitchen.

“What about Azami’s place?” (Yotsuka)

“It’s the complete opposite. No one knows how to cook. I hardly ever see anyone using the kitchen properly.” (Azami)

“Oh, really? Then how do you manage meals?” (Yotsuka)

Yeah, it’s a bit surprising. I had imagined Azami to be quite adept at cooking. It’s hard to imagine a household where nobody cooks.

“We rely on supermarket foods, convenience store bentos, food delivery, and eating out.” (Azami)

“…That sounds challenging.” (Yotsuka)

“We have enough money, though. Both my parents work tirelessly, and recently I have been earning a lot too. It’s been like this ever since I can remember, with just money left on the table, and I have to always have dinner by myself.” (Azami)

“I didn’t know about your family situation until now.”(Yotsuka)

“Ah, but recently I sometimes eat together with Hikari-chan, so it’s not as lonely as it used to be.” (Azami)

“I see. How was Hikari-san’s cooking?” (Yotsuka)

“No good. We actually tried cooking together for a live stream once, but it was a disaster for both of us. Well, in a way, it made the live stream more entertaining, so it worked out somewhat.” (Azami)

While we were talking, we arrived at my house.

“Well then, see you later.” (Yotsuka)

After saying that, we parted ways.

Upon entering the house, I climbed the stairs and entered my own room. I took off my school uniform and carefully selected the clothes to wear for going out. Although I say carefully, the situation was such that there were not many choices, with only three tops and two bottoms.

Without much thought, I selected a pair and put it on.

I put my wallet and smartphone in my pocket and relaxed in the living room, waiting for Azami to arrive.

Then, even before the doorbell rang, I heard the sound of the front door opening. It seemed like Amane had returned.

“I’m home.” (Amane)

“Welcome back. I’m going out for a bit today so I don’t need dinner.” (Yotsuka)

“Really? That’s unusual. Where are you going?” (Amane)

“Shopping.” (Yotsuka)

“Oh, I see… Wait, could it be a date?” (Amane)

Suddenly, Amane seemed to realize something and accurately guessed the truth.

How did she know? I have never gone out on a date before.

Amane stood at the entrance of the living room, observing me intently.

“Well, something like that.” (Yotsuka)

I answered while trying not to appear too confident and to avoid looking uncool.

“I see, that’s good for you.” (Amane)

I could not help but feel that Amane’s tone of voice was slightly cold.

I placed my bag on the sofa and went to the kitchen to get some water.

“What kind of person is the other party?” (Amane)

There was a short pause, and then I heard Amane’s voice from the kitchen.

“Azami-san.” (Yotsuka)

“Hmm… Azami-senpai, huh?” (Amane)

“Is something wrong?” (Yotsuka)

Amane’s voice sounded a bit restrained.

“I was wondering what it would be like if she was Onii-chan’s partner.” (Amane)

“No, she just asked me to accompany her for shopping.” (Yotsuka)

“But that’s basically a date. You don’t invite someone without any intention, right?” (Amane)

“Is that so? After the incident in the dungeon, we have had more opportunities to talk, so I think it’s just following that flow.” (Yotsuka)

“What about you, Onii-chan? Is someone like Azami-senpai your type?” (Amane)

Amane returned to the living room and took a seat beside me.

“I don’t think there are many men who dislike her. She’s beautiful and has a good personality.” (Yotsuka)

“Looks like that kind is also your type, Onii-chan” (Amane)

“…How does she look like from Amane’s perspective?” (Yotsuka)

Curious about Amane’s perspective, I asked her about her thoughts on Azami, expecting there might be something more to it from a same-gender point of view.

“I do think she’s a nice person. But she can be a bit calculative, you know? Like she’s really aiming to appeal to guys. I am starting to wonder if that’s the kind of person you prefer, big brother…” (Amane)

“Is that so?” (Yotsuka)

“If she wasn’t like that, she wouldn’t gather such a large number of viewers, right? Don’t you feel anything when you see her posting pictures of herself every day in cute outfits on Shouter and FictionGram1?” (Amane)

“Well, not really…” (Yotsuka)

“She seems to have an incredibly strong desire for approval to me.” (Amane)

So, Onii-chan is also watching her closely huh? She accidentally muttered that out loud.

“I mean, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if you start considering the possibility of someone close to you getting involved with such guys, it’s natural to have concerns, right?” (Amane)

“Well, if they could establish a proper relationship, that would be great. Maybe you’re overthinking it just because they invited you for shopping.” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, maybe. Personally, I wouldn’t invite a guy I’m not interested in, but Azami-senpai might be the type of person who doesn’t worry about such things.” (Amane)

“No matter what the case might be…” (Amane) 

“I’m relieved, at least. When I heard about the date, I thought some bad girl approached my Onii-chan once she found out he is a lower-level explorer. But with Azami-senpai, it should be fine. At least it’s not for money, I suppose.” (Amane)

“You were worried about that? Well, I haven’t received any special attention from girls since then. Everything seems normal.” (Yotsuka)

“Is it because it’s difficult for them to approach openly at school? Or did Onii-chan do something to make the girls in his class dislike him?” (Amane)

“I don’t think I did anything like that.” (Yotsuka)

Funn~ Well, I hope things go well with Azami-senpai.” (Amane)

“It would be nice if that happens.” (Yotsuka)

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Well, I don’t think it’s that unusual for girls to post pictures of themselves in new clothes on Instagram and stuff. Of course, if it is suggestive then it’s a different story. Although, Amane did totally nail the desire for approval part.

Btw after this week, I will be on school holiday for about 2 weeks, so more free time to translate. I am also planning on picking up a new series, well kinda. Of course I haven’t forgotten about Goblin lady. I will tell you more about it soon.


  1. FictionGram = Instagram

CFD – Chapter 18 – The Thoughtful Beauty’s Livestream

After leaving the riverside with Azami and heading home together, I bid farewell to her as she mentioned she has a live stream coming up. I returned to my own room at home.

Having met Azami, I had postponed the summoning of a new spirit. Now, I decided to give it a try. I lay on my bed, lazily gazing at the chatter on Shouter, when suddenly information began to flow in.

It seems that Azami and the others, along with Forest, are planning to begin their exploration of the lower levels on Saturday. The source of this information is Mutsuo’s Shouts.

Apparently, they have made the decision to venture into the lower levels based on my evaluation from yesterday. Considering how much they inquired me about it, I am not surprised. However, I never expected them to challenge the lower levels during a collaboration livestream with Azami.

Despite the fact that she had just narrowly escaped being killed by monsters in the lower levels, it’s surprising that Azami and the others agreed to it.

Feeling a bit curious, I decided to see if they were discussing anything related to this matter during Azami’s ongoing live stream.

When I opened the stream, the left side prominently displayed the gameplay screen, while the top right showed Hikari, and the bottom right showed Azami. Today’s stream seemed to be focused on gaming.

“Yes, that’s right! On Saturday, we are going to challenge the lower levels together with everyone from Forest!” (Azami)

Azami exclaimed cheerfully towards the camera. It seems that she was discussing that very topic.

Don’t push yourselves too hard.

Are you sure it’s going to be okay?

Aren’t you scared?

What if another Minotaur appears? What will you do?

Comments filled with worries came in.

