CGM – Vol 3 Prologue

Ah, life is truly wonderful!

I, Wilhelm Wondersky, am a shut-in. Yes, I happily returned to the life of a shut-in.

Every single day, I would wake up in the afternoon, laze around, read books, laze around some more, eat, and continue lazing around. This lazy lifestyle continued day after day.

“I’ll thoroughly enjoy my shut-in life to the fullest!” (Wilhelm)

I dove onto my bed, which I had dubbed as my paradise. It feels comfortable.

Man, this really makes working on things like legendary ghost exterminations and sending souls to heaven worth it. The process was quite challenging, but thanks to that, I’m now able to fully enjoy the shut-in life I’ve always wanted. It really turned out for the best.

My father granted me permission for a three-week shut-in period. However, I’m determined to extend it even further to at least a total of three months.

It’s only the ninth day since I started my shut-in life. My shut-in life has only just begun.

I turned off the lights in my room and started to drift into a blissful dream. It was truly a wonderful dream.

… … …

It’s probably morning by now. No, maybe afternoon. My sense of time has dulled. But it doesn’t really bother me. After all, I’m a shut-in. I don’t have any plans, so there’s no need to worry about being late for anything.

Maybe I’ll sleep a little longer.

… … … … Huh? What is this murderous intent?

When I opened my eyes, I saw my father, wearing a dangerously mischievous expression, with a sword held in a reverse grip, aiming at me.

I smiled back at my father. He returned the smile with a smirk and mercilessly swung down the sword.

“Whoa, that was close!” (Wilhelm)

I rolled off the bed just in time to narrowly avoid it.

“Hmph! Managed to dodge, huh? Your reflexes are as sharp as ever!” (Robert)

“A-Ahhhhhh! My paradise!! Not again!” (Wilhelm)

The sword pierced through the bed, leaving a hole.

“I’ve always told you, this isn’t paradise! It’s the garbage-making machine of our house!” (Robert)

“What a horrible thing to say! Are you saying I’m the junk of the Wondersky family?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s not a horrible to say at all! It’s the undeniable truth!” (Robert)

“I have a question for you, Father. What is love?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s something only someone like Tony deserves!” (Robert)

Tony is my younger brother. He’s handsome and incredibly talented.

“You always favor your second son! What about me then?” (Wilhelm)

“I have as much love for you as I do for a speck of dust.” (Robert)

“Father, you’re lacking in love. You should go start working on that!” (Wilhelm)

“What are you talking about? I’m the most loving man in this town!” (Robert)

“That’s a lie! Yesterday’s dinner didn’t have a main meat dish for me! Where’s the love?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s in my stomach! My meat dish was twice the portion! Hahaha!” (Robert)

What a parent. So irritating.

“Mhnnn! If you don’t show any love for your cute eldest son, he’s going to turn into a delinquent, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? You’ve been a delinquent shut-in for ages. You were sneaking into the kitchen at midnight every day to eat delicious things behind my back, didn’t you? I know everything!” (Robert)

Oh… busted.

I thought as the respectable eldest son of this household, I shouldn’t have to put up with low-quality dinner. So, I grilled some good meat and ate it. It was delicious.

“Anyways, what do you want? I’m busy with my shut-in duties.” (Wilhelm)

“Shut-in isn’t a job! Last time you were a shut-in, you hid the family heirloom sword. Where did you put it?” (Robert)

“Oh, if that’s what you’re after, it’s under the bed.” (Wilhelm)

“Why would you put such an important sword in such a dusty place?” (Robert)

“Because I had to hide it. If you got hold of that powerful sword, you’d put an end to my shut-in life.” (Wilhelm)

“Of course, I would.” (Robert)

My father reached under the bed and retrieved the family heirloom sword. It’s a splendidly decorated, cool-looking sword. I think just having it displayed in the room adds an artistic flair.

“Is that an expensive sword?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s more about its historical value rather than its price. It’s too wasted on you.” (Robert)

Satisfied, my father headed towards the door. When I extend my shut-in period, I’ll have to retrieve that sword again.

“Make sure to close the door properly!” (Wilhelm)

My father left without closing it, even though he was the one who opened it.

Haa… I guess I’ll have to ask our butler, Richard, to fix the bed again…

… … …

The next day…

“WIl-sama, please wake up~ If you don’t wake up, I’ll kiss you~” (?)

My body is gently shaken by someone’s small hands. I still don’t feel like getting up.

“You won’t wake up, hmm? So you want my kiss, right? Well, if you insist. Since no one is watching right now… Hehehe, Wil-sama, you’re such a naughty person~” (Anya)

…I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but am I about to be kissed by someone?

I felt a sweet breath just above my face.

“Mmm…” (?)

I need to wake up quickly. My lips aren’t that cheap.

I opened my eyes wide. Then, I caught the cheeks of the woman in front of me with both hands.

Her face, squeezed between my hands, looked angelic and adorable. Her long silver hair cascaded gently. Her beautiful deep crimson eyes blinked. She showed me a gentle smile.

“Wil-sama, good morning!” (Anya)

“Anya?” (Wilhelm)

This beautiful girl’s name is Anastasia Milkyway. I call her Anya. She’s the guild master of [Grand Bahamut], which I was associated with not too long ago.

…Wait, did I just miss out on a kiss from a beautiful girl in my life? What a waste. I’m seriously regretting it now.

“W-Well, I guess I still haven’t fully woken up yet. So, Anya, can I ask for that kiss again? I’ll wake up this time, I promise. Come on, come on.” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama, [Grand Bahamut] is in trouble!” (Anya)

“Eh. What about the kiss?” (Wilhelm)

“Thanks to the incident with the legendary ghost, [Grand Bahamut] has been receiving a lot of work lately.” (Anya)

“B-But the k-kiss…” (Wilhelm)

“But our guild’s reputation has grown so much that we’re overflowing with requests.” (Anya)

“So, no kiss…? Haa… Does that mean… you need my help?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes! I’d like you to help us, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“I see… Well, um… If possible, I’d be happy if you could still give me that kiss.” (Wilhelm)

Anya blushed and smiled.

“Only when you’re asleep, okay?” (Anya)

Damn it. That’s more than disappointing. My heart feels like it’s breaking. I wonder what it feels like to have the lips of such a beautiful girl. If I had received that kiss, it would have probably felt like heaven.

“Haa… Well, can’t be helped. I guess I’ll get up…” (Wilhelm)

“Are you sure? I was told that you came back to your house to stay shut-in for the next three weeks.” (Anya)

“It’s fine. My number one priority will always be to my cute Anya.” (Wilhelm)

I patted Anya’s head. It’s small and her hair feels nice to touch, so adorable.

“I’m glad. I’ll be able to take care of you again, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“Yeah, I’m counting on you.” (Wilhelm)

She has such a cute smile. Once I settle the issue with [Grand Bahamut], I’ll come back and continue my shut-in life. But until then, I’ll do my best.

Now, time to change. I put on a white shirt and my favorite black pants. I tightened my belt. Finally, I put on my favorite jacket.

“Oh, if you wear a jacket, you might feel too hot.” (Anya)

“Is that so?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, summer is almost here.” (Anya)

Anya opened the curtains in the room.

The dazzling sunlight streamed into my room. Anya, backlit by the sun, looked incredibly picturesque and cute.

“Alright, then I’ll go for a lighter jacket.” (Wilhelm)

It looks the same, but it’s lightweight and made of thin fabric, suitable for summer. I also chose a shirt suitable for summer.

As I started walking towards the exit of the room, Anya happily followed along. Another lively day is about to begin. I wonder if there will be any new encounters. It’s a little exciting.

Suddenly, the door to my room burst open with a loud bang.

The loud noise echoed throughout my room, startling both me and Anya. It wasn’t the kind of sound you’d expect to hear when waking up.

Nii-san1, Father’s in trouble!” (Tony)

Entering my room was my younger brother, Tony.

No matter how many times I have seen him, he always shines like a dazzling fourteen-year-old beauty. With his brown hair and blue eyes, he resembles our father, but he’s far more handsome in his own right. There are plenty of girls who call Tony a prince.

Tony was dressed in a white outfit with a red tie, a look that only suits a handsome guy like him. Even from a guy’s perspective, I can’t help but think he’s unfairly cool.

“Long time no see, Tony. Why are you in such a hurry? Did Father decide to get a mistress around our age or something?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not something that trivial! It’s much more serious. Father suddenly started saying that he wanted me to be the successor of the Wondersky family! Isn’t this a huge deal? I’m the second son of the Wondersky family!” (Tony)

I was taken aback. Oh, is that what this is about?

“Tony, that’s just Father’s usual routine, you know?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? So, you mean he says stuff like that all the time?” (Tony)

“Yeah, he says it quite often.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s awful! We already have a fine eldest son in this house!” (Tony)

“Oh, nice! Keep telling that to Father!” (Wilhelm)

It seems that I have an ally in this house too. Although Tony usually lives in the school dormitory, it’s genuinely happy to have someone on my side.

Anya popped her head out from behind me. She bowed politely with her hands together.

“Nice to meet you. You must be Tony-sama, Wil-sama’s younger brother. I’m Anastasia Milkyway. When I grow up, I hope to be able to marry Wil-sama.” (Anya)

Tony turned pale as he looked at Anya.

“T-There’s a big issue happening in here too! N-Nii-san, isn’t it bad to bring such a young girl into your room? This is really serious!” (Tony)

“Huh, is it?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s a huge issue in society’s eyes. And, nii-san…” (Tony)

Tony approached with a super serious expression.

“If this were to get out, Liliana-san would be devastated.” (Tony)

I tilted my head. Liliana is a former classmate who’s now an elite civil servant, but we’re not particularly involved romantically.

“Why are you bringing up Liliana’s name?” (Wilhelm)

“Well, nii-san, during our school days, you were quite close to Liliana-san… you relied on her so much.” (Tony)

We weren’t that close…

“Well, I can’t deny I was pretty reliant on her.” (Wilhelm)

“I always thought Liliana-san would become my future sister-in-law.” (Tony)

Whoa, whoa, whoa, isn’t that jumping the gun a bit? Sure, we got along well, but our student days with Liliana were in the early teens. It’s too early to decide on a lifelong partner.

“There’s nothing between me and Liliana. So you don’t have to worry about whichever woman I’m getting along with.” (Wilhelm)

“Does Liliana-san feel the same way?” (Tony)

“Huh? Well, I’m not sure. I’ve never asked.” (Wilhelm)

“Nii-san, please be mindful of your actions with women. They might get hurt without you realizing it, you know?” (Tony)

Coming from a guy who’s popular with the ladies, that’s quite convincing.

“…There have been times when, out of nowhere, a woman stood before me with a dark expression, holding a knife, quietly asking what’s so good about that other girl. Haha… Really, be careful out there.” (Tony)

Tony’s expression darkened. For a fourteen-year-old, he’s had quite an experience. Truly fitting for a handsome guy.

“Huh? Wil-sama? Are you saying your relationship with me was just for fun?” (Anya)

Oh no, Anya’s eyes went vacant. That’s a bit scary. Could she have some yandere tendencies? Maybe she’s the type to wield a knife. I better change the subject.

“Tony’s just taking things a bit too seriously. It’s okay, it’s okay. Come on, let’s head to the guild soon.” (Wilhelm)

Sometimes it’s best to just cut off conversations like this. I walked past Tony and out of the room.

“See ya, Tony.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah, nii-san, I haven’t finished yet.” (Tony)

“WIl-sama, please wait. I think we need to have a serious talk about our future. How many babies do you want?” (Anya)

“Nii-san, I’m really worried. Are you sure everything’s okay? Can I trust you?” (Tony)

Let’s just head to the guild already.

And so, I bid farewell to my room, my bed, my paradise, for a while.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

What a start to the volume. Looks like Anya has some hidden yandere tendencies. There was barely any competition so maybe that’s why it never surfaced until MC’s relationship with other girls was brought up.

I would also like to say that MC making Liliana come to wake him up every morning makes them look super close, so I can see the misunderstanding forming.


  1. Nii-san means elder brother.

CGM – Vol 3 Illustrations

CGM – Vol 2 Short Story – Surprise Box

“Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“What’s wrong, Anya?” (Wilhelm)

“Could you please open this box?” (Anya)

It was just an ordinary white box.

“Sure. What’s inside?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s a secret.” (Anya)

She seems to be enjoying herself.

However, the moment I opened the box, something popped out of it.

“Ah, that scared me!” (Wilhelm)

It was a surprise box.

Inside it was a cute hand-sewn stuffed animal attached to a spring. The spring’s force was strong, so even after it popped out of the box, it continued bouncing around the room.

“Hmm… Wil-sama, it seems like you weren’t very surprised.” (Anya)

“No, I was quite surprised.” (Wilhelm)

“I was hoping for a more, you know, ‘Wow!’ kind of surprise. I want to show it to the neighborhood kids too.” (Anya)

“I see. Let’s try to improve it together a bit.” (Wilhelm)

We decided to add a mechanism that would release a burst of confetti when the box was opened.

It was fun working on something like this with Anya.

“Phew, I got caught in the heavy rain! Sorry, can I borrow a towel for a bit?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san rushed into the house, completely drenched.

Mew-chan, who happened to be folding laundry, handed a towel to Sofia-san.

“Thank you! Wil-kun, can I borrow your shirt? The one that Mew-chan is folding right now.” (Sofia)

“Sure, but isn’t that one a bit small for you?” (Wilhelm)

“I think it’ll be fine!” (Sofia)

Oh, Anya’s surprise box was complete. It turned out pretty good, didn’t it?

“Wil-kun, this really is small, isn’t it?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san ended up wearing my shirt anyways. It looks quite tight around the chest.

Anya handed Sofia-san the white box.

“Sofia-san, could you please open this?” (Anya)

“Huh, what is it? A present for me? You shouldn’t h— Wowww! That scared me!” (Sofia)

As the stuffed animal popped out of the box, confetti burst out, filling the air with a flurry of color.

“Wil-sama, we did it! Sofia-san was surprised!” (Anya)

“Yay, we did it, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“A surprise box, huh? Oh, right. I have a good one too. I’ll show you next time.” (Sofia)

*boing, boing, boing* 

The spring was too strong, causing the stuffed animal to bounce around the room.

Eventually, it collided with Sofia-san’s chest.

And then it happened—

The tight shirt reached its limit. Buttons popped off, and the shirt dramatically came undone, revealing Sofia-san’s ample bosom bouncing out like something straight out of a surprise box.

“Uwaaaah, my boobs popped out!” (Sofia)

“Aaaargh, a button flew into my eye! I want to see, but I can’t!” (Wilhelm)

“S-Sofia-san…” (Anya)

“W-What’s wrong, Anya-chan?” (Sofia)

“Sofia-san, your surprise box is really something! That really surprised me!” (Anya)

“That’s not a surprise box at all!” (Sofia)

“Someday, I want to try that surprise box too!” (Anya)

Anya seems quite serious about it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Man, I forgot how short these are. Also, ouch at that button flying into MC’s eye. 

This is officially the end of Vol 2, so you know what that means. It’s time for Vol 3!


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CGM – Vol 2 Epilogue

This might have been the most appreciation I received in my life.

