A Toxic 20-Year-Old Game Streamer Accidentally Reveals His Nice Personality Because He Forgot to End the Stream

Vol 1 Illustration

勇者パーティーをクビになったので故郷に帰ったら、メンバー全員がついてきたんだが煽り系ゲーム配信者(20歳)、配信の切り忘れによりいい人バレする。 1

Alias: Toxic Game Streamer (TGS)


“What happened today is a secret between us, okay?”

Nakayama Haruto is a gaming commentator known for his toxicity as the streamer ‘Oni-chan’. After finishing his usual streaming session, Haruto accidentally forgot to end the stream. As a result, his secret life as a streamer working to support his younger sister’s tuition and living expenses is exposed. Furthermore, it’s also revealed that he meticulously prepares scripts to provoke others, all while being, in reality, a genuinely nice person!

To make matters more complicated, during a livestream by the popular VTuber and professional gamer, Ayaya (aka Shirayuki Aya), Haruto unintentionally reveals his true personality once again. Unexpectedly, this led to them forming a private relationship as they continued to play games and go out together. 

Thus begins a one-on-one romantic comedy between the business-minded toxic streamer and the popular VTuber heroine!

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