“We will be fine. If the Minotaur really exists, it’s a monster that would only be found in the lower levels.” (Azami)

“We could conquer the lower to mid-lower levels with Azami’s tamed monsters alone. So if everyone from the Forest is here, we should be fine exploring the beginning of the lower levels of the dungeon.” (Hikari)

Hikari and Azami paused the game for a moment, and start responding to the comments.

Did Yotsuka-kun and Mutsuo-kun know each other?

“They didn’t know each other, but they happened to run into each other yesterday, so they talked to each other.” (Azami)

“I heard that everyone in Forest fought against the Sword Spirit and ended it ended in a draw. It’s amazing, isn’t it?” (Hikari)


That’s amazing.

The Sword Spirit is Tyr, right? Then maybe they can already handle the Minotaur too, right?

This is reassuring.

“Mutsuo-kun mentioned that it wasn’t a serious battle, just a friendly match, so we can’t be overconfident. However, if we could fight on par with the Sword Spirit, then we should have no problem with at least the entrance of the lower levels.” (Hikari)

“Don’t worry, we won’t delve too deep.” (Azami)

If it’s just that level, then it should be fine. With Hikari, the issue of not having a healer in Forest is solved, they should not fall behind the monsters in the shallow depths of the lower levels.

After that, the two of them return to the game.

Is the collaboration with Yotsuka-kun on Sunday also set in the lower levels?

I am curious about that too.

Exploring the lower levels two days in a row, they are definitely dedicated lower-level explorers already.

“Exploring the lower levels on Sunday sounds like a good idea. It would lack tension if we went to the lower levels with Forest, and then explored the mid-levels with Yotsuka-kun.” (Hikari)

“Hmm… On Sunday, we had planned to have a detailed showcase of his spirits on an easy floor. But you are right, it makes sense. I’ll discuss it later.” (Azami)

“I’m excited to see the spirits in action live for the first time. It’s going to be enjoyable!” (Hikari)

Indeed, Summoner is not a popular job, so many people do not have the opportunity to see spirits.

I have a feeling that on Sunday, we will just be watching without much to do.

“Yeah, I watched a bit of the previous live stream archive, and Yotsuka-kun can handle the lower levels easily even on his own. I wonder what we will be doing.” (Hikari)

“Yotsuka-kun is the type who focuses on the exploration and doesn’t read the comments, so I think our role will be to read out the comments from the viewers, ask questions from an amateur perspective, and bridge the gap between everyone and Yotsuka-kun.” (Azami)

I looked at the five-digit viewers displayed on the screen.

On Sunday, we will be exploring while having this number of viewers. Thinking about it, it’s starting to make me nervous.

Responding to comments might also be quite challenging.

Which one of the two, Yotsuka-kun or Mutsuo-kun, do you both find more appealing?

How close are Azami-chan and Yotsuka-kun, after all?

Does Yotsuka-kun have a girlfriend?

It seems that questions about me are popping up in the conversation.

Please don’t compare me to that handsome guy. Also, shouldn’t you consider comparing me to the other members of the Forest as well?

“Ah, I am curious about this too. Which is your type, Yotsuka-kun or Mutsuo-kun.” (Hikari)

Hikari picked up on the question.

“Well… Both of them are cool, aren’t they?” (Azami)

“Ah, she dodged the question.” (Hikari)

“Because, you know, it would be rude to compare them, right? Someone who is watching this broadcast might be offended, you know?” (Azami)

I am watching. I am not sure about Mutsuo though.

“Praising both of them might make the hardcore fans even more anxious.” (Hikari)

“It’s not rude to deny either.” (Azami)

“But what if you had to choose one?” (Hikari)

“Well… why are those two specifically being mentioned?” (Azami)

“Oh, you mean the handsome guy who seemed to get along well with us and the savior who saved our lives?” (Hikari)

“It’s not like I have any special relationship with Mutsuo-kun as much as people say. It’s no different from the rest of the members of the Forest.” (Azami)

“If I had to choose between someone from the Forest and Yotsuka-kun?” (Hikari)

“I can’t choose.” (Azami)

“Oh, I see. Everyone, it seems like she is trying to keep everyone happy.” (Hikari)

“Why does it turn out that way?” (Azami)

“Maybe because you try to please everyone.” (Hikari)

“Well, what about you, Hikari-chan? Which of the two would you pick?” (Azami)

“I’m on Team Mutsuo-kun.” (Hikari)

“I’m sorry, Yotsuka-kun.” Hikari apologized, rejecting me. Unlike Azami, she was the type to give a clear answer in situations like this. Well, it didn’t really bother me that she rejected me.

To be honest, I’m only curious about Azami’s answer.

When it comes to these two, I’m on Team Azami.

Hikari is not my type.

Yotsuka-kun got rejected, lol.

After he helped them…

“It’s all about looks, huh.” (Azami)

I admit that I don’t stand a chance based on appearance. Let’s pray that Hikari can become the “Number Three” for Mutsuo.

Or rather, is there any place I can win at?

Perhaps in terms of abilities as an explorer. However, even in that aspect, it may seem indistinguishable to an outsider, especially considering that they are both venturing into the lower layers.

It’s possible that I’m losing in terms of income as well. While the exact income of popular streamers is unknown, unlike the profession of an explorer which has its limitations, as a streamer, Mutsuo may be earning more without the restrictions of a tenth of the earnings. So there is a possibility of falling behind him in that aspect too.

It may appear that Mutsuo, who leads a team of three companions, is more dependable compared to me, who explores solo.

He seems to excel in his studies, and besides the uncertain path of being an explorer or a streamer, he may have other promising future prospects as well.

Having two girlfriends, he must be experienced in dating and entertaining women.

The more I think about it, the clearer it becomes that my chances are slim.

But I guess winning or losing in that regard doesn’t really matter in the end.

“So, you have some interaction with the members of Forest in real life, albeit mostly related to our streams, but what about Yotsuka-kun? How is it in that regard?” (Hikari)

“Is this conversation still going on?” (Azami)

“Well, I mean, we are receiving questions, so it’s inevitable.” (Hikari)

“Well, Yotsuka-kun is just a classmate to me, and we have known each other since we were little. Our houses were close by, so we are childhood friends. Recently, we haven’t been talking much though.” (Azami)

“It seems like you have known each other for quite a while.” (Hikari)

“Yes, in terms of duration, that’s true.” (Azami)

“Well, in your case, your childhood friend who you had grown apart from came to your rescue in a pinch? That’s incredibly dramatic. It sounds like the setup for a romantic storyline with Mutsuo-kun as the sacrificial lamb.” (Hikari)

“I wouldn’t call him a sacrificial lamb.” (Azami)

“Did you develop feelings for him? Maybe you should start dating already.” (Hikari)


Don’t date him.

Don’t say weird things, Hikari-chan.

“Don’t tease me.” (Azami)

“Let’s change the topic then. Oh, before that, just to confirm, do you know if Yotsuka-kun has a girlfriend?” (Hikari)

“…He shouldn’t have one.” (Azami)

“Yes, everyone heard that. There is a possibility that Yotsuka-kun might also be interested in Azami-chan.” (Hikari)

I can’t believe it, Yotsuka better stay away!

Don’t you dare come near our Azami-chan!

Following Hikari’s provocation, such comments started to appear. Even if you say that, Azami is the one who invited me as a guest.

Further, what does “also” refer to? Is it true from Hikari’s perspective that Mutsuo is interested in Azami?

