MPFM – Interlude 1

It was a certain afternoon when I was enthusiastically engaged in some DIY activities at home.

“Jin onii-chan. Come flirt with Reki, okay?” (Reki)

Reki suddenly approached me with moist eyes while saying something outrageous.

“Jin-chan, don’t you want to be spoiled by Yuuri Mama?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri followed suit while holding a baby bottle and pacifier in her hands.

“Jin-sama, please feel free to ask for anything.” (Lucika)

Finally, Lucika started saying such things while looking excited.

“S-Scary…! W-What do you guys want…!” (Jin)

Feeling a strong sense of fear, I quickly distanced myself from them.

Seeing this, Yuuri pouted discontentedly.

“Wait! Why are you reacting like that?” (Yuuri)

“Anyone would react like this if they were approached in such a weird way.” (Jin)

“It’s not weird! I just had something I wanted to ask!” (Yuuri)

“Doesn’t that make it even scarier!?” (Jin)

“Yuuri, calm down. There, there.” (Reki)

Reki, who was dressed in an outfit more childish than usual, restrained Yuuri.

In her place, Lucika stepped forward.

By the way, she was wearing a maid outfit with a kimono… A maid dressed in a traditional Japanese outfit has quite a charming contrast.

“Look, we’ve been together for quite a long time, haven’t we?” (Lucika)

“Well, if you include the time we’ve been traveling, it’s quite a lot. Does that have anything to do with this odd behavior?” (Jin)

“Oh, absolutely. And it’s quite a significant issue.” (Lucika)

“Alright, I’m listening. Go ahead.” (Jin)

“Wait a minute! Why is your response different for her!?” (Yuuri)

“There, there.” (Reki)

Since Lucika said it with a very serious expression, I decided to listen properly.

You see, with Yuuri, there’s always this preconceived expectation that the conversation will head towards a certain direction…

“Actually, Jin. There exists something out there that even a [Sage] like me doesn’t understand.” (Lucika)

“Even Lucika…?” (Jin)

“Yeah. But I thought maybe you, Jin, might understand. That’s why I’d be happy to hear your opinion.” (Lucika)

“I’m not sure whether I can help… but I’ll give it my all.” (Jin)

“Thank you. So, without further ado… I want to know Jin’s preferences.” (Lucika)

“My preferences…my preferences?” (Jin)

Surprised, I asked again, and Lucika nodded with a serious expression.

“That’s right. We want to know Jin’s preferences.” (Lucika)

“Um… why?” (Jin)

“Because we want you to like us even more.” (Lucika)

“Jin-san is always looking out for us, right? We want to do something in return.” (Yuuri)

“—And then, we realized. We don’t even know Jin’s preferences.” (Reki)

So that’s why they’re dressed in such a variety of outfits.

The mystery is solved, and I feel a bit relieved.

It seems like everyone hasn’t gone mad or anything.

“…I mean, I like everyone as they are normally… isn’t that enough?” (Jin)

The three of them nodded in agreement.

Preferences, huh… I don’t really have any specific preference.

But it seems they won’t be satisfied unless I say something…

Hmm, let’s see. If I have to say something, then maybe it should be something that the three of them would definitely never do…

“…like a queen who would step on my head with her foot?” (Jin)

“Aah…” (Reki)

“Jin-san, you’re, uh…” (Yuuri)

“…You’re into that huh…” (Lucika)

“Alright, let’s do it. For Jin!” (Reki)

“I have stockings.” (Yuuri)

“Should I bring a whip too?” (Lucika)

“You don’t have to! I prefer everyone as how they are!!” (Jin)

Watching the three of them eagerly prepare, I quickly intervened while thinking that I have such good wives.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Jin seems like the kind of person with a hidden M side.

With that, we have caught up with the author. I’m actually considering doing another series similar to this, but I’ve been sleeping on it for a while. Idk if I should actually do it cause the author dropped it at around 50 chapters.

It’s about the MC, after going through an isekai life, finally completed his journey and defeated the Demon King. He had to be sent back to Japan afterwards, so they shared a final sad farewell. But for some reason, his harem got sent back with him to Japan and now they live there together. It’s a slice of life from that point on. Btw the harem consists of a classmate who got isekaied with the MC, a princess, a fairy, the Demon King’s daughter, and a white wolf beast-kin. 

If this sounds intriguing, maybe I’ll pick it up soon, right now I’m busy. Here’s the raw btw.


  1. None

MPFM – Chapter 29 – Happy Married Slow Life

In the end, the unprecedented invasion of the Demonic Dragon ended safely.

Thanks to Lucika and Yuuri, there were no major injuries or casualties. Furthermore, there was no collateral damage, making this a good way to show off the power of the hero party to the outside world.

Later, we found out that the Demonic Dragon was a monster that had been tamed by the Demon King. This information was confirmed by the testimonies of Reki and Yuuri.

According to Lucika, who could also tame creatures, it seems that the Demonic Dragon, having lost its master, was confused. With nothing left to do, it likely pursued Reki and Yuuri, who defeated the Demon King.

Apparently, the reason it tried to attack people was to appeal to a new master by showcasing its capabilities.

Upon witnessing the Demon King killing people, the Demonic Dragon might have thought that if it did the same, it could find a new master willing to take him in.

“Come here, Pochi. It’s mealtime.” (Reki)

“GAU!!” (Pochi)

And so, now he is being kept as Reki’s pet in our village.

It seems that he managed to twist his body and escape death. After finding him near the capital, Reki decided to tame him.

Now, with a large collar around his neck, the Demonic Dragon bites into the roasted pig placed on a plate.

Urwald-sama was troubled by the decision for us to keep him, but in the end, he gave his blessing, reasoning that if Reki was the one taking care of him, then he figured that it would be fine.

“Hmm… quite an unbelievable sight.” (Jin)

Well, as long as she’s happy, I guess it’s fine.

“Hehe, are we going to be doing pet play tonight?” (Yuuri)

“Haha~ Yuuri, you never change.” (Jin)

“Even if you praise me, Jin-san, I still can’t produce breast milk.” (Yuuri)

“I can’t keep up with your thinking!” (Jin)

Yuuri wriggles her hips suggestively.

Her sexual appetite knows no bounds, and it seems she has reached a point where dirty jokes come out of her naturally.

They say that early education has a significant impact on one’s personality, but who would have thought it could reach this extent…

“…Jin, do you like that kind of thing?” (Lucika)

“Don’t take it seriously, Lucika. It’s all just Yuuri’s usual nonsense.” (Jin)

“Well then, what kind of play do you prefer?” (Lucika)

“Why does everyone keep asking me these kinds of things?” (Jin)

“Well, because… you know?” (Yuuri & Lucika)

The two of them pierce me with their dubious gazes.

…Well, it’s not like I don’t understand. I know full well the intention behind their rather straightforward questions.

Because tonight… we will be spending our first night together.

We just moved into our new home yesterday.

Having received the title of baron, there were various things we had to do.

Interviews about the wedding, serving as models for paintings, discussions about how to handle Pochi… the list goes on.

In the end, it seems that, for now, the girls are fine with how the wedding turned out. I thought about redoing the wedding, but if the three of them are satisfied, I won’t say anything.

When I asked for the reason, they said something like, “If we do it again, the others might try to meddle in,” but I wonder who those “others” are. Are they talking about other noble families’ daughters?

Not that I’m planning to marry them anyways.

When I mentioned that, everyone sighed, bringing back memories (of Akira) I’d rather not dwell on.

And then, Yuuri asked me for something afterward.

“I want tomorrow to be a special day,” she said. I’m not so insensitive that I don’t understand what she meant by that.

I agreed, and it led to their current situation.

“What are you three talking about?” (Reki)

“Oh, welcome back, Reki.” (Lucika)

“We were just talking about tonight. Reki-chan is interested too, right?” (Yuuri)

“No, not really.” (Reki)

“Hasen’t this child been acting cold lately!” (Yuuri)

No need to say things like a mother dealing with a rebellious daughter.

“Well, Reki is still a child, so it’s understandable if she’s not very interested.” (Lucika)

“Mmm. I’m not a child. I’m an adult.” (Reki)

“I guess so. Reki, you’ve grown up quite fast.” (Lucika) 

“Muuuu.” (Reki)

Being treated like a child by Lucika, Reki seems dissatisfied and her cheeks puff up.

“Well, Jin loves me, and I love Jin. So, no matter what we do, I’ll be happy anyways.” (Reki)

“Did you hear that, Yuuri? These are the words of gratitude of someone who has found true love. Which one of you is the child?” (Lucika)

“Don’t betray me so quickly! Jin-san, they’re bullying me~!” (Yuuri)

“Yes, there, there. I’ll comfort you, but if you touch me in weird places, I’ll push you away, okay~?” (Jin)

“….!” (Yuuri)

Ah, the hand that had been moving from my back to my waist stopped.

This is exactly why I had to set restrictions.

“Anyways, let’s just enjoy the rest of today1.” (Reki)

“…Yes, that’s right, just as Reki-chan says.” (Yuuri)

With a double peace sign to celebrate today’s victory, Reki smirks triumphantly.

But soon, she returns to her usual expressionless demeanor.

A loud growl emanates from her stomach.

“Well, I’m hungry. Let’s eat.” (Reki)

“Yuuri was in charge of cooking today… which means.” (Lucika)

“Yes! As everyone predicted, today’s meal is full of ingredients known for enhancing stamina, Jin-san. Please eat a lot!” (Yuuri)

She brings to the table the dishes that she had apparently already finished preparing.

In response to my protesting gaze, Yuuri winks at me.