I received heartfelt gratitude from many people. Many tears of gratitude were overflowing from around me. Before I knew it, I found myself tearing up too. Even shut-ins shed tears sometimes. It had been a while since I last shed warm tears, so it felt somewhat refreshing.

It was a tough day, but since there were no casualties, I received a lot of gratitude. All-in-all, it was a good day.

Night fell. The Sky Whales had already left, so the night sky was visible. The moon and the stars were shining brightly.

I lit up the lights in my room and picked up the book on the desk.

It was the aforementioned secret book written by Angelina-san. The title was…

“Waterfowl’s Swift Blade” (Wilhelm)

I confirmed its contents. Since it was quite lengthy, I brewed some coffee and slowly read through it.

Thanks to Angelina-san’s detailed explanations, my understanding of the technique continued to deepen.

Late into the night, I closed the book. I decided to turn off the light and go to sleep.

“Well, this is something.” (Wilhelm)

I thought I would be able to master it more easily—

It turned out that mastering [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] required proficiency in purification magic. And I couldn’t use it. I’ll have to learn it from someone else, but the list of potential instructors was quite limited.

I slipped under the covers. Time to sleep. I’ll think about it after I wake up from my shut-in slumber. It seemed that noisy days would begin again before long.

The day of the Latern Sending has arrived.

It’s an event to send the souls of those who passed away in the past year to heaven.

First, we went to the church and listened to the grateful words of the priest, which made us feel somber.

Then, we all offered prayers together, feeling a deep sense of sorrow.

After that, we walked slowly as a group towards the sea. While walking, we quietly reminisced and fondly remembered the deceased.

As we entered the sandy beach, we could feel the scent of the tide. Perhaps due to last year’s epidemic, there seem to be more people seeing off loved ones this year than usual.

Everyone had a sad expression as they gazed at the sea. The quiet sea dyed in the color of the sunset—

I, too, silently gazed at the sea. While thinking about sending off Anya and Clara’s dad, I feel a sense of sadness creeping in.

However, a suspicious voice that greatly disrupts the atmosphere could be heard.

“Oooooooooon!” (?)

“Wooooooooon!” (?)

It echoes through the quiet sea.

Oi, who brought the vengeful spirits here? Oh, it’s Eva.

Well, of course it was. No one else would bring vengeful spirits, right? Everyone is startled by the strange voices. They’re attracting attention.

“Hey. Shhh.” (Eva)

The vengeful spirits became silent when they heard Eva’s words.

“Are they the vengeful spirits from the abandoned castle? Are you going to send them to heaven, Eva?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah. They’re poor souls who haven’t been sent off until today. I’ll send them off with love.” (Eva)

“I see. Eva, you’re a nice person.” (Wilhelm)

Eva is dazzling under the illumination of the evening sun.

It’s the brightest smile I’ve seen so far. I can’t believe I called her a ghost-like child before. No matter how you look at it, she’s definitely a beauty.

In the distance, a boys’ choir began to sing.

It was a beautiful song. As I listened attentively, it resonated in my heart, almost bringing tears to my eyes.

Anya, Clara, and even Daniel sang their hearts out to bid farewell to their loved ones. They were truly pouring their hearts into it.

Eventually, the song ended, and it was time to release the lanterns into the sea.

I joined up with Anya. Mew-chan was in charge of lighting the lanterns.

“Be careful not to burn yourself this time.” (Wilhelm)

“I know!” (Mew-chan)

Mew skillfully lit the lanterns with magical matches.

The lanterns and Mew-chan’s fur caught fire.

Everyone looked at Mew-chan’s burned hand in horror.

“Ahhh! Hot, hot mew!” (Mew-chan)

“That was quite the dramatic performance…” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane! It wasn’t done on purpose!” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan rushed to the shore and helped extinguish the fire. He looked embarrassed.

And then… A beautiful singing voice reached my ears.

It was an amazing voice.

Anyone who heard that beautiful singing voice would feel peaceful enough to sleep soundly. Surely, the souls about to be sent off would find peace in heaven.

The one singing is the saint. It’s Edel-nee.

Come to think of it, Edel-nee has always been good at singing since childhood. Maybe that’s one of the reasons she was chosen as the saint.

Anya sheds tears. Quietly, she cries while looking at the lantern’s flame.

“Dad… Thank you for everything. I’m still weak, but I think I’ve become a little stronger. Please continue to watch over me in heaven.” (Anya)

“Anya-chan has become really strong! George-san, I’ll always be by Anya-chan’s side, so please rest assured in heaven.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san placed her hand on Anya’s shoulder.

The waves are washing over their feet. Anya and Sofia-san walked into the sea together.

The two of them gently knelt down and released the lantern into the sea.

Next to them was Clara. She carefully released her lantern into the sea as well.

The three of them began to pray at the same time.

The lanterns drifted away on the waves.

A sacred light began to pour into the sea. It’s said to be the stairway to heaven. Guided by that light, the souls ascend to heaven.

My father walked up beside me. He had a rare, sorrowful expression on his face.

“Hey, Wil-something.” (Robert)

“Yes, Father-something.” (Wilhelm)

“I see you didn’t skip out on the event today.” (Robert)

“Well, of course.” (Wilhelm)

Father seems to be watching the backs of Anya and Clara. I wonder what he’s thinking about.

“Wil-something, no, Wilhelm. Could you show those two a miracle before it ends?” (Robert)

“What do you mean?” (Wilhelm)

“There must be one, right? A high-level magic befitting this occasion. Those two are the beloved daughters of my friend. I want you to give them the gift of a miracle before it ends.” (Robert)

I looked at Father. Father looked at me.

His eyes were unwavering. When was the last time he looked at me like that?

I had actually noticed. Father and I were thinking the same thing.

I thought it was just unnecessary meddling. But it seems that wasn’t the case.

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped. Then, I’ll do it for a month of shut-in life in paradise.” (Wilhelm)

“…Too long. How about two weeks?” (Robert)

“Three weeks, then.” (Wilhelm)

“Okay, deal.” (Robert)

“Understood. Just watch. The ultimate magic of the Demon Lord. Materialization Magic: [Foresight Illusion]” (Wilhelm)

My magic spread out.

Under the influence of that magic, a miracle occurred in the sea.

In front of the grieving people, their loved ones, those they were bidding farewell to, appeared.

In front of Anya and Clara, their two dads appeared.

No one understood what had happened, and everyone was speechless.

The song stopped.

Edel-nee was looking at me. Looks like she noticed.

“Everyone, it’s alright. The great god has granted us this moment of miracle. It’s only a short while, but let’s say our final farewells one last time.” (Edelweiss)

Perhaps they felt reassured by the words of the saint.

Everyone began to interact with their loved ones, calling out each other’s names, and shedding tears.

I looked at Anya’s dad. George-san seemed like a very kind person. Watching him, I felt a sense of warmth in my heart. I felt like he would have surely created a warm family atmosphere.

Clara’s dad, Randolph-san, looked cool. He had a dandy aura and seemed like the type who would suit smoking a cigar. Muscular and sturdy, he gave off the vibe of a really strong guild master.

Anya strained her voice and spoke.

“Dad… Is that you…?” (Anya)

“Yeah, it’s me, Anya. I’m sorry I had to leave you all of a sudden…” (Anya’s Dad)

“Father… Have I… have I become a little more stronger?” (Anya)

“Yeah, you’ve become stronger. You’ve really become stronger…” (Anya’s Dad)

Clara also strained her voice to speak.

“Papa… right?” (Clara)

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m Clara-chan’s beloved dad. Clara-chan, you’re the cutest in the world. I love you more than anyone else.” (Clara’s Dad)

“So do I.” (Clara)

All four of them seemed overwhelmed with emotion. They stopped exchanging words and embraced each other tightly.

Everyone was crying.

Father next to me was crying, Sofia-san was crying too, and even Mew-chan was crying. As an outsider, it wasn’t the right time for me to intervene. I sat down on the sandy beach and quietly continued to use magic.

The lanterns were drifting away into the sea.

Before we knew it, night had fallen.

The light of the lanterns drifting in the sea created a truly beautiful sight.

Illustration of Anya and her dad

“Father… Have I… have I become a little more stronger?” (Anya)

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I kind of wished MC would have a talk with their father, but I get that it would ruin the atmosphere somewhat. 

Also, I changed how Anya called her father from “Father” to “Dad”. Honestly, I should have just done this from the start

This really reminded me of the funeral events I’ve been to. Hah, now I just feel sad.

Well, there’s still the short special story at the end, so hopefully it isn’t anymore sad stuff.

Edit: It completely slipped my mind, but Eva usually talks in third-person… It’s just that, for the past few chapters including this one, she’s been using “watashi” and talking in first person, so maybe she uses first-person when she’s serious…? I’m probably thinking too much into this and she just uses it whenever she likes.


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CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 8 – The shut-in battles the legendary ghost

It was around dawn, I think.

While half-asleep, I feel like I’m hearing a strange voice, not quite like a dream.

It’s like a distant voice yelling urgently, saying something about Anya, being in big trouble, and asking Wilhelm-kun to wake up.

Anyways, whoever they are, I think they’re desperately trying to get my attention.

No, they seem to have given up.

I think they also mentioned something about Eva-chan’s voice being the only one who could reach me.

What on earth does that mean? Did the ghost of Anya’s deceased father come to tell me something? What a strange experience.

Oh well, it’s just a dream.

It’s still early in the morning, so it’s not time for me to wake up yet. I fall back into deep sleep without a care.

… … …

After a while, there was a commotion downstairs. Someone came up the stairs and entered my room with heavy steps.

“It’s urgent this time, super urgent mew! Wake up, you neet! I won’t let you sleep until noon today!” (Mew-chan)

“Mmgh…” (Wilhelm)

“Why are you sleeping so carefreely mew! I’ll use force if I have to!” (Mew-chan)

I feel like my chest is being lifted up and slapped back and forth.

Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Oh, but this hand feels really fluffy. zzz…

“Why are you falling into an even deeper asleep mew?! Maybe I’ll put some magic into it… If I make it hurt more, you’ll definitely wake up mew. Mewmewmewmewmew!” (Mew-chan)

*Thud, smack, thud, crash, thump* 

Ouch… Ouch… Ouch… Hey, it’s really difficult to stay asleep like this.

But the desire to sleep is strong. Well, whoever it is will probably get tired of it soon. Until then, I’ll endure.

Oh, I sense that some more people have entered the room. I hope they’ll put a stop to whoever’s doing this.

“Hey, Wil, wake up! Why are you sleeping at a time like this?! Wait… your cheeks are all red!” (Edelweiss)

Somehow, I felt like someone grabbed my chest and was shaking me in a violent manner. I’m still mostly asleep, so I don’t understand what’s going on.

“It feels like some barbaric woman came mew!” (Mew-chan)

“Who’s barbaric, you! Wait… did that Sodane Mew just talk? Or am I imagining things?” (Edelweiss)

“Hehehe, did I indeed?” (Mew-chan)

“Wha— this guy is really speaking!” (Edelweiss)

“Sodane! Even though you’re wearing a nun outfit, your heart is filthy mew!” (Mew-chan)

“Did you seriously just talk? Well, no, there seems to be a misunderstanding. My heart is as clear as the blue sky, you know. Hehehehe.” (Edelweiss)

“No, no, it’s too late now mew. And that fake innocent act is way too cold mew. It doesn’t suit you at all…” (Mew-chan)

“You don’t have the right to say that. It’s totally out of place for a Sodane Mew to talk. Anyways, wake up, Wil! If you don’t, I’ll start listing all the girls you liked when you were little!” (Edelweiss)


“Um, first…” (Edelweiss)

S-Stop it. Don’t tarnish my precious memories.

I snapped awake. In front of me was Edel-nee, who had a tough expression.

“Oh? Feeling awake?” (Edelweiss)

“I’d appreciate it if you stopped exposing my crushes. Well then, goodnight.” (Wilhelm)

“Mghh, don’t go back to sleep!” (Edelweiss)

I was lifted onto someone’s shoulder. How did this happen?

“What do you want…? I’m the type who can only wake up through gentle kisses from a beautiful woman. If you want me to wake up, get me a beautiful woman.” (Wilhelm)

“But you’re already awake!” (Edelweiss)

“It was Edel-nee who woke me up. Oh, my blissful slumber…” (Wilhelm)

I was lowered back onto the floor. But I couldn’t muster any strength and ended up kneeling.

I still want to sleep… I haven’t had enough sleep. So, I’ll sleep… zzz…

“Well, if it’s a kiss you want, I’ll do it. Alright, looks like you’re asking for it. This is my big chance. Mmmmm…” (Edelweiss)

“Ahhh, stop, stop, stoooop!” (Wilhelm)

I crawled on all fours and escaped to the corner of the room.

What a terrifying thing to do. This girl is definitely a no-no!

“Ugh, you’re really pissing me off by rejecting me like that. I have a maiden’s heart too, you know. Accept it, Wil!” (Edelweiss)

“This is no joke! Edel-nee, you haven’t had a maiden’s heart since you were five years old!” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way that’s trueee! Now, here comes a kiss from a beauty. I’ll do it with modesty. Come on, close your eyes!” (Edelweiss)

“I don’t want it! I don’t want to see Edel-nee’s kissing faceeeeee!” (Wilhelm)

“W-Wait mew! This isn’t the time to be messing around! Ojou is in troubleee!” (Mew-chan)

W-W-Woah, Edel-nee is really going to do it.

She closes her eyes, puckers her lips, and approaches me.

I press both hands against Edel-nee’s cheeks to stop her. I cannot let her kiss me!

But Edel-nee’s face is getting closer and closer. Is this a horror movie or something?!

“Get away! Mew-chan, what’s this about Anya being in trouble? Wait, Liliana is here too. What on earth is happening? Did Edel-nee fall under some terrifying curse and become a kissing demon?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana looks pale. She’s not wearing makeup and seems to have rushed out in a panic.

“Wilhelm-kun, something terrible has happened.” (Liliana)

“Yeah, I know. We need to stop Edel-nee. Aren’t you going to help me out here?” (Wilhelm)

“All the children in the city have been kidnapped…” (Liliana)


It took me a moment to understand the situation. I tried to convince myself it was a misunderstanding or some kind of prank.

However, my faint hopes were quickly shattered.

Anya was nowhere to be found in the house. We searched everywhere, but she was truly gone. It seemed she had been taken while I was sleeping.

Looks like Eva’s ominous warnings couldn’t be avoided. I regretted how carelessly I had slept.

Eva was the first to notice this situation. Apparently, she had been going around and alerting everyone since before dawn.

And I had been sleeping soundly without noticing anything.

No matter how much of a shut-in I was, this was beyond pathetic. I had been sleeping right next door. Yet, I couldn’t even realize that Anya had been kidnapped.

[Anya’s PoV]

I had a really unpleasant dream. It was a dream where I, Anastasia, had to say goodbye to my loved ones forever. It was so sad, tears were welling up.

“-tasia, – stasia, Anastasia, please wake up. It’s an emergency desu wa. Please wake up already.” (Clara)

The voice waking me up was Clara-chan…?

Huh, where am I sleeping? Is this a carpet?

I slowly opened my eyes. There was Clara-chan with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

“Good morning, Clara-chan~ Couldn’t sleep alone? Did you sleep between me and Mew-chan?” (Anya)

“Please wake up properly and stop being so dazed. This isn’t [Grand Bahamut].” (Clara)

I couldn’t quite grasp what she was saying, but Clara-chan seemed serious, so I sat up.