“So, in the end, what viewers really want to know is what type of guy is Azami interested in and whether there is a possibility of she is dating someone, right? What can you tell us about that?” (Hikari)

“Well, it’s hard to say.” (Azami)

“And what about your desire for marriage?” (Hikari)

“Well… I do have a desire to get married. I would like to do it sooner rather than later.” (Azami)

Wait, really?

Don’t get married.

I wish you happiness in the future.

“Seems like there are some overly eager comments, but it’s still a long way off.” (Azami)

“On a serious note, if you were to continue trying to please everyone at this stage, wouldn’t there be a huge backlash if I were to announce a marriage in the future?” (Hikari)

“I-Is that so?” (Azami)

I understand.

If she appears too pure and innocent, she might attract some strange people.

There are already quite a few unicorns1 out there.

It’s important to get accustomed to the presence of men to some extent.

I’m not saying you have to become like Hikari-chan, but if you plan to get married soon, it might be important to establish the understanding that ‘the time will come soon’ to ensure a smoother transition. It can be quite unsettling to suddenly have news about your relationship one day.

“Well, everyone in the comment section seems to be nodding in agreement.” (Hikari)

“Um… Well, if I happen to find a suitable partner someday, I would like to get married. So, please wish me luck.” (Azami)

“What kind of person do you want as a marriage partner?” (Hikari)

“I’m looking for someone I can feel safe with.” (Azami)

“Ah, so you are the type who seeks peace of mind. You can earn your own money after all.” (Hikari)

Making its first appearance in Japan, Azami-chan’s ideal type: someone who can make her feel safe.

Well, in that case, maybe I have a chance… not.

I’m a civil servant, so I have stability going for me.

Someone who can make you feel at ease, huh?

It seems like a distant concept to me.

After all, I am a lower-level explorer and is constantly in danger.

“Well, let’s drop this topic, okay?” (Azami)

“Agreed. By the way, my type is a good-looking man with a high income. I will be waiting!” (Hikari)

With Hikari’s declaration, the conversation shifted to other topics.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

The number of flags being set between this and the previous chapter. 

OMG Hikari is so annoying. She made me feel so uncomfortable reading this chapter. Like normally, you wouldn’t pick a question that you know the other party feels uncomfortable talking about and yet she does. Azami gave obvious signs that she did not want to talk about this and yet she continues. Is there a deeper story in Azami and Hikari’s relationship? What I assume is happening is that Hikari likes Mutsuo but he is only aiming for Azami, so she tries to push Azami and Yotsuka’s relationship but it’s done in an annoying way.

Yotsuka says that his and Mutsuo’s abilities in exploring might be indistinguishable from the outside but we all know that is not the case. My man can simply walk through lower levels like a king, the difference is plain as day. 

Btw this chapter’s title is “八方美人配信” which I have no idea how to translate so someone correct me if the title is wrong.


  1. In otaku culture a unicorn is a fan who believes their oshi/streamer is a pure and innocent girl who will never marry or date 

CFD – Chapter 17 -《Bulletin Board》

[Thread talking about Azami part76]

714 Anonymous Monster
They just had a near-death experience, and yet they are already resuming their exploration. Azami-chan and the others are strong.

717 Anonymous Monster
Well, Minotaurs hardly ever appear in the middle layers, so I guess that’s why.

721 Anonymous Monster
But if it were me, I would probably be traumatized.

723 Anonymous Monster
By the way, did you see Mutsuo’s shout1?

726 Anonymous Monster
Don’t mention that name here.

727 Anonymous Monster
He better stay away from Azami-chan.

728 Anonymous Monster
I really hate the Saturday collaborations.

729 Anonymous Monster
Are those two hot girlfriends not enough for him? How much of a lustful monster is he?

730 Anonymous Monster
As expected, the atmosphere quickly became tense.

731 Anonymous Monster
Yotsuka is the guest on Sunday. It’s tough to have male-related topics continue during the weekend.

732 Anonymous Monster
I went to see Mutsuo’s Shouter2. Is that for real?

735 Anonymous Monster
What happened? Could it be a declaration of a relationship with Azami? I’m too scared to go see it.

739 Anonymous Monster
In the title of the scheduled stream that was shouted out, there were words like “descending into the lower levels”…

743 Anonymous Monster
Seriously? Do they have a death wish?

745 Anonymous Monster
It’s the title of Saturday’s stream.

749 Anonymous Monster
What?! Azami-chan is also involved?! Don’t drag her into this, Mutsuo!

752 Anonymous Monster
By the way, I’m surprised Azami-chan accepted it. She just suffered a crushing defeat against the Minotaur, a lower-level monster. Normally, she would refuse something like this.

Was she always this reckless?

753 Anonymous Monster
Don’t go, Azami-chan…

754 Anonymous Monster
Please let it be Mutsuo’s recklessness. If that happens, Azami-chan should also decline the collaboration from now on.3

756 Anonymous Monster
What happened to lead to such a decision?

757 Anonymous Monster
There was an additional shout. It seems that Yotsuka-kun had a match with Forest and received approval for lower-level exploration.

761 Anonymous Monster
Seriously? Yotsuka had to meddle in unnecessary things.

763 Anonymous Monster
Well, Forest is actually strong, though.

767 Anonymous Monster
They might be strong, but I have doubts about them being classified as lower-level capable. Aren’t you still a bit concerned?

770 Anonymous Monster
By the way, when did Yotsuka and Mutsuo get to know each other?

771 Anonymous Monster
I wonder if Azami-chan agreed because Yotsuka-kun gave his OK.

772 Anonymous Monster
Well, Azami-chan and Hikari-chan will be joining them, so they should have some leeway. I don’t think they will be completely overwhelmed as soon as they enter the lower levels. They should be able to assess the situation and retreat if needed.

775 Anonymous Monster
Didn’t they mention in the recent stream that they would postpone the lower-level exploration for a bit longer?

778 Anonymous Monster
They did say that. It seems like they suddenly got ahead of themselves. I thought they were a relatively cautious group for high schoolers.

782 Anonymous Monster
Could it be that they have developed a sense of rivalry against Yotsuka-kun?

786 Anonymous Monster
That might be the case. If they hear about someone from the same local high school exploring the lower levels solo, it’s only natural for their feelings to be stirred as fellow high school explorers.

789 Anonymous Monster
I hope they are not thinking about showing off in front of Azami-chan or anything like that.

792 Anonymous Monster
The people here often worry about Azami-chan and Mutsuo getting together, but considering Forest’s team composition, wouldn’t they actually want Hikari-chan more?

795 Anonymous Monster
That’s true. They don’t have a healer in their group.

796 Anonymous Monster
Considering Forest’s strength and reputation, they could easily find a healer if they put out a recruitment notice. Maybe they are really just aiming for Azami-chan.

800 Anonymous Monster
But now that you mention it, there’s also a possibility that they’re aiming for Hikari-chan as well. She’s cute too. Even though they say she is older, they are not that far apart in age, right?

805 Anonymous Monster
I wonder what the actual situation is. Is Mutsuo really targeting one of them, or maybe he’s not targeting either of them and just hanging out with them as fellow local explorers and streamers of the same age?