She’s trying to distract me with her cuteness, and I find myself forgiving her anyways. Well, that’s just who she is, and that’s just who I am.

It can’t be helped. It’s the weakness of being in love.

The fact that I love everyone is undeniable, and I’m sure that won’t change in the future.

Spending time with everyone.

That makes me happier than anything else.

“…Haha, I wonder if we’ll be able to see the morning sun tomorrow.” (Jin)

For now, let’s enjoy this lovely moment.

Our happy, slow life after marriage has only just begun.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Yes it had only just begun, but we’re already one chapter away from catching up with the author lol. Btw, some of the illustrations were exclusive to the LN. Talking bout the ones with Jin fighting and the wedding rings breaking.


  1. I know this was random and doesn’t make any sense, but idk what the author was trying to say for this part.

MPFM – Chapter 28 – Until the end, in our own way

Kiyaaaaaaa” (Audiences)

After a moment of silence to comprehend the situation, the audience’s screams echoed throughout the area.

“Ugh! Are there still such powerful monsters remaining?!” (Guard)

“Everyone, please calm down! Don’t panic, don’t run! Follow our instructions!” (Guard)

Inside the royal castle, chaos ensued. The royal guards were trying to guide the citizens to safety, but the sheer number of people made it difficult to maintain order.

This is bad.

If things continue like this, the citizens might hurt themselves while trying to run away.

“…Is that also a trial prepared by Akira?” (Reki)

“There’s no way that’s possible!” (Jin)

Reki uttered such words with a vacant expression.

There was no sign of panic in her eyes.

In other words, for her, that thing wasn’t a formidable enemy…?

“Reki, how long would it take for you to defeat it?” (Jin)

“On my own, five minutes. With everyone’s support, three minutes.” (Reki)

“Alright, as expected of a [Hero]. Yuuri, can you use the [Saint]]’s protection throughout the entire capital?” (Jin)

“Yes, of course. However, since the range is wide, I’ll need a little time. If you can just hold off the first wave of its attacks.” (Yuuri)

“You heard her, Lucika. I’ll support you in my own small way. This time, focus on defense.” (Jin)

“Of course. Let’s get started then.” (Lucika)

Currently, I’m in my formal dress and don’t have any weapons at hand.

However, thanks to the [Precocious] blessing I have, I’ve dabbled in numerous fields and become a jack-of-all-trades kind of person.

Even in situations like this, I had many cards up my sleeve.

“[Enchant Magic: Spell Deployment Speed Increase]!” (Jin)

Green particles danced around Lucika, bathed in my magic.

[Enchant Magic] is a type of magic that can indirectly benefit the party by either buffing them or debuffing enemies.

Even the three of them who possess great power have weaknesses. It was my role in the party to fill in those gaps.

This time, I granted Lucika the ability to skip the incantation of her magic. Casting powerful spells typically requires an incredibly lengthy incantation, but this enchantment allowed her to simplify them.

In a situation like this, where every second counts, it would undoubtedly be effective.

“Thank you, Jin. Don’t worry, as long as I’m here, no one in this place will die.” (Lucika)

“GUAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

The Demonic Dragon circling in the sky, folded its wings as if preparing to swoop down on its prey.

“Lucika!” (Jin)

“O great spirit of the wind, bound by our race, in accordance with the contract, bestow upon us the protection that shields us from all calamities — [Invisible Barrier: Wind Zero Automata]!” (Lucika)

“GUAA!?” (Dragon)

The Demonic Dragon swooped down but crashed into an invisible wall.

“GUAAAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

Once again, the Demonic Dragon attempted to charge, baring its fangs, but it was once again repelled.

“This magic deflects anything entering the designated area, redirecting it all outward. Now, it can’t hurt anyone.” (Lucika)

“GUAU! GUAAU!!” (Dragon)

As Lucika had said, the Demonic Dragon launched attacks with its claws and swung its robust tail, but nothing broke through.

The invasion was stopped right in its tracks.

“The drawback is the intense consumption of mana, but we don’t have to worry about that this time. I leave the rest to you, Yuuri, Reki.” (Lucika)

“Yes, it’s in our hands.” (Yuuri)

The sound of bells echoed. This signaled that the Yuuri’s preparation had been completed.

She gently overlapped her hands in front of her chest, as if enveloping something fleeting and delicate.

“Oh, goddess. Remember the sorrow that believes in you, and bestow a drop of love upon your beloved children — [Song of Compassion].” (Yuuri)

The ball of light born in her palms soared into the sky and burst.

[Song of Compassion] is a technique exclusive to Yuuri, who possesses the [Saint]’s divine protection and it is designed for use on the battlefield.

It has the effect of calming the mind and can alleviate the sense of pain to a certain extent.

Finally, the movements of the people who had been running around in panic came to a halt. Our voices could now reach them.

“Now, everyone. Please calm down and listen to the royal guards. There’s no need to worry. The [Hero] Reki will exterminate that dragon for us soon.” (Yuuri)

“Let the voice of the beginning reach all the people — [Diffusion: Circulate].” (Jin)

Alright, with this, Yuuri’s voice should have reached everyone within the [Invisible Barrier] created by [Wind Zero Automata].

All that we have to deal with now is the Demonic Dragon flying in the sky.

“……Fuu~” (Reki)

“…Are you nervous, Reki?” (Jin)

“No, it’s not that. I’m just getting fired up, it’s been a while. I just have to cut down that creature, right?” (Reki)

“Yeah. It’s partly for the sake of peace, but also—” (Jin)

“—The punishment for disrupting our wedding is worth a thousand deaths. —Come, [Holy Sword].” (Reki)

In an instant, particles of light gathered in Reki’s hand, and her partner, who had repelled numerous demons, appeared in her grasp.

Then, the radiance of the Holy Sword intensified.

She was genuinely angry. Looks like she intended to settle this with a single blow.

“Jin.” (Reki)

“I know.” (Jin)

I went to stand beside Reki, placing my hand over hers.

“Yuuri. Lucika.” (Jin)

“I know, Reki-chan and I feel the same way!” (Yuuri)

“To think that it would ruin my first wedding at the age of 28××, this thing deserves something worse than death…!” (Lucika)

The two, along with Reki, gripped the hilt of the Holy Sword.

The [Holy Sword], which derives from the [Hero] blessing, increases in power proportionate to the amount of emotion poured into it.

At this moment, the anger of the women is immense. Even I feel the same way.

The Holy Sword responded to such emotions, and the light surrounding it became much more intense.

“Instead of cake-cutting, looks like we’re going to be dragon-cutting. Well, isn’t that nice?” (Reki)

“That sounds great! Reki-chan, give it your all in!” (Yuuri)

With this much radiance, even the Demonic Dragon noticed something was off. Intense heat converged in its mouth, and red lines ran through its black skin.

“Looks like it’s preparing a little something over there too.” (Lucika)

“Don’t worry, it’ll only take a single strike” (Reki)

In sync with Reki’s movement, we also thrust our sword upward into the sky.

“Wipe everything to nothing—” (Reki)

“GUORAAAAAA!!” (Dragon)

“—[Holy Sword Excalibur]!!” (Reki)

A torrent of light was unleashed at the same time the sword was swung down.

A scorching beam of light erupted from the Demonic Dragon’s mouth.

In front of the watchful eyes of everyone, the two collided in the sky, creating a whirlwind of explosive force.

A moment of deadlock. Then, it was quickly shattered.

“GUOOOOU!?” (Dragon)

The single strike from the Holy Sword extended straight towards the Demonic Dragon.

When it tried to switch to escape, it was already too late.

“GYAAAAAAAA…………!” (Dragon)

Both wings disappeared, and the Demonic Dragon, no longer able to fly, plummeted into the ground.

The resounding crash of the colossal body can be heard from this distance.

As the silence returned for the third time, this time, it was broken by cheers.

“Amazinggg! They defeated the Demonic Dragon!!” (Audience)

“Hurray for [Hero]-sama!!” (Audience)

“Thank god it ended safely~!” (Audience)

Explosive excitement was evident everywhere.

Watching the citizens celebrate, we, too, rejoiced in our victory.

“Good job, Reki.” (Jin)

“You did really well, Reki-chan.” (Yuuri)

“That was quite satisfying.” (Lucika)

“Yeah!” (Reki)

We exchanged fist bumps.

“It’s a relief that we managed to finish it without any casualties. Or at least, there shouldn’t be any casualties, right?” (Jin)

“If there were deaths at our wedding, it wouldn’t have been good for the kingdom. It’s really fortunate.” (Lucika)

“Yeah. But, the demonic dragon from earlier could still be out there somewhere. We should start looking for it right away.” (Reki)

“In that case, let’s go immediately. We can’t afford to have casualties.” (Yuuri)

“The wedding was ruined, but I guess it can’t be helped.” (Lucika)

“We are a [Hero] party, after all.” (Reki)

The decision was made.

Since it wouldn’t be good for us to suddenly disappear, I wanted to inform Akira or someone, but I wonder where they are.

As I looked for someone to convey our message, Reki tapped me on the back.

“What’s up, Reki?” (Jin)

“Jin. I forgot something.” (Reki)

“Forgot something?” (Jin)

“Yeah—this.” (Reki)

With a blink, Reki’s long and beautiful eyelashes were right in front of my eyes.

And then, with the warmth of someone’s lips, I finally understood what was happening. I understood and… without refusing, I accepted it.

A kiss of vows. I was about to do it with Reki but we were interrupted by the Demonic Dragon.

“Aaahh!!” (Yuuri & Lucika)

The voices of Yuuri and Lucika overlapped.

