Little Sister Party ~ Using Reincarnation Cheat to Transfer Levels to My Little Sister and Conquer Dungeons!

Vol 1 illustration of Shari
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Imouto-dan ~ Tensei cheat de imouto ni reberu jouto shite danjon wo kouryaku shimasu!

Alias: Little Sister Party (LSP)


The protagonist, Finn, is a 13-year-old who possesses the knowledge of a Japanese university student but has no memories of his past life.

In this world, people can acquire special abilities called “blessings” as their level increases. However, children who do not level up will die. 

Finn’s blessing is the ability to see other people’s levels, but during a battle to help his sister Shari, who cannot level up, he acquires a new blessing called “Level Transfer,” which allows him to transfer his own levels to others through a kiss.

As Finn continues to transfer his levels to his sister through kisses, a beautiful elf girl named Akari appears before them. She claims to be Finn’s little sister, who was also reincarnated from Japan. Akari tells them that they need to go to a dungeon to return to Japan, but they do not know where the dungeon is located. Meanwhile, they begin to run out of goblins to level up on.

The three siblings venture into the forest in search of stronger opponents for leveling up and eventually find the dungeon. It is filled with goblins, which had been previously undiscovered.

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