809 Anonymous Monster
These days, with new guys like Yotsuka appearing, it must be tough for Azami-chan’s fans.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

I wonder how they are gonna completely mess up the exploration. Btw I still don’t see the Harem, unless you count Rinnea as one lol.

I don’t have to put footnotes for Shout and Shouter anymore right?

EDIT: LOL it finally happened, I forgot to change the url of this page so the post can link to this


  1. Author’s version of Tweet
  2. Author’s version of Twitter
  3. Raw is “ムツオの暴走であってくれ。そうすればアザミちゃんも今からコラボ断ってくれるはず”. I have no idea if I translated it correctly.

CFD – Chapter 16 – A World with Jobs

I headed to the riverbed after school to continue my training. After finishing my usual spar with Tyr, I promptly sat down on the ground.

Feeling the wind blow across the river, I began my meditation.

The presence was extremely close.

While restraining the overwhelming feeling of anticipation, I earnestly pulled it closer, and finally, my hand reached it.

The channel opened.

Information about a new spirit’s existence flows into me. I can feel that presence.

“Hahahaha…” (Yotsuka)

I couldn’t help but let out laughter at the unfamiliarity of the spirits that could now communicate, the feeling and sense of accomplishment that came with it.

This is interesting.

That is the main impression I have of the new spirit’s power.

I might be the first person in the world to communicate with a spirit possessing this kind of ability. Such self-conceited thoughts start to arise in my mind. It was an extraordinary spirit with abnormal abilities.

Eager to test that power immediately, I stopped meditating and opened my eyes.

Before summoning the spirit, I decided to take a look around and assess my surroundings. As I glanced around, I noticed a person behind me.

Azami, dressed in a uniform, was looking at me from a distance. 

As soon as she noticed my awareness of her presence, she began to approach me.

I wondered if she had something to discuss. Lately, I’ve had more opportunities to talk to her all at once. Such thoughts crossed my mind.

“Good work, can I sit next to you?” (Azami)

“Sure.” (Yotsuka)

Azami took a seat next to me.

“How long have you been watching?” (Yotsuka)

“I have been watching for a little while. I heard from Mutsuo and the others that Yotsuka-kun was training here yesterday, so I came to see if he was here today… I was just observing from a distance and did not want to disturb you. Are you taking a break?” (Azami)

Come to think of it, Shinooka mentioned yesterday that Azami and Mutsuo had a conversation. It seems like my name came up during that discussion.

“Well, I was actually in the midst of meditation. It was for the purpose of communicating with the new spirit.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. Summoners have their unique ways of training, huh?” (Azami)

“What about Monster Tamers? What kind of training do they undergo?” (Yotsuka)

“…Well, that depends on Nai-chan and the others.” (Azami)

Curious about it, I asked about the kind of training Monster Tamers undergo. However, since being a Monster Tamer wasn’t exactly a job that required the Monster Tamer themselves to do something specific, it seemed that there wasn’t any specific training for the Tamers themselves. Or perhaps Azami was simply slacking off.

After that, we discussed the details of the upcoming guest livestream scheduled for Sunday.

Once we wrapped up the discussion, Azami abruptly stopped speaking and looked around her surroundings.

“This place feels nostalgic, doesn’t it?” (Azami)

“I come here quite often, so I don’t have that kind of feeling.” (Yotsuka)

“Oh, I see. Well, I haven’t really come here since… that incident.” (Azami)

“That incident, huh? It feels nostalgic. It’s been about ten years already, right?” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long.” (Azami)

Azami’s words triggered a certain incident to resurface in my mind.

It happened eleven years ago when we were in first grade of elementary school.

Back then, Azami and I were in the same class and were good friends. We often gathered around this area with a few other classmates to play, and that day was no exception. There were about ten of us, if I recall correctly. I can’t quite remember what we were playing, whether it was soccer or dodgeball, but I do remember using a ball. I also have a vague recollection that Azami was quite strong in the game.

As we continued playing, I noticed that one of our group members had left and was talking to another group nearby. There was something unsettling about the situation, which made us all concerned. We paused our game and gathered around to see what was happening.

The group was made up of our senpais1, mostly boys, about ten or so. Or was it eight?

It was a simple situation. One of our group members was being confronted by our senpais, who demanded that we vacate the play area and give it to them. The person being confronted seemed to politely refuse, but our senpais remained visibly agitated by their response.

As everyone gathered in that spot, the argument escalated further.

“Move! No, we won’t. Move! There’s plenty of space over there. No, it’s not happening.” Such exchanges were repeated.

Unable to tolerate the ongoing high-handed orders, one of our group members eventually snapped in anger.

“Stop it already!” (Kid)

“Shut up!” (Senpai)

Their leader, feeling provoked by our friend yelling at him, struck our friend with a punch. Our friend stumbled backward, falling on their rear.

In response, one of our friends, who had a strong sense of justice, became even angrier. He attempted to retaliate, but the leader’s fist intercepted his chin from below. The small body went flying through the air.

The leader continued his assault, mercilessly attacking my classmate who was already on the ground, defenseless. He kicked the fallen body without any mercy. His companions watched the scene with smug expressions. My classmates and I were momentarily frozen in shock and fear, unable to move.

Eventually, I was the first to regain my senses and tried to intervene to stop him. The sound of my classmate’s breathing, who was being kicked repeatedly, sounded strange.

As a result, I was kicked and sent flying directly from the front. I remember the sensation of being lifted off the ground, with the impact hitting my tailbone.

It was clear to me now. From the attacks on my classmates, I had a faint suspicion, and now I am certain. The leader was likely a warrior or a martial artist.

As I lay there in pain, my gaze turned towards the leader who seemed to be satisfied, tilting his chin and saying something. I couldn’t make out the words. He was probably urging us to leave the scene.

Meanwhile, my head was filled with anger. The pain only fueled my rage, and in that moment, I realized something. When I desired the power to seek revenge against the leader, a connection was made. It was the first time in my life that I felt the channel opening with a spirit.

Summon, Salamander!” (Yotsuka)

I remember shouting those words.

As the summoned spirit appeared, indicating that I still had the will to oppose them, the leader showed his anger once again. He tensed his shoulders and started walking steadily towards me.

I did not panic and run.

At that time, I remember thinking, “Is this guy stupid?”

I also had a faint sense that if I were to be caught by him, I would be killed.

Of course, I would not let myself get caught by this foolish person who was casually strolling towards me.

The fiery lizard turned the leader into a human torch. If it were now, I could reduce him to a pile of ash in an instant without causing much suffering. However, at that time, the firepower of the summoned Salamander was not sufficient for such a feat. It was a lower-ranked individual among the Salamanders.

A scream echoed through the air.

Upon witnessing that, several of his companions started approaching me. They were probably trying to stop me. I saw it as their support for their leader or their intention to attack me.

More human torches were created, their screams intensifying.

When I turned my gaze towards the remaining senpais, one of them reached out their hand towards me.

In hindsight, he might have been a mage or something, and perhaps he was trying to extinguish the flames of his companions using magic. I can’t be sure. It’s impossible to know now. At that time, I acted based on my intuition that something was approaching. In reality, there was a high possibility of incoming attack magic, so I still believe it was the right judgment.

Salamander engulfed the remaining senpais in flames.

Until the screams of the boys engulfed in flames subsided, it felt like a long time, or maybe it was short. For me, who was on edge, waiting for any further threats, it felt long. However, I remember that no adults had come rushing in during that time, so maybe it didn’t actually take that long.