After parting her lips, Reki turned towards the two and flashed her usual double peace sign.

“Earlier, Jin touched my shoulders. In other words, the first kiss was supposed to be mine.” (Reki)

“W-Well, that may be true, but… Reki-chan, you’ve already kissed him in the past, so can’t you let it go!” (Yuuri)

“That’s a different matter. If you want to blame someone, blame your own rosy head1.” (Reki)

“Grrr!” (Yuuri)

“Alright, let’s calm down, Yuuri.” (Lucika)

“Why is Lucika-san so calm!” (Yuuri)

“Well, you see… it’s because of this.” (Lucika)

“…!” (Jin)

“What a sneaky move!?” (Yuuri)

Without any mental preparation, I was kissed by Lucika.

After savoring it for a while, my lips were pulled away as Yuuri separated us.

“You cunning woman! Coward! Old ear! Chopping board!” (Reki)

Yuuri, her face bright red, was hitting Lucika.

As I chuckled at the scene, her focus turned towards me.

“Jin-san! It’s my turn next! Get ready!” (Yuuri)

“Eh, right now!?” (Jin)

“Of course! I’ll overwrite everything!” (Yuuri)

“W-Wait! It’s not something you need to put so much force into…!!” (Jin)

With my face held, I was passionately kissed by Yuuri’s soft lips.

Due to Yuuri’s excessive enthusiasm, I ended up falling backward and being pushed down.

“Hehe, I won’t let you escape~” (Yuuri)

*Chu chu (kiss kiss)* — the kiss was repeated several times.

“W-Wait, Yuuri. Isn’t the kiss of vow supposed to be done just once?” (Jin)

“I don’t know about that rule! I’ve been holding back until now, so I want to do it a lot!” (Yuuri)

“That’s unfair. Well then, I’ll keep going too.” (Reki)

“H-Hey, Reki! Ugh… I, I want to as well.” (Lucika)

The sight of my three brides filled my view.

What happened to looking for the Demonic Dragon?

I wonder if I should say something, but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be heard. Besides, I can’t speak because my lips are sealed.

…Even if people are watching, I’ll accept it as it is.

With such thoughts, I found myself showered with kisses from three directions.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

Bro them gripping the sword is like that power rangers scene where all the rangers have to grip the big weapon together, for some reason, to finish off the enemy. I’m sorry but imagining this scene is too funny. Actually, now that I think about it, power rangers orignated from Japan, didn’t it?


  1. Rosy head means that the person keeps thinking of ideal outcomes.

MPFM – Chapter 27 – The wedding ceremony doesn’t end easily

“[Hero]-sama~!” (Audience)

“Kyaa~! Lucika-sama, please look this way~!” (Audience)

“[Saint]-sama! Thank you as always! Thanks to you, our family is getting along well!” (Audience)

“Jin-sama! Congratulations on completing the long journey~!” (Audience)

As we walked down the aisle, cheers rain down from all around.

Among them are voices calling our name, causing me to involuntarily pause.

“…” (Jin)

“What’s wrong, Jin? You should wave back properly.” (Reki)

“Oh, yeah… that’s right. I should, shouldn’t I?” (Jin)

I turn around and wave to the woman who cheered for me.

Likewise, Reki and the others are spreading smiles to the crowd that came to celebrate.

When you hear expressions of gratitude directly, you truly feel that what you’ve done has borne fruit.

Even though I left the party before the final showdown… Well, let’s not say that out loud, otherwise, it would end up like last time…

“(Well then, in that case I’m disqualified from the Hero Party too. The ones who defeated the Demon King were Reki and Yuuri.)” (Lucika)

“(That’s right. So, Lucika can’t become a bride. Goodbye.)” (Yuuri)

“(The penalty is harsh!)” (Lucika)

…Strangely, I feel like I would miss those kinds of interactions we had.

Reki being chosen as the [Hero], me joining her on her journey out of concern, making precious companions like Yuuri and Lucika, overcoming difficult battles, and ultimately marrying everyone…

So many things had to go right to get to where we are right now. I feel like this is fate.

“Hey, Reki.” (Jin)

“What is it?” (Reki)

“Are you happy being chosen as the [Hero]?” (Jin)

“Yeah. I’m really happy right now.” (Reki)

“I see… then, that’s good.” (Jin)

“Hey, why are you two acting lovey-dovey without us?” (Yuuri)

“Don’t leave us out of it…” (Lucika)

Yuuri and Lucika tightly entwined their arms around mine.

Reki ends up being pushed aside, but she doesn’t seem particularly angry.

She turned towards us and gave a small laugh.

“Both of you are quite something. I’m an adult, so I’ll let it slide.” (Reki)

“…” (Yuuri & Lucika)

And then, she gives the usual double peace sign.

While it’s nice to see Reki growing up, I should probably teach her not to tease people. They’re holding back because they’re in public, but that just means their grip on my arms is incredibly strong.

It’s a husband’s duty to endure this pain.

Resuming our walk as if nothing happened, we continued making our way to the royal castle.

After walking for about ten minutes or so…

Finally, we arrived at the royal castle, where the main gate stood open.

At the entrance, there was a specially arranged altar, and the priest from the Holy Church was there.

Glancing at the castle’s courtyard, there were Urward-sama, the Queen, Akira, and both of his parents. The royal family of the Meon Kingdom were all here.

But that’s not all. There was also the Grand Elder of the Elven village, which is Lucika’s hometown, and the high priest, who is the top figure in the Holy Church.

“Look, Jin. Over there.” (Reki)

At the direction of Reki’s gaze, my parents were there.

Their usual cheerfulness was nowhere to be seen, and they were unusually tense today. I bet they never thought attending their son’s wedding would involve sitting next to the king.

Seeing my dad and mom, who were pale-faced, I couldn’t help but feel like laughing.

It seemed Reki felt the same way. As we approached the altar, their slightly stiff expression softened.

I waved to my parents, saying thank you.

And now, the finale of this wedding was approaching.

Sensing the atmosphere, the crowd fell into silence. It was something unimaginable in the lively royal capital. We stood in front of the altar as the main event drew closer.

“Jin Geist.” (Priest)

The priest called my name, and I took half a step forward.

“You, Jin Geist, do you vow to take Reki Arias, Yuuri Felicia, and Lucika El Ristia as your wives, to share with them in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to love, honor, and cherish them?” (Priest)

“Yes, I do.” (Jin)

“Reki Arias, Yuuri Felicia, Lucika El Ristia.” (Priest)

They stepped forward, standing beside me.

“Do you vow to take Jin Geist as your husband, to share with him in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to love, honor, and cherish him?” (Priest)

“Yes, we do.” (All 3)

Upon hearing their responses, the priest smiled.

…Well, here we go.

Finally, the moment has arrived for something I haven’t done before.

… I can’t afford to mess up here, for the sake of the three of them.

“Now, you may kiss the brides.” (Priest)

Slowly, we faced each other.

… Everyone looks truly beautiful.

… To be honest, I haven’t decided who to kiss first. There’s no set order.

Even though Reki and the others should have known that we had to do this. No one brought it up when we were planning.

Of course, I love them all. I want to dedicate all my love to the three of them equally.

Still, it’s in a maiden’s heart to wish to be chosen first.

—And I, too, have made up my mind.

Closing my eyes, the maidens waited for the kiss as if in prayer.

I took a step closer to one of them and placed my hand on her small shoulder.

It was at that moment.

“GUAAAAAA!!” (?)

A thunderous roar pierced our ears. An unwelcome guest, unsuitable for this joyous occasion.

Jet-black scales. Glinting red eyes. Two fangs protruding from its mouth.

A Demonic Dragon was flying over the capital.

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Man, I can’t believe that Jin would go all the way up to the courtyard to prepare to kiss Akira before the girls. This was truly one of the most weddings of all time. Of course, dragon-kun had to show up to make sure that there was no unfair treatment between the girls.


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MPFM – Chapter 26 – Beautiful Brides

After the commotion with Akira, time passed in the blink of an eye.

Measurements for dresses and suits, rehearsals within the royal castle, and studying the minimum acceptable manners as nobility.

Despite the existence of teleportation magic, the back-and-forth life between the royal castle and the village was incredibly challenging.

If it weren’t for Urwald-sama and Akira taking care of the behind-the-scenes stuff, I think things would have been even more disastrous.

Things were pretty tough for Reki since she had to go through many greetings during this period.

Still… everyone worked hard to make sure that this wedding went smoothly.

“Finally, it has come…”  (Jin)

Under the clear blue sky, the red carpet laid from the entrance of the capital city straight to the royal castle.

The plan was that we would use teleportation magic to move to the starting point, then ride in a carriage provided by Urwald-sama, showing our faces to the citizens along the way.

Upon arriving at the royal castle, we would ascend to the stage prepared for us with our own legs and fulfill the eternal vow.

Fuu” (Jin)

As I imagined the scenario playing out, a sudden tension swept over me.

It’s finally time… I’m going to be their husband.

Of course, there is no regret or confusion. In fact, we have grown even closer in the month leading up to the wedding.

This tension I’m feeling stems from whether I can conduct myself with proper etiquette, and not be an embarrassment in the eyes of the people.

In other words, it’s just a bit of stage fright.

“My collar isn’t crooked, is it…” (Jin)

Even though I knew a professional had helped me with the dressing, I couldn’t help but worry as I glanced at myself in the mirror.

Then, there was a gentle knock.

“Jin, can I come in?” (Akira)

“Akira? Sure, come in.” (Jin)

“Thank you. Excuse me.” (Akira)

Akira, with a body a size smaller than mine, was wrapped in a dress.

