I Got Fired from the Hero Party, So I Went Back to My Hometown, but All the Party Members Followed Me


Alias: My Party Followed Me (MPFM)


“Jin… Your journey ends here.”

So declared his childhood friend and the “Hero”, Reki.

Feeling like he was becoming a burden, Jin decided to accept her advice. He bid farewell to his companions, the “Saint” Yuuri and the “Sage” Lucika,  and returned to his hometown. He had intended to spend a peaceful time there, but…

“Nice to meet you, mother-in-law, father-in-law. I’m Lucika. I’ll be striving for a happy future with your son, so I hope for your continuous support for many years to come.”


However, Lucika’s sudden marriage announcement was just the beginning.

“I’m Yuuri, Jin’s future wife. He made a passionate proposal to me in the past.”

“I have already been chosen to be Jin’s wife since ten years ago… We made a promise.”

For some reason, Reki and Yuuri, who were supposed to be heading to defeat the Demon Lord, appeared at Jin’s house. Thus began the completely unexpected daily life of Jin, along with his three potential brides.

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