None of the senpais survived.

I confirmed their collapsed figures, completely blackened, and just as I let my guard down and released the summoning of the Salamander, the adults gathered around.

By that time, the presence of my other classmates finally returned to my consciousness.

They were casting fearful glances at me.

Azami was no exception.

Seeing the corpses and the gazes directed at me, I began to ponder if what I had done was wrong, if I had gone too far.

After that, the police arrived and we were each separated and questioned about the circumstances. I don’t know how everyone explained things.

In the end, I was commended.

Yes, commended.

In my childish mind, I had prepared myself for possible arrest, but what awaited me was a podium for commendation.

I mustered up the courage to confront our senpais and saved a classmate who was on the verge of being killed. At that time, our homeroom teacher praised and commended me in front of my classmates. The classmate who had been relentlessly kicked by the leader had multiple fractures, starting from their jaw and extending to various parts of their body.

Even if I were to experience the same situation again, I must never show any mercy. That’s what my father taught me. Engaging in battles utilizing our jobs is a matter of life and death. To show mercy in a life-or-death situation would mean accepting the possibility of being killed oneself. That’s what he said.

After that, both my homeroom teacher and my father emphasized that I must never use the power of my job to attack others under any circumstances.

That incident served as a lesson for us, showing us the consequences of using our jobs as weapons in a fight.

Even if we turned into human torches and ended up completely charred, nobody would show us any sympathy.

Now that I have grown up, I understand. With the power of Jobs, even children can easily kill others. For young fighters or warriors, it would be as simple as punching and killing a peer with a non-melee job. If a young mage were to wield that power recklessly, the situation would become even more serious.

In reality, incidents like the one I experienced occur every year. However, it seems that there are fewer cases where the perpetrators face retaliation. Particularly among children in elementary school, especially those in the lower grades, there is a relatively high occurrence of murder cases involving boys and girls with jobs.

Possessing a job means that one should not underestimate even young children as opponents.

Occasionally, there may be voices of condemnation towards cases like mine where retaliation occurred, criticizing the idea of going as far as killing. However, such voices are often targeted for criticism themselves, being seen as ignorant individuals who still don’t understand the true danger of possessing jobs.

It is often said that children in the era before the appearance of jobs were quite safe.

“You know, back then…” (Azami)

Hearing Azami’s words brought me back from my childhood reminiscence.

“I got a little scared of you, Yotsuka-kun. I’m sorry.” (Azami)

“It’s understandable.” (Yotsuka)

I do think that I was quite merciless. And the sight of burned bodies is visually shocking. It’s only natural for a young girl like Azami to fear me, the one who created that scene.

“But… Yotsuka-kun, you were also scared, weren’t you?” (Azami)

“…Well, I suppose so.” (Yotsuka)

My fighting instinct was driven by anger and I killed relentlessly, so I didn’t feel much fear, but I nodded without mentioning that.

“That’s why, even though it’s a bit late to say it now, I think Yotsuka-kun, who stood up alone, is amazing.” (Azami)

She praised me.

TL notes:

Thanks for reading!

Here is a surprise extra chapter lol.

Man, the adults really took their time huh. The argument seems to have gone on for a long time too. If adults know that this shit happens every year and is more common in elementary school, why is there no supervisor looking over them? Sure you can argue lack of manpower, but like isn’t this also one of the causes of the lower population in Japan, you know, the thing the government is trying to fix?

What a messed up world they live in.


  1. Upperclassman or senior in school

CFD – Chapter 15 – Rumors

“I heard someone saw Forest and Azami-chan and the others having a meeting yesterday.” (Tsuguru)

On Thursday, when I arrived at school, Shinooka brought up such rumors.

“Is that so? They collaborate quite often and interact as streamers, so it could be a discussion or something related to that.” (Yotsuka)

“They have a collaboration scheduled for Saturday, so it might be related to that meeting as well.” (Tsuguru)

“Oh, they have such plans?” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, they are going on a dungeon exploration with six people.” (Tsuguru)

“Yesterday, Forest approached me as well.” (Yotsuka)

“Eh, for real?” (Tsuguru)

“I was training by the riverside when they approached me.” (Yotsuka)

“So, what did they want?” (Tsuguru)

“They wanted to have a match against my spirit, so I agreed. They fought against Tyr with four people and held their own..” (Yotsuka)

“Tyr, you mean that one? The one who easily defeated a Minotaur? If you can go toe-to-toe with Tyr, you’re already at the lower-level class.” (Tsuguru)

“With those four, I think they will be fine to some extent. Although I do have some concerns.” (Yotsuka)

“Were there any areas that felt problematic?” (Tsuguru)

“…I think it’s the part where they held their own evenly with only the four of them. Forest doesn’t have a healer, right? Relying solely on potions has its limits when it comes to immediate and effective healing. If something happens to one of them, they could be overwhelmed in an instant.”

“Yeah, like having a safety margin.” (Tsuguru)

“Exactly.” (Yotsuka)

“But still, having the ability to venture into the lower levels while still in high school is impressive, you know? Well, I don’t know how it feels from your perspective. From someone like me, I am quite jealous.” (Tsuguru)

“The playing field is definitely different for those who go on to college.” (Yotsuka)

“Mutsuo, the leader, mentioned in a stream that he is planning to go to college. And his academic performance is definitely way better than mine.” (Tsuguru)

It seems like Shinooka was a viewer of Forest.

“College, huh? I wonder what his plans are for the future. He seems to be excellent as an explorer. Will he retire and find employment, or something along those lines?” (Yotsuka)

“He said he plans to continue working as an explorer.” (Tsuguru)

“Well, in that case, academic qualifications wouldn’t really be necessary, would they?” (Yotsuka)

“He also said he wanted to try his hand at college studies.” (Tsuguru)

“Oh, that’s mocking.” (Yotsuka)

“You think so too?” (Tsuguru)

“If he goes to that extent.” (Yotsuka)

He has a handsome appearance, a sharp intellect, a good educational background, and he is also physically strong. He also has two girlfriends, and on top of that, he is diligent. Moreover, based on the impression from when I met him yesterday, he was polite and had a good demeanor. His attitude towards me seemed overly excessive for just a high school student, but it was probably because he was talking to a lower-level explorer. 

Actually if he had requested to fight Tyr in a more casual tone, I think I would have been offended. Tyr is also the result of my training and, more importantly, it is a great spirit. I don’t want Tyr to be used as a training tool.

“By the way, how was Forest when actually talking to them?” (Tsuguru)

“I only directly spoke to Mutsuo-kun. He was pretty much the same as the impression I saw during the live stream. He gave off the vibe of a polite and well-mannered young man.” (Yotsuka)

As we were talking, I saw Azami enter the classroom. 

Shinooka also glanced in that direction and whispered in a lower voice. 

“I wonder if that kind of person is her type.” (Tsuguru)

He didn’t specify who he was referring to, but I know what he is asking.

“I wonder.” (Yotsuka)

“What do you think? If she ends up being the third person in Mutsuo’s rumored love triangle.” (Tsuguru)

“…Well, that’s up to the person to decide.” (Yotsuka)

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CFD – Chapter 14 – Forest

Today is Wednesday. Currently, I am spending time working out on the riverbed today together with Amane.