However, the dress was not heavily decorated, making it stylish but not stand out as much.

As usual, he knows how to bring out his own charm through his clothing. If he weren’t well-known, many might mistake him for a woman.

“It looks good on you, Akira.” (Jin)

“While I appreciate those words, today they shouldn’t be directed at me, right?” (Akira)

“Haha, true. But I think you should express what you feel sincerely.” (Jin)

“Ugh… You shouldn’t say things like that without taking responsibility.” (Akira)

“Sorry, sorry. So, Akira coming means…” (Jin)

“Yeah. Reki and the others are ready.” (Akira)

That means the long-awaited, once-in-a-lifetime wedding is truly about to start.

I’ve fought against numerous Demon Army executives so far, but this wedding is many times more nerve-wracking.

“Shall we go, then? It’s almost time to start the wedding parade.” (Akira)

“Are we behind the schedule?” (Jin)

“No. We’re on time. You just need to show ourselves to the citizens as planned.” (Akira)

“Understood. Let’s get going.” (Jin)

“That’s good. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.” (Jin)

The bride and groom won’t see each other until they reach the entrance of the capital city.

This was Yuri’s suggestion, apparently to add a sense of anticipation and excitement as they approach the wedding ceremony.

“(We’ll make you fall in love with us all over again. Look forward to it!)” (Yuuri)

When I was told something like that, my expectations would unavoidably increase. And there’s a premonition that, knowing them, they’ll easily surpass those expectations.

“By the way, just curious… How cute are they?” (Jin)

“It’s frustrating, but without a doubt, at least twice as cute as me.” (Akira)

Once again, my expectations continue to rise.

“Thank you. Did Akira outsource the people who created their dress?” (Jin)

“Yeah, I ordered a custom-made dress from a shop I had my eye on for when I needed it. They have good quality, and they work relatively quickly. You can thank me more if you want.” (Akira)

“I can’t thank you enough. Seriously, thank you.” (Jin)

It’s not just that. The splendid suit I’m wearing is also from Akira’s trusted source.

And all the costs for these things are being covered by the country.

Uh… just thinking about it is making my stomach ache.

Seeing my expression, Akira shrugged in a somewhat exasperated manner, as if he could tell what I was thinking.

“Don’t worry about it. Honestly, you guys are too considerate.” (Akira)

“I don’t think that’s the case…” (Jin)

“It is. You guys are the heroes who defeated the Demon King. We don’t mind spending money for you to celebrate the occasion.” (Akira)

“Even so, when I hear that a budget of an unprecedented amount has been allocated, as a commoner, it feels a bit…” (Jin)

“This is an event related to the dignity of the Meon Kingdom. If the wedding of the hero party that brought peace to the world turns out to be lackluster, it would be a total loss of face.” (Akira)

“Is that how it is…” (Jin)

“Yeah, that’s why, Jin, you don’t need to overthink it too much.” (Akira)

He, who is deeply involved in the operation of the wedding, says so.

Let’s stop thinking about that and focus on the wedding in front of us.

“Look, we’re here. After stepping on this magic circle, we can teleport to the main gate of the capital city.” (Akira)

Akira pointed to a large magic circle on the ground. Of course, it’s Lucika’s handmade creation.

As per our promise, this magic circle is set to lose its effect after one use, so we need to be careful about the timing.

“Just step on it right when it hits twelve o clock. I’ll give you the signal.” (Akira)

“Got it. How much time do we have left?” (Jin)

“Well, actually… ten seconds.” (Akira)

“What!?” (Jin)

“It was quite close. We were in a bit of a hurry too. So, three, two, one!” (Akira)

“Whoa!?” (Jin)

Pushed from behind, I step into the magic circle with the momentum. Suppressing the urge to fall, I turn towards Akira.

“Have a good time, Jin. I’ll be watching from here, so enjoy yourself.” (Akira)

Smiling, Akira waves his hand as he sees me off.

“…Yeah, I’m off.” (Jin)

In an instant, a dazzling flash surrounds my field of vision.

Soon, I find myself standing under the vast sky surrounded by cheers.

“So many people…” (Jin)

The grand avenue leading to the royal castle was packed with people eager to catch a glimpse of the hero party. 

Even though the kingdom’s guards were securing the pathway, they seemed overwhelmed by the density of the crowd.

As they noticed our presence, the cheers became even louder.

“Jin.” (?)

Amidst the clamor, a voice calling my name reached my ears clearly.

When I turned around, there they were, dressed in pure white.

“――――” (Jin)

My heart was captivated in an instant.

“How does it look, Jin? I’m not really used to this kind of thing…” (Lucika)

Lucika, looking a bit shy, tugs at the hem of her dress.

The dress, designed to maximize her charm, tightens at the waist, highlighting her beautiful silhouette. With her tall stature, it gives off a stylish and fashionable vibe.

However, the skirt, with its fluffy and sweet design, might reflect Lucika’s admiration for the girlish side within her.

This outfit, which is not only stylish but also expresses her inner self, suits her perfectly.

“It’s really… really wonderful. I feel like I want to capture the image in a painting or something.” (Jin)

“This feels kind of… weird. I haven’t had many opportunities for people to compliment my clothes.” (Lucika)

“Hey, Jin-san! Look at me too! I’m really cute!” (Yuuri)

While puffing her cheeks, Yuuri holds my hand.

In contrast to Lucika, she was the embodiment of the word “cute”.

The moment I saw her wrapped in the dress, I couldn’t help but murmur “cute.” It was an impulse that just overwhelmed me.

A voluminous princess-like skirt1.

A large bow-shaped flower blooms at the waist, making it clear from any angle that Yuuri is the princess-like bride.

It suited her so well that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it was born just for her.

“Yuuri’s charm has increased many times over. You look extremely cute…” (Jin)

“Stop it, Jin-san… staring at me like that… you’re making me blush.” (Yuuri)

“But you really are cute. I can’t help but want to keep looking.” (Jin) 

“Lastly, it’s my turn. Jin’s true favorite.” (Reki)

Giving a little tug to the hem, Reiki now insists that it’s her turn.

As I face Reki who was wrapped in a dress, I unconsciously avert my gaze.

I thought I was fully aware of how cute she was. However, that was an understatement.

With proper makeup and wearing a wedding dress, she looked… unbelievably cute, enough to make my heart flutter.

A simple and classic wedding dress. It hung on her shoulders, emphasizing her chest a bit.

From top to bottom, it was decorated with lace patterns, and it was undoubtedly glamorous.

Perhaps because of the heels, our faces were closer than usual, and I couldn’t help but feel a bit flustered.

“What’s wrong, Jin? Does your stomach hurting?” (Jin)

“Hehe, no, Reki-chan. Jin-san is probably…” (Yuuri)

“Yeah, I was just captivated by Reki’s appearance.” (Jin)

“…? Is that so, Jin?” (Reki)

Reki looks up from below. Her emerald eyes were filled with expectation.

“…Yeah. You look really beautiful, Reki.” (Jin)

“…I’m glad that you like it, Jin.” (Reki)

She smiles sweetly, truly a beautiful bride.

Of course, it’s not just Reki. Lucika and Yuuri too. They’re all wonderfully amazing, almost too good for me.

Through Akira’s trials, I’ve come to understand how much everyone cares about me.

I’ll definitely make them happy.

“I actually want to monopolize the beautiful appearance of everyone like this, but there are a lot of people who have come to see us, aren’t there?” (Jin)

I reach out my hand toward the three.

“Now then, shall we go?” (Jin)

To make that vow, we advanced our steps before the audience.

Illustration of Reki in her wedding dress

A simple and classic wedding dress. It hung on her shoulders, emphasizing her chest a bit.

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Apparently I forgot to insert an illustration at ch 13. It’s not my fault! The illustration doesn’t match the content of what they were talking about.

Btw I already started on the aforementioned LN. You can check it out here:
A Toxic 20-Year-Old Game Streamer Accidentally Reveals His Nice Personality Because He Forgot to End the Stream


  1. I honestly don’t know what this is, so here’s your chatgpt answer: voluminous skirt is a calf-length, high-waisted skirt made of woven fabric, with discreet pockets and a concealed zip at the back. 

MPFM – Chapter 25 – Because I wish for your happiness

[Akira PoV]

I’ve always liked dressing up as a girl.

It made me happy to be praised as cute by everyone in the castle, and playing with dolls in my room was more enjoyable than playing outside.

But, it only stayed that way when I was still a child.

As I grew up and started attending school, the gazes around me became uncomfortable.

I’m not openly criticized because of my royal blood, but I know that behind my back, there are terrible rumors about me circulating.

Why do I have to endure such things just for being myself?

As I grew older, going to school gradually became increasingly scary, so I started to confine myself to my room.

Maybe I shouldn’t have been born in the first place. 

I wish I had been born a girl.

I continued to live my life in a daze as I repeated these thoughts over and over again in my head.

The first person who affirmed me for who I am was Jin.

He was a strange yet kind person.

One moment he wandered randomly into my room, and suddenly murmured “Cute”. He proceeded to talk a lot without realizing my bewildered feelings.

At that time, it seemed like he didn’t know I was of royal blood, but still, people wouldn’t normally act like that towards someone they just met, right?

Looking back now, I trusted him way too easily just because he called me was the first to call me “cute” after a long time.

After that, Jin continued to visit my room many times, and we became good friends.

But with each meeting, I became more afraid.

Perhaps Jin misunderstood that I’m a girl and was being friendly with me because of that. What if he feels disgusted when he finds out I’m a boy?

