Conversations Between Two Childhood Friends That Seem Like They’re Dating but Aren’t Actually Dating but They Totally Look Like They’re Dating


Alias: Conversation Between Childhood Friends (CBCF)


Toriyabe Ouka: Second year in high school, male. Average looks. Somewhat popular.

Hananoki Asuka: Second year in high school, female. Stunning looks. Super popular. Makes dirty jokes if it’s to Ouka

The two are next-door neighbours who have been friends since kindergarten.

“Hey, Ouka.”

“Yeah, Asuka?”

“Someone confessed to me today.”

“For real? Who?”

“Noda from the soccer club. The captain.”

“What kind of confession? Was he like, ‘sorry, I was actually the one who hid your shoes’?”

“How did you come up with that? It was a confession of love. He said he liked me.”

“Well if he likes you, wasn’t he just confessing the goodwill he feels towards you, not his love?”

“Stop nitpicking. I want to know what you think. Should I go out with him?”

“Do you like him?”

“Not really, and plus I’ve never even dated a guy before.”

“Then you shouldn’t. I heard he has a bad reputation too.”

“What did you hear about him?”

“… That he’s good looking.”

“And that’s a bad thing?

“Also I heard he’s good at soccer.”

“Now you’re just praising him.”


“So you don’t want me to date him?”

“… I don’t mind.”

“Okay, then I won’t date him.”

“… No, I just—”

“Boohoo, I wonder when you’ll be able to live without your dear childhood friend.”

“… And I wonder when you’ll stop coming to my room after school.”

“But we both know you’d be lonely without me.”

“Says you.”

… This is a novel made up of flirty conversations between two childhood friends who insist they’re not dating when they’re clearly dating.

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