Her job is a magic swordsman. She is more adept at close combat and can skillfully wield her sword much better than me. Although she says she has no intention of becoming an explorer, for some reason, she occasionally joins and trains with me.

I am currently doing my usual meditation.

Although I describe it as a journey of a thousand miles, it turns out to be closer than expected. It seems like I would comfortably make it in time by the weekend. I have been dedicating most of my time to meditation even after returning home.

“I am sorry to disturb you while you are in the middle of training. May I have a word?” (?)

A presence approached from behind and spoke to me.

In response, I opened my closed eyes.

At the edge of my field of vision, there was a handsome man in a uniform, kneeling on one knee and looking at me.

I recognized him.

If I recall correctly, he is the leader of a group of streamers called “Forest,” who primarily focus on dungeon exploration. All the members are male students from the same high school. I have seen them occasionally collaborating with Azami and Hikari when exploring dungeons. I remember him distinctly because he has two girlfriends.

However, at least from what I have seen during their streams, he gave the impression of being a polite and well-mannered young man. Even now, as he approaches and speaks to me while I’m meditating, he was kneeling and making eye contact.

“It’s alright. Is there something you need?” (Yotsuka)

“When I passed by here, I caught sight of your training scene. I would love to have a match with the spirits over there.” (Mutsuo)

The man in front of me, Mutsuo, had a sword at his waist. If he was indeed Forest’s Mutsuo, then that sword was not merely for show.

“Alright.” (Yotsuka)

In response, I called out to Amane, who was sparring with Tyr.

“Amane, switch with this person for a moment.” (Yotsuka)

“Sure.” (Amane)

In response, Amane came over to stand by my side.

“Thank you.” (Mutsuo)

In exchange, Mutsuo stood up and expressed his gratitude before making his way towards Tyr.

As he drew the sword from his waist, a shield appeared in his left hand.

Mutsuo lunged at Teul, but his attack was dodged, and in turn, Tyr counterattacked. He blocked a strike aimed at his torso with his shield, then jumped back to create some distance.

The sword and shield emitted a radiant glow. The shield disappeared, and in its place, his right-hand sword elongated, becoming larger in size. It seemed that he had switched his weapon.

The weapon he possesses, known as an “Artifact,” is obtained from treasure chests within the dungeon itself. These artifacts often possess mysterious and extraordinary effects, and so far, their artificial reproduction has not been possible. It is said that the one Mutsuo possesses has the ability to transform into various weapons.

Mutsuo, wielding a longsword, clashed with Tyr. As Tyr’s sword speed gradually increased, Mutsuo seemed unable to withstand the pressure and once again created distance. This time, he transformed his weapon into a spear. Then, he switched to a poleaxe, followed by dual swords. It appeared that Mutsuo was employing various tactics, such as taking advantage of distance, prioritizing power, and increasing his versatility. However, despite his efforts, he gradually fell behind in keeping up with Tyr’s movements, and just moments before Tyr’s sword touched Mutsuo’s shoulder, the fight ended.

“He is quite strong.” (Amane)

“Yeah, I suppose so.” (Yotsuka)

I nodded in agreement with Amane’s impression by my side.

“Sorry, would it be possible for me to have another battle with my friends?” (Mutsuo)

“I don’t mind.” (Yotsuka)

As Mutsuo directed his gaze, there were three male students. They were Mutsuo’s companions who had been observing the battle from a slightly distant position.

When our eyes met, they approached us.

“We are going to engage in a team battle together. Please assist me. Let’s give it our all.” (Mutsuo)

Mutsuo’s companions nodded in agreement and arranged themselves in a certain formation.

“I will go on the offensive with Bakku. Ren, you focus on protecting Hidetatsu. If there’s an opening, join in the attack.” (Mutsuo)

The man wielding a large axe and Mutsuo stepped forward, with the man wielding a spear positioned behind them. Behind him stood the man holding a staff.

As the man at the rear raised his staff, the weapons of the three companions began to shimmer. He was most likely an Enchanter, although there was a possibility of being a Mage as well. However, if he was a Mage, they would not have gone into a formation that obstructed their line of sight. In fact, I vaguely remembered them being introduced as Enchanters during their live stream.

The battle between the three companions wielding enhanced weapons and Tyr began.

The result was a close match. Tyr focused on evasion as he was attacked by the two pairs of enchanted large weapons, and with the additional support from the spear user, he put up a good fight. However, from what I observed, Tyr had several opportunities to cut off the handles of the axes or the tips of the spears. However, as it was a training session, I instructed it to not destroy weapons, so it did not do so.

If it had been an anything-goes battle, the situation would have been slightly different for both sides.

In the end, Mutsuo’s side reached their limit in terms of stamina and had to retreat, signaling the end of the battle.

“Thank you for the fight.” (Mutsuo)

The men who had finished their mock battle approached and bowed. Mutsuo folded his knees and made eye contact with me, who remained seated on the ground.

“Well, what do you think? Do you think our skills are sufficient to be effective in the lower levels?” (Mutsuo)

If such a question comes up, it means that he knew that I am a lower-level explorer through a stream or something and reached out to me.

“I think it should work well enough.” (Yotsuka)

Since you can exchange blows with Tyr, you should be able to hold your own in the lower levels to some extent.

“Thank you very much. Well then, I’ll take my leave.” (Mutsuo)

Mutsuo bowed once again, stood up, and left with his companions.

While watching his departing figure, Amane started talking.

“What’s up with those people?” (Amane)

“They are from ‘Forest’. Don’t you recognize them?” (Yotsuka)

“No, I don’t.” (Amane)

“They must have approached me to test their skills before venturing into the lower levels.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. Onii-chan, you’re becoming famous.” (Amane)

“It’s just a coincidence. They occasionally collaborate with Azami-san, so they might have come to know me through that connection.” (Yotsuka)

“Oh, now that you mention it, I might know who that guy is. He is the person rumored to be targeting Azami-senpai, right?” (Amane)

“Huh, really?” (Yotsuka)

That’s not good now, isn’t it?1 I kinda don’t like that person now.

While talking about such things, we went back to our original training.

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  1. Probably referring to how Mutsuo already has 2 girlfriends and he is trying to get another.

CFD – Chapter 13 – A Dry Vision of the Future

“You know, my parents always come home late.” (Azami)

While saying that, Azami brought out tea, so I thanked her and accepted it.

“They are busy with work, aren’t they?” (Yotsuka)

“It seems so. They always come back late at night and are busy even on weekends… I don’t know if it’s really just working though.” (Azami)

In the end, I heard some unsettling words and felt puzzled about how to react, so I took a sip of tea.

“Well, it’s fine for now because I have these kids.” (Azami)

She must have felt lonely in the past. The monsters that were keeping their distance until a while ago gathered around Azami and nestled up beside her as she took her seat.

“You guys seem to get along well.” (Yotsuka)

“Well, I am a Monster Tamer, after all. It’s natural to have this kind of bond. How about you, Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“You mean with Amane?” (Yotsuka)

“That too, but also with the spirits. I watched your stream. It seemed like you and Rinnea-chan got along well, but do you also call them when you’re at home?” (Azami)

“Not really. It would be lively if I called them, but it would also become quite chaotic. I prefer to have a calm environment.” (Yotsuka)

I can’t relax if the spirits are constantly out.