The fear of being disliked by someone I just became friends with, was terrifying. When I tearfully confessed about my true gender, Jin said something to me.

“Isn’t it okay? I don’t choose friends based on gender. Whether you’re cute Akira or cool Akira, I like you either way.” (Jin)

You don’t know how much those words mean to me.

You were the one who freed me from the past that had bound me for so long. I feel like I could finally be myself around someone.

As we became closer, I learned more about how kind he was, and it pained me to see him getting hurt at times.

That’s why, I wish for your happiness.

Just as you made me happy, I wanted to make you happy too.

But you know, I understand that it’s a wish that may never come true.

So, I decided to test the three of them to see if they have what it takes to fulfill that role for me.

Could they make Jin genuinely happy?

…But despite the fact that the tasks were relatively simple, everyone failed.

“Ah… I knew it.” (Akira)

Jin eating the burnt food created by Reki was exactly something that he would do.

“Jin, you can’t eat that. It’s bad for your health.” (Reki)

Reki desperately tries to stop him, but Jin’s hand doesn’t pause.

I watched over the cooking process so I roughly knew what it tasted like. The seasoning was likely so strong that it would numb one’s tongue. The batter1 was uneven and gooey. And since she couldn’t gauge the right amount of heat to use, the food was burnt. She turned off the heat immediately, so the inside is probably left undercooked too.

It’s definitely not a dish meant for human consumption.

But Jin didn’t stop and continued eating.

For the sake of someone dear, he’s willing to go to such lengths.

… That’s who Jin Geist is.

“…Phew.” (Jin)

A deep sigh. After finishing the last piece, he clasps his hands together.

“It was delicious. Thanks, Reki.” (Jin)

Expressing gratitude with a tone as if nothing had happened.

“Jin…!” (Reki)

Overwhelmed with emotion, Reki leaps onto him from behind.

“Sorry for making you eat something like that… I’m really sorry.” (Reki)

“What are you talking about? It was a real feast. After all, didn’t you pour plenty of love into it?” (Jin)

“Well, that’s…” (Reki)

Reki nods a bit shyly.

“In that case, it’s still a feast for me. I’m probably the only one in the world who gets to enjoy a dish filled with Reki’s love!” (Jin)

While saying this, he wipes away the tears from Reki with his finger.

“It’s not just Reki. Lucika and Yuuri, too. They took on the challenge seriously in their own way. If there wasn’t genuine affection, they could have done it half-heartedly and covered it up. But because both of them took it seriously, it led to the situation we have now.” (Jin)

In other words…

 “I am well-loved by these wonderful and cute girls who care about me. And I love the three of them just as much, if not more.” (Jin)

He looks at each of them, and finally, his gaze falls on me.

His smile is still as gentle as ever.

“So, Akira. I would be happy if I could marry the three of them.” (Jin)

Nothing has changed since that day.

“…Yeah.” (Akira)

I wonder what I was even doing.

His happiness is something only he can decide. This situation is no different from those people who used to torment me.

All I did was vent my jealousy of not being able to be with him… Even though that wasn’t what I really wanted to say when I heard that he was getting married.

“Congratulations on your marriage.” (Akira)

I found myself saying those words more smoothly than I expected. 

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

[Jin’s PoV]

“I actually already knew. There is no way I can get between Jin’s relationship with the other girls.” (Akira)

Akira’a marriage trial has just concluded, and right now, we can get started on our preparations for the wedding.

Now, before heading back, Akira and I are having a small talk while I am guiding him to the carriage.

“You know, Jin you’re really kind to me, but it’s not because we have a special relationship. You act like this towards everyone, right?” (Akira)

“…Well, that is usually how it is.” (Jin)

“…But for Jin, I could tell your feelings towards Reki and the others are different. It’s obvious when you’re with them. The way you look at me and the way you look at the three of them are so vastly different. …I just thought that I couldn’t compete with them after all.” (Akira)

Seeing him like that, I almost reflexively murmured “I’m sorry” and quickly swallowed the words.

…No, I shouldn’t apologize. If I’m not willing to accept him, then I need to choose a different set of words.

“…Thank you. Thanks to Akira, my relationship with them has deepened.” (Jin)

“It did, didn’t it? Haa, if only I hadn’t started this competition.” (Akira)

While muttering such complaints, Akira walks ahead of me.

But after a few steps, he stops, turns around, and faces me.

“Hey, Jin. Maybe I should get a reward for this?” (Akira)

“Sure, anything I can do for you.” (Jin)

“Hmm, then how about this? Here we go—Eii!” (Akira)

My cheek is lightly touched by a soft sensation as Akira pulls my arm forcefully.

I quickly understand what it is.

“A-Akira!?” (Jin)

“I’ll take this as my reward! I won’t accept any complaints~” (Akira)

With a cheeky grin, Akira sticks out his tongue and starts running into the carriage.

The carriage starts moving without giving me a chance to stop it.

“Then, let’s meet again in the capital! My dear friend~!” (Akira)

Akira continues waving until his figure is no longer visible.

…I’m truly blessed with the people around me.

And thus, our noisy yet enjoyable time comes to an end—

“…Jin. Was that… cheating?” (Reki)

“That’s strange. I heard you were just going to see him off.” (Lucika)

“A kiss on the cheek? We haven’t even done that yet?” (Yuuri)

“I’ve done it before. The only ones who didn’t are Yuuri and Lucika. Don’t lump me together with you guys just because you’ve never done it.” (Reki)

“Ha?” (Yuuri & Lucika)

――With that, a growing sense of anger is emanating from behind me, and the mission to somehow deal with the furious brides has begun.

TL Notes:

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And yeh, that’s the end of that I guess. Time for the wedding!


  1. Batter is a semi-liquid mixture of flour, egg, and milk or water, used for making pancakes or for coating food before frying.

MPFM – Chapter 24 – The Best in the World

It has been an hour since the start of the first task.

Lucika was randomly assigned to clean a room by Akira, and the only condition to fulfill was to ensure that the room was neat and tidy.

Huh…? That’s strange…? Was that supposed to be cleaning…?

I rub my eyelids vigorously. However, the scenery before me remains unchanged.

What’s with this disastrous situation…?

“Heh… I gave it my all.” (Lucika)

Lucika wipes the sweat beads on her forehead.

While she’s trying to convey a sense of accomplishment, the conclusion is that she only managed to make a mess.

The table she moved for the floor cleaning is in a different position, and the chairs are scattered around.

The floor is damp and half-dried. And because she was wiping it with water before removing the dust, the dirt ended up scattering all over the floor.

Despite going all out, she has created a scene that you don’t come across every day.

“Lucika…” (Reki)

“Lucika-san…” (Yuuri)

“I’m sorry…” (Lucika)

…Come to think of it, I’ve only seen Lucika’s room room once.

Books were piled up here and there, sticky notes were scattered all over, and memos were all left on the floor.

I used to think that it was because she was too busy during her research to bother about such a thing… but it seems like she’s just really bad at cleaning.

“…I don’t really need to comment much on this, right?” (Akira)

“……..” (All 3)

No one interjects with complaints.

Because, no matter how you look at it, the result was obvious.

“Let’s just keep it short… fail.” (Akira)

Those words weigh heavily on the moment.

Well, it’s still okay. There are two more tasks left.

If I can win both of them, I should be able to offset the fact that cleaning is not my strong suit.

“…I’ll go next. This is going to be more challenging than I imagined.” (Yuuri)

Yuuri’s expression turns serious.

It’s the face she shows when she’s truly serious during battle. Looks like Yuuri understands the dire situation we are in.

The result of the next challenge will be important moving forward.

“Next is Yuuri. In that case, let’s go with this one.” (Akira)

Judging from the cleaning task, the topic written on the card is likely related to household chores.

In that regard, Yuuri can handle all household tasks perfectly. We, who have traveled together for a long time, are well aware of that.

This should be easy…!

“It’s to massage Jin.” (Akira)

Oh, this might be the end.

If Yuuri is the one doing it, it would turn into a massage (in another sense). I can confidently see what’s about to happen in my mind.

Seemingly caught off guard, she involuntarily asked for clarification.

“…Massage… as in, um, that?” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. It’s about soothing the tiredness of a husband returning from work. Conversely, a husband soothes the fatigue of a wife tired from household chores. I believe that sharing such moments deepens love.” (Akira)

I see. That makes sense.

If you have a caring heart for each other, you should be able to perform a massage without feeling like it’s a hassle.

No special skills are required.

As long as there’s a caring heart for the other person, that’s enough.

Massaging the shoulders, tapping the lower back, stepping on the feet. Just by observing the meticulousness of these actions, you can immediately understand the feelings behind them.

“This time, Jin will be the recipient. What type of massage to do is up to Yuuri.” (Akira)

“Yuuri.” (Jin)

“Hehe, don’t worry, Jin-san. I am the [Saint]. What you’re thinking right now is not going to happen.” (Lucika)

Yuuri’s expression… hasn’t changed!

This is going well! Yuuri is serious.

Despite everything, her mental strength as a [Saint] who fulfills her duties is incredibly strong.

I feel embarrassed for even momentarily thinking she might do something suspicious.

In fact, it was none other than me who didn’t trust Yuuri.

“Now, let me show the power of my message technique which can make people of all ages feel comfortable!” (Yuuri)

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Ah, wait, wait, Reki-san! There’s a reason for this…!” (Yuuri)

“No need for explanations. Yuuri attempted to touch where she shouldn’t have. She’ll be tied up as punishment.” (Reki)

“…*sobs*……*sobs*” (Yuuri)

“It’s okay, Jin. The scary person is gone…” (Lucika)

“…Are you guys really a hero party? Not impostors or anything?” (Akira)

Yuri is rolled up on the floor like a caterpillar, bound by Reki.