“Clara-chan, your negligee is so cute~” (Anya)

It’s a black negligee. By the way, mine is white, but Clara-chan’s has fewer frills in comparison.

“Wait, where are we?” (Anya)

It’s a room with a lamp emitting a suspicious blue flame.

There’s a soft carpet laid out.

Also, there are lots of children’s toys: building blocks, toy horses, balls, and many others. But despite the abundance of toys, there’s an eerie atmosphere rather than a fun one.

“We’re in the mansion of the legendary ghost, Bagi.” (Clara)

“Eh—” (Anya)

“I went to check. Bagi is in the room next door, sharpening a large sword-like knife with a whetstone.” (Clara)

As I listened closely, I could hear the sound of a whetstone being used.

Bagi is a ghost who kidnaps and eats children. It’s easy to figure out who he might be preparing to cook with that sword.

“Let’s quickly escape, Clara-chan.” (Anya)

“Thanks for the quick response. However, we have a big problem. Anastasia, what do you think we should do with these children?” (Clara)

Clara-chan directed me to look behind me.

There, many children were sound asleep. There were dozens of them. How many families had Bagi kidnapped children from? This might be hopeless.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

Many adults were gathered in the city square.

Considering that they were mostly of the same age group, they were probably the families of the children abducted by Bagi.

As for why they were gathered here specifically, it was probably because this is where Father and Frankie-san were. It seems like they were planning something here.

Father crosses his arms and glares at me pompously.

“You’re late!” (Robert)

“Father, at times like this, you should wake me up first.” (Wilhelm)

“There’s no way you would wake up. That’s why I sent Edelweiss to wake you up forcibly.” (Robert)

So it was your doing. Thanks to you, I had a scary experience.

“Anyway, do you have any idea where Anya and the others were taken?” (Wilhelm)

Frankie-san, sitting cross-legged, looks up at me.

He has the face of a man ready to fight. The easygoing Frankie-san from everyday life is nowhere to be seen.

“They’re in the underworld. There’s no doubt Ana-chan and the others were taken there. To be precise, it’s the ghost world between heaven and hell. That’s where Bagi’s Mansion is.” (Frankie)


“That’s the worst situation, isn’t it? There’s no way to go and help them.” (Wilhelm)

“Ah, ordinarily, yes. But we shamans have a way. Listen, from now on, I’ll open the door to the underworld with a special shaman spell. I want you guys to rush in there and rescue the children.” (Frankie)

“Something like that is possible? It feels like some sort of miracle.” (Wilhelm)

“Don’t underestimate professionals. Just watch. We don’t have that much time.” (Frankie)

Indeed. While we’re standing around like this, children could be getting eaten one by one.

“Alright, let’s do this! Uooooohhhh!” (Frankie)

It’s quite a bit of magic being used.

Of course, not as much as mine, but still enough to be respectable.

Are they risking their lives by doing this? I feel like they’re pouring their life force into it.

Frankie-san’s magic circle around him started shining brightly.

In the midst of the glow, Frankie-san showed a determined expression.

And then, he shouted.

“Now, open your eyes wide and look closely!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san clasped his hands together forcefully.

“This is the magic, [Door to Heaven], that opens the door to the underworld!” (Frankie)

A brilliant radiance spread intensely. An incredible magic was being used.

A gigantic door, as tall as a two-story house, appeared right in front of us.

The door slowly opened, seeming heavy.

“Guh… ha!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san coughed up blood.

It seems like this magic was indeed too much for him. Eva leaned in, looking concerned.

“I’ll be fine. But it might not last long. Bring Ana-chan and the others back before I turn into a skeleton. I’m leaving the rest to you young folks!” (Frankie)

Frankie-san gave a thumbs-up.

“I’ll definitely bring everyone back. Let’s go, everyone!” (Wilhelm)

The infiltration team consisted of me, Sofia-san, Eva, and Mew-chan.

Father is busy gathering his troops, while Edel-nee is busy gathering the church knights. They’ll all enter the underworld to follow us once they’re done.

“Oh, Eva-chan, hold on a second. Just a word of advice.” (Frankie)

“What is it, Grandpa?” (Eva)

“When things seem hopeless, rely on that person. They’ll definitely help you out.” (Frankie)

“Yeah, got it. Grandpa, please don’t die.” (Eva)

We all rushed towards the door together.

It’s pitch black. The sensation of floating is intense.

I couldn’t tell where I was running, if I was moving forward, or if there was an exit. Everything was unclear.

My senses started to feel distorted. It felt like I was spinning around and around, and then my consciousness seemed to fade. And then, when I came to, I found myself on the other side of the door.

It was a forest at night. Despite being in a world without a sun at night, it was strangely bright, almost like daytime.

“So this is the underworld…” (Wilhelm)

Just being here made me feel uneasy.

[Anya’s PoV]

“Now, you’ve done it. Because of you, my meal escaped!” (Bagi)

Clara-chan was caught by Bagi’s large hand.

She was grabbed by the waist and lifted up.

Clara-chan struggled desperately, but it seemed futile.

We had managed to wake up the children and help them escape, but on our way down the stairs from the fourth floor, Bagi noticed us.

As we were mainly backliners, encountering our enemy head-on was the worst-case scenario.

Bagi stretched out his jaw and opened his mouth wide.

With such a big mouth, he could devour the small Clara-chan with one bite.

“W-Wait! I won’t taste good desu wa!” (Clara)

“Oh, that’s not true. Even if it’s raw, you’d definitely be delicious.” (Bagi)

“Eating someone raw is far too uncivilized desu wa!” (Clara)

“As if I care.” (Bagi)

“Well, if I’m going to be eaten anyway, I’d like to be beautifully prepared!” (Clara)

“What are you saying…?” (Bagi)

“Since you already caught me, why don’t we go to the kitchen?” (Clara)

“…Yeah, you’re right. It’s probably tastier to prepare and cook you properly.” (Bagi)

“In that case, let me down. Let’s go together, holding hands.” (Clara)

“Yeah, sounds good. Let’s go to the kitchen.” (Bagi)

Bagi set Clara-chan down. Clara-chan grinned.

“Anastasia, run!” (Clara)

“Y-yeah!” (Anya)

We raced down the stairs like rabbits.

Bagi seemed completely taken aback. He just stood there watching us without moving.

We hop down the stairs in leaps and bounds, about three steps at a time. There doesn’t seem to be any sign of catching up to the other children who escaped earlier. That’s a relief. They must have made it outside.

“…Ha! You’re… not… get… ting… a… way…!” (Bagi)

Bagi crawls down the stairs, slamming his large hands onto the steps. It feels like his body has grown a bit from his anger towards us. His wide-open mouth as he pursues us resembles that of a hungry beast.

It’s beyond scary.

I’m not good with ghosts, but this feels like it’s on a whole other level. The embodiment of terror is chasing after us with its mouth wide open.

“Hold… it… right… there…!” (Bagi)

“I’m not deceiving you! I never mentioned which kitchen! Please, come to the one in the royal castle where there are plenty of soldiers!” (Clara)

“I won’t set foot in a place without children!” (Bagi)

“We have the finest seasonings available!” (Clara)

“My seasoning will make you delicious enough!” (Bagi)

“Nooo! Go away!” (Clara)

Clara-chan grabbed a large sword while screaming.

Clara-chan wields the massive sword being displayed at the corner of the stairs. It looks incredibly large and heavy.

“Don’t come any closer desu wa! I’ll cut you down!” (Clara)

“Hahaha! Impossible! Believe it or not, I was once the strongest knight!” (Bagi)

“That’s hard to believe!” (Clara)

“Stop saying such hurtful things!” (Bagi)

“I don’t care! Now, prepare to dieee!” (Clara)

Bagi grabs Clara-chan’s sword with one hand and her waist with the other.

Clara-chan was easily defeated.

Bagi lifted Clara-chan, intending to eat her.

“What happened to cooking! Swallowing me whole is so uncivilized desu wa!” (Clara)

“I’m the kind who can handle eating things raw.” (Bagi)

“Wouldn’t a knight normally eat more gracefully?” (Clara)

“You don’t believe I’m a knight, right?” (Bagi)

“That’s not true! There’s still some part of it left!” (Clara)

“Well, either way…” (Bagi)

“Wait, nooooooo!” (Clara)

Itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

“Ahhhhhhhh! I’m not going to let you do what you want!” (Clara)

Just before Clara-chan was eaten, she thrust both of her hands forward.

Those hands were filled with gathered magic.

“This’s a magic trick my Papa taught me. Explosion Magic: [Break Bomb]!” (Clara)

“Gah!” (Bagi)

“How did you like the taste of the explosion?” (Clara)

Clara-chan’s magic exploded inside Bagi’s mouth. The impact was so intense that Bagi released Clara-chan.

However, something unexpected happened.

The explosion’s impact was too great, and Clara-chan was propelled out the window.

Clara-chan panicked and flailed about.

“Noooooo! I’m going to dieeeee!” (Clara)

*cough, cough, cough* Ah, that was a surprise. What a spirited girl she is. Falling from between the second and third floors shouldn’t be fatal. She should be able to take it. But, it would be a shame if her flavor deteriorated. I need to eat her while she’s still fresh. She’s definitely going to taste delicious while her lively spirit lasts.” (Bagi)

Bagi floats away outside the window. He seems determined to eat Clara-chan no matter what.

I notice the large sword Clara-chan dropped. I pick it up.

It’s quite heavy. About as heavy as Father’s large sword.

…If I were able to swing this heavy sword, could I tell Father I’m a full-fledged guild warrior?

I’m sure he would acknowledge me. He’d say, “You’ve grown up,” wouldn’t he?

I climbed onto the window frame and saw Clara-chan lying face down still conscious.

Bagi slowly approaches Clara-chan.

Not good.

“Ahhhhhh! Time! Time out desu wa! It’s against the rules to not give me time!” (Clara)

“Well, I’m not sure about that. I feel even more hungry after that.” (Bagi)

“But I can’t move right now! Please wait a moment!” (Clara)

“Hmm, seems impossible. I’m really, really hungry.” (Bagi)

“Men who can’t control themselves are disliked, you know!” (Clara)

“Do you think ghosts have genders?” (Bagi)

“Grrr!” (Clara)

“Anyways, itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

“Now, here’s a quiz for you desu wa! Can you solve it?” (Clara)

“Sounds interesting. Go ahead.” (Bagi)

“I’m thinking of something red, round, and delicious…” (Clara)

“An apple.” (Bagi)

“Well, with that apple, you can bake something delicious…” (Clara)

“Isn’t it apple pie?” (Bagi)

“Kuu… Kuu…” (Clara)

“Your twists are too dull!” (Bagi)

“Shut up desu wa!” (Clara)

“Since I got it right, I’ll eat you!” (Bagi)

“Aaah! Aaah! Give me a little more time desu wa!” (Clara)

At this rate, Clara-chan will be eaten. 

As her best friend, I can’t just abandon her. 

Ghosts may be scary, but seeing your dear friend getting eaten is even scarier.


I placed my hand on my chest.

“Father, mother, please give me strength and courage—” (Anya)

To save my dear friend—

Wil-sama taught me. He said this technique increases rotational force and attack power when the sword is heavy.

I haven’t succeeded once yet, but if there’s a way out of this predicament, I have to use it.

I leaped from the window frame.

Then, I swung the sword downwards.

In mid-air, I spun round and round like doing somersaults, gaining more and more rotational force thanks to the heavy sword.

I extend the greatsword with illusion magic.

Then, using magic to turn fiction into reality, I momentarily materialize it.

Furthermore, I imbue the greatsword with lightning attributes.

Clara-chan looks up at me.

Bagi notices me and turns around.

“Haahhhhh! Hero’s Divine Sword Technique: [Thunder Beast Wheel]!” (Anya)

Bagi unleashes magic from his mouth.

It’s a dark, ominous magic imbued with tremendous power.

I take that magic head-on.

It hurts――

It really hurts――

Am I going to lose――

No, I won’t lose!

As the Guild Master, I can’t afford to lose so easily. Not for the sake of all the people who have supported me until today!

I opened my eyes firmly and looked at Bagi.

One more spin and the greatsword will reach him!

It felt like my parents were pushing my back from behind. That last push created the strongest spin so far.

Intense thunderous sounds echoed throughout the area.

The greatsword was swung with unbelievable sharpness and Bagi was split in two

I did it—

It’s the first successful attempt!

Could I be proud of myself now that I’ve finally managed it? I was able to skillfully wield that large and heavy sword.

I landed on the ground near Clara.

I couldn’t hold the heavy spinning sword any longer, so as I let go, it flew off into the distance.

I struggled to stand up.

But that was my limit. It seems like Bagi’s evil magic has taken a lot of my life force.

I feel Bagi approaching from behind. From the feeling of it, he’s probably swinging that knife-like large sword.

“Anastasia! Look out behind you!” (Clara)

I give Clara-chan my fullest smile.

“I’m sorry, looks like it’s hopeless, after all.” (Anya)

“Anastasia!” (Clara)

Clara-chan desperately reaches out to me while lying face down. But her hand doesn’t reach me.

“Clara-chan, I love you.” (Anya)

I gave Clara-chan my warmest smile.

As Bagi’s large sword swung down towards me—

I felt a warm breeze, like spring, blowing towards me.

While feeling that breeze, I realized that someone was standing behind me. When I turned around, I saw a large figure shielding me from Bagi’s sword.

“I’m sorry for being late. It’s okay now, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-sama!” (Anya)

As I called out his name, my consciousness began to fade.

Wil-sama truly was my hero. I respected him from the bottom of my heart.

I felt like I was being embraced by Sofia-san and Mew-chan.

[Wilhelm’s PoV]

I protected Anya by intercepting Bagi’s greatsword with my own sword.

Bagi looks extremely furious. The children must have escaped somehow. 

I heard the activation sound of [Thunder Beast Wheel]. Even though she never succeeded once during practice, Anya managed to pull through an a crucial moment. She’s quite something.

“Is Anya-chan and Clara-chan okay?” (Sofia)

“They’re fine mew. Ojou is just unconscious. Clara is still conscious mew.” (Mew-chan)

I’ll leave the kids to Sofia-san and the others. I need to deal with this guy first.

“Well, I’m impressed. I underestimated them because they’re kids. Hahaha. Those two, especially the one in the white negligee, will definitely become strong one day.” (Bagi)

Bagi laughs self-deprecatingly.

“That’s right. I think so too.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s been a day, hasn’t it? You really did a number on me while I was asleep yesterday.” (Bagi)

“Yeah, I didn’t expect you to break free so easily.” (Wilhelm)

“Neither did I. Thanks to the Sky Whale, the night was completely dark and ghosts get stronger in the dark. Plus, the saint of this era just so happened to be weak, so I got lucky. Thanks to that, I was able to break free from the seal with just a little force. Ahahaha.” (Bagi)

Edel-nee only became a saint recently, so it can’t be helped. I guess she still has a lot to learn.

“So, what now? Are we going to settle our score today?” (Bagi)

Bagi keeps his distance.

Settling the score, huh? I guess we’re having a continuation of what happened back at the abandoned castle.