“What about Amane-chan?” (Azami)

“I don’t think our relationship is bad. Although,  she did tell me that she was against me being an explorer the other day.” (Yotsuka)

“I talked with her about it a bit before, but it seems like she is really concerned about you.” (Azami)

“I tried to explain that it’s a socially necessary job, but I couldn’t get her to understand.” (Yotsuka)

“It’s natural to worry when it involves family. No matter how strong Yotsuka-kun is…” (Azami)

“I understand that. Especially since it hasn’t been that long since my father passed away.” (Yotsuka)

My father was strong and experienced, yet he still passed away. It’s understandable that your older brother, who is a high school student, would appear even more vulnerable and dangerous in her eyes.

“I will delve into the dungeon even if she dislikes it. It’s for the sake of society.” (Yotsuka)

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” (Azami)

“I am afraid, but well, I guess it’s okay. It can’t be helped.” (Yotsuka)

“It seems like you’re not the type to weigh life too heavily.” (Azami)

“Yeah, that’s right. Amane sarcastically called me progressive for that.” (Yotsuka)

“I think I’m more like you, Yotsuka-kun. I just can’t feel that life is so heavy. It feels light, transient, and disposable.” (Azami)

Azami paused for a moment and had a distant look in her eyes, as if gazing into the distance.

“But for Amane-chan, it’s a heavy burden, isn’t it?… I wish I could experience being cherished like that too.” (Azami)

“Aren’t you being cherished?” (Yotsuka)

As I recalled her unsettling words from earlier, I hesitated but decided to speak up.

“You know, when I mentioned wanting to have monsters as companions, those two1 said something along the lines of ‘Raise them yourself.’ They suggested that I should delve into dungeons and earn money if I want to keep them. They didn’t seem particularly interested.” (Azami)

Upon hearing that, Azami gently stroked her Knight (Nai-chan).

Silence fell upon us, leaving us with no words to say.

“Well, in reality, if you have monsters as companions, you do need to take them to dungeons for stress relief, so that aspect is not necessarily a problem.” (Azami)

“Still, everyone around you cares about you deeply.” (Yotsuka)

You mean our classmates and the viewers of my live stream? But they are not like that. Or rather, even if I died all of a sudden, they would would continue their everyday lives as usual the next day.2” (Azami)

I can understand what she is trying to say.

In essence, it seems like she is longing for affection.

Perhaps it’s a feeling that I, who have someone3 who deeply cares about me, may not fully comprehend.

“To be honest… it may sound selfish, but sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is just gathering substitutes.” (Azami)

“Substitutes?” (Azami)

“I gathered Nai-chan and the others as a substitute for family, and I live stream to gather viewers as a substitute for the affection I couldn’t obtain. I feel like I’m just desperately trying to fill the void in my heart, even though they can never be filled.” (Azami)

“But… isn’t there value in what you have gathered?” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah. Even if they are substitutes, they are irreplaceable and precious to me. And I believe I will continue gathering them in the future. I’ll strive to increase my monsters and make efforts to reach more viewers. …Besides, there are things I haven’t tried yet, I’m wondering if there might be something there.” (Azami)

“What are those things you haven’t tried yet?” (Yotsuka)

Love.4” (Azami)

Upon hearing that blunt response, the hand that was reaching for the tea stopped midway. Nevertheless, Azami continued without paying it much attention.

“In this day and age, it’s often said that women should prioritize getting married and having children.” (Azami)

“Indeed, there is such a trend.” (Yotsuka)

I learned that in the past, it wasn’t like that, but with the emergence of dungeons in an already declining birth rate society, there was a greater need for manpower, and the number of deaths among young people increased significantly. This led to the increased trend of expecting women to give birth.

The ratio of men dying while diving into dungeons is higher, and as a result, polygamy has been legalized in recent years to address the population imbalance.

“I also sometimes wonder if it would be better for me to get married and have children at an early age. Because, you know, a husband and children essentially form a family, right? I think that maybe if I have a new family, the void in my heart might finally be filled… But it’s probably not a good idea. I have a feeling that if I were to marry based on such strange thoughts, it would end in failure. But I probably won’t be able to stop myself. I keep having these strange dreams, thinking, ‘Maybe with this person…'” (Azami)

“… Do you have someone in mind?” (Yotsuka)

“For now, I don’t.” (Azami)

Azami shook her head.

“But even so, there are many people who approach me. I have this image that people like me, who are starved for affection, tend to attract the wrong kind of men. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I were to pursue a relationship.” (Azami)

“You’re really looking at yourself from a bird’s-eye view.” (Yotsuka)

“Do you think so? What about you, Yotsuka-kun? Do you think about things like marriage?” (Azami)

“I haven’t really thought about it. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of me getting a girlfriend or anything.” (Yotsuka)

“Since you can solo lower-level explorations, you must be an advanced explorer, right? Your abilities have been recognized through this incident, so I think you’ll become popular from now on, won’t you?” (Azami)

“Well, if you were to marry someone, it would be a person with a full-time job, right?” (Yotsuka)

It is generally said that explorers, who could die at any time, are not popular as marriage partners. However, there are also stories about them being attractive to others. The actual situation is not well understood.

“In reality, there is a possibility of dying early, so I think the possibility of becoming the last generation is more likely to cross one’s mind, rather than thinking about marriage.” (Yotsuka)

“Then, Yotsuka-kun, it would be better for you to marry and have children early.” (Azami)

“But isn’t that irresponsible considering you don’t know when you might die?” (Yotsuka)

“Not to me. The death of an explorer is a result of contribution to society.” (Azami)

That’s another perspective, and it’s actually a viewpoint that is often seen online. In fact, Azami’s opinion is more in line with the mainstream.

“Well, I’m not particularly averse to marriage.” (Yotsuka)

“I see.” (Azami)

Upon hearing that, Azami takes a sip of her tea.

“By the way, Yotsuka-kun, what kind of person do you like?” (Azami)

“…………I guess I’m mostly focused on appearances. As for personality… it may sound terrible coming from me, but as long as they don’t get in the way, anything goes.” (Yotsuka)

Upon hearing that, Azami chuckled.

“You’re quite dry, aren’t you?” (Azami)

“I think so. By the way, what about your preferences, Azami-san?” (Yotsuka)

“I guess… someone I can feel at ease with.” (Azami)

“That’s vague.” (Yotsuka)

“Yeah, it’s very vague. That’s why it’s easy to get it wrong.” (Azami)

As Azami looked at me, she smiled for some reason.

We continued to chat for a while, and eventually, I decided to leave her house, as Amane was waiting for me. It was getting late, and my mother would likely be home by this time. Amane takes care of preparing dinner.

Walking along the short nighttime path from Azami’s house to my own, holding a wooden sword in hand, I couldn’t help but feel that discussions about marriage and children were making me feel more like a grown-up than deciding on my post-graduation path.

It’s unclear who Azami will end up with. From her own words, she doesn’t seem to have a particularly positive vision of the future in that regard.

As for myself, if I were to be in a relationship, what kind of partner would they be?

I would prefer to be with a woman who is attractive both in terms of her face and physique. That’s how I feel. I can’t imagine being with someone for a long time until I become old and worn out. I have this feeling that I might meet my end before reaching the age of forty, just like my father did. Until then, I want to be with a woman who can provide me with as much sexual satisfaction as possible during my youthful years.

I found myself fantasizing about being Azami’s partner. That’s what crossed my mind.

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Their conversation: *About bonds with monsters*
Yotsuka: YoU MeAN wItH AManE?

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  1. “Those two” probably refers to her parents. So yeh she might not like her parents
  2. Sorry I might have butchered this line. Raw is “クラスの皆や配信の視聴者さん? でも、そういうのじゃないの。もっと、わたしが死んでも明日からまたいつも通りの日常を歩めるような人達じゃなくて”.
  3. Referring to Amane and their parents
  4. The raw actually said “Men” but I replaced it with “love” since it sounds better in a conversation.

CFD – Chapter 12 – Daily routine

After returning home from school, I changed out of my uniform, grabbed a wooden sword, and left the house. I headed straight to the nearby riverbank and summoned Tyr.

While facing Tyr, I hold up my weapon and prepared to engage.

I dodged Tyr’s attacks as it swung its sword towards me, and if I could not evade in time, I blocked it with my wooden sword. While doing this, I looked for openings and attempted to strike back, but it was completely ineffective.

Gradually, Tyr’s speed increased, and eventually, my reactions became too slow. His sword came to a halt, pressing against my neck.

Afterwards, I distanced myself from Tyr and repeated the same process.

It was the usual training scene.

It is important for magic-based jobs to be capable of handling close combat to some extent. That is one of my father’s teachings. Following his advice, I started to train with my sword spirit. I wonder if I could defeat upper-level monsters without relying on the spirits one day. Well, I have no intention of putting that to the test.

My reaction speed which has been developed through this training method has proven to be quite useful, especially when responding to long-range attacks from monsters.

I have never made a mistake that would allow a monster to get close to me.

After a while, as my stamina was depleted, I returned Tyr and sat down on the spot. I took a few moments to catch my breath, then straightened my posture and began to meditate.

There was less than a week left until the promised day with Azami. I wonder if I could form a contract with a new spirit by then. I wrack my brain, trying to come up with something simple yet entertaining for the viewers, but it was difficult.

Since I can summon all the well-known spirits, if I can summon something new from now on, it will inevitably be a rare and unique type of spirit. If successful, it should serve as decent content for the live stream.

Moreover, I have been considering exploring the deeper layers of the dungeon for a while now, so a new source of power could help.

While it’s true that meditation for communicating with new spirits is something I do regularly, the idea of achieving that within less than a week does not seem very promising. However, I can simply allocate more time for meditation. Normally, I would summon multiple spirits to help strengthen my concentration, but I decided against that this time. I will focus solely on the communication aspect.1

When I close my eyes and concentrate, I felt a sensation as if something unfamiliar was stirring within my spiritual realm. It was a feeling that seems to be known only by a few summoners. However, it did not necessarily accelerate the process of communicating with spirits.

I immerse myself further into the meditation while drawing one of that presence closer.

It felt like a journey of a thousand miles.

Surprisingly, it was closer than I expected. Nevertheless, I maintained a positive outlook. In terms of communication with spirits, it was considerably closer than usual. Well, it was better than being tens of thousands of miles away.

By the way, the reason I meditate outside like this instead of in my room is that I feel it’s slightly more effective. 

After a certain amount of time had passed, during which the sensation of sunlight beyond my eyelids and on my skin completely disappeared, I opened my eyes.

I stood up, feeling the results of the day’s work. It seems that most summoners, especially those who cannot sense the presence of spirits that dwell in the spiritual world, will get up without feeling any results at all. Until the moment when a connection can be made with the spirits, it will be a completely uncertain feeling. I am grateful for my blessed constitution.

While holding my wooden sword in my hand, I started to head back home.

On the way, I noticed a lot of people carrying weapons nearby. There are those with swords sheathed at their waist, while others carry axes or spears, and some hold staffs, who are most likely mages. Perhaps they are returning from the dungeons. I wonder if the large group coming from the other side are monster tamers.

To my surprise, one of those monster tamers turned out to be Azami.

“Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“Hey. Returning from the dungeon?” (Yotsuka)

I asked while looking at the knight (Nai-chan) who seemed to be stained with what appeared to be blood.

“You too, Yotsuka-kun?” (Azami)

“Nah, I’m returning from training at the riverside.” (Yotsuka)

“I see. Good job. Shall we go back together?” (Azami)

“Sure.” (Yotsuka)

And so, I ended up walking alongside Azami and her monsters.

“If we had met a little earlier, Hikari-chan would have been with us too.” (Azami) 

“How was your exploration?” (Yotsuka)

“It went perfectly fine. After that incident, I took some time off and decided to dive back into the dungeon on weekdays, although I did feel a strong aversion2 when seeing the dungeon again. I think I am doing much better mentally now.” (Azami) 

“That’s good to hear.” (Yotsuka)

It’s not uncommon for explorers who have experienced a life-threatening situation to lose motivation and retire. It seems like Azami managed to avoid such a fate.

We continued walking while, chatting about trivial matters, until we arrived at Azami’s house.

“Well then…” (Yotsuka)

As we were about to part ways, Azami looked at her home intently before speaking up.

“Yotsuka-kun, do you have some time?” (Azami)

“Time?” (Yotsuka)

I quickly check the time. It is almost dinnertime, but if Azami needs something, I am willing to accompany her.

“I’m ok.” (Yotsuka)

“Then, would you mind coming up to my house for a bit?” (Azami)

“Huh?” (Yotsuka)

Taken aback by the sudden invitation, I let out a slightly foolish-sounding voice.

“Is it no good? I just wanted to talk to you a bit more.” (Azami)

“Is that really ok though…” (Yotsuka)

I glance at Azami’s house. It was dark, with the lights turned off. It seemed like her parents has not returned yet.

“It’s okay.” (Azami)

“Then, I’ll come over. Sorry for intruding.” (Yotsuka)

What could be her intention? Is there perhaps some formal matter she wants to discuss? Or does she genuinely just want to have a chat? Or is it okay for me to expect something more?

Azami opens the entrance door and welcomes me inside. She turns on the lights and guided me to the living room.

“I will be back in a minute.” (Azami)

After saying that, Azami went off to do something. She is probably preparing tea.

In the meantime, her monsters gather around and send their gazes towards me, maintaining a distance that is neither too close nor too far. They seem to have a good relationship, almost like a unified group. It’s refreshing to see them in person, outside of the live streams.

No, now that I think about it, besides the genderless slime, I believe all the others were female.

I tried to reach out my hand, but they ignored it, so I gave up on trying to interact with them.

Instead, I observe the interior of the house.

It’s a tidy space with relatively few items. The cleaning is well taken care of. However, there is a certain lack of homeliness to them. It may sound like a harsh criticism to say that a well-organized and clean space lacks homeliness, but there is something about it that gives off that feeling.

TL notes:

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Towards the end, I think he was trying to either pet Azami’s monsters or something. Funny how last chapter he wasn’t going to visit her house and yet he managed to do it one chapter later.

I am very sure I butchered more lines than usual. Sorry if some doesn’t make any sense.

In other news, the writer for this recently finished the first arc and now is working on the second arc. And… let’s just say things aren’t looking good lol. I will withhold any more comments until more chapters of this arc come out.


  1. Remember that the formula for summoning a new spirit is basically concentration + communication. So basically he is reducing concentration while increasing communication.
  2. Aversion = strong dislike
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