I, who was now shirtless, had a sheet draped over me by Lucika, and she was gently stroking my head.

Seeing us like this, Akira is visibly disgusted.

At first… it really was a legitimate massage.

Starting from the shoulders and flowing down to the lower back, Yuuri’s massaging skills were truly remarkable.

Akira was even nodding in approval, acknowledging her high skill level.

I was feeling good, and Yuuri seemed to be getting into the groove as well. Naturally, we ended up lying on the bed in a comfortable position.

And then, things took a strange turn from the moment she uttered these words.

“Jin-san… there are lymphs1 building up here.” (Yuuri)

This was the turning point.

Her movements became suspicious, and the areas she touched became rather sensitive.

But, believing in Yuuri, I didn’t say anything.

Because I’m Yuuri’s husband.

Despite thinking that… it all came to a halt when she tried to pull down my pants and we were intervened by Reki and Lucika.

“…Can I ask you something?” (Akira)

“I’ll answer. What is it?” (Lucika)

“Do you guys really have the intention to get married?” (Akira)

“Of course!” (All 3)

The words of the three overlap, but Akira just sighs.

For some reason, Yuuri, who was responsible for this chaotic situation, replies with confidence.

“Because Akira-san said that if he could determine that we can make Jin-san happy, then he would approve of the marriage. So, I judged that what’s important is whether Jin-san can feel happy.” (Yuuri)

…Thinking back, that’s true.

As Yuuri says, Akira’s victory condition was “my happiness.”

I had thought the only way to get married was to pass at least half of his tests, but that’s not exactly true.

“Because men like naughty things, they should be able to be happy! So, my actions are not wrong at all.” (Yuuri)

“Even so, I don’t think it’s right to pounce on him in front of everyone…” (Akira)

“Hehe, Akira-san, you’re quite childish.” (Yuuri)

“Yes, fail!!” (Akira)

“Why!?” (Yuuri)

Yuuri is squirming on the floor, complaining.

Her approach earlier was terrible, but what she’s saying is not wrong.

If that’s the case, there might still be a way to salvage this situation.

Don’t give up!

I… I want to marry the three of them.

And I want to do it in a way that is blessed by others.

That makes sense, right? We’re the heroes who saved the world.

I think it’s only natural to want to be blessed with happiness after all the effort we’ve put in so far.

So, please…! Open up a way for this to work…!

“Reki…!” (Jin)

“Yeah, leave it to me.” (Reki)

The reliable childhood friend who knocked Yuuri out with a chop confidently responds with his usual peace sign.

“…You’re quite confident, Reki.” (Akira)

“Of course. I’ve been in love with Jin for the longest and spent 10 years with him. No one can compete with me.” (Reki)

“Hmph, how long do you think you can maintain that confidence? I know, you’re completely useless at anything other than fighting.” (Akira)

“So, what?” (Reki)

“Hmm…” (Akira)

“Despair isn’t a reason to give up. Did Akira forget who I am?” (Lucika)

“I am the [Hero] Reki. I’ll overcome any difficulty that comes my way.” (Reki)

“Final challenge, Akira.” (Jin)

“…Alright. The last task I’ll give you guys is—” (Akira)

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I sat at the table with a serious expression.

It was to assist in judging the final task.

“…I’m sorry, Jin.” (Reki)

Reki looks like she’s on the verge of tears.

The confidence she had just moments ago has vanished, and Reki, who used to be the [Hero], is now a vulnerable girl.

But that’s understandable.

On the plate placed in front of me was a completely burnt Four-Legged Bird fried chicken.

The final task was “cooking”.

Reki, who has never attempted cooking and is only an expert in eating, didn’t give up. Recalling the actions she observed from me and Yuri while always by our side, she took on the challenge anyways.

The stains on Reki’s apron, more than anything else, are proof of her effort.

“…There’s no need to even taste this. The judging is over. Jin… maybe I really can’t go through with this marriage…” (Reki)

Akira’s words were never fully spoken.

His mouth hung open in astonishment.

Amidst the ensuing silence, the sound of my vigorous chewing echoed.

Savoring the tempura I picked up, I chewed thoughtfully and swallowed with a gulp, then expressed my honest opinion.

“It’s the most delicious thing in the world.” (Jin)

TL Notes:

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I call that BS. There is no way that could miraculously taste good. That kind of stuff only happens in novels… Oh wait.


  1. I’m no biology person but here’s the easiest definition I could find: Lymph is a clear liquid that transports useful substances around the body, and carries waste matter, such as unwanted bacteria, away from body tissue in order to prevent infection

MPFM – Chapter 23 – Trial of Love

A living room filled with the scent of natural trees. I like the pleasant fragrance it gives off, it helps to calm the mind.

Right now, I’m currently sitting around a circular table.

The decision to use a circular shape for the table allowed the girls to sit comfortably without needing to argue about who should sit beside me.

It’s reassuring that they have considered things beyond just how many children’s rooms we should have.

And yes… we indeed have fifteen rooms prepared for our children.

Right now, I prefer not to dwell on that fact.

“So, Akira will be coming over to visit.”  (Jin)

“As expected…” (Reki & Yuuri)

As we discussed the events at the royal castle, surprisingly, the two of them didn’t seem all that shocked.

Come to think of it, it seemed like Lucika and Urwald-sama had been communicating about this topic in advance.

I may not have noticed, but perhaps Akira’s feelings were more evident to an outsider.

…Even someone like Reki noticed, so maybe I’m just too insensitive…

Next time, I’ll make an effort to be more sensitive to the other person’s emotions.

“Testing our love, huh? I wonder how is he going to do the test…” (Lucika)

“By the way, if the three of you were in Akira’s position, what kind of trial would you have put up? I think everyone’s predictions would be more accurate than my own.” (Jin)

As I mentioned that, Reki and the others exchanged glances and tilted their heads.

“Well… I’m not very confident about my guess, would that still be okay?” (Reki)

“Yeah. If we can prepare in advance, we can smoothly bring it to a close.” (Jin)

Considering Akira’s rampage earlier, it’s easy to imagine that it wouldn’t be easy to diffuse the situation.

After all, an adult from the royal family throwing a tantrum, shouting about wanting to get married to me so openly… 

I’m just glad it was only me, Lucika, and Urwald-sama who witnessed it.

“If that’s okay, then I have one idea.” (Reki)

“Okay, shall we hear it from Reki?” (Jin)

“I suggest hanging Jin and the finest meat from a cliff and creating a situation where only one of them can be saved. It would take considerable love to choose Jin over the meat.” (Reki)

“What kind of comparison is that…?” (Jin)

Should I lament the fact that I’m being compared to meat?

No, for a gourmet like Reki, the finest meat would indeed hold a very high position in her heart…!

Let’s not overthink it. The important thing is the fact that Reki chose me.

“Putting aside Reki-chan’s suggestion, the scenario of choosing between something precious to us and you, Jin-san, does seem plausible.” (Yuuri)

“Indeed… That makes sense.” (Jin)

“By the way, if it’s a choice between all the followers of the Holy Church and Jin-san, of course, I’ll choose Jin-san, so you can rest easy!” (Yuuri)

“…Yeah, thanks!” (Jin)

Her love is so heavy…! 

I’m starting to wonder if I can handle the weight of all that love alone…!

“But I don’t think Akira-san will do something that life-threatening, so he will probably test us with something else. And I predict that it will involve the most common issue I’ve heard from couples throughout my time as the [Saint].” (Yuuri)

Oh…! This sounds very promising!

That’s right, Yuuri has been listening to the numerous hardships of people all this time. Dealing with this kind of problem should be a piece of cake for her!

“So, what’s Yuuri’s prediction?” (Jin)

“It’s simple, Jin-san. — Compatibility of bodies.” (Yuuri)

“Oh, I see! Body compatibility… huh?” (Jin)

“They say dissatisfaction in intimate relations leads to dissatisfaction in a marriage. And then, spouses turn to others for satisfaction. In other words, if we can show Akira-san that our ‘body compatibility is outstanding,’ everything should be resolved!” (Yuuri)

There’s no way that’s the solution… this [Saint]…!

“So, let’s practice later with everyone! It’s okay! I don’t mind having our first night with four people!” (Yuuri)

“There’s no way that’s happening! Reki! Can you please quiet down this lewd [Saint]!” (Jin)

“Roger.” (Reki)

“Ah, Reki-chan? No, that’s not allowed! The human body doesn’t bend that way!” (Yuuri)

Turning my gaze away from the unfolding tragedy next to me, I look to the [Sage] Lucika-sama, the last hope we have left.

I always find myself entrusting my last hope to Lucika for some reason.

Even during our journey to defeat the Demon King, whenever we were stuck, it was always Lucika who guided us through it.

And she seemed to be pretty confident about the situation on the way back, probably because she had already figured out a solution.

This time too, she should guide us on the right path…!

“Leave it to me. In the love stories I’ve read, this kind of situation is a common occurrence.” (Lucika)

Oh no, I can already smell trouble.

“All we have to do is to just go ahead and kiss right in front of him to show our love! And make it a deep, adult kind of kiss!” (Lucika)

“So that’s it!” (Reki & Yuuri)

No, that’s definitely not it.

In the end, we couldn’t come up with anything, and the conclusion was to adapt to the situation as needed.

It sounds cool when put that way, but essentially, we are just going to go with the flow.

And so, the day of Akira’s visit arrived.