Bagi raises his sword vertically, assuming a knight’s stance. Come to think of it, Bagi used to be a knight when he was human.

“Let’s settle this right now. I came here to defeat you.” (Wilhelm)

I’m a man who always completes any quest I have taken.

This is no different. If there were a difficulty set for this, it would certainly be an S-rank quest.

Our eyes meet. That’s the signal.

We close the distance between us at a speed imperceptible to ordinary people and clash with all our might.

As a result, Bagi suffered a deep diagonal wound.

“Hahaha, you’re indeed strong! But with that attack, you’ll never defeat a ghost! In this world without the sun, I’m invincible!” (Bagi)

Bagi appeared right behind me.

It was a move unique to ghosts. They vanish before moving. To me, it seemed like he teleported.

“Too slow. Hahaha.” (Bagi)

My back was slashed open.

He’s surpassing my enhanced physical abilities and defensive magic. This is bad.

Bagi laughed with a confident expression.

“Let’s keep going. Ghost’s magic: [Shadow Burst]!” (Bagi)

“Ugh!” (Wilhelm)

I was hit by a fierce impact on my back and was sent flying into Bagi’s mansion. I crashed through the stone wall and rolled into some room.

It hurts like hell. I want to go back to my own room paradise as soon as possible. I want to spend my days happily lounging around!

But I got up.

I put strength into my knees and stood up with great determination, readying my sword.

“Ahh! Once this battle’s over, I’m definitely going back to being a shut-in!” (Wilhelm)

So, everyone, please take care of me when that time comes.

Blood is flowing from my back.

But I don’t mind. I’m the man known as the Hero with the Magic Eye. The more hopeless the situation, the stronger the hero becomes.

Hero’s Divine Sword Technique: [Gale Wind], is a short-distance, ultra-high-speed movement skill. While being surrounded by wind, I swiftly approached the enemy.

Bagi was taken aback by my sudden approach.

I cut Bagi into two with my sword, but it didn’t work. He immediately pieced himself together.

“It’s futile! Hahaha! Unless you completely erase my hatred, I’ll keep coming back again and again!” (Bagi)

Then I’ll erase it all completely. Let’s use the ultimate magic of the Demon King…

“Ufufufufu. Tsukamaaeta1!” (Bagi)

What’s this? Another ghost is clinging to my leg.

It’s a black ghost. It crawled up from the ground.

And it’s quite strong. I can’t shake it off.

“It’s one of my minion ghosts. It disrupts the happiness of people’s lives. He was someone who experienced nothing but misery in life. He endured endless hardships and developed an immense amount of hatred over time, becoming a powerful ghost. So, it won’t be easy for you to shake him off!” (Bagi)

Furthermore, white ghosts keep coming from deep within the forest.

They’re all closing in on me.

“Ugh. How many ghosts are there?” (Wilhelm)

“They’re the children I’ve eaten. They’ve all become ghosts after hating the adults who didn’t come to help them!” (Bagi)

What… did you say…

“Youuuu shoulddd tryy becoming a ghosttt tooo.” (Ghost)

“Let’s playyyy togetherrrrrr.” (Ghost)

“Being a ghostttt iss funnnn. Ehehehe.” (Ghost)

Ghosts are entangling me. Dozens, hundreds of them.

Seriously? I can’t get a grip. Can’t shake them off. My field of view is narrowing.

“Looks like it’s over, huh? Well then, I’ll enjoy devouring this one.” (Bagi)

Anya was held in Bagi’s large hand. She’s unconscious, limp.

“Huh? When did Ojou get taken mew!” (Mew-chan)

Sofia-san swiftly used purification magic with incredible decisiveness.

But it didn’t affect Bagi.

“Such a weak purification magic won’t do any damage. Well then, she’s the first sacrifice. This one looks incredibly delicious. Itadakimasu!” (Bagi)

Not on my watch. I’ll slice Bagi to pieces with the Hero’s Divine Sword Technique from this distance.

Bagi opens his large mouth. 

I won’t let him eat Anya.

“Hero’s Divine Sword Techniq—” (Wilhelm)

—No, Eva is doing something. Her long hair is swaying.

She’s looking up at the sky, summoning someone? Is it shamanic magic? It looks like some kind of necromancy.

Eva raises both hands.

It seemed like someone descended from heaven into Eva’s body. Eva accepts it.

“…I won’t let anyone be eaten!” (Eva)

Whatever she used…. It’s a very powerful magic.

“Shaman’s Forbidden Magic: [Necromancy]! Please, lend me your power. The shrine maiden serving the gods, Angelina Milkyway!” (Eva)

Eva’s body is enveloped in light.

In the light, Eva’s form transforms into that of another person. It’s the figure of an adult woman.

That magic likely calls forth souls from heaven and alters one’s own body to match the summoned individual. It’s an incredibly advanced magic.

Without a doubt, it’s the kind of magic only a genius could wield.

The person summoned was filled with an incredible amount of divine power. Surely, that person is loved by gods, humans, animals, and plants alike. That’s how they seemed to me.

They placed their hand on the hilt of their sword.

“Waterfowl’s Swift Blade—” (Angelina)

It was a voice more pure, gentle, and beautiful than anyone else’s.

“[Swan’s Dance]!” (Angelina)

What just happened―?

It was all too fleeting.

For a moment, it felt like swans were gently descending, and suddenly, all the ghosts in this place, including Bagi, were slashed.

Moreover, both the white ghosts and Bagi’s minions were enveloped in light and purified.

In the center of the battlefield, a woman descended gracefully like a bird.

Long, silvery hair. A beautiful silhouette. A seemingly translucent white dress, and pure white wings.

If angels exist in this world, surely she would be mistaken for one.

Is that Anya’s mom? Angelina Milkyway-san?

She was more beautiful than anyone else I’ve seen.

Truly a beauty. No, not just a beauty. I never thought such a stunning person could exist in this world. Undoubtedly, she was a peerless beauty.

Just looking at her made my heart race.

She was unbelievably beautiful.

Bagi’s arm was severed. Anya, who was being held, was thrown aside.

Angelina reached out and caught Anya. Then, she hugged her lovingly. With a gentle gaze, she enveloped her warmly――

It was a beautiful sight. If you were to paint a picture of a mother and daughter’s love, it would undoubtedly look like this.

“Angelina-san?” (Sofia)

Sofia-san called out her name.

Angelina’s smile widened.

“Kyaa, Sofia-chan, you’ve grown so much! Especially in the chest area! That’s right, it’s me, Angelina. Thank you for always being by Anya-chan’s side!” (Angelina)

High energy, cheerful.

She may look like a beautiful woman, but her heart seems to be that of a ten-year-old girl. Anya seems much more mature.

“Thank you too, Mew-chan. I’m really grateful.” (Angelina)

In an instant, Angelina-san moved next to Mew-chan. Her movement was imperceptible. Almost like teleportation.

Angelina-san entrusted Anya to Mew-chan.

“Clara-chan, long time no see! You’ve always looked like a doll, and you still do!” (Angelina)

She waved happily. Clara seemed lost in thought.

Whoa, she suddenly came up to me at a surprising speed.

Seeing her up close, she was even more beautiful. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t even meet her eyes directly. I was getting really nervous.

“Wow, Wil-kun. You’ve grown so much! You used to be so small when you were little!” (Angelina)

Well, that’s obvious…

“I was watching from heaven, you know. Thank you for saving Anya-chan. Ah, too bad, it looks like Eva-chan’s limit is near. Hey, Wil-kun, I’ll show you [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] one last time, so make sure to remember it. You’re talented, so you can do that, right? You’ve always been able to do anything after seeing it once when you were little.” (Angelina)

“Well, of course. If I see it once, I can remember anything.” (Wilhelm)

“For the parts I couldn’t show you, study them in my handwritten secret book. It’s on the desk in the room where Wil-kun lives.” (Angelina)

It was right there all along, huh…

Even though I had heard about the existence of the secret book from Sofia-san, I hadn’t found it. I’ll give it a read when I get back.

“Alright, I’m going to do it now. Ready? [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade] is a sword technique dedicated to the gods. Its essence is to love this world more purely than anyone else. Make sure to teach this technique to Anya-chan.” (Angelina)

Bagi returned to his original form.

It took a little while for him to return this time and he seems to be in quite a bit of pain. And there’s smoke coming out. He must be on the verge of being purified.

Bagi glared at Angelina.

“What in the world was that sword technique just now?” (Bagi)

“It’s [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade]! A sword of prayer dedicated to the gods!” (Angelina)

“My body hurts and feels hot! The only things that can eradicate ghosts are supposed to be either purification magic or shaman magic. Who are you anyway?” (Bagi)

“I’m a shrine maiden serving the gods! My sword technique works very well on those with impure hearts, so naturally, it’ll be a lot harder for you.” (Angelina)

Angelina disappeared.

No, that’s not it. This time I’ll watch closely. If it’s me, I can surely see through that fast sword technique.

Angelina fluttered her white wings as she moved forward. It was like a graceful waterfowl walking on a lake.

Each step was long and beautiful. And incredibly fast.

It reminded me of something. During sword training, Anya used to hop around cutely. That movement must have been it.

Angelina’s movements were beautiful. This sword technique was truly exquisite.

There was no wasted movement and no sound. She just quietly tore through the enemy.

It’s also unbelievably fast. Bagi couldn’t do anything as he was sliced from the front, back, sides, and below, becoming increasingly fragmented.

That was an aerial combo—

Bagi, who is usually powerful, seems weak in comparison. The difference in power is too great. It’s like the difference in power between me and the Ghost Mountain Cat. Angelina-san is overwhelmingly strong.

Angelina turned back to me in mid-air, looking very apologetic.

“Oopsie! I’m sorry, Wil-kun. I couldn’t defeat him completely. It seems like the hatred this ghost harbors is stronger than I thought. It’s time for me to return to heaven, so can I ask you for a favor? You can handle the situation now, right?” (Angelina)

“Yes, leave it to me. I saw the entire thing. As the capable person that I am, I’m confident I can pull off [Waterfowl’s Swift Blade].” (Wilhelm)

“Hold it right there! Do you think you can hurt me this much and leave freely?” (Bagi)

Bagi, shrouded in smoke, hurriedly repaired his body.

Then, he quickly launched an attack and swung his sword down at Angelina-san.

I took this chance to leap and swing my sword at Bagi.

Bagi, sensing my attack, rotated mid-air to dodge my attack.

Angelina-san, who dodged Bagi’s attack, landed beside Sofia-san and then reverted to Eva, who then collapsed on the ground.

Bagi was in shock, holding his head in his hands.

“She escaped victorious. To have something so frustrating happen! I wanted to eat the child right in front of me! Damn it all! I’m supposed to be a ghost who eats children and make people suffer!” (Bagi)

His hatred was truly intense. He’s the kind of being that shouldn’t exist in this world.

I aimed my sword at Bagi.

“That despicable obsession of yours to eat children. As the capable person I am, I’ll erase it all.” (Wilhelm)

“Enough of this! Let’s settle this once and for all! I can’t wait to scare you with my true form! I will eat them! And I will make you tremble in fear!” (Bagi)

“If you have a trump card, you’d better use it now. This next move will be your last.” (Wilhelm)

I heightened my magic.

I kept increasing it, absorbing the surrounding magic until it was all mine.

Magic eye, activate—

The atmosphere and the earth tremble. I sense fear from every being in the underworld.

Now, I’ll show you. The ultimate magic of the Demon Lord. My trump card.

“Ahahaha, splendid. But it’s futile to enhance your magic at this point. Now, behold my true form!” (Bagi)

Enormous— Bagi grows larger while emitting a red aura. It’s a size you have to look up to.

He has become the same size as the four-story mansion he lives in.

Normally, people would be taken back. Normally, that is. But for someone as exceptional as me, simply growing larger doesn’t inspire any fear.

If anything, the one to be feared should be me, the human possessing the magic eye.

The one possessing such a dangerous thing is said to be the most dangerous person in human history.

“Demon King-sama—” (?)

I heard the voice of a little girl.

She’s the demon girl from the group of children. Her name was Scarlet.

Although the abducted children are mostly gathered in one place, among them stands a girl who steps forward to gaze at me. It was Scarlet.

“Demon King-sama, you look so cool!” (Scarlet)

Scarlet’s eyes sparkled as if she were looking at a hero. She clasped her hands together as if she was praying.

No, please, stop worshiping me like that.

I’m not a Demon King; if anything, I’m more of a hero.

Eva took Scarlet’s hand.

“Let’s all support onii-san. Ghosts are weaker when exposed to courage.” (Eva)

Daniel, a boy with tanned skin, stepped forward. Then, he shouted at me.

“Good luck, Demon King!” (Daniel)

The other children followed suit.

“Go, Demon King, go!” (Child)

“Kick those ghosts away, Demon King!” (Child)

“If you’re the Demon King, show us what you’ve got!” (Child)

“Go for it, Demon King!” (Child)

“Hurry up and defeat him mew, you neet! I mean, Demon King mew!” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan, don’t get carried away.

Bagi readied his sword.

He’ll probably swing down his sword using the power of his huge body. His stance is impressive. You can tell he was once a strong knight.

For some reason, a tinge of sadness could be seen in Bagi’s red eyes. His expression lacked vigor.

Haa… So this is how it ends… Well, it must be nice to have the children cheering you on.” (Bagi)

I know the story behind Bagi becoming a ghost. He was sentenced to death by the children he had helped.

“…I sympathize with the you of your past life.” (Wilhelm)

Only in his past life. It’s impossible now. Bagi has done too many terrible things. I feel sorry for all the children caught up in his shenanigans.

“Whatever, so it’s come down to this. You’re going to clash with my sword.” (Bagi)

“Yeah, and I’ll surpass it. After all, I’m the Hero with the Magic Eye.” (Wilhelm)

Bagi swung his sword, launching his strongest attack yet at me.

“Hero? Weren’t you supposed to be the Demon King?” (Bagi)

“I don’t like being called that!” (Wilhelm)

I intercepted Bagi’s sword with my own.

It was incredibly heavy, but it lacked the power to defeat me. Maybe the whole courage thing that Eva spat out was actually true?

I deflected Bagi’s sword.

Bagi’s face fell into resignation.

“Goodbye, Bagi!” (Wilhelm)

Several magic circles appeared in the palm of my hand.

Here we go, the Demon King’s ultimate magic. This is my trump card.

“Gather, despair! Destroy, all things! What I seek is only a world in ruins! Devour and erase! Complete annihilation magic… [Armageddon]!” (Wilhelm)

For a moment, everything fell silent.

It was a silence so profound it hurt the ears.

Then, a powerful flash of light burst forth.

The light raced far, far away, into the distance. My vision was completely consumed by the pure white light.

Bagi’s colossal form was swallowed by the flash.

It continued to erode Bagi’s body, making him vanish without a trace.

Complete annihilation magic, [Armageddon]. Truly fitting for an ultimate magic created by the Demon King. It’s effective even against legendary monsters.

In his last moments of death, Bagi looked at the children with a gentle expression. Perhaps he remembered his love for children at the very end.

Strangely, the face of the Bagi from his days as a knight came to mind. He had a gentle yet robust demeanor, like a fine young man.

And then, the flash of light disappeared.

When I looked at everyone, they had their eyes closed.

One by one, they slowly opened their eyes and looked at me. I casually sheathed my sword, putting on my coolest smile.

“I’ve defeated the scary ghosts. Now, let’s all go home!” (Wilhelm)

Finally, the tension seemed to dissipate. All the children showed me their smiles at once.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

If that whole courage thing was true, then I’m a peanut. I’m pretty sure it’s more because Bagi took some emotional damage from seeing the children cheer on MC. I mean, it’s still pretty stupid in its own right, but remember, this is the same Bagi who fell for Clara’s shenanigans.

Also, I can’t be the only one thinking that MC was going to use that Waterfowl technique at the end and got bamboozled. I guess Angelina just wanted to prepare him to teach Anya the technique.


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CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 7 Part 3 – The shut-in celebrates a holiday like a child

Blacky-chan stopped and let out a “Nyaa”. It seems that it is saying that Bagi is here.

“No way. Blacky-chan, are you sure Bagi is here?” (Wilhelm)

With a face that says “Believe me, you neet”, Blacky-chan let out another “Nyaa”.

This is the Wondersky family house. Moreover, it’s right in front of my room. Bagi is here? Seriously?

Edel-nee touched the door.

“Wasn’t this supposed to be Wilhelm-san’s room?” (Edelweiss)

“Yeah. Since Father has put a strong seal on it, it shouldn’t be easy to get in.” (Wilhelm)

It’s a seal to prevent me from becoming a shut-in again. It’s annoying.

Father instructed the soldiers to remove the seal.

When they opened the door everyone was surprised. Bagi was really there.

“You bastarddddd!!” (Wilhelm)

Someone’s hand stopped me as I was about to attack. It was Liliana who grabbed my wrist.

“Wait, Wilhelm-kun. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!” (Liliana)

“B-But… He’s there, sleeping soundly on my paradise! My paradise is being taken away! I have to reclaim it, right?” (Edelweiss)

“Paradise is already lost. Let’s gracefully accept it.” (Liliana)

Bagi was peacefully sleeping on my paradise, in other words, on my bed, looking comfortable under the covers.

Absolutely unforgivable.

“That mattress is custom-made, you know. It was tailored to fit my body shape. It’s amazing for distributing body pressure. Even the pillow is the same as those in luxury hotels, so you never get tired no matter how much you sleep. Plus, it’s designed so you don’t snore in the middle of the night. That futon is special too—” (Wilhelm)

Liliana placed her hands on both of my shoulders. She shook her head slowly.

“Let’s give up. I like Wilhelm-kun when he doesn’t shut himself in.” (Liliana)

“No, even if Liliana likes me—” (Wilhelm)

“Just play along with the atmosphere and feel a little fluttered, okay?” (Liliana)

“You’re just interested in my muscles anyway, aren’t you?” (Wilhelm)

“I won’t deny that.” (Liliana)

“Just go along with it. Read the room..” (Wilhelm)

“Eeehh…” (Liliana)

Don’t make such a disgusted face for real.

“By the way, Wilhelm-san, isn’t your room a bit too extravagant?” (Edelweiss)

“What are you talking about, Edel-nee? If anything, isn’t it modest for the eldest son of a noble family?” (Wilhelm)

Sure, all the furnishings are top-of-the-line, but the only remarkable thing is probably the fact that the bookshelf is packed with books. I think it’s a modest room.

“Robert-san, don’t you think you’re spoiling your child a bit too much—” (Edelweiss)

“Hey, Edel-nee? You shouldn’t say things like that to him.” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm, perhaps you’re right. I had a feeling it might be so. It seems that it would be difficult to foster a child’s independence in this room.” (Robert)

“This is exactly why you shouldn’t bring this up. What are you going to do now?” (Wilhelm)

Ah, Liliana showed a mischievous look.

“I agree with Edelweiss-san. A room this splendid is wasted on Wilhelm-kun. How about we put him in the civil servant’s dormitory instead?” (Liliana)

“I see. That’s a great idea!” (Robert)

“That’s not a great idea! We should focus on Bagi instead. Let’s drive him away quickly. If we don’t, he’ll ignore the barrier again and wander into the city at night.” (Wilhelm)

Successfully changing the subject, everyone turned their attention to Bagi.

Bagi was peacefully sleeping in my paradise.

That’s my place. I’ll drive him away with all my might.

“Edelweiss, I approve of it. Use the sealing sword on that bed.” (Robert)

“Are you sure? Is sealing Bagi in the Wondersky family’s children’s room okay?” (Edelweiss)

“No one is using this room anymore. The child who was here had already flown away from the nest, so it doesn’t matter.” (Robert)

“W-Wait a minute! This is my room! Do I have any say in this?” (Wilhelm)

“I understand, as the saint, it’s quite distressing for me, but we have no other choice. I will use the sealing sword here.” (Edelweiss)

“Edel-nee, your face is turning quite sadistic, isn’t it? You’re not feeling distressed at all, are you?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe…” (Edelweiss)

“Hehehe” my foot. I placed Blacky-chan on Edel-nee’s head.

“Wilhelm-san, what’s this?” (Edelweiss)

“I thought that wearing a cat mask might suit you.” (Wilhelm)

Ah, Father burst into laughter. Surprisingly, he found it amusing in an unexpected way.

“Robert-san, that wasn’t a laughing matter, you know? I’m not wearing a mask. I’m fuming.” (Edelweiss)

She’s totally wearing a mask. And saying “fuming” doesn’t suit her.

Father, who cleared his throat, stepped forward.

“Let’s put an end to this nonsense. We’ll seal Bagi again. Don’t let him escape under any circumstances. Wilhelm, you restrain Bagi.” (Robert)

“Is it okay, Wil-onii-san? I can do it if you want?” (Eva)

“Ugh, it’s fine. Eva. It’s unfortunate that paradise has to go, but there are times when a man has to do what he has to do.” (Wilhelm)

Besides, Bagi’s strength is— monstrous. Honestly, it might be too difficult for Eva.

I understand. In my head, that is. It’s easiest to seal him now while Bagi is off guard. That way, we can end it without any casualties.

But, there are so many memories here.

Times when it was tough, sad, lonely, when I wanted to cry, and even when I laughed. This room and this bed were the only things that stayed with me through it all.

Thinking about saying goodbye to them is painful.

It’s more than painful. I want to cry.

But, I have to make a decision. Rooms can be replaced. There’s no replacement for the children in the town. So, I have to swallow my tears.

At least, I’ll see it through to the end with my own hands. Let’s do this.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah! I won’t hold back, Bagi!” (Wilhelm)

All in. Activating my magic eye.

The atmosphere trembles. The house shakes. Amplifying the magic within my body, absorbing the surrounding magic, I heightened my magical power to the fullest.

Bagi finally woke up. But it’s too late now.

“I’ll show you the ultimate magic of the Demon Lord!” (Wilhelm)

Bagi glares at me with his red eyes. Perhaps he sensed danger, as his eyes began to shine ominously.

“It’s over for you now! Complete Restraining Magic, [Infinite Hell’s Chain]!” (Wilhelm)

Countless chains, as red as blood, manifested in the air.

The room is filled with chains, and they’re moving around.

Those chains converge rapidly towards Bagi.

Even I wouldn’t know how to escape if I were targeted by this magic. That’s how overwhelmingly powerful it is.

No matter how monstrously strong Bagi is, this magic should render him helpless.

Bagi, along with my bed, is completely bound by the chains.

“As expected of you, Wilhelm-san. Now, please leave the rest to the pure-hearted and reliable me.” (Edelweiss)

Wait, who’s pure-hearted again? Well, this isn’t the time for such remarks.

Edel-nee stood in front of Bagi and raised both hands to the sky. The power of purification magic poured down from the heavens, passing through the roof. Edel-nee and the sword shone brightly.

As expected of a saint.

Edel-nee had become considerably stronger than the last time I saw her. This sealing magic should be effective against Bagi.

“Now, face it, Bagi! This is the judgment of God! I shall bestow upon you an eternal slumber! Sacred Sealing Magic, [Saint Domination]!!” (Edelweiss)

The sealing sword pierced through Bagi.

It made a hole in my bed, penetrating through the floor.

A blinding light overflowed to the extent that I could barely keep my eyes open.

Bagi turned into light and was absorbed into the sword.

Did it work—no, Bagi resisted. He struggled to crawl out of the sword.

However, my restraining magic didn’t let Bagi escape.

Bagi glared at me resentfully. Completely transformed into light, Bagi was swallowed by the sword.

And all that remained was my bed, with the sealing sword stuck in it.

“The sealing… is successful.” (Edelweiss)

“Ahh… ahhhh… uahhhhhhh…” (Wilhelm)

I collapsed to my knees.

I couldn’t bear to look at my paradise. Tears welled up. Can such a thing really happen…?

“Goodbye, my paradise…” (Wilhelm)

Thank you… for everything…

“I can’t shut myself in here anymore… It’s painful…” (Wilhelm)

“Serves you right~♪” (Edelweiss)

Ugh, Edel-nee is enjoying this, huh.

“Hahaha, we did it!” (Robert)

Father is also delighted.

“With this, there’s no place left in this house for you, Wil-something. What a joyous occasion. Tonight, we shall have a feast! I’ll open up a fine bottle of wine!” (Robert)

Father, please don’t rejoice in your son’s misfortune.

Liliana gently placed her hand on my shoulder. You’re the only one who understands, right? No… she’s grinning.

“Wilhelm-kun, this room was too luxurious for you. Let’s work hard and find a room that suits you from now on. Okay?” (Liliana)

Not “Okay?” it’s more like “Got it?”

“Everyone’s being so harsh. Hey, should I also say something cold to Wil-onii-san?” (Eva)

“Please don’t. These people are all bad adults, so don’t imitate them.” (Wilhelm)

“Wil-onii-san is really shedding tears.” (Eva)

“There were so many memories…” (Wilhelm)

It’s the least I could do.

At least I have the ink and brush I took from Liliana earlier.

I rose up swaying like a ghost. Father, Edel-nee, and Liliana all turned pale at once.

No holding back. I’ll paint them to my heart’s content. Today is a festival. I’ll turn everyone into a bloody mess with ink!

I painted and painted until the ink ran out. It felt quite refreshing. Their frustrated faces were priceless. It felt satisfying.

Returning to the square, the shops were starting to close. It seems both [Grand Bahamut] and [Cosmic Falcon] sold out.

“Wil-sama~! Are you done with your work~?” (Anya)

Anya spotted me and ran over. She has a cute smile on her face.

“Ah, it ended safely. How did the battle of the stall competition go?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehe, it’s a huge win for [Grand Bahamut]!” (Anya)

Anya showed me the victory sign.

“That’s not true!” (Clara)

Here comes Clara.

“Our inventory was overwhelmingly larger desu wa. In terms of sales, we were way ahead!” (Clara)

“But the competition was about selling out first, right?” (Anya)

“Ugh, gununuuu…” (Clara)

“It’s not like Clara-chan to change the rules of the game~” (Anya)

“Gunununuuu… Coming from Anastasia of all people.” (Clara)

“Well, it’s fine, isn’t it? You both did your best, right?” (Wilhelm)

I patted both of their heads.

Anya looked pleased, but Clara made a displeased face. Come on, don’t make such a face.

“As a reward for your hard work, I’ll treat you both tonight. Let’s go eat something delicious.” (Wilhelm)

And so, I drank. I drank to erase the sad memories of losing paradise. Otherwise, I might end up crying myself to sleep tonight.

“We’re having a celebratory party? I’m looking forward to it!” (Anya)

“W-Who would participate in a small guild’s celebration party?!” (Clara)

“Clara-chan, let’s go together~. Let’s sit next to each other!” (Anya)

Anya clung to Clara so tightly that their cheeks almost stuck together. She wrapped her arms around Clara as if to prevent her from escaping.

“Come on, it’ll be fun, right?” (Anya)

“I said no!” (Clara)

Clara tried to break free from Anya’s grasp. However, looming behind her was Sofia-san.

“Gotcha, Clara-chan~” (Sofia)

Sofia embraced Clara tightly from behind. Clara’s head was completely buried in Sofia’s ample bosom.

“Ughh! I can’t breathe! Your chest is ridiculously huge! It’s like being captured by walking boobs! Let me gooo!” (Clara)

Clara struggled but couldn’t escape. Alright, let’s just drag her along like this.

Suddenly, Liliana, covered in ink, approached us. She said she wanted to come along too. It seems like she wants to have a lively night out for the first time in a while. On someone else’s dime, of course.

For our celebration, we chose a lively steakhouse on a bustling street where restaurants were located.

It’s a stylish place suitable for a night out with girls, and they even allow pets, so it’s fine if Mew-chan comes along.

The celebration was a blast. We had a great time, chatting about trivial things and getting to know each other better. I laughed a lot.

We all had one pink truffle each, as they were being sold at quite a low price. Anya and Sofia hit it off again, laughing and having a great time.

I wished for this enjoyable time to last forever.

I realized that despite being a shut-in, I actually enjoy being with a large group of people, chatting, and having fun.

Because we had such a great time, I slept soundly that night.

And I had a wonderful dream. It was about being taken care of by a cute girl. It was the best dream ever. I wished I wouldn’t wake up from it.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Anya totally planned the win from the start. I didn’t even realize there was such an obvious loophole in the competition terms.

I think I’m going to release the next chapter one-shot so it might take longer to come out. You can probably already guess what’s gonna happen.


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CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 7 Part 2 – The shut-in celebrates a holiday like a child

I headed to the church at the time Liliana specified. I wonder what a shut-in like me could possibly need to do there.

Liliana was waiting in the chapel of the church. From there, she guided me to a meeting room in the back.

It seemed like it was going to be a troublesome conversation.

At the very least, Liliana doesn’t seem to be in a festive mood. The ink that she was covered in earlier has already been neatly removed.

As I entered the meeting room, there was a familiar face. It was my father.

“It takes some nerve to keep me waiting… What was your name again?” (Robert)

“It’s Wilhelm. And I arrived on time. Do you need something from me?” (Wilhelm)

“Indeed, there’s an important matter to discuss.” (Robert)

“Work for a shut-in like me…?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah. But before that, there’s something I need to say to you.” (Robert)

My father directed a gaze at me as if he had years of resentment built up.

“Now, quietly hand over the wine!” (Robert)

“Huh, wine? Oh, from the other day. You mean the one I was holding onto. Are you still holding a grudge about that?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course I am. You bumbling idiot!” (Robert)

“Whoa!” (Wilhelm)

My father suddenly lunged forward with a headbutt attack.

It was so unexpected that I nearly got hit. That was close.

“I’ve been extremely busy with dealing with this ghost-related work lately!” (Robert)

“As you should.” (Wilhelm)

“I was planning to soothe my exhaustion with that wine, but you… youuuu!” (Robert)

“Huh? But that wine was like a precious bond between parent and child, right?” (Wilhelm)

It was a wine from the year I was born.

“That’s exactly why I wanted to secretly enjoy it in your absence!” (Robert)

What a parent.

Oh? A woman suddenly inserted herself between us.

She’s dressed in a luxurious white robe and has long orange hair. At first glance, she appears to be a modest person.

“Alright, that’s enough of the parent-child quarrel. Robert-san, Wilhelm-san, understood?” (?)

My whole body shivered with cold from my feet to my brain.

Wait, what was that just now? Why did her voice sound so gentle?

“Kuh, don’t interfere. Edelweiss!” (Robert)

“Interference is necessary. As the saint, I cannot allow such parent-child quarrels. It’s infuriating.” (Edelweiss)

Infuriating? What does that mean? Her character is completely out of whack, and once again, I shudder with cold.

“Now, both of you, offer your prayers to God. Pray for reconciliation and return to being a loving parent and child. As a saint, I will pray with you. Understand?” (Edelweiss)

Once again, my entire body shivered with cold.

I looked at the face of the saint. She had the appearance of a gentle older sister. Although my memories and impressions of her were completely different, there was no mistaking her identity. She’s someone I’ve known since childhood.

Her name is Edelweiss Selena Caramelise. She’s one year older than me.

“Edel-nee, right?” (Wilhelm)

We used to play together a lot when we were kids. I’ve always called her Edel-nee.

Edel-nee showed me a gentle smile.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s been a while, Wilhelm-san. I’m very happy to see you again.” (Edelweiss)

Once again, a chill ran through my entire body. This isn’t the Edel-nee I know.

“What’s with the way you’re talking? Your vibe is completely different from the past.” (Wilhelm)

“No no, I’ve always been like this, haven’t I?” (Edelweiss)

“No no no, it’s totally different.” (Wilhelm)

“Is that so? Then, what did you think of me back then, Wilhelm-san?” (Edelweiss)

“A brat.” (Wilhelm)

“N-No, that’s not true. I was the quiet girl who wore a white dress, sat in the shade of a tree, and gently petted a large dog while reading a book, right? That’s how you remember me, isn’t it?” (Edelweiss)

My father burst out laughing.

Edel-nee gave my father a sharp look. Ah, yes, that’s more like the Edel-nee I remember from my memories.

“Hey, Robert-san? Was that really the time to laugh?” (Edelweiss)

“Sorry, it just seemed so unreal.” (Robert)

“Unreal? This is who I am. Aren’t I the most refined and loving woman in town?” (Edelweiss)

My father burst out laughing again.

“Who’s supposed to be refined again?” (Robert)

“It’s me. Me.” (Wilhelm)

“Edelweiss’s father was always lamenting, you know? Even though the world is vast, he just so happened to get the only daughter who would break all the windows in school.” (Robert)

Oh yeah, I remember that. It was quite a commotion. The repair costs must have been enormous.

Edel-nee was always doing things like that just because they seemed interesting.

“Edel-nee, maybe it’s time to drop the act. You’re acting weird.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right, it’s too late to go back now. Show your true self. Come on, come on!” (Robert)

Ah, Edel-nee shed her facade.

“Hey, why are you two acting like it’s a big deal? It’s fine. I was just playing the role of everyone’s desired pure-hearted saint.” (Edelweiss)

Ah, this is it, this is more like it.

Honestly, she’s still being a bit fake, but this feels more like the real Edel-nee.

“I prefer the real Edel-nee.” (Wilhelm)

Edel-nee glanced at Liliana.

She’s probably concerned about others noticing, aside from us

Liliana seems surprised by the sudden turn of the conversation.

“You don’t need to worry about me. I know Edel-san’s personality well. I find it easier to talk with the real Edel-san.” (Liliana)

“Liliana-san, are you saying that too? But you see, there’s one person here who believes in my saintly character because she’s such a pure-hearted girl. Don’t you think it’s better to let her dream?” (Edelweiss)

Ah, she just admitted that it was a facade.

And that one person she mentioned was Eva. Though, she looks apologetic.

“Sorry. Eva-chan already knows that the saintly personality isn’t real, you know? It’s quite a well-known story. Only little kids would believe in your saintly character.” (Eva)

“Gaaah!” (Edelweiss)

She seems utterly shocked.

“Tch, what a waste of effort. Oh well, forget it. Let’s just go back to how things were. I never should have tried to play the saintly character.” (Edelweiss)

Edel adjusted her posture in the chair, slouching and boldly crossing her legs.

Her pristine nun’s skirt got disheveled. But she’s not the type to care too much about that sort of thing. That’s the Edel-nee I knew.

“Anyway, it’s really been a while, hasn’t it? Were you doing okay, Wil?” (Edelweiss)

She addressed me the same way she used to.

“I’m not doing okay at all. Can I just go home and continue being a shut-in already?” (Wilhelm)

“Nope. You gotta work.” (Edelweiss)

“Edel-nee’s as strict as ever.” (Wilhelm)

“Edelweiss is right. You gotta work hard, Wil-something.” (Robert)

“Let’s work properly, Wilhelm-kun.” (Liliana)

“It’s cooler to work, Wil-onii-san.” (Eva)

Blackie-chan let out a “Nya” almost as if saying “You gotta work.”

“Everyone’s relentless today. This place feels like it’s enemy territory.” (Wilhelm)

I really want to just be a shut-in. This environment is too harsh for my weak mental state.

“I really want to go home soon, so let’s get to the point. Why did you specifically summon a shut-in like me?” (Wilhelm)

“The reason you’re called here is none other than…” (Robert)

It was my father who replied.

You don’t have to build suspence.

“To discuss what to do about the ghost, Bagi.” (Robert)

Well, I figured it would come to that.

Here we have Eva, the ghost specialist, and even a saint who manages the sword that seals Bagi, not to mention my father, who’s the top government official overseeing the troops. With this lineup, there’s really nothing else it could be.

“So, the barriers that Eva and I set up didn’t work, huh?” (Wilhelm)

Eva looked downcast. Her already gloomy demeanor seemed even darker.

“It seems we were up against a tough opponent. Reports say that Bagi becomes active at night and enjoys messing with adults. There have even been major injuries in the fights that ensued.” (Robert)

“As long as it’s just injuries and no casualties…” (Wilhelm)

“Bagi is a ghost that snatches away children to the afterlife and devours them. That’s the most worrying part of this whole affair… Liliana, could you provide us with the research findings from the old records kept by the civil service?” (Robert)

“Yes, I’ve examined records dating back 300 years. According to those documents, on the night the Sky Whale appeared, Bagi took away over 100 children. So, there’s a high likelihood that the same tragedy might occur tonight, especially considering the Sky Whale is currently in the city.” (Liliana)

Edel-nee nodded.

“I did something similar and had the nuns search through the church’s ancient records. And lo and behold, we found descriptions identical to what Liliana just mentioned. I’m pretty sure tonight is going to be rough.” (Edelweiss)

Blackie-chan seemed to be agreeing as it let out a soft “nya”.

Eva gave Blackie-chan a gentle pat on the head.

“Wil-onii-san, you know, the time when the Sky Whale appears is when the boundary between the afterlife and our world is closest. Ghosts, spirits, and souls find it most convenient to transition to the afterlife during this time. Bagi is no different. So, if Bagi’s going to take away children, this is the time.” (Eva)

Eva had already foreseen it. She always saw bad things happen to me. In other words, Bagi might just take away a child close to me. It’s not just scary; it’s terrifying.

In this situation, I can’t just stand by and do nothing.

“I understand the situation. We can’t let the children fall into the hands of Bagi. Let’s do whatever it takes with our power to stop it.” (Wilhelm)

It’s not just Anya. There’s also Clara and Daniel and his friends whom I’ve become close to lately. 

But how do we stop Bagi? It’s not like our plan involves picking a fight and forcefully knocking him out with brute force, right?

Edel-nee took out a large sword and placed it on the table.

It looked quite old and rusty. The blade had magic runes engraved on it, though they were fading.

“This is the sword that originally sealed Bagi. Despite its weakened state, it still holds much more power compared to regular swords. Finding a replacement for this in modern times won’t be easy.” (Edelweiss)

“So, we’re using this sword to seal Bagi again?” (Wilhelm)

“As expected of you, Wil. You catch on quickly.” (Edelweiss)

“I am exceptional, after all.” (Wilhelm)

The ritual for resealing will be performed by Edel-nee, who has mastered all purification magic. Everyone else will support her during the process. That’s the plan.

“But we don’t know where the Bagi is, do we? Are we just going to wait until nightfall?” (Wilhelm)

Blackie-chan let out a “Nya” sound.

“Blackie-chan says to leave it to him. He’s really good at finding ghosts.” (Eva)

Blackie-chan looked proud. So cute.

Father stood up, and the other members followed suit.

“We must act swiftly. Let’s go now. We will definitely reseal Bagi before he starts causing more problems.” (Robert)

Everyone left the church together.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

And so the fate of the city has been left in the hands of a cat.

So, high bets that this is gonna fail cause that would be too anti-climatic.


  1. None

CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 7 Part 1 – The shut-in celebrates a holiday like a child

I woke up abruptly at eight in the morning.

Today was Rainy Holiday.

It’s also the day when the giant sky whale leisurely flies over this city.

Those same sky whales eat the rain clouds in the sky above the city. So, it’s guaranteed not to rain. In other words, it’s the perfect day for the event.

After finishing my morning preparations, I headed downstairs.

Today, I’m going to enjoy today to my heart’s content!

But, I saw something unexpected.

For some reason, there’s a panda in [Grand Bahamut].

“W-Why is there a panda here? Was it delivered…?” (Wilhelm)

The panda turned towards me.

“Wow, how rare. Even though you’re a neet, you can still wake up early on festival days mew.” (Mew-chan)

The panda spoke!

“…Hmm? Ahahaha, I see. So, the panda’s true identity is Mew-chan!” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan seemed extremely embarrassed.

Mew-chan had black ink painted around their eyes, chest, hands, and feet. Color-wise, he looked exactly like a real panda.

“Who on earth did this to you?” (Wilhelm)

“I was done in by Ojou… Every year, just for this one day, I have to be enthusiastic mew.” (Mew-chan)

“Wow, even though you’re usually so quiet. The power of the festival is amazing.” (Wilhelm)

Rainy Holiday is an event for children who have been enduring staying indoors during the rainy season.

Children will go around and keep asking for sweets, and there’s a rule that allows them to freely paint ink on adults who don’t comply.

When I was little, I used to paint on adults as well.

“Ah, Wil-sama~!” (Anya)

Anya’s voice was brighter than usual. Her expression was also cheerful.

“Good morning, Anya!” (Wilhelm)

“Give me sweets, please.” (Anya)

“Ahaha, I don’t have any.” (Wilhelm)

“Then, please be prepared!” (Anya)

“Ah, I’ll gladly accept!” (Wilhelm)

I spread out my arms and resigned myself to it.

Ah, the brush tickles. She’s showing no mercy at all.

My face and clothes were all covered in ink. I must look terrible.

“Wil-sama, you look really strange!” (Anya)

“Well, that’s troublesome. Ahahaha!” (Wilhelm)

Anya giggled mischievously as she circled around my back, painting freely.

No mercy indeed. Well, I think it’s okay. Today’s that kind of day, after all.

“Good morning! Wil-kun, are you awake? There’s no way you’re awake.” (Sofia)

It seems like Sofia-san came from the back door of the house. Unfortunately, I am awake. Sofia-san looks extremely surprised when she finds me.

“Wow, how rare, that Wil-kun is awake in the morning. What’s going on today?” (Sofia)

“It’s a festival day, so I ended up waking up earlier than usual.” (Wilhelm)

“Wow, you’re like a child! But, you’re already covered in ink.” (Sofia)

“How do I look?” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm? Maybe like a colorful zebra?” (Sofia)

“Surprisingly cute, huh?” (Wilhelm)

“Eh? Do you like staying like that? Don’t you want to change out? I brought along a shirt that my dad doesn’t wear anymore. You can have it and throw it away after today.” (Sofia)

“I’ll change into it later. What about you? Is wearing your usual outfit okay, Sofia-san?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, I’ve prepared lots of sweets, so it’s fine.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san happily showed me her bag of sweets.

There must be lots of them packed inside. The bag’s colorful design is also perfect for the festival.

“Sofia-san!” (Anya)

Anya bounced over excitedly.

“Anya-chan, onee-san will give you some sweets, so prepare yourself.” (Sofia)

“Ah, I’ll take the sweets later.” (Anya)

“Huh?” (Sofia)

“Before that—” (Anya)

Anya dipped the brush in ink and doodled on Sofia-san’s cheek.

Sofia-san squinted, as the brush tickled her.

Anya drew cat whiskers on her. It’s so cute!

“Ehehe, it tickles. Hey, wait, Anya-chan? I did bring sweets though~?” (Sofia)

“I’ll take the sweets later. Hehehe! Sofia-san’s so cute.” (Anya)

“I wonder if that’s okay… Ahahahaha—wait, you’re doing it on my body too?” (Sofia)

Anya showed no mercy.

Without hesitation, Anya painted ink on Sofia-san’s chest, stomach, and thighs.

She gradually started to look more like a tiger.

Sofia-san seemed ticklish the whole time, squirming and giggling. She looked like she was having fun.

This is what festival days are all about. Today, I’m going to enjoy myself to my heart’s content!

Together with everyone from [Grand Bahamut], we headed out to prepare our stall for the event. Our destination was the central square of the city.

Our rival, [Cosmic Falcon], seemed to have already started preparing their stall.

“Oh-hohohoho. So, you decided to not run away, Anastasia! I’ll win today’s battle by a landslide!” (Clara)

“Good morning, Clara-chan.” (Anya)

“W-Wait, wait, wait!” (Clara)

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” (Anya)

“I’m still a child desu wa.” (Clara)

“Yeah, I know.” (Anya)

“Then why are you trying to paint ink on me with a smile on your face?! That smile is scary desu wa. Sofia-san, Sofia-san—Please help me instead of just watching!” (Clara)

“Sorry, Clara-chan.” (Sofia)

“You’re heartless desu wa. Aaah!” (Clara)

Anya mischievously doodled on Clara’s cheek without hesitation.

Clara seemed reluctant, but she accepted it. She really seemed to dislike it though.

Pink heart marks are being drawn all over Clara. That must be Anya’s way of expressing her affection towards Clara. Anya seems incredibly happy, smiling from ear to ear.

“Hey, neet. Doesn’t the stall feel a bit plain to you?” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan, dressed in a happi coat1 and a festival hat, seemed to be pondering something.

Mew-chan had set up the table, but indeed, it looked quite lonely with just that.

[Cosmic Falcon] had decorations like flowers and plush toys all around their stall. Moreover, they had a wide variety of treats, from chocolates to cookies, caramels, and baked goods. It was so extravagant that just looking at it made you feel excited.

In comparison, [Grand Bahamut]’s stall was anything but lavish. There was only a plain table with a box filled with lots of candies.

“You’re right, Mew-chan. Should we buy some balloons?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh, surprising proposal coming from you, considering it requires money. Do you have money to spare mew?” (Mew-chan)

“Heh, I’m not the same as I was during the spring.” (Wilhelm)

“That’s odd. The neet is more reliable than usual mew.” (Mew-chan)

This time, I made sure to bring my wallet before leaving the house. There’s no way I wouldn’t have money to buy balloons.

With that, I went and bought some balloons from the nearby general store.

Mew-chan and I blew them up together like crazy. I felt like I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen.

After inflating the balloons, we tied them with strings and hung them on the legs of the table.

“Wow, it really feels like it’s got the festival atmosphere now mew!” (Mew-chan)

“We did it, Mew-chan!” (Wilhelm)

We high-fived each other with excitement.

At that moment, a nearby sky whale let out a loud “buoooooo” noise.

Mew-chan and I looked up simultaneously. There’s a gigantic whale floating in the sky above the city. It leisurely floats around, and it would probably be until tomorrow for it to pass through the city.

I can’t help but envy it a bit. After all, it’s just leisurely floating in the sky, living a life of eating and sleeping. I wish I could live such a lazy life too.

We steadily continued our preparations.

Right now, [Grand Bahamut] is a candy shop.

We have flavors like orange, strawberry, peach, berry, and many more. Kids can also scoop them into paper bags, making shopping fun for them.

At ten-thirty, the fireworks signal was fired.

It was a loud sound that could be heard throughout the town. This marks the beginning of the festival.

“Clara-chan, I won’t lose!” (Anya)

“I won’t lose, Anastasia!” (Clara)

They bumped their fists together.

Now, it’s the start of the showdown between [Grand Bahamut] and [Cosmic Falcon], a battle of who sells out first. Who will emerge victorious in this rivalry?

It’s past noon.

Both candy shops are selling well. But if I had to say, [Grand Bahamut] is lagging behind a bit. Hang in there, Anya.

As for me, I was surrounded by neighborhood kids.

Well, my shirt was completely covered in ink. Well, it can’t be helped, it’s that kind of day.

“We did it! We defeated the Demon King!” (Child)

“Yay!” (Child)

Everyone’s merciless today.

It’s a good thing that I got this shirt from Sofia-san. I’ll just throw it away when today is over.

“If anyone’s free, could you help out at Anya’s shop?” (Wilhelm)

“That’s right. Anya’s losing. Let’s go!” (Child)

“Yay!” (Other Children)

They’re energetic kids. I vaguely remembered asking for everyone’s names. I remember the oldest boy was named Daniel. And then, um… the demon girl was named Scarlet…

“Oh, Wilhelm-kun, what a coincidence to meet you here.” (Liliana)

When I turned around, Liliana was there. Her eyes were sparkling like stars, holding a brush in her hand and a bottle of ink on her hip. She’s fully equipped.

For some reason, I feel like I’m about to be attacked.

“Is it really a coincidence?” (Wilhelm)

“Will you let me touch your muscles? Or will you let me play a prank on you?” (Liliana)

Liliana seems excited.

She’s totally ready to touch my muscles.

“Hey, Liliana, you’re not a kid anymore, right?” (Wilhelm)

“When I see muscles, I revert to my childish self.” (Liliana)

“What kind of excuse is that?” (Wilhelm)

“Hehehe. I can’t resist anymore. I’m very curious to see how your muscles react when painted with a brush. Now, let’s paint!” (Liliana)

“No, sto-” (Wilhelm)

Argh! My face got painted, and my shirt buttons were undone, and my muscles were covered in ink.

I got annoyed and snatched the brush away.

Liliana, looking satisfied, turned pale.

“W-Wait a minute! What are you thinking? Unlike you, Wilhelm-kun, I’m working right now!” (Liliana)

“I revert to my childish self when I see Liliana.” (Wilhelm)

“What kind of excuse is that?” (Liliana)

“Hahaha, I can’t resist anymore!” (Wilhelm)

I said in a monotone voice.

“W-Wait! Please grow up already. Your classmates have all long since grown up. W-wait, are you really going to do it? A-a-a-argh! This is totally harassment!” (Liliana)

“Isn’t it fine~” (Wilhelm)

“It’s definitely not fine!” (Liliana)

I painted her mercilessly.

“Hahaha, your face and uniform are covered in ink now. Guess you’d got to go back to work looking like that.” (Wilhelm)

It’s kinda funny to see a serious girl like her covered in ink.

“Ah… well, you’re just hopeless.” (Liliana)

“Hey, that’s my line.” (Wilhelm)

“There’s a difference in weight between the words of someone working and someone not.” (Liliana)

Ouch. That hit me right in the feels. Yeah, that’s totally true.

“There aren’t many kind-hearted women who would let you do something like this, you know. You should be grateful to me.” (Liliana)

“Yeah, yeah, I am.” (Wilhelm)

I said it again in a monotone voice.

“Then, as a thank you, let me touch your muscles.” (Liliana)

“Why does it still come back to that? Ah, I should get back to work soon,” (Wilhelm)

“Aww…” (Liliana)

Don’t ‘Aww’ me.

“Which is more important to you, me or work?” (Liliana)

“Work, work.” (Wilhelm)

“Then, Wilhelm-kun, let’s work together!” (Liliana)

“I’ll pass.” (Wilhelm)

With a sigh, Liliana wiped her face with a handkerchief.

The ink wasn’t coming off at all. She’ll need to wash her face to get it off.

“Oh, right. Wilhelm-kun, you’re free around 2 o’clock today, right?” (Liliana)

“I’m extremely busy, though?” (Wilhelm)

“Then please come to the church. I’ll be waiting.” (Liliana)

“Huh? Wait, did you just ignore my busy statement?” (Wilhelm)

Liliana smiled and headed back towards the castle.

Completely ignored. Even though I’m busy playing all day today. Hah…

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Children can paint you if you don’t give them candy? Well, Anya can paint you even if you give her candy.

That painting thing sounds pretty fun, except that if it was in the real world, it would be much more dangerous cause kids are merciless.


  1. Happi coats are traditional Japanese coats worn during festivals.

CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 6 Part 3 – The shut-in is forced to deal with ghosts

Eva and I worked together to set up a powerful barrier across the entire town.

I’m proud of myself for being able to create such a splendid barrier. With that barrier, ghosts should be significantly restricted in their movements.

I hope this will at least slow down the legendary Ghost, Bagi.

Upon returning to [Grand Bahamut], I relaxed.

It’s already quite dark. And rain is endlessly pouring outside.

I set aside the novel I was reading and stood up.

After turning on the lights, I began preparing for the night.

Anya and the others who went on the quest would be coming home wet.

Let’s prepare some large towels. Maybe I should also boil some water. They’ll probably feel relieved after drinking warm tea.

“…Maybe I’ll be the one to prepare the bath for once.” (Wilhelm)

It’s only when Mew-chan is gone that I realize how grateful I am that he always takes care of the bath. Despite being a magical beast, Mew-chan is truly hard working.

I washed the bath, replaced the water with fresh water, and lit the firewood.

“Come to think of it, what if Anya and the others return later?” (Wilhelm)

The firewood would be wasted.

“Well, I guess I’ll just prepare the bath first and think about it later.” (Wilhelm)

I leisurely warmed the water over a low flame. Adjusting the heat is a breeze for someone as skilled as me.

I brewed tea for myself and savored it while listening to the sound of the rain.

“It doesn’t taste as good as when Anya makes it…” (Wilhelm)

Even the aroma is completely different.

This is what tea brewed by a shut-in tastes like. Ah, I’m hungry. I hope everyone comes back soon.

That’s when I felt the presence of several people outside the back door. It seems like everyone’s returned.

They entered the house energetically.

“Wil-sama, we’re back!” (Anya)

“Hah, even my underwear is soaked… I hate the rain!” (Sofia)

“Sodane. My fur keeps getting in my eyes, and I can’t see anything mew.” (Mew-chan)

It suddenly became lively.

As expected of people who aren’t shut-ins. They’re full of energy.

“Welcome back. Seems like it’s pouring out there.” (Wilhelm)

Anya, Sofia-san, Mew-chan, all have water dripping from their hair, clothes, and fur.

Mew-chan looks slim and resembles a different creature altogether. It’s kind of amusing to look at.

Naturally, my eyes shifted to the ladies.

Her long hair clinging to her cheeks looks sexy. Plus, her wet clothes accentuate her body lines distinctly. The occasional transparency adds to the appeal.

“Amazing.” (Wilhelm)

I blurted out my impression unintentionally, leaving Anya looking perplexed.

“What do you mean?” (Anya)

I handed her a towel. She gratefully accepted it.

“I was just beginning to understand the phrase ‘dripping with sex appeal’ quite well.” (Wilhelm)

“Uwah. Wil-kun, you’re totally thinking dirty thoughts, aren’t you? You’re so naughty!” (Sofia)

Sofia-san placed both hands on her chest.

Her chest is too big to be completely hidden. Truly impressive size.

“That’s not true. Here you go, Sofia-san, the towel. If I were thinking something dirty, I wouldn’t be acting like such a gentleman now, would I?” (Wilhelm)

I was met with a skeptical gaze.

“So, how are you going to explain that pervy gaze roaming all over my body? Onee-san wants to know.” (Sofia)

“I’m just finding it amusing to watch the water droplets dripping down from your hair.” (Wilhelm)

“Amusing? Why?” (Sofia)

“Well, Sofia-san’s body has many curves, so the droplets have quite a journey navigating ups and downs.” (Wilhelm)

I’d like to try that too. Being one of those droplets.

“So, in other words, you’re carefully examining my body from top to bottom? Mouu, Wil-kun, you’re so naughty at every opportunity.” (Sofia)

“No, no, I’m not looking at all. I’m the most gentlemanly guy in town.” (Wilhelm)

“Your trustworthiness is already beyond repair.” (Sofia)

Anya seems shocked as she looks at her own body.

She deliberately squeezed her hair to let a droplet fall onto her chest. Unfortunately, the droplet just slid down straight to the ground.

Anya tried again with another droplet. But once again, it slid straight down to the ground.

Oh… watching this made me feel sad too. I ended up looking glum alongside Anya.

“I guess I still have a long way to go as a woman…” (Anya)

I gently patted Anya’s head.

*Woosh!* *Pitter-patter* 

That sound came from Mew-chan. It seemed like he was shaking off the water clinging to his fur.

“Hey, Mew-chan, don’t shake there! You’re getting everything wet!” (Sofia)

“S-Sodane. It was on instinct…” (Mew-chan)

“Anyways, I have already heated up the bath. Anya, Sofia-san, feel free to take a bath before you catch a cold.” (Wilhelm)

Huh? Mew-chan, Sofia-san, and Anya all seem to be looking at me as if they’ve heard something unbelievable.

Everyone’s just staring at me with their mouths open in surprise.

“Wil-kun did…?” (Sofia)

“Y-You heated up the bath for us?” (Anya)

“S-Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

“Yeah, but… was that weird…?” (Wilhelm)

The two girls and the animal all nodded simultaneously. Shocking.

“What’s wrong, Wil-kun? It’s the first time I’ve seen you help with household chores.” (Sofia)

“Sodane! Maybe tomorrow’s going to rain mew. Oh, maybe the rain falling right now is because of you mew!” (Mew-chan)

“No, the rain has nothing to do with it!” (Wilhelm)

Even I have to admit that it’s rare for me to do this.

“Wil-sama, even though you had worked with Eva-chan on the barrier today, you still took care of the housework. I’m really impressed. As expected of Wil-sama. I can’t help but admire you.” (Anya)

Anya gave me a sparkling look of admiration.

Being admired by a cute girl genuinely makes me happy. I’m glad I whimsically decided to warm up the bath.

“All right, Anya-chan, let’s make good use of Wil-kun’s kindness and take a bath together!” (Sofia)

“Yes. But the area is small so Mew-chan can’t join us.” (Anya)

The bath here isn’t very spacious, so there’s no way three of them would fit together in the tub.

“In that case, I’ll warm up Mew-chan myself.”  (Wilhelm)

As a capable person, it’s a piece of cake for me to warm up just one Mew-chan.

He’s giving me a seriously displeased look.

“Mew-chan, you’re so lucky! Having Wil-sama warm up the bath for you must be envy-worthy!” (Anya)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

Right, Anya can’t hear his true thoughts.

Because Mew-chan’s feelings couldn’t be conveyed properly, he looks bewildered. It’s amusing how dejected a magical beast can look. They have a lot of human-like qualities.

Sofia-san tightly squeezed her skirt before heading towards the bath. Anya imitated her and then followed Sofia-san with quick steps.

Only Sofia-san came back.

“Hey, Wil-kun, no peeking, okay?” (Sofia)

“I understand. I’ll just pretend that I am” (Wilhelm)

“Mooou, you’re so mean!” (Sofia)

Sofia-san actually headed towards the bath this time.

It was just Mew-chan and me left. Our eyes met. Mew-chan let out a gloomy sigh.

“I wanted to take a bath while getting squeezed between ojou and Sofia…” (Mew-chan)

“Yeah, I feel you.” (Wilhelm)

I felt the same way.

“Being taken care of by a neet… What a life…” (Mew-chan)

“Are you dissatisfied?” (Wilhelm)

“I can just wipe myself with a towel mew.” (Mew-chan)

Well, I feel like you can’t reach your own back given your body structure.

“I said I’d warm you up, didn’t I? I don’t use such simple methods like towels.” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan tilted his body, looking puzzled.

Warm air started blowing from my palm.

This is my original magic. I can generate warm air perfect for drying hair and body. I pride myself on being able to create such highly practical magic, fitting for someone as capable as me.

Although, it’s too mundane of a spell that I haven’t even presented it at conferences or in papers.

“Ah~ feels so good mew~ Quite handy, for a neet to know such a useful magic mew~” (Mew-chan)

Mew-chan seems satisfied, basking in the warmth of my magic.

“Hey, neet.” (Mew-chan)

“What is it?” (Wilhelm)

“Do you secretly want to peek?” (Mew-chan)

“Don’t talk nonsense.” (Wilhelm)

“Just imagine mew. Right now, in the bath, ojou and Sofia, are delicately washing each other’s bodies, their skin touching. Doesn’t that sound delightful mew? Kekekehehe. Don’t you think it’s nice mew?” (Mew-chan)

I entertain the thought.

Sofia-san gently washing Anya’s body.

She compliments Anya-chan, saying her breasts have grown quite nicely. Anya seems a bit shy but not entirely displeased.

However, her expression changes. She murmurs about wanting to be as big as Sofia-san, while her hands wander over Sofia-san’s large bosom.

Sofia looks embarrassed and squirms—

“Wait, why are you making me have such dumb fantasies?” (Wilhelm)

“Sodane! It took you too long to come up with a retort mew! You’re way too honest about your desires mew!” (Mew-chan)

“That can’t be true. I’m a gentleman, so I don’t indulge in such inappropriate fantasies. Anyways, turn around.” (Wilhelm)

Mew-chan obediently turns around.

Looking at Mew-chan from behind, he’s covered in white fur all over. Trying to warm up all of that seems like it would be quite a task.

“Ah~ Feels good mew~” (Sofia)

Well, as long as he’s enjoying it, it’s fine.

I meticulously warm up even the armpits and the underside of his long ears.

Once that’s done, Mew-chan drinks some tea to warm up from the inside before starting to prepare dinner. He’s truly a hardworking magical beast.

With some free time on my hands, I opened the novel I was reading.

In the story, a lamp is mentioned, which reminds me that I hadn’t lit the lamp yet.

I open the back door and light the lamp.

Thanks to the barrier, ghosts shouldn’t come out, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

As I returned, I heard Anya’s voice coming from the direction of the bath.

“Wil-sama, Mew-chan, we forgot to bring a change of clothes.” (Anya)

“My hands are wet, neet, go do it.” (Mew-chan)

“I don’t even know where Anya’s clothes are.” (Wilhelm)

They’re probably in the dresser in her room upstairs.

As I climbed the stairs, I suddenly realized something. I went back down and asked about Sofia-san’s clothes. Since she didn’t live here, she requested some of Anya’s mom’s clothes instead.

Apparently, there are still clothes left in the closet of Anya’s mom’s room where I’m staying.

I didn’t know that. I haven’t used the closet.

First, I entered Anya’s room and found a cute white dresser.

Since I know what Anya usually wears, I chose any of those familiar clothes I could find.

As for her underwear… hmm… It’s a tough choice, but I picked the ones at the top. Pure white suits Anya well.

Next is Sofia-san’s clothes. When I opened the closet in my room, there were lots of women’s clothes. I chose a yellow shirt with a white long skirt. Material-wise, this seems like it won’t be too cold or too hot.

I went downstairs to the bathroom.

Anya was hiding behind the door, showing only her shoulders and above. It made me a little nervous to think she might be naked on the other side.

“Thank you, Wil-sama.” (Anya)

“No, thank you.” (Wilhelm)

“What for?” (Anya)

“Just because.” (Wilhelm)

Even though it’s only shoulders and above, seeing someone naked after they’ve come out of the bath is stimulating.

I handed over the clothes I brought. Without much consideration, the first thing on top happened to be Anya’s pure white panties. Anya blushed.

“Is it that you prefer these panties, Wil-sama?” (Anya)

She asked with a very embarrassed tone.

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Wilhelm)

I answered honestly with a straight face. Anya seemed even more embarrassed.

It seemed like Sofia-san had overheard the conversation from inside.

“I think I’d like Anya-chan to wear white panties too. They suit her.” (Sofia)

Anya became even more embarrassed.

“Hey, Wil-kun, where are my panties?” (Sofia)

“Eh, you needed them?” (Wilhelm)

“Of course” (Sofia)

“…Really?” (Wilhelm)

“Yes. I’ll feel chilly without them.” (Sofia)

“Wait, do you always wear them?” (Wilhelm)

“I’ve never lived a day without wearing panties, you know?” (Sofia)

“My image of you is getting shattered into pieces.” (Wilhelm)

“What image did you have of me until now?” (Sofia)

“Well, setting that aside, Sofia-san, are you going to wear Anya’s mom’s panties?” (Wilhelm)

“Hmm, yeah. I guess I can’t wear someone else’s panties. Oh well. I’ll just wear my clothes as they are for today.” (Sofia)

The two of them came out of the bathroom fully dressed.

I couldn’t help but look at Sofia-san.

“I knew you’d look at me.” (Sofia)

“… … …” (Wilhelm)

“Why are you silent? Don’t tell me it’s see-through?” (Sofia)

“No, I just thought it suits you really well. You look beautiful. That outfit suits you.” (Wilhelm)

“I thought you were looking at me with lecherous eyes. Somehow I feel betrayed and disappointed.” (Sofia)

Well, it was refreshing.

Sofia-san, who usually wore clothes that reveal a lot of skin, turned into a very neat and beautiful older sister. I wonder if this is what they call ‘gap moe’.

Anya hugged Sofia-san tightly.

“What’s wrong, Anya-chan?” (Sofia)

“I just thought you looked like Mom.” (Anya)

“Oh, right, it’s your mom’s clothes. But you know, Anya-chan, Angelina-san was much prettier than me. So the atmosphere might be different—” (Sofia)

“Mom~!” (Anya)

Anya leaned in on Sofia-san and said affectionately.

“Uh, um, how should I respond…” (Sofia)

“Mom, Mom, Mom!” (Anya)

Anya hugged Sofia-san even tighter.

“Well, it’s fine. As long as Anya-chan is happy.” (Sofia)

“I can smell Mom’s scent. I want to stay like this forever.” (Anya)

“So cute.” (Sofia)

Sofia-san mentioned that she would like to have a daughter like Anya in the future. I’d like that too.

When I got out of the bathroom, there was a sweet and delicious smell of sugar drifting around. Perhaps someone’s cooking something with sugar.

“Wil-kun, hey, did you fall asleep already? You always wake up late and yet are still able to sleep so easily.” (Sofia)

“I’m here, Sofia-san. I haven’t slept yet.” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, there you are. Hey, want to taste this? Do you think it’s good enough to serve at the shop?” (Sofia)

A white plate was filled with round brown candies. They were homemade, I was told. The scent of sugar resembled that of these candies.

“That’s amazing. How did you make the candies?” (Wilhelm)

“Huh? Candies are easy to make with just sugar and water, you know?” (Sofia)

I didn’t know that.

Apparently, she’s going to sell these at the Rainy Holiday in a few days.

Come to think of it, we’re going to have a showdown with Clara at the stall segment. If I remember correctly, we’re supposed to set up a candy stall.

Anya’s already eating one. She’s rolling the candy around in her mouth, looking pleased.

I also popped one into my mouth. It reminded me of the sweet taste I loved as a child.

It’s melting on my tongue. I could eat these all day.

“It’s delicious. Kids will definitely love it.” (Anya)

Anya reached out and took a candy. She popped it into her mouth with a smile. It must be a flavor she liked.

Anya blushed as Sofia-san and I looked at her with a warm smile.

“But selling only one flavor might be difficult. It’d be better to have other flavors too.” (Anya)

“I’ll try that tomorrow then. Anya-chan, let’s go shopping together.” (Sofia)

“Okay~ Wil-sama, do you think we can beat Clara-chan’s sweet shop?”  (Anya)

“With this flavor, as long as we sell it cheerfully and brightly, we’ll definitely win.” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, I’ll do my best!” (Anya)

Anya tasted the candy again. If it’s something she enjoys, it will surely become popular.

I looked out the window.

Now, it’s just a matter of whether we can successfully hold the event.

The Rainy Holiday is a day for children. I hope it won’t turn into something that makes them cry…

The barrier is working properly. The question is whether it can properly contain Bagi.

“Uwah, what’s going on? Something moved in the trash can!” (Sofia)

Sofia seems surprised. The trash can?

“Kya! W-Why is it moving? It’s really creepy. S-Sofia-san, please take a look!” (Anya)

“Huh? Me? Wil-kun? Won’t you take a look?” (Sofia)

Oh, right. Something’s squirming. But, it doesn’t seem dangerous.

As I bend down, Mew-chan comes over too. With his fluffy hands, Mew-chan grabs whatever’s moving in the trash can.

“…Is this hair mew?” (Mew-chan)

“Hair? Oh, that’s Eva’s hair. I forgot that she cut it earlier.” (Wilhelm)

“Oh, it’s just Eva-chan’s hair.” (Sofia)

“What a surprise. Mouu.” (Anya)

“Sodane!” (Mew-chan)

Everyone lost interest in an instant.

Huh? Why does no one seem concerned about why the cut hair is moving? It’s really bothering me.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

This is like, the first time I see non-childhood friend female characters not minding that MC went through their drawers. I mean, I understand that he was asked to, but they didn’t make such a big deal out of it, which is rare.

Even the great MC can’t figure out what’s happening with Eva’s hair. She’s probably banned from every barber shop which is why she has to cut her own hair. The fact that she could cut it so quickly is a talent in itself.


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CGM – Vol 2 Chapter 6 Part 2 – The shut-in is forced to deal with ghosts

Eva and I left [Grand Bahamut].

The sky was gray and cloudy. It looked like it might rain at any moment.

We were heading to Bones Magic Shop for now. It’s nearby, but on our way, we ran into a group of neighborhood kids. They must be the local children.

“Hey, the Demon Lord is here!” (Child)

Pointed out a boy with tan skin.

Ugh, naturally calling me the Demon Lord. How much pain do you think I’ve endured all these years with that name? What will you do if I suddenly feel like becoming a shut-in again tomorrow?

“Yeah, there’s the Demon Lord! Scary!” (Child)

“It’s the Demon Lord! What a dull face!” (Child)

“So lame.” (Child)

The children were merciless. Both boys and girls laughed while making fun of me.

Ah, the voices of children mocking me are rampaging in my mind. It triggers my trauma. I really just want to shut myself in.

“I’m a demon, so I have to worship you, right? Hail Demon Lord Wilhelm-sama~” (Child)

A girl with red hair in a ponytail started worshipping me. She raised both hands and sent me a serious gaze.

I guess there are people among the demon race who believe in the Demon Lord.

“But I’m not the Demon Lord. I’m a hero. He-ro.” (Wilhelm)

“But it was written in the newspaper that you’re the Demon Lord, right?” (Child)

No good. The worship won’t stop.

Huh? The tan-skinned boy seems startled when he looks at Eva.

“That… T-The ghost girl is with the Demon Lord.” (Child)

“Eek, scary!” (Child)

I wonder if they disliked her. The children quickly distanced themselves.

Seeing that, Eva seems pleased. She sticks out her tongue which is longer than most people and makes her hands look like ghosts to scare the children.

“Kekekeke~ Bad children need to be cursed.” (Eva)

The children screamed and ran away, saying things like “scary”. But they were laughing. Despite being scared, they probably liked her.

Eva looks pleased as she watches the fleeing children. Maybe she’s quite fond of children.

Oh, the tan-skinned boy came back and peeked out from the wall of a nearby house.

“The Demon Lord and Ghost are quite the matching couple. Bleugh!” (Child)

That guy… coming all the way just to throw insults. Not cool. Seriously.

“Sorry about that. It’s not fun being lumped in with someone like me, huh?” (Wilhelm)

When I looked at Eva, she blushed like a flower in bloom. Why, though? What’s there to be embarrassed about?

Although, it is refreshing to see Eva, who usually has a scary aura, making such a face.

“Being called a couple is a first for Eva-chan. It’s embarrassing. Ehehe.” (Eva)

Cute. She’s covering her cheeks with her hands and turning bright red.

Eva gently reaches out and takes my arm.

It really feels like we’re a couple now.

I continue walking with Eva clinging onto me. It’s surprisingly comfortable. Maybe we do make a good match after all.

Soon, we arrived at Bones Magic Shop.

Frankie-san, who’s behind the counter, looks at us with delight.

“Oh? What’s this? It feels like springtime has come even during the rainy season! You two look great together!” (Frankie)

“Come on, Grandpa! You don’t have to embarrass Eva-chan.” (Eva)

Eva blushes even more.

“Hahaha, to see Eva-chan making such a face. So, what do you think, lad? As you can see, my granddaughter is cute, talented in cooking, and, believe it or not, she’s growing up quite nicely, too.” (Frankie)

Mouu! Grandpa, don’t praise me so much! You’re bothering Wil-oniisan. Ehehehe.” (Eva)

“I actually think Eva is pretty cute.” (Wilhelm)

Eva’s cheeks flushed even more. Her hand, holding onto my arm, felt warm, almost hot.

M-Mouu, Wil-oniisan is praising Eva-chan too much. Did you sweet-talk Ana-chan the same way?” (Eva)

“It’s not like that. I only say these things to Eva.” (Wilhelm)

Eva’s blush deepens even further.

Maybe she couldn’t bear to look at my face anymore. She turned away and hid behind me, trying to hide her face.

Frankie-san grinned as he watched Eva’s reaction.

“It looks like spring has really come for Eva-chan. Hahaha, this is a joyous occasion. Lad, take good care of Eva-chan from now on!” (Frankie)

“Grandpa, come on! Stop teasing us. Let’s get to the point, okay? You have something to discuss with Wil-oniisan, right?” (Eva)

“Oh, right, right. I got too carried away by how adorable Eva-chan is. Hahaha. Well then, let’s get to the serious stuff. It’s about work.” (Frankie)

Frankie-san’s grin quickly shifted to a serious expression.

As expected of an adult, he can switch gears quite swiftly. Eva is still hiding behind my back, blushing.

“Anyways, the truth is, we Shamans received a request from the government. They want us to set up a barrier around the entire city.” (Frankie)

“A barrier… huh?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, that ghost, Bagi, is just too dangerous, you know? This is a precaution against him.” (Frankie)

“Indeed. We can’t afford to do nothing.” (Wilhelm)

“Exactly. That ghost can effortlessly slice through trained soldiers like it’s nothing. He’s too powerful to be left unchecked.” (Frankie)

I know because I’ve fought it before. It’s way beyond the capabilities of your average soldier. In terms of rank, I’d say it surpasses an easy A and reaches an effortless S.

“I understand. So, you want me to assist in creating the barrier against Bagi, right?” (Wilhelm)

“Yeah, that’s right. We’re counting on your massive pool of magic. You’re our best bet.” (Frankie)

“Got it. Leave it to the talented me.” (Wilhelm)

I smirked confidently.

“By the way, the one who recommended you was a beauty named Liliana. She said, ‘Feel free to use him as you please.’ Do you happen to know her?” (Frankie)

Ugh, that girl…

She’s learning to exploit me more and more to get her own work done. She’s going to disrupt my peaceful shut-in life.

“Liliana is my classmate. Lately, she’s been making me do her errands.” (Wilhelm)

“Ahahaha. Good guys always attract attention, after all. I used to be quite the charmer myself, you know?” (Frankie)

Sounds like a lie. It’s written all over his face.

Even Eva quietly told me it was a lie.

“Well, anyway. Please lend us your strength for the sake of this city. I’m counting on you.” (Frankie)

He bowed respectfully to me.

I could sense the sincerity in his request. That’s how serious the threat of Bagi is. Frankie-san probably knows that I’m the only one who can stand against it. 

Being relied upon by such a seasoned expert feels like a great honor. If even a shut-in like me can be of use, then I’ll do my best.

“Alright, let’s get started, Eva.” (Wilhelm)

I turned to look at Eva.

…Something seems off.

She’s staring blankly up at the sky. Is she really okay?

Suddenly, Eva starts trembling violently. Her movements are erratic, not normal at all.

“Hey, Eva?” (Wilhelm)

“W-W-W-Wil-il-il-il-il oniiiii-saaaaaan.” (Eva)

“W-What’s going on? Did a bug get into your head?” (Wilhelm)

Eva continues to jerk her head back and forth.

Her movements were incredibly unsettling. No ordinary person would ever move like that.

Suddenly, Blacky leaped onto the counter.

Perhaps sensing the need for purification, she stuck her tail into a jar of salt sitting there. Skillfully scooping up some salt with her tail, she sprinkled it towards Eva.

And just like that, Eva’s strange movements ceased. She seemed to return to normal.

“Ah, that was a surprise. So, WIl-oniisan, let’s go set up the barrier~!” (Eva)

“Wait, wait, wait, don’t just brush that off. What was that all about?” (Wilhelm)

“It’s no big deal, really.” (Eva)

“No big deal? Are you kidding me?” (Wilhelm)

“I mean, it was just a ghost hanging around there trying to possess my body, right?” (Eva)

Eva-chan mentioned something terrifying as if it were an everyday occurrence.

“S-Sounds tough.” (Wilhelm)

“It’s not a big deal, you know? Eva-chan loves that sort of thing. Kekekeke.” (Eva)

She really is an unusual girl. Perhaps you should be a bit more scared; otherwise, the ghosts might feel disappointed, don’t you think?

Illustration of Eva blushing

Cute. She’s covering her cheeks with her hands and turning bright red.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Approval has been received. The ship may now set sail. I mean, they are quite an interesting pairing considering their personalities. I like it.

I’m surprised that Frankie is okay with his daughter dating MC even though he knows that he’s a shut-in. I guess he doesn’t mind as much.


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