“Long time no see, fellow hero party members. I’d love to catch up, but I’m sure you know why I’m here today, right?” (Akira)

“Of course. I’m not giving Jin to Akira.” (Reki)

“Let us show you the power of our love.” (Yuuri)

“We’ve perfectly simulated everything. Come at us anytime.” (Lucika)

I have such confident brides.

By the way, I wasn’t allowed to see the details of their special training.

Apparently, it’s a maiden’s secret. If they claim to be maidens, I think their everyday behavior should be a bit more ladylike to be more convincing.

I’m talking about you, Yuuri.

“Ah, Jin-san, you were just thinking about me.” (Yuuri)

“How did you know!?” (Jin)(Jin)

Hehe, with the power of love.” (Yuuri)

“You seem quite formidable.” (Akira)

It’s frightening how the conversation is proceeding normally.

I wonder why Akira is reacting as if his facing a formidable opponent.

It’s impossible to beat Yuuri in terms of perversion, so it’s better to take a different approach.

But as a husband, I also have to ride this wave.

I must show determination to dive in, not to retreat.

I’ve decided to accept everything about them.

“But I can’t lose either. I want Jin’s happiness more than anything. Just like how Jin has given me happiness.” (Akira)

Saying that, Akira gently touched the hair ornament that held his bangs.

It was something I recognized.

“Oh, you’re still using that, huh?” (Jin)

This goes way back when Akira and I still weren’t very close.

I remember giving it to him when he was still struggling with dealing with how other people viewed him.

I found it at a stall and thought it would suit Akira’s beautiful white hair.

I haven’t seen him wearing it since the day I gave it to him, so seeing it now makes me feel happy.

“…Of course. This is my treasure.” (Akira)

“Haha, it was worth giving it to you if you’re cherishing it.” (Jin)

“…Lately, I’ve been feeling like Jin might be heading down the wrong path.” (Reki)

“…Perhaps it’s time to teach him about proper behavior?” (Yuuri)

“…It might already be too late, but let’s do that.” (Lucika)

Even if you speak in a low voice, I can still hear you.

I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong…

“So, Jin. Leave this situation to me, I’m not here to cause trouble. If the three of them can make you happier than I can, then of course, I’ll step back as promised.” (Akira)

Akira speaks with clear eyes, devoid of any malicious intentions.

…If that’s the case, then I’ll just let things play out.

“…Got it. Please go easy on them.” (Jin)

“Of course. I won’t play dirty… Well, everyone. From now on, I’ll give you three challenges one by one. In response, each of you will choose a representative for each challenge. Once you become a representative for one challenge, you can’t participate in others. That’s the rule. Simple, right?” (Akira)

“How do we determine the winner?” (Yuuri)

“I’ll decide if you’ve made Jin happy. Of course, I’ll judge fairly. If you feel that I’m being biased, I’ll consider it an unconditional victory for you.” (Akira)

“A rule in our favor.” (Reki)

“Is that really okay?” (Lucika)

Akira gives a firm nod to Lucika’s question.

“Got it. I’ll definitely win this match.” (Lucika)

“This match is already over.” (Reki)

“I won’t let Jin-san go for sure!” (Yuuri)

“Let me start. As the eldest, I should fulfill my duty.” (Lucika)

Lucika steps forward in a rather cool manner.

I feel bad for Akira, but I’m, of course, cheering for my brides.

Lucika taking the lead is a good choice.

She has a wealth of knowledge in various fields. Surely, she can handle any challenge that comes her way.

“Then, let me choose a challenge. I’ve written them down in advance to ensure fairness. These are all about what I think is necessary as a wife.” (Akira)

Saying that, Akira takes out three cards from their pocket and presents one.

“I won’t hesitate to face anything. Come on, hit me with it.” (Lucika)

“Your task is to clean a room!” (Akira)

“…eh?” (Lucika)

“Maintaining cleanliness contributes to the health of the entire family. It might be simple, but it’s a very important thing, so I need to make sure!” (Akira)

What! It’s even easier than I thought!

With this, it’s practically a guaranteed win for Lucika!

“Heh… hehehe…” (Lucika)


TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I was under the impression that he would state the challenge and they would pick someone to do it, but I guess not. 

Well, if it’s household chores, they are pretty screwed. I mean, from the looks of it, the MC is the one doing the heavy lifting in that area. I guess the only exception is that Yuuri can cook.

In other news, I think I’m gonna translate this LN when it comes out on the 25th Nov (definitely didn’t pick this because I saw the word VTuber in the description):

“A Toxic 20-Year-Old Game Streamer Accidentally Reveals His Nice Personality Because He Forgot to End the Stream”

Tbh I don’t think I translated the title correctly unless someone here knows what “煽り” is. I think it’s supposed to mean stirring up others (like taunting in game), but I just used the word ‘Toxic’, although, I’m not sure if it fits. From what I could tell, it’s a pretty streaming heavy romcom so I guess it’s for a very specific type of readers.


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MPFM – Chapter 22 – 28xx year old elf onee-san

“It seems like things have become quite complicated, huh?” (Jin)

“Hehehe, isn’t it cute? As the older one, I intend to accept the challenge.” (Lucika)

“As expected of Lucika. You’re quite composed.” (Jin)

“Don’t underestimate my love for you. It might sound vulgar, but I won’t lose to a girl who hasn’t even reached the age of twenty.” (Lucika)

“Even though he’s a man.” (Jin)

Akira’s declaration at the royal castle was quite impactful.

It seems like he was serious about it, accompanying the messengers to confirm the proceedings of the wedding and to assess the abilities of my brides, including Reki.

If he even slightly thinks that these girls cannot make me happy, he absolutely refuses to acknowledge the marriage.

By the way, my opinion was never sought after until the end.

It’s strange, isn’t it, even though I’m the one involved. Maybe I should be the one crying.

“We need to talk to Reki and the others about this matter.” (Jin)

“Yeah. But I’m sure the two of them will react just like me.” (Lucika)

“Well, they are more of a fighter than Lucika so I already know what they are gonna say.” (Jin)

“Exactly.” (Lucika)

Unlike how we initially teleported here, right now, we’re returning to the village in a carriage.

Of course, it’s not just an ordinary carriage; it’s an ultra-high-speed carriage pulled by magical creatures called Bone Dragons and Windcutting Warhorses.

The minimal swaying of the carriage is also thanks to Lucika’s magic, which helps mitigate those movements.

“Since magic can solve any inconvenience, every country should be looking for more mages.” (Jin)

“I appreciate the compliment, but I can’t do everything. Even I have limitations.” (Lucika)

“Haha, being modest?” (Jin)

“Marriage.” (Lucika)

“…………” (Jin)

“You can’t just conjure up a marriage partner, you know. Ahaha… Ahahaha…!” (Lucika)

“B-but, I’m here now! I love you, Lucika!” (Jin)

Unn… Lucika likes you too.” (Lucika)

Perhaps the self-deprecating remark had a more significant effect than expected, as Lucika leans in as if seeking comfort.

She mentioned that she wanted to return home by carriage to extend the time we could spend together, even if it was just a little.

Staying together for more than a day could result in serious beatings from Reki and Yuuri, so this seems to be the compromise.

“But seriously, Lucika’s magic is amazing. I’ve been wondering for a while, though, why are the magical creatures so obedient?” (Jin)

“Oh, that’s because I defeat them first and then perform a [Summoning Contract: Tame]. They follow me because they recognize my strength.” (Lucika)

“I see. But wouldn’t they be free to rampage or escape if Lucika’s eyes weren’t on them?” (Jin)

“I’ve made it so that if there’s a contract violation, I can immediately detect it. As their master, I hold the power of life and death. The only time a tamed magical creature can truly be free is if something unfortunate happens to the master and they die.” (Lucika)

“Is that so… I’ve learned something. Thanks for explaining.” (Jin)

“No problem. Is Jin interested in taming too? If so, I could teach you.” (Lucika)

“Really? It sounds incredibly useful, and now that I have some free time, it might be okay… Yeah, I appreciate it.” (Jin)

“Of course! I would never refuse a request from Jin. No matter what it is.” (Lucika)

As Lucika speaks with a meaningful smile, her hand gently strokes my thigh.

Despite being a virgin like me, Lucika’s effort to act like an onee-san (older sister) is one of her cute traits. It’s charming to see how far she goes to act like one.

“I wonder how our house is coming along. With Yuuri there, I don’t think anything strange would happen.” (Jin)

“We left the Bone Dragons behind, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s already finished. They don’t get tired, and they’re quite skillful. If the materials were already gathered, there shouldn’t be any problem.” (Lucika)

Certainly, the ease with which they effortlessly drive our carriage at such high speeds gives off a reassuring feeling.

The worrying part, however, might be the interior. From what I saw on the blueprints before leaving, it could end up being a disaster.

…Did they really make all those children’s rooms?

Anticipating the appearance of the new home, we dash through the forest leading to the village.

“…Ah, there it is!” (Jin)

A small dot, clearly different in color from the surroundings, gradually grows larger. By the time we realize it’s a house, we’re sticking our heads out of the window, looking up in awe.

…Huh? Isn’t this a mansion?

“That’s… an upgrade from the blueprints, isn’t it?” (Lucika)

“…Which means?” (Jin)

“Yeah. I think Reki and Yuuri came to realize something when building. For example… maybe they realized there weren’t enough children’s rooms and decided to add more.” (Lucika)

“Fifteen rooms is not enough!?” (Jin)

My legs began to tremble at the implications.

I wonder what I’m going to experience from now on.

The desires that couldn’t be consumed in the battle against the Demon King’s army are now rebounding, exerting an unimaginable influence on their words and actions.

These two, who have the strength to confront the Demon King’s army head-on and defeat them, now turning all their strength towards making children…

In normal circumstances, I might be excited about the rosy development, but the fear of imminent danger to my life is rising.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Jin? You look really pale.” (Lucika)

“…Lucika. Can you promise me that you’ll keep things within the bounds of common sense?” (Jin)

“I already told you, Jin. I will do whatever you want me to do” (Lucika)

“Lucika…!” (Jin)

She really is the only one on my side!

“Rest assured! I’ll develop a magic potion that never runs out, no matter how much you use it for night activities!” (Lucika)

It seems Akira is the only ally I have after all.

I feel betrayed.

“Hey? Jin~? We have arrived~?” (Lucika)

It appears we’ve reached the place where pleasure and torment are mixed together.

Guided by Lucika, I step down from the carriage.

At that moment, it appears they noticed us, and they come running towards us.

“Welcome back, both of you.” (Yuuri)

“Jin! Welcome back…!” (Reki)

“I’m ba—She vanished!?” (Jin)

As I witness Reki, who was supposed to be beside Yuuri, disappear, I feel something pressed tightly against my stomach.

“I did my best. Praise me.” (Reki)

“Ah, I see. Good job!” (Jin)

Hehe.” (Reki)

As I pat her head, Reki smiles satisfactorily.

Looking at her pure expression, I feel the tension leaving me.

Reki must have really wanted to be praised by me, which is why she made such an incredible house.

“Our amazing house is done. Impressive, isn’t it? Jin, are you happy?” (Reki)

“… Yeah, I’m really happy.” (Jin)

“Then, I’m glad. Lucika’s magical creatures also helped a lot.” (Reki)

“It seems like you guys did a great job. Thank you for your hard work.” (Lucika)

When Lucika praises them, the Bone Dragons that were kneeling around the house each strike a muscle pose to showcase their work.

As she mentioned on the way back, they obediently followed instructions and were a great help.

“Oh, and Yuuri too.” (Jin)

“That’s right! Why am I being treated like some bonus? If it weren’t for my instructions, they wouldn’t even know how to stack the wood properly.” (Yuuri)

“Yeah. So, Jin, praise Yuuri too.” (Reki)

“Thanks for instructing everyone, Yuuri. Good job.” (Jin)

“Fufu~” (Yuuri)

As I pat her head, a soft, sweet voice comes out from Yuuri.

Her cheeks are so squishy. It’s amusing…

As I wonder what would happen if I kept patting her like this, her expression suddenly tightens up.

“That’s right, Jin-san! There’s something I haven’t done yet!” (Yuuri)

“Something you haven’t done?” (Jin)

“Yes! Is it okay? Please cooperate properly, okay?” (Yuuri)

*Cough* She clears her throat, then creates a clear expression and gazes up at me from below.

It seems that Yuuri knows that this position makes her look the cutest.

“…Welcome back.” (Yuuri)

Ah, aah.

I remembered now. I said that to convince Yuuri.

If she waited patiently, we could play newlyweds. And she’s executing the first part perfectly.

As the one who proposed it, I can’t just brush her off.

“Ahh, I’m home. Thanks for welcoming me.” (Jin)

Hehe, I’ve been wanting to see your face for so long… Would you like to have lunch first? Or a bath? Or perhaps… me?1” (Yuuri)

Yuuri blatantly emphasizes her chest by squeezing it with her arms.

Looking at those plump mounds, it’s hard for any man not to feel the urge to climb.

However, if I were to succumb to my desires and touch them now, for some reason, I feel like the happy future would crumble, so I restrain myself.

I won’t touch them until the wedding is over.

I’ll make sure to remind myself of this.

With a subtle smile, I reach out and pat her head again.

“Then, let’s eat first. Actually, I’ve been thinking that something smells good since a while ago.” (Jin)

Mouuu, Jin-san. I’m always ready, you know…” (Yuuri)

“Come on, let’s go inside. I’m really looking forward to seeing the interior you made. Plus, there’s something we need to talk to you two about.” (Jin)

Fuwaa~i.” (Yuuri)

Ah, she melted again. So cute.

“Jin… before we go inside, do that play to me too!” (Reki)

“W-Well, me too!” (Lucika)

“Lucika, we just went out together, right?” (Jin)

This is more of a reward for the two of them who waited for us to return.

I feel bad for Lucika, who went to the capital with me, but this time, it’s a no-go for her. She did get to do some secret princess-carrying behind their backs, after all.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

So that means that MC will do the deed after they get married right? I haven’t read ahead but based on the LN illustrations, they’re definitely getting married soon. Oops, oh no, I accidentally spoiled things. Not that it was a big secret.

Akira ain’t on your side either MC, he literally said he wanted to make babies.


  1. I don’t need to explain what this is, right? The raw actually said bath before lunch but this is probably more familiar. Also, I’m assuming that this is in the afternoon.

MPFM – Chapter 21 – I do not approve of this marriage!!

While maintaining a very good smile, Akira’s expression stiffens.

“Hehe, Jin, don’t you know? If you put in enough effort, you can achieve anything.” (Akira)

“No, no, no! This is beyond the scope of what can be achieved through effort!” (Jin)

“Calm down, Jin. Think without being bound by common sense. Am I not very cute in front of you?” (Akira)

“It’s true that you’re cute.” (Jin)

“That’s good. I dressed up to match your preferences to make you like me…” (Akira)

The way his cheeks flush with a tinge of red stirs a feeling of wanting to protect him involuntarily.

But, Akira is a man.

There is solid proof of that in the lower abdomen, just like mine.

There is no mistake about it because we have been in the communal bath together.

“I’m as cute as a girl, right? No.. I’m even cuter than a girl.” (Akira)

“I won’t deny that.” (Jin)

“Then, I am a girl!!” (Akira)

“How did you reach that conclusion?” (Jin)

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. I’ll make you happy, Jin… Now, let’s get married? Let’s register our marriage right away? And how about making some children?” (Akira)

Even if asked in a cute way with upturned eyes, Akira is a man, and he cannot marry me, nor can we have children. This is the unchangeable reality of this world.

Nevertheless… Could it be that Akira has romantic feelings for me? When we met in the royal castle, he was always sticking close to me, and as men, we often spent time together, but I just thought he was being affectionate as friends.

However, listening to his words and actions up to this point, it’s clear that his feelings go beyond mere friendship.

If it were just a joke, he wouldn’t keep bringing up marriage talk this much.

…This is the first time I’ve been proposed to by someone of the same sex.

Now, how can I gracefully end this conversation without hurting Akira? As I ponder over this, Lucika interjects between both of us.

“I want you to listen calmly, Akira.” (Lucika)

“I can’t calm down! I can’t believe Jin is marrying someone other than me…” (Akira)

Akira stumbles and collapses, tears welling up in his eyes.

…Hmm? I feel some sort of deja vu…

“Remember, Jin! You promised, didn’t you? That once the world is at peace, we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.” (Akira)

It really is this pattern again!

Did my past self say something irresponsible again, damn it!

Remember, remember…! I need to backtrack through my memories, all the way to the first meeting with Akira…

“Hey, Akira.” (Jin)

“Did you finally remember our sweet moments of love…?” (Akira)

“I still don’t remember… Are you sure you’re not lying?” (Jin)

“Come on…! Are you doubting me, Jin?” (Akira)

“So, Akira, can you tell me when it was? If you make it clearer, I might be able to remember too.” (Jin)

“…Tch. I couldn’t hide it with tears, huh.” (Akira)

“Akira-san!?” (Jin)

I can’t hide my unease at the scary side that the younger brother-like figure, who has been affectionate until now, is showing for the first time.

He always seemed like a small animal, and I never thought Akira had such a cunning side…

“No, no, no~! Jin is going to marry me! I don’t want anyone but Jin!” (Akira)

In the end, almost as if throwing away his remaining dignity, Akira starts to struggle and thrash around on the floor.

Is this supposed to be the dignified appearance of the royal family?

Urwald-sama is also holding his head in his hands…

Anyways, I need to stop this. It would be troublesome if someone else saw him like this.

“Come on, Akira. Stand up properly. Your beautiful clothes will get dirty.” (Jin)

“Then, let’s get married?” (Akira)

“That might be difficult. It’s not allowed by the kingdom’s laws.” (Jin)

“In that case, I’ll become the king and change the laws! Grandpa! Pass that throne to me!” (Akira)

“I would rather support Jin, who is kind to me every time we meet, than Akira, who doesn’t usually pay attention to me. Therefore, I reject it!” (Urwald)

Because of such a response, Akira doesn’t seem to want to back down.

“You useless old man! That’s enough. If it’s come to this, I’ll do as I please.” (Akira)

As Akira stands up, he points directly at me—no, at Lucika.

“I’ll make sure whether you girls are suitable bride for Jin!” (Akira)

“Eh?” (Jin)

“If you admit that you love Jin more than I do, I’ll give up. However, if your love is half-hearted… I will make Jin happy!” (Akira)

“Ehh!?” (Jin)

“Grandpa, that’s okay, right!?” (Akira)

“Well, since the war has finally ended, the four of you can take your time.” (Urwald)

“That’s okay!?” (Jin)

“…Very well.” (Akira)

Urwald-sama is easily persuaded by the forceful Akira.

And so, an impromptu test for the newlyweds by the royal family was quickly arranged.

TL Notes:

Thanks for reading!

I know that some of you don’t like the ‘same gender like the MC’ trope, but well, we already know the outcome of this. They heading back to their “house” next